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JI'ST • reminder. Thousands of
people look at Osgar and
Adolph on the sport page every
day, for it sure is the best
comic feature appearing in any
TiK'ouiii newspaper.
By Fred L. Boalt.
Nick Dragel and Yerolimo Bezich tried to steal
"gold, and got only lead. They were buried at the
county's expense early this morning.
The county of Pierce must pay Hoska, Buckley
& King, undertakers, $9. In justice to Hoska, Buck
ley & King, it must be said that they gave the county
a big $9 worth. Hoska, Buckley & King lost money
on the job.
You see, the undertakers had to provide two
boxes, and the cheapest box in the wholesaler's cata
logue costs $4. The undertakers might have buried
Dragel and Bezich in unpainted pine boxes, but they
did better than that.
Dragel and Bezich have gone to
their nameless garves In boxes
that have been stained in cheap
Imitation of mahogany.
It costs $1.50 to have a grave
dug. And there was the cost of
the horses and wagon who hauled
Dragel and Bezich to the county
cemetery, and the time of the
three men who did the work.
One of the men read the burial
service from the prayer book,
while the other two stood by the
open graves, impatiently waiting.
The man with the prayer hook
hurried the reading. There were
no mourners to hear. The siu red
words flowed together from his
lip* in a mumbled stream.
Then he dosed the book with
a snap, and, and, grabbing the
ropes, the three lowered the boxes
Into the graves. That was their
part. They were in a hurry to
get on about their business.
A fourth man came along and
began to shovel dirt Into the
graves. He filled them level,
tramped the soft earth; then lit
his pipe and went away.
And that is the end of Nick
Dragel and Yerolimo Bezich, who
tried to steal gold, and got only
. Later the undertakers filled out
the death certificates. After
every query prescribed by law
they wrote the one word "un
No one knows where Diagel
and Bezlch were born, or whwn, or
if they left wives to mourn them,
or what their early beginnings
All that Is known is that tlu-y
were Austrlans, that they left the
Old World to Reek their fortunes
In thn land of opportunity, and
that they sought a short-cut which
they thought would lead them to
They sought the easiest way.
By stealth and in the night time
they entered the home of I'opo
vlch, the saloonman at Huston.
The short-cut to riches was hy
way of Popovlch'u strongbox in
which, report had it, lie kept
much yellow gold with '• ■< 1» to
cash the snieltermen's payday
But there are pitfalls In the
short-cut. Few reach the goal
.. by the easiest way. The other
road Is the long road, and the
going is rough enough ir all con
science, but if one Is strong and
brave one may gain the goal,
-which Is a roof, a wife, a family,
some money, and the respect of
honest men.
Dragel and Bezlch took the
short-cut, and their greedy fingers
•were reaching for Popovich's
strongbox when two guns blazed
In the dark. The report* seemed
fairly to split the walls of the
little room. A lantern flashed.
Dragel and Bezlch were on the
floor. There was a clean hole in
Dragel's heart. There was a
clean hole in Bezich's brain. It
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TheTacoma Times
30c A MONTH.
VOL. X. NO. 72.
was excel'ent marksmanship on
the part of the deputy sheriffs.
The easiest way leads to dis
aster. The short-cut led Dragel
and Bezich to the potter's field.
(By United Press leased Wire.)
DETROIT, March 15.—Mine.
Lina Cavalleri is to marry Lucien
Muratore, tenor of the Paris
Grand Opera company in this city
March 28, according to reports
received here today.
Cavalieri and Muratore are now
with the Paris Opera company in
Boston, where the diva is said to
be seriously ill.
15.—"Hollow Horn Bear," Sioux
chief who participated in the Cus
ter massacre in Montana, died at
the Little Pennsylvania avenue
hotel here today. He was 64
years of age.
It has been four years since
Peter Mork tore himself from his
wife and babies in Norway to seek
his fortune in America. YounK
and optimistic he was sure of his
ability to make a living and build
a home for his people in Norway.
Peter came to Tacomm bought
lots in the Oakland addition, built
himself a shack and worked at his
trade as a carpenter. He Raved
enough money tn two years to
bring I -fN.su Mork and his children
from the old country.
Then he set to work building a
real home—the shack wag but a
temporary dwelling place. Hi*
wife gave all the aid In her power.
They saved all the money they
could. He constructed the house
himself, sometimes working far
Into the night. He spared no time,
no energy In his task. He was
tolling for his loved ones.
Today the home stands out in
Oakland addition, a pretty little
brown cottage among the fir
And now, just when things
would seem to be n little easier,
disaster has overtaken the Mork
I household. The husband and fath
_er haa been taken from them.
At the request of the Times (iiivcriKir Krnest JJsler today
navi- to this iiii|>ri' through its Oiympia correspondent the following
exclusive statement commenting <»> <■■<> legislature:
I have seen better lettisnuurn's than the one just ended.
I have not the least hesitation In saying that.
The shortcomings Of this session can squarely be attribute*!
to the "log-rolling" combinations. When legislators get togeth
er to obtain appropriations without regard to merit, they naturally
intrude also upon the proper consideration of general legislation.
That accounts for the fact, that so many of the most important meas
ures were not reached till the last two days, and some not at all.
I am not unmindful of the fact that many demands are made
by various localities for appropriations, and legislators from those
districts are anxious to get such through. But, as governor of
this state, I propose to see that those measures are considered upon
their rightful value to the state, and not left to trades and im
proper combinations.
It is due to these combinations that important measures were
held up for weeks and weeks when they could have been con
veniently taken up early in the session and properly disposed of.
The Cheney normal matter Illustrates this. It could have been
fairly aiyl properly considered, on its merits, at the beginning of
the session. It was delayed to the last while the combinations
in the legislature perfected their machinery. They then proposed
that the fate of the Cheney normal should be contingent upon the
road building program of the state, quite an unrelated matter of
Thus, other measures In aid of the economy 'program I have
outlined, failed to get a hearing. The abolition of the tax commis
sion and the consolidation of their duties with thoße of other
boards, never came to a final vote. This is to be regretted, as I
will now have to fill many offices which, in my opinion, should re
main vacant.
There have been good measures passed by the 13th legislature.
It should get full credit for it.
I shall also see Iliat hills originating with state departments
shall be propured for introduction on the iirst (lay of the legisla
ture, so is to r\ in ■■■(<- i In- routine business of the session.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YOHK, March 15.—Because she allots he
threatened to tickle her feet until she died, Mrs.
Marion Holmes is seeking a divorce from Dr. Harry
S. Holmes here today. She was given $30 a week
alimony pending the outcome of the suit.
MEMPHIS, Term., March 15.—
Taking its heaviest toll of life in
the states of Georgia, Tennessee,
Alabama, Texas, Louisiana and
Mississippi, 8 4 persons are known
to have met death in the terrible
storm which yesterday swept the
middle west and the south. Cold-
er weather today caused much
suffering among the storm vic
tims in the southern states, and
additional deaths from exposure
TAXES $129,000
Today the Stone-Webster
company came up with their
taxes for the year, laying
checks for $129,000 on the
counter at the county treas
urer's office. This is one of
the biggest tax collections
made by the county and In
cludes taxes on the city linen,
the power business and the
He had put too much of him
self into the building of the
house. He had to pay for the
ardious overwork he had under
Mork's reason gave way, and
six lvfcks ago he was taken away
to the »i-.\ linn.
The blow found his wife and
children unprepared. She waa
left with scarcely a cent in the
house, and all the money they
could save hud gone to pay In
sinhiH'iits on the property. They
owed jURt •70 when Mork'g worr
ied nerves gave way under the
And right now that very gam
mearig the whole world to the
Mork family. For Mork lias be
come better out there at the
asylum. But—
The authorities will not release
him, unless his family promise to
take him bdek to Norway. Nearly
$500 Is needed for the trip.
Tho only way for the Morkg to
raise tills much is to sell the lit
tle place out In Oakland addition.
Itut they can't do anything with
the property until that $70 is
paid up.
And with only a weak woman
are feared. Six persons, exclu
sive of the known dead, are miss
ing in Alabama, and it is feared
they too are dead. The death list
by states follows:
Georgia, 29; Tennessee, 23;
Alabama. IS; Texas, 6; Louisiana,
7; Mississippi, 7.
The property loss is enormous.
Estimates today variously placed
the damage from $3,500,000 to
The acquittal by a jury of Fred
Brehan on the charge of murder
ing Fred Hor'st in Judge Clifford's
court last week caused Prosecu
tor Dow to dismiss the charges
against John Brehan and Fred
Benzel, who were under the same
charge. The German-Russian
friends of the defendants stuck
together with such a wall of tes
timony the state was unable to
make a showing before the Jury.
with four children under six de
pendent on her, the outlook can
hardly be called promising. Mrs.
Mork can hardly keep the chil
dren, let alone Have money. She
is handicapped by having no
knowledge of English.
All they have to look to are
their friends. There are a few
who are doing all they can to
help about the place, and assist
in caring for Httle John, the baby
born since Mork was taken to the
asylum. Yet It would be an im
position to expect them to pay
the necessary $70.
The only hope seem to be that
soil" of the Scandinavians in Ta
coma give their aid and raise tho
needed amountfl. The Marks
could perhaps sell the home, or
at least mortgage it, for money
to return to Norway.
But should the family be un
able to procure financial aid—
what then?
?v Confined **. in '". "■'=. a *"", madhouse,
Murk's j mind, his wife | fears,. will \
entirely 1 leave i him. And i ■*} with!
four little children • on her . hands,
unable; to sneak Knglish—
! $ You i will' have': to; guess jat \ the
answer yourself. '^^X^P^^ I
An hitherto unpublished plio tograph o' Mrs. O. H. I\ Belmont,
lender in the New York "4OO" and in tlie suffrage movement in
Mrs. 0. 11. P. Belmont Makes
Strong Plea For Women
Police Officers
(Kditor's Note— startling
disclosures .regarding the terrible
prevalence of white slavery which
are now being made by the Chi
cago vice commission has aroused
the entire country. Kveryone is
bent on finding a cure—and lit
; —before the virtue of much
of our young American woman
hood is completely sapped.
Mis. O. H. P. Iteliiiont, the
most noted of American suffrage
leaders, declares this will lie, in
'large part, in the appointment of
women police.
Famous Society Suffrage Ijeader
and Militant Feminist.
I am asked why I am about t<>
inaugurate a countrywide agita
tion for i lie appointment of i»>
licewomen as guardians of law
and order.
Here is my answer:
Taroma Information I.euKiir.
Several weeks ago the editor
of the New York Sunday Sun
sent one of his best reporters
to Interview the representa- )
tives of the largest steamship
companies in New York.
The first question asked by
the Sun's interviewer was:
"What is your company doing
to prepare for the opening of
the Panama Canal?" ...
■ The reply of the agent, of
one of the great German steam
ship companies to the ' above
question was: "We are build
two 17,000 ton steamers to
operate from Europe through
the Panama' Canal to the west
coast of America. ■ These steam
ers will be completed and ready
for service ' before the opening
of the canal. They will have,
besides space for- thousands <of
tons of cargo (for these are to
be freight steamers) accommo
dations >f or between ' 700 and
800 steerage passengers each.
„' "Our -company c after —■• care-,
■fully studying the situation, has
come to the conclusion that
many Europeans, who wish to
.emigrate to ■ America, will pre
fer -to sail .direct.' to '■ the Pa
cific coast, rather, than to land
in I New York and travel across
the continent. As a matter of
i fact, I the cost lof i steerage. pas
■, sage from I Europe -■ to :■ the Pa 1
i rifle " const ■ ports < through : the
.Panama Canal will be but lit
tle greater than to New York."
j '«The article from i which I above
Is a ' quotation m was ;> headed:
"Probable » change '„ In Trade
■ Routes due to the opening of
V<■ Panama Canal." 1- -<-:. 4 j,,--.,
--nThe »■ railroads » realise > this
; •Probable .*. Change ■** In »* Trade
Koulcb." That 'is , the i meaning
of ; their :1 activity f here :f NOW.
The • North "-' and South .*■ Bank
roads, the I Point Defiance-• line,
the cheapest route, r. the •- "Cost
1 less",way. Is• to .TMi«ni,t?';»*".
: Remember, the . German linn
■ whose agent was J quoted abov »
Is only one of many such lines
J preparing for • this change. »y»x<*;
>j See-, to ■It « that your I city* and
more | particularly jo that YOU •
' are I ready i, when % this '• 'Change;
in Trade Routes" come».'.t3;."p-'i!
"Ready'—thafs »" the ■*? magic
; word. The "Co»t ,'• less" route i
the Point Defiance line, will be
ready and Into Tacomn.; In less
' than (twelve?months, «Si?J*raK?s;"*
» — j —. 1 «
Men have failed so far to
remedy our most serious mural
problem* and Hip lio|ie for possi
ble reform of life now lies with
the women of the world! Ques
tions involving the protection or
the reformation of our girls must
now be solved, if at all, by women
and women alone!
Under the present man-super
vised regime of life there are all
sorts of criminals rampant.
There are criminals against
childhood —those who seek evil
opportunities in the moving pic
ture show and the undirected
There are criminals against
girlhood—those who haunt the
streets, parkways and cheap
dance halls frequented by 111-paid
shop and store workers.
• Why do these evils exist, and
more —why do they continue? \
Because those with police au
thority—men— not see and
understand or do not want to see
and understand. While I those
who do see and understand—
women—lack police authority.
Now this idea of women on the
police force, like everything else
under the sun; is far from being
absolutely new. Dr. Anna How
ard Shaw, president of the Na
tional , Woman Suffrage associa
tion, has been advocating It J for
more than 20 years.
CHICAGO, March 15.—Details
of a million-dollar hotel for Chi
cago working girls are made pub
lic today by the Daughters of the
American Revolution, who will
erect the hostelry. About 1,500
women will be accommodated in
the hotel.
Is Charles I.mine, the little
Milton painter, to lose his home?
It seems to be a question of
All morning Lnvine sat anxious
ly in Judge Chapman's court list
ening to the lawyers and the court
as they were bickering over tech
Attorney O. O. McLane brought
suit against La vine for a $40 gro
cery bill due one L>. B. Hurst. The
papers served on La vine were giv
en him July 20. 1910. They or
dered him to appear in court July
8, 1910. It was manifestly too
late and Lavine was not there.
But the justice gave judgment,
his fine little $1,000 home was
Bold and Lawyer McLane bought
it for the grocery bill. He said
nothing for a year until after the
time for redemption had passed,
then ordered L&vine out.
Attorneys Bone and Wright
represented to Judge Chapman
that a grave Injustice was being
done Lavine thi* morning, that
£ V
W"^K.\nSHOT nilil/* from Nursery- ?
1 ; V Tllle It the real lirmllln.-r In
Di: . the way BILL* 1 from Nursery
ville la the real hradliner in
the way of comics on the edi
torial page today. Cartoonist
McDonald ran mho draw the „
Dr. Charles S. Noble, special representative of the Tuconin
Times mid Seattle Star in New York to witness the Friodinann
it-sis, today gives the readers of tho Times the first article on' the
set-ret of the great tuberculosis: cure, which itn> medical profes
sion is gradually being forced to give at least that recognition
which will enable it to adequately demonstrate in this country.
The story Dr. Noble send* is of absorbing Interest and
throws new light on the work of the great German scientist. $
NKW VOKK, March —I am
ill last able to clear away some
of tin- mystery that has sur
rounded the Ki-iediiiHiin anti-tu
berculosis hm-illus and throw
light on ii point that has admit
tedly puzzled many of the best
known doctors In the United
That I am able to do 11 >• — In
duo to I lie fact Him as a repre
sentative of tint 'I'm olllll Times
and Seattle Star and a member
of the medical profession. I was
received by Dr. Frederick Franz
I 1 -it'll urn mi's brother, Dr. Arthur
C. Friediinuiii, after the latter
had refused to meet any inter
viewers today. -
Here Is the secret that up to
the present has been so carefully
guarded by the visiting German
scientist. The bacilli Is not a
tuberculosis culture produced
from a human and then Injected
Into 11 turtle. Instead, it is orig
inally a culture produced from a
turtle that has itself been tuber
cular, and it Is only after an ex
tended period of culture and re
culture that there is family se
cured the virulent bacillus that
Is the base of the cure on which
so much hope la placed. Dr. Ar
thur ' Friedmuun carefully- ex
plained to me that as soon as
his brother determines that a
turtle is actually consumptive he
kills It, then he takes from Its
body the diseased tissue showing
the ravishes of „white plague
and makes a culture in the or
dinary way. This Is., decidedly
toxic and virulent when first pro
duced; bo much so, in fact, that
its Injection into the human sys
tem would assuredly mean abso
lute death.
The Secret.
And right here Is the carefully
guarded secret that Dr. Fried
mann has kept to himself, not
even repealing it to his own
brother. , It is his method of tail
ing this toxic poison and reduc
ing it so that its virulency abso
lutely disappears, and it becomes
a non-virulent and non-toxic. The
method ie by injection through a
series of healthy turtles. Just
how many none but Friedman
himself knows. When ready, for
use, the anti-tuberculosis bacilli
is absolutely harmless to the hu
man. This is possible because
of the reduction of the strength
by dilution through the cold
blooded turtle. . Yet even when
reduced the dose is bo minute as
to be almost amazing. '..
Dr.- Arthur Fi-iedinanu told
me that the usual injection either
intravenous or subentaneously is
less than one centigram. How
ever, the ■ anti-bodies multiply jso
rapidly that ' they soon' overcome
existing tuberculosis, although of
course never renewing the rav
ished tissue. - There is apparently
no reaction from the use of j the
remedy, unlike, other '.remedies
and recent discoveries. . The in
jections seem | to > have no ill ' ef
fect' on the patient. V Later I will
explain through-the Times -to the
people of Tacoma Just J what j the
effect is "in . both . methods of - ap
plying. .<:■ -V .-v:-*--:->.;vf,:^:
■ - nn. chas. H. noble;,;
manifestly he could not have ap
peared to defend himself- on July
8 when ho was not served with
the papers in the case until July
McLane did not appear in court.
He sent Mr. Hitchcock, who raised
the point of jurisdiction.
The court took the whole mat
ter under advisement to consider
whether or not he has Jurisdic
For Taeoma and vi
cinity: Fair tonight
and Sunday.
For Washington:
Generally fair tonight
and Sunday except
showers or snow flur-
ries extreme north
s-west portion tonight
or Sunday..
(liy United I'rens Leased Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, March 15.*•»
The body of a well dremed young
foreigner who shot; and killed
himself in a pawnshop with a re
volver he sought to purchase,
awaits Identification today at the
"I think I'll takft this one," the
youth said to O. Felnsteln, pro
prietor of the pawnshop, "but will
theao cartridges fit?"
l "in t' in filled the chambers
of the gun with cartridges. Tak
ing the weapon, the man twirled
the cylinder to tree that every
thing was working well and then
fired a bullet through his brain.
There were no Identifying markfl
on hla clothing.
One hundred news
ies were the guests
of Manager Timons
of the Fantages thea
ter last night to hear
John L. Sullivan tell
of the days when he
was "the noblest
Roman of them all."
John L. threw a little
extra pepper into his
monologue for the
benefit of the kids
I who were pop-eyed
I with admiration when
the venerable ex
champion of the
world told of the fa ■ ,
mous tour when J*«£
offered $1,000 to any
mas who would stay
four rounds with him,
and of how, though
he met all comers,
not once did he meet
(By United ' Pn-ss flensed \Vire.>
99 PORTLAND, Ore., March 15. —• f
Miss Eleanor Wilson, daughter, of I
President Wilson, has today asked"
the Reed college to make reserva- '.
tions for ' her during • the ? second a
World's Christian con
ference to ;■ be 2 held in Portland s
from June 29 to July 6. ,' , •*SIM
Tacoma 9 s
;;£ On Tuesdays, Thursdays
I andi Saturdays we're f going r
■- to! use ;this space• to ' tell you S
j. 1 Borne ;JS interesting 53J Jewelry
| news. We're i going Sto tell I
■' you t why this ' beautiful store X,
I la ' the I leading I establishment I
of j Its * kind in this \ clQ^ggg
We're proud of our store
S and ► we, want 4 you Sto ° know "£
•: -i Watch for each announce
JSm ■vr J2WQOT* ?
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