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.11 ; HI ,—--*■■■- ■ ■ hi_i.ii. — I qn ¥—^
Nk»Vsr\l'KllM. Telegraphic Sows Service ot Uie I'nited Press
Aaaoci.-tion by direct Leased Wire.
Kntored at the poetofflce, Tacoma, Wash., as second-class
matter. Published by the Tacoma Times Pub. Co. Every
a Evening Except Sunday.
PHONES: Riwineas Office, Main 11. Circulation Dept.,
'•....n 12. Editorial Dept., Malu 704.
■MPSfll—776-77S OOMMEKCB ST.
Causes of Poverty
Washington Gladden, the preacher democrat, told
an audience in Cleveland the other day what caused
poverty. The causes he named were these:
Ignorance and inefficiency.
Wasteful government.
Tho destructivenoss of .want.
Absurdly high tariffs; and
Stock watering.
A had hunch, we'll all agree. But there's a sixth
cause which Dr. Gladden shouldn't overlook, for it's
the higgest little worker in the group and it works
While you sleep.
It is the private pocketing of the publicly created
increase in land values —the tendency toward pri
vate monopoly in land. Cleveland offers some strik
ing illustrations of it.
In that city there's a middle-aged doctor who, dur
ing 25 years of practice, has averaged $5,000 a year.
By working faithfully night and day, he has, over a
quarter of a century, received $125,000 and, we
guess, earned it, too.
When he started practicing he was offered the
purchase of a house and lot near the present busi
ness center. He could have bought then for $4,000.
Today the land alone is rented on a valuation of
$260,000. For working, instead of speculating, for
doing something socially useful instead of sponging
on others' industry, this doctor HAS, TN EFFECT.
BEEN FINED $i:51,000.
In every city the worker is carrying the specu
lator, literally carrying him on his hack; and of all
forms of speculation private speculation in land val
ues is most active and most injurious to those who
pay the toll.
During the past 10 years land values in the city
where Dr. Gladden spoke increased at a rate almost
equaling the total cost of the city's government. Who
got this increase? A few landlords. Who made it?
All the people of Cleveland—every newly born child
added $500 to the total of the speculators' gains.
This toll upon industry is being driven like a|
wedge through every city in the land, uplifting a few
to unearned luxury, crushing the many to lower
depths of want.
Next time, Brother Gladden, if you want to un
cover tho big, continuous and insatiable cause of pov
erty, don't forget this foolish deference to the land
Too Much
When a woman of 32 is widowed by the death of a
96-year-old husband, leaving a $20,000,000 estate,
ought her grief to be made known by the ringing of a
chime of nine two-ton bells on a higli tower every 15
minutes, causing neighbors to complain?
Could not the grief proper in such a situation be
assumed without having it dinned into the ears of
the neighborhood in thunderous tones?
Jerscj' justice, famed as swift and sure, is now
wrestling with this problem, and its verdict will bo
awaited with interest.
Women these days are showing many unique
forms of initiative, compelling much revision of an
cient standards.
But in the language of the late A. Ward, this seems
to be a case of "too, too mutch."
Dairy hands in Holland have to frequently under
go medical examination to prove that they are
nealthy milkers.
Bandit Lopez showed intellectuality by losing him
self among the Chicago police.
E. L. Swan of Orange, N. J., has a calliope attached
to his auto, and has not yet been shot at.
Dr. Fritz Perl, German minister to Hay ti, swears
he has been cured of rheumatism by sleeping with a
cat, pussy absorbing all the pain twinges. Send a
barrel of cats to San Diego! She's tried everything
save cats and still has the twinges. |
Chicago's board of education has barred the teach
ing of personal purity in Chicago schools. What
would Chicagoans do with personal purity if they
had it, anyhow?
Isn't it a wonder some enterprising press agent of
a $1000-a-week actress hasn't had her lose a gram or
two of radium before this?
t' ■■ .. - wtm w»soms
There are twice as many widows as widowers in
the United States. You'll have to figure out the rea
son for this yourself and make your own observation.
Bats and bats in Houston, Tex., threaten destruc
tion of buildings, injury to life and undermining of
great industries, 'tis reported. Bat the rati
Outbursts of Everett True
so PR.
The king dragged the court
jester around by the hair of his
"Zounds!" cried the jester
"His majesty is at his wit's end."
♦ ♦* ♦ ♦♦ 000 ♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦♦ 004*
Miss Dillpickles finally becomes engaged to mar
ry but the hour of her triumph is embittered by
maidenly panic—A "screecher film" in six reels
by Fred Shaefer.
"Come out!" says pa. "II o's gone. He's disgusted!"
Without a notion where I was
going, i left the house and duck
ed Into the barn. I wanted to con
ceal myself. The wedding hour
would have to pass without me.
I knew my mind now.
There was a feed-bin with a
lid. I got Into that.
Of course, I hated to leave poor
Mr. Hugginblossom standing in
the parlor, holding a useless wed
ding ring in his trembling fing
ers. Everybody will sympathise
with him. But, suppose I waa a
All run down? Ayer's Sttna-arilla
k a strong nerve tonic No alcohol.
Sold for SO years.
Mi Yew Doctor. JXX?r»„
1-2 Price Sale
1332 Pacific ay.
Some one had left a button on
the table in the restaurant In
place of a tip.
"Ah, well," philosophized the
waiter, "everything comes to him
who waits."
horse he'd bought, and that hot's.!
had dropped between the shafts
before he got it home? There
would be no .sympathy for him
then, would there? Huh, I guess
I've got as much rights as a
horse. It was rough on Cuthbert,
but he had to be disappointed
Rather that, than a life of vain
regret for a girlish error.
So I moralized, crouched In the
dark, hot, dusty feed-bin, my
scalding tears making a wet mash
of the contents.
Some commotion I heard. They
looked in the bars, but didn't find
me. After a long time —after ev
erything had quieted down—nty
pa came out to feed the horses.
"Come out," says pa. "He's
gone. He's disgusted."
. . . s
I know I'm a fool, and I've al
most broken a heart.
Rut pooh-pooh for my critics.
One thing they CAN'T say.
They can't say I'm a bold, brazen
"Swap" ads, IS words S (lines
18 cents. See Want Ad page. *•
Lord Ballyrot in
Whilst In the smoking room
between the acts, one evening, old
chap, a friend proffered the mem
bers of our group gold-niono
gramed clgarets—his own special
brand. One of the gentlemen re
fused, declining to accept a cig
iirei in this fastion:
"Nix on those casket tacks for
mine, pal. Say, I wouldn't jam a
gravestone chisel Into my map if
1 was dying for a whiff. Any
time you see me puffing a far;
just mark me down aa getting
woozy. No oue-lung cough nor
orange-tinted claws for mine, let
me tell you. I swore off the
dream-tubes years ago, and since
then I've never lit a Sullivan!"
* Ulll-'A <.XI I Iv «■
♦ miiis GRKKK •
An enterprising florist, to In
crease his trade, displayed this
sign in his window:
"We give a packet of flower
seeds with every plant."
His competitor across the street
promptly sought to meet the com
petition by placing in his window
the following announcement:
"We give the earth with every
Captive: Why are my hands
Pirate: Because you're going
to walk the plank presently.
Captive: Tie my feet!
"What's the matter with the
train?" asked the grouch tiasßen
ger, vexed with the speed they
were making.
"If you don't like this train,"
the brakeman retorted, "you can
can get out and walk."
"By Jove!" said the grouch,
"I'd like to do it; but a reception
oommittee is to meet me at my
destination, and I don't want to
get In ahead of time."
"We will dance through life
"Ah, then I am sure nothing
am ever come between us."
For Frost Bites and Chapped Skin
For frost-bitten ears, fingers
and toes; chapped hands and lips,
chilblains, cold sores, red and
rough skins, there Is nothing to
equal Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
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the time. Best remedy for all
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ter, piles, etc. 25c. All drug
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. A S $4 COMA. _i^WD ElS£flE-TT. ,
redneNday, January 14.\ew York Office: 180-26 West 82d Street.Weather—Rain tonight and Thnrsdsy
. ' • 0 i
_ 100 Suits $15.00 to $75.00
/ « \^V Every suit a late winter style—in stock less than 90 days.
/y\ \ JjP Suits of assured style and superiority of tailoring and
v\ I /■ Material.
\i| /■ Plain Serges, Cheviots, Eponge, Poplin, Matalasse,
10 V\\m\ Bedford C°rd-
Lx I Navy, taupe, mahogany, brown, black, Copenhagen. All
\ j W si/.es up to 11. Also stouts from 41 to 45.
/J / $15.00 Suits now .... $ 7.50 $30.00 Suits now .... $15.00
Jlj $20.00 Suits now .... $10.00 $35.00 Suits now .... $17.50 j
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Notion Sale 10 Dozen House Jft\ djjk]
Dressmakers' Supplies FV«,«.„«.«» -.mm—AM. 9t\ 0- J*f \VT d
ioc sewing suk—looyd. spools LJresses, wortii nc^ t^A)L
black and colors ."•■ _ m _ r* f\ r ZlaW\\ R&O&P\ JrW&iJoK*\
5. .Needle*—Best grade, gold IO 3>I.DU IOF . ,o**-*** Kfift,'."/A[ A NMWJfjW
ey«is, U papers lOc „ , _ m . MmvMmko wSBBryI
Hasting Cotton—sDo yd. spools Ten smart styles to select from—varl- /Wtft*f /MM 7/
3 spools for lt)c ously high mvk, round and square low //jijy\Af /^fflSaK^
fie Thread -Linen finished for neck effects. Made of good quality fC&«j!f '_Wjriffm
buttons or carpet, spools . 3c QUrgeH , s|rj an(J oheck glngham pla , n I |I|wUJL
Wni'ren'N Keatlierlmne — Silk , , 7, " , , , I »., H-ISf»»a
covered, black or white, yd. He chambrays and percales, light and dark J ffllLi-lflif
5c Hooks and Kyes—Rust proof effects. Komi- with round scalloped I jlflfjF;.:'!| llMffl
hump hook, card 2c collars of plain materials, others trim- I IfJ F'Mni 1 ft»
foliar Supporters — Wavy mc d with bias bands of self or plain I iffl ''''' [Mm
style, cotton covered, do*. 9c . , . . „ „ laSl"iH
5c Rosen Collar Supporters— material and embroidery. House dress- 1 U
Celluloid, 2 doz. for 5c es selling regularly up to 1.50. Choice Hjp^j n
l()c Art Gum — The dry clean- tomorrow 95c ■ «*■*'
f ___ • •;••.•' 5? See llth st. Window Display. " *-
3c Cotton Tape — Black and
white, sizes to 12, 8 rolls 10c
Sr Thln,. b,eß.~. Al. u. m,n. u": is Coverall Aprons 49c
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riftf "rC TTUrtralVfi. 9. fU" COTerall &" wlth -l™°*° sleeve, finished with white piping.
all sizes, 5 doz. for 10c Can be worn as an apron or house dress. Special value ... 19c
35c Shears—B-in. all nickeled,
25c Dress shield—Kieinerts Odd Dinnerware Pieces 5c
or Ono. 2 to 3, choice for . . 19c » w**** *^11,WVI m tmm m * lvvvo ****
10c Large Cube I'lns — Assort- Remnants of a number of discontinued dinuerware patterns, in
ed colors ...* -.5c eluding—
5c Small Cube Pins — Assort- q,]^ pi ft t M , Soup Plates, Oatmeuls, Fruits, Pickle Dishes
ed colors, 3 for l«>c „„_.„
8c Tailors' Chalk—Assorted «J,d Cu I»s ""d Mmmm
colors, 6 for 5c Very special tomorrow, choice at 5c
Rocker for «PO. / O Coupon Special
a, . $1.25 Water Bottles
r Mission style Rocker, as Illustrated, made
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| en or fumed finish. Seat covered with
! brown Spanish leather. Good construe- g-JJ^J-JJj^^
. tlon throughout. Worth $8.25. January g„*cial 49C
sale price $6.75 I
Note the extreme reductions.
Children's Coats Up to Children's Hats, Up to Girls' Dresses, Worth
$5.00 at $1.95 $3.00 at 98c 75c, Special 59c
_, . _ . .. . - - - -~-"l" Hats of corduroy, plush and Mothers should get a spring
Plain and belted styles of serge, felt trlmme<i wlth rlbbon> BUpply . nreßßeß of good glng B _
corduroy and broadcloth In feathers and fur; colors brown, ham, chambray and percale,
brown, navy, red and gray; navy, red, Copenhagen and light and dark colors; sizes 2
sizes 1 to 6 years; priced for- white. Priced formerly to to 6 years. Regularly 76c.
merly to 5.00. Sale price $1.05 $3.00. Sale price 98c Sale price 59c
c noticed the flashy guy,
; who's chasing around with you;
c, sister, he don't get by;
aX to chuck him— and sudden, too;
ok grand and he may talk great,
.. . . Hut take my warning and cut him out,
|V>mM ' Kor the guy who's honest and true and straight
jwgSjvj^g Don't court his girl by the high-ball route!
Kifflf^gwES/ Them friends of his that you've had to meet
fffiaj^r'jEjE^f- Ain't just the kind that you ought to choose,
I'nr how kin a decent girl keep sweet
Tlf l~^y4? fT 'n a crowd that's given to paint and booze?
nO^ Jt there's too much glitter and flash and glare;
1 \**4 2_\ That duck's too much of a "good old scout;"
VJwy SJf% 'Relieve me, sister, the guy who's square
/\uK Don't court hla girl by the high-ball route!
r^h\ You get some feller that thinks you're queen
Bm X] And tries to keep you from any wrong;
fjm^V This present party is far too keen
lAmmP ' ()" leadin' you off with the giddy throng;
I l_S wi Th* 'n"" „'"° ff'"*'r w'" treat you white,
n mwMli. Hut not where the spigots fizz and ni>out;
jj r__m_oß IleUeve me, sister, the guy who's right
B IfllKjlt "un't court his girl by the highball route!
q£J/*mo*m----^—-- -—~^M**42Af^***oL^- ■ ■ ■ ■ td^^__9^___t_ m _ m -----wm ■Ny^—*y » ■ ■ m*ww_Y
Wednesday, Jan. 14,1914.
Of Silverware, Jewelry and
Hand Rag* for less than factory
cost. These must be sold.
Hunt; bags, worth up 0 4 00
to 94.00, at 0 I .JJ
Hand hags, worth up CfJ.
tn 92.00, at o3C
Rogers silver knives and forks,
regular $5.00 value, of\ qq
now JO
Rogers tea spoons, n-gu- |»ft_
lar 91.10, now DOC
Rogers roM meat forks, j|Q_
regulur 91.00, now HtfC
Rogers sugar 10«
spoons | jj-y
Rogers butter f Q
knives I JO
All fully warrauted 10 years
triple plated.
American alarm clocks, Cfl«
regular 91.00, now OJb
9 MSB rainproof urn- C 0«»
liiellas, now oJ \f
Jewelry of all kinds to go in
this sale at One-Half price and
Solid gold baby rings, regular
7Ht values, while they OC-
Urn Z3C
1105-7 C Street.
810 11KI) BUJX

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