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I mmmmtmm \ op*not BORIPPS northwest LKAGUH OF
: «Wrn>APXßS.4Telegnwlil« Jf«w» Servlm of th« United Pros*
I AaaooUtJoß by direct Leased Wire.'
§ ©M Entered >at i the i poetofftce, ; Taooma, Wtib., m «eron<WlaM '*
I matter. Published by the Tacoma Time* Pub. Oft. Every Evening I
J Rtwpt' Ihmdajr.'gnfftr**: - •<'>•'" *■■-. T. ; ;v. ri •' ™.: ;•■•« :-, .-,«:■;•->*' s--'™ '■ t/" y 4
| PHONBS: ' BnaineM Of rim. Mala :- 19. ClrculnUon Dejt.
| ■bin 12. BdMortal I>«»pt.. Main 704. '.':-'- - '--•. /.vv-.v: r":-
I ftfr ' - OFFICK— • COMMERCE ' ST. :'V' -'*r. :I'*r-V
| K#V*J „-'J ; ' ■. f>>\'.*,'.:wi> ■ ■ .--. -^- »>.-: ■■'„.. •,./ . :--.:■■■,.■-;■.■".' ■• ■'"'> ■'.. '■--■• h- ' '- :; ■;•'/■■'■■
Pardons and Paroles
Governor Lister has before him applications for
I pardons and paroles for 50 prisoners in . the state
prisons. The board of pardons has recommended 14
I paroles and six full '' pardons, and the governor will
act so that those Ito whom " executive^clemency is to
be awarded will be able to go home for Christmas.
The pardon ; board ■, believes in the cases ' recom
mended that society will not suffer by the release of
the men who have shown a disposition to lead lives
of uprightness in the future.
When the doors of the prison open, however, for
the men fon Christmas day, the joy of the homecom
ing, the happiness of freedom and the clasp of.dear
ones at home ; will be tempered by a new responsi
bility and 1 a new problem for every man who comes
out of the prison life to go.back into society. It is
the problem of bread.!:^;-:^ji.:^;:,-V ■'■''■'fi'i-j
The 1 state of Washington may turn out 20 or 50
men from her ► prisons, but the state provides them
with no security for the future. They must go forth
empty handed to bear the * look of suspicion, the
f hounding 'of petty policemen, the refusal of work
from business men while they see their loved ones
Suffer for the necessitiesL ofiife they are bound to
■eeure for them. ■ -. -. -' . . •. . " Pjl
There will be many a happy heart when the gover
nor sends home to their families men now in prison
on Christmas day, but it is the days that come after
Christmas that present the problem for the man who
comes from behind the bars.
And Washington will never give her criminally
convalescent a real chance until she sees to it that
every man is given a job when he leaves the prison
It's Different
Young Mr. Harriman enters a shop, saying he is
desirious of learning the practical side of the busi
ness, with hopes of becoming as great a railroad man
as his father was.
Perhaps the young man has made a mistake. His
lather entered the business through Wall street, and
knew much more about manipulation of stocks than
he did about practical railroading.
Since the elder Harriman made his record, there
have been some tremendous changes. The federal
police have put an eye on stock manipulation and
even raided one of the late boss manipulator's big
gest deals. Still, a machine shop may be a good en
trance to a high place for young Harriman. We hope
to, but it is certain that he will have to learn a lot and
make a lot of struggles that his father didn't.
The going isn't the same.
For instance, suckers aren't biting as they were
and the law has put some restrictions on the fishing.
United Cigar Stores Co. summoned a proprietor of
ft cigar store to court in Philadelphia for infringing
on its trade mark. When they got to court, they
found they were mistaken. The sign read Untied
CHgar Store. He didn't belong to the combine.
ipiW': ,'. BAPTIST :
, Be them', a. cor. So. 46 th and X at*..
: ; L F. Cheney, pastor. t:45 a. m.,
«: llble school, 8. Q. Bishop, supt, r.,
I Ml So. J st.; morning service, 11;
tISO P. m.. union B. T. P. I.; 6:45. p.
| m,- the Senior *B. Y. IP. U.. leader,
■'.. L F. Cheney. 7:45 p. m., preaching;
I Tuesday, i 8 p. g m., en air ■ practice,
1 Thursday, 7:48 |p. m., I prayer meet-
I. ng, followed by 8. B. teacher train
|fc>B, class. >'. i.'."iT r ( F1 :V> "."/■", V
Finnish. So. Sheridan and Md,
I A. J. Btormans, I pastor. ■B. R. »;4»;
:;services. 11 a. m. and 7:10 .p. IB.;
X. P. V.. 6:30 p. m.; Thursday, pray
•r meeting 8 p. m. •,--»..'---;:.=,!- .'.«-,•
p* First Baptist. 9th ' and rD ; sts., ' a
J downtown' church.. 'J.-. ■A. Button.
| pastor. ,■- Morning . service.' 10:20 ~a.
».i evening, 7:46 p. m.; 8. 8. at IS
O'clock; B. Y. P. Xf.. 6:46.
Csntrai. No. !• fand > Bteele. Rot.
K. R. Brooks, • pastor. al Bible school
ft 10 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m.;
and 7:10 p. i m.: Y. 1 P. U., «:30 p. m.;
. prayer, Thursday 8 p. m. -si ■ ;. ■
Ijngs—wi,#g^.4^aa .1, . „,.<-..-... -: •„■•■,.-, :
S» Sixth Avenue, Rer. «* Frederick
i.WUfhtman. pastor.., Morning wor
•i ship 1 10:20; b Bible ■ school i at ■ noon;
| Young t ePople's I meeting at *' 6:45;
; service at 7:4* •' p. .. m.; •" midweek
(prayer meeting Thursday. 7:4* p.m.
to«^}fr^" , •»*• *;■ ■„«-,:;>•,-.. ,?v.
P* German J Baptist »; church, ' South
Mth and J sts., Rev. R. A. Blandau,
I Worship, 111 a. m.; evening worship,
*»;8.;m.« % - ,
<. r_. ■ ■#-•-.. -
Norwegian Danish Baptist church
earner So. 10th and X sts. Key. O.
:«M«t. pastor, as., 10 a. m.; ser
mon. 11 a.« m; ; ■ Young ■ i People's
meeting. 7 p. m.; Bible study Mon
days at i 8 p. w in.; # weekly *, prayer
meeting 6 Thursday, I p. to. ,s-- r ■
HmSlMa./' ' -,;■-
pi Central ; Christian church. No. tf V,
•ad Steels • sts.. Rev. J. *« fl is Rains,
MM»r. Bible school »a. fa.; com
munion service and preaching, 11 a.
■l; song- service i and sermon, - •■ p.
BjUaßßteSSHriffiP* I^',*
P South . Tacoma, Christian. flit So.
taneite. Bible school. t:4( 'a. nv:
: Breaching. 11 a. la ; Junior C 8.. J
p. ; m.; t Senior i C | A, s% 6:10 * »,■« ■>.;
tint, «th ay sad at. - W.; A. Moor*
►astor. M Prayer i service. *:45 a. m.;
morning service. 11 l ».: Christian
■■Mayor. 0:30; •veala* secartoo.
-/, . ..., .
Roosevelt Heights,' East 11th and
V. Bible school at 10:10 a. m.; com
munion at 11:30 a. m.; C. E. at 6:10
p. m.; preaching at 7:30 p. ra.
McKlnley Park, East 18th and
Spokane. Bible school at 10 a. m.:
communion at 11 a. m.; C. X., 6:30
p. in., preaching, 7.30 p. m.
Lincoln Park Cnrtstlan church,
3»th and a sts., Ratph C. Sargent,
minister. Bible school at 10 a. m.;
communinn and preaching services
at 11; Christian Endeavor prayer
meet at 6:30 p. m.; evening service
at 7:10.
First Congregational church, Di
vision ay. and J sts.. Rev. Frank
Dyer, pastor. Services, 10:30 a. m.;
by 8. B. L. Penrose; 8. S., 12 m.;
vesper service, * p. m.; Christian
Endeavor, 6:00 p. m.
East 28th and IS sts.. Rev. A. D
Shaw, pastor Special sacred concert
at 4:30 p. in., with Cushman In
dian orchestra.
Pilgrim. No. 14th and Warner.
Rev. Edgar G Wheeler, pastor.
Horning, 10:30 a. m.; Sunday school,
11:40 a. m.
St. Luke's Memorial church. 80.
C and 6th ay.. Rev. F. w. Keator,
bishop. Rev. F. T. Webb, vicar.
Services, 7:30 and 11 a. m.; 8. 8.,
10 a. m.
St Andrews church. No. tth and
Oakes sts.. Rot. Frederick Webb,
rector. Sunday school, 10 a. m.;
evening service, 7:>o.
The Churoh of Holy Communion.
cor. 80. 14th and I st. Rev. Rcbt
H. McQlnnis, rector. Early service,
7:30 a. to.; 8. 8. sad Bible SOT vice.
1:41 a. m.; morning prayer. 11 a. m.;
evening prayer, 7:80 p. m.
Trinity, No. 3d and X sU., *•»
Charles Y. Qrtmes, Early celebra
tion. 7:10 a. m.; 8. ■.. »:4f a. m.;
Bible class, 10.00 a. m.; Matins. 11
a. m.
8L John's. So. 60th sad Puget
Sound, Rev. Robert H. MaOlnnla.
rector. S. 8., 10 a. nv; services. 11
and 7 p. m.
First Evaiigalleal olmroh. So.
13th and X sts.. *. 1* Hornsohuch,
pastor. 8. 8., 10 a. m.: sermon, 11
a. m. and 7:20 p. ay; T. P. A., «:30
p. m.; prayer meeting sad Biblo
|»4Sfe.fei»»a#l^M^fe>:.*^,>'--J^'''--^-.*:-'^t'--;:.'-;,- J « ■>■'„-»:*•.-■■ .-->.^l-{j^" c ]
Hen peck— your beef tender
today - ■;..;O;--i ■ - •■-.;, 3S£*g
Butcher—Yes. sir. It's as ten
der an a woman's heart. - :
Henpeck— I'll tales a
pound sausages.
"A gentleman has fallen
through the coalhole!"
"Clap the cover over him quick
and I'll run for a policeman. We
must arrest him for trying to
steal the coal or he'll su; us tor
The Book Store, 926 Pacific ay.
.-'-■••■•-• "Advertisement."
NOW $1.00
Expert Examination Free of
- * ; 'm_-» Charge. -■"" *'
Chicago Eye Specialists
. «a2-8S Provident Bid*.
study, Thura 7 to 0.
Evangelical Lutheran (German),
21yt and O sts., Emit tiehmann, pas
tor. Services at 10:30 a. m. and 7
p. m.: 8. 8. 9:16-10:15 a. in.; Y. P.
8., v 7 p. in.
Adams St. Ev. church. No. Adams
and 22d St., N. Khupp, pastor.
Pleaching service. 11 a. mil and 7:30
p. m.; S. 8., 10 a. m.; Young Peo
ple's meeting. 6:45 p. m.
The Swedish Evangelical Free
church, 1212 80. 14th. Alf Stone,
pastor. S. s.. 10 a. m.; services, 11
a. in. and 8 p. m.
Ellm Free, So. Ains. and 17th.
Rev. C. B. Bjuge, pastor. Norwe
gian services, 10:46 a. m., 7:10 p.
m. Sermon by pastor at 5 p. m.
First Free Methodist church, 1111
ia. I st., C. M DeFoe. pastor.
8. a at 10 a. m.. preaching, 11. fol
lowed by class meeting; Young
People's meeting, 7 p. m., followed
by sermon.
Revival services continue Indef
McKinioy Park Free M. 8., tltfc
snd Hows sts.. C. M. DeFon, pastor.
B. 8., S p. ra.. followed hjr preach
ing. Prayer masting Tuesday. 7:30
p. ra.
Norwegian Lutheran Fres churoh.
80. 16th and X sts.. Key. D. Tollet
son. pastor. Services 11:00 a. m.;
V P. meeting, i p. m.: services, I
p. m.
Our Savior's Evangelical Luther
an church, corner of J and 17th
sts.. Rev. O. J. Onlal. pastor. Resi
dence Pl 2 So. 17th St. Divine serv
ices In Norwegian, 10:30 a. in.; and
in the English language, 8 p. in.; H
8. and Bible class, 9:29 a. m.
Irnmaneiil Norwegian Lutheran.
Rev. O. Hagass, pastor. Service at
home of A. Ilaki.es, 461S No. 18th,
3 p. m.
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran
church. So. 27th and Tacoma ay,.
Rev. R. Aye Lallemant, pastor. 8
8., B*o a. m.; services, 10:30 a. m.
confessional, 11:10 a. m.; English
service every second and fourth
i St. Paul's Danish Lutheraa
When John Blinks died sud
denly his friends telephoned to
the nearest florist to make a
wreath. The rtbbon should be ex
tra wide, with the inscription
"Rest In Peace," on both sides,
and if there was room, "We shall
meet In heaven."
The florist was away, and his
new assistant handled the job. It
was a startling floral piece which
turned up at the funeral. TTle
ribbon was extra wide and bore
the inscription: "Rest in peace
on both sides, and If there is room
we shall meet in heaven." [
Repairs ana Wiring
Main MOO. 905 Com. St
church, 1310 So. L st. Sunday
school, 10 a. in.: services at 11 a.
m.; evening service, 8 p. m. Rev.
C. J. Bkorgaard, pastor.
St. John's English Lutheran
church. South Fifth and I sts. Rev.
C F. W. Stoever, pastor. Sunday
school, 9:45 a. m.; morning services,
11 o'clock, i ... ...-,,; •
German. * 80. list. Services 'In
Jer. at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m.: 3.
B. 9:15 a. m.; T. P. a C. k, i p.
m. Oer. m Lutheran, So. Tacoma,
(Swedish- Lutheran church, corner
Bth and Birmingham ay.) every al
ternate Sunday at 2:30 p. m. Pa».
tor, Aug. F. Oraebner.._-..
United Norwegian, So. 12th and L
B. 8., 8:30 a. m.; services. 10:30 a,
m., 7:46 p. m. J. O. Haugen. pastor.
I First Swedish Lutheran, corner
So. I and Bth st. 8. 8. at 1:30 a. m.;
services at 11 a. m. and at 8 p. m.
Trinity. I*o7 So. I, «er. L. M. Fee-
Bar. pastor. 8. 8., 9 30 a. m.; Uer.
service.. 10:3 0 a. m., Eng. service.
I:3* p. m.
J Danish Lutheran St Paul, 1311
•to. L, L. C. J. Skovgaard, pa»tor.
ft. 8., 10 a. m.; service 11 a. m.. Lit
erary and Young People's, Wednes
■ay, I p. m. „:.--.-. ■.- ■•...- ;■; );.■-■;;- ■«*- ,-
So. Tacoma Norw tgtan. 82d an% 8.
Warner, Rev. O. Hagaas. l Services
11:00 a. m.; 8. a., English and Nor
wegian, 10 a. m.; T. P.,8.. Friday
at 4310 Union are. -;";„,. ,/, b 6\
•■ German Zlon Hvangellcal Luther
an, Missouri synod. So. nth and JL
■U., Rev. J. Huchthausen, > pistdr.
S. 8-. »:30 a. m.. service at 10:30 a.
"•.,,;■,r.■•-"'-■■;* ■ ■■■»-..--r.-.- >; ;;>*s^;
.*'"■■'■ ■ METHODIST '•"-■- '/'N"
' First Methodist Bplsoopal church.
So. Sth and a St.. Thomas W. Lane,
pawtor. • Morning worship at 110:30
a. m.; 8. ft at nlt m.; ' Epworth
league at 6:16 p. m.; ' evening wor
ship at 7:30 p. «>•; prayer meeting
Thursday. 7:30 p. m. I.: «-.,./; n-
Rev. W. M. let I will speak In
the morning,: and Rev. E. H. Todd
in the evening. ': t xn i-".;/ i ,*:4' 1 •;■"'■■■"' ,
•*' Trinity Methodist church, F. 'L.
Moore, pastor. s Morning . service, H.
30th ■ and B it; evening I service, iB.
O and Morton st. ■ Kpworth League,
(',30 p. m.: i Bible school. 9:46 a. as.
M Mrs. , Margaret Mum will deliver
Emms mm mm
bey called him a "piker* I —perhaps they were
He didn't spend much with the gang,
n drinks and cigars he wag certainly "tight,"
And to tip gave him really a pang.
c never "threw money around like a prince"
Or played "the good fellow" at all;
t the club he waa known as a "lime" and a
And the sums that he squandered were small.
ut his family had what his purse could afford
And he slaved for his girls and his boys.
e'd lend to a comrade in need ail his hoard
Without any boasting or noise.
c would help any chap in the Down and Out club,
Though the fact wasn't blazoned to fame,
ut waiters declared him a "cheap-skate" and
And spendthrifts considered him "tame."
rell, here Is the moral, too potent to miss.
And one it Is wise to recall,
\ sport Is a sport, but a piker like this
Ib the bulliest sport of them all!"
____ , — ■ I
My Dear Nieces and Nephews:
Here we are, with Christmas almost on us, and a thousand
things to do all at once. Ido hope that every Circle member is happy
and that his holidayß will be joyful and glad. Unole Ted is aa busy
as he oan be helping the Times Santa Clave, and for that reason there
will not be any contest next week. I have such a great deal of holi
day work to do that it seemß I cannot give the time to judge the
essays, bo we will not have any more essay contests until after New
But in the meantime Iwant every Circle member to write me,
if he has time, and tell about his Christmas, for I shall miss not hear
ing from you If you don't.
I sincerely hope that every Circle member has a merry Christmas
and a happy New Year"s. Always your friend,
Tacoma, Wash.
Cuddled around a small fire in an old tenement house were four
little children, raggedly dressed, trying to keep warm by the few
coals that were left of the fire, It was the day before Christmas ere.
Mother, cried the youngest, a boy of about five yeas. Yes, dear, said
the sad looking mother appearing in the door of the shabby room,
whet do you suppose I want Santa to bring me. A sad look came
over the pale face but she replied tell me dear I can't Imagine.
Well mother I want a train and oh, an engine you know Ilk*
Jimmy Hunt got last Christmas. Dear. I doubt if Santa will bring
any thing to us this year maybe he can't find üb. But mother, I
am sure he won't forget us this Christmas just cause we are poor.
Don't cry, if Santa will forget us there is One who will not, the One
who came the first Christmas.
But mother, don't you think he will come to us at all? Well
dear we'll hope he comes.
That night the good little mother lay In her poor bed praying
that something would happen that their Christmas might be a happy
one. The next day about three o'clock the old door swung open and
a strange man entered but when he saw the face of the tired little
woman he felt no longer like a stranger but like her brother which
he was. "My sister;" there was a short pause, is It really you? Yes,
she murmured, Come to my home and be a comfort to your old rich
The Christmas was the happiest the little family had spent since
the good father went home to rest after a struggle on this earth.
No. 3 Rosemount Way, Tacoma.
Dear Uncle Ted:
You have asked us to write about the "Christmas among the
the evening address.
McKlnley Park church, Kast Mor
ton at Q St., F. L. Moore, pastor.
S. S. school, 8:45 a. m.; combined
service, 7:30 p. m.
St. Paul's. 80. 43d and L sts..
Edw. J. Smith, pastor. Bible school,
i:45 a. m.; Kpwortu League, S:3O p.
m.; prayer meeting, Thurs.. 8 p. m ;
preaching, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Swedish Methodist churcn, cor. J
and So. 11th sts.. Rev. John A.
William, pastor. 6. 8.. 9:45 a. m.;
morning service. 10:45 a. m.; Ep
worth Irague, 7 p. m.; evening ser
vice, 7:45 P. m.
Central, So. 31st and I sts., T. A.
Graham, pastor. 8. S., 10 a. m.:
public worship, 11 a. m.; Epworth
League, 6:30; public worship, 7:30.
Mason. 28th and No. Madison sts..
Rev. R. J. Reid, pastor. Bible
school, 9:45 a. m.; sermon, 11 a. m.\
preaching, 7:30 p. in.; l.pivoiih
League, 6:30 p. m.; prayer and
praise service Thursday eve., 7:45.
Epworth, cor. So. 7th and Ander
son. W. T. Randolph, pastor. Bible
Softool at 0:30; sermon at 11 a. m
and 8 p. m. by the pastor; Kpworth
league, t:«5 p. m.; prayer meeting,
I p. m.
Bethany. 80. BOtn and Thompson.
8. S. 10 a. m.; preaching. 11 c. m.;
unlor League, 3 p. m.: Epworth
League. 0:10; prea/shlng, 7:20 p. in ;
prayer service, Thurs., 7:45 p. m.
Rev. Francis A. Ecker. pastor.
Bpanaway M. 8., Frederick C.
Thompson, pastor. S. S.. 10 a. m.;
morning worship, 11.
Park M. m., W. H. W. Rees, pas
tor. 8. 8.. 10 a. ra.; Epworth
league, 8:45 p. m.; preaching, 11 a.
m and 7:30 p. in.
Thursday afternoon meeting, 1
p. m.
Allen ML B. ■ 1411 So. Taklma. Rev.
H. M. Collins, pastor. Preaching at
11 a. m. and • p. m.; class meeting,
12:10 p.- ci.: 8. 8.. 1:10 p. m.; A. C.
E. league, , 7. p. m.: prayer meeting.
Wednesday evening. ■■;:,- „
i*' Norwegian ana ".; Danish Metho
dist church, corner lof 10th j and I J
: •ts., H. P I Nelson, t pastor. I Services
at 11 a. m. and 3 p. m.; a. 8., 10 a. m.
worth League, 7 p. m. :■ ■
.;\.-. ik -.
Christian and Missionary Alli
ance. 903 r!o. Q st Rev. O. 3.
Stone, pastor. Services: S. 8. at
2:00; preaching at 8 p. in.; Wednes
day morning prayer meeting, 11 a.
in.; afternoon, 2:30.
Swedish Mission Tabernacle, cor.
80. 10th and I spa., H. Hundqulst,
pastor. S. S. I . -. m; services 11
a. m. and 7:45 p. m.; Young Peoples
society, 6 p. m.
East Side, 38th and O sts., S. 8.,
10 a. m
City Rescue Mission. 103 So. 14th
st. Services at 730 every evening.
sermon. 8 p. m
Penlel Gospel. Services every
evening at 8 o'clock: Sunday at 3
p. m. 108 So. ma.
Churoh of God Mission. 2501 Ta
coma. S. 8., 10 a. m.; preaching,
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; prayer
meeting Wednesday evening. Wm.
Strong, pastor.
Calvary Presbyterian church. Di
vision Lime and D st.. Rev. C. K.
Stanilt, pastor. 8. S., 10 a. m.;
services, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.:
Junior Undeavor, 3 p. m.; C. X 6:45
p. m.; orayor meeting Thursday.
7:30 p. ».. **
Bpragua Memorial 58th and War
ner. 80. Tacoma. S. 8., 9:46 a. m.;
sarvlce, 11 a. m.; Y. P. 8. C. B. at 7
p. m.; evening service, 8 p. m.
Immanual Presbyiertau church
Ho. J and 9th ats.. Robert H. Mini
gan. pastor. MornlnK service. 10:39.
cv Tilng, 7:30; a 8., 12:10 p. m.; V
P. a CT X., 6:30 p. m.
Men's club will have charge of
the evening service.
First Presbyterian church, corner
So. 10th and Q sts.. Key, Murdoch
McLcid, pastor, Rev, H. T. Mitchel
more, assistant. Morning service,
10:30 o'clock; evening, 3 p. m.; S. B.
Immediately aftrr morning a«rvlce:
Y. P. 8. C. X., «:30 p. m. '
Bethany, No. *xsl and Verde st.,
Aev. O. T. Mather, pa«tor. 8. 8. al
• :4( a. m.; V. P. 8. C X.. at S:4S
tervlees. 11 a. m. snd 7-.4S p. m.
Oakland. So. 34th and Proctor sts.
B. 8., 10 a. m.; Intermediate Bin
deavor st 7 p. m. Services at 3 p,
m.. Rev. W. Chalmers Qunn. speuk-
•M.dir.luy. D«*. IS. New York Of flee • M-M Wast 334 St. Weather—Unit.
Saturday Night Sales
From 6to 9 o'Clock , r.
Take time to see the splendid displays of gifts
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cial $109 lon and some are exceptional
50c Hindi Honey 'and Al- \ wlde ; a. large assortment to
mond Cream ... 85c choose from. Very special to
50c Dr. Green's Massage night, the . . S3C
25cam' PePx?de ' ' Vani'sMng *** Brass' Extension' Rods will
Cream, special 13c ? xt ! n*48 "l ches - Special 17.
$1.00 Peruna, Scott's Emul- l°, n& hti -2 aS, h * "I * */«ii« „ „
slon, Pierces Golden Mcdi- *4 - 50 A" Squares, size 9x9
cal Discovery and Favorite feet good patterns; reversible.
Prescription, special, each Special _ $3.59
50c Meniholatum/ special.^ 117.60 eMeen^Art Rugs.
50c Sempre Giovine, special ,heav y weight: 4 ,cholce v&i'
.j. tc terns; fast colors, tan, green,
50c 'Canthrox,' special'! ToVf, n. a"d ,er*/- $10.75
Special tonight ... ylUilu
INFANTS' GOWNS 20c _ ~~Z 7~,
Infants' Outing Gowns, having Basement Specials
neck and sleeves finished with la—-—- a +_ a Trmicrlit
fancy stitching. 9Q- TOm 6 to 9 TOlllght
Special &UC PLATES TO 50c,- CHOICE
Values to $1.00 for 10c A. lot of plate rail Fancy
Mixed lot of Children's Hats of Plates, souvenir plates and •
felt, chinchilla and corduroy; Balad bowls; values to 50c.
worth to $1. Extra special Choice tonight -I ftp
tonight, IQ. at l\tli
WalstS^SPF^ll^ F™y m£*JS asnd X sau-
Worn^aiftSe^ Waists. ™»- S
striped madras; also lingerie ? mall üB, ■'♦„,„?? „? sf*
blouses trimmed with l*ce and "c. cho cc tonight at. Del
embroidery; high and low neck BertVpoonfL^p^ pat'
?on\ght Bxt. ra. Bpec. 1a!... 39c 8e l H pix c for ln Pansy pat
knight . P... 39C tern special tonight, QOp
■i tin wmaTa no» wt oi six ior www .
Plain"SS.rjgff 1 o 8C white f n 1i O d F/rter ardi I}ih reßbrL 0;
ii... ..< „,,„. —.lit.- _i»i ■ _..■■ inch diameter, with brass
linen and pique with plain or ba .. felt and $1 35 d pllh .
Pleated fronts; $1.50 values. Flo^Basketst'-CholclT
SSSS .............. 89c ?*}*' 98c
GIRLS' DRESSES, $l?50-'do Z en'Thin" Blown
Worth to SI 50 for 980 In *150 dozen Tnln Blown
aWWvLTJ o^'pSTca?? in Jable Tumbler, cut ta floral
plain colors and striped effects; de, B' n"- Very Bpecla1 ' 49fi
high end round neck styles; „ Vftv","™'n'»i .' An ■'
sizes 6to 14 years; worth to ?1"50 ya^", um Bottle8 ' 98C
$1.50. Choice QQ-, very special ........ wUw
tonight .......... DOC ———:
Petticoats of fine halcyon satino 190 Berkeley Cambric, mill
in black, navy, red and brown; en d, from Ito 6-yard lengths, ~
excellent values at $1.50. QO in wide, extra fine duality.
Special tonight . wOC Special tonight, -I C-,
DOMESTIC SPECIALS yard .....;. ....... .. 10C
Sheeting Remnants, bleached Table Oil Cloth remnants in
and unbleached, all widths; lengths from % to 1% yards;
lengths from 1% yards to 6 white and colors; regularly
yards. Choice f■- A C%C 20c yard. Special tfU
tonight ........*"*-'** tonight ............. I wU
poor." This is not a very hard subject to write on If we think of how
many children will not have a visit from dear Santa Claus. How g
many poor little Newsies and other children will not even have enough
clothes to keep the rain and storm from their little bodies. But still
how many will be visited by the good Santa Claus of the Times. And
1 am sure this great work of the Times will be appreciated. ■
4328 No. Gove St., Tacom*, Wash.
Westminster, So. 80th and I- sts.
Services at lv:30 a, m. and 8 p. in.;
T. P. S. C. E., 7 p. m.; Bible school,
11:46 a. m.; prayer meeting., Thurs.,
8 i>. m. J. Wesley McCallum, pastor.
Manltou Park. S. 8., 10:15 a. m.;
■ criiiun at 11 it. dl by W. Chalmera
First Friends. No. Bth and State.
Bible school, 10 a. m.: divine wor
ship, 11 a. in.; business meeting,
Frlonds* Fast Side meeting, 43th
and McKinley ay., Bible school,
»:46 a. m.; divine worship, 11
a. m.; Y. P. S. C. E., B:30 p. m.;
evening service, 7:45 p. m.; cottage
prayer meeting, Friday, 8 p. m.
Special program Tuesday, 2 p. m.
Holy Rosary, So. 30th and Taco
ma, Rev. Oswald Baran, O. S. 8.,
rector. Low mass. 7:30; children's
mass, 8:46; high mass. 10:30; ves
pers and benediction, 7;50.
Church of Visitation. 80. 58th
Dear Warner, Rev. Charles Cannon.
First mass, 8; high mass, 10:30;
baptism. 3; vespers, 7:10; da.ll/
mass, 8 a. m.
St John the Baptist. Indian res
ervation. Rev. Chas. Do Decker.
Bt. Leo's, So. Taklma and 13th.
Rev. Father Cunningham, rector.
Bt. Patrick's. No. l»th and J. lUt
Joseph McCJrath. rector.
St Btmiislaus, B«. 40th and K. ,
Rev. Michael Fafara. pastor.
Church of the Brethren, an. SOtt>
and O sts., B. S. Gregory, pastor.
S. 8., 10 a. m.; preaching. 11 a. m
and 7:JO p. m.; Christian workers
meeting, «:30 p. m.; prayer meeting,
Wednesday, 8 p. m.
Salvation Army.~72ol Pacific ay.
Services: Preaching. 3 p. m.; Toung
J eople's meeting, • p. m.; salva
tion meeting. 8 p. in.
Pacific. Meettngs every •vetting
except Mondays and Fridays, at 8
J- m. Sunday at I p. m. and I p.
International Bible Students' ■■-
Saturday, o#c. 13,
soclatlon, Temple of Music 945 C
St. Bible study, 4:30 and C:1B p. m.
The Progressive Psychic society,
22S So. Tacoma ay. Lyceum, 2:30;
circle, 6 p. m.; meeting at 8 p. in.
Thursday meeting, 2 p. m.
Fark Universal Ist church. Divi
sion ay. and J, St., Henry Victor
Morgan, minister.; S. S., 10 a. in-;
service, 11:00 a. m.; Whole World
Healing Circle, life lessons, Friday
eve. at 8 by minister; no Sunday
evening service.
Taooma Seaman's Institute, oor
ner St. Helens and 6th avis,. Rev. _
F. T. Webb, honorary chaplain; IL
Ferneyhough, Supt. Early eclebra
tlon, 7:30; morning service, 11
o'clock In St. Luke's church, Dr.
Webb officiating; evening service. I
Scandinavian Branch Internation
al Bible Students, Valhalla temple,
13th and X sts. Discourse S p. m.°,
!!'■!■ .in Bible study, 3:45 p. m.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints (Mormons). Sunday ser
vices at 1117V4 So. Tacoma ay.. Fra
ternity Bldg. 10 a. m. and 7 p. ra.
Order of Star In the East meets -
Sunday at 6:45 p. m. at new head
quarters, 71» Ko. IS st.
Tacoma Theosophlcal society, «v
--ery Thursday. 8 p. m., at 71K So. B
st. Lotus circle, Sunday, 11 a. m.
Reading room open Tuesday, Thurs
day, Saturday.
Bone Dry
4 Big Yards
Main 680

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