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Yes, Osgar
Finds the
Laundry, But
Lizzie Doesn't
Work There.
Words by Sohaefer
Music by Oondo.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SEATTLE, Jan. 30.—After a
■evere mauling during one round.
Art Koepky mushed back to the
center of the ring where Fireman
Bteve Reynolds of this city stood
smiling, larruped a fow 400-pound
Jolts home, and took the best
•vent of the night for Tacoma
when Steve tried to land a jab
and fouled.
Dave Fielder of Tacoma took
Tacoma may see Buzuttos. the
Portland Greek, an<T Jim Reed,
the one-handed wrestler, in a con
test here In a short time. Reed Is
In Tacoma now, and has agreed
to take Buzukoß on if the latter
SAVE YOUK All Vlil.l
hrlnit — —I<>—our
Safety Deposit Vaults
■•d you "re always aura of
PaH Safe Deposit Co.
11l S*. IQIh Street
Colic Itemed?
A never falling colic remedy
sffectual in the treatment of all
colics In the horse.
Price 60c Per Bottle.
Do You Know
that Friday is the last
day of this great
January Sale
of Men's High Grade
Suits, Overcoats
and Raincoats?
Here's the Schedule for Tomorrow
$15 values now $10.50 — save $4.50.
$18 values now $17.50—save $5.50.
$20 values now $13.50—save $6.50.
$25 values now $18.50 — save $6.50.
$30 values now $18.50—save $11.50.
$35 and $40 values now $23.50.
(blue and black excepted)
The boys' Overcoat Stile at Half Price is wor
thy of every mother's attention who appreci
ates real value.
James H. Dege Co.
1110-12-14-16 Pacific ay.
The Good Clothes Store for Men and Boys.
four rounds of beating from
Johnny Kelly of Ballard with lit
tle attempt to show fight himself.
After ".lark Hishop" of "Salt
Lake" had sent Floyd Goodman
to the mat for all night in one
whirlwind round, and changed his
makeup, "Rish" took on the aj>
pearaure of "Butch" Christian of
Taconia so exactly that most of
the fana were satisfied that
'■Hish" and "Butch" are one.
will consent.
Frank Rlley will have charge
of the match, If it is staged, and
will likely find a number of
youngsters for boxing preliminar
Reod said he would like to
meet Riley on the mat, but Rlley
said there would be no chance for
a mix until Reed had first tried
out against Buzukoti, Langes or
Eddie O'Counell.
(lly United Press Leased Wire.)
All la happiness in the camp ot
the San Francisco Seals today,
for Clarence Henley, star twirier
of the San Francisco outfit for
several seasons has sent in hU
contract with a big "OK" opposite
his salary stipulation.
When tho fans of this city
think of I Mliti r Junes, they
think of Fielder Jones the
president of the Northwest
ern league without hesitation.
When the fans of the entire
country think of Fielder
.limes they think of the "hit
less wonder" of the Ameri
can league—the Chicago
White Hox which won a
world's championship from
Frank Chance's Cubs.
•Jones, we all know, is
president of our own little
leajnie, and when he i-n't
|,i-i —uj.-iuintr h«- is on duty as
• real lumber king.
Fielder Jones Is considered the
wealthiest ex-ball player living.
lie made a fortune in baseball,
because Charley Comlskey be
lieves in paying men who deliver
the goods, and Jones invested
wisely, so that he was able to re
fuse an offer of $13,000 a year to
manage a major league club. He'd
have taken the offer if the owner
had agreed to sell him a large
block of the club stock.
But who remembers Fielder A.
Jones as the work of Ned Han
lon, daddy of pennant winning
Fielder Jones was a good ball
player when he brake Into the
majors in 1896, with Brooklyn.
Hanlon made him a better one.
He brought out of the youngster
everything he possessed.
Fielder Jones lived up to hts
name. He was a fielder of the
Jimmy McAleer and Walter
Brodie type. And that's the last
word in baseball. He had every
thing that goes to make up a ball
player, a gentleman and a great
leader. He was fast, could hit,
and his fielding was marvelous.
When Jones quit to enter tne
lumber business In 1998, base
ball lost an idol. Comiskey, It is
■aid, handed Jones a blank, sign
ed contract and told him to name
hts own figure to lead the team,
but the Old Roman refused to
part with stock, so Fielder, like
Bill Lange, quit.
President F. A. Jones of the
Northwestern league lives In
Portland, Ore., with offices In the
Chamber of Commerce building.
He also handles his immense
lumber Interests from this office
In 1899 Brooklyn won the pen
nant and repeated In 1900. In
'99 Jones, in 95 games, fielded
.946 and batted .286; in 1900 he
fielded .960 and batted .309 for
36 game*.
Jonea saw a fat contract when
the American league began raid-
Ing the National In 1901, and
jumped to the Johnson organiza
He went to Chicago, and Chi
cago won the pennant that yeaf.
In 133 games Fielder batted .325.
He also scored 119 runs, a little
less than a run per game; Be
flelded .933.
In 19 06 Jones was manager of
the White Sox. He won the Am
erican league pennant and did the
unexpected when he led the Sox
to victory over the Cubs, in the
world's series.
That year Jones led all league
outfielders, with an average of
.988, for 144 games and hit but
.230. Winning the big series
gave Jones about all there was In
it for a player-manager, and fie
turned his attention to the lum
ber business.
As records stand, Jones holds
second place among all fielders,
with his .988 averages in 1903
and 19OS. Harry Bay, in 1904,
topped him by two points.
Jones refuses to name the
greatest player, but unhesitating
ly pronounces Ed Walsh the
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
PULLMAN, Jan. 30. —Charges
involving the management of the
Washington State college and
asking that President Bryan's
resignation be demanded, which
have been published here, are
causing a sensation here today,
and action by Gov. Lister is ex
(lly United Press Leased Wirr.)
BAKERSFIELD, Gal., Jan.' Si).
—Peach Nugget, owned by* .S.
Christenson of San FranclsQq, is
winner today for the second; sjbrv
cessive year of the Member stakes
of the Pacific Coast Field T; rials
club. This is the highest Jiotibr
possible to dogs entered lit,(He
annual field events in prdgreas
here. :ft < '
There is Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That ta
Laxative Bronte Quinine
u*eo the womir over to cure a cold m one oat.
Always remember the lull came. f;.'Look Jtr flf\f 1
for thi* signature oo bw^.J&c. %£) f/Tj&iyrVtf^k
he is a i^im
Bunch of SHINGLES Poft,
greatest of pitchers. And those
who appreciate the work the "Big
.Moose" has done for the Sox can
realize how Jones feels.
Jones began his career at Blng
uampton, N. V., in 1893. He
was with. Springfield next, and
with Brooklyn from IS*6 to
1900. From 1901 to 1908 he
wa s with the White Sox. This !a
his baseball career of 14 years.
He was born at Shingle House,
Pa., which has been on the map
ever since its favorite son down
ed the Cubs. He was born Aug
ust 13, 1871, so he is 41.
Jones says that he believes
baseball is improving all the
(By United Pretw Leased Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30.—
Oliver Mendenez, who has never
ventured from the Mexican state
of Sonora, mar be a member of
the Los Angeles Pacific Coast
league team for 1913. Mendenez
plays shortstop for the Munldiez
mines club of Candecallente, So
NEW YORK, Jan. 30.—Young
Shugrue of this city is declared
the*victor over Leach Cross, the
fighting dentist, today, following
their ten-round engagement in
Madison Square garden.
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30.—Ed
die Campi, who meets Kid Wil
liams Feb. 12 in a scheduled 20
--round boxing contest, is nursing
a bruised arm today that may
halt his training for a week. The
little fighter slipped while box
ing with his brother.
Indoor baseball is to be the big
spring season game at the Armory
Athletic association, and if Dr.
James Carroll, physical director
of the club, has his way it will
be taken up by the Pierce County
Dr. Carroll has made some of
the best teams in that line of in
door sport in the city and a lively
interest has always been felt for
indoor baseball at the Armory.
It is the hope of those who are
backing the sport that a meet of
Pierce county teams may be held
in the Armory during the Mon
tamura Festo.
(By I'nltod Press Leased Wire.)
TOLT, Wn., Jan. 30.—Ranch
ers have taken kindly to the sa
loon with the bubbling fountain,
opened here this week under the
new ordinance providing that the
two saloons allowed under the ex
isting administration establish a
running fountain of water. The
bartender is finding it difficult to
maintain a courteous demeanor
as the fountain handles most ot
the trade.
VENICE, Jan. 30.—Miss Dolly
Flynn, president of a woman's
club and leader of the Venice
Bowling club, holds a Pacific
coast record today by virtue of
swimming a mile through a
stormy sea in 37 minutes. The
previous open sea record for wom
en was 37 minutes and 57 sec
Real Estate Transfers
116 Calpenliam Lbr Co to Edith
Weller n2 ne nw 23-16-4.... 300
189qc L C Robertson & wf to
X D Hodge L, 47 to 50 B 2
Fletcher llts ad 200
19-' a 11 A Gertrude D Kin* to
Chas X Post L 6 B B 38 Clo
ver Lea ad 600
193 W H Bergman & wf to Oeo
ii Baker aw- sir 2-19-6 also w
30 ft L 65 Sergeants sub
dlv 2-19-6 cxc 100x434 ft from
first named tract 10
196 Helen M Brazell to N J
Brazell 1. 1 1.. 4 1; 2 a c ad 10
198<ic H X Phelps to P W
Phelps mi.l l-6th of 6?i a in
nw cor ne nw or L 1 sec 18
--20-4 & 1 rod 3 of w adjoin
ing id
199(ie D T Phelps trustee & w(
to H X Phelps und 2-sths of
same prop .- in
202 F L Griffin & wf to H W
Rasmussen & wf to J D
Brooks ne sw 8-18-4 600
203 Same to same 28 a In. se nw
8-18-4 lying sw of Tac E
railroad 420
205 U S to Niels Nelson Ii 8
& 14 sec 5-21-2 ptnt 00
207 Martin Bailey & wf to Da
vid Young- L 11-12 B 11 Orch
2 ad 5
223qc A M Coenen to C A Ment
zer L 9 to 12 B 37 Coulters
ad 1
224 C A Mentzer to Mary C
Mentzer L 9 to 12 B 37 Coul
ters ad L 21 to 24 B 40 same
ad 1
226qc L L Cloyd & wt to Chas
& Emma Morden L. 8 B 10
Wlnt part 1
227 Win T Branch et ux to M
X Gunston L 1 to 3 Smnr
Krdn tracts 10
229q0 C L Sotrreff to Harry C
Chantler 40x74 ft in ne cor
blk 236 amd Ski Land 2 ad.. 175
230 M C Smith & wt to same
same prop .•.» 1
241qc Jos Miller to Anna M Mil
ler ci nw sw ne sw 2E-21-2
• cxc 50x165 ft & 10( ft road.. 1
242qc Same to 'same that part
of e-v. of se ne 11-20-3 south
of C M r of w : .;.' X
244qc Tac Land Imp Co to O B'"
Darling- L 10-11 B 8222 TLC
« ad .. 10
247qc Wm McCoy to Elizabeth
Jenkins L 10 to 12 B 2 Ort.. 1
248 Chas J Spencer & wf to Lil
lian T Rawson L 7 to 11 11 5
Woods 1 ad Puy 1000
JSlqo Tao Land Imp Co to admx
- H II -Taber & &V I' Cameron
L 2 to 4 north of a line Puy
Ind Res in sec 26-20-3 1
252 U 8 to Ben} F Nash L 1-2; -
nw sw & sw se 22-21-le ptnt' 00
253 Anna Molden to Guy C Hud
son I, 6-7 B 2704 Oaklnd ad 460
265 F C Halveraon & wf &
Anna & Henry Lohman to Geo
, Lawler n 1-3 of w 15 a L 5
■•c 6-20-4 .>..5000
257qc A H Varble & wf to Hill
man Inv Co L 1 B 58 Hlllmana ; ■'"
- Pac Cy Div 4 .10
263 A (i Truman to Wm Hilder
brand B 245 Half D Berry
tracts In sec 9-19-4 ......... 10
26< Chas Rowland & wf to Na
than BlasVerg L 5 II 803 T.. 1
267 Nathan Blasberg ft wf to
Julius Friedman und J,4 of
same prop .................. 1
270 Wlnnetka Land -Co to D L
Sharp L II to II B 3 • amd :
4 Sawyer and B ad S E Tac. 10
271 D H Drake and wf to JM-P ■-
■ De Wait s2 sw se sw 31-20-4 100
179 Jamieson aherf to Jas A ' ■
amis n2 nw sw ne 10-20-2. .1300
180 Emma Kean to E A Kean
L 11-13 B 8608 TLC 1 ad 10
181 E A Kean to Thos J Pier- , .'
- son same prop . ■ „....'...... -10
182 Thos J Pierson to El A Kean
■2 sw sw sec 12 & nw nw sec «?*-'-
iij IS-20-1W ,;... $. 10
A Tacoma doctor Bays that, the
X-ray is no so well perfected that
the violet ray principle can be ap
plied to ordinary spectacles, so
I hasten to arise and say that the
following had better be careful:
Men who would hold out a lit
tle change on friend wife;
Maidens who wear baby-blue
ribbon intertwined in those fluffy
white things;
Gents who carry their own sup
ply of poker chips around Me
office with 'em.
It is easy enough to be pleasant
When players are batting hard,
But the fan worth while
Is the fan who can smile
With snow in the baseball yard.
Speaking of sublime faith, there
is E. G. Bidinger of North Da
kota, who expects a champion to
keep a promise.
Mr. Bidinger claims to have
discovered Mr. McCarty, but we
fear Mr. McCarty will advise him
to tell it to the King of Denmark.
It is an ancient matador;
He sighs a soulful sob.
"In bygone days," he sadly says,
"I thought I knew my job.
"Men «heered me on in days now
And I wus full of hope;
I thought my skill great until
1 read some baseball dope.
"And as I read my eyes grew full
And all the world turned blue.
For 1 can never use the bull
As baseball magnates do."
A preacher person tells that
there will be baseball in heaven,
but is it possible to conduct base
bal without magnates?
Reports from the Southland
indicate that our athletes will do
their spring training on snow
This Is the gladsome time of
year when the baßeballist never
felt better and will bat In the vi
cinity of .400 next summer.
Bat Nelson announces that he
has left Hegewisch flat on Its
back, and the citizens of that
thriving metropolis are trying to
decide whether to wear mourning
or celebrate.
The Rr«a In square miles of
North America Is 8,037,714j of
South America 6,831,306. The
population of the former Is 110,
--000,000; the latter 35,000,000.
Almost any kind of beer will satisfy some
people, but in the home none but the purest
should be used.
In bottled form, ia the ideal beer for home
use. In our brewery cost of manufacture
is a secondary consideration. First, last
and all the time our endeavor is to produce
a beer that will be second to none in the
You try it. Order a case today.
Main 352
Thursday, Jan. 30, 191 a
• •
Booze Is the vernacular for
that subtle substance that men
drown their sorrows in; the chief
trouble being that trouble is the
swelleat little swimmer that was
ever invented. Booze is sold for
13 cents a drink to ordinary peo
ple, but whenever a press agent
or a man Looking for a Boost
call, a newspaper man is treated
to the same. Men who take a
drink now and then and "know
when to stop" never do; ginks
who boast that they are moderata
drinkers keep right on till they
are moderately dead. Booze
wrecks homes and makes wives
weap; sometimes men weep, too.
This stage is called a Crying Jag.
Many a great genius has been
wrecked on booze. Moral: DON'T
be a genius.
DR. O. P. MMinis. Mgr.
Stupidity of a child Is many times
caused by not taking proper care
of the teeth. If your child is
backward In school, and has no
inclination to study it Is possible
that the teeth are the cause.
Look today at your child and see
if It doee not require attention.
The Children's Favorite
111«» i Pacific Are.
Over John McHugh's Dept. Store.

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