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|*f JOT Or NBWSPArtZRS. Ttlair.,.l, Nawr
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■■■■•■ Wrura. *^^i*ifl'~':i: v.>:.->: :.,.ij, ; t*, , :> . r .,- .„,
*^W»aS a« lb. poateffte*, Tacoma, Wa.h.. aa
ttSi*gV **«••• rmhumuma-br tb. Tn.oma
Tlaaaa Pub. G», BJrarr Hvaalaw Eic.,l Suadaj.
fHE DIFFERENCE by New York and Montreal of Dr. Fried-
The difference in treatment by New York and Montreal of Dr. Fried
ann, claimant of a cure for tuberculosis, is very noticeable.
- Hi Club -in hand, our American medical societies \ greeted, Priedmann and
compelled him to bore a hole through their red tape for his • demonstrations.
No American doctor had come 'anywhere near a cure for tuberculosis; hence,;
in their opinion, Friedmann must be a fraud. Friedmann hadn't joined any
American > Medical [association hence, he must be welcomed with a degree of
suspicion that amounted to rank insult. : t-^^B;' \w&
But the treatment accorded Friedmann by; the Canadian medics was the
reverse. The Royal Edward institute threw open its doors and enabled Fried
mann to make a half-hundred demonstrations^ first thing. Their idea was that
4^?*, there is the slightest chance; that this German doctor has a cure for/ the
dread scourge, ethics and formalities and jealousies must not for a minute de
-[lay development of that chance. .
: , )-, The Canadians have treated Dr. Friedmann as a possible benefactor of
mankind. ' : i Those New Yorkers have treated him as a lot of Congo savages
would treat a white man who offered them quinine for their fevers. It makes
no difference whether Dr. ; Friedinann has or has not discovered all that he
claims, the attitude of the New York County Medical society, especially, has
been that of a dog in the manger, a mighty small and yellow dog, at that.
|R Hartford Times bewails the abandonment of New England farms and
the trend toward the west and declares that "a reinvigorated" Connecticut
£' farm may be as good as one in the west. V^'l
* ; Your editor of reactionary New England never sees any farther than the
dirt Make Connecticut dirt profitable and her youth will not abandon it for
lowa, or Oregon, or California dirt, is his notion. But for the New England
youth there are in the great west. other things than productive dirt. There
are such ■r things as freedom from mttihess, social and vocation equality, and
. abundant opportunity. If the sons of .New England farmers were just agri
cultural engines, just content to divide up the old place when father dies and
go on digging dirt until the cows come home for the last time, as did their
fathers, the sad increase in the number of: abandoned New England farms
might be stopped. But, so long as youth and enterprise protest against sod
der-ness and reaction, the cry of the great west will be heard and men who
want to grow as men will heed it, no matter how reinvigorated the soil of New
England. . .. '-.'".
L V "We frequently buy what has been imported simply because it has been
imported," says a down east editor. <r. T f ':,
I '-'.. This is true, and it has something to do with the high cost of living. Take,
for instance, such things as wines, raisins, olives, prunes, fancy sausages and
fancier millinery. . No foreign country produces these things in superiority
to the American product, and yet when milady, or Mr. Man, gives a " spread "
only ; the things with the foreign label will do. This is practically true, too,
of the whole list of canned and preserved stuffs. ;•-* :i
The handsomest costumes and most lovely millinery are made right here
in America. They sell at lower prices and contain as good material, but tho
imported hat or dress willrget first choice simply because it is imported. The
idea seems to be that the thing is more stunning, more valuable because it
comes from a long distance and, hence, bears a price that your neighbor can
not afford. This sort of conceit, or pride isn't confined to our women. Our
|; men carry a load of it of their own.
TAXES .; ' v;.3g
*CES- When the people of Tacoma pay $502,912 into the county treasury in one
/day for taxes which are really not due until next June as they did Saturday,
it indicates that prosperity is coming back to this city at a regular joy ride
[;|pace.:*::v''.";'''-;•;;;;; ■■ ' ;:, '•■'/ i-'):""';',::"^":^" -'':^if
:p%All records were broken for tax collections this year, the first 15 days
showing $1,634,197 paid in by those who wished to take advantage of the dis
count for the early ones. ;, ' r;V
Jv§%- The payment of taxes is about the best index there is to the business
conditions of a city. And they show right now that this city never was so
prosperous as it is right now. ?
fA..,ISIIXAJX Ylt-lUni
%i:]Democratic,National Committeeman John Pattison of Spokane, back
from Washington, says the political pap in this state is to be handed out
1 through his administration by President Wilson. ::-%. £;
P^^kk is supposed to be a victory for the Bryan element in the party which
Iras much disturbed lest Hugh Wallace would get in and have the adminis
tration ear in distributing the fat plums which are now ripening for demo
cratic mouths in Washington. -'-''--?-:;}~v^'-<V
It indicates that Maurice Langhorne will get the district attorneyship,
gat Bryan men will be put on guard throughout the state and that Charley
prnry will cut more figure than Billy Welch in the democratic counsels.
| Unless otherwise stated, our readers
|jrill take it for granted, hereafter,; that
Hare have received the daily cablegram
I to the effect that the Balkan allies have
■agreed to mediation of the powers, pro
■"videdj Turkey gives up Adrianople,
■Sf%iarmTand r a large war indemnity.
I , U. S. senate.committees are reported
P,*, to; reorganized ,' in sympathy with"
I President Wilson. We f don't $. exactly
I know this new senate but such a report
■about the old senate would surely make
■lis advise '''Wood row to * put?- a . guard
»over,his smoke house. ; :
KEp^*- ■'-.- : ;
PJ>.Additional arrivals have recruited
Fori Roseerans to full fighting force.
You eta hear thr» new arrivals ?! being
Ifeccirwtea^rJ'miles and miles. j
editorial Pa^e of Cfte Cacoma tims
Ex Senator Cullom, like Mr. W. H.
formerly president, takes a $5,
--000 job. Beats• all \ how? their ;*;prices
come; down when ', they have to get out
and hustle for jobs!
;. Rockefeller says he always leaves the
table ; wanting. • more. More ; what?
Tables? V ::-_^;;. :';'.;;,■;: - • .?..■:; -
h. That } 'Frisco .? jury '\ wouldn't convict
"Doc" * Joslen ; because it : believed i that
his girl victim was guilty of something,
too. It is about time for San Francisco
women to start a recall of male juries;J
If: House of .Commons iis again talking
about reforming the House * of i Lords.
Good thing! Those lords ought \to }be
put on a minimum wage of $2 per week.
IB I . &t£WSt .■
"Beeleysport has th' kind ol
village doctor who drives around
in a mud-spattered buggy with a
feed bag under th' seat." '■';;..
Rivers You talk about It's be
ing a hard thing to do to give
up tobacco! It hasn't been two
weeks since I quit smoking and
I've already lost all desire for It.
Brooks—Yes, and when I re
member the quality of, the cigars
you smoked I don't wonder.—Chi
cago Tribune.
Good Name, , '
Visitor (to Facetious Farmer)
—I'd like to know why on earth
you call that white pig "Ink."
Facetious Farmer — Because
he's always running from the pen.
—Town Topics.
Maud Are you engaged to
Jack for good? ' ',;*■"*'
Ethel—lt looks that way. I
don't think he'll ever be In a posi
tion to marry me.— Boston Tran
script. .'-j,.
Prosaic Chap.
"Harold has simply no idea of
"How now?" !.,
"He actually proposed to me on
a post-card bearing a picture of
the stock yards."—Kansas City
Journal, L . v% ;
n - On, All Right. — •
Employer—Do you know the
duties of an office boy??, f{
Office Boy--Yes, sir; wake up
the bookkeeper when I hear the
boss coming.
Wanted Relief.
The Orator— then, ,is
there anybody in the audience
who would like to ask a question?
Voice— sir; how soon Is
the band going to play?
Both Sides.
Crawford To do a thing well,
you know, you must do It your
Crabshawßut you miss the
fun of seeing the other fellow
Protect Him.
Deer Hunter— do you
mean to say that great, big, fat
fellow is a guide?
Innkeeper Yes, but we only
let him go out with chaps that
are very poor shots.—Montreal
■ —> —sj
Absent Minded.
In a Washington club some
time since a member of the sen
ate started to light a cigar, but
became so engrossed in some oth
er thought that he forgot the
burnng match in his hand until
the flame reached his fingers.
Whereat Attorney General Wick
ersham smiled, relates the Phila
delphia Telegraph.
"A case of absent-mindedness,"
he remarked, "that reminds me of
the experience of a certain pro
fessor. One evening on return
ing home to diner the professor
was met at the door by his wife,
who led him into the house with
a reproving glance. * <*■':
" 'Do you know, John,' said she
just a little poutfully. 'that you
went away this morning without
kissing me good-bye?'
" 'Is that so?' responded the
professor with a thoughtful < ex
pression. 'Then who In the deuce
did I kiss?'" „"",:
Itch! Itch! Itch!
-... .'■;■'■:■■;*.■.■./■-'■ b'-^. .}*~;y--v ■ ■■_
Constant Itch. Intolerable agony.
ECZEMA! . ."**.
.' A few drops -of a mild, simple
wash—instant reliefall skin dis
tress GONE. ._ ' ■
10. O. I). Prescript Ira for Enema
Sounds too good to be true? We
■ naraulrr it. t - " Off
. We are so certain what D. D. D,
will do for you that We offer a full
size bottle on our personal guaran
tee and In addition absolutely free,
a 25c cake of the genuine D. I>, D.
Soap, the purest, highest grade Skin
soap that was ever made. • Corns': In
and Investigate this. ..< : „,, D/TfS
Owl Drug company. Store No., 1,
13th and Pacific avenue (formerly
Jrench Drug company); Store No. 1,
904 C street v ,-. t> .
m Day and Ni2nt
§m%l3j School
IBfflsW »th and C St. Main 802
: "Why didn't you go to.the as
sistance of I the defendant In the
light?" asked the judge of the
policeman. .. -i%*
"Shure and I would have done
so that only I didn't know, which
of t lin was going to be the de
fendant!" /■ - ; .
aai—.i 1 —1
"How are things with you, Mrs.
>. "Dear, I'm busy as any being
in the world."
"Aye. how's that?"
"Faith and ivery time I'm at
layshure, I have something to
Two old cronies meet after
many years.
" Tis a long time since I seen
ye last, Isn't It?"
"Indade, yea. I am married
"You don't mane It!"
"I do, indade, and I've got a
fine healthy boy that the neigh
bors say Is the very picture of
Man alive, nlver mind what
they say. What's the harm so
<g#THE .sM>H
We started -in at half-past two
To roll for "Just, a little
while," ....--
As bowlers very often do,
An idle moment to beguile;
At three o'clock I said, "Let's
quit." .•„•>.
(I'd won In nearly every
frame.) , v . ..-■:.
My comrade answered, "Nixy.
Come, on, let's roll just One
More Game!" '- __ :
And then we bowled along till
four. • * v;. ."'■■- ■-
My friend, by that time, forged
■ ahead. - •'■'• v .2
"Aw, say!" he murmured, "It's
'- ":a bore. r*'*Ji '-. •*"-.r; ;■"•.
Let's cut It out and quit," he
-n? said. , '.; '■: '•": ■
But no, it was my turn to shout.
::,;;; Vr ,;vv:V.^LIQUORS -t:m-
Sole Agents James E. Pepper & Co. and Louis
Hunter Rye
Family Orders Solicited and Promptly
y'-'&'i-il'j^-SV Attended ■ to. ;■-••■:,*-'•*-- .
102-4-6-8-10 So. 14th St; Telephone Main 113
No Bar in Connection. r
The Famous Irish Write r of Irish Folk Stories.
(Copyright, 1918, by the Newspaper Enterprise Assn.)
* ♦
• Famous Leader of the Present Great Revival of Irish Drama ♦
<§> and Folk-Lore. ♦
<» Every St. Patrick's day now is bringing us nearer to <>
<* "the new Ireland!" »~ <*
<$> Time was when the old memories seemed forgotten, but $>
<$> things are changing. <?>
<$ Now we have Lord Plu»*.'ett's plan for complete land <>
<& reform in the Emerald Isle. <S>
<$> We have a country-wide revival of the ancient Industries, <£
4) all of which are being taught In the Irish schools. <»
<& The foik-iorists are patiently gleaning the native legends <$
3> from the old men along the roadsides and from the old worn- <•>
<& en In the cabins." <S>
<$ The Celtic -players are going about, spreading the flavor $>
•$> of the ancient land of the saga. <?>
<$> And thus It is that everywhere little bands of enthus- <$
♦ taste are attempting to restore Ireland's old position of <$>
♦ "Home." : 3>
» So that I say this is, so far, the happiest St. Patrick's <§>
<$> day the Irish have ever had! <J>
♦ $>
'!»o»«<i'«<i><i>«ia>'i><»«'«4S«e4iS»eA««« ( »a4, «, -j.
long as the child Is healthy!" /
Said Mrs. Oilfoyle: "Mary,
doesn't sufierin' and sorrowln'
come to all u» wlmmen, tubbe
sure. Only I'll say this—that
And so I made my boastful
"Give me a chance! I'll beat
you out,
Come on— roll just one
more game."
We rolled and rolled and rolled
and rolled
And then we rolled and rolled
i again..
At home our dinners both grew
We rolled till nine, till half
past ten;
We rolled until the dawn grew
gray -
And searching parties for us
■-. „. ■ came;
We shrieked as we were dragged
' away,.-. 1
"Come on, let's roll just ONE
T i MORE GAME." .. • :
faffra'tair'a^ Business Office Mala la.
PHI llllr.^ Circulation !>.-pe. Main 12.
* **V*TaVil/ Editorial Dept. Main 704.
ivery bride should know spendin'
and not ' earnln' '{is woman's
wur-ruk. When a man sits by
the fire to cry that he can't get
wur-ruk, let a woman sit close
and cry harder till he finds it.
By Fred Schaefer I
and W. Aird Mac Donald.
Best Known Cough Remedy
For forty-three years Dr. King's
New Discovery has been known
throughout the world as the most
reliable cough remedy. Over
three million bottles were used
last year. Isn't this proof? It
will get rid of your cough, or we
will refund your money. J. J.
Owens, of Allendale, S. C, writes
the way hundreds of others have
done: "After twenty years, I
find that Or. King's New Discov
ery Is th* best remedy for coughs
and colds that I have ever used."
For coughs or. colds and all throat
and long troubles. It has no equal.
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fiW^H^sVSUyUKsMtS A Few Reasons
111 m/ 'i Lvi Hi] .T*2l We Should Be
wwUtoMIEI Your Dentist—
TACOMA THEATER BLDG. -; »,,.,.»,,._, .;^';. k..» « ■
i „i...... txi. ami r- u»_ BECAUSE we have been II .
Corner »th and C his. v , years .In same location.
f\..~~ I_ I) 11 BECAUSE we have the
IlllfC I*s IbPTTs^I" most modern and best
vu,« 10 liCIICI ■■■■- equipped office-, In the
' '. -,-,;.•- city, ~~, >-.•;.■; -■•;.■,.■•.-'..-..'
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I lanriCrfV BECAUSE we have the
A/VUIIOU V largest-dental business
- -.. - „».-. in the ' Northwest. :..t'".
. ' Managers ; . , '»• .(..-..»,,.-y..;,.-^^;;:
DR. AUSTIN. DR. BURNS '<" BECAUSE we give! you the J
i»«i„i„ ' i<vtr,.^<i..~ '•••■« beat material and the
rainless Intruding .......*soo , - best*Jworkmanship forfc
Gold Crowns .*;....'...-,.'..'. 95 ; much less money. .-.« ■•: r<~ ;,"
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EXAMINATIONS AND 'S-'* '•worK'v*>lr^ ■",>,-.";'-£*•
■ mi'lM \'l -i'w 11,.,.. BECAUSE we live up ~to V
«... **»/ MATES MIKE '•- every promise and 1 do as
".-.-. WE GIVE GAS "■*■' -'. we advertise.i„;:«•.!;.:,;.;-
OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS » ' BECAUSE our 5 prloea > are -
FOR people WHO WORK 8& 'oTJoo?. every °Ue '
Monday, March 17, 1913.
V>tye».u*»!dii.-t^«^k,r . i" iiiiifiminnimtii is tv ■ i i IT t*" *.■
Helave me that knows!"
"Out of work agin, Pat? I
thought old Mililgan give you a
"He did. indade, but I'll be
kilt before I'll starve to death for
the sake of kape-ing alive!"
"Hello, Mike, how is It you're
not wur-rukln' any more?"
"I sthruck."
"And why did you sthrike?"
"Well, It was like this. One
wake ago, come day after tomor
row night, I was put tuh wur-ruk
among a gang lv Oitallan bller
makers like meself. Well, be
gory, ivery mother's son of thlm
ate a quart of big onions for
ivery dinner. All the rist of the
day the smell of ihim onions got
inter my eyes so that insthead of
driving the bolts I was all the
time thumpin' me fingers. Well,
the end cum when my eyes got.
so full of wather that Insthead of
puttin' the bolt in the hole I put
me finger in and the feller inside
the biler put the washer on it
with such a clip that, begory,
they had to take the biler apart
to get the hole from around my
finger. It was thin that I
sthruck!-" ' ■■• „
Best for Skin Diseases
Nearly every skin disease yields
quickly and permanently to Bin
len's Arnica Salve, and nothing is
better for burns or bruises.
Soothes and heals. John Deye, of
Gladwin, Mich., says, after suffer
ing twelve years with skin ail
ment and spending $4 00 In doc
tors' bills, Bucklen's Arnica
Salve cured him. It will help you.
Only 25c. Recommended by
Ryner Malstrom Drug Co., 938
Pacific ay.
DR. ROVER, Chiropodist
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Garden Tools &
Poultry Netting
Hoes, Rakes, Spading Porks,
Spades, Shovels, Sprayers, Tree
Pruners, etc., for your spring
Poultry Netting In all sizes
from 1 to 6 ft. high.
Hardware, Plumbing, Heating,
Tinning. :\ '•''.■•;>.•"
Main 4 )2. 1113 Taeoma ay.

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