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Just See Whal
Unhappiness i
Piano Causes
in the
Words by Schaefer
Music by Condo.
(By i mi.cl Press Leaaed Wire.)
NEW YORK, Jan. 18.—Tom
O'Rourke insisted today that
Jack Johnson would be permitted
to Journey to Paris to meet Al
Palzer on June 25.
O'Rourke exhibits a telegram
from the negro saying that all of
his troubles with the law, growing
out of his boasting about his fa
miliarity with certain white
women will soon be smoothed out,
and he will keep the Paris date.
Johnson will get a guarantee of
425,000 and Palzer will get a
lloking if the match is made, but
O'Rourke thinks the negro has
gone back.
The Princeton football team
wIM be weakened greatly next
season by the absence of W. L.
DeWltt. '14, one of the most
skillful backs of the 1912 eleven,
who, although he will be In the
university, will be ineligible to
compete in athletics because of
having played football at tha State
College of Washington in the fall
of 1909.
DeWitt waa one of the best
punters in the east last season
and he has been one of the main
stays of the backfield for two
years. He also is captain of this
year's 'varsity basketball team.
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„;• -- HIKVi • PaolSe • are., ■ swat ate** ]«•
« XMlawal Bank icf ('amiirrrr. ■■ -, -
Under the auspices of the
Pierce County Athletic associa
tion a wrestling tournament will
he held In the Btate armory dur
ing the last week In April.
At a meeting Friday night ar
rangements were made for the
tournament which will include
bouts by members of all Pierce
county athletic clubs.
The association decided last
evening to adopt the A. A. U.
rules which provide for 10 min
ute matches instead of 8, as here
tofore. Extension of the time
for additional meetings to 15
minutes is also provided.
<i:> i'hinmi i'i.ss i.,n-,,ii Mm.)
BT. HAUL. Minn., Jan. 18.—
Stanislaus Zbyszko is the victor
today over Dr. B. F. Roller of Se
attle, winning two straight falls
in their wrestling match here last
night. Zbyszko won the first fall
in 26 minutes and the second in
31 minutes.
The Methodists of Puget Sound
university walloped the Lutherans
of Parkland academy last night
28 to 24 in a great basketball
contest. The Lutherans on their
own floor ran away with the Ta
coma college in the first half,
winding up 14 to 7. Then the
Methodists changed their line-up,
got the hang of the small floor
and went through the home team
and won.
All is not roses when a boll
team wins the world's champion
Steve Yerkes Is the only big
Red Sox star to sign for next sea
son, and if Joe Wood. Trls Speak
er, and some of the others stick
to the salary demands they have
made President McAleer and his
associates will spend many a
sleepless night before next season
The club offered the stars the
name salaries as were paid last
season. The players were told
they should bo content with the
extra money they won in the
world's series.
The players hold a different
view. They say they earned the
world's series money.
McAleer is busy trying to line
up the players.
Ned Hanlon, manager of the
famous old Baltimore Orioles,
throws some light on the old dis
cussion of whether the manager
makes the ball team or the ball
team makes the manager.
Hanlon says hla Baltimore
team made him.
"My Baltimore team In 1894
was the best one over on a field,"
he say«. "i had players who
could do everything. There wasn't
a weak spot In the line-up. Pinch
hitters were little used then, and
all I bad to do was pick the
Ha.l Chase says that the best
young catchers In the American
league are Alnsmith, Henry and
Williams of the Washingtons. He
cannot understand why the Red
Sox parted with WlHlams. Chase
also believes that Schalk, tha
f 10,000 catcher of the White Sox
will be a star next season; that
Alexander, the young backstop
uncovered by the St. Louts
Browns last fall, will be heard
from. Incidentally Prince Hal Is
sure that Ctuuice will make a
first-class catcher out of Charley
Bterrett, the former Princeton
college man.
:' ■•■.■■; . Colic Remedy ..;
A never k falling colic remedy
effectual In the treatment of all
colics In the horse. - ;,:';
? ;^ Price 800 Per Bottle., * •
Carroll Brown. Walter Johnson. Otto Hess.
Carl Wyman. Je«" Dnbuc. Art Frommer.
Jimmy Lavender. J°« Wood. eg Morgan.
l.'.clpli Works.
The two major league clubs
play almost 2500 games each sea
son, and no better illustration or
the battle between batter aud
pitcher can be given than the
statement that in the two leagues
but 10 one-hit games were
pitched last summer.
CV MORGAN, of the Athletics,
pitched the first one-hit same of
1912 and Washington wag his
victim. This was April 12; the
score was 3 to 1 and Morgan
fanned 11 Senators.
May 8, OTTO HESS, or the
Boston Nationals, held the Cubs
to one hit, winning 2 to 1.
of the Cubs, held Plttsburg to a
hit, winning 3 to 0.
June 20, JOE WOOD, of the
champion Bostons, held the New
(By United Press Leasrd Wire.)
JOPLIN, Mo., Jan. 18.—Joe
Jeanette, negro heavyweight, has
a victory to his credit here today,
winning a popular verdict over
Jeff Clark in last night's ten
round bout. Clark was the ag
gressor, but Jeanette landed the
cleaner blows.
The Choice of a Husband
is too Important. a matter for a
woman to be , handlcapped—i—iy
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New strength, fine ,• complexion,
pure ? breath, i cheerful spirita - —
things that win —follow their
use, ;. Easy, * safe, sure.*. ': 25c.
Ryner Malstrom ■ Drug ". Co , ■ 938
Pacific ay. \.-:-. •■■' .>-. ';..•.; - -t^S
York Yankees to a single In seven
innings, winning 6-0.
July 6, JEAN DUBUC, of the
Detroit club, beat the White Sox
4-0, allowing one hit.
August 10, WALTER JOHN
SON, Washington, held the White
Sox to a hit, winning 4-0.
ART FROMMER, of the Reds,
held the Giants to one hit August
27, winning 2-0.
On September 18, CARROLL
BROWN, of the Athletics, held
Chicago to a lonely hit In eight
innings, winning 12-0.
September 25, CARL WEIL
MAN, of the Browns, held Chi
cago to one hit in seven Innings,
winning 12-0. i
RALPH WORKS, former De
troit pitcher, with Cincinnati,
held the Cubs to a hit In seven
innings and won 12-1.
The entire work of th« % W.
C. A. girls will be reviewed. n,cxt
■Tuesday evening, when the focal
supper of the association will be
held in the rooms of the associ
ation on Commerce street.- „ .«.
; Reports of each department
will be read, and a detailed. oa
count of the transfer to their new
quarters will be given. - y 1"*'
Miss Barger'g gym girl*., will
entertain with special features,
after which the annual supper
will be spread. -. ' \ ':: v -v.
Tour aru«l«t will refund money If Palo
Ointment falls to cur« Itchtni, Blind. Ii!-«.I
--ln« or Protruding Pll«« m6 14 day.. no«.
gBUMRpgI school
tL^L. V ■ --Um c *nd ** ' St*.'
■MJrlfi'tiliiiaiTi Main 80S ',
Prince, I have gone my weary way alone,
And for my past excesses didst atone.
Shunned the ruby goblet since Jan. 1,
Shunned the friendly tavern where dwellcth Fun.
I didst plod the weary way,
Since that first beginning day
Of the young year!
Prince, I promise thee it is no fiction,
I will break no brazen contradiction;
Kight faithfully I held unto my vow.
Most righteously I stood me firm—till now!
I Iti-n gay Cai'i hunt-, laughing,
Her golden goblet quaffing;
She danced too near!
Prince, I see thee frown and curse the flagon;
Knowcst Mi:.it I'm off the Water Wagon!
Frank Chance's remarks two
years ago about tho bush clubs
in the American league, may now
be construed as a typographical
error with the added explanation
that what he really meant was
the National league. ,
If you had to live on every
thing over about $12,000 of the
$25,000 and the 5 per cent stuff
that Chance is to get, you'd have
to do some rapid scratching to
even feed once a day in the one
arm grub depots.
Yale has barred Lefty Flynn
because he wedded a chorus girl
on the quiet. Sort of dropkick
as it were.
Luther McCarty says he'll never
step into the ring with a negro.
If he's thinkiug of Sam LftSff*
ford, we'll come through with a
"Happy New Year" for his wis
Al Palzer says that Ice cream,
of which he is passionately fond,
was the cause of his defeat.
What he probably meant to say
was that McCarty knocked the
(corn) starch out of him.
Besides the big purses there
are to be won by champions in
the fight game, there are a few
other thtags about it that pay.
Luther McOarty is a doubtful
white champion, but he has been
deluged with stage offers. So
far they total 91, and McCarty
will tackle one that brings $2,
--500 a week.
For the remainder of the win
ter several of Connie Mack's
flingers are going to rough It In
Texas. They should be in good
physical trim to stand it. They
had a rough time of it all last
According to Charley Murphy
and Manager Evers, all Cubs are
now on the aqua wagon and for
the remainder of 1913 will drink
nothing stronger than water as
Pears, box. $1.0001.75.
Oranges, ir.'u..o. .
Lemons, [email protected] - -
Cocoanuts, IOC.
Bananas —30c do*.
Apples, box, [email protected]$1.7'>
Delicious Apples, box, $I.JO. \
Grapefruit, 10c.
j ■' *• ■ Menu \
Spare Ribs, 15c lb. . •
Veal Stew, 154* 18c lb.
Pork • Tenderloin 46c. ■ ■
Roast Beef, prime rib. 20c.
Pot Roast, 15c.
Boiling: Ileef, 10©12V4c H i -'/;
Sirloin, 2»@22c.
Porterhouse. 21038 a." "
T-Bone. -23©S6c '-\
Round Steak, 20c. ,
I.es; of Lamb, spring;, 20c.
Lamb Chops, shoulder. . ISa; tola
and rib 20022 c. •■,:;
Shoulder of Lamb, 15c lb.
Lamb stew, 10c lb. "
Roast Pork, IS, 2»<ii'2Sc. -
Pork Chops, shoulder, If020c; loin
' and rib. 25c. . «.-•,,
Veal Roast, 20® 25c.
Veal Cutlets, iutfiic.
Ham. sliced, 2CO*««.*&|tt
Salt Fork. 16c. '»••
Pork Sausage, link. iCe; bulk. lie.
Bacon. IS&VSc... .-.-.- -■'.-> ••■ •
Corned Beef, boneless, lie. ; . ,
Tripe,- 10c. ■■-•t „-.„*. ..wvj*"sv.
Brains, lie. ■■■.■■',■:■•'■•: . '■
Liver, 12 He
.... .■. . Poultrr
Spring; Chickens. 2Bc.
Hens, 210. ',■ "•■..-.?"-:•., -■•-■■•• .::..■
Spring; Ducks. 210. .; vff U
Sauabs, SBc ■, -
Halibut, < lbs. Ska.
A i:o\ mi.
My sweethpurt—folks all call her
She thinks it's very cute;
But sweetheart weighs an awful
Her appetite's & Beaut!
Here Is a profound little arti
cle which we cheerfully crib to
day from Joyful Jottings In the
San Francisco Examiner:
Dr. Carrel expects to make a
cold storage collection of anatomi
cal fragments, such as legs, ears,
eyes, noses, livers, etc., for trans
planting purposes. Which sug
gests that the doctor might spe
cialize something after this fash
Boneless heads for ballplayers.
Unscrambled ears for prize
Hair-covered scalps for the
Quick-action legs for ambitious
Long legs for short people and
short legs for long people.
Brain-swapping on the follow
ing schedule:
For boat-rockera, one ass'
For spat-wearers, one French
poodle's brain.
For the man who couldn't stay
on the wagon, one sheep's brain.
For the speed maniac, one house
fly's brain.
For the guy who gets fresh with
a cop, one calf's brain.
For spring poets, no brain.
Au even exchange Is no rob
bery. -
Crab*. tl.&Odp3 aox.
Trout, 25c ID. . •
Salman. I*3.
Black Cod. t lba. 25a.
Hack Cud. 1U«.
Sound Smelts. S lbs. fie.
Shrimps, 18c.
Codfish, brick, tic. V
Olyropla Oysters, $1 qt.
Anchovies, quart. 2Bc-
Kippered Salmon and Cod. lie.
Kippered Herring. 18c. i
! Tomatoes, lb., 10c
'.Squash, 11)., 2%c. -
| [Jell Peppers, lb., 17%e.
i Olobo Onions. • (or 10c.
Ue«t«, Carrots. Turnips, Onions,
Radishes. - all bunch stuff, 1
bunches for fie.
Cabbage. (910 c.
Potatoes, sack, 75® 90c. v
Spinach, lb.. 2 for 15c.
Sweet Potatoes, selected, 7 lbs. 25c.
Fresh Bermuda Onions. 4 lbs. Joe.
Bruasel's Sprouts. 100 lb.
Cauliflower. [email protected] _ - ■ -
California Hend Lettuce, 2 lbs. 16c.
Celery, home grown, bunch, 2 for lie
California 100. ■-.-. - ,
Cucumbers, 15(fi'20e. ' '. ' '
Head Letture, 2 for 16c. :.
Butter, tub, 36c lb.. 3 lbs. (1.15. '
Fancy Bricks. 43c.
Washington, 4Jo. ••■ .. ■ . ' '
Tllamook. Me -. ; ■-'.;;
! New York, 2»c (.-•>-■; . .'•
1 Imported owls*. 40c. s • ■ ,-.:
Roquefort, 60c. .» , , , .
Fresh Ranch, fancy, 85e.''.'.-,
1 Regular, ■ Eastern, 2Jjc :'
Johnny Kilbane says he'll fight
Wolgast If Ad will come down to
125 pounds. We'll take a chance
ourselves under tho same condi
From the looks of things Mrs.
McCarty is just as important a
champion in the kitchen as
Luther is in the ring.
The ball fan who is always
complaining because base runners
do not slide more might get a few
practical explanations today fi'oui
his friends.
I'nrier 11 Pounds.
There will be, from all indica
tions, a lot of ball players in the
association this year whose bat
tin.g averages will not be too
heavy to send through the parcel
Solves H
Willie—Paw, what is domestic
Paw—Paying 1912 prices for
things out of ;i 1906 salary, my
son.—Cincinnati Enquirer.
"How do you pronounce 'de
"Rhyme it with 'crooks' and
you're not far off." —Boston
What Makes a Woman?
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The Bank of California
Established ISB4.
Capital and Surplus $16,300,000.00
Baa Francisco Portland Tacoma Seattle
The Bank of California Building, Tacoma.
Nature's Remedy Cures
While You Sleep
iA To people who suffer
/% to (3 from chronlo troubles of
fjP X ft any kind. rheumatism,
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Saturday, Jan. 18,1913.
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