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Osgar Warns
the Sin of
the Use!
Word* by Schaefer
Music by Oondo.
Take Eleva
tor and
Save $10
Clothes Shop
214-220 Nat'l Realty
|j^Es«l Wj Mj [ j'l MB Thia Is a carefully con-
I]^rS^^(Rl?fjMr^F^r««S ducted dental office for
II V kfl I Vll *%■ particular people. No
TAOOMA THEATER BIJKi. m- TToo +>1 - -d-.
:•■■' Corner Oth and c sts. We USe tHe Best
12 Years In the 2%"*,
kDfiimC LiOCcltlOn If you need dentistry
Managers of any kind we will be
DR. AUSTIN. DR. BURNS. pleased to have you call
Painless Extracting 50c and we will make an ex-
Gold Crowns $3 aminatlon and give you
SSSTnuS ::::::::::!ii S an eßtlmato on th* °°Bt
IMatlnuni Fillings •$1 tree «* charge.
EXAMINATIONSI AND " We haTe been eßtab .
; ' • -f nrr J??Ji*l A 7 FRKE "shed at our present 1°"
, . WK UlVh GAS cation for years and num-
OPEN SATURDAY K\TSNINOS ber our friends and pa-
FOR PKOPU3 WHO WORK tienta among the thou
Ail Work Guaranteed. sands. ' *
Our Price
Workmanship and Quality
, ■■■-■ ■ '
Never Changes
It is always $15.00 for any Suit or Overcoat
made to your order by Union cutters, tailors
and fitters, and in order to keep our woolen
""mills and tailor shops running "full blast"
We Will Give
H - You an Extra
ij^Tlk PANTS
Wmmml R E !
\wsi&&rm I\W or Overcoat made
You get a Suit or Overcoat that any other
tailor would charge you $30.00 for and an extra
pair of pants worth $8.00, all for $15.00. Don't ;
miss it. You'll regret it if you do. ,
English Woolen Mills
■■* World's if Largest 1" Tailors
911 Pacific Avenue
The local Order of Loyal
Moose will hold a smoker this
evening in their lodge rooms.
Three boxing matches have been
provided for and there promises
to be some lively contests. H. H.
Carter, former physical director
of the Y. M. C. A., has charge of
the athletic program.
/-sV\S^<rV-<^S &r..." $i I
I know a man whose wages run
One hundred plunks a week;
The rags he wears are on the bum,
His wardrobe is one shriek.
There is another guy I know,
Makes sixty dollars per;
He thinks ten bucks an awful blow
On clothing, I infer.
A chap who works along with me,
Has thirty ev'ry Sat.
He spends one-half on clothes,
and we
Have got the styles down pat.
Then there's a feller I recall,
Pay envelope 'most nude;
But, Holy smoke, he beats us all
And dresses like a dude!
If by one's garb one's Income
Less clothes—the more you're
I'll live my life in southern lands,
Clad as I was at birth.
• — 4
Doc Cook's Goat —Mayor Sey
The Conductor's Ooat—lead
Postmaster Stocking's Goat —
quacking ducks via parcels post.
And whilst my mind reats on
ducks, listen!
A prominent doctor who Is one
sturdy little hustler for new
business passed by a big poultry
yard day before yesterday.
A great big duck stuck its head
through the fence pickets and
"Chee-rup, chee-rup!"
Of course, you though I would
say something else, but I was
It wasn't a duck; it was a hen.
Here are some things I used to
believe in, but I'm wiser now:
Sunday School boys.
Chorus Olrl.
Jolly Saturday Night stuff.
More Booze.
Every time I put in a knock on
Demon Rum I feel like a traitor.
OAKLAND, Jan. 24. —The Oak
land €oast League club has to
day received the duly certified
pact of "Bud" Pernoll, the stocky
By a score of 31 to 2 8 and 13
to 8 the first and second teams
of the armory beat the first and
second flvee of the tT. P. S. in
the armory gym last night. Both
games were hotly contested.
'■ Colic Remedy
A never - falling . colic remedy
effectual In the treatment of all
col lea In the horse. - :
Price 500 Per Bottle. '
FIRE OB "liriior \ns
I ; brine— ( n>—«o—an* .-:«.■
•-.v-.v- Safety pepo;lt Vault* :*,.'>.•
•■« you are* um*yk «art of I
, v l -."t..-, i ,..ft M |j /t^ *•-■.->;..
Pacific Safe nrpn»lf Cow
111 80. iota Btr«»«
Marian Mushanmilk lived In
McKlnley Park in a swell neigh
borhood. It had swelled largely
through efforts of truthful real
estate agents.
Marian was in love with the
market boy who brought the liver
for breakfast.
But the market boy scorned
Marian; she waa seven, he eleven.
Years sped on.
Ike Katzensnooker, the* erfet
while market boy, grew to rosy,
rotund manhood and married a
cook lady In a boarding house.
He gets $12 a week and they have
seven little Katzensnookers.
Marian Mushanmilk is, now a
proud beauty, and the wife of the
asst. superintendent of a ' gents
furnishing counter. He get* $12
a week and they have seven little
furnishings running around.
M(«i; \ I.: —Do as you 'domed
please; it will come out tine same
way in the end. <(I -.-
This Lovely Home $70.08.'
'Beautiful, bungalow, 7.rooms;
large garden for flowers audt vege
tables; 67 chickens, 0 ducks, 2
Belgian hares and 1 cow on the
place. Just $79.98 takes It.
Terms, %l down and lc a month
Is that comedy? Sure! It's an
ndvt. such ns a gent who Is now
over on IWcNiels Island used to
publish. Isn't It comic?
> Omlr ©»• «BROMO QtJINIIfIE"
That Is I amitlva Bromo Quinine. Look far
th« signature of B. W. Orove Cum a Cold
in On« Day. Cures Grip IB Two Vmym. too.
Sunshine on the
Piano Situation
Mystery and Doubt Both
Things of the Past.
Dark Ages Long Gone By
Clearance Sale at Eilers
Music House Enables
Any Home to Get a
Fine Piano, a Play
er or a Grand for
a Trifling Sum
Five or Ten Dollars
Brings One to the Home
Standard Makes, Slightly
Used, Now Less Than
Half Price
[ Years ago the purchase, of a
piano was a momentous occasion.
It was as serious as a wedding or
a funeral. It consumed 66Vs of
time and hours of argument.
There are a few dealers who still
try to clothe the occasion with a
great mystery. They walk on
tiptoe and speak in a tragic whis
per. They issue "warnings" and
waste gallons of ■ printers'j. -; *»Jc
telling how sacred their (jail'l i| •
ments ere and how good^u'
themselves are trying to tiiff;
On the other hand, youp.jp&gdr
crn business man or wonuitt.feali
walk into Ellers Music
and pick out a piano, any omjjMf
forty or fifty standard makMß^pi
simply, as cheerfully ami nnM«tly
as if he or she bought at, ottle
of perfume in a department
or a hanidkerchlef at , the fH^K
dasher's. .' - ifOMi-
No Dark Corners ft s$ 1
The ' mystery Is all goijtf itlihe
long sessions in the office -ifrftti
more. The daylight is it earn
ing on the piano business. 1"- ? *¥bu
can pick any piano and I it's up
to your home, installed in a few
hours—sometimes a few minutes.
If It Isn't right, the biff ; store
takes it back. If you decide you
like it, you pay a dollar a week
or more, just as you see fit or as
the family treasurer may decide.
:'•--;. Time to Buy Now < 4,->
■ Now, for .- the final ■ wind-up,
Great Annual ; Clearance , Sale, ■as
the : assortment has been < some
what broken, we make prices still
lower." i - If you ■ act promptly 5 you
can still secure choice of a num
ber of strictly brand-new, desira
ble upright pianos, factory I HO
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
Uppercuts, left Jabs, right hooks
and haymakers will be seen In
flocks tonight when Willie Hoppe,
the Butchertown terror, and
Frankle Smith tangle in a four
round main event at Pavilion
rink. Hoppe has a loft hook that
is said to be a "bear," while
Smith is one of the best toe to
toe fighters who evar entered a
San Francisco ring.
Romeo Hagan, of the North
west, vs. Billy Weeks of Califor
nia, middle weights; Mark O'Don
nell of Portland vs. Kd Kennedy,
San Francisco, heavyweights, and
Jack Geyer, Denver, vs. Rufus
Cameron, a big spade from Los
Angeles, heavyweights, will be
the principal preliminaries.
(By United Frew* Leased Wire.)
His batting eye dimmed and un
able to hit and run In tne days
gone, by, Ernest P. Mohler, more
familiarly known as "the kid," is
today unconditionally released,
at his own request, from the San
Francisco Coast League club.
Mohler broke into Coast base
ball when he helped Oakland win
the pennant in the old California
league in 1901.
pies, slightly shopworn. Pay
$190 and $187 for the remaining
three large full-sized ones, and
$160 for the smaller styles, $8
or $10 down and $1.50 weekly or
$6 a month secures choice.
Or, if you prefer a playable
used piano we still have a num
ber for as low as $49, yes, $43.
Every instrument in this sale is
worth at least double. At these
prices the majority will surely be
gone by tomorrow night.
Pay by the week or month, or
on our new three-year plan. Each
and every instrument will be
found exactly as represented or
money refunded. Furthermore,
any of these instruments will be
shipped anywhere subject to in
spection and free trial.
If you wish to buy a good pi
ano economically, come now.
This is a truthful statement of
facts, as is every statement made
by this house. The pianos, play
er pianos and baby grands are
here, exactly as represented, and
reductions Indicated are genuine.
Almost every standard make of
pJano was included in this, our
greatest Clearance Sale. Quite a
number of them are BtiU to be
had and all at prices positively
the lowest ever offered.
Don't stop to figure or to ar
range to pay all cash. The sale
prices are cash priced, but for
the mere simple interest, not on
the whole amount, but merely
on the unpaid balances, we ar
range forms of payment confi
dentitlly to suit and reasonable
And we guarantee the quality;
also give our binding exchange
agreement whereby any Instru
ment in this sale will be Ac
cepted by us at the price you
now pay, and at any time be
fore two years from now, toward
payment for one of our fine new
KimbaHs or Chlckerlngs, or Au
to pianos, etc. Nothing could be
more attractive, generous or more
thoroughly satisfactory to the
Could Be Done by Phone
The transaction is so easy the
plan is so simple that one could
almost order by telephone, for
the big institution at 943-5 South
C street stands behind every pi
ano soM. No buyer remains dis
satisfied if Eilers Music House
knows of It. No length Is too
great to go in order to secure the
good will and the good wishes of
every buyer, and now that stand
ard pianos can be had for so lit
tle'and such easy terms. It seems
a pity that muslcless homes
should miss this opportunity to
secure a fine piano.
With the purchase yesterday
of George Shreeder's ball park,
Joe McGinnity and Frank Red
path are sole owners of the Ta
coma ball club and Athletic park
today. The deal was consum
mated yesterday afternoon and
the sum of $20,000* was depos
ited to bind the sale. With the
sale of the property goes tne
passing of Geo. Shreeder aa a
baseball magnate in this city.
Shreeder has been connected with
baseball for several years.
McG-innlty announced that
work would start immediately for
the Improvement of the grounds.
Seating capacity of 6,000 people
will be arranged for and several
other modern improvements will
be made.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, Jan. 24.—1t was
learned today that Jeaa Willard,
the fighting heavyweight cowboy,
who is gunning for Luther Mc-
Carty's laurels, broke a bone In
his right hand in his bout with
Frank Bauer, an unknown, at
Port Wayne Wednesday night.
He has cancelled his Philadelphia
engagement with Dan Daly,
scheduled for tomorrow night.
_**^ j "slide one dime, ten cents, over the plate— French bevel plate—and
PlmwmJF^T§P^ a unhook the password to a better smoke than you ever did imagine a smoke
Acfrfrl a A good many people have been handing themselves a lemon in the
If your own continuous-performance, tongue-blistering experience hasn't
made you pipe-sore, then you've got more patience than most people have.
Why, man, think what it means to surfer the tortures of the lost, just because you like that sweet
* - old jimmy pipe of yours. Get wise to the best bet ever in jimmy pipe tobacco. It's
the national joy smoke ■ / —ufumj.
Smoke it all day—go to it as hard as you like— feel better when you get throueh (H*!P*£ft
than before you started—because it can't bite your tongue. The bite's cut out by a kmL'WmW'
patented process. .•;,;.;. ; o . ;;,-■. ' ; ... ■ ' /IwllWlSi
Prince Albert makes a cigarette that's a wonder. Just you roll one up and get that ' /KPffTrf
• cool smoke and fragrance and flavor into your mouth. Say, you'll Jake a new least //'B/JiLV
on cigarette joy. _ ' .•..».• :'i.* ./ ' /Iff!/ fflß 1
P. A.h told in th. l.pp, Sml r.d bam. tidy 10 cm r,d tin llm I W^ "
and handiomt pound and half-pound humidor,whir: it \Bj
££ vR. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C. „ IK** st. v
Friday, Jan. 24,1913.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24.—Bud
Anderson of Vancouver, Wash.,
and Sammy Trott of Columbus,
O. t are ready today for the
struggle that will make one of
them a contender for a place In
the upper flight of the lightweight
pugilistic division.
The naval militia pulled off
three boxing contests last night
on board the Cheyenne.
Are a few bargains In some fine
suits and overcoats left from
the season's orders, we will sell
$10 L 0 $20
They were made to order for
125 to |50.
The Herald Tailoring
Estab. 1889.
110 So. 12th st., Opp. P. O.
Sole Agents for the
Pennsylvania Limited
Rye, The Olympic Club
Bourbon, and our Spe
cial Monogram and Pri
vate Stock Whiskies.
We also guarantee our
Wines to be right. Pur
ity, quality and full
measure is our motto.
Family trade and mail
orders solicited and
promptly filled.
1325 C St.
Phone Main 6022. t

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