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«J The Western Washington Fair
at Puyallup will open Tuesday.
Tacomans by the hundreds are
planning to attend. It's a good
sign and a good idea to boost
your neighbor*.
AnoUier niaaicipal power plant for Taenia'
That wati the spontaneous decision of tlie city council today. Ib
the midst u f a tranquil wwlon of the commlMdou, Mayor A. V. Faw
«eii Introduced the idea of a new power plant aad the council uaaal
niooslj a-greed that It had to he built.
Tbe Maqually power plant, erected by the taxpayer* of Tacoma
three year, ago at a cost of almost (Ul.imhi imki, | a impldl) bet ..inlng
Inadequate for handling the greatly increased business of Tacoma,
and by next winter It will not be able to take care of the demand for
Want Hebb Site.
P. H. Hebb's power site, locat
ed on the White river, and said
to be one of the best naturally
located power sites In the North
wsst. Is tbe one that the city
council wants. Hebb will sell tbe
site for 11.000.000. it Is said. The
plant would coat $1,600,000.
From it the city could obtain a
constant maximum schedule of
To Vlelt Site.
Aa an evidence of the council's
determination to make prepara
tions lor a new jo«cr plant, ten
tative arrangements were made
today for an automobile trip by
the commissioners and newspa
permen to Heidi's power site.
"Tbe Nlsqually plant was put
In the wrong place," declnred
Mayor Fawcett. "It is a splen
" did plant, but It was ridiculous
to build a 3 2,000 horsepower
plant when there Is only water
enough at times to furnish fl.Ooo
horsepower. Drake's plan to get
additional water storage is wrong,
because there Itint' additional
water of any quantity in that re
gion to be obtained.
tll'Migll For All.
"My Idea would be to build an
other plant that could run at
maximum force continuously I
don't care whether Hebb or Dill
Jones or Herry Smith owns the
site. What we want Is power
enough to supply Tacoma and the
extra business that we are get
ting. We could then use one of
, the two plants as an auxiliary."
Through the efforts of Perry
Stimmerfleld, superintendent ot
the Pierce county poor farm, and
assistance of William Soholtz and
Jacob Selling, Pierce county won
second prlzs yesterday In the
county horticulturist uxhibit ati
the State Fair at North Yakima
The three man sent th* exhibit at
their own expense, the various
display* making a total weight of
four and one half tona.
Tom Armstrong, 204 Division
'avenue, reported to the police to
day that a burglar had entered
bis home last evening while the
family waa absent and had stolen
"a gold watch and $1 In cash.
CHICAGO. Sept. 26. —A plan
for employing the natlon'a unem
ployed men that dwarfs all oth
ers by comparison is advised by
* Albert V. Leonard, Battlement
agent of the government land de
partment In Chicago. Leonard
suggests that the entire 628.600,
--600 acrea of unclaimed govern
ment land be opened* for entry.
Tills stupendous area im
greater than all the fertile
lands of Herman)*-, -"Vance,
Itelgium and Holland . "iii-
While perhaps 2,"> per cent Is
not adaptable for agricultural
purposes and another 25 per cent
1b withdrawn aa governmsnt min
eral and forest reserves, there
BtlH remains more than fiio.ooo
- nno acres that may be utilised for
the production of the necessities
of llf*.
Rich Farms.
In the 12,000 acre* In the
Truck-set-Carson (Nevadal irrlga-'
tloa project opened by drawing I
Sept 18, tbe lucky applicants ob
tained 184 farms in redeemed dry
lands that will become some of
th* netieat land In th* country.
Th* government requires succaas
■__B\ drawer* to pledge the pay
ment of }60 an acre for perata
neat water rights. They will be
given twenty years ta pay this.
Th* ftrM payiMßt I* da* U flu
OI.YMPIA, Sept. 26. — Because,
he declares, the manager of the
Monroe Sieatu Laundry forced
two ot his girl employes to false
ly sign certificates that they were
Inexperienced, and thereby ob
tained apprenticeship license* for
them, a Homing him to pay them
reduced salaries, E. W, Olson,
chairman of the minimum wage
coin mission, has revoked all ap
prentlceshlp licenses for the laun
dry. The punishment means that
, Ihe laundry will have to hire reg
-1 iilarly licensed laundry girls at
| the regular wage.
1,100 British •
Officers Dead
LONDON. Sept. Js.—Corres
pondent!) at the battlefront sent
dispatches today deploring the
loss of 1.1 (10 English officers In
recent battles. Tl|-s ranks of of
ficers in England are being de
pleted, and at the present rale
there will soon be no one left in
Kngland to train the raw recruits.
It la eatimated that It will take
18 months to drill recruits so that
they will be prepured for the
rigors of modern warfare.
A daylight thief walked Into
ihe office of C. N. Young, an at
torney. 204 Fidelity building,
yesterday afternoon and walked
off with Young's rnderwriter
typewriter, according to a police
Twelve boys Who were arrest
ed Wednesday night for boister
ous conduct, were tsken by the
police after they had been re
quested to keep away from the
residence where Miss Anna Fobs
and Walter McCray were mar
ried, it was incorractly stated
that Miss Foss was the daughter
of Andrew Fobs, th* veteran
Six Projects.
The government now has avail
able for entry tlx other proJe< ts,
nggregatlng 10,500 acres. In Ida
ho, Montana, North and South
Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada and
A novel plan, sbumltted by a
professor of a university who re
tiuosted that he remain Incognito,
haa been forwarded by Leonard
to the Washington office
Tlie plan contemplates the
opening for entry of enough
land to furnish homes and
■mall agricultural tracts for
all beads of fanilll*** who
wi»h to avail themselves of
the opportunity.
Varnish Fuada.
Tt further contemplate* fnra
iahlng to every settler who can
buy one-half of his equipment
enough additional funds or cred
it, to supply him with stock,
well*, tools aad building ma
. tsrlals, the advances to be treat
-1 ed as loans secured by the claim
I which may be sold If forfeited,
to repay the loan and start a
more snee—sful settler.
"The question of none—iplov
menl In th* Halted States wHI no
longer exist If congress decide* to
us* this land for cultivation," da
clsres Leonard "We are like a
panple -starving In a room whera
in are tab.** sat with a feast
The Tacoma Times
30c A I
VOL. XI. NO. _.';.!». TACOMA, WAjfri-. Kwm.W, 25, 1.M4.
Tacoma's prosperous suburban towns have for year* been at the mercy of the private power com
Taeoma freed herself from the power trust by building her own magnificent power plant, but thus
far this has not helped the people of Huston, Parkland, Npnnaway, Lakeview, and other nearby places.
Hteilaeooni has broken away from the private concern. Hhe is building her own lines to connect
up with the Tacoma power plant at the city limits and soon Tacoma municipal current will be going to
Hteilaeooni homes at a rate nearly fifty per cent lower than the private concern has been charging.
How long will the people of these other towns stand for the robbery rates of the private company
now that Steilacooin has shown the way to escape f ■
A rousing rally of progressive pressed deep gratitude to the peo- election day. I most certainly Ha will go from there to the
precinct workers was held at 1 S** •* Tacoma for their aupport will not forget Tacoma and the Lutheran church. Wright and Eaat
o'clock this afternoon in the V "l the l'r,,n*r,e"- southwest If I should be fortun- I streets, near the Northern Pa
"l cannot express my gratitude at* t-imtigh to become the next rifle hospital, where he will make
W. C. A. rooms, with Ole Han- soffit iently to the people of Taco- senator trnni Washington." an address at 8 ■ 30. J. A. Sorley.
son, nominee for Fnited States ma," said the senatorial nominee. Hanson will apeak twice In Ta- one of the leading Tacoma pro
senator, as the guest of honor. I "They certainly supported me loy- corns this evening. His first ad- grestilves of Tacoma, will make
In responding to the toast of ally at the primaries and I trust dress will be at South Side hall, an address at the Lutheran
"Our Next Senator," Hanson ex-} that they will do th* same on 56th and I. streets, at 8 o'clock, church prior to Hanson's talk.
SEATTLE, Sept. 26. On the
very spot where be pitched his
tent on arriving In Seattle IS
years ago. Ole Hanson, progres
sive nominee for L. S. senator,
held an Immense meeting last
night. It was hla first rally in
Although Contractor tleorge P.
Wright waa granted a verdict of
187.7 28.48 yesterday afternoon
in his $154,788.50 suit against
tbe city of Tacoma for payment
for work done tn construction of
the Green river pipe line, the city
will appeal immediately to the
state supreme court. Judge
Clay pool, who heard the caae, re
ported In his decision that there
wa* no "taint of fraud."
"Dry" Campaign
Opens Tonight
Committeemen of the prohibi
tion party will meet at the Y. W.
C A rooms tonight to effect a
strong local organization for sup
port of the statewide prohibition
inltiatlvs Mil, which come* ap at
th* Nov*mb*r election.
Clearing* | SM.(>ft4.e«
Halanre* 41.777.37
Transactions 1,170.887 27
Pointing the Way!
Seattle since Ihe primaries.
The meeting last night War la
the district from which Hanson
was first sent to the legislature.
His former neighbors and friends,
regardless of party affiliations,
turned ont by th* hundred* to
WASHINGTON, D. O, Sept. 25
—Secretary Garrlsan cabled Gen
eral Funston today, at Vera Crua,
stating that it would be impossU
ble for American troops to with
draw from" Mexico within tea
VERA CRI'Z, Sept. 25.—Brig.
General Funston. commanding
tbe i'nlted States forces in Mcxi-
Want to be
a Delegate ?
Doe* anyone in Tacoma want 8*
represent the city at Bom* of th*
national conventions to be n*M
soon In various parts of tbe coun
try ? Mayor Fawcett has tie**
asked ot nam* delegates to th*
fourth annual road congress la,
Atlanta, Oa., November 8; to th*'
eighth special purity congress.
Kansas city, November 6-8; and
8a tha tweaty find, later-national
Irrigation congress, Calgary, Oct-
hear him speak. They greeted
htm with a storm of cheers.
He made an enthusiaatlc and
«aa_tructlv* address, advocating
indu-irial insurance for workers
and a movement by which the
state would hold funds for caring
mm, »nd Consul Canada are en
deavoring today to learn the rea
i-on why all telegraph and tele
phone communication and the
rallr>a_d between the capital and
Vera (rut war* cut yesterday.
Officials are also trying to learn
what events are now tak'ng place
ia Mexico City, where a large
niimher of Americans returned
after the recent trouble.
Case Goes to
Jery Today
Arguments ware made all day
today In tbe caae of Fred Green,
former night express clerk, charg
ed with embertllng f 1,146 of the
Northern Express company's
funds, and th* caae will go to
tha jury late thia afternoon or
•renin» Or-en's attorneys aaksd
for a dismissal last evening, de
claring that tbs state had failed
utterly to pror* the charge, but
Judge Clifford refused the pl*a.
for the aged and Infirm.
Hanson left for Tacoma this
morning. He will visit Port
Townsend Saturday, Port Angeles
Monday. Belllngham Tuesday,
Anaccrtes Wednesday and thea
EasK-rn Washington.
Posed As War
Veteran; Oats
3-Month Term
Because he represented hlravelf
a* a United Spanish War Veter
an and borrowed money for his
hotel bill and for a meal ticket
from members of tha two Tacoma
lodges, Charles Klein, a former
regular army soldier In the Phi HI
pines, was sentenced In police
court today to spend 80 day* In
the county tail.
Klein admitted in court that he
did not belong to ihe order. He
came to Tacoma two weeks ago,
and because he had learned the
pass-word of the lodge while la
tbe Fhilllplnes. was admitted to
the ***B_ons her*.
NISH. S*pt. 25.—The repulse
of another Austrian attempt to
cross the river Dan üb* at Bel
grade was announced today by
tha war .fflce. Before the at
tempt wa* aad* the city wa*
■balled tor five hoars. It U stat
q The worthy weather man ear
riad an umbrella today. And his
prediction says "Unsettled." Is
it the umbrella or the weather
that's unsettled? Maybe he's de
clared a moratorium on both.
I NKW YORK, Sept. 25.—Andrew Carnegie, who
returned from Europe to N«'w York today on tha
liner Mauretauia, told newspaper men that the
kainer was forced tti "tfet into the war against his
j will by th*- Prussian military machine."
"I know the kaiser personally and very well,"
•aid Tarnegie. "I also know what he has done for
Germany. It was tin- Prussian military machine
which forced him into this war.
"Ah strong as the kaiser is, the Prussian militar
ism is stronger. 1 pity the kaiser from the bottom of
my heart. He did not want war in spite of appear
ances. He ha* done more for Germany than any
other ruler. The^kaiser has done too much for peace
to be responsible for this war."
Allies' Night Attacks Fail
BERLIN, via The Hsgu*. Sep! 26 —While a series af violent
rombau have already occurred and are still in progress," tha war
office announced today, "the battle of the Alan* seems nowh*rs ta
be approaching a deciaive stag*.
"Th* Oerman troops are attacking th* entire line of Freaeh fron
tier fortlricatlons from Verdun to Tout. In aa attempt to ratea th*
siege and prsvent the destruction of their forts, which har* si read r
suffered severely from th* Oerman shall fire, the French hays rapeat
edly attacked the Oerman llnea tn force, but wer* Invariably* repute**
upon their main m.i i-oriH "
"Th* German right wing haa been h*avlly pressed by th* com
bined French and I'm nan forces, but nowhere haa th* enemy mad*
any impression on our front." th* statement -continued. Th* main
chain of defenses along the rivers oise and Aisne sre Intact, and af
forta by the allies to rtSYy thaw tiy nlgtit attaint* liave pro-ad futile.
Along our line through the Argonne forests no Important *ngag*
iiieuis hay* uuuriiMl. _ *-mm
Fighting Hard But No Results
PARIS, Sept. 27. -The allies' left and tk* Oarmana' right ar*
still fighting franili-Hlly along the Aisne and northward toward P*r
ronne. which the allies si 111 held today, and Cambral. The belief that
Oeneral Yon Kirn k had been heavily reinforced waa confirmed by
the Bordeaux war office today, fresh Oerman troopa baring been
"brought through by tray of I.lege," according to tha official atat*
The fighting. It Is added, haa been without definite raauits,
The allies are said to have been endeavoring to capture Tegnlr*. a
railroad enter, the loss of which to the Hermans would kaasper th*
lattar In maintaining Unas of communication.
Kill All Frenchmen Is
Command of One Officer
BORORAI7X, Sept. 86. —The charge that o*n*ral Stengsr of th*
kaiser's forces has ordered the Fifty-third Oerman Infantry te kill
all the Frenchmen they met. has been made by the foreign office. It
is asserted that Stsnger's command called for the slaughtsr of wound
ed, unwounded, armed and unarmed. "The Oermans shonld not
leave a single living Frenchman behind them," he ts accused of saying.
W.lhelm Sck
LONDON. Sept. 25.—That the
kaiser's cold is being watched
closely by several phyaiclana to
prevent a development of pneu
monia Is stated In a Geneva dis
patch to th* Chronicle. The kais
er is said to have contracted the
cold by spending some time In
the tranches In the cold and rain.
ANTWERP, Sept. 25. — That
Germany has made a peace offer
to Belgium, which King Albert
haa refused. Is assarted today by
the foreign office.
Every Bullet Found a
Mark, Says Priest Who
Was In Midst Of Fight
NEW YORK, S*pt. 25. —Rev.
Father Malloy, formerly of San
Francisco, who has been In New
Zealand for many years, arrived
from Europe today on the steam
er Mauritania He spent 18 days
on the firing line with British
troops He probably knows more
sbout actual fighting in Europe
than anyone hitherto returning
to the United States.
Ha was In London when war
was declared. "On August 17,"
Malloy told the I'nited Preaa. "1
was Invited to accompany a Brit
ish expedition as chaplain. We
sailed August 18. I was assign
ed to a transport carrying Gener
al Frwneh to Franc*.
"Seventy-two transports were
required to carry tbe expedition.
We landed at Boulogne. Three
day* later we went to Mons, and
became the left wing of the
r reach army moving north to re
lieve the Belgians snd prevent
the capture of Namur and Brus
Fight Day aad Mght.
"We want Into action August
22. The British left wing wa*
comprised of crack British r*gi
m*Bt* aad totalled 2 .6,000 met*
German Efforts
Are Repulsed
I'ETROORAD, Sept. IB—Thr*a
Herman attempts to Invade Hua
sla from East Prussia have been
repulsed, tke war office announc
ed today Several sorties by tha
garrison of Prsemysl have been
beaten back and th* bombard
ment of this Austrian stronghold
ta said to be continuing night and
day. Th* war office declared
that the capture of Cracow wa*
TORONTO, Ont., Sept »S — *
Sir Jamaa Whitney, premier of
Oatario, died suddenly today.
For the next two d%vm they fought
continuoußly day and night Tb*
German* seemed uncountable.
There seemed to be million* of
them and aa we advanced tha
German field artillery shells
burst over as, exploding with a
terrific concussion, breaking great
hole* in the atmosphere and mak
ing it difficult to breath.
Ooaldß't Mlsa.
"Tha Germane charged at top
si»eed but the poor fellows never
had a chance. The British were
wall entrenched. Tb* enemy ad
vanced ta Massed formation.
Steadying their rifles oa top af
trenches the British fired at win.
They couldn't miss.
"Every bullet round at least
two marks and som*tßas*s three
and four. Tbe poor fallows fell
like rhaff before fire. Whole
aompanles fell together. Sights
that I saw ah eared me ssaHmlv*
ly that this Isnf a war bat a ter
rible holocaust. It's caat In hu
man llvee hi almost impossible
to comprehend."
Father Malloy said that tha
British troops almost rebelled
when they were finally ordered
ta retire to avoid betag *a~*tda

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