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f;* Jesse Garret to
". • Coach College
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CORVALLIB, Ore., Feb. 27.
V —Jesse Garrett, for four years
a pitcher In the Coast and North
Be Sure to
t Window
... Mrtl No6
ISf ~iU If You Are
JL-L \ Interested
/MfR Vm lathe
/mdrim- "What's
/ Ii 1 Whal"
Sip* hL In Boys*
ff]g| iS2 Clothes
» WMmmntt af A_..u.
Clothes not only outwardly "beau
;. ties" but inwardly reliable, that's
why Dege's fashionably designed
clothes will stand up under the
, hard usage of play, makes such a
hit with the boys.
Such boys' clothes priced up
from $5.
James H. Dege Co.
1110-12-14-16 Pacific ay.
Step into any public place where liquid re
freshments are served, and what is the
most Popular beverage t .j, -
BEER: :.-'■.(■ '. \ V **" •:
:WHYrAyA.A-yyAy' -.A^.^ *&
Because beer is in a class by itself— popu
lar class —standing as it does as the happy
medium between total abstinence, on the
: one hand, and intoxicating, distilled liquors
on the other. Beer is a temperance drink—*
*a' drink for the masses. '-'
fit's increasing use is enjoyed by thousands.
Order it A: Ask for it. Wtst
\______tW^- ' - Main 862" -■
western leagues, has today signed
a contract to coach the baseball
team of the Oregon Agricultural
Large trash stock garden seeds.
Tiie-. Imp. & Seed Co., lr.th & Com.
Entries for the second annual
boxing tournament at the armory
are complete and the athletes are
all ready for the sound of the
gong. They have been in train
ing nearly three months for this
event and many interesting
matches are looked for.
No tickets will be placed on
sale, but memberships may be,
secured from members of the
national guard, under whose su
pervision the smoker ; Is being
The Lakewood Coif and Coun
try club is a reality today. It lias
been under course of construction
for some time, and last night
marked the election of liters
and the acceptance of a charter,
and the new club now takes its
place alongside of Tacoma's other
progressive organizations.
K. A. Kltchin was elected
president, Robert Munger vice
president; W. F. Jewders, treas
urer: it. 11. Shaffer, secretary,
and I*. S. Tyler, B. B. Grey and
A. G. Simpson, trustees.
The club has control of 1001
acres of land at Lakewood on the
Traction car line.
McCreedie Off for
Training Camp
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 27. —
Manager Walter McCredie and
four members of this year's Port
land Coast league team departed
for Visalia, Cal., training camp
early today. The other members
of the squad will report directly
to Visalia.
Coach Baird of the S. H. S.
is greatly pleased with his first
week of baseball practice. Baird
has about 75 men out every aft
ernoon, most of. whom are expe
rienced players.
Second teams of the Emerson
and Franklin schools played a tie
game of baseball yesterday. Score
was 6 to C.
State Business college organ
izes an Independent ball team.
They have applied lor entrance
to the Twilight league, however.
Bowling teams at Old Town
are still battling for that bunting.
Their season does not close for
several weeks yet.
Wrestling finals at the 3. H. S.
will be held March 7. An exhi
bition by Prof. Hooper's gym
classes wilt be given at the same
An indoor track meet, given
under the auspices of the Pierce
County A. A., will be held In the
Y. M. C. A. March 14. The Y.
M. C. A. gym is open to all con
testants who are entered.
Fred Dabroe la the latest brave
to get up nerve to challenge
Frank Koepkey.
therm is Only Ono 4IU
"Bromo Quinine" %
That la V v
Laxative Bromo Quinine
-:.;. <-'-■■'.■ ..... - -..-. „, ....-,.,.,-.-. !,„; -,
VATO the WORLD WVCR to cure a COLD m owe DATA
Always remember the full name; Look _J^ _^7_Xf r_, •io-ti V
tot tela signature oo evaij boa. . 2a 0 „ CO SffJ&rKOtf\_4
The Bank of California
Established 1804.
Capital and Surplus .... $16,300,000.00
, Ban Francisco Portland : Tacoma ;" t SaatUa
a The Bank af California Building, Tacoma.
1 High School Notes |
By Olin Graham.
The baseball men are getting
anxious for the Stadium held to
get Into condition. The field
freezes every night and thaws ev
ery morning, so the ball players
have to put up with a soft play
ground. Suits have been given
out to last year's men and a num
ber of new uniforms have been
Walt Espeland will be seen In
a high school uniform again this
year; that is, if Walt gets time
to turn out. For, be it known,
Walt is some busy man.
Al Crane, captain of the track
team, won the state championship
in the high Jump; Gale Bandy
won the hurdles, and Stanley
Staatz won the pole vault, last
year. These three men make a
valuable nucleus for Coach Bell
to build his team on this year.
It Is said that the new gymna
sium will be completed in time for
next year. That will surely help
Indoor athletic! at the high
Gale Bandy is the only "four
year" man on the track "team.
Gale is an excellent hurdler and
never fails to come home winner
in these events. • ■
(By United Press Leased Wire.
NEW YORK, Feb. 27. —Despite
the fact that the stork Is expect
ed at his home here In a few
days, Johnny Dundee, the feath
erweight, will leave Sunday for
Lob Angeles where he fights
Johnny Kilbane April 15. The
bout will be for 20 rounds and
will be staged by Promoter Tom
McCarey. The American 122
pound title will be involved.
We wonder if Jess Willlard Is
losing sleep, worrying over this
Jack Leon match.
Joe Hill is training in earnest
for his match (March 6 with Leo
We wonder if Jack Mace will
sprain Paul Shocks ankle? That
Is Jack's speciality.
Moose Circus tonight at Moose
hall, 13 th and E streets.
The Moose troupe of clowns
filled the hearts of the Ad club
with glee the other night, when
they rehearsed their act before
the pencil spellbinders. '■
Jack Mace is training at the
Pastime A. C. in South Tacoma.
Jack is a product of the Pastime
club and South Tacoma Is back
ing him to make a good showing
against Shock.
Mary still has her lamb.
♦ «
A A boxing, match was held A
A one day, A
A ' And finished in a minute, A
A The reason Isn't hard to say, ♦
A Frank Koepkey had ja A
A hand Unite. ♦
A ". A
7 „
"BUD" ANDERSON, newest lightweight challenger. At the
top on right is shown one of his remarkably large hands. Ob
the left is the hand of a man who tips the beam at over 160
pounds. Notice how much larger is Anderson's hand. _
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Feb. 27.
What Is believed to be a new
pugilistic star . has come out of
the Pacific Northwest in the per
son of Bud Anderson, one of the
likeliest looking lightweights de
veloped on the Pacific coast In
some time. After a wonderfully
successful campaign in the
"bushes," Anderson invaded Los
Angeles, defeats Sammy Trott,
on whom Battling Nelson broke
both hands in six rounds. .
Anderson, who has fought 36
times, winning 27 by a knockout
and the balance by the referee's
decision, is a natural 133-pound
er. He la 'credited with having
the strength of a middleweight,
and can flatten a man with either
hand. The hands, by the way,
are larger than those possessed
by most heavyweights. They are
so big and strong and compactly
put together that they have never
Vsportsatlj.p.s. r
• ; ■—: —-— T-k
Tonight . the University of
Puget Sound plays Its first game
of the elimination series. A num
ber of the team took a little re
spite - from training routine and
went to Puyallup with the Glee
olub Tuesday night. This , will
be the first game in three weeks
for the U. P. S. boys and it re
mains to -: be seen j whether they
have profited by their rest or
have lost their grip on the situa
tion. The last game . was with
the ' Parkland .A. C, ! as is the
came tonight,, at which time U.
P. 8. won by a close score and
Captain Wright believes that his
bunch can duplicate the stunt to
night. Vi The game ls to be played
■4. _..-...._ . r-L.s:.'h*,.s-~x±4z J^y^.~s ,...^^ih
A Height 5 ft. 6 In. A
A Reach 66 in. A
A Neck 16 V, In. A
A Chest (contracted) ..35 in. A
A Chest (expanded ...41 ln. A
A Biceps 14 1-4 In. ♦
A Forearm ...; •. .11 in. ♦
A Wrist 7 in. A
A Waist ........ 30 In. ♦
A Thigh.... 20 1-4 In. ♦
A Calf 14% ln. ♦
A Ankle 9 in. ♦
suffered even the slightest injury
in a battle.
Anderson Is both a boxer and
a fighter, but his favorite method
is to.tear in and chop his man
down with short uppercuts. He
is a straight, clean puncher, never
resorting to swings. ~ *'■
He is to meet K. O. Brown
March 15 for 80 rounds.
on the Y. M. C. A. floor, so
neither team will have any ad
vantage in that respect.
Track prospects are rosy and
the university may send a team
to the big meet at Pullman next
spring. With Benadom in sprints
and Jumps, Beck in the weights,
Webb -in the distance runs, Erp
in the discuss,* and several of the
new students showing form In
different events, the university
should be able to make, a com
mendable showing, i
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 27. — John
ny Evers, manager of the Chica
go Cubs, is willing to donate a
chunk of his own salary to meet
the difference between the finan
cial terms offered Orval Overall,
the big California twlrler, and
Overall's demands.
"We must have that boy on the
team," Evers declared. "Frank
Chance tells me his salary arm is
better than ever now, and lie has
mastered several new shoots."
Thus far President Murphy of
the Cubs has not yet taken up
Evers. Overall has been asked to
report at the Cub training quar
ters here in a week.
Owing to the -Great De
mand for Their Services
Havo Decided to
.Remain Longer in
at iii"
An Association of Prominent
American Physician Specialists
Giving Free Medical Serv
ices to the Sick.
Starting disclosures relative to
the most remarkable treatments
known. T,he United Doctors are
visiting the principal cities
throughout the United States.
Licensed by the states for the
treatment of diseases, deformities,
ailments and maladies of various
forms without surgical operation.
By this developed system no
more operation for appendicitis,
gall stones, kidney stones, tuber
cular glands, tumor, goitre, piles.
The United Doctors will give
free treatment (except a small
charge lor medicines) on this par
ticular visit, and this only to those
v.ho are interested and really sick
Selected cases of consumption.
I asthma, bronchitis, and catarrhal
diseases, absolutely cured with
combination of medicine, diet,
hygiene, and exercise. This Is the
most reliable and scientific home
treatment known today.
Rheumatism, diabetes, bed-wet
ting, leg-ulcers, sore eyes, and dis
eases of the stomach, liver, heart,
kidneys, bowels, bladder, all treat
ed by their successful methods, de
veloped after years of special prac
tice and experience.
These Doctors and nerve spe
cialists treat successfully neural
gia, constant headaches, epilipsy,
sciatica, nervous debility and
other diseases of the nervous sys
tem. (
Because of their vast experience
in the treatment and cure of
chronic blood diseases, scrofula,
diseases of the skin, falling of the
hair, hydrocele, varicocele, swell
ing of the limbs, enlarged veins,
paralysis, and all diseases of men,
women and children they are emi
nently fitted for the high position
they have attained in the exten
sive practice of their profession.
If your case Is incurable, the
doctor will give you valuable ad
vice that will relieve you and stay
the disease. They are curing the
diseases they undertake and you
may some day regret It If you
don't give them a chance.
If you have kidney or bladder
trouble bring a two ounce bottle
of your urine for analysis.
• Married ladles must come with
their husbands and children with
their parents. '
Are You a Cold Sufferer?
Take Dr. King's New Discov
ery. The Best Cough, Cold,
Throat and Lung medicine made.
Money refunded If it fails to cure
you. Do not hesitate—take it at
our risk. First dose helps. J.
R. Wells, Floydada, Texas,
writes: "Dr. King"B New Discov
ery cured my terrible cough and
cold. I gained 15 pounds." Buy
it at Ryner Malstrom Drue Co
938 Pacific ay.
—— —
6 — i"roin— I
■ brlairthem—-to— our . v* £
a Safety Deposit Vaults 1
■ aad you are always sura of I
I .. Pacific Safe Deposit Co. ! - '' I
■ 111 So. 10« Street •"!:■
Thursday, Feb. 27,1913.
Mv price always $15
Every garment guaran- ,
teed all-wool — and reg
ular $25.00 suit for
My garments arc the
product of expert tailor- ,
ing and a fit is guaran
teed. "Bags"- are not
tolerated in this shop
you'll have to go else
where for them.
Always up-to-the-min
ute, weaves, shades and
models. It's right or
you won't find it here.
I guarantee satisfac
tion. Ask our many pat
214-220 National Realty
—————^—-————— ___ .
By the use of medic
tlnal herbs and root*
known for their re
markable cures la
China, we are able
to absolutely cure
such ailments aa
Catarrh, Deafness.
Asthma, Skin Dis
eases, Rheumatism,
Appendicitis, Heart
Trouble, Kidney
Complaint, etc
The remedies we use are obso
tutely non-poisonous and positively
Io not contain mercury.
If unable to call personally, send
lc stamp for dlairnosla blank. . .
v. row i iiimcsh medium: co.
11-16*4 Pacific ay. I home
IM-Vii Commerce st. UsbllS^
■L'lk .11 ___J___t_____fWtStUßß^^^^mOt^mmtßA
Strs. Indianapolis |
and Chippewa |
The fastest and finest day H
steamers on the coast. H *
Leaves Tacoma from Mv- I
nicipal Dock at 7:00. 9:00, 11:01 B
a. m.; 1:00. 1:00, 6:00. 7:00 ■
0:00 p. m. . B
Leave Seattle from Caiman I
dock, 7:00. »:00. 11:00 a. m.. B
1:00. 3:04, S:QO, 7:00. 9.00 p. m. B '
i ' SI Mi 1.15 FARB SSe. B
HOI Ml Tit IP S»e ■ - H
A Steamer Every Two florin, a
l. K. I'l KM, Agent I]
Phone Main 8415 R
*^y »_^ yj jif^J_f_f__}_^ A-ir f h
_^^^W__at_____t «
iWI J _jf _(_ 1 1 _ j_3 lUHII lULM
, l-IDs rAll»lt Alt.

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