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PICTURES of the new county of
ficials who start on the job to
day are in the Times. Maybe
you have friends in this gallery of
Pierce county men.
VOL. X. NO. 20.
The heaviest snowfall in a
single 24 hours since the weath
er bureau was established
blanketed the landscape in Ta
coraa with 10.5 inches of pure
white Saturday night.
Citizens arose Sunday morn
ing to find themselves literacy
"snowed in."
Everything was loaded with
the wet snow. Many trees were
broken down by the weight and
telegraph, telephone and electric
wires were snapped all over this
It took a gang of 2 5 linemen
all day to fix ur the city elec
tric light wires alone.
Telegraph communication was
cut off to many places entirely
and the service was interrupted
all along the line.
Railways were simply blocked
up. The Milwaukee got Us
"Olympian" express to Cle Eium
coming this way, then had to
back out and go 'jack to come
in over the North Bank. It will
not get here until more than a
day after due.
Today all three transcontin
ental !liiies are simply out .of
business as far as the mountain
section is concerned.
Twenty feet of snow in the
mountains baa tied up the lines
tight, as a drum.
fireat Northern, Northern Pa
cific and .Milwaukee are all go-
Ing around by the North Hani;
All of the snpwplowa this side
Of the CMOdet hftva been dis
ables. There are .slides on tiie
Milwaukee this side of Cle Blum
that have tied up 10 miles of
All the roads report trouble
that will take days and possi
bly a week or more to remove.
Pulled Wrung Tooth.
NEW YORK. Jan. 13.—Alleg
ing that her dentist puller! a per
fectly good tooth, following a
discussion about an old bill, Mrs.
Mary Zogarsky sued him for $10,
Mitchell Mullen, If) years
old. and Marie 1.-nil. Mime
ajte, want to wed, but the
Inw of this state stands be
tween them because the f-irl
is flu- Mep-uieco of the youth
who would make her his
In (lie juvenile court ill
Healtle' today, an attorney
f.i! young Mullen will die a
(Isy I'liftcd PkCM Leased Wire.)
SKATTLK, Wash., .lan. 12.--
Two girls and five hoys are re
coverine; today from injuries re
ceived v.heu bobsleds on which
Hiey were coasting ran into
street cars.
TheTacoma Times
crnnp THE CUB
lly United Tress leased Wire.)
SEATTLE, Wash., Jan. 13.
—All available officers pre
searching today for a highway
man who is wanted for murder,
following the doath of Hen>y
Wallace, CO, who was shot
through the stomach Tuesday
when he resisted the thugs' sec
ond attempt in three months to
rob him.
Wallace, who runs a grocery
Preacher Made
'Em Smile; He
Has That Way
Rev. Drd Robert Cameron of
Boston believes in happiness;
he likes to have people laugh.
Yesterday he preached in the
morning and in the afternoon at
the First Haptist church and his
witty sallies, dining the course
of two orthodox sermons, one
on the Rook of Genesis and the
other on "What Shall We Do to
Be Saved?" provoked so many
smiles that the preacher begged
his auditors not to laugh.
demurrer to the court's in
junction against the mar
l-iime which declares that the
law d«»es not apply in this
case becau.se no crime ntfect
inj; ].ropeity or pecuniary
rights is involved nor con
And in the meantime,
beautiful Marie Paul, the
betrothed of her youthful
Five riding on a coaster lira
the front truck of a Woodland
Park car at West Sixtieth street.
Two came to grief when they
hit a Twelfth g.venue car at Main
RIVETIHRAD, N. V., Jan. 13.
—Miss Esther Harris, who walk
ed out of the jail with the jatl
■r*i keys, is barred from return
ing. Warden Conklin changed
all the locks.
store at G423 Tenth avenue,
lived long enough after Uie
shooting to tell the police that
his assailant was the same man
who on November 2:! held h;m
up while he was ;going homo
from the store aiid took $n.
missing $">OO which he had in a
lunch boxx.
When the robber ordered
Wallace to hold up his hands,
the latter ran for his gun, am;
was shot before he reached It.
This forenoon ho addressed
Ihe local clergymen at Urn wee'.i
ly ministerial meeting.
Dr. Cameron is visiting his
son, Monriiel'fo Cameron, a
prominent young Seattle attor
hilt Put on Pnnccs.
BERLIN, Jan. II, —It will cost
$3."> to "Turkey Trot," "Bunny
Hut" and "(Jrizzling Hear" in
Chemnitz, according to an ordi
nance passed by the town council.
PARIS, Jan. 13.—Men's hats in
two colors are the latest Paris
wrinkle. Brims and crowns of
another are the combinations, in
black and whito. black and brown,
green and white, etc.
step-uncle, is in Olympia.
Million is Mrs. FYanett's
half-brother, and came .to
live with her and her fam
ily. Kranett, a lislierinan,
is his wife's second hus
band. Mullen and Mario,
about the .same age, fell in
nocently in love.
Police Make Mystery.
The- Old World peasant
(By United Press 1..«5c,l Wire.)
WALLA WALLA, Wash., Jan.
12. —Former Governor Miles C.
Moore, has renewed his attack
on Louis R. Olavls, who gained
fame during the Uallinger con
troversy. Moore has written
(By United Tress Teased Wire.)
SKATTL/K, Wtyih.; JanJ
12. —Search is Im-ims; made
today for the woman lunii
lar who entered the Sun
Telino apartments and
helped herself to a box of
cold crenni, bottle of toilet
<i\vler, six handkerchiefs,
silver, toilet set, .mil two
watches belonging to Mrs.
H. It. Mansfield.
1 2. —Forty special deputy sher
iffs are today on guard at a con
struction camp on the Portland,
lCugciie and Eastern railroad
near Monroe, as the result of a
raid during which alleged niem
liers of the I. W. W. wrecked
three box cars loaded with pro
visions and .tools, and threw
the latter into the river.
The trouble is the outgrowth
of a strike called seven weel<s
ago against the Portland, Eu
gene and Eastern, when wages
were reduced from $2.50 to
$2.20 per day.
li.i ■ a stein code for the
regulation of his daugh
ter's morals. Franett r.nd
his wife are of that class. j
I ■'I'iiiicii. unable to under
stand the greater freedom j
allowed young people in „'f
America, could not believe ~~\
that his step-daughter's re-,,,'1
lations with Mullen were ,
pure. . ■■'.'. «;,'■!
letters to many Eastern mana
zine editors offering to prdvei
that Glavis WH anything but
the hero he had been represent-
cd. Since Cilavis" reKignatlor
under fire, Moore has been re
ceiving calls from the editors Tor
his i;roof.
Dr. Luther Little, pastor of
Tabernacle Baptist church at Se
attle, has declined the call to the
First Baptist at Spokane.
After being out over 17 hours
the jury In the case of Sam
Bridges, former clerk of the fed
mer cleplc of the federal court
here, brought in a verdict Sun
day morning, finding him guilty
on two counts and not guilty on
two otliers.
He is found guilty of deposit
ing money belonging to tne
court in his own account In
bank. He was acqitted on the
charges of embezzling.
The action of Bridges in pay
ing back into the court $03
Saturday morning to cover the
bhortage shown by the govern
ment in his accounts and the
strong plea made by C. O. Bates
after he had done this evidently
saved liim from the embezzle
ment counts in the indictment,
the jury believing from this ac
tion that he did not mean to
take the money.
The Jury is said to havo stood
10 to 2 for acquittal on the first
The punishment may be any
where from a fine up to $10,
--000 or Imprisonment up to 10
In his argument to the jury
closing the case District Attor
ney Coiner showed that the Na
tioual liank of Commerce might
hate been indicted also ulnler
the same law for failure to live
He hinted his suspicions
to- his wife, and the minds
of .both poisoned, tiiey
> i'ii'-licil to police heitdiiuar
j tew and poured, with ninny
* gestures and tears, the
poisonous story into the
ears of Mrs. ISlnnchc Ma-
I son, a policewoman.
The policewoman made a
Hirat mystery Of it. The
girl must 'Ik; "protected"
mid "saved from herself."
She was spirited away to
a private home where
neither her mother nor Mul
len could liutl her, anil .Mul
len was restrained from
marrying her.
.Mullen is a clean, clever,
alert young man, and,
tliniiK'li "■> Austrian, is tlior
</iin!ily Americanized. 'He
was nniazed and troubled
Uy all the fuss and mys
i They Give Up Hopes.
1 "tl is true," lie Kiiiil to
day, "Hint Marie and I are
fond of each other, and
hoped to marry. Hut when
lie learned. tli.it the law
wouldn't let us, and tliat
mhli 'ii marriage, would be
yrt'onß, why, we Rave up
thought of it.
fi "Marie left homo because
her mother and step-father
would not believe she was
good; and because they
ijooltled her and abused her.
She minted to be indepen
dent nnd earn her own llv
-1n..,-. '- .' .'
•' "When we were told it
wits not lawful < for us to
marry, wo said, 'AHjf right,'
and promised to 113 «ood
friends always. That's all
there In to It."
Marie"was,. - lx»fore the
trouble, "employed as a clerk
in a j downtown department
Rtore. . The manager of her
department «ald yesterday:
'"i T»6 ( ' wiiole^ troable
seems to ha vest risen from
' / -":V*. ■ '" ■ - ■■"■
By "HOP"
u\, to the statute.
Bridges testified that Fred
Rice, cashier, had Itlggeated to
him depositing a certain $75,
--000 check in his personal ac
count, as the court account al
ready was up to limit allowed
under the securities put up by
the bank to cover government
deposits. This Coiner said con
stituted an offense for the bank
also as well as for Bridges.
When asked about it Rice snld
he did not rr-member the con
versation with Bridges.
Bridges' attorney gavo notice
of appeal, but the case may not
lie taken up, as it is not expect
ed a severe sentence will ie
given liiin.
While riding on .-in overcrowd
ed cable car Saturday night, .1.
H. Browne, a printer, whs thrown
from the car platform and
knocked unconscious in the
street. The gripinan opened the
automatic gates, and Jirowne,
who was crowded against them,
was hurled out. He is confined
to his home ,but was not serious
ly hurt.
THERE'S a Heptameron in the
Random Shots column' of the
Times today — that bright spot
on the sport page that is making folks
talk. Read it.
(Vnlted Preae Lease*! Wire.)
)>a]«i convicted on third
article, vote <(() to 11.
Jan, U.— Robert W. Arcli
bald, anoclate ustice of the
commerce court charged
with misconduct in office,
was today found guilty by
the senate, litting as an Im
peachment court, on the
first article fit the 13
"I'm Still An
Infant At 51"
Says Lillian
What's the use of growing old
and decrepit when you can ho. nl
waj-H young and joyous—what's
the use?
You may grow old in years—
that's the fault of time, and it
can't be helped; but if you age
with the passing years, if you lose
the, flush of youthful beauty, the
gladsome joy, the buoyant, viva
cious .spirit of adolescence— that
your fault.
So Bays Lillian Russell, an:l
with a full, deliberate realization
it the 51 years she knows of, the
"I am still an infant."
In an interview given today in
Los Angeles she insists that her
secret is no Herat, but a princi
ple, rather.
it is contained in the Biblical
"As ii man thlnketh in his
heart to is tn>."
As Bbc puts it, it is this:
"I am a great believer In clean-]
llneu, lots Of fresh air and plenty
of phyilcal exerelee," continued
the piiniii donna. "One can't
properly live his life In thit
world, and can't rightfully enjoy]
the pleasure! of life unleM be is
healthy. But bathl, fresh air and
exercise will prove of little avail
unless the mini is hygienic, and
is ventilated and exercised juut
the same as the body.
charges preferred against
him. The vote stood (18 for
conviction to five againei.
The first article charged Arcti
bald with having wilfully ana
unlawfully taken advantage of
his position as a judge of the
commerce court to Induce offi
cials of the Brie railroad and
the liiil cl.i.- Coal and Iron com
pany, a subsidiary of the Erie
company, to sell to himself and
his partners an Interest in the
Katydid iculm dump. At that
time the Krip railroad as a lltwt
gant in Judge Archbald's court.
(United Press ;,<'iisp(J Wire.)
MOSCOW, Ida., .lan. 13.—
Kin. David Hand, former i.astor
of the First Baptist church, is
today found guilty of contribut
ing to tho delinquency of Hazel
of O. A. Benedict, superinten
dent of the Baptist Sunday
Hand was remwided to jail
protesting hia innocence. lie
will bo sentenced later in tno
Mrs. Hand, wifo of the con
vlcted man, sat by his side m
the courtroom during the trial.
By remodeling his store
i 1144G South C street, S. B. Asia
• plans lo make | decided Im
i nrovemeat in the ipjurmci of
his establishment and at trie
•auie time increase his floor
■pace by almost a ihird. When
i completed il will lip one or th«
finest exclusive women's fur
nishing Itorei in the northwest.
The additions to the itora will
include throe new departments
find will require the employ
ment of more clerks.
(lie Inability of the bill's
mother, tilled with old-
World preudires, to believe
ii at n uirl can have the free
dom i hat American Kills
enjoy ami stay moral. Marie
is one of the best girls we
ever had here. 1 often used
to iMiint to her ax an exam
ple of the kind of girls «*
want, for she was indUM
triou.s ami • courteous «I-
Muys. mid I would tell flu
American ttirls that the)
could take li^sc.ns from
Mrs. Mason brought
iiK»th«T and daughter to
gether, and later the girl
left for <il.. inpi. i to take a.
position us a domestic ser
vant in the home of Senator
U5..11. ;
Three Racks
of elothinjyjj. up-to
date stylesT" worth
. up to $30.00, re- ■
duced to—
$15 and
- f ■ ■-■' -'■ '."■'■ : ■■">-■ ■ '"'""!"■" .''l" vf'S
Menzies & l
- ." : .. ■ ....».'-:,■. -■■■■■:■ -,->;, -~ ■■ v.*"j|4^Bi|i
Stevens Co.
913-915 Pacific »t.
Tacoiua, Wash.

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