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Monday. March 17.1913.
Speelai Features of Interest To The TSmnies' Womemi Readers
The First Congregational
church plans a memorial service
Thursday evening in honor of the
Livingston centennial.
• • ,-;•
One of the - most brilliant
events of Easter week is to be tho
annual concert of the St. Cecilia
club held in -the Tacoma theater
tomorrow evening.
* a •
Viola Dorothy Robin presented
some of her pupils in an informal
piano recital at her home last
Friday evening. *
• • a
Officers and agents of the
West Coast Life Insurance com
pany enjoyed a banquet at the
Olympus Saturday night.
» * * ■
In honor of Miss Adalyn Mar
shall, who is to be married soon,
Miss Mavle Watson entertained
the Guards of Honor of Fern
chapter at a pretty luncheon.
-a\ • •
After an extended visit with
Mr. and Mrs. James Sproule, Miss
Catherine Hunter of Castlederg,
County Tyrene, Ireland, has de
parted on her homeward journey.
a a. - ■
Mrs. S. S. King, 418 North L
street, will be hostess for the Lo
gan Social club of the O. A. R. at
a sewing bee tomorrow afternoon.
a • a --
Mrs. B. S. Setzer entertained
the G. A. R. Embroidery club last
Thursday afternoon.
* * *
The Young Women's Mission
circle of the First Baptist church
will gather for an "Emerald Even
ing" In the church parlors this
a # *
A wedding that aroused much
Interest during the past week
was that of Miss Cora Adelia
Arntson to Joseph Arden Wyant.
The Woman's Missionary soci
ety of the First Presbyterian
church held their annual meeting
at the home of Mrs. T. D. Atche
son last Wednesday.
a « *
Viola Dorothy Robertson gave
an informal piano recital Friday
evening at her home, 1109 North
L, for the following pupils: Doro
thy Hawk, Walter Syford, Jennie
Moore, Esther Tyron, Ada Mason,
Madeline Ive, Carlyl Horn, Clyde
Backus, Sydney Smith, Dorrls
Holmes, Evelyn Backus and Percy
Smith. ,
» * *
The Council of Women Voters
of Parkland will hold a meeting
at the home of Mrs. Emma Brown
Friday, March 21, at 2 p. m.
There will be an election of offi
*> <•>
<$> SAN FRANCISCO, March #
<§> 17.—Alone and unassisted, *
S> Miss Irene Robinson, a 16- *
<& year-old girl of Troy, Mo., <$>
$> accomplished the difficult 4>
♦ task of bringing a mother- <$>
3> less nine weeks' old infant ♦
<$> from Manila to this port. <£
•$> Miss Robinson, who arrived <$■
<§> here on the United States $>
<s> transport Logan la a <$>
!<"> sister-in-law of James F. <S>
T£ Dryden, a superintendent In *
<*• the Manila department of <$•
.<s> education. Dryden's wife <£
Q> died In childbirth, and Miss <3>
3* Robinson brought the little <£>
<$• one here. * <»
♦ $>
* «> <•> «>«■**«><? «■♦■*♦■»♦
Is Easy to Have, Natural
: Colored and Beautiful
■ So many women have grey or
faded hair; neglect It until It be
. comes thin, dry and lifeless, be
gins to fall out and makes them
appear much older than they real
ly are. If your hair is In this
condition get a bottle of Hay's
Hair Health today. Don't wait
until some one says how much
older you look. You'll be de
lighted at the results from even
one or two applications. The
grey hairs gradually disappear and
your hair will become full of life
and vitality. No one can tell that
you are using it. It's not a dye
but a nice, clean preparation that
I quickly and effectively keeps your
grey hair dark, glossy and natural
colored and ■ that " all <•• druggists
guarantee satisfactory j or ,„ refund
your money. Always ask for
, Hay's Hair Health. >It never falls.
;<•■ '■.■■:, "VIBCES DRUG CO: '
Keep coughing: that* one way.
,' Stop coughing: that's another.
To keep the cough: do nothing. f
MR To stop the cough: Acer's Cherry m
Pectoral." Sold for 70 years.
Ask Your Doctor, j tfLtt.'l&i:
TO TUB PUBLIC '-*.» •» *-.•-•■ •..-•
HOur • successful' cures
for. human •■ ailments
are due to the merits
of ; our < compounding
of i the I powerfl 1 roots
herb* >. i and -»*.. bark,
which I are I possessed
Of ' curative qualities
and give . permanent
relief for ' • the < - sick
where X other reme
dies . have failed. «•:/ If
you i are tj ailing I and
cannot be cured way
-. v.-,.not call and see us?
Private diseases .a' specialty. ■-- \> ■ ••
%T*+fiCt-;:■--. 1116H South C St. **> -„
gjg^rWMJMjlTacoma.» Wash. ; >-*
By BiUie Burke
The oft-repeated sentiment.
"God is good to the Irish," makes
one think of this little fable:
"God made the most perfect of
all fish, the shad; and when
the devil tasted of His handi
work, he determined to mar it, If
possible, and so stuck it full of
One might say that while God
has been very good to the Irish,
the devil in pure spite has placed
the bone of contention within
their souls.
There Is no temperament in the
world which is capable of greater
imaginative enjoyment than the
Celt. The "daisy upon the river
bank" is always something more
than a mere daisy to him. It
Women of the Cabinet
Miss Lucy Burleson (at left)
Pears, box, f1.0001.75.
Oranges. 16 050 c.
Lemons, 26020 c.
Cocoanuts, 10c.
Bananas—3oc dos.
apples, box. 50c011.75.
Delicious Apples, box, 11.90.
Grapefruit. 46c 2 for 26c.
.Spare Ribs, 160 lb.
Veal Stew. 160170 lb.
Pork Tenderloin 46c.
Roast Beef, prime rib, 10a
Pot Roast. lßc.
Boiling Beef, lOoU*ic.
Sirloin, 20022 c.
Porterhouse. 2602*0.
T-Bone, 26c.
Bound Steak. 20a
Leg of Lamb, spring 160. J"
Lamb Chops, shoulder. Hot tola
and rib 20 ■ 22a
Shoulder of Lamb, ISo lb.
Lamb stew. 100 lb.
Boast Potlc, 16a ■ . • " ,
Pork Chops, shoulder. 11020 c; loin
and rib 12c.
Veal Roast, ISO I*o.
Veal Cutlets. 20 Olio. ...
Ham. sliced. lEOIOO.
Ball Pork, isa
Pork Sausage, link, 12*40150.
Bacon, 18 o»sc. ~
Corned Best, boneless, lis,
Spring Chickens, 22c,
Hens, 20 OHO. • ■■■>■'
Spring Docks, 20c. '■■:
Squabs, 30 4/600 each. ->- ': ' '; ."
; '-' ■■'■' ■ -rt.«, ' " J^SS*
-vans. 11.10 02 use.-' ;
Halibut, 18020 a
Salmon. 'll«o.<*r. .
Black Cod. 10c lb. Igg
Rock Cod. It Ho lb.
Sound Smelts. 100 Ik. $. f ;'.'*..
Shrimps, 11026 a . - •:;. . ;!
Codfish, brick. 10a v ' C,
Olympia Oysters, 40c pt.| tOo qt
Anchovies, quart.) ISO.—- ■ \ •-
Kippered Salmon and Cod, 15a
Kippered Herring, 20c.
Fresh Butter < Clams.' to lb.
'..Vegetables': --,X
Tomatoes, 2 lbs. ISa*.,.'".. '■•":■ i "^
Squash. 2c lb. -■ %•, - , V? V V -» "s
Bell Peppers, lb. 250.
Globe Crayons. * for tea
';',:: By the use of medio
' ' ,na' h^rba i and • root*
Am Km known for their . re
mw KSttSl markable cures' In
■P IS China, we are; able
KB KM S* *° *"* ■bso'utely -,; cur*
tlnal ailments roots
known tor their re
markable cures In
China, we are able
to abso'utely cure
such aliments as
«SS*v Catarrh,. Deafness,
\1 H . Asthma. - Skin - Dis
■ iRsWseW. eases. Rheumatism,
• JHHJMi Appendicitis. • Heart
oltE *■ ' Trouble. Kidney
•***sas*seesa»a*al Complaint, eta
' Th* remedies we use i- are » ebso*
lately non-poisonous : and l positively
do not contain mercury. *,«%*
--■lf unable to call personally, send
So stamp for diagnosis blank. .*..-.-• *••
1110,4 Pacific ay. — rcresiiwr
licit H JLeaumeree at. Mats. 0359
~?H* ;"''"js'..'...!: ', •' •■".--' '":■■*;::
speaks to him of springtime, of
youth, of rippling waters and
sushine flickering through the
trees; from its white petals he
reads whether his true love loves
him or loves him not. and Its yel
low center Is fairy gold. v
The lowliest Irish peasant has
an imagination which soars away
into the realms of light, and yet,
withal, a philosophy which Is al
ways present.
The mail who has one drop
of Irish blood in his veins
will have the quicker and
keener percept ion because of
it; it may not help his logic,
but it will give him some
thing better—a certain mag
netism which will make oth
ers believe even in his wild
est theories and dreams, if
he voices them.
and Miss Sidney Burleson. Lacy
is the second daughter of lie post
master general, and is 18. She is
attending Virginia college, a fash
ionable girls' school in Virginia-
Sidney, 10, attends the same
Beets. Carrots, Turnips, Onions.
Radishes, all bunch stuff. 1
bunches for So.
Cabbage, 6310 c.
Potatoes, sack, [email protected]
Spinach, lb., 6c.
Fresh Bermuda Onions, 4 lbs. 250.
Brussels Sprouts, 100 lb.
Cauliflower, 10c.
California Head Lettuce, 1 lbs. 18a
Celery, home grown, bunch. 2 for ISo
California 10c.
Cucumbers, 26c.
Head Lettuce. 2 for 18a.
Creamery, fancy, 44045 c.
TUamook, 20c.
New York, 80a
'Imported Swiss, 35c.
Roquefort, (0c
- ■Ms* '.' *
Strictly Fresh Ranch, 2O02!!c.
, . Princess Victoria liOulse,' only daughter, of the Kaiser, walking
In the.park at Berlin with the Prince of Cumberland, whom she is
to ; marry. . " -f , ■ .-«".-<•"- ■. v« <%, '<• *»- , * - **■« 'f ■.--. " .
That drop of blood may
add to his belligerency and
impulsiveness, but it will add
also to , his loyalty to a
friend and his ability to see
the humorous side in the
gravest situations of life.
These <|iiuliti<-s are the heri
tage of the Irish and make
them envied by the more
stolid ones of earth.
However, no one knows better
than the Irishman with what he
must conend. He is forever In
pursuit of a will o' the wisp. His
enthusiasms varry him away be
yond bis capabilities. His Im
pulse Is acted upon before he rea
sons. His pride makes him cover
his bleeding heart and swear
there is no wound. The thing
he must do Is the thing which he
seta aside for the thing he does
Cynthia Grey's Answers
Live Above Falsehood.
Dear Miss Grey: I am a
high school boy and two
years ago a person told a few
falsehoods about me to a few
friends, that I was immoral
and afflicted with immoral
ity, and ever since my
friends—especially the girls
—no more than speak to me.
Miss Grey, I am' going on
21 years of age. lam not
self-conceited, but I believe I
am one of the most moral
young men in town. I re
spect anil .-.liiii'e girls very
. much. Why do the girls need
people nil shun nee? How
can 1 get a girl friend? Oh!
lam so lonesome! Shall I
quit school and . leave the
neighborhood? Please answer
my questions, as it will do my
poor heart good.
A. — Stop regarding yourself as
friendless; stop considering your
self as unfortunate, for we are all
apt to bump up against such dif
ficulties. Do not think of leaving
your school or your neighborhood
for such a trifle. By leaving you
will only cast suspicion on your
character. Stay right there and
live It down.
Let the whole affair slide from
your mind and go ahead as
though this falsehood had never
been uttered. * ..
I know from experience that a
High school student who is In
the game to win has very little
time left to worry over social af
fairs. If you are pleasant, whole
some and studious you will make
friends among that class of stu
dents, and you! don't want the
friendship of any but the best.
A Bald-Headed Man and m
Red-Headed Girl.
Dear Miss Grey: As you
have given good advice to
others, I trust you can advise jj
I am a young man . 23,
slightly bald-headed and am
in love with - a red-haired
girl. I have asked her twice
to marry me, but she will
give me no satisfaction, not
even a definite answer. Do
you think she loves me and
would you deem it advisable
to ask her again? I have a
hop farm and could amply
provide for her. •• G. R. C.
A. —It Is Impossible to judge
not need to do. The game Is
worth so much more than the can
dle that oft-times when the re
ward of a hard fought battle is
within his grasp, he throws It
aside, with a laugh, and enters
joyously into another fight.
To the people who celebrate
this month the feast day of their
patron saint, life comes in Its
fullest— Its highest joys, its
deepest griefs; there is no callm
middle course. They are capable
of the greatest endeavor, and at
times are appalled at the slight
est exertion. They will hate for
a year and a day, and love for
And, whether or not it be true
that "God Is good to the Irish,"
It is indeed true that the Irish
are usually better to their fellow
man than they are to themselves.
from anything In your letter
whether the girl loves you. She
might and she might not. If you
care, for her and have reason to
believe she likes you, do not give
Her up yet. She may not be quite
ready to step into the matrimonial
Look Where You Are
Dear Miss Grey: Will you
please give me your advice?
I am 28 and work every day.
Now, Miss Grey, I would like
- to get married. I know sev
eral young men who go to
church where I do. They
seem to like me very much,
, but none of them has ever
proposed to mo. What shall
„ do to urge them on, as I
i am tired of working. PUG.
A. —You will not urge them on
unless you want to urge yourself
out of the frying pan into the
fire. If there is not one among
the young men who cares enough
for you to propose without ef
forts on your part, there Is not
one among them who will make
you a good husband.
If you are tired of working you
are not fit to take up the duties
of a homo. My experience Is that
the busiest people are the most
contented and happiest. I al
ways tremble for a girl who mar
ries because she is tired of work
ing, for I know that her home
is not going to be a success.
The most ordinary home re
quires the greater part of a wom
an's time to keep It neat, clean
and attractive. Just a word about
attractive homes. In my eyes
they are not always the ones that
display the finest show of luxury.
I have entered very common
homes and still there was an air
of dignity about them. The way
in which the pictures are hung,
the way the furniture is ar
ranged, the colors that harmon
ize and blend, and most of all,
those little inexpensive dainty
home-made articles that gives a
home that cosy, Inviting appear
ance that more expensive manu
factured articles fall to do. You
can make your home attractive,
but It will keep you busy, and
that work should be your pleas
. Until you are ready and will
ing to step into a home of your
own and do your own . cooking,
washing and ironing, sewing and
cleaning, I would advise you to
reinaii single. ;....;
j . Circumstances .Alter - Cases.
i Dear Miss - Grey: ''. I am a
... young man engaged ito be
married. The girl I am en- ,
„ gaged to goes out with oth
°u er fellows . and allows them
'. to put their arms v around ...
—her and kiss her. c I • have
talked to her about It and
I sho promises to stop, but the Q
i {Very next day she continues
jr the same conduct. /<: ?>~;
_ Tell me what to do. Please"-.
' ' 'answer at once, as I would .
sijllke to know. •• FRANK Y.
'A.—You do not state the girl's
age, and % that ,: to; a' very import
ant factor' in 4 passing ~ judgment
upon * her. If she iis a mere slip
of r a 16-year-old and has not bad
proper }■_ training, t she ? is ', to f, be
pitied more than blamed. - %
&uj* she is under twenty, years of
age, she | Is too ", young jto marry,
and :if you care ' for her: the next
few years t can "be ■> made -V invalu
able ' by : ? Influencing £ her . In i the
right ; way. ',"•; ;■;:■■' -":''■•«■'■. ■£:'■ .Y-:'-v.'*-S
.■? On the other hand,'lf she is old
enough ; to ', know . better . and if you
have i given - her ;a '. fair 1 trial, ask
yourself if ' youi think "g she ?» will
make a good wife and mother. If
you S decide i not," the •■ sooner you
break ' your/engagement,*; the . bet
ter. " S \r. \- -_ \ £
id ■■■■ i ...- in i i. i ii i -....
iV'-'/^vi'iimißlVSß' /-*•- %-;-;'; I
t- „ For the Best
;;.^-;-T;-' 109 So. 18th \ St. : 3^*
I Cynthia's Answers to |
Many Questions
«—. «
Llua Cavallcrl was born at
Rome, Italy, in 1884.
"The Face Upon the Floor"
was written by D'Arcey.
The American Boy Magazine is
published by the Sprague com
pany. Majestic bldg., Detroit,
The distance from New York to
Manila via Hawaii is now 17,800
miles; through tho Panama canal
It will be 12,000 miles.
The legal rate of Interest in
the state of Washington is 6 per
cent per annum: any rate of In
terest not exceeding 12 per cent
agreed upon In writing shall bo
To bathe the face In salt wa
ter once daily is very good to
clear the skin and remove blem
ishes and pimples. Lemon juice,
buttermilk or a corn meal mash
is excellent to whiten the skin.
The Suez canal Is nearly 100
miles In length; It extends from
Port .--laid on the Mediterranean
to lt»M on the Red Sea. This
canal practically converted Africa
into a huge island.
Kippered salmon should be
soaked 12 hours In salt water;
dry and place on wire net In
smoke house and smoke until
thoroughly done.
The fall of Richmond was the
last battle of the Civil war; the
battle of Appomatox Court House
decided the contest.
The Passion Play is a species
of mystery-play exceedingly popu
lar In the middle ages and was
acted on Holy Week. They were
frequent In Province, northern
France and Italy as well as Eng
There are almost as many per
sons with prejudices against the
fountain pen as there are using
the old-fashioned ' razor. How
ever, these people are the very
ones who pronounce maledictions
on the ordinary kinds "of pens
because they must all the time
be dipping them in ink.
A compromise fountain pen is
easily made of the old-style pen
holder—the kind with the round,
hollow, tin top to hold the pen.
Fill the hollow with cotton
batting, packed in loosely. When
the pen is dipped In the Ink the
cotton will become saturated and
will feed it drop by drop to the
pen point, so that one dip of the
pen will secure sufficient Ink to
write an entire page or to sign
innumerable pieces of mail.
Mud Guard That |
Guards Clothes
."As collectors of ; dust and 1 mud
motorcyclists * are ■ unequaled.'fes*:
r" There was,7*'^ young{J man in
Kansas J, who .was i rather particu
lar ■ about I his 'i clothes, and who
disliked to stalk Into a hotel after
a motorcycle ride covered with all
the ■ earth ; his '. wheels could • throw
upon him. He found a way out
of the difficulty. *.-■>'•:-'; : ; *,.<;:;
\X- He * secured pi an i old 5 raincoat,
split it up the back almost to his
waist ' and. equipped vlt with j snap
fasteners on I each side sol that he
could > fasten /it ':'■ j about i his >: legs
when! rldlng.V^^jnsJi^ -]*&&£%'&&
£5 It doesn't look very nice, but It
keeps off the mud and dirt, and
doe* I not cost very • much \ either,
as the cheapest sort of a ,-aincoat
was used,.
Fashion's Decrees Reflected in Lou Johnson
Oo.'s New
Spring Suits for Women
... .
For women of discernment the charm of the early spring
models has been in the studied simplicity and wealth of color
displayed. Never before has the early March Fashion Show
assembled such brilliant and striking effects and yet devel
oped In such graceful lines, nor were these points overlooked,
by the observant visitors. 'There Is something about them I
cannot understand—l did not know such gowns could be made
In America," was the admiring comment of one of our recent
patrons. Supple fabrics, the straight silhouette and graceful
draperies are the keynotes of the early spring array.
Silk Is one of the season's favorites for Suits arid Coats,
and we've appreciated that fact In our buying. Our Suits In.'
Moire and Bengallne, for instance, make a wonderful showing,
both plain and brocaded cloth. Prices $45.00, $35.00, $03.00,
$73.00, $85.00 and $00.00.
Wool Suits are here Just as charming as the silks. Soft
Bedfords, In plain and novelty weaves, Eponges, Worsteds,
Serges, Crepes. They're tailored and fancy and every one of -
them is a masterpiece of designing, being not only distinctive
and different, but artistically charming as well. Price
$45.00 to $03.00. <,
' $23.00 SUITS- JX'V'-v-?^
The strongest evidence of the value a store can give la
proven In a shop of this kind by what Is offered at $25.00.
All previous records have been broken this year— will
be surprised and pleased when you ask to have them shown.
$;t.-i.oo SUITS „ ,
Always a feature here—accepted as the best value In the I
city and backed up by the strongest line we have ever dis
played. A variety, too, that leaves nothing to be desired. Pre
cisely what you require will be found at LOU JOHNSON CO.'S.-
Never in the history of this "House of Coats" have we
shown such an Incomparable array of fine Coats as Is at pres
ent crowded thick upon our display racks for your delighted
Inspection. Silk Coats, Wool Coats, Coats long, short, three
quarter length, In every desirable style. The past week has
brought us in more than a hundred of the very finest novelties
in Coats. Come to us prepared to be hard to please; we feel
confident that wo can give you what you wish from our tre
mendous stock.
Silk Coats In Bengallnes, Moire and Matelasse. There's an
aristocratic touch of supreme elegance about these coats —yet
they're priced moderately—s24.73, $20.00, $33.00, $13.00 to
Other Coats by the score. Cream Coats, plain or with a
fine black stripe. The most wanted black and white checks,
plaids and stripes. Many are full lined and faced with high
color. Eponges In tan, brown, Nell Rose, navy and white In
a dozen different models. Prices $10.30 to $43.00.
This Is to be tho season of Dresses—and we've made
ready for it. We've Wool Dresses here, navy, tan or black*
with the charming new draped skirt and bright contrasting:
colors In the collar and cuffs. Prices $12.50, $15.00, $17.30,.
$25.00 to $.17.50. "& .;
Silk Dresses are here as well. Crepe de Chine and Crepe
Meteor are predominant in all the wanted colors, made up In
a score of styles, and every one distinctive, unique, worth |
while. Prices $20.00, $25.00, $95.00, $43.00 end up to
$85.00. - ;»•,-;
Another large shipment of Lingerie and Chiffon Waists £
Just received. They are now ready for your inspection. •»;£
Lou Johnson Co.
940-942 C Street
Expert Fitters 3gf*gg*lga**ja£ Popular Prices '■
In the Steinway Class
I There Is Only One Piano
For half a century this peerless instrument has tow
ered above all competitors, a giant even among giants.
You don't need to be convinced' of ' the Steinway
quality— is conceded by every musical authority. >
. You don't need to see ■ into Its construction—
have admitted its superiority for SO years. -"^S2^SMSP^
.. , .--.-. -.-,. .:■■ -,' ■ •,-.*.. ..-..»■■•;./** ,v ; . : .- t ,;; >_„;,,x $
You don't need *to take our word for its durability 1
. •—ask your neighbor who owns a Steinway.' :v
There Is self-congratulation, satisfaction and .prestige
In the ownership of a Steinway. People like to have it
known that they are Steinway owners is an evidence
of appreciative culture and refinement. ', . '
' In the Pacific states, New Steinway pianos are sold
by Sherman, Clay eft Co. only. • .
Sherman. pay & Go.
' Melasrar •"*i" Other '■ Paanoa—Apollo ani^CsesUtea flare*
«*■«»<>»—Vlcter Talking, Machines Sheet Music and Musical
''''■■--':--:;: ' ' '' ''.■'-'•'■ii'^.itii^Merchandise.*v,¥'%«^ v -',,^SB|§^^ffle»jKe^o3
V 928-930 0 Street, Tacoma -
>l 3w* «£ ft m«■39lfl JI 11 J
, Strs. Indianapolis
and Chippewa
.;.-. Th*) : fastest urn* : finest « den/
I ••earners ' •■ > the i cease. «.**s»mß
s&*Leaves Tacoma '■■■ from W Mu
nition Dock at 7:00. »:00, 11:00
isv* m., 1:00, a 1:00. * 1:00. 7:9*
1:00 p. SB.
$M Leave Seattle ; from Cslmao
I sock. 7:00. 0:0*. , 11:0* a, f sa,
11:00, ; 8:00. 6:00. 7:00. 0.-00 p. m.
amain farm se*.
£fyf3s<r ROUND TRIP; SO* ws%£*3E
fa 1 Steamer IK very . Tees • ITaHra.'
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