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mum mm 3 am *» mm *• actum * _»o_»thw_dst (
IJ__A(-lf__. OF WBWSPAPIDRB. Telegraphic IJaw;!
Service of the United Preaa AMoelattoa 9y direct'
Leased Wire.^-yyyy.y .•*--». -rv-y-ufy ■*?■■**.-r^-jw
aatamd-claaa matter. I'ubllahed Iby that Tacoma,
IKmm i I'«_». 1 Co.; Every, Hraala* Except Suadar.
A Wise Move
>* '/Because of the herculean task involved and > the
apathy i-of voters at elections and *hot _. because \ they.
think the people really endorse the salary boost of
•f the city council, 7 the Central ? Improvement j league
Monday^^hightfdecidedinot to inaugurate an initia
tive ordinance to fix all salaries of city employes and
put them back to where they were. ;:. X, y.X
fSCThe decision is probably wise on the part of the
,f league. - . •;' ■;'.-;,; (X ;'< # * -y *■■-"' . -#t^
> The salary boost was a gross violation of the pub
lic confidence on the part of the commissioners and
f' was made in large part by a majority of the commis-
XX. sioners to pay campaign debts,contracted at the last
"^election. But to initiate and carry through a new
v ordinance -would mean )to tie up the council in the
v future so that it might not be able to do many things
that really should be done in adjusting salaries.
The voters f will have a chance to undo what the
; commissioners did next spring anyway, when a ma-
X jority of the commission will be up to elect. If men
'^pledged to a salary schedule consistent with the pay
received by the working people outside of the city
hall, who pay the taxes to ; make the salaries, are
1 elected, the people can get consideration.
: - V There is no question but that the salary grab of the
'.> present year has hampered the city development. It
took'thousands of dollars that might have gone for
public 'betterments. The council then tried to get
the people to vote bonds for these betterments and
|C; they discovered the temper of the voters expressed
very; emphatically. yX
•'ft. The people of Tacoma have decided for themselves
y that they want the city run as any private business,
pj and when the time comes the council majority which
* y engineered this salary grab to pay its political debts
will probably hear the vox populi.
XXXjn the meantime the citizens will keep an eye on
yi the council and wait.
Diary of Father Time
The huge block of stone preserved in Westminster
y Abbey, inside an oaken chair, is looked upon with sin
gular veneration by the English people. It is known
as the Coronation Chair and it is in this chair that
every English sovereign from Edward I to King
George V has been inaugurated. Only once has it
■■ been moved out of the Abbey. When Cromwell was
■ installed as Lord Protector in Westminster Hall, he
was placed in the chair which had been transferred
'. there for the purpose. The stone was brought from
- .'Scone, in Scotland, to Westminster by Edward I who
built for it the chair that still contains it. Scone, as
.far back as the tenth century, was the place where the
Scottish kings were inaugurated by being placed in
... the royal chair of state and this shapeless block was
a portion of the chain and was brought over by Ed
ward as a trophy of victory.
English chroniclers gravely assert that it was the
pillow upon which Jacob slept at Bethel, and which
.;:his'descendents had carried to Egypt, though how it
% got from-Egypt to Scotland does not seem very clear.
Keep It Here
Sit is up.to the Commercial club and citizens gen
erally to get busy on the schemes of Spokane and
Grays Harbor to take from Tacoma Whitworth col
lege and University of Puget Sound.
The directors of Whitworth college say that it
j will j certainly go to Spokane unless Tacoma wakes
up and does something. It means the loss of hun
dreds jof thousands of dollars to this city to have any
of her higher educational institutions leave to say
nothing of the loss of culture and social prestige that
centers around an institution of this character.
i Tacoma must not lose either of these institutions.
It will be an everlasting indictment of the commer
cial organizations of the city to allow it and a dis
grace to the whole city. * "Xy,
(Wake up, Tacoma, and get busy on these outside
college schemes 'XXXi -^X
With the big strawberry and the sweet rose in the
height of their glory, why should we worry?
Giant steamship Imperator made 556 miles Friday,
June 13,1913, on its maiden ran from Cherbourg to
New York. May be that 13-jinx can be outrun. : -xyX
It's no use talking you may as well prepare to get
that boy a cowboy suit for he will have to have one
within the next two weeks, it's in the air. xj iy:.yi
: If Wilson appoints Heney to prosecute the cases in
the federal courts"at 'Frisco he...will come pretty near
[twisting an embarrassing situation for the adminis
tration into what race touts call a "killing". -' y. X- ?
After the : present city commission gets through
with their process of elimination, about all there will
.be left of civil service this city will be the board
and the salary of the secretary. * ■
House of commons has acquitted Lloyd-George of
taint in that Marconi scandal but as the vote was 364
to 268^_L1**G; isn't lighting any celebrity fireworks to
speak of. yX ;:.;- "X"- -riy- :x- yXx ~x, :':
, American embassy at Tokio is under police guard.
Some Jap wrote on its walls in English. It's either
a blackhand sign or a laundry bill and the embassy
fellows want the police around while they count their
shirts and "collars to find out which. x ':y iX - '*.-
tjy Case of Gompers, Mitchell and Morrison is again
in U. S. supreme court. The chances of 1 the .labor
leaders dying of old age before 7 imprisonment U: are
bright, if the court goes its usual gait. ' t :
Visiting Detroiter deposited his money at Toledo's
central police station for safe keeping. Now, had it
been San Francisco, the police station would have
met him right at the depot and taken his wad for safe
keeping and he need never after worry about it, not
one Iv
■xy-yyAy a- A^Xii^^^mm^^&^^yx.:.'■.. xx-:x -- -•*.-■•■*-■"'■ yy>-^y*^xyAy.\--_ ' T: :^£^^^^^^^^M^^K#li^-'77^ 7j;i';7f'-':7 '':
iißiforis-il»a6e oi Cfte Cacoma Cimes
Xi;yy-XXX XX.;* a." :y~xyy>>yy- r yl;iyyymmmly-.<y *-__*-*• . , . . -,-'--■_... ■■ ■ . - —
DRAMAGRAPHS :-: :-: :-: By Condo
The Adventures of
Johnny Mouse.
1 BUT—
i_— . - x-. — -■* - ■ y
i • • ___.ii ■ in
„ . - .^,.y. BAT -AT. y, „.---•-.
; ■;, :•;,,- *.: >:.:;., rydeb-s t ,-i m yy,
yX If I. Ton Want S the .". Best i» ■£
-..,:-..'J'.yf:'tOa Ho.'?iatll'Bt.f.«a^g*i&
HOMESICK — for the
HOME and the GIRL.
By Kei-ton Braley.
I'm Just a bit of the city.
It's lost quite a lot of its. thrill;
I'm sick of the pavements, all
The racket that never is still.
I'm weary of plunder and pillage
And all of the hurry and whirl.
I want to go back to the village
And sit on the porch with a
I want to hear picket gates click
ing Tit'
As the young men come over
to call, . • , ",•
And the deep and monotonous
ticking '-.-,.
Of the grandfather clock in
' the hall, •"i . • \ I •-
To harken to the laughter and
' singing
That comes on the breezes
awhirl , •
And the creak of the hammocks
all swinging,
And me on the porch with a
And the leaves would be whis-
pering lowly.
And the flowers would per
fume the air,
And the night would grow quieter
And—gee, but I wish. I was
I s'poae I'd get nothing but blame
from 1
The folks in the city's mad
swirl. . ,
But I want to go back where I
came from
And sit on the porch with a
- Meats •ml Poult try ' '
I Beef—Steers, 14Hc; cows, 14e;
real, dressed. HOI6O.
Mutton— ll'/io; spring
lambs, 15c; ewes, lie. • -
Pork — £>raaaadl lie: trimmed.
Chickens Spring, dressed, SOe
lb.; live. 25c lb.; hens, live, [email protected]
lb.; dressed, 18c.
titty. Grata aad Feed Selling .
Clover hay, 117918 a ton; timo
thy, 126927 a ton; mixed timothy,
$^3924; alfaira. $16917; bran.
$26.50; shorts. $28.50 ton; oats, $38;
rolled oats, $34; corn, $33 a ton;
wheat, $33914; barley, 129030.
_ Jobbing waofaf lona
The following jobbing quotations
■re furnished Tha Times dally by
leading firms engaged ln tha vari
ous lines of fruit, produce, meat*
provisions, eta. -
._.-■_ ,' Vtm.a Vegetables
Walla Walla Asparagus—sl.lo
box, - - •-\ - , .- • *
Cabbage—New California Win
nlngstadt, $2.75 100 lbs. • *
Cucumbers—7Bc, $1.00. $1.2$ dost
Head Lettucb—California, $2.
home grown, 360 dot
Beets—sl.2s sack. '.; .'■
—California, new, white
' and red. $2.65 100 lbs. -.|!
Pplnach— lb. k I '.' *
Parsnips—sl.2l a sack. -I' ■
• Parseiy 200 dozen. -"i (
—Mississippi, 4, basket
crate, $1.65. r '
Waxln Green Beans—! ,'-•'■
California Telephone Peas*—7c.
Homegrown Radishes—loc doz.
Onions—California, red, nei ■« $1.35
sack. ,1
' Freak PVntta ' * ■'; fl..
Watermelons—2 He lb. j '
Cantaloupe Pony size , crate.
$3.25, standard size crates $317!.
c'herriea—Royal Anns from Cal
ifornia, $1.00 box 10 lbs.; iCing
cherries, $1.15. .• 1 * -**
Apricots—sl.6s box. J..' i
P1um5—51.5091.66 box. . 1 c
Yellow Freestone Peaches- -$1.35.
Apples—sl.2s to $1.75. . I. •
Bananas—sc lb. 1 11
Oranges 06.25. - j,
.Rhubarblo IU . -. I I'
Lemons—sß.6oo9.oo. •.;■.....
--—Hawaiian. 10a lb.
—Homegrown, fl. .
Eggs—Washington ranch, 26c.
—Washington creamery, If
0100. ■'-' '•■■-.• ■-.-.
Cheese—Ltmburger, "• 20c; - Tilla
mook, 17c; brick, 20c; block Swiss,
23924 c; Toung America, 18c; Wash
ington, Menlo, ■ IfH9l7c; Wlscon
sln, 17V&c. „i j.l - ....- -_--.■'.. t :-... .--_.,:
■ Beat Laxative for the Aged '-'•'.,■
X Old '• men and' women ; feel ' the
need of a laxative •' more ■' than
young ■ folks, but It must be ; safe
and ' harmless and one ! which will
not f cause * pain. ,;:. Dr. King's J New.
Life Pills are especially good for
the aged,; for they act ...j promptly,
and* easily. .. Price * sc. '-f' Recom
mended _by Ryner Malstrom r/ru g
Co., 938 Pacific ar.
"Let us play golf," said ilea to
While they were Idling in the
And then they both went on the
lynx .
And there they played a game
or two.
"This book contains our family
She said, and for It tried to
"Don't mind," he Bald, "a look
at you
Convinces me it is a peach."
"Billy, these motoring clothes
make a girl look awfully Ehort."
"And they make those guys on
the sidewalk look awfully long!"
Should your boss crack a so
called joke
Just laugh like all creation,
Loud as you can roar Ha! Ha!
Then strike him for vacation.
Th* man was old - and worn and
His step was weak and slow,
"Upon these links,", he said, "I
.. drove . .-..,■■. ;v-
A ball some years ago.
It flew away I know not where,
And, to* decide a bet,
I started then ,to And the tall—
I'm looking for It yet."
TO ran PUBI4O—
I Our successful cures
for human ailment*
ara due to the merits
of our compounding
of tha powerfl roots
herbs and bark,
which' are possessed
of curative qualities
and give , permanent
relief for the sick
where other reme
dies have failed. If
you are ailing and
cannot be cured why
m*&.*«?**m* not call. and see , us?
Private I diseases ■■ a specialty. * -■>■•■'v
Jf>^W»«H' South Cgti .-.;-_
' .-Taooma. Wash.
**e><£<_>is>'S><»<s* <»*>'e****
<i> 9
a ♦
<> TacomaLyman H. Howe <8>
♦ travel pictures, completely ■*>
4> new, five days, commencing *»
** tonight. •
♦ Round-up pictures," six •&
$ days, commencing Sunday. <»
<J> '.. Princess — Miss Warda $>
<» Howard and company in $>
<» "The Country Boy." «►
<» Pantages — Aliskey's Ha- <»
9 walians, in "A Night in Ha- •
» wall," and several good •$>
<» vaudeville acts. #
9 Melbourne —Latest popu- «>
<$> lar motion pictures. *
($. ' •
*^><$><«><s><J><S> <? > <3>'4> <8> ♦ <t> ♦ *
Pictures Tonight.
Animated scenes "' of ineffable
beauty that will linger in the in
ner sight long after they have
vanished from the screen, will be
presented by Lyman H. Howe at
the Tacoma tonight and the bal
ance of the week and Saturday
matinee. .
1013 Pendleton Hound-Up
The attraction at the Tacoma
theater next week, starting Sun
day, will be the exhibition of the
1912 Round-up, as shown for the
first time hero in 5,000 feet of
excellent films. Many of the
scenes, while very thrilling, are
also full or humor.
"The Police Inspector," a
cleverly portrayed drama, Is hold
ing attention at Pantages" theater
this week.
Full of excitement and yet true
to details the 4-reel photo-play,
"The Life and Adventures of
Lieut. Petrosino," at the Mel
bourne theater proved yesterday
to be one of the greatest draw
ing cards exhibited here in many
weeks. The feature is one of the
costliest on the market.
'J'KII.S will ooam
The story of the water grade
line to Tacoma by way of the
Columbia river and Point Defi
ance line lias been told and
retold fn preceding chapters.
The story of this, the great
est traffic feature of the Pa
cific coast, was first told in
the words of our local men.
During the past week we have
Riven the point of view of the
Chamber of Commerce of our
sister city to the south, that
our busy people may have evi
dence to assure them that our
folks are not mistaken when
they say "The ralways have
come to Puget Sound because
they mustthe Columbia river
cannot meet the requirements
of a world port—hence, the
Point Defiance line."
Bear In mind that the money
spent for railway extension
and development Is secured and
the spending of It passed upon
by the same men in New York
who own and pass upon the
policy of tho steel. copper,
leather, electrical equipment, in
fact all the Industrial enter
prises that are done in a large
The same aggregation of men
who have realized the traffic
situation in Tacoma for years,
have had the rail facilities ob
tained and are developing them
here, have secured, and are se
curing (where their railways
can handle their products for
the least cost), large manu
facturing enterprises. The
spending of 21,000,000 In enlarg
ing and modernizing the smel
ter here Is but one of the small
preliminary developments.
_ With the opening of the water
•fcrade line this fall, Tacoma
will be the logical manufactur
ing and shipping city of the
coast. When the way to the
Interior Is opened by the Point
Defiance line and the way to
the world Is cleared by the
Panama canal, manufacturing
will be developed here as rapid
ly as men and money can ac
complish It, by the same group
of financiers who have put the
railways here. v
"As an opinion, we believe
the canal will be open In 1914
for American ships (taking
their own risks). to pas!
through free for practice in
operating the locks, which will
?£> co"s, t? n,tlsr operated until
m£t ?"'clal opening 1915, at
which time payment on tonnage
In accordance with the law. will
commence ' **111
"Business, as never before,
will jump Into existence." The
men are hero to supervise the
larger work that is beginning.'
Remembering that time Is nec
essary for large work, let us
realize that the opportunity a
fm ,v n! , ?.I_ a" " to 6 our part
c"ty Z building "■> our last, best
It "costs less" at Tacoma.
Four Days, Starting Wednesday,
With Matinee Saturday
With an Entirely New Program of
Sensational Features.
Prices 25c, 33c, 50c.. Matinees,
15c and 25c. Seat Sale Tuesday.
All Star Vaudeville Today "XX
m^JfH£ 2f___^___3___3
lluslikhs College
mPrr mM Cham*-er of Commerce
Wytyttrj Building
t£U_U_V and O St. Main 809
f%lf ,C Bnstneas Offle* Mala la.
PHONES; Circulation Main la.
* IlwUlelk/ Editorial Dept. Main 7»T
George M. Monroe, as Nancy Lee In "All Aboard" at Lew Fields*
Boof Garden. ~
NEW YORK, June 25.—There
is a bearded lady among the pas
sengers on the ship of which Lew
Fields dreams he is captain.
Lew Is greatly puzzled as to
how he should address this voy
ager, and finally evolves "Mr.
Lady" as the proper form of sal
Before Lew became a dream
captain he was a stoker.
"Sixteen hours a day I work
ed," he tells somebody.
"But weren't you a union tto
"Sure I was."
"The union only allows eight
hours' work a day."
"But I belonged to two
As a stoker he saved up $100.
A bunco man gets it away from
him. Lew bemoans his loss,
"Ten years I worked like a dog,
Bird pictures taken with mo
tion camera, shown in Howe Fes
tival at Uie Tacoma this week.
<j><t><?>*><J><B>^<*> *<?>•*><»><»''*<*.
$> NOTICE TO Sl.llSCl.lltl.HS <»
$> In order to Insure prompt <?>
$> and regular service to its <*
9 patrons, The Times requebts <$>
$> that all subscriber telephone <*
" ln all complaints regarding -9
$> Irregular delivery. A co- <$■
$ operation in this respect will <»
%■ be greatly appreciated. <&■
<?> Those who subscribe <*
<$> through contest candidates <»
<i> are served the day after the -9
<$> subscription is turned In by 4>
■?> the candidate and these Bub- *
-$> scrlbers are requested to <$•
<?> give full and detailed ad- 9
<S> dresses when giving their <9
* subscription. ', <*>
* The circulation depart- 9
<$> meat telephone Is Main 12. ♦
* ♦♦♦<!> <*• <_>•»**»<!.<»<»<»<»*
Proud as you are of the
daughter, and proud as she Is
of graduation honors there Is
soon but a memory of such
events unless a portrait keeps
the accord of each milestone of
youth. -
Our styles of school pictures
are appropriate to the occasion.
Make an appointment early.
■ '.- v .'lyj^ aarramanmay .
03 1-2 Tacoma 'ay.
Wednesday, 1913.
shoveling coal, to save up that,
hundred dollars. And now I've
been robbed of It-" (Weeps.
Then, with Fields' own beautiful,
happy smile.) "Oh, well—easy
come, easy go!"
Of such trifles, light as air, of*
George W. Monroe, who is some
what heavier than air, and of
much other acceptable amuse
ment is "All Aboard" composed.
This "musical panorama" Is the,,
first show to grace the roof of
the new Lew Fields theater in
4 4th street.
Neither Fields nor Monroe
does anything new, but the things
they have always done seem to
be quite sufficient to make most
people laugh. The costumes, de
signed by Melville Ellis, are won
derful, Ray Goetz' music i 3
passable, and a successful sum
mer run Is promised the piece. .
Great English doctors have reconv
mended for over 100 years the famoui-
Whitbread English Ale or Whltbread
English Stout (Malted Extract) mad*
in England from the finest barley,,
malt and hops to be obtained and
matured naturally In bottles ln Eng
land and sent direct to America.
Fortifies the system and makes rlcn
blood. Thousands of suffering women
have found Instant relief by drinking
Whltbread Stout. For ihothers. Inva
lids and those In a nervous run-down
condition- It ls invaluable. Do no*
accept any substitute because Whlt
bread is totally unlike all other Ales
or Stouts. ■, «
Distributors, Silver Grill Cellars.
your set of books for the
new year should be or
dered —aside from
a larger selection of
ready-mades, we manu
facture any special form
requiredeither bound
or loose-leaf.
Bindery & Ptg. Co.
947 C st. 946 Com. st
Main 436. yy^
It is your earning capacity ;j
that makes 'your money.
What Is the earning capac
':•'. ity of your money. Does It ;\
"work for you? Or do yon 7;
allow It to be idle? . Put It x
"to work and make It earn X,
. more money for you In a 7
a savings account at f.. X'i-%
■■■ National Bank
-'.' :.■: ;',.',."'. >.X,CfFi.-yX.y:.-X- :;yd
\ Commerce
Twenty-five ,* year* ot yij
'X.XX' Banking Integrity. )?s,{y.

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