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ea-j aopgnmfogfTHß sorifps worthwbst lkaoub of I
MWIU'APKRS. Telegraphic News gervlca of the United Ptom
I—H»«tliw bjr direct X«mkml Wire.
Entered <at i the l poatoffice, Tacoma. f, Waah., a* 5 second-cUM
■Mttar. - PnbUahed by the Taconta Times Pub. 00. Every Breninf
—■111 Bnnday. '
PHONES: » Btuineaa J Office. Mala 10. ; Circulation Depfc,
MMB'Saf Editorial I)©pt., Main 704. &-r. %^ -■'•-' ,■.•■,;>.: -.'T^''
Tacoma Will Shine
The action of the council in overriding the remon
strance of property owners on the prominent down
town streets and ordering the new lighting district
in Monday promises to inaugurate a campaign that
.will make the whole city shine with dazzling light.
A North End district has already petitioned for
the new lights. Eleventh street property owners
also yesterday asked for blanks to petition for a dis
trict up this street to K. Other districts will prob
ably be asked for as soon as the city begins to ap
preciate what good lighting really is.
By the time the Panama exposition tourists begin
to come this way Tacoma will be in a position to
show what a municipal lighting plant can do to make
a city glorious by day and gorgeous at night.
Tacoma is to have refreshing relief from the grist
of sex problem plays and tango standard theatricals
this week in the coming of Otis Skinner with "Kis
met," a story of ancient Bagdad.
Real romance and literature get such slight shrift
in these latter days of the commercialized histrionic
that it will be like a breath of pure Puget Sound
ozone after a winter rain.
Bagdad itself, is sufficient to recall all the thrilling
romance surrounding the remarkable Arabian
Nights tales of Sinbad the Sailor, and the author of
"Kismet" carries this weird fairy fancy through his
play in a manner that is beautiful as well as clever.
Where All Feel at Home
The up-town march of fashion recently left in the
hands of a rich New York congregation a down-town
church building and the problem of what to do
about it.
The congregation was Episcopalian, but the neigh
borhood was Catholic and Jewish, hence there was
little need of continuing the institution as a denom
inational church.
So the bishop and the rector, with the assent of
the congregation, invited all the folks in and said, in
almost so many words: "The building is yours.
iYouts for a social center. Yours to rest in, to play
in, to learn in; with two exceptions:
"No one must proselyte and no one must discuss
In other words, the building wasn't theirs at all.
They didn't build it or own it and in it they weren't
Many persons wonder why churches aren't doing
better as social centers. Here's the answer: They're
not and cannot be democratic; the person who
doesn't "belong" cannot feel at home.
In Peoria a generous person put a pot of money
into a fine institution with every convenience for
public assemblage and gave its management into the
custody of liberal trustees, who invited everybody
to consider it "theirs to command."
There weren't even the strings that go with a
church—the place was absolutely free.
But the folks didn't come. A year went by and
the great institution had to confess failure. The
leading trustee found out the reason:
"Polks can't feel free in a building they don't
They own the schoolhouse. There all can meet on
a mutual common level, woman to woman and man
to man. Practically it is the only place. Other
places can serve some of the people, but in a public
school building equipped as a social center every
body can feel at home.
You have the buildings. Are you getting out of
them the full measure of possible value f
TWENTY-EIGHT million copies of tbe Bible were printed dur
> ing the past year. The Bible stiU seems to put the "six best sellers"
jla the background. • ' .; i-' 7." '-. ..-.-' ;--~ <-'.'\': ■■'■'■"■..■• :.••■',■
Blip A NTTMBEK 'of Ijos ' Angeles clubmen ■ and . women held '•',, mass
1 meeting, and, after . three '* hours, resolved ■ that something ■ must be
(done for the 20,000 unemployed in that city—then adjourned. *,
ISgSr . • • ■'■-■■■' ..' : : —-.:.■:" :::.,/■:'<'/■'--'' •%
TEMPTATION • Bomber of the Cornell Widow, a college publi
lelation, was so suggestive that the editors were suspended. Too bad
some i modern 1 magazines' can't be ) controlled Iby a board' of censors
: — —r—T—~-'tC;: : U^-':^-^:f:[';,
M® I>B.* MARY PENNINGTON, of the department of agriculture,
'announces that i frozen ■ eggs will ,be I one . thing j that'll \ settle the egg
; problem. . Simple ac the nose on your face. Just make your hen:lay
Jla the refrigerator! |* .v:'-'-^ .■■■-.^"-'•- .."-.:'-.:.-:-;■:':--"-".; '\':j :-:':-. -. -■ - ;-■;;• ;-;-:,t,
«S^>'- '* "■- '• 'C^ : — ' 7—rr-
KD',awr l find that all other stenches won't make Bandit Lopes
come out of that Utah mine, they might throw in a bundle of Cleve
llMMl; city hall cigars. #f After „ that, if he doesn't come out with a yell
5 tor liberty or death, they can bat he's dead as a hard-boiled egg.;
MBg3ptßlftigßTOßWßNßßitaß'" '""'"T"'.. —— ;— , , ...
fllil MRS. KATE > BARTH: has got ' Brooklyn, N. V., liquor. interests
rattled Iby conviction of : a saloonist ! under an old law 1 making |It a
aftmlnal offense to sell to a person after his wife or child give* notice
f'BOtits do it. Of course, Mrs. Barth's home is broken up. No aelf
iwpectlng f drunkard i would stand i such interference .with his rights
■nd so forth.
WINE, women faW! tbe speed! mania is the" latest excuse given
fcjr an Illinois man, who trilled another to get an automobile. It used
"wine, women and song." ( •;■'. f ■■- -....-",
aHBgwaBBttBHWaSBBSW«"■"r" •1 v, r.■-"'■' ' ■*»';.' .■'■.' ■-■: . ■'- ''-'-•'"' -■--.-,
MLAI I HAFII), ex-sultan i of, Morocco, '. has been ' married for 'the
tsrttoth time, says dispatch^Onlr. a barbarian could stand it."
igBBBH^iStSi^SBBt^Ht I 1 J- :" r ' "1" — '-' " ■ : ""..'".'
life ITO question about hard • time* *in ; Mliisoori, when a, fanner >1U
wnplain that gont«Oß«ita;»teallnf;;hia;sknnka.V- ':■;-'„":\.> gjjH ..•.•-■^ag
i^foffsec»^y^-?.«^'-vg:'r-""'"■'";■"~:.:-.-^i,;.::1—:. ■■ ■. ■•: ■-■ ■• ■ ■:
W% KASHIONABL* Park ladlesT'are. appearing at tiieaters in terri-
Mr slit" gowns, rvr«*llag shanks, called d«ool«tte catraa.

"Dearie, th' work at th' clu-er, ah
—the office, Is getting stacked
up on me something fierce this
time of nigh—year, an" I jus' had
ot stay and get it done. An' be
sides, dearie, the street cars were
all tied up."
Old Man—la that your mam
ma yonder with the beautiful set
of furs?
Willie—Yes, sir.
Old Man--Well, do you know Patient—Shall I ever get well
what poor animal it ia that hae again doctor?
to suffer in order that your mam- Doctor—Most certainly! I've
ma mi»ht have the fura with na d a lot of experience of your
which she adorn* herself so complaint. Why, Vy been treat
proudly? ing another patient for Jt for the
Willie —Yes, sir; my papa last fifteen years!
Eva—lt's ltke this: Just at
the stroke of midnight, you hold
a mirror before your face and
walk around the house back
Ella—Tea, and then—
Kva—Well, if none of the
young men at the party take the
trouble to follow you and look
over your shoulder so you cau
see the face of your future hus
band, why that proves that your
chances of getting married are
extremely remote.
■^rv :^:'Ali>/;-' &ZCOMA, Jjand EJ/EFtjErrx
Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1013.
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It was In a large mansion in the great city of New fork, the
servants were running to and fro preparing baskets for the poor.
Yes It was the twenty third of December, it would be only two more
days till Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. McDow ware In the good habit of sending many
things that would make the poor happy. Many great baskets were
sent to taoa« in need.
It was Christmas eve, a little family of five were seated around
a scanty table. The father was telling the children the story of Christ
how he waa even poorer than they, and wan born in a manger. The
story waa interrupted by a knock at the door, the small children ran
to the door, they thought it must be Santa Claus. They saw a man
with a large basket In hU arm and aaked the happy little children
if that la where they lived and If their parents name was Parker the
children Informed him that the namt waa Parker and that they lived
New York Office, 20 to 26 W. 23rd St.
Weather: Kaln tonight or Wednesday.
there. The basket wa* carried in the house and there waa never a *
happier family. :" ; - ,-. - ~ ..■■-.
Christmas dawned and surely Santa did come with a large tur
key. The children were very glad. The food - mother *nd father
were so happy for the childrens sake. They said, "Yes Ood has been >
very good to us. , , , ; MILDRED BOYLE.
Don't FUSS With ' Pleurisy, Rheumattam, Lurabaaro,
IM-».«.«^ «1«II«-Tl Faina and AchM of i the Back or'
mUSCara X*laSterS! ■ - . Jolnta, Sprain*, ' Sore Muaclea,
There no aenae in mixing up a Bruises. Chllblalna, Frosted Feet, 1 ;
m»sa of muatard, flour and water Colda of the Cheat <It prevent*
and a-MHnr every- Pneumonia.) _
thln« all muaaed up , At ' - - T
when you can ,-.o ■''"' ;. '■■ '■>^ .^aVal At your drurflut a.
eaelly relieve t)>/t tWTW^9'^t^^0 lWm^m ln ZSo and 50c ar*'
Pa'no"" ■«•«"<■«» with If 11 k% ■ aaf •JA 11 1 and m appcl-I Ur«a
m^ r » whlu lylliiHHiJll 1"1. ■•" -
MUSTBROLK I* fll^d^SSalgg^Aalß Accept no subatli
ffiada of pure oil of ;...:.,. '.', ■,:- .:: V^^^Bl*t cannot aupply
inaatard and other :•■''••:.•; =- ■ you, *end 260 or 104 »
h.lpfui lna;r«dUnta. oomblnad In tho to the i MU3TEROLJ: Company.
form of • pt«asant whlta ointment. • ' . > -. .—"^",-«>.,-«»-« r
It take* the place of the out-of- Cleveland. Ohio, and we will mail I
o»U muatard pUater, and will not you a jar postuga propald. («4>
»»sUrl Dr. U. it, Klttell. Jamaica. N. T,
a TBROL£ jrlr.. ln.UMr.llef; «^- mpU of Uuat , role wa .; receiW \
from Sore Throat, Bronchitis Ton-; ed nd nay; found It very *atl«f«o-, |
•Illtla, Crou,. Stiff Neok. Aathma, tOIT indeed. * Produces -, qof C| lt. ir*-. f
•Illtl*. Crouft,Stiff NeoH.^A*thma, bIUUr!" M*^ «p*Ms Hof;lt,»» | «
Neural*;!*, H»*4*oh«, Con««iUon, nIUUr." " ■. ' - *
Tuesd&y, Dec. 16, 1(B

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