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|i«fd»7' Doc IM9IB.
Dance That Mysterious
"Lover's Tango" at Santa's Ball
Bettlna Frank and Jack Al
bert, sensational tango dancers
from San Francisco, who will
dance their "Lovers' Ttango
Waltz" at the Times Santa Claus
party at Glide pavilion Thursday
night. Miss Frank and Mona.
Albert are at the head of Both
well Browne's dance review
troupe appearing as the feature
act at the Pantages theater this
week, and their first appearance
Monday before monster aud
iences caused a tremendous ova
tion. The "Lovers' Tango,"
which they will give at the Times
Santa Claus party, is a novelty
of their own creation, and is one
of the regular acts in their vau
deville repertoire.
Where to Buy Tickets
Tickets tor the Times' Santa Claus party are now on Bale at
the following places.
South Tacoma Pruf Co.. 54th and Union avenue.
Want A<l Oounter, Tacoma T lmes office.
Olympic Club Cigar Stand, 9tn and Commerce.
Puritan Drug Store, 9th and Pacific.
Mar* David Jewelry Co., 908 Pacific.
Lotus Cite, iOOI Pacific.
Pr&oe Olrhi Co., 946 Pacific.
United Clfc"&r Store, 1 !th and Pacific.
Vlrges Drug Co., 1114 Paclfio.
Crown Drug Store, 1132 Pacific
Alfred* Cigar Store, 1152 Pacific.
City Hall elevator. City Hall.
Palm T>aD<l»B Academy, 10th and Pacific.
01id« Pavilion, 11th and L streets.
Economy Drug store, 11th and X streets.
The Times Santa Claim Is In his
element these days.
He has the names of 180 kiddles
In Taaoma who have written htm
asking for olothes, shoes, stock
ings, underolothes, food—and In a
few cases, toys. They are pitiful,
childish requests that touch the
But Santa has mere to be thank
ful for.
Everyone In Taooma seems to
want to help him in his bounteous
Throe M*J>t«. Startlaa; Thursday
■■d iattirdar M»tl««
Prises, fK>«. to *3. Seats Wedaesday.
. , ; t i CuwuJ* at SiM »har». .
All Week Besrlnalna; Today ' •
With Flereace' Bell. nml Prlaceas
■ ■>. Plarrra
In Willard Mack's Breexy Play .
■ , WfJN wroMiMG"-■■'■■■•.
I "The Vlfglnian's" Only Rival. '
' Mourtnr silgkt U Ladlca' linrnnln
Night •■ tickets B-urehaaad before
Bargain ■ matinees - Wednesday
and Saturday. •■'-•' ' ':*~- :-—"": /■-.-»;.
Prloes, ■ 2Qc, : 80c | and I BOc. . Phone
Main 7760. Bargain priced matinees
are IPo and 110. - - ■. - •■ --.--.::■ • ■
. Unequaled Vaudeville M
Bethwell Browne** Dane* I Review
• Prettr Glrte la . Ualatr stesw 'V
SU Maaleal Sptllrra—l.nix-lint. Cole,
liumll A , DavU, W«stOß * . Yoni
|»—»al Mosle. .J - Motion Plo«nr<-a.
Bone Dry
4 Big Yards
Main 689
The Sunshine club—composed of
charitable club women—have do
nated their services to Investigate
every case reported to Santa Claus.
They are Helling tickets this week
throughout the city for the Thurs
day night party.
Manager Russ Hall of Glide" pa
vilion has given the pavilion for
Thursday night at cost. Fred Pratt,
owner of the refreshment oounter
in the Glide, will give Santa Claus
his net receipts for the evening
of the party. [ Earl Kilgore and his
oraok orchestra are giving the low
est union rate for the music. Guy
Llewellyn, ad manager of Horgan-
Parker's store, has offered his serv
ices as floor manager. < Police Chief
Loomls has offered the services of
officers as door-attendants. ■■''..
The Commercial bindery has do
nated * the ' printing of tickets and
programs. C! The Commercial print
shop has oontributed the | printing
of placards. : Various stores, cigar
stands, and Individuals have j as
sisted by boosting the sale of tick
ets. The Silver Piano company.will
furnish a piano free at the Glide
for the' party.l;' Dott v Moore, , tenor,
and other entertainers, have offered
their services on the entertainment
program.' i '■''"' :• .",' ..■: '. ■' -; > :'
,-; Mark ! Davis, ; well; known local
Jeweler, .has oontrlbuted an elegant
blue ohina tea set with tray, elabo
rately decorated with solid sterling
silver; filigree,* as ? the:; prise ;. to ■ be
given \ for the! best waltier on ' the
koor. The \ fifteenth ■ dance will |be
designated as the "prlie waits" and
three capable judges will decide the
winner. :"t"'-,;..";, ■ * .-..'- _.j .■■■*-;/]
vj The American ;. Automobile com
pany has offered three Stewart
trucks for - Christmas ,■ eve, r, r; when
Santa ' will visit . the homes Jof ' tbe
poor and leave Christmas paokages.
Dosens of \ Individuals have come to
the Times' office and handed ', In
cash contributions.*\7£~: ' -'d '-if
;-i All : In ' all,' Santa. Is much : pleased.
?-■ He % happily believes »■ that, on
Christmas ■; day, J he can ; sit j down - to
hia ; turkey, dinner wl , the , realisa
tion that be has brought cheer Into
the homes jof j several - hundred Ta
nini ; families, and , that .he | has
done everything that a patron saint
could 1 4o ! to MsJuK Christmas the
sappiest day ;of i the >••».- V ; " '
KANSAS CITY, Dec. 16. —"To
h—ll with this court," said an I.
W. W. who Btood before the Ju<J([e
when the latter axki-d him and five
companions to raixe their hands to
be sworn and all six turned their
backs to the judge and got $100
iiin' each with |500 for the spokes
SPRINGFIELD, Wyo., Dec. 16.—
Fifteen masked and armed feudlsta
rode Into Old Horton, burned four
residences of members of the Col
lins family, beat the men up and
warned all to leave the county on
pain of death.
NEW YORK, Dec, 16. —Kellogg
Music company is in federal court
for using mails to defraud by ad
vertising for song writers to write
verse and they would furnish the
music and make a big hit.
COLUMBUS, 0., Dec. 16.—Robert
Alphonse Taft, son of ex-President
Taft, passed the state bar examina
tion the highest In his class.
Supreme court knocked out the
government and it must pay back
$1,500,000 collected ns corporation
tax from insurance company divi
CONCORD, N. H., Dec. 16.—Geo.
W. Glover, son, and Dr. E. J. Fob
ter Eddy, adopted son of Mrs. Mary
Baker G. Eddy, Christian Sclen««
fm nder, started suit In court to
collect legacies she left them.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 16.—
Secretary Bryan extended an offi
cial Invitation to the nations of
the world to take part in the Pan
ama exposition.
ST. LOUIS, Dec I«.—Police tried
to stop the nightly riots caused by
attacks of striking garment work
ers on employes who took their
places and 42 were locked In Jail
over night.
Gets Big Job
PORTLAND, Deo. 1« Joseph H.
Toung, who resigned as president
of the North Bank railway, will
become a director for the steam
ship lines of the New Tork, New
Haven and Hartford,
wLifeM. . _j%*-T >^iS^.'S^ T~^f^^ GILMOTTE SET, (lO.no \\> carry these in a complete line "yr
\^W* J*'*'y pipf HI-'T $'» 00 A Gillette safety razor In leather in ull shiipoH, nl/.os and materials. JB
rM .m,»box, g[gi - Ar saavsrasa. ™ - J
$1.80 box, cigar month piece, etc. enclosed, piked nt W«.50. fA\\\l -2
quality. Thig makos a mont yuit- bTTJ^HP^ i | L MlB -^H
Iql jjfk pnirvrn ivmiv liiiiimp ful to man, mounted on beau- B H
YW/ PHENCH IVOItI FKHUME UfUl " "atUrUl W°Oll a«■ d nm.l" "of nnrs " NETS. $1.50 TO $4.50 -«
VtfSfc*-* r, »i« no ♦„„. ,3,™. »■!♦>, *„<>.« art brass • Military hair brushe*. with intor- Jt
HAIR RECICVBR, 7«c £& CtlilT >(i»£IJ SSJ'&SS? f?r A& " uT* 3
Thi/t Is a Kltuib hair r^celvor or oently bo popular. (ArBBSSmn vtiy buhbdw roi travoiing übo. JR
powder box, with Quadruple plat* ixTKHi-nru- rri'mh kmt fal Hflr/1 FKF.XCII IVOUV -%I
»p. INTERLOCK BIUSII SKT /M'TWrfM Stt " 7 l' |ec<!B > '» beautiful l.ox. Jl
BMADED BAG SPECIAL, fit.OH J" Morocoo case, consisting of hat tW&WI l*i I>rl('od 0-50 3
For holiday giving theie Beaded biUßh and , ''lotllß brush, , with ygJ^&Cf rollAn nmi.-q Wi
Ra«s In black and'white, white *<«vine ebony handles. Priced Vimm—m In leath^lue^ln vaHety ot MA
and steel, gray and black, all ttt •*■• EBONOIU SET, $1.50 b?vlm uMc eL raniilUK from SBc W
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and gold. The sfoapes »re nar- M(le of calf horsehide -ileikin exceptional value and of rare BILL I'OI.DS, 50c
row, square, oval an.l the frames seal Morocco Tru aI S' beuuty ' Wallets, Bill Folds, (lold Puraes, *A
gunmetal, nickel or gilt; oh.ln et? in a var°ety^Sf coioi-B liana' HEADED NECK CHAINS Identification Card Cases, all In JL
handles. No tw» alike. Regular fnc'ln n rlpes from f.Or «b«% The latest offeots. both as to col- real leather, here at 00c *W
ralues $».00. $4.00 «nd $6.00. 8 P ' * ors and style of beads. Egyptian LAVAIIFRFB
Bpeclal here at .;?;.,J $1.»8 CUFF LINKS FOII MXX \ mummy beads, coral and amb.r O f Btcrlln silver rhinestone set *k
TOURIST CAIYSMW An extra large selection of neat combination, sued pearls and a va- o| . gold f ,, led w ,' h noveUjr Btone ' A
Small leather case containing a Plain or engraved links. Kuch In riety of other novel styles lnclud- Be ttins, as well a 8 sterling silver
Silk Folding Cap. ia«s»l for travel- beautirul velvet box. Priced cd. Priced anyways from $10.00 Hnd llark onyx Betß . p r |i any- JS
ing on dusty trains. Priced only.. 00c to as low as .. . •■■•■• SOc ways from $10.00 to as low aa -".
t l •- " - ■••••"•• •^f^V: $1f SHOPPING HAG, SPECIAL n g,U /S2£dfh3s. Priced £»T.-. .....$1.60 A
Tourirt Slippers/ to match the AT «t»c at, only . 7.V- $1.00 VANITIES AT 09c 5 1
above, for men and women. Genuine leather, in large size. OIIIUVS TI'KHK, 50c Oerman Silver Vanities, with mlr- J
These can be folded into ' a very Are the perfectly plain or with In neat little beaded Puree with ror, powder puff and two coin . *m
small leather pocket, ' priced, pur oxidized fancy frame. Regularly gold bead foundation in pretty holders, have been reduced now Jffq
pair, $1.00, $l.flO ami 1.78 $1.00 and $1.50. Special at 00c colored floral patterns. Priced BOc to special price of .....60c : 'TB
■'^ Camisole Laces 30c ' GROCERY SECTION . Fancy Linens Half 3B
Dainty floral and striped de- - ni'TTFR Price '■ ■■'•■ >3|
signs, of fine shadow lace, very „--,-• ' '■-'■''•"■'■ ' Owing to the fact that our Art >■■'."•
suitable for coriet covtn or ' Freeh Churned Magnet, put in 1-lb. cartons, per carton 40c Department will discontinue ;■•
camisole; pric«d Qfl*» Fresh Churned Washington Butter in bulk, per lb., 88c; 2 lbs. for 8 1l mj e up and finish linens, v A
at rl, ... GUC 75c;. 3 lbs. for $1.10 We have taken our entire stock .■%■
Fancy lowa Storage, per lb., «sc; 3 lbs. for $1.00 a,,,! reduced the same to one- -- Tl
Valenciennes Edaine GooU Cooking Butt«r, while it la«ts, per lb ; 80c half their orogJnal ptloe. > vi
Cents ST^ur, no. 9 B acks : Z:.... soc - All Are Priced in Plain M
Very suitable for aprons, bou- g**«n Flour '.. 80c Figures ad They Are , M
doir caps and fancy lingerie; Ry * "f** •• • • ? Bc Yours Or Just One-Half Tj
P^e. per K r M««iet° Pastry '' BOr Included are French Cluny. .CS
yard uU MOguet I i%'H'vivrv\V»VViv" VkV;^',,VV^.''i •""««« •■ hand-made - Madeira,." Benate- ' -.■•* M
y W U MORRIS & CO.'H I<ANCY HAOON, 35c value, Bpeclal 30c Jj?*' Filet Saxon Rnrt RX'"; M
Linen Clunv Laces 25c HAGNKT SHOULDER HAMS, 6to 8 lbs., special 14Hc Llnena coniDtete?v trlmmßd : il
unen UlUny. Ijaces ZOC bALIFORNIA CLUB iiiiaND Hand parked Tomatoes, no. 2V6 cans, embrcTderedTwith, ed«M £Tln ■'■'■• J
Splendid for trimming sheets 12% c value, special 10c; per doz., $1.10; per case. 2 doz. to sertions Included are doillß. H
and pillow oases, as well as case $1.00 centernleces Bcarf* sauaraa ii O|
dollies and centerpieces. A very MT. VERNON MlLK—per can, 7%c; per doz., 90c; per case of 4 well as large lunch oloth. kn<?
attractive OC« dOZ. Cans . $8.40 H hl«> nnran<la ■ ■
value at ........:.... /DC BUTTON BRAND. SUCED PINEAPPLE°-. 2 .canß'. Bial$ llc; ' Tomorrow Half Price
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m special BOc; large can. $1.05 value, special 00c »H»111111111»1111111«»11111b»1«11111b1«
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r> .v v it, \ 7 TT,, T6rv s Pecla to close out, No. 2% cans, 20c value, speolal lBHc; FOR THE KABT NOW. lIX- *t 'Jtx
For the holiday trade 1918 a per doz. .^ ?:...$1.40 MEMBER THAT TUB HOL- C^
special corset wm designed PKOPLK'B STORE DEFIANCE BLEND COFFEE—2Sc value, spe- IDAY MAIL RUSH MAY gl
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and incorporating the latest Occident $1.60 Drifted Snow $1.25 CHARGES ON PURCHASES JOB
styles. This exceptional cor- Fisher Blend $1.55 Olympio $1.25 OF fI.OO OR MORK TO "*Wi
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at .............. $/iUU v Magnet . *.... .....:. $1.19 *r'*^ NORTHWEST OR PACIFIC -•■
| I - COAST ■ ST.\ IIS. ■ ■v'.;;g--«^v.»T, iOg
■""""■■™——^—i^^^—■ Flirt Dolls, bisque :■ - I ,-^^^ v• ■ ' Meccano — Tb>» steel ;.. „--■■■ ■'<-'jf_ "*v , •'^ lft»J^B
Folding Doll Carts, BBS SmHEv Character Dolls with >y\ \)\ . jffe?^ >'.:_J6
- \y-i"!u<—QlQigSßflHis • x metal wheels, leather- yF&9&*^J^£A roa ] hair and lasbes I/* ';V&vi/\l -Nv <5' :;»^H
■ ——————r ette hood, regular . OllueSfflW $2.00 size. sp'l.. .SI.OO '• JjJ(( -\'- ■• Si>: «1
*"■ wmmmimmm T T"""™^ "™" '■' $2.75, special . .$2.20 -. Wff <$2.76"a1ze, sp'l.. .$1.89 ■'H?&.';f!s:>'V'■ l'jAli V; v^**!
THE UNIVERSAL SPELLING BOARD Puxzle Pictures, assort- 'W^ B^ w '.^»;;«w ■ \^^aßWau»**( li vJ
The object of this device is to amuse ed styles, reg. 60c, *^EmßtKr TIN Jrnvvl -\ --~^T"::...,-■;; r\S^J,sj 'J^aja
amd at the samVitJn»« instruct. A set »P«olal .......:.89e; FUNNY FA CED :- : ;-j^"wm^''^ ' CHARACTER nABY * JE
of lettered bloods that children : cannot KU^S^ ? SoS P^S O^^lntKhooK wt IK>^ ,'«
lose or scatter 6n the —95c. Mosaic Designer Game, ■; The Delight of the ei»—'gun and nine: wlth Bald Head. ;J an<i :%1 <3|
: :fe:'^:;:s;f l^.rf , : , regular 86c, special 19c flml]l cw\a Pri<.« wooden soldiers, per Papier Mache Body— m&
w^npnmjriL • -^..: Game of Aunt Sally, Z~* "t[ ™' Bsis&»£sss gSc, f1.585, $J. 78, fi
I til I I'! HP if regular 500, now . .'Mtc oc ' lut- IOC- "°c ' Toy Sluing C«rdb — «a oo Ha a\ »iv, Jt
M "^^irPS^ ,4* Battledoor and Shuttle- OOc, 75c each. Each, at 2Oc- .„"_' .T"f»' 1 1
-. --- ifimlLMMb W&PSKnBmJeS* oook, regular $1.10, .-'..;.',/ Toy Dishee—Enameled P»-00, Z* 4-??' $4.95, B^RJI
■ ■ ■ rmMiii\MSiM^SPr^ftrhrTl ""'* < special v:v... .. 89c " „^;;:; V:.;-':i:s:;i : : tin with ;., tray. Regu- $0.35. < > ""-^^^ g^hß
rm&J. li •■■'CSHhWWW;.•£■)'* CliiM'u Rocking Chair. JM'gL|;w]...ja ! 0 < «i '" . lar '35c, special ',' 28c - • ' ' ''. JH
■ . XJBP^' :| \2jUr £0 —Natural finish, cane tAiT^lSl^l^lCT '' S»*el Hand Oars^-* i',^-^^Jj^^^^M
MECHANICKIi FIRE TRUCK seat/.wicker. back o and.: ,|3|H|Si?jgj?,tßj ■-■ Btron«ly made, rub- llßQS|^g M^M
- With v^n'^n r^.r • arms. Values to $2.75. ■IfMßfflHjfiOJffi» m fber roB2 sizes; each, SPlEYiHßHftl^r^S WS/m
■.- With Extension Ladder, , -p r^lnl«t--- T" "ff IgffiSKK^ "? >f».C» amd?iJ^rr-.f4.aßj gjla^^B^t^T*^ M~M
OOcj^ur} $ 2.50 Toy Automobiles — : WgMmS^^^^ Trr« Ornjunents —We : kWJ^ShE. W&X
I,— _ Regular 35c. Special ■■HHHRfIHOHf have a large assort- J^
■•''■' ■:-v ■"■;"■ '.ftilli ' :.v?.'i;---' >V'^BB4t?*^ 1 »"'•"•'• I?.^. '.■".•;. . .2Oc f> •.,'."-;.:■■.: ; ".:: .;■:--*-",,■'■"; ment "of Tree Orna- ■ I.- ,'.'Wi
' ■ BMBBMa^,^PHii 48rTtk\ =IveV^Tralns — Key 3 Large box, contain- menta, priced from, , Bn iiin»si nr»%» IS^■
v W WaA^S~jLr% -■wlnd.lat.;per: ;6 et.:sl,; lng 84 AB C Burnt eachr^.T^le.to:*^! AROHARENA COM- \mm3
■ VBIH RMOOf $1.25, $1.75, $2.25 and | wLri ninoV^" °~ ' Christmas Tree Candle* | g|| MI NATION GAMS WmM
'. ■'■^JiHaP'PTßr^fj. / -" »8.50. These trains f^ o%* t'^^^mi _ per box IQc; I three | |i fßoardf«tte«-«w:56W Swl
■ MMKP' /V 7 W )' - ihave: guaranteed en- ;* 1-es box. -- boxes for*T^.T.%;attc ■; -i^^.o^K^lV l*«>i«
' - V^nyTnL -.WI-. .;.>.■.-. ftae*S-^vS'«M^ Hygienic Building | Candle g Holders, for f^.?*f3i!H?i^^ ffiSffl
! VC3^« •-% --lOV-- ;*i Baby DoUs, bald head; Blocks, In woodea Chrlstmaui tree, per Croklnole board.. ■
• '•■ regularly $1.76, special ; "„» ' ' lih ; ' w ,y. a \ a '• ' do«en, 10c; three dosen' equipped with M hard- |^^
:■-■:; VANKKK hitmp cabm^S *rr.-ft-;v.Vr7r.-nfi.s9| caJt UB wneelB ' torjr*rr^trr."-"iasc, wood disks; 10 games iPf<
•■' y ..■::•■*", ;^ UMl CAUTS , Regular $6.36 ;', Special* '>two>*Ut*l^l™M utUe Cartoonist Set i can be played on board.l B^*3
,Rfd ; wagon and' pacing horse. 60c each.i |rr.rvr.^rtTfrh $8.69 7Oc each. fatF" ""f^""« . .85c |» 1.80 and $B.o© each. i*m*

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