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Wednesday, Nov. U, 1918
IT Society J|
Tacoma society ia preparing to
taktf an active part in charity
again following the rumors that
a charity ball would be held in
flit- interests of the Associated
Charities, one of the city's molt
Important institutions. Definite
plans have not been announced
but it ia believed the ball will be
held in the state armory Decem
ber 3. It Is also probable that
the affair will be a masquerade.
Society matrons of the city are
planning to° .make the ball one
that will go down In history—
both as a charitable and as a so
cial event.
• • •
Young people of the St. Paul
M. E. church, 43r«l and L streets,
are holding special meetings every
evening this week, in the Interest
of the "Win My Chum" move
ment, which is being observed by
the Kpworth league throughout
the country this week.
... * ■ • •
For the benefit of a destitute
old lady of South Tacoma, women
of that community have arranged
a charity rummage sale Saturday
and Monday, to be held at 5211
Union avenue.
• • «
The Ladies' Aid of St. John's
English Lutheran church meets
tomorrow in the parsonage, 909
South sth street.
• • •
Miss Marguerite Mohrbacher,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theo
dore Mohrbacher, and Richard
Henry Stratton of Gordonsville,
Va., were quietly married last
evening at the summer home of
the bride's parents, American
Lake. It was simple but beauti
fully impressive Bervice. Miss
Mohrbacher, a charming graduate
of Stadium High school and pop
ular member of the younger so
cial set, was attended by Miss
Marie LaGasa. The groom was
attended by T. B. Yancie. Rev.
C. Y. Grimes presided. The young
couple will remain on Puget
Sound for a short time before
leaving for New Jersey to make
tlielr future home.
The work of the White Shield
Home will be explained tomor
row hy Dr. Osborne at a meeting
of the Central W. C. T. U. in the
union hall, 810 South 9th street.
Mrs. Alice Kibler of Brook,
Ind., is visiting in Tacoma at the
home of her daughter, Mrg.
George Sifert, 410 South C street.
Tim Post Office band will jive
a concert this evening at Grace
M. R. church. East 3 oth and Port
land avenue, for the benefit of the
Ladies 1 Aid society of the church.
Sir. and Mrs. B. E. Layton
1024 South State street, are re^
.loicing over the arrival in their
family of a new member—a
The Over the Teacups club will
be entertained by Mrs. E. L, Aid
rich, 1117 North Glith street, Fri
day afternoon at 2 o'clock.
" I Will Stand or Fall by What
This Medicine Does
I Ask Only That You Use It For a Few Days
In Your Home
I want to acquaint the public
With a medicine that has done won
. ders In Uric Aclrl diseases like
rheumatism, kidney trouble, and
bladder trouble, and In order that
no, sufferer shall be at any expense
whatever to find out personally
what it will do, I will sand an
ample supply free of charge to any
one who will send me his address.
This Invitation Is open to any
man or woman who needs such a
medicine, whether a subscriber of
this paper or not. Doctors, chem
ists and others agree that the In
gredients are such as should quick
ly banish these ailments, and thous
ands of reliable people throughout
> the land can - tell you It hits done
so for them. I have all the evi
dence, and I am personally sure of
Its great power to do good, but the
trouble Is to convince others.
It Is-' for this reason that I send
out ample free supplies to all who
ask me. and I would he glad If ev
ery sufferer In the land would ask
me,' It Is duly,vouched for accord-
Ing to Law and contains no Ingre
dient that can be objected to. -•> ■■.
The following are some of th"
' leading symptoms for which. It ■ Is
intended and for which it has done
good: :
I—Pain In the barb.
2—Too frequent dralrr to urinate.
3— Mrrvouinru, low* of (lean. ".
4—Pain or aorenea» In the bladder*
X—Weak, watery blood.' •
*-* O^4«na or pain la the utomarh. I
T—General debility, weakness, dim.
■ ( BtMMa ■■ ■■ , ■ ■ • '■■'■■*"
'■ B—Pain or aoreness r under rich I
•--■. ;.. rib. -.m ■-:,';:.<-,:,-;. ■■- ■ i-"V *
; o—Snrlllna; la any part of th*
•: " body, i -.-„ ■■ :■. ..•..,-.<■ . „-. e w ■-,
10—Constipation or liver trouble.
11—Palpitation or pain under the
•"■hearfciVA ■■--"■--• ••"•'■■■'■■ ■.■■■■"- /
ISPain la the kip Joint.
Pnln In the nrrk or head. ':.
11—l'nin or aorenesa In the kidneys,
—I"mIh or awelllaKOf he Joints.'■
10—Pain or swelling of the aauaelea.
IT—Pain or aoreneaa'lßi nervra. ■
18—Acute and chronic; rhenmntlnm.
% ;'lf you have one or more of thes*
symptoms ■ and ■ have m had $t trouble
Setting !% rid * of * them, r. write * me
promptly (or some of this medicine.
Simply say about like this: Dear
■ Dr., I notice symptoms number, then
•' give . the ! number |of I th* I symptoms
1 you have, | and b« sure <to add your
I age and * your > name t full ■ address.
That Is all that is expected of you.
My address. Is Dr. T. Frank Lynott.
| 6414 Deagan Building, Chicago, 111.
!S On '■, receipt - of >- your * letter * I *< will
I promptly do c the i rest; ior ; yon I can
I 111 out the I coupon I below | and send
1 It. The 1 free » supply «of a medicine
i will tbe f sent immediately tto ; your
address, with fall directions for
I private .' home I use, • all : charges ! pre
■ paid, and you will not owe me any
thing tor it In I any i shape lor i farm.
1I . will | rest imy reputation ( and mmy
:, - future" on * what ■it does t tor YOU.
I But iln order > that 1I 1 may be sure
I that V you $ need' such Ia I medicine ,It
"! will Ibe necessary for ; you to ; send
,f ma ■ your i tjmt>tomu.if**-m&<tm*j>sse'F'%
•.-'•. It Is my way of making my med
-3 icine ) known sto 55 sufferers every-
Left to right from top to bo ttom—Mrs. Minnie Ault, Mrs.
A!t a W. Stadler, Mrs. Jessie Monr oe Ughtfoot, Mrs. Ida M. Shute,
Mrs. Zamora Cauffman.
SEATTLE, Nov. 12. — "Holy
smoke! Can't you see I'm busy?
I can't do a dozen things at once,
who a-laaly menam na ample an apt]
, of Ma medlctae (m
where. It contains no narcotics or
false stimulants, and yet It will
surprise you to see how quickly
it banishes rheumatic aches and
pains. It has straightened many a
crooked Joint, regulated many an
ailing kidney, rescued thousands
from the Inconvenience and danger
of too frequent desire to urinate. It
Is easy and pleasant to take and
not only removes the trouble but
helps to build up the system. It
Raved many the expense and bother
of a trip to a health resort.
All who are interested enough In
the free medicine to write for it
will also receive a fresh copy of my
famous medical book which I have
recently had reprinted. It goes ln
.to thorough detalals about these
diseases. It Is also elaborately Il
lustrated and is by all odds tha
best book of its kind ever written
for general distribution. In addi
tion, I will try to be helpful In
other ways and will send a letter
of medical advice to my correspond
ents. It Is to be remembered, how
ever, that the sooner the medicine
Is begun the sooner the hope of re
covery, so write me without undue
'■ DR. T. FRANK tTIf OTT.;:A'-;f"tK'
';ti MM ,Dta(u Mate. _ Ch Wo. j~_.
The number of my aynptoma are
'•'. (Put down nambers on above 1'
■'"^■;-v-r:>"■;.?:?ilines.) jv.-v.^^,^,» i* 1
,". Kindly {send j. roe •{ some '-v. free
, medicine*,; a 1 copy |of your . mcdi
' cal book and any Instructions
§ and : advice 1 you 1 think 1 necessary.
■•-.'-.,,>< Married*:_.*■:.. •,., .
Mr aa** la ... or Blngle .;.,
My namr la
'•' (Give ; name 'In 1 fall—Mr. Mrs. or
■:v't;.v ; -;/: Miss.) ,;•;•>»'.■:->,> '■
■ Street or It. F. O. ............'...:
" Town 'l^'";'' ''\~~' ""I"' i""; °J';l ■^ t"
- - Write full ! address*, plainly or.
a If you prefer, describe; your case
;In a separate' letter and I mill , It j
■ to '■ me. l--1""1-"* J' ■*»*"^"'-'<-'-''"'gg"7Jwtt
can IT What d"you think—!"
Thus the men. stewing and
Then came the women. The
women of Washington vote, prac
tice law and medicine, engage in
business and run for office.
"Let us help," said the women.
The 33rd annual convention of
the American Federation of La
bor opened here on November 10.
Many organizations of men offer
ed to help entertain delegates.
It's a sizeable job. There are
1,000 delegates to the convention
and probably 4,000 other visitors.
Fully half are women. — -
The Seattle Women's Commer
cial club came to the rescue, un
dertaking to entertain 3,000 wom
en, delegates and the wives of
.',. Mrs. Zamora- C. Cauffman,
president, has a hair store. Mrs.
Jessie M. Llghtfoot. secretary, has
a printing shop. Mrs. , Belinda
Tarp, chairman of the committee
on arrangements, owns and man
ages an apartment house. Mrs.
Id M. Shute, chairman ' of ' the
committee on conventions and ex
cursions, runs an incubator store
and a chicken ranch. Mrs Eliza
beth O. ■ Kittredge, chairman of
the committee on decorations, la
general . manger of a vacuum
cleaner service. ' Mrs. Alta 'J: W.
Stadler, chairman of the commit
tee on entertainment. Is the field
representative for a big condensed
milk company. : , Mrs. I Cauffman
apportioned the work. Each chair
man ; knew exactly what ' she had
to do :-. :.,v,ii;-\v';< ..'; i;; li
HOn thei 14th, they will enter
tain all ! the women I and | many | of
li« men at a gigantic banquet. i
' The multitude will be fed in re
lays, but so T carefully > have S the
caterers - and•■ their j;, waiters been
drilled that the women promise no
delays.:' .V...•..«'.";*; v ,,,.:;':■. .- ii._:-.;,-C' ; ., |
-:, There 1 will ;be aL 4. place In an
automobile for every woman visi
tor in ■ the big parade. , All 1 will
be '};■ personally greeted, piloted
about, ■ and j generally entertained.
S - "System ;,-:• does % it," .-' says Mrs.
Cauffman, calmly. "Map out the
work, apportion It, do It."
,if!i»iDear Miss Grey: k I am a j
!« young ■ man of 16 years, and ':
s»:have > been I going with a girl ':i
■ vt: *of 14 years . for quite ' awhile. I
like another girl {'of 116 \ about |as
well.; Would | you ■ please give ,me
your advice I about which; one 1 I
should <go with?JiJt>;;.':=:'-■; " %
WWi*£ '■•'- f Yours truly, ■ 'i- /* :>'\>
A.—-It : isn't ■ a wise thing; for «
boy; of your age to d«vote I him
•elf exclusively to on* girl. Aren't
yon big enough to be a good com
rade and friend to bothT£MM>3
Dear Miss Urey: lam a
boy of 19. I drink. For
limls sake help m« to keep
from It. My stomach burn*
so when I try.
I am married and have one
of the best girls a fellow —
not a man—ever had, and
she Is soon to be a mother.
For (loii's sake help me. Tell
me what to do. Don't tell
me to give my addreaa, for I
can't. For the sake of mv
unborn babe help me. For
God's sake. HELP.
A.—Yonr cry for help was the
fuM thing that met my eyes when
1 ri'iitl my mail thfe morning.
I can realize all you have to
overcome, and nil the manhood
needed. First of all, I want yon
<•• know yon have all the man
hood necessary. It li <;<hl's free
Kift to you, your riichtful inheri
tance. Yon have come to the
point where you honestly want to
• i"ii drinking. That in itself is a
|>tti\er —but it In not enough. Yon
must "work out your own salva
tion." Sooner, or later, each one
of us must begin our work of re
dciiiptiou. Now is your time—
your opportunity. You can't af
ford to let it pass.
You at*k me to help you for
God's sake, and I want you to be
very quiet while I tell you what,
from my study and observation,
(tod has rome to mean to me. The
beautiful, loving, wise Intelli
gence, whose ideas arc but faintly
seen by us in the smallest blade
of ri-hsn, the biggest elephant, the
finest grain of dust, an-d the high
est mountain; the Intelligence
that keeps the course of the stars,
tlie rotation of the planets, all
smoothly, expressing something
Mgger behind them, in God to me.
That Intelligence created yonr
real, noble manhood, which is
clouded now by your mistakes.
Someone has expressed it this
way: real man or womanhood Is
like a beautiful statue which we
have allowed to become covered
with cobwebs. As we remove the
dost and cobwebs we nee more and
more distinctly the white, gleam
ing, beautiful statue. I
You have made up your mind
to stop drinking. You have
stopped. Hut the suffering? You
must make up your mind that
when the - burning seem* too
i much, you will be us quiet as DOS'
sible; that you will calmly look at
the beautiful statue and to the In
telligence—the , great Hculptoi
that fashioned it, for your com'
fort and encouragement.
As yon have said to yourself in
a nightmare: "Oh, this is only a
nightmare. I'll come out all
Will Continue Show
ing Until Saturday
Positively your last
opportunity to see the
world's greatest love
Continuous Perform
ances, 11 a. m. to 11
p. m.
right," ko you must s.-iy to this
nightmare, apd patiently endure
until the mi tiering In past. If you
will, it will become less and lews.
If at any time you feel you
must drink, fill up on fruit. Keat
plenty of nourishing food. No
matter what you go through, if
you drink again you are only
|h>s( |M>ning the time when you will
have to get out of it. Now that
you have put your shoulder to the
wheel, do not turn back. Your
brave little wife will help you.
You want to be a man. In fact,
you are one right now. You have
no right to condemn yourself—
Mod's handiwork; but It la your
work to brush the cobwebs away.
I want you to write me again.
Tell me when the little child
comes to bless your home, and
that you are getting better. 1
know you will.
Dear Mlbs Orey: We had
planned a dance for Hal
lowe'en, Issued invitations
end bought our decorations,
but for a good reason had to
postpone it. Do you think
we could use our pumpkins
Thanksgiving la connections
with turkeys for decorations
ami ihould we send out other
invltationsT Can you suggest
a typical menu.
A.—lour pumpkin decorations
will work in nicely with turkeys,
Puritan figures and Thanksgiv
ing mottoa. It is Just possible
the store where jron purchased
• Ih-iii will exchange for others as
you have not nsed them.
You can get some excellent
menus from standard cook books
at the library and the paper will
print some a little neurer Thanks
Dear Miss Orey: I wrote
to a girl for three years, and
didn't receive any answer,
so last summer I quit.
Now, I have the bad habit
of making love to all the
Kirls I see, but don't think
they like It, and I can't help
myself. If there's any cure
please tell me. I. A.
A.—You will get your cure
sooner or later, but if you keep
on It may be a worse medicine
than if you stop now. Here's a
good prescription: .Dress np a
broomstick and make love •< • it
until you are tired out. When
ever the old habit serais to get
the best of you, repeat the dose.
Maybe after three years of this
you will know enough to treat
the girls with respect for yourself
and them.
_■;_-___^_ M— ______ .. _.___
I The Army Pennant I
-. _r^__frfl_>n -_B _t •"• * 111 ■ : ■:- .■■
_^B '-V--';'.' _Hpl^p7_v ' '"■-.'•'■-■■ ■' H TUT' ' v"_ '"'''-* '" ° •'"'' '^ ft*;-' ■- ■' ■" it":;';ir v'i''SS^B
_^_l '''■' ■•• s^iyiw -i^r b _rB»% _b _ j_p ■ ?'i^_H■TS_^'- - ■*'- '"~<l«lif_H
B _ls*d^/^Ki»'- "^B _Kw Times readers may take their choice of any of these I
r£::i:;.... ■ ■"'"'l^_l_p^^^ml' ■ pennants while they last or any reader may H
■ select all of the six pennants at once at the H
I n ■ "^^ °*one cou Pon an^ fifteen cents g
|H each or twenty cents each by mail. H
W But act quickly if you want a choice of these pen- I
I nants. They're going fast Our next pen- I
Jg f n*nt will be the Navy. I
§9%ck£c> I fIGUGKjipL>
NEW YORK, Nov. 12.—New
York extended Its greeting, on
behalf of American theater-goers,
this week, to Cyril Maude, an
actor of distinction for many
years in England, who in paying
his first visit to this country.
The I.ieMers. who brought
Maude over, shooed a moving pic
ture show out of historic Wal
lace's to make a place for the
British artist, and the old house
held a first-night audience whtch
gave a warm welcome to Maude
and his company.
The play which the English
actor has elected to give first
seems hardly to have been well
chosen from this repertoire. It la I
Famous Actress Returns to
the City of Her Honeymoon
After a tiresome but trium
phant tour across the continent,
Miss Margaret Illington, wife of
E. J. Bowea, the wealthy Tacoma
real estate man, alighted from a
train at the union depot this noon
and was gathered to the arms of
a dozen or more Intimate friends
who had gone there to welcome
her back to the city of her honey
moon. Showing no effects of the
strain of constant traveling, Miss
IlHngton beamed her gratitude
and returned the welcome with
warm caresses.
The latest success In which
Miss IlHngton Is starring la
"Within the Law," an intense
drama from the pen of Bayard
"The Second In Command," In
which John Drew starred a num
ber of years ago and which cer
tainly Is a bit out of date.
Maude made a good impression.
A rather unusual feature la the
appoarance of his danghter Mar
gery as his leading woman. While
she is a beautiful girl and has evi
dently inherited her father's tal
ent, there was something unsatis
factory in the love imdm between
her and her father—perhaps due
not so much to the acting as to
the mental attitude of the aud
Father and daughter as stage
lovers, somehow, don't seem to be
I just the thing.
Velller. Mary Turner, enacted
by Miss lllington, is wrongfully
convicted of a crime and sent to
prison. When arrested, she ia a
timid, shrinking child. When
released she Is a desperate, ingen
ious criminal. The police perse
cute and harass her until, in des
peration, she turns upon her pur
suers, acting always "within the
law." She matches her wits and
courage with the police and preys
upon society with amazing suc
cess. Her triumph, at the end
of the story, while not complete,
suKKeBtB ' strongly the evasive
methods said to be employed by
unscrupulous financiers to escape
responsibility for their illegitim
ate operations under the guise of
bfg business."
Wednesday and Thursday, Not.
The Reason's Supremo Sensation
In the Most Successful Play of
Modern Times,
By Bayard Veiller.
Price*—Lower floor, $2.00;
balcony, $1.80 and $1.00; gallery,
ROc; boxes, JMU.OO.
Seats Tuesday. Curtain, 8:15.
Unequaled Vaudeville .
LAURIE ori>wav
MA It ION Ml'\.son .V CO.
Margery Maude, leading; woman:
for her father, Cyril Maude,* in Ms I
American starring tour. ;
THEATER ———-—Main 77 CO
"The Deep Purple"
Bargain Matinees Wednesday and
Saturday,. 10c and SWc. Ijadiea*
bargain ■ night, > - Monday, lower ■
floor only. EVENING PRICES—:
20c, 80c and SOc. '..'-fWffl

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