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Thursday, Dec, 25,1913.
Tt was a remarkable Chrißtmnti
«ye in Tacoma.
Instead of the usual "night be
r fore Christmas" rush in the
stores merchants 'reported tha<
the last-minute trade did not ex
ceed that of the previous two
evenings. „, .-, .
m s Managers of Tacoma stores as
serted today that they believed
Tacoma had at last taken consid
eration of the clerks and obeyed
the oft-repeated request to "do
your shopping; early."
' Instead of the midnight rush
last, night, the stores and streets
were deserted by 11:30 o'clock
' and by midnight every store on
Pacific aevnue and C street was
closed'and the Btreets almost de
serted. Merchants reported that
• their trad© on Monday and Tues
day had ben heavy, and that tlx>
Christmas business averaged up
as well or better than last year,
but that people apparently joined
• in th.c "early shopping" move
ment in order to avoid a Christ
inas eve rush.
Union Paclfio engineers have
begun taking borings for the
testing of the foundation for the
new bridge to be placed over the
' city waterway below 15th street.
' The contract for the bridge,
which will cost about >,000,
will be let in January and work
will be started at once. It will
take a year for the construction.
Following the completion of the
bridge the company will build a
new freight shed Just across the
waterway to cost over $100,000.
All told the Union Pacific will
spend about half a million in Ta
coma in the next year.
LONDON, Dec. —The first
wireless for help ever recorded
from the Arctic circle came here
early today announcing that the
Norwegian steamer Bagnvald Jarl
whs ashore 600 miles north of
. Bergen. The message of distress
went the rounds of all the Euro
pean wireless stations.
BAKEHSFIEI.D, Cal., Dec. 25.
—J. H. Price, killed Ross Mer
-„ thew in a quarrel in a power
camp, then hired a rig and drove
20 miles to give himeelf up to
the sheriff with two bullet
wounds in his body.
NEW YORK, Dec. 25.—"The
"The yamDß3 6ff T ;T. .. T
Wood Chopper" is the title of a
- painting bought by Mrs. Wilson
for the president's Christmas
' WASHINGTON, D. C, D«C. 25.
—With both President Wilson
and Vice President Marshal away
and Secretary Bryan also absent
Secretary McAdoo is president to
* day. .;■ - . ' /"" ■•■■
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 25.
, — Dolavan's comet is viaible
through tbe telescope now and
•oon will be visible to the naked
•ye. "•/.:-■;
.DOUGLAS, Arii!., Dec. 25. —
A ! German supposed to be insane
threw his hat out of the window
of a passenger train, then leaped
head first ; after it. He was not
hurt much. '~i --", ./. ■.■:.,•?' '.■■ -i
CHICAGO, Dec. 25.—Mrs. El
, Flagg Young says she will re
sume , her old j place j at ■ the ; head
of the schools as a result of the
mtlon of the. board in reinstating
her yesterday. ' ■•'■'.' ,'"-;■.-.; ■'Q*?
NEW f YORK, Deo. •.; 25. —Offer-
Ing no reason the government has
„ i Just 1 dropped | prosecution lof
. Victor Neustadt, rich beer Im
porter ,1 who f was , arrested ; for , de
traudliiß the ; government: by un
dervaluation of ; his ■ Imports.-'.-.??
■. ¥. &'\jV' vv ■ ..-. • v'r'''-::-r, ■ v:*—■;
V,:, CTTASHINGTON.iD.- 0., Dec. 85.
■ >ißccretary McAdoo has suspend-;
*jf ■ Hjl the I collection \ of * the j income
:'■ -ha [at s the • source on 'i local > im
. ' ttoretnent ; district bond*;,'^"■■•T^
Girl's Story May Mean
Confession in Cases
With • In- injection of >IJss I^ena
ailufl, the first woman, into <!u'
trial here of el«lit indicted West*
crn Fuel company officials, ull#-
KUtions of atteniptinft to dlNcreOit
government witnesses through
sensntionul means have bern add
ed to the charges of coal frauds.
Accusing David G. Powers, a
married man, chief witness of the
prosecution, with having betrayed
her under promise of marriage,
this 20-year-old girl has relegated
the dry documentary details of
the case to the background. Miss
Caduff asserted that she thought
Powers divorced.
Powers declared it a bold at
tempt to mitigate the effect of his
testimony against his former busi
ness associates, he having been an
employe of the Western Fuel com
pany during the period of alleged
Although Miss Caduff and her
father both denied to the federal
grand jurors, hastily summoned,
The tldefiat ear line may be ■
paying invcatmrnt after all.
(ommlulDDar Free In nil's ■ «-»li
lualrx neuured from <iiklh«« r» and
used la tain talk Monday nljdit al
low $4T,778 a year for operation of
the line, which It la conceded la tre
mendoualr ItlitU. Aicalnat tbl« la ea
tlmated reoelpta of •27,88, a aavlns
of tlie direct current now bouicfct
from Stone-Webater of *.*.«:<>, niul
the savin* of the one iier cent fran
chise tax which Stone-Webster de
mand from tbe city of *11,011.M.
which would leave an actual deficit
the city would hnve to make up tra
der municipal ownership and oper
ation of the line of | $3,033 - above
what the pity would lose If Stone-
Webstsr operated the line. '
But Freeland has In trying to be
absolutely fair to the ; opposition,
granted too much. "In h!s estimate!
of tne cost of operation : lie allows
$35 a day or »12,77E for power. This
amount the city. would ; simply . pray
to Itself for Nlsqually electric cur
rent now going-. to 5 waste. ,'■>' As : a
matter of fact tha current to oper
ate the cars would not cost the city
a cent In reality as It has tlie juice
and Is not . using; It. <*-'<$■' '■-,;' '..; >■':■', ■
.-, If this % 18,775, Is ' eliminated from
the estimate of operation it would
leave the" oity ' taxpayers not , only
free | from - any j deficit to | make up
but ' actually \ $8,543 ahead of the
me. ':-*..' ;*"• * :.*"..*-=■••'"v-''•'"';
It really does not matter whether
thLs $12,776 be deducted from the
operating expenses or counted as
an addition to the revenues of the
light department, It counts as so
much train to the ctty Just th« same
The Bank of California
Established 1804.
Capital and Surplus . $16,300,000.00
G»n Francisco Portland Tacoma Seattle
The Bank of California Building, Tacoma.
Miss Lena Caduff, the "woman
in the case" of the government
againttt the 'Western Fuel com
pany. llelow is' Edwin Powers,
former assistant snpciiiitcniiciii of
the Fuel company, and below him,
his brother, David <>. Powers, star
witness for the prosecution ar
ru-.-il of contributing to the de
linquency of Miss Caduff.
that there was any connection be
tween her action and the cases at
bar, Special Prosecutors Matt I.
Sullivan and Theodore Roche at
once began a probe on this as
Three months ago Powers' ac
cuser had been refused a warrant
for hifi arrest on the same charge
and the grand jury refuted to
bring an Indictment.
That was why the motive of its
revival at this time was chal
lenged by the government.
He claims that while the accu
sations were being ventilated
three months ago, an attempt was
made by Mise Caduff's represen
tatives to quash the matter for a
cash payment of $1,000.
The federal grand jury discov
ered that Attorney Bradley Wal
lace, connected with the girl's
counsel, had been a college chum
of Felix Smith, son of Sidney
Smith, one of the defendant fuel
directors. Furthermore, that
Wallace was formerly attached to
the law offices of Atty. J. K. Prin
gle, step-son of Sidney V. Smith,
and associate counsel for the ac
cused directors.
This was regarded as highly
significant by the government.
"A pure frame-up," said David
In this he was sustained by his
brother Edwin Powers, former as
sistant superintendent of the
Western Fuel company.
as it Is city Juice It now hag going
to waste. If Stone-Webster put l/i
a line the city could not sell the
Juice to operate It.
The people are beginning to get
wise to the fact that the municipal
car line may be a big winner.
Even the tricky trio is beginning
to hedge.
The mayor declares now that he
will not join the "treasonable trio"
In the Stone-Webster deal. "I will
not agree to their deal on the fran
chise rebate," said the mayor.
This morning even Mills, who was
the ringleader of the back office'
deal declared that he was for a mv- I
nicipal line and that if the bonds
did not carry he even favored thn
city building the line later when it
got money at all events.
The counctlmen have about given
up hope of doing anything with
"I believe we are unanimous now !
that the city should build the line,
at least and own It, even If we have
to leave operation for a future con
sideration," said the mayor.
WASHINGTON, D. C, D«c. 25.
---There will be a few folks dis
appointed at not receiving their
Christmas presents on time be
cause of the congrestion of the
malls. Postmaster Burleson said
that despite the unprecedented
use of the mails this year the ser
vice -wrs delivering the goods.
The end of December
finds a remnant day
rich in excellent val
ues including plain
colors, satin taffetas,
messalines, novelties
and holiday ribbons in
lengths from % to l'/2
yards. Regular values
per yard 35a to 50c,
several ribbons even
higher. Tomorrow
these ribbons
Only 5 Cents
Odd Towels, Pattern Cloths, Napkins
and Fancy Linens may be found here at
special price reductions.
b'Oc Unbleached Damask at 35c
$1.00 Unbleached Linen Damask at 75c
$1.25 Mercerized Napkins at 75c
$2.00 Linen Pattern Cloths at ... .$1.50
35c Hemstitched Towels at^ 19c
$1.00 Renaissance Scarf's and
Squares 75c
HAT P • ■ ■---■-, I %^h pi/1/ Aili
/ 1111 \ \t<ki>i'i t fiw \k !
I ' 111 \\ MODI I 3 '' A Btunnlng BUU Of roy* a Bu if in navy bliiA nf ™ fl I^l*-- ,1 v\ V
/MIW ' A stunning suit of roy- A sllit in n ., vv i.i,,,, „# fl VO?
A ■ /Liwi This is a handsome al purple made of.the A BUlt '" navy b'"l ot : AH \ \<S
fl ■ I J'^^^ three-piece suit made new waffle cloth and extra quality bedford /BSbS I\ /
I Wfl rzr ln a combination of one of the decided cut- cord i n one-button cut- /JMH|v \ H^^
■ ■Ll *^ .. „, the colors taupe and away styles, with long • /JP^^-^ \ / ;
VIM . MODEIi 2 roße of a new tal- drooping kirn on a away style. Vest goes - .X: C^TT'. ;'.;■- \' /:>"
-"^o*k This exquisite model is esse. A contrastingly sleeves. The long che- wlfch this maka of soft MODEL 8 ' :'<\ • - -V I
'^•k made in a beautiful embroidered velvet col- nile scarf of oriental Wltn tnls aXe 0I 8°" A beauul taune suit XI £9
M«.l»i i l shade of brown broad- lar finishes the cut- design to be used tan broadcloth. A slit ta'the new breaded 'Js*' Ji
Handsome three-piece cloth. The Jacket away coat. A slightly either as draped or skirt, slightly draped, granite cloth with vest ';' *'" "i*
suit made of beautiful being made la the new but stylishly draped overflow, make this fnta h eß this suit- suit- made of nandßomp ori- r;^^J^dtSßw
three-tone changeable vestee effect in burnt skirt aids in making garment most distinct- nnlS°eß tft» ! ultl v eital taoestrv ?"^ Th a ?; MODEL 7
velvet in black, blue orange velvet. The this a most charming ive in style: Regular able for Btreet or after ■•°I*'. is p estr^ J,, t A handsome suit made*
and tan. The Jacket is color combmation pro- suit." Regularly $75.00, price $66.00. now .... noon wear. Regularly a^*;'/", B ' Zuh Vi\C (ot extra quality pur
a decided kimona style duced a truly stunning now V »37.80 ... ......... $32.50 $94.50, now . . $24.75 girdle andlsash effect^ ple Velvet ln : new l out"
with the new Marie effect. ■ The collar is . ■ - - - -■- ■ - -• • ■■■"■- .-"--,, '„ ■- ■-. -7 .- ti,. 'f an.d ■ Ba6n. 6"ec^' awa?' Btle- The J col-
Antoinette collar, trimmed; with ermine """~~~ '~" -.• . ... ....... , ■.--.... — !.J B'Y, rt. l 8 -n e n p,la ,' -?lar of tne coat Is trim
beautifully lined with : and the skirt is grace- A rii • 'l V T\ -'-/' /»•! 7 rNI S « mn«t «LliiV L!f^ mcd - wlth :: black S cara
soft flowered taffeta, fully draped to the A NTVIPT \\T Rrmfl-TlHc* VQID " m«n?" rI ««i 5? r cul and the combina-
The skirt is draped sides.! Original price. aTL; Otl IL/ tl V ; XJUIId - OdltJ tA^r'r, eKU - l 1?.\&^«on °n 5 purple fj«beinel
both sides and back, $55.00, now ...$27.50 ;^;; :^ •; :v : : v ■ ]';-,.• ■ • "a-&0> ow:: ...*_*...! Very impressive. A
making . the ■<■. garment ,'' , .-.■■ ■'':'.■-.'-■'■'- ■'■ ■ '■ "-'•^l--: "-.■;,.--■>■!.•.''.■■■■-•■" ■%:■■'■■.'■ ''■ ■ ; :■■-■: ■[■■''>'■■■■■' •">'. '• ■■!. f.:'.,r-.' il i"-":.'-;v V; draped t? skirt finishes
very dressy for both A Special event that comes most opportunely just after the ' holiday , thls nl desirable
: nooo nri^nai evepVicS i: eason to supply the women of Tacoma with garments of the latest style ' K^S^owl^
$89.50, now .. $44.75 . .' and materials at savings remarkable in every way. " »^^^B $22.50
: is a strictly bona sale, and we give you the privilege to take from our stock any garment at exactly one-half price.
In spite of similar:sales we still maintain that this is the biggest genuine value-giving sale in women^s'suits held in Tacoma
this year. The fact that th^priginal prices of our suits were conservative arid not made with this sale in r&?}?-t&W!?v^M$W:
7— 1 1 I l i ' t
Half PHce
Our entire lot of women's furs, compris
ing neck piece, muffs, sets, as well as a
complete line of wonderful fur coats is
now offered at exactly one-half their
original price.
You may find in this assortment every
thing that is up-to-date, fashionable and
satisfactory as to Wear.
The holiday! have left
us with a dazzling va
riety of short silk
lengths, none of them
are so small as to be
useless. Nearly all of
them enough for
waists, not a few fine
for dresses or outer
All remnants tomor
10c Oval Pictures with metal frames
now 5c
15c Framed Pictures with choice of
Cupid and Fisher subjects at 9c
50c Framed Pictures now, your choice 18c
Bf)c Framed Pictures, Worth to 85c at 39c
140 Flamed Pictures, including every
picture in stock, worth from 89c to
$1.50, now, your choice at 59c
$1.60 Framed Pictures on sale now at 98c
$2.48 Framed Pictures in extra large 3
inch frames, now your choice at $1.39
Suit Special at $6.35
A very special number including the
latest novelty styles in good material
in our $10.00 and $15.00 numbers. Priced
now very special at $6.35
Suit Special at $9.85
Regular Values to $20 and $25
You may find here the most stupendous
suit value of the season. In the first
place they are all strictly 1913 winter
models of the most desirable styles and
materials and at the regular prices ex
ceptions in value giving. For that rea
son the present price makes them most
extraordinary in every way. Regular
$20.00 and $25.00, special at ". $9.85
Is offered this rem
nant day in lengths
14 to 18 inches. Plain
or fancy patterns are
found hero that would
have been regularly
tOo to 15c. Our quan
tity limited but as a
remnant day clear
ance we will offer
them special at
2 Cents Each
As well as embroider
ies such as shadow
laces, dainty Irish,
Valenciennes, Vene
tian, cluny and Rou
manian laces in
lengths from % to IVu
yards. Tomorrow
Wo are offering our fancy linen pieces,
fancy holiday novelties, such as pin
cushions, match holders, whisk broom
holders, etc., at half price.
Irish Crochet Doilies—*
Regularly 35c, now 19c
Regularly 50c, now 26c
Regularly 75c, now -.-... 38c
Half Price
In this sale we include each and every*
one of our evening gowns, party frocks
and dresses at a price which is below
wholesale cost and that offers unprece
dented opportunities for fashionabM
wear to the women of Tacoma.
Dimities, madras, per
cales, piques, organ
dies, nainsooks and
silk and cotton mix
tures, in the most de
sirable colors most
UHfible for waists,
boudoir caps, \mder
wear and similar uses.

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