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y~".'X."-■■>;,'■ ■■ -.y ?>■••'• v' Ar'"-' *■•-;:.- /-J-
Thursday, Feb. 27,1913.
No More
Dandruff or
Falling Hair
Parisian Sage Is Your Friend.
Dae It and All Hair and Scalp
Troubles Quickly Go.
No poisonous sugar of lead in
Parisian Sage.
Tho cleanest, daintiest, most re
freshing and delightful hair dress
ing In the world is Parisian Sage.
If you do not use It you are daily
missing a glorious treat. It is
the best hair tonic for men,
women and children. It is sold at
drug and toilet goods counters
for only 50 cents a large bottle.
Ask for Parisian Sage. The girl
with the Auburn hair is on every
carton and bottle. .
Parisian Sago -drives out all
dandruff and stops hair from fall
ing in two weeks. it stops Itch
ing scalp in 12 hours.
It is a hair nourisher and
promptly puts life, luster and
beauty into dull, faded and ill
looking hair.
Virges Drug Co. guarantees it.
Werba and Luescher present the
celebrated English singing
in the new comic opera of fun
and fashion
Prices —BOc to $2.00.
Seat sale Saturday.
MAIN 7700
Bargain Matinees Wednesday and
Saturday, lOc and 25c.
Evening Prices, SOc, 30c and BOc.
5 Other Big S. & C. Acts
6ig®w® ®U)\_f
1320 Pacific Avenue.
The permanent home of cork-
Ing comedies and thrilling West
ern first-run pictures, the latest
output of the leading producers.
1128 Pacific Avenue.
Snappy comedies and high-class
dramas. Four to the hour, and
always something worth while.
Silver Teaspoons to the Ladles
t/f^mWmWA^wSi Bfis^s_
Glasses Right! Prices Right!
742 St. Helens ay.
Make Your Own
Terms With Us
9x12 Brussels Rug $10 OR
Iron Beds, $7.50 values. A A 7C
Special *}H-.fo
r/ffim^iHifttimi iiiis-ffi(-li-i-Jliff]
$12.50 Cotton Felt Mat- ©7 C(\
tress, 40 lbs. special.. . $f iUU
Bv7_Hw_9 I
A good Steel Range, ©QC fin
specially, priced .'.;.. yOUiUU
■—On terms of $5 a month if de
aired. ,:;:.--.] "A-y- y:.;.--.v.-y.
TacomaFur niture Co
\*'Y? 9ll-13 South C Street; ■"' "■
f yyyyyTyy ■ "• * -
Only Woman That Runs
x A "Movie" Business
By Gertrude M. Price.
"Will you walk into zee
The fact that the floor was
bare, the furniture the simplest
business type and the place a
picture factory slipped from my
mind as ALICE BLACHE, the
only woman owner, president,
manager and producer of a mov
ing picture concern in this coun
try, bowed me in. '
Mine. Blache, the founder of
the Solax Co. at Fort Lee, X. J.,
Is a gentlewoman with a draw
ing room personality and a man's
mind for business.
"I came to zis countree becoss
my husband came," she said
when I asked her to tell me about
her work.
And with her own happy ac
cent, which ls just enough to be
attractive, she told me how she
had commenced, "oh, many years
ago," as a private secretary to
Gaumont, the French picture
manufacturer. The technical
and the artistic side of the in
dustry pleased her. She studied
it and became thoroughly con
versant with every phase.
Dan Cupid brought about an
Introduction between the French
girl and Herbert Blache, who
was then the London representa
tive of the Gaumont Co.
They were married. Herbert
Costs Little and Acts Quickly.
Money Refunded If It Fails.
This recipe makes a pint of cough
syrup, and saves you about $2.00 as
compared with ordinary cough rem
edies. It stops obstinate coughs—
even whooping cough—ln a hurry,
and Is splendid for sore . lungs
asthma, croup, hoarseness and other
throat troubles.
Mix one pint of granulated sugar
with Si pint of warm water, and
stir for 2 minutes. Put iVt ounces
of Plnex (fifty cents' worth) In a
pint bottle, and add the Sugar
Syrup. Take a teaspoon fill every
one, two or three hours. Tastes
This takes right hold of a cough
and gives almost Instant relief. It
stimulates the appetite, and Is
slightly laxative—both excellent
Plnex, as perhaps you know, Is
the most valuable concentrated
compound of Norway white pine
extract, rich In gualacol and other
natural healing pine elements.
No other preparation will do the
work of Plnex In this recipe, al
though strained honey can be used
Instead of the sugar syrup, If de
Thousands of housewives In the
United States and Canada now use
this Plnex and Sugar Syrup recipe.
This plan has often been imitated,
but the old successful formula has
never been equaled. Its low cost
and quick results have made It im
mensely popular.
A guaranty of absolute satisfac
tion, or money promptly refunded,
goes with this recipe. Your drug
gist has Pinex, or will get It for
you. If not, send to The Plnex Co.,
Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Watch for. the open
ing announcement of
in Friday's Times.
An Essential Thing
in the management of a bank
is the personal painstaking
.. "s_
care of its officers. Recogniz
ing this responsibility, the offi
cers of 1 this bank keep { them
• selves In touch with every im
portant detail, which - results
.In efficient '• service to our de
positors. ;: •- » -
Bankers Trust Com
; V; pany :vY\.Y'.
ataj : .Taco,ma-YY , V
Blache was transferred to the
United States as the American
representative of the company.
"And zat's zee reason 1 am
HEER," announced tny smiling
Here is an interesting point
which will appeal to the indus
trious American woman. Mme.
Blache decided to found the
SOL AX company because she
HATES WASTE. She had time.
She had the ability. She loved
the picture work. And she want
ed to make use of these gifts.
"My husband was busee. Why
shouldn't I be?" she asked me,
raising her eyebrows Just a trifle
and lifting her shoulders ever
such a tiny way.
The wisdom of her plan is evl-
dent in the size, equipment and
productions of the Solax moving
picture company, which, by the
way, Is situated on a little hill
over on the picturesquely wooded
side in Jersey.
There's an atmosphere of
smoothness and suavity about
the place which is readily traced
to its manager.
But this isn't all there Is to
say about the Solax president.
She knows every part of the
manufacture and production of
pictures from A to Z.
I had the opportunity to prove
this, If proof were necessary, as
I sat in the big studio watching
her direct a picture.
When the scenes were set, the
actors ready and the camera
man in position, she slipped into
a warm, fur-lined coat (it was
blowy outside and the big studio
had a, chill in it, too) walked
up to the camera and squinted
through the focusing glass.
The actors started; the cam
era commenced to grind and
Mme. Blache was directing in a
voluble, pleasant voice.
"Oh, zat is not quite right,"
she exclaimed as her hand
touched the camera man and she
started toward the actors.
"Zere must be more feeling.
So," she said, as she gently
placed the young girl's arms In
the position she wanted and in
dicated the "business' of the
scene, and the lines. "Zere, now.
Try again," she said.
And that's the way Madame
produces her pictures. It's all
done with kindliness and sugges
tion. She loves her people and
tries to help them while she is
helping herself. Her studio play
ers are a sort of family with the
"jars" left out.
Three of Mine. Blache's most
recent scenarios are "Flesh and
Blood," "The Unknown Heart"
and "The Face at the Window."
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
—TRENTON, N. J.. Feb. 27.—
Confession that he murdered his
10-year-old wife, Mrs. Lesgo Ver
go, because she pestered him for
a kiss, is made here today by
John Vergo.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
OLYMPIA, Feb. 27.—The house
is on record today with only
two dissenting votes, against
"fake" advertising. The bill
passed is drastic in its provisions
and makes violation a felony. It
prohibits false or misleading ad
vertisements in newspapers and
other publications.
(By United Pi-ess Leased Wire.)
LAUREL, Md., Feb. 27.—De
spite a heavy downpour the suf
fragette band marching from^New
York to Washington started at 9
o'clock today for Hyattville, Md.
They hope to reach, Maryland
village, eight miles from Wash
ington, this afternoon. v
(By United Press leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 27.
—Provision for turning the his
toric old frigate Portsmouth over
to the city oh San Francisco is
made in the naval bill which has
passed the house.
Mothers Can Safely Buy
Dr. King's New Discovery and
give it to the little ones when ail
ing and , Buffering . with colds,
coughs, throat or lung troubles,
tastes nice, harmless,- once 4 used,
always used. "-•' Mrs. Bruce Craw
ford, Niagara,; Mo., } writes: "Dr.
King's New Discovery -changed
our boy from a ■ pale weak sick
boy ; to the picture of health.*? Al
ways - helps. ; Buy It -at A Ryner
Malstrom .Drug r Co., ; 938 . Pacific,
ay. „ -"-Sfiiß*.
♦ "v THEATRICAL '■:-'--, ♦
A- ■• -'-:-'■- : :_-_; -. ■ ■' A
A . Tacoma—Thmorrow, Mis- <$>
<$> cha Elman, violinist. Com- A
A ing, Sunday «nd Monday, A
A Mice Lloyd In "The Rose A
A Maid." - A
A — A
A Princess All week, "Sal- A
A amy .Tide." Matlnoe fiatur- A
A dii>. _ A
A — A
A Empress — Vaudeville all A
A week, afternoon and even- A
A Ing. . <$>
A— . A
A Pantages—Vaudeville, af- A
A ternoon and evening. A
1 Thel
A The Tacoma Times prints A
A dally the news of the moving A
A picture world. Programs ln $
A all the picture houses change A
Aon Tuesdays, Fridays and A
A Sundays. Keep in touch A
A with the people you know in *
A the "movies" by watching A
A special feature stories In the <*
A "movies" column. A
<mM>«>^>^»m' <s»sxsx^sxsxsx£xs>
"In a Woman's Power."
At the Circuit theater today a
film showing the treachery of a
woman for whose love a young
man took the downward path,
and finally landed in prison, is
shown for the first time in Ta
coma. •
A young spendthrift, after hav
ing si>ent his" last dollar, is cast
aside by his gambling house girl.
She threatens him with a pistol
when he reproaches her, and in
trying to seize the weapon It is
accidentally discharged, wound
ing her. She accuses him of at
tempted murder, and he is sen
tenced to prison for ten years.
After five years he is released on
parole, which he breaks, and
then changes his name, He mar
ries a girl who knows nothing of
his past life. The other girl is
now running a gambling saloon.
She seems him anil tells the po
lice to com© to her place if they
want to get a convict who has
broken his parole. They come,
but she has gone insane, and
they pay no attention to her.
Later, on her death-bed, she re
THE DREAM — "The False
Order," Selig "The Adventure of
the Ambassador's Disappear
ance;" "Peggy and the Old
THE PALACE — "Gaumont
Weekly," 1,000 feet of visual
ized happenings of current Im
port; "The Coward," Ammex
Western drama; "Burstup
Holmes, Defective," Solax com
THE LYRIC — "Sherlock
Holmes Solves the Sign of the
Four," Thanhouser two reel In
terpretation of the great detective
story; "The Life of Woodrow
Wilson," Gaumont educational;
"When the Light Failed," Amer
ican Western drama; "The Land
of Cotton," Gaumont Industrial.
THE BIJOU"The Redemp
tion of White Hawk," two reel
Bison feature; "Cousins of Sher
locko"; "The Giulty Hand," Eclair
THE SHELL — "The Cowboy
Millionaire," selig two reel west
ern drama; "Pathe's Weekly";
"The Cowboy and the Baby,"
Pathe comedy; "Mutt and Jeff in
the Balkln War"; "Twilight of
Her Life."
of the Lions," $25,000 circus pro
duction; "Binks Did It," comedy.
K. C. Beaton, who controls for
the Clenuner Co., Inc., the exhibi
tion rights in the state of Wash
ington for the big Kalem biblical
feature, "From the Manger to
the Cross," which will be at the
Tacoma theater Tuesday, Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friday of
next week, Is in Tacoma today
from Walla Walla, where the;
picture was shown last Saturday
afternoon to 950 convicts of the
state penitentiary. -
"We saved a day after the reg
ular engagement in Walla Walla,"
said Mr. Beaton, "and took the
pictures to the new chapel build
ing at the state institution.'. One
of the finest baritones .1 ever
heard, a man . serving a third
term for forgery, sang the Inci
dental music. It was a most Im
pressive incident In the life with
in the prison walls. Of the men
who viewed the pictures 68 -were
life prisoners and upwards of 300
had never before i witnessed a
moving picture." - V.' ,' ",,
' A corner or a cottage. Fletcher
Heights. See ad page 6.
7 "Advertisement."•*
Fancy Yakima T Apples
J;.j; $1.10 Per Box
i# (,y,. Delivered
Select Wlnesap, Ark. Black,
Delaware Red and other cholca
varieties wrapped, re-sorted —
delivered this week for $1.10 per
Our baskets of Yakima beauties,
extra fancy, white Spitz, Wagner,
Rome Beauty, Jonathan, white
winter Pearman, ."iOc.
Take a basket home or to your
office from
Yakima Apple Depot
008 C St. Main 7200
Woman Toils at
Tub to be Able
to be Near Son
Hero is a woman to whom a
monument might well be erected.
She is a washerwoman and proud
of it. She Is striving to make a
good and intelligent man of her
son. To that end she has chosen
to follow this profession. Why?
Because she can remain at home,
look after her household —and su
pervise the up-bringing of that
boy— is dearer to her than
life itself.
She tells the reasons for doing
this work. "I am from a' family
that could afford only an ordi
nary education. I married a
man who is in ill health. We
have a son who needs an educa
tion, so that his life will be easi
er than that of his parents. lam
young and strong, and feel that
it is my duty to lend my hus
band a helping hand while I can.
In that way we can save a little
for our later years. Through
this work I make a reasonable
salary, but best of all I can man
age my own household, and can
be with my son when he is home
from school and needs me."
W. 0. ROBB
W. O. Robb, superintendent of
the city free employment bureau,
died at his home yesterday with
heart trouble, aged 67.
Robb has been ill for some
time. His age made recovery im
He is an old resident in this
section and was a pioneer in the
At the time of his death he was
commander of Custer post, G. A.
It., and the old soldiers will have
charge of the funeral services
Friday afternoon.
Koub was a native of Ohio,
and has a brother practicing law
at Canton now. He also leaves
his widow and a sister in Missouri,
He was appointed to the office
of superintendent of the employ
ment bureau by Commissioner A.
U. Mills after he took office last
He Wanted $1,000
for Just One Dollar
0. J. Tollefson, who recently
filed suit against a Tacoma mov
ing picture house for the non
payment of an alleged $1,000 re
ward, has now filed an amended
complaint, saying that George
George Guyles was the original
claimant, but that he purchased
his claim for $1.
•- m
• «
M. i ..iini'll, Ethel Irene — Infant
daughter of Mr, and Mrs. F. I_.
McConnell, 11608 East N st. Fun
eral held this morning from the
residence, Rev. F. 1., Moore of
ficiating. Interment in Tacoma
Lombard!, C'lnrn —Aged 21. Surviv
ed by her husband anil Infant
child, her parents, six brothers
and three sisters. Remains sent
to Ravensdale for Interment,
Snuonnru, Sum—Aged 69. Remains
removed to C. C. Melllnger's.
Kune. John ■■Aged 38.. Survived
by a widow. Remains taken to
Hi Mincer's pending funeral ar
Col. man, Jim, Miilh-I—Died Sunday
at Colorado Springs, Col. Sur
vived by husband, parents, one
sister and one brother. Remains
will be brought to Tan.ma. ,
Prjino, William—lnfant son of Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert Pryme, Bo I No.
Can- st. Funeral held this morn
ing from Hoska-lluckley-Klng's.
Interment, Qskwood cemetery.
Lee. —Funeral held this
afternoon from C. C. Melltnvere,
Rev. W. A. Moore officiating. In
terment In Tacoma cemetery.
Iti., i..in .lining — Funeral held
this afternoon from lloska-Buck
' ley-King's chapel.
Destroys dandruff—Stops falling hair—Cleans and
$& invigorates your scalp—Delightful dressing.
To be possessed of a head of
heavy, beautiful hair; soft, lus
trous, fluffy, wavy and free from
dandruff Is merely a matter of
using a little Danderine.
' It is easy and inexpensive to
have nice, soft hair and - lots of
It. Just get a 25 cent. bottle of
Knowlton's Danderine now — all
drug stores recommend it—apply
a little as directed and within ten
minutes there will be an appear
ance of . abundance; freshness,
fluffiness and' an Incomparable
gloss and lustre - and try as! you
will you canpot find a trace of
dandruff or falling hair; hut your
real, surprise will be attar about
ft-!J___| At Half, Agents for McCUl'a Patterns, 10c & 15c Each Special [SS^jj
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%'< HI Btock "f "THE RELIABLE STORE" Collars— _§^_§l|
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y ?g * our store! Every stamp you collect means so much cash! J&S
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teSil /, ■«>/ Women's ibom »mi. „. 888
f™_ffi /// Wj "_•_. d*." AC °llr hest ir.r white Pcag~|
til ///, fWH\ Coatßforyk9s flllffy Cotton 25c Jswipi
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Feb, 27. — An eastbound Canadian
Pacific freight train Jumped the
track at Port Moody this morn-
The greatest undertaking of
the year in the foreign depart
ment of the Y. M. C. A. wilt take
place Friday evening In the as
sociation auditorium when many
different nationalities sing and
orate and dance as was their cus
tom before leaving the old Bod.
Geo. R. Thompson, assistant
educational director, Is in charge
of the entertainment.
The program will lie as follows:
Piano solo, Norwegian folk
songs, Miss Esther Bergeson.
French solo, Pierre Tissott.
Scotch pipe, selections, Pipe
Sergeant Andrew Lowe.
German male quartet, selec
tions, led by W. Dinger.
Austrian accordion solo, Steve
Norwegian duet, selections,
Miss Bergeson and Mr. Gust Hang.
Japanese reading, selected, Mr.
German solo, selected, O. J.
Scotch solo, selected, William
Greek trio, selections, led by
Athens. Corans.
two weeks* use, when you will
see new hair —fine and downy at
—yes—but really new hair—
sprouting out all over your scalp
—Danderine is, we believe, the
only sure hair grower; destroyer
of dandruff and cure for itchy
scalp: and It never fails to stop
falling hair at once. .'■■-,
'■'■■ If you want to prove how pret
ty and soft ' your . hair really Is,
moisten a cloth with a little Dan
derine and carefully ' draw |•. It
through your hairtaking >one
small strand at a time. Your hair
will be soft, glossy and beautiful
in just a few moments—a delight
ful surprise awaits everyone who
Uric» this. .'■"..; :"y.■>■.-. A:- ' A:];
ing, knocking down an overhead
viaduct which fell on a gang of
Hindu track laborers. Six are re
ported killed and many seriously
Swedish solo, selections, Arthur
The program will commence at
8 o'clock and is open to ladles
and gentlemen.
A corner or a cottage. Fletcher
Heights. See ad page 6.
I "Fifty Years Ago, When Golden Wedding !
Rye Was Young" g
I When you're choosinig a whiskey, elect this old ]
brand for its mellow, mild flavor—for the qual- I
ifications that make it the —dependabil- |
ity— known past reputation its present- |
day honest worth. / ;. t fl
. f These qualities aro due to Its unequaled -- ■•■ «.;i -A M
purity * qualities aro due to its uueijualeil /' --nB :■•••€■
purity. fl
.It is distilled by its own special and dlf- —a'Mssi I r"-1
ferent formula and process. * ' *LH£ 'sfWii >B
V j ft pJt p
These are worked out with one object—to '' .„ ~ jf_i_ ■* A 1
preserve Its wholesome purity from . grain /__r'« K\ B
to consumer. i___^___\___\_. "■ U
Keep It on your sideboard, or In your tm Jj?l mm
medicine chest for family use. ". riStrl Aw Ml
See that it has the Government stamp -V "* wOk"" gjl
over the cork. •-,'. " " f^L HI
"Made Differently" ;-^&al|
(7«) . - ....-'.-■ Est. IMS <-■
' ■''i •-- ■' -■■•-..:■-■■- -.-t ■-..:«'..-- •'\'.. ■. ■ i.-\ :w^mtimOm^»t_mßmW
Moving and Storage
Merchants* Delivery
Mala 168.
9th and C st. Main §08

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