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Now that ICs known how far a housewife walks In a day,
why don't some guy figure out how far a Tacoma girl would go
If ahe walks as many steps as she steps in a night's tangoing?
mamm —y—^———^
I AM sold 1.. troubled In mind.
THREE DAYS HAYK iiassed, and
not 4 word yet from Ananias.
OK 4t\ I Mil along with him.
I HA VI. BEEN so worried that I
didn't sleep a wink last night.
AND I COULD hardly eat a bite
for breakfast.
four eggs, a plate of toast, a
pint ol oatmeal and two cups
of coffee.
I'M sti \l It \ll> something dread
ful has happened both of them.
AND YET FAILED to kill them.
THE EDITOR HAS remarked that
thoy must "sell 'em" big and
foaming o'er in Salem.
IT IH ONLY because I realize he
ls nervous and upset himself
that I spare his life for that.
AND HERE I am again this morn-
Ing with this whole column to
BETTER I BAWL some guy out.
tango club.
1/OI'IE NEVER HEADS this stuff
club, Louie?
bryo actor, was reciting a piece
— Henry M. Pindell of Peoria, rc
eently confirmed by the senate,
declined the St. Petersburg am
bassadorship today. There has
been much controversy over the
appointment. In a letter to the
president, Plndell said the squab
bling so embarrassed him that he
Outbursts of Everett True
The Tacoma Times
30c A , — HOME
the other day.
WHKN IN RFSHED ■ cat and
stepped on his toe.
AS HE METED the cat high In
to the atmosphere, Mr. Ogllvie
was heard to mutter:
"INTERIU'IT NOT, feline; this
is a monologue, not a cata
SHE THREW IP her hands with
a shrill cry, and silently sank
ln the black waters of the
a number of girls.
AND WOULD LIKE to be piping
them off.
THEY DO HAY Fiance may re
ceive Hugh Wallace as ambas
BIT I HARDLY think France is
in any immediate danger.
I HAVE A notion to get out an
annual edition myself.
SO PEOPLE CAN" say nice things
about it.
er, Is a great aid to bashful
young lovers.
DYE, OLD clothes, dye!
I AM GOING to celebrate ground
hog day.
BY EATING pork sausage for sup
FORK SAFSAGE—ground hog—
ls there no limit, etc.?
RIGHT NOW 1 AM going out to
get Detectives Huekaba and
Kinrald, Sergeant Guy and Pa
trolman Angus.
A"ND SHIP 'EM to Salem.
I ASKED FOR a correspondent,
and they handed me A. Lemon.
doubted If he would be able to
serve efficiently. Tho executive
accepted his decision In a com
munication, complimenting him
highly. It ls understood it Is in
tended to give the Peorlan an im
portant diplomatic post elsewhere
and that Charles R. Crane, the
Chicago millionaire, Is scheduled
for the St. Petersburg embassy.
He* captain In Rockland, Maine, says he's got a blind hen
that lays four eggs a day. Why doesn't he blindfold the flock,
sell his ship and retire rich, eh?
Remarkable Confession of Alfred Lehman, Who at
22, Has Been Terror of Night—Sent to "Refuge"
at 8, He Learned Evil That Shriveled His Soul.
NEW YOItK, Fell. S.—For the pant four or five years a terror
lias stalked by night through the dark st reels mid the darker hall
ways ol the East Side*.
Fathers and mothers have lain down to troubled sleep, wonder-
Ing whether they and their little ones would awake to greet another
imam, or whether a uiuffletl i-om- and a crash In the dead of night
would rend the frail tenement walls, and set their frantic hordes
battling wilh flame ami smoke and panic.
Xo one knew tit whose door the next bomb of the Mark Hand
might He.
Long and hard work by detectives has resulted in the apparent
rounding-up of the gang that has been responsible for this reign of
terror. Augeliuo Sylvester is on trial, and among the witnesses for
the state is Alfred Lehman, v little, hard-faced, tlred-looklng boy,
barely out of his teens.
Lehman, on the stand, adinittetl every species of crime
from I'clti larceny to assassination. He (old of having ab
ducted girls Im white-slave pMpatft*, He said he had
tilth his own hands planted thirty-three bombs lv stores
and tenement house*!.
"Old you have no regard for human life when you set off dyna
mite bombs in crowded tenement houses?" asked the district attor
"No—no more than I would have for insects that I wanted to
Then came something of the story of the warping of a human
soul into such a monstrous travesty upon humanity.
. "My father and mother died when 1 was a baby. When I was
eight I was sent to a House of Refuge. I've been through them all
—houses of detention, houses of refuge, lionises of correction, reform
atories —ull the places where they send kids that are bad. They
don't any of them do v fellow any good." A lwy gets In with older
criminals, and they make a pretty fair crook of him before he gets
"One day after I got out a follow wanted me to go %long on a
'Job.' 1 went. They killed a man, and I got his money. The gang
saw I was game and took me into the Black Hand.
"I got from $2 to $2!i for placing a bomb. The 'big men" in
the gang got .tie biggest part of the blackmail that was collected.
"What I've done is done, and I'm ready to take what is com
ing to_mie/]
DENVER, Colo., Feb. 2.—Ru
mors of a scandal ln connection
with the disapiiearaiiee of the
Rev. George Gallup, vicar of St
John's cathedral of this city, has
created intense excitement In
church circles here today. Rev.
Gallup suddenly disappeared last
week. He was seen last Thurs
day at the railroad station and
since then nothing has been heard
of him.
Dean H. Martini Hart, in an In
terview today, intimated that the
minister's disappearance was con
nected with a scandal. "Like
many other i>eople, he did un
worthily and took himself off —
where Ido not know. He certain
ly was demented and wholly un
CHICAGO.— Albert Hoswell,
seaman, said he saved 4 5 women
on the Titanic, but that matrimo
nial seas nearly swamped him.
"Try another cruise with your
wife," advised Judge Uhlier.
The recall ou Mills and Woods
has not yet been filed at the city
The movement started by A. I_.
Thorn ana a few of his friends
and others has evolved into a
more general attack on the two
commissioners and all day today
the recall offices in the National
Realty building have been swarm
ing with citizens who wanted to
get into the fight.
A general meeting will, there
Try Couple For Murder
ROME, Feb. 2. -Early arraign
ment of I.ongfield Wolff and his
wife, bt Santa Rosa, California,
charged with the murder of Mo
rlts Sigal, a wealthy merchant of
I^pslg, ls promised today by the
Rome police. Sigal, It Is said,
was Infatuated with Mrs. Wolff,
who is young and pretty. Sigal
To Charter Car
rORTI-AND. Ore.. Feb. 2. —
Portland Rotary club will charter
a special car to go to Taeoma Feb
ruary 20 for the get-together
meeting with Rotarlans of Seat
tle, Spokane, Portland and Ta
coma. '<
For Tacoma and vicinity: Fair tonight and Tuesday.
Did Mrs. Harry Townsend
dunce with the governor?
Irrelevant though this question
uiity seem upon the first glance,
it menus a whole lot to Mrs.
Townsend, to her husband, and to
P. It. Soles, v SI ci lin in, ni drug
For already, Irrelevant or no,
it has caused the word of Mrs.
Townsend to be Impugned, cost
Mr. Soles a bcuutilally shaded
orb, aud put Mr. Townsend In
danger of paying a stiff fine for
At a recent ball given in this
city, Mrs. Townsend, who is an
Industrial teacher at the Stella
coom institution danced with Gov
ernor Lister. At least, she says
she did. Both the governor and
his wife were present at this ball.
Naturally, one doesnt' dance
with governors at every hop or
tango-trot that conies along. To
have a governor dance with you
Is—-well, it is something of an
honor, you know. One might be
forgiven for getting the least bit
chesty over having tripped the
light fantastic with such an em
inent person.
So the next day, when Mrs.
fore, be held at Fraternity hall,
1117 1-2 Tacoma avenue tonight
when the, whole recall committee
will be reorganized and plans
made to go out and get the signa
tures necessary to recall petitions.
The agitation of the recall ap
parently has caused some activity
on the part of the voters for al
ready the registration seems to
he climbing up again. There was
a pretty steady stream of- voters
at the registration booth on Com
merce street today.
met his deatii -during an automo
bile ride with Mrs. Wolff. He
dropped dead as he alighted from
the car at the Victoria hotel. Ac
cording to the Wolffs he waa shot
from outside tho machine. The
police disbelieve this story. The
police allege that Wolff la no
torious as an International thief.
week ■ lowers
Art Series of Pennants can be had at the Tlmea office by pre
senting this coupon and 20 cents. Twenty-five cents by mall.
South Carolina legislature bars white teachers from colored
schools, and court of appeals at Ht. Louis bars colored doctors
from Pullman cars. It's horse and horse.
Who's to Blame?
Alfred Lehmiin, self-confessed robber, nb-l
dm im, bomb-planter, Black-llander, Murderer.'-
Alfred Lehman Is not the point of this story. He Is only an inci
dent. His story Is told, and somt^peiial institution will take him off
the hands of society, doubtless, for some time to come.
Hut the nation will still lie full of Alfred Lehmans in
the making, of boy., to whom society must recognize anil
fulfill its duty as gum ;lii.u anil educator —if it would
diminish the number of .Hired Lehiuaus. who are filling its
J court dockets anil populating its. |H»st-graduate reform
schools—the penitentiaries.
Townsend appeared' at the dinner
table she felt constrained to re-1
DSark casually, of course that
ike had danced with tin- gover-;
nor the night before, and had,
found him a nimble exponent of,
the terpsiehorean art? etc., etc.
Hut Mr. Soles, it is said, proved
a skeptical individual- oh, quite!
tkeptteal, He even went so fur
as to smile derisively.
"YOU dance with the gover
nor, " he is alleged to have sneer
ed. "Huh! Fat chance! You
got as muck show of dancing with
tlie governor as 1 have In dancing
with the governor's wife."
.Now when one has danced with
a governor, one does not ink.
such tiling:, lightly. These alleged
wolds of Si.l.-s- stung Mis.
Townsend anil rankled in her bos
om. Mr. Townsend was not home
then, ns he works ln the city, but
when he eiiine out Wednesday
evening last, she poured forth her
tab- of mm.
Her husband waxed exceedingly
wroth at the alleged affront, It Is
said, and he vowed vengeance.
Soon niter, Soles and he met on
the Stellucooni car.
Townsend advanced upon the
druggist with scowling mien and
fiery eye.
"What do you Inean by talking
to my wife the way you did?" he
in alleged to have asked.
Mr. Soles murmured something
about "only joking."
"Well, you want to can that
stuff," remarked Mr. Townsend
pleasantly. "You keep your face
Lin of nialtei's that don't concern
you. See?"
And to add force and elegance
tn his remarks, be is alleged to
have tried to improve the sight of
Mr. Soles by thrusting a knotted
fist into one of the druggist's
optics, and hanging a handpainted
marine view thereupon.
At this Juncture Mr. Soles ls
said to have become slightly irri
tated himself, and Journeyed
down to the prosecuting attor
ney's office for redress. Thrice
he tried to bring up the matter
before Dow, and was thrlee re
pulsed. ■
The prosecuting attorney's of
fice Is now Investigating the mer
its of the rase, to deride what
mi ion should lie taken on it.
And In the meantime Mr. Soles
will have to suffer a blackened
•ye. and Mrs. Townsend the pangs
ot injured vanity.
But the question remain-, the
name as beforej
1)11) Mrs. Townsend dance with
the governor?
In his story,
"The Guilty
Alan," Kiancois
Coppee tells of a
boy whoise na
ture was degrad
ed by the cruel
ties and evil as
sociations of "re
form schools,"
until, when nißii
hood was attain
ed, his shriveled
soul stooped to
murder without a
Coppee divided
the blame be
tween the boy'H
father-who de
serted his family
— and society.
Who, in our
American civili
zation, Is to he
blamed for the
career of this
boy— Alfred Leh
man, beside
whose admitted
record of crime
the solitary mis
deed of Coppee'
character pal'
into paltriness?
When the management of
a vig vaudeville ch-ciilt like
Keith's issues orders to com
edians to cut out nil anti
suffrnge jokes on the stage,
it seems to Im- a sign that
public sentiment is general
ly moused ou thai subject
throughout the country, und
mreeeeA in tmrem ot women's
light to vote. When jokes
on woman's suffrage MM
sprung on the vaudeville
stage, several years ago,
they usually got a good
laugh, but now it would ap
pear from the order men
tioned, they are falling flat.
The attitude of a mixed
audience in a theater is a
fairly good test of public
opinion anil when people
stop laughing at puns on cer
tain public questions of the
day, it Is Umeto realize that
they have become serious
—Sub-committees of the house
will go to Colorado and Michigan
this week to begin the probe of
the strike there.
ROME, Feb. 2.—Count Bonl de
Castellane has reopened the case
of the annullmenc of his marriage
with Anna Gould, now Duchess de
UOFRGES, France, Feb. 2. —
Captain Nlquet and Lieut. Belvert
were instantly killed today when
their aeroplane drouped 100 feet.
CUI-IACAN, Mex., Feb. 2. — Fed
eral troops outside of Guaymas
are said to have mutinied and are
fighting among themselves.
As a result of a quarrel which
ended In an assault case, a Judge
iv Chicago sentenced the one who
began it to take the other one and
his family to the theater, with a
supper afterward.
A dexterous pickpocket man
aged to delve into the pocket of
Peter Sendell, 37th and East B
street, when be was returning
from Seattle on the steamer In
dianapolis last night and relieved
him of $31 in money he had with
Dr. Joseph F. Griggs, 904
North Alnsworth, reported to the
police this morning the theft ot
a number of tooia from his auto
mobile last night.
Three New York <Ity employes are reported to here aaked
lhat their wages In- reduced. Hounds like a big buslneM press
sgent story to offset Ford's profit-sharing plan.
In order to annex Itself to the city of Tacoma, nuston must
dis Incorporate. The smelter town Is registered as a municipality
of the fourth class.
A majority of the voters of Huston would first have to sign
a petition of dislneorporntion. This petition would be voted upon
at a special election held in Ruston.
If the vote carries, a receiver would be appointed, and the
municipality would be legally declared dissolved.
To unnex to Tucoma, one-fifth of the voters of Ruston
would have to sign a petition of annexation. The petition would
be presented to the county commissioners, who would order a
special election In Ruston. If the election carried, the result of
It would be communicated to the Tacoma council, and that body
would vote on the question of annexing Ruston to the city.
Shall the smelter town of Huston, controlled and practically
owned by the Guggenheim smelter known as the Tacoma Smelting
eempeef, be annexed to the city of Tac Hus a means of stopping
the guerrilla warfare that has existed there since January l?
Hesidents of Huston are heartily In favor of the suggestion made
by the Times Saturday. City officials ami prominent business men
of Tacoma declared today that it was the only logical thing to do.
Of course, the Tucoma Smelting company will object, but the dicta
torial power of the big concern will cease when the annexation propo
sition is 'akijji up for a ""♦e.
The i lV ;' -eUmt can 1. '• •' citizens of Ruston by Its mayor
and conn „ ai: fnpr'Ved In the „.ant- but It cannot force the citi
zens to vote with It when they step Into the little voting booth t_t
place their mark on the election ballot.
"It's a ilarn good Idea," declared Mayor Seymour en
thusiastically today.
"I am for It," said Commissioner A. V. Mills. "As
long as I am a councilman there are just two sections that
1 want to see taken In. One Is Huston aud the other is the
Tucoma tiileflats."
"I think now Is an opii-ortiine time for the annexation
of Ruston," said Commissioner Hay Preelaiid.
"It Is the only logical thing to do," de. lured Chief
Police Looiuis. "If Huston were a part of Tacoma we could
handle a smeller strike with a few uniformed officers,
nml I am confident that there would be none of the fight
ing and bloodshed that has occurred during the last month."
"Huston should come Into the boundaries n f Tacoma,"
said Pioseciitinu Attorney l.oicn/o Dow. "It would have
protection und representation that it seem* now to be miss
ing entirely."
"I sin for it. mid believe that everyone lv Ruston In
for It," exclaimed Attorney Homer Hone, representing tlie
Huston union of the Western Federation of Miners. "There
has lieen tyrannical rule in Huston liecaune of the fact that
the city was smelter-owned, but If it were part of Tacoma
xve should soon be able to .-ml all this fighting aud trouble."
Although the Washington laws make the annexation slightly
cunilM-rsome. it could be accomplished expediently If taken up at
mice. Two |ietltlons and two elections ure necessary. If Huston
were nol an in. 01 |siia.ed town, it could be annexed within v few
days, but il would Hrst be necessary to disincorporate the toxin be
fore aii in-mi i ion could be taken up.
As Ruston is managed at present, it Is entirely smelter owned.
Mayor Prat! Is company physician and spends most of his time Inside
the smelter. The city council Is composed of Charles (iurode, Joe
Diitlinger., V. Ahlstrom, Jim Garrison and Bert Cook. All of them
are foremen In the smelter plant.
Hesidents of Ruston declare that since the strike began last
month the Ruston city hall has lieen opened only when the council
was scheduled to have a meeting. Efforts to look up records in the
city hall, it Is said, have fHlled because the mayor or councllmen
either refused or neglected to unlock the doors of the building.
Tonight at a meeting of the city council of Huston the question
of i-copcnhiii the saloons of the town will he taken up. "Hie saloon*
have been closed since .Imiuury I. Members of the striking ore
handlers will make a vigorous h-i.ii ■to tlie reopening of the
saloons, ou the ground that, with 70 gun-men "deputies" In Ruston,
serious trouble might ts-cur with the re-commencing of the sale of
liquor. Saloon men will also be present to ask the council to reim
burse them for their losses during the month they have been closed.
There are three saloons in Huston.
Despondent because of 111
health and his inability to find
work, Sam Sylvester, age 67,
committed suicide today in his
room at 1&49 Tacoma avenue by
hanging himself. The old man
used a heavy niaulla rope, tying
one end of It to a staple in the
celling, and knotting the other
.nd about his neck. He stood
upon a chair, to complete fasten
ing of the rope, and then jumped
off. The rope ttas too long to
hold hlin In tuld-alr, however, and
his knees touched the floor as he
iSays It Can't Be "Did"
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 2.—Albert
Lambert, the well known aviation
expert, was not enthusiastic over
the proposed aeroplane race
around the world to start In May,
19in, from the Panama Pacific
exposition grounds, San Francis
co. He thought such a flight was
"No aeroplane could stand such
a strain," he aald. "In the first
place the life of an aeroplane en
gine is brief and Intended to cov
er only from 6000 to 2,000 miles.
Contestants would hardly average
four hours flying dally and It
would require 60 days to make
the trio If the aeroplane averaged
hung by the Improvised gallows.
Sylvester threw all hla weight
against the sllp-noose, however,
nnd slowly strangled to death.
The old man had lived in a lit
tle room over Ray Craft's grocery
on Tacoma avenue for seven
years, earning a meager liveli
hood by odd Jobs about the city.
He had no relatives who could
assist him, it ls said, and became
despondent because of a protract
ed illneas. Coroner Ashton In
vestigated the suicide and ordered
the body cut down.
100 miles per hour while afloat.
I think the condltiona Imposed
are impossible obstacles too great
to be overcome."
I'nahle to find anybody who
would furnish bail in the sum of
|10,000 in the new charge of im
morality brought against him
Maury 1 .Digga, now out on $20,
--000 ball pending appeal on his
conviction for violation or tha
Mann white slave act, Dlggs gave
himself up and went to Jail.

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