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blml ■« la* post of f l<-», Tan>na, Wa.h.. ■■
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*!«•»• Pub. <"«. Eirrr Kvtulmm Bxtwp* »ua«r>
This is the year 1913 and yet the people of Taeoma and Pierce county still
permit the continuance of old-time graft.
Ten years ago the Times' article of yesterday exposing the $11,000 graft
in the sheriff's office would not have been unusual or sensational. We rather
expected that public officials would get something in addition to their salar
ies then. But with all the reforms of recent years, any taxpayer has good
grounds to be surprised when he finds that he is contributing towards a
fll,ooo graft fund in one county office.
Taxes in Pierce county are going up.
And there's a reason.
Yes, there's a reason in EVERY COUNTY OFFICE. The Times does
not except one single office. In every office the taxpayers' money is need
lessly squandered. Men who fight eagerly for the salary paid by the taxpay
ers no sooner get in office than they begin to revel in money. There are
county officials drawing $2,400 per year in Pierce county and glad to get it,
who spend twice that amount recklessly and needlessly. They have richly
embossed stationary, on expensive tinted paper every jear. They do this in a
dozen different ways. For instance, their richly embossed stationary on ex
pensive tinted paj>er costs the taxpayers each year an extra and an unneces
sary $5,000. And so it goes. One graft plus another graft multiplied by an
other graft soon amounts to $100,000, and that's the reason your taxes keep on
going up.
London society and its hangers-on are demanding for the late Ambassador
Reid's place a man who can "play a great and costly part in English society."
They point out that Mr. Reid so spent his government and his own money as
to establish a style and scale of doing things "and," to quote London Daily
Mail, "the transition from the millionaire to the man of moderate means
would undoubtedly entail a certain amount of social, political and personal in
convenience and unfairness."
Horny-handed as we may be at heart, we have to admit that here's one
Job in which ability to splurge counts toward usefulness and efficiency. These
first class ambassadors of ours have got to have ability to "throw on the
dog" socially in order to amount to anything. The English, German and French
demand it. As a rule, your successful ambassador is one-half peacock and
one-half extraordinary rascal. When the rascal isn't working, the peacock
must work overtime, and the work of the latter is the costlier.
We were willing to recommend Champ Clark and his houn' dawg for this
London job, but it is evident that only some millionaire with surplus enough to
keep his social vanity at white heat can fill Mr. Reid's ambassadorial cow
It is only in our loves that we really live. What we hate is dead to us,
and the wider the range of our hates the narrower our lives.
Love is the light in which we see and live. Hates are mists in which
we blindly grope and miserably die.
Obtuse, indeed, is he who has not learned from his own experience and
observation that one little drop of kindness holds more of the real nectar of
life than does a whole ocean of hate.
One may search the whole world of moral philosophy through and find
no truer truth than this —that hate, envy, malice and all the other evil pas
aions the heart is heir to work their first and worst injury to their posses
sor; they corrode, render wretched and destroy the heart in which they
We must expend much of our life forces on others. Is it not better to
expend them in kindness that uplifts than in spite that debases?
What we give we get back in kind. Is it not better to have the respect
of others than their hatred?
Love is one of the things the more of which you give out the more you
The human heart, like the rose, only as it opens to the sunshine, gener
ates fragrance that sweetens its own atmosphere.
One out of every 259 Ohioans is in an
Insane asylum.
The oratory at the republican soiree
here last night was certainly "safe and
sane" enough to please the most ram
pant magnate.
Mayor Seymour shows no disposi
tion to back down on his statement
that the modern church is lagging be
hind in reformatory movements.
' The new scheme of redistricting the
county will make it possible for Taco
ma to have all three county commis
| Moving picture shows are driving
saloons out of Pottsville, Pa. For the
| price of two beers a miner can have a
g whole evening of entertainment and
they're letting the beer stay in the bar
rel. : -. ■ .
Over 30,000 Columbus sinners listen
ed to Rev. r Billy Sunday's sermons,
Dec. 30, and contributed $1342. In his
seven weeks stay at Columbus Billy
| may run short *on contributions but
never on sinners.
■" * ■!•■■■■■ ■■■!•« IIH ■ ■!■* - E
Now just as a ! fitting climax to his
' record, Governor Hay ought to pardon
Wappcnstein, that * crooked Seattle po
-v~~ ■- •■-Jvwu'. juuwuuv--. -. iv jxt.-l . u-.r.r.-nj-^.-.ru-Li
The Bank of California
Established 1804.
Capital and Surplus $16,300,000.00
■aa Francisco Portland Tacoma Seattle
The Hank of California Building, T«< oma.
editorial Pase of €fie Cacoma Cimes
lice chief who grafted off unfortunate
Southern California has had the
most killing frost in 40 years. Now,
watch for the most killing price on
Maybe it's only artistic tempera
ment that impels a fellow to get off the
water-wagon and try to make a lamp
post stand up straight.
Denver man thought he had musical
talent and hanged himself when he
found he hadn't. But the majority of
them never find out, and so there will
always be trees enough to go 'round
for the hanging of those who do.
"Mogadore fashions," writes Uncle
Kitchel Pixley, "is keepin' pace with
the times. Constable Seth Beardsley's
got his side whiskers to bloomin' and
has painted his rubber boots tan col
Denver Express man urges us to re
solve to "be pleasant and scatter
smiles" in 1913. When we scatter our
smiles some fellow in the room is al
ways sure to spring that old gag about
the giver being more blessed than the
receiver, but we'll be as pleasant as our
home boss will permit.
Then Ix-t 'F-m Klulii.
"It will be a cinch to be elect
ed president when the term la
only one term of six years."
"How will you work It?"
"I'll secretly promise the jofe
of ambassador to England to
every voter I meet. Then, after
election, they can scrap it out."
—Kansag Cltjr Journal.
M%i&& <£m&<&>£&
Following Orders.
Doctor (to Mrs. J., whose hus
band is very ill): * "Has he had
any lucid intervals?"
Mrs. J.—" 'E's 'ad nothing ex
cept what you ordered, doctor.**
A Knowing Pupil.
Teacher —What is the meaning
af the word 'leisure'?
Pupil—lt Is the name of the
|)lace where married people re
Bethesda, cor. So. 45th and X sts.,
J. C. Owen, pastor 9:45 a. m., Bible
■ chool, S. G. Bishop, supt, r., 5201
So. J St.; morning spivlcc, 11; 4:30
p. m., the Junior B. Y. P. U.; 6:45 p.
m., the Senior B. Y. P. IT., leader,
J. C. Owen. 7:45 p. m., preaching;;
Tuesday, S p. m., choir practice;
Thursday, 7:45 p. m., prayer meet-
Ing, followed by S. S. teacher train-
Ing class.
Finnish. So. Sheridan and 23d.
K. J. Stormans, pastor. S. S., 9:46;
■•■■l vin-s 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.;
Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m.; Thursday, pray
er meeting 8 p. m.
First Baptist, 9th and D sts. Ser
vices, 10:30 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.,
S. S. at 12 o'vlock; B. Y. P. U., 0:30:
special music under direction of
Mr. Harold Broomell.
Central, No. L and Steele, Rev.
N. H. Brooks, pastor. Bible school
at 10 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m.;
and 7:30 p. ni.; Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m.;
prayer, Thursday 8 p. m.
Sixth Avenue, Fife St., Rev. Oeo.
10. Whltehouse. 10:30, sermon;
12:00, Bible school; 6:45, Senior B.
Y. P. U.; 7:45, evening worship;
Thrus., prayer meeting, 7:10 p. m.
German Baptist church, South
20th and J sts., Rev. R. A. Blandau,
pastor. S. S., 9:45 a. in.; preaching,
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
B. Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m., Miss Mary
Stade, leader; prayer meeting, Wed
nesday, 8 p. m.
Norwegian Danish Baptist church
corner So. 10th and X sts. Rev. O.
Enget, .pastor. S. S., 10 a. m.; ser
mon, 11 a. m.; Young People's
meeting, 7 p. in.; Bible study Mon
days at 8 p. in ; weekly prayer
meeting Thursday, 8 p. m.
Central Christian church. No. L
and Stecle sts., Itev. J. 8. Raum,
pastor. Bible school 10 a. m. ; com
munion service and preaching, 11 a.
m.; evening service at 7:30 p. m.;
preaching by pastor; prayer meet
ing, Wednesday, 7:45 p. m.
South Tncoma Christian, 5619 So.
Junetto. Bible school. 9:45 a. in.;
preaching, 11 a. m.; Sen. Endeavor,
6:30 p. in.; preaching at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. G. M. Jacobs, pastor.
First, 6th ay and K. W. A. Moor«
pastor. Prayer service, 9:45 a. in.;
morning service, 11 a. m.; Christian
Endeavor, 6:30; evening service,
Roosevelt Heights. East 39th ana
V. Bible school at 10:30 a. m.; cjn»
munion at 11:30 a. m.: C. E. at 6:3/)
p. m.; preaching at 7:30 p. m.
McKlnley Park, Bast 38th and
Spokane. Bible school at 10 a. m.s
communion at 11 a. m.; C. VS., :So|
p. m.; preaching. 7:30 p. m.
' ~~"~~™" - ■ 1
Lincoln Park Christian church,
39th and G sts., Ralph C. Sargent,!
minister. Bible school at 10 a. m.
communlnn and preaching services
prayer meeting at 6:30.
First Congregational church. Di
vision ay. and J sts.. Rev. K. T.
Ford, pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m.
and 7:46 p. m.; Blbie school, 12:10
p. m. , ■
East 28th and B at*.. Rev. A. D.
Bhaw, pastor. Sunday school, 10 a.
m.; morning worship and sermon,
11; evening worship and - sermon,
7:30; Thursday, 8 p. m., bible study
and prayer. -. - • i
Pilgrim. No. 2<th and ' Warner.
Rev. Edgar C. Wheeler, • pastor.
Morning, 10:30 a. m.; Sunday school,
11:40 a. m.; evening, 7:46 p. m. ■
' ' EPISCOPAL . '-
St. Luke's Memorial church. So.
C and «th ay.. Hey. F. T. Webb,
vicar. 8. X.. 10 a. a*.; service*, 7:30
tail H a. in.
"I'm sure I should not act to
The show's comedian main
"I don't know what it is, but I
Am feeling funny!" he ex
Needs Music.
Waiter—Anything else, sir?
Diner —Yeas, tell the orchestra
to play bo that I won't be heard
when I start to cuss the hash.
St. Andrews church, No. Bth anil
Oakeß sts.. Ucv. Frederick Webb,
rector. S. S. at 9:45 a. m., Mr. John
n. Jonea, supt; evening services at
at 11; Junior C. E. at 6:30; C. E.
7:30 p. m.
The Church of Holy Communion,
cor. So. 14th and I St., Rev. Rcbt.
H. McGlnnis, rector. Early service,
7:30 a. m.; S. S. and Bible service,
9:45 a. in.; morning prayer, 11 a. in.;
evening prayer, 7:30 p. in.
Trinity, No. 3d and X sts.. Rev.
Charles Y. Grimes. Early celebra
tion, 7:30 a. in.; S. S., 9:45 a. in.;
Bible class, 10:00 a. in.; Matins, 11
a. m.
St. John's, So. 68th and Puget
Sound, Rev. Robert H. McGlnnis,
rector; W. L. Cullen, minister in
charge. S. S., 10 a. m.; services, 11
a. m.; evening services, 7:30.
First Evangelical clureh, So.
13th and X sts., T. R. Hornschuch,
pastor. S. S., 10 a. m.; sermon by
pastor EE a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Y.
P. A., 6:30 p. m.; prayer meeting
and Bible study, Thurs., 7 to >.
Adams St. Ev. church, No. Adams
and 22d St., N. Shupp, pastor.
Preaching service at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m.; S. S. at 10 a, m.; Y. P.
A. at 6:46.
The Swedish church. 1211 So.
14th, Frank Abrahamson, pastor.
Sunday school, 10 a. in.; ser
vices, 11 a. m.;
Evening services at 7:30 p. m.;
Young People's meeting, 6:30 p. m.;
Thursday evening prayer meeting
at 8 p. in.
101 im Free. So. Alns. and 17th.
Norwegian services, 10:45 a. m.,
1:30 p. in.
First Free Methodise church, 1311
So. I St., C. M. DeFoe. pastor. S. 3.
at 9:30 a. in.; preaching, 11:30, fol
lowed by class meeting; Young Peo
ple's meeting at 7 p. m., followed by
preaching; prayer meeting Thurs
day evening, 7:30 p. in.
McKlnloy Park Free M. E., 36th
and Howe sts., C. M. DeFoe, pastor.
S. S., 3 p. m., followed by preach
ing; prayer meeting, Tuesday even
ing, 7:30 p. m.
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran
church, South 27th and Tacoma ave
nue, Hoy. It. Aye Lallemant, pastor.
S. S., 9:30 a. in : German service,
10:30 a. m. German service, Dec.
31, 7 p. in.; New Year's service,
10:30 *.**.-.,<;: , ■
Our Savior*, 80. J and 17th, Rev.
N. A. Larse*i, pastor. S. S. at 9:30
a. ru.; services In Gng. at 11 a. m.
the first and third Sundays, and at
8 p. m. the second and fourth Sun
days of each month. In Norwegian
language the first and third Sun
days at S p. ir... and at 11 a. m. the
second and fourth Sundays of each
month. On the fifth Sunday morn
ing; servica In Norwegian and spe
cial sons; servica In the evening;.
Bt. John's, So. sth and I, Rev. C
F. Stoever, pastor. Sunday school
• :45 a. m.; service at 11 and 8 p. in.
United Norwegian. So. 12th and I.
S. 8., 8:30 a. m.; services, 10:30 a.
m., 7:46 p. m. J. O. Haugen, pastor.
Germon Zlon Evangelical Luther
an, Missouri synod. So. 16th and L
sts., K< -. J. Huchthausen, pastor.
8. 8., 0:30 a. m.; service at 10:30 a.
First Swedish Lutheran church,
corner So. I and Sth sts., Rev. Her
man I.lnii. pastor. Sunday school,
English and Swedish, 9:30 a. m.;
services, U l in. and 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting every Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock. Beginning
Sunday there will be Sunday school
In English and Swedish.
Trinity. ISOT So. I, Rot. L M. Pee
far, pastor. 8. 8., t:3O a. m.; Uer.
"Any water in the stock of
your great corporation?"
"Not a bit," replied Mr. Du»
tin Stax. "We went a Btep fur
ther in the science of expansion
and used air." —Chicago Record-
Suitable Capital.
"What did your cousin put into
the capital stock of his new
"Didn't have to. It's a vacuum
busineisß." —Baltimore American.
The lofty-browed, scholarly
man who was officiating as toast
master at the banquet turned to
the man sitting next to him.
"What is the next thing in the
order of exercise?" he asked.
The other made a whispered
"Please say that again; I didn't
quite catch it."
The answer was repeated.
"Gentlemen," said the toast
master, rising, "the next thing
will be an Irish song by ttie
prince, of entertainers, Mr. Rock
lish, entitled 'Ha! Zenny Bottle
Leer Sen Kell Lee!'"—Philadel
phia Telegraph.
On Authority.
Two men were hotly discussing
the merits of a book. Finally
one of them, himself an author,
said to tho other:
"No, John; you can't appreciate
it. You never wrote a book your
"No," retorted John, "and I
never laid an egg, but I'm a bet
ter judge of an omelet than any
hen in the state."—Publisher and
Mother Tonjpie.
Hopeful—Dad, what is meant
by the mother tongue?
Parent—S'sh! my boy. Don't
start her. —Stray Stories.
She Knows.
Bessie—What makes you think
he married for money?
Jessie—l have seen the bride.
•rvlce. 10:30 a. m.; Eng. service,
:30 p. m.
Gorman, So. 21st. Services In
Ger. at 10:30 a. in. and 7 p. m.; S.
3., 9:15 a. m.; Y. P. S. C. E., « p.
in. Ger. Lutheran, So. Tacoma,
(Swedish Lutheran church, corner
6Sth and Birmingham ay.) every al
ternate Sunday at 2:30 p. m. Pus
tor, Aug. F. Graebner.
Danish Lutheran St. Paul, 1810
So. Ij. L. C. J. Skovganrd, pastor.
8. S., 10 a. m.; service 11 a. m.; Lit
erary and Young People's, Wednes
day, 8 p. m.
First Norwegian, 62d and So.
Warner, A. O. BJerke. S. S.. 10 a.
m.; second and fourth Sundays in
month, services at 11 a. m.; first
and third Sundays, services at I p.
Fowler Methodist church. East
30th and B, F. L. Moore, pastor.
Bible school, 10 a. m.; Junior
League, 3 p. m.; Epworth League,
(i::30 p. in.
McKinley Pnrk church, cor. East
G st. and Division lane, W. Q.
Pflaum, minister. S. S.. 10 a. in.,
J. H. Anderson, supt.; morning wor
ship at 11; Epworth League at 7 p.
m ; evening service at 8.
St. Paul's, So. 43d and L sts.,
Waldo B. Marsh, pastor. S. S..
9:45 a. m.; Epworth League, 6:30 p.
m.; prayer meeting, Thurs., 8 p. m.;
preaching, 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. in.
Swedish Methodist church, cor. J
and So. 11th sts.. Rev. A. <:. Beck,
pastor. Morning service, 10:45 a.
m.; Epworth league, 7 p. m.; even
ing service, 7:45 p. m.
Central, So. 21st and I sts., T. A.
Graham, pastor. 8. S., 10 a. in.;
public worship, 11 a. m.; Epworth
League, 6:30; public worship, 7:30.
Mason, 28th and No. Madison sts..
Rev. 10. L. Benedict, pastor. B lble
school, 9:30 a. m.; sermon, 11 a. m.;
preaching, 7:30 p. m.; Epworth
League, 0:15.
Epworth, cor. So. 7th and Ander
son, W. T. Randolph, pastor.
Bethany, So. 69th and Thompson.
S. S.. 10 a. m.; preaching, 11 a. m.;
Junior League, 3 p. m.; Epworth
League, 6:20; preaching, 7:30 p. m.;
prayer service, Thurs., 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Jas. E. Milllgan, pastor.
Spanaway M. E., Frederick C.
Thompson, pastor. S. S., 10 a. m.,
morning worship, 11.
Park M. E., W. H. W. Rees, pas
tor. 8. 8., 10 a. m.; Epworth
league, 0:15 p. m.; preaching, 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m.
Thursday afternoon meeting, 2
p. in.
Allen M. E. 1411 So. Yaklma, Rev.
H. M. Collins, pastor. Preaching at
11 a. m. and 8 p. in.; class meeting,
12:10 p. in.; S. S., 1:10 p. m.; A. C.
10. league, 7 p. m.: prayer meeting,
Wednesday evening;.
First M. E., South Bth and G its.,
Thomas W. Lane, pastor. Class
meeting. 9:30 a. m.°. morning wor
ship, 10:30: S. 8., 12 m.; Epworth
league, 6:15 p. m.; evening worship,
Norwegian and Danish Metho
dist church, corner of 16th and J
sts,, H. P. Nelson, pastor. Preach
ing by the pastor at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m.; S. S. at 10 in the morning
and Epworth League at 7 In tho
evening. All services In the Scan
dinavian language.
Christian and Missionary Alli
ance, 903 So. G st. Rev. O. J.
Stone, pastor. Services: S. 8. at
2:30; preaching at S p m.; evening
service at City Rescue Mission, 10a
niIAIIPP Bnslneaa Office Main 12.
PHI iNr S Circulation Dept. Main 12.
1 11V11UV/ Editorial Dept. Main 794.
" (EDITOR'S NOTE—When John Wanatnaker suggests
That Uncle Sam take over the country's telegraph and tele
phone systems, it means something. For Wanamaker, the
"merchant prince" of Philadelphia and New York, is a con
servative business man of great wealth. It may be argued
that the way to ko about it is for Uncle Sam to start com
petition with them, .lust aa he is now doing with the express
companies through the parcel post, and thus force out the
water before buying them).
Former I'ostninster General of the Vuited States.
I want to see the two great servants of the people—the post
office and the telegraph—reunited, and the telephone brought in
to enhance the value of the combination.
The electric curent belongs to the people by right, and is
bound to become their servant—not of a class, nor of one-sixty
fourth part of the population, as at present.
The first telegraph was oper
ated by the postoffice department,
and it was an evil hour for the
people when, against the protest
of the then postmaster general,
it was surrendered.
It was charged when I was
postmaster general that I wanted
to confiscate the telegraph prop
erties. That was not true. It
was my idea that, under the old
act of congress, under which the
telegraph line belonging to the
government was sold —it provid
ed that the government could
take it back under certain condi
tions—we could begin taking up
the telegraph business, and that
the properties might be obtained
by proper valuations and fair
I have always believed
that If tlie government would
take over the service and
hold the rates up to their
present standard, in the
••onrse of three year*—four
at the most, the life of a
single administration — the
profits, with the reduced ex
penses, would return to the
fsuveriuiient the total cost
of purchase.
The rates then could be made simply to cover the cost of the
service, and messages would be carried to 30.000 or 40,000 points,
where letters are delivered, but which no telegraph company is ever
likely to reach, because it would not pay to organize a separate ser
vice, for the small business to be done, while it would cost the gov
ernment practically nothing, inasmuch as it is already covering all
these distant fields.
I am clearly of the opinion that the government owes It to the
business interests and the family life of all the states to take posses
sion of the telegraph companies, by purchase, under the old act of
1854, when the first line in the country between Washington and
Baltimore) was sold to what is now the Western Union.
The mail and the telegraph are the life currents of business,
and to a large degree of social life, and the private monopoly of
either system must go, and go soon.
So. 14th Bt.; Wednesday prayer
meeting at 11 a. m.; Wednesday aft
ernoon Biblo Btudy, 2:30 p. m.
Swedish Mission Tabernacle, cor.
So. 10th and I sts. J. W. Carlson,
pastor. S. S., 9:45 a. m.; morning
service, 11; eveninff service. 7:43;
Young People's society, 5 p. m.
East Side, 36th and Q at. S. S.,
10 a. m.
CISy Rescue Mission. 108 So. 14th
st. Services at 730 every evening,
sermon. 8 p. m
Penlel Gospel. Services every
evening at 8 o'clock; Sunday at 1
p. in. 108 So. 12th.
Church of God Mission, 2601 Ta
coma. Sunday school, 2 p. m.;
preaching, 3 and 7:30 p. m.; prayer.
Wed. and Frl. eve. Wm. Strong,
All Saints, Larchmont. Services,'
10:30 a. m.; morning prayer ana
holy communion. Rev. W. J. Getty.
Calvary Presbyterian church, Di
vision Lane and D st., Rev. C. K.
Standt, pastor. S. S., 10 a. m.;
services, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.;
Junior Endeavor, 3 p. m.; C. E. 6:45
p. m.; orayer meeting Thursday,
7:30 p. m.
Iminanuel Presbytenun jfiurch.
No. J and »th sts., Robert H. Milll
kuti, pastor. Morning service, 10:30;
evening service, 7:30 D. m.
Bible school 12 m.; Y. P. 3. C. E.,
6:30 p. in.
First, So. Q and 10th., Rev. Mur
dock McLeod, D. D.. pastor. Morn
ing services, 10:80 a. m.; a a,
12 m.; evening service, 7:30 p. ni ;
C. X.. 6:30.
Sprague Memorial 58th and War
ner, So. Tacoma. 8. 8., 9:45 a. m.;
service, 11 a. in.; Junior C. X., 8 p.
m.; Adults Bible class, 7 p. m.;
service t p. m. Rev. Dr. Dodda.
Bethany, No. 41st and Verde St.,
Rev. O. T. Mather, pastor. S. 8. at
8:45 a. m.: Y. P. S. C. X.. at 0:45;
services, 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Oakland, So. 34th and Proctor sts.
7:80 p. m.. Rev. W. H. Lee. speaker.
Westminster, So. 60th and L sts.
Services at 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. m.;
Y. P. a C. E., 7 p. m.; Bible school,
11:45 a. m.; prayer meeting:., Tliurs.,
8 p. m. J. Wesley McCallum, pastor.
Knox Presbyterian chnpel. No.
19th and Verde sts. Illustrated
song service and gospel meeting at
7:30. Rev. W. C. Ounn will apeak.
Manltou Park. 8. 8., 10 a. m.;
sermon at II a. m. by W. Chalmera
First United, Grant and Sixth
ay. S. S., 9:45 a. m.; evening ser
vice, 7:30. Dr. David Mac Donald
will speak.
Holy Rosary, So. 30th and Taoo
ma, Rev. Oswald Bnran, O. 8. 8.,
rector. Low mass. 7:30; children's
mass, 8:45; high mass, 10:30; ves
pers and benediction, 7:59.
Church of Visitation, So. 58th
near Warner. Rev. Charles Cannon.
First mass, S; high mass, 10:30;
baptism, 3; vespers, 7:30; daily
mass, 8 a. m.
St John the Baptist, Indian res
ervation. Rev. Chas. De Decker.
St Leo's. So. Yaklma and 13th,
Rev. Father Cunningham, rector.
Bt. Patrick*. No. 12th and J, Rev.
Juatph Mc'Jrath. rector.
St. Stanislaus. So. 40th and X
Roy. Michael Fafara, pastor.
Friends. No. Bth and State, Caleb
J. Jenkins, pastor. Bible school.
10 a. m.; meeting for womhlp. 11 n.
m.; C. E. at 4:S0; preaching ami
praise at 7:30.
Friends' Kast Side meeting, 43th
and McKlnley ay.. M. L. Btanton,
pastor. Hihio school, 9:45 a. m.j
meeting for tvorshlp, 11 a. m., fol
lowed by pastoral committee; Y.
P. S. C. E, 6:30; evening service,
7 :45.
MM I I I X \l:«M V
Church of the Brethren, So. BOth
and a sts., J. U. Stlversson, pastor.
S. S., 10 a. m. preaching, 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m.; Christian worker!
meeting, 6:30 p. m.
Salvntlon Army, 1201 Pacific ay.
Services: Preaching, 3 p. m.; Young
People's meeting, 6 p. m.; salva
tion rneetlng, 8 p. m.
Volunteers of America, 13th and
Pacific. Meetings every evening at
8 p. m. Sunday at 3 p. m. and 8 p.
Park Unlversallst church. Divi
sion ay. and J st., Henry Victor
Morgan, minister. Services, 11 a,
m. and Ip. m.; S. S.. 10 a. m.; class
lessons Wednesday and Friday, t
p. m.
International Bible Students' as
sociation. Temple of Music 945 O
st. Discourse at 3 p. m.; Berean
Bible study at 4:30 and 6:30 p. in.
Spiritualists Progressive Psychl«
society at Kquallty hall. Fraternity
Bldg., 1117H Tacoma ay. Lyceum,
J:3O p. m.; circle. 6 p. m.; meeting at
8:30 p. m.; Thursday circle and
meeting at 2:30 p. ni.
Tacoma Seamen's Institute, cor
ner Bt. Helens and 6th ayes., Rev.
F. T. Webb, honorary chaplain; H.
Ferneyhough, Supt. Early celebra
tion, 7:30; morning service, 11
o'clock In St. Luke's church, Dr.
Webb officiating; evening service, I
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints (Mormons). Sunday ser
vices at 1117% So. Tacoma ay., Fra
ternity Bldg. 10 a. m. and 7 p. m.
The Italian families of Tacoms
will have their gospel services and
Bible study under the direction of
Attorney W. M. Perrln and John
Cuito. The regular Sabbatti meet
ings are held under the auspices of
the United Presbyterian church.
Tacoma Theosophlcal society
meets every Thursday evening at
8 p. m. In room 202 Chamber of
Commerce bldg. Karma and Rein
carnation league meets every Sun
day at 8 p. m.
The first of a series of flvo lec
tures glvin by the Dr. Hugh Sclln-
Mr at tlio Y. M. C. A. will be held
.Sunday, the subject baing "The
City's Call for Social Service."
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* Start in the New *
* Year right— an *
* account with the *
* '■ :.- :- *
* 40/o Co. 40/o *
* Capital $300,000.00 *
* ... ..:, ■ .- ■--■•
k Bankers Trust Bldg. *
Tacoma, Wash. *
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