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"For the relief of J. M. Ashton,
for defending title in l*. S. court
in case brought by bureau of In
' than affairs, de|>artment of In
terior, against the state of Wash
ington, et nl., affecting the lands
ill Tacoma harbor, $0,077.23."
This is an item in the supple
mental appropriation bill pushed
through the state legislature in
the closing hours of that body by
James Davis, the stand-pat legis
lator from Pierce county.
It Illustrates the methods of
the legislature in handing out
the money paid by the people of
the state in taxes.
This case is five years old.
It will be remembered In 1909
Charles Bedford, acting for the
Puyallup Indians, apparently, in
connection with B. S. Grosscup,
Induced the secretary of Interior
to give them power of attorney
to begin suit to get back tidelands
in Tacoma harbor which it was al
leged had belonged to the In
dians and which the state had
wrongfully taken possession of
and sold.
The lands had passed into the
hands of the Ross-Ashton-Mason
syndicate from the state, but the
state was made a party to the
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
17. —President Wilson issued a
proclamation calling a special
session of congress to begin April
7. The call does not specifically
limit the extra session to revision
of the tariff, thereby enabling the
president and democratic leaders
to bring up any urgent matter.
President Wilson's special
message will be sent to congress
later. Revision of the tariff will
he considered, and It is also prob
able that the matter of currency
reform will be taken up.
Seeks To Get
$5000 From
Former Lover
Nick Bahama is not going to
pay tliat $3,875 to Lena Blasco
vich for breach of promise judg
ment if he can help it. Before
Judge Chapman this morning
Nick and his brother John were
called in supplemental proceed
ings in aid of execution to collect
the money. "4 %
The brother declared Nick has
sold out his Interest in Babasa
Brothers store for $5,000. Nick
says after he got the money from
his brother John he gave it to his
wife Franks, whom he married
after jilting Lena Blascovlch. He
testified he did not know what
she did with the $5,000.
Brother John testified he con
sidered the business worth $19,
--000 and was therefore willing to
pay his brother $5,000 for bis
half. '■ - ' H* ■' -•
To escape coming into court
this morning Nick's wife sent an
affidavit that she was sick,
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
.-; MOBILE, t Ala., V' March X 17.—
One death is reported here today
as the result of ' the jg cold wave
which Is clutching the city. Flood
waters have put;the electric light
plant J out :.-« of ; commission >"_" and
made 200 persons - homeless."';* 1;'-
."•'-V SOUTH C ST. C
See us 1 for i good buys
and correct information
■-.;.■ Tacoma Property. {
Calvin Philips& Cq.
if 211 California Bldg.
The Tacoma Times
30c A MONTH. I — "—— '-■-"• ... =~ '■ WOMF PnTTTON I
suit, which was prosecuted In the
federal court here and finally
carried by Bedford to the U. S.
supreme court.
Attorney General Bell appeared
for the state. J, M. Ashton, being
the heaviest landowner, appeared
for himself and his associates
with others.
Ashton's side won out. The
title was quieted, and the syndi
cate has been dickering ever since
to sell those lands; in fact, has
sold some of them.
But now, five years after the
suit started, in the 11th hour of
the legislative session, the politi
cians slip through a little item
hidden in the middle of the sup
plemental . appropriation bill
handing over to Ashton $6,077.23
for alleged services to the state,
which in reality were never ren
dered to the state, but were ren
dred, if at all, for the benefit of
J. M. Ashton.
It was Aiiliton's land the In
dians were trying to take. Ash
ton defended his property and
kept It, and now he Is grabbing
over $6,000 of the people' money
for saving his own land.
It remains to be seen whether
Governor Lister will knock this
11th hour grab In the head.
Booker T. Washington, the
greatest negro that ever lived In
all probability, judged by his
work for his race, will speak at
the First Christian church in the
regular lecture course tonight.
Following his talk there he will
go to Valhalla hall and address
the colored people where he will
also be banqueted. The local ne
groes have raised $100 to give
him for his work of negro educa
tion at Tuekegee, Alabama.
Jury Deadlocked
KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 17.
—Reporting a hopeless deadlock
the Jury trying Dr. B. C. Hyde
for the murder of Col. Thomas
Swope was discharged this after
noon by Judge Poterfleld.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
AUGUSTA, Ga., March 17.—
Negro gondoliers are ferrying
residents to and from their homes
here today, following the Inunda
tion of a portion of the city by
flood waters.
Tacomn Information League
I recently offered to sell a
quantity of timber In Oregon
to a Tacoma lumberman at a
price .several dollars less per
thousand feet than he could
purchase It for In the territory
adjacent to Tacoma, He refused
to buy In Oregon at the low
price, saying standing timber
adjacent to Tacoma was worth
$2.00 to $3.00 per thousand more
than.similar timber In Oregon
on account of the shipping fa
cilities at Tacoma.
In vain I reasoned with him
his lumber, f. o, b. cars at east
ern points having the.same rate
of freight from the Oregon tim
ber, would bring him as much
money as Washlhgtotn timber
adjacent to Tacoma. . -
Ills laconic reply - was' "noth
ing doing." He said that there
was-but one railroad-south of
Portland where the timber was
located. -
-*' This aroused 'my interest.
Surely one railroad could haul
all one sawmill would cut and I
made that argument. >
' His brief an.iwcr was that
cars could not be had at I all
times where there was no com
petition between- transporta
tion lines and that the buyers
who bought It* a large way and
paid the best prices would not
go < into • out-of-the-way places
to buy. ■ - — *-■ -;.•.-.■-.--. -■-■ >„;.(. ■■■.
. Location makes value * and
centers trade. Tacoma, due to
the necessary concentration, of
railways and steamship lines,
and by 'the easiest access by
water grade on J land • and ; per
fect' outlet to the sea' at this
point, Is where the largest oper
ators i In I our ' commercial world
must come. •-.• "■■•-•■•- ■ ;■'■■• •-•-,'
M "Position . Is' power" | says the ■
mouthpiece, of capital .■ in 'the.
.book on Tacoma. -
■■" No one can -_v question ..'that'
more business -can- be done on
the corner of 11th at. and Pa
cific *v,-j than on s the corner ■: of
No. 21it end Proctor at*.;,v.« . -.
,' None '" who t. appreciate as the
; meaning of i irrevocable| laws •of
: trade - question ■-• that* '% .Tacoma
will• take •Mr place on the Pa-1
cific coastal the center of trade'
■ when ■ the railways and steam-'
. ship. lines > centering .: here j; are
• ready, :£.■***'< -■i:'J*-;>-»—;-, -.'.
%-ney will be ready,within 12
months to begin, and within 24
: months .; will - have hit H their
pace. -' --■'.'• -'- "■ --,■*"- •«•-■»•*"*■.,
Then Tacoma and everything
in her vicinity ; will ibe , < at;; a:
■ premium. ,''-!'■•"■■-"■'-i-W^ '"(.':*7-° ';-'t'.:s
« •?> 3> «><s><& «><s>? ♦«•♦ «♦•* ; "" ♦♦♦ •-" .! +♦ ♦ <?>♦♦ «>«><s>
<$><$><§> <$>4><S> ♦♦♦ $><B><B> * 4> <» 4> ♦' <$>>$>$> <&4>4> <$><$><$>
ST. LOUIS, March 17 —The "unwritten law" is extinct In this
city. And St. Louis society is all stirred up by the novel behavior
of a wronged husband. „
Instead of shooting the man he accuses of stealing his wife s
love Joho K. Holinan, a wealthy manufacturer, demands that the W „i m -„, «*
other man shall marry her and set her light with the world. Above at left, Mrs. Hoiman, at
And the other man—Dr. H. Is. H. Gradivohl, a distiiigiiishedHKht, Mrs. Gradwohl. Below, Dr.
bacteriologist willing to make reparation by marrying Mrs. H«l"G ra awohl.
man, but his wife won't let him! . . t -' ■ '- ■ ■ •'.
And so, while the two husbands
are trying to make a friendly ad
justment of the strange heart tan
gle, Just as they would adjust a
business controversy, the two
beautiful women Involved stand
forth as bitter rivals, one eager
to save her reputation and the
other fearful of . losing the hus
band she loves In spite of his al
leged misconduct.
All of the people in this
strange quadrangle of love are
conspicuous members of St. Louis
society, and all bore unblemished
reputations until, just the other
day, Mr. Hoiman published an
advertisement in the. newspapers
saying that he would no longer
pay his wife's bills, and declared
that he had disowned her because
she had broken ' her marriage
vows. And then he did an aston
ishing thing.' He announced that
be was going to see that his un
faithful wife got "a square deal,"
although he hadn't had one him
self. -
With a friend listening, as a
witness, on an extension tele
phone, Hoiman called up Dr.
Gradwohl and the two of them
calmly discussed Mrs. Holman's
future. Hoiman says that he
stated the case plainly to * Dr.
Gradwohl. He explained that he
could no longer live with Mrs.
Hoiman, and would have to di
vorce her. He pointed out the
social stigma that would attach
What become . of . the . men
whom . the , police court orders to
leave town? .
. This " method — admittedly a
selfish one—defeats itself in the
end. Tacoma gets Seattle's yegg
men. Seattle • gets Spokane's
niooehers—and there you are! &
• : But what really becomes of
the unwanted men who are given
"hours to get out of-town"? Do
they actually get out? Are they
grateful ' for' this I "last chance"?
Does the method afford the com
munity even .temporary relief? '•■'
\." 11, went !to the > police : court to
try Zito'* find jj the answers to
these questions. ' I selected , from
the < motley, ragged, sulle.i, sod
" Scoop, The Cub Reporter:; 2 ; SCOOP aA^s^' PUpn * :: By Hop |
to her as a divorced woman, and
demanded that Dr. Gradwohl "set
her right with the world."
And the doctor replied, he says,
that he recognized the justice of
Holman's demand, and that he
was willing to marry Mrs. Hoi
man —provided he could get a
divorce from his own wife.
When Mrs Gradwohl learned of
the arrangement she was Indig
nant at not having been consult
ed. Moreover, she Insists that
she loves her husband, and will
not give him up, and has no in
tention whatever of applying for
a divorce. '„-t,
Hoiman describes his wife as,
Philippines ..;\
May Be Given •
Their Liberty
17. — Independence for the Philip-'
pines will be considered by con
gress during the special • session
which opens April 7, according, to
Congressman Jones of - Virginia,
author of a bill to that end. Jones'
declared today that President
Wilson is in hearty accord with
that paragraph of the democratic
platform which pledges freedom
for the "little brown brother.!
and will sign the bill if it is pass
ed by congress. -': -"'■-'-— <** ■:.»"
den crowd a typical mooc^er.
Never mind his name. He, no
doubt changes it of tetter than he
does his shirt. >5•"..-'.•■•
! Yet he was. a likeable rascal
and able to smile, as though he
knew the joke was on himself
a curious, whimsical, half-sad
grin. .'-,■:' ■.-'■ - "•- ■.'.: ■' t '-•-"-""■
- A "fat policeman was on the
stand. "This man, your honor,"
he said, "has been making a lot
of i trouble on j D street. He ' got
out of Jail a week ago. V He's
drunk all . the time, and when 9 a
bartender refuses him a drink he;
cleans out the; place." • - ' ;
■.';;. "How;' long were ' you In jail?".
Judge Magill \ asked. «-/. '.;:.■ -\i i*
t "Fifteen days, ;: Judge. If 'your
'.'a i woman of high Ideals and
Bplesdldly educated." Mrs. Hoi
man is now said to be living quiet
ly. In a Chicago hotel awaiting the
outcome of her husband's negotia
Dr. Gradwohl refuses to dis
cuss Holman's plan of "rehabili
tating" Mrs. Hoiman in the eyes
of the world.
\ !(-".• IS ASKED
• '17.—Pleas to President Wilson to
have him urge a constitutional
amendment -in favor of woman
suffrage throughout the United
States were personally made to
day iby Mrs. Ida Husted Harper
of. New York, Miss Mary Dixon of
Maryland, Mrs. Claude V. Stone,
wife of' Congressman Stone of
Illinois; Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley of
Philadelphia and Miss Alice Paul
of Washington.
Mrs. Harper told the president
that his book, "The New Free
dom," -carried strong arguments
In favor of suffrage.
'■' "We only ask you fas take every
word of what you Jave said for
the. political liberty of men and
apply, them to women," she de
clared.'. _ ', -.. ,
. The delegation was Introduced
to the president by Congressman
4 Baker of California. : ■:■'■■
honor'd give me a chance —"
- "You had your. chance, and
here you are again." 0: ■*
"Judge," - said the prisoner, ."I
was so glad, to get out ■of jail
that, when I fell in with a bunch
of friends, I celebrated. ; I< ain't
bad, judge. *. 1 don't do anything
but drink. I'll quit town, judge.
If you'll I give me ' the :, chance —
honest I will." \> " - ■■'-
"I'm getting ! a little" tired -of
you," said • the ' court. ) "I'll jj give
you tan - hour to leave the s city.
You had better not lose any
time.": - t •.-'■ •;"-—' •*"•-■-"• '-" :--^l't:
The • man left the courtroom,
limping.': At the { desk • sergeant's
window, where he i went ito ~ col
lect" hisj belonglngs-^a few soiled'
.■ ■ - —
C Patrick's
*-**• Day ::
(United Press Leased Wire.)
LONDON, March 17.—Un
usual exurheranre marked to-
day's celebration here of St.
Patrick's day. Queen* Mary
and Dowager Queen Alexan
dra'partiripating in the cere
17.—With a high mass at St.
Mary's cathedral and it par
ade of the Irish societies in
the city, St. Patrick's day
was celebrated here.
WITH $160,000
(ny United Press Leased Wire.)
Assistant City Treasurer Ed
White came back from Olympla
Saturday night with $100,000
paid him by the state for the
$160,000 bridge and paving bonds
Owing to an Incomplete state
ment of the city's bonded debt
made by Controller Meads he
came near not getting the money.
The assistant attorney general re
fused to pass the bonds. Meads
was finally reached on the long
distance telephone at his home.
He was forced to go to the office
and from the records make a
statement by telephone and
through' the vigorous assistance
of Governor Lister the state at
torney finally approved the bonds
and the city got Its money.
McCombs Is
To Be Given
French Post
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
17.—William F. McCombs, chair
man of the democratic national
committee, It was seml-officlally
learned today will accept the am
bassadorship to France. McCombs
has conferred frequently with
President Wilson during the past
week discussing the distribution
of patronage.
Mrs. Sun Vat Sen
Injured By Auto
TOKIO, March 17. —Through
her automobile suddenly losing a
wheel while going at a rapid rate,
Mrs. Sun Vat Sen, wife of China's
first president, was thrown out
and painfully injured. It was
announced today that her injuries
were not serious.
<$> " . *
<$> CLOSED. <8>
<$ «>
<$> WASHINGTON, D. C, <*>
$> March 17. —The special ses- <$>
<*> slon of congress. closed at <$>
<$> 2:10 o'clock this afternoon <$>
<§> when the senate adjourned <$>
<?> sine die. <$> I
<$> •
<3>3><§>3><j><S>4><S><3>.3><S><S><'><''><3> |
letters and . the "makln's"—he
was greeted by a plain-clothes
man." -\ '.- *»'-', <;•- ■-. •'■ --' -" V
"What this time?" the ; detec
tive asked. .-.-:.--".;•:., •..;.. "',.•';,''■'■"■
. "An hour," j the man ' replied,
grinning. r.C "I'm taking" a walk."
- :'.''Better hurry," counseled the
detective. ! "That '• hour's V: going
like--. ■. '"".'.'■'■-;vv:>'' ---'';.v-/.«..,;..■
jVj "I'm on smy i way,"«, said •;:, the
outcast, and j slouched ~ into -' the
street. ':■-"■ ".■ *v-" A --"-; ft^-'V'iaZ'.*.■";
He drew the fresh air deep
into his lungs, • and it struck y off
swiftly,. at a shuffling • gate < that
seemed —and . only seemed —Blow.
Where "would,be'go?.*;y ; C..' <
■; He turned off Commerce street,
rhen -he made straighti for I his
EXCLUBIVRLV through (he Time*
the lord mayor of Dublin sends
Ids greetings to Mayor Seymour
. of Tacoma In winch he con- 1
j vey* the thanks of Ida people to
the people of Tacoma for the I
sup|K>rt they have been given
in the struggle for home rule In
Ireland. Head it on page seven
today. ■\.?V-^
*■ ■•..■'■■-■'
That government physicians arc to take charge of all rases I
treated by Dr. Friedmann, and Unit he will not be allowed to give
his supposed cure to anyone except under the supervision of gov*
eminent surgeons is the Information contained In a lengthy , tele- |
gram today from Dr. Noble, the Times special commissioner In New,;
York. . 0
Dr. Noble again repeats that there Is still much doubt as tot
the merits of the "cure," and intimates that it may bo threo
months before anything definite will be known. „
Mis telegram to the Times follows: :.„" y
New York, March 17, 1913. Bf|
Tacoma, Times, Tacoma, Wash.: ! ;
Dr. Arthur Friedmann lot me see a telegram last night from
Texas stating the legislature had suspended the health laws so
Friedmann could demonstrate his culture there. The telegram was
signed by the leading state health officer, but as the federal au
thorities are now In charge of Frledniann's work, the culture*,
could not be taken from one state to another. ■ S
Friedmann must have a license from the treasury department
before the culture can be used in the United States. Dr. Anderson,
the United States surgeon, gave nic this Information. /-i'.l^t
The treasury department, he said, will not Issue a license on
til Dr. Anderson and the United States health department recom
mend It. It may take three months before this can be done.
Friedmann will not give much hope in third si-go consump-
Hon, so doctors do not think that much harm to patients will re
suit by waiting. !',
- Friedmann returned Sunday morning frem Canada. I Inter
viewed him, and saw the records of the cases he tested In Canada,^
over 200 of them, lie told me ho was pleased to do anything he:
could for me. The clinic in llellevue hospital this afternoon will
be under the strict supervision of the government doctors, Ander- ;
son and Rtinfson. Doctors from the outside will not be allowed. i»|
1 saw Dr. Anderson, the government doctor, at the Hotel Mar
tinique this morning, and he informed me that the government
will not allow anyone to examine the patients after the govern-/
ment takes them In charge. No interference will be allowed from
Friedmann himself. »,••-.;■
Friedmann will treat th* patients and then the government
doctors will take charge and watch the results. The medical so
ciety is watching him closely and he Is not allowed to practice pri
vately.- ■ ■' '; I;:'-"-. -■■ -.■:■;<;.■•
GUARDING HIS SECRET. , . ...:/.-.-I*
Another situation which Dr. Friedmann ! will have to meet Is*
that caused by the desire of government officials to know exactly,
what his preparation is, -how It Is arrived at, and how the toxic
elements of a primarily virulent serum are eradicated in the fin
ished product. .. ■' ■ •'. -.'';''■ • V^'
In the public health serrl«* laboratory In Washington there
are already samples of the culture which Dr. Friedmann gave Dr.
John F. Anderson last week, but before the government officials
render a final opinion on the value of the preparation they wish \
to know all about the culture. ; '/'.-. .;' '
This secret of the serum Dr. Friedmann has most jealously j
guarded, and Dr. M. A. Sturm, a close friend of Dr. Friedniann"»,
does not believe the latter will give It up now, even at the request'
of the government doctors, '„'". * *.
.-It Is understood that the question which Is particularly: pus
hing the public health service doctors in Washington? Is the suppos
ed transformation of infecting strain as well as the alleged perm
anency of this change. The New York health department is not!
investigating tho culture. Much opposition to Friedmann still re
mains. lam closely watching results and I am still doubtful of
the culture. Be cautious In anything you say. NOHI.B. ', ",
AMBERIEU, France, March 17.
— Because he attempted too sharp
a turn, Aviator Mercier was
thrown from his aeroplane and
Instantly killed here today. He
was testing the machine.
William Randall and Fred
Hlnes, two youths about 21, who
had been burglarizing down town
hotel rooms, pleaded guilty to sec
ond degree burglary before Judge
Clifford this morning and were
given one year at Monroe each.
old hang-out. -V" .. :'
, Two friends met him on .1% the
sidewalk i 5 outside. "I gotta
blow," he told them. '.'I got an
hour." ;?. ■-.'■• i-i';V C-^ '*->•-. ■.:■
:• They went inside and drank a
big nickel's worth each to*.s an
early t reunion. The ;departing
one > assured . his' friends ; that;' he
must lose ;no i time iin I getting on
his way. An hour is short. s,» The
judge had laid special stress on
the need !of J hurry. I*;* It * would sbe
jail for him !if caught In Tacoma
when "', the hour *■ was A up. They
drank another big j nickel's ' worth.
';' It < wass33o .when, the moocher
left the courtroom. . At 6 o'clock
he I was still at his ; old '. hang-out
and Ihe 1 was : not: sober.
1 ' ' "■" '" ■" "■' '■■■M| ' - (p,;
The shamrock, the clay."pipe*;
the plug hat and the green -I-, of
Erin today are In evidence where-" r
ever Irishmen hold sway and.no-;|
body has yet discovered ' where
the Irish have failed to- reach.;}; ,fi
St. Patrick Is the patron saint *
of the Irish .because Jit* was he
who : converted the: land i from *• its 'j!
paganism ;to 5 the religion of •, the '
Catholic church jto ? which it .has,,
clung : ever; since the" fourth cen
tury. v. ', He ■Is ? supposed ?to have
lived to be 120 years' old, to j have I
1 banished snakes from: Ireland 1 and |
, to *J have 1 been ; an ■' Inspiration ■ to .■
the whole race. - . '"' ', ■'_'>"?$-%
, ?t Tacoma tls | celebrating ■■ In royal
fashion. There was '£ high i mass f
yesterday* and *. today * at *; Catholic f
churches. The ?<* First jjf Baptist %
Young Women's J k Missionary 4 so
ciety will ' also hold jan Emerald |
evening \ this * evening. "'.*■ pl£soJ^jjSjj§s
•%*.-"' >'~* r \C\:-:" CLOTHE?"
For younger men and
. those * that \ want vto re
Menzies &
Stevens Co.
!%?.*: J. FLEETWOOD, ; Mgr.'
. • Clothiers, Men's Furnisher* •
&te*^»»snd: Hatters ■
'.-..-"- . 913-915 Pacific st. fc. .
. Tacoina. Wash.
,' ** .' ' Z " • * ' * . i

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