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"We have coming a long wet winter and you men
folks need overroats. That's where The Shirley
shines. Just you come in and try one a few of the big
swell numbers and you will truthfully say to your
purse, "Here is where we save Five Dollars." Tlie
name argument holds good with our Suits and Rain
coats. Seeing is believing. Come in and have a look.
1 _____
Shirley Clothes Shop Watch
$15.00 and P .,itV ay. .t Twelfth. °Ur
*1000 JamesF. Oinnane, Mgr. Windows
Whan a team. Individually
weak, Inexperienced and strong
oaly ta two or three departments
plays tha best baseball In its cir
eatt and through a season shows
th* finest defensive work, when|
its pitching staff, although Inex
perienced, reveals more "Inside
knowledge" of opposing hatters
than any other, when a rather in
different catching staff "guesses''
the Intention of batters and base
runners more frequently tbaa do
old*r men —THERE IS A REA
Tbe Boston Braves, now the
|J We Redeem Them L
__*B_l _hm, t~. riiihniiir Cl»...*m ud .11 *■■*_
■ mmm LaM a »™ «_«, »4 ■
■ Hmumm hiiiw m m*r ptiwl-w lt«»»r*.. ■
| 742-744 P-_-k *—.. Im>. Wa**. J
that persistence In tlie- ua* ef purchasing slip boohlsts brings
profits back to us sverv lhrt« months Ise your booklet today
aad espsrlenes the sensatiea ot iwrltiss ■ *«»»*ea* ■»■ tbe "••'?
?*• unl up te Oil. Ist on Oct. Itth. Many hays profited—more
mi.ii Tontr
DoiTt forget to carry yonr beoblet when starting on your
shopping tour.
Booklet can be obtelnsd at —
relet * Bachraoh. t34 Psoitis Aye.
Kennedy Bros. Arridt Rture. 13th snd C Bts.
W. H. H»ff, Puyallup, Wash., sr at ths office of ths company
The National Service Company
Wss. II ■««t. Pn-iKral lid M«r
Mala M4S. mm-* <t«ilo»*»l lulu IHI
Ii "B05T1M"
which is a popular style
for this fall*
The Men's Shoe Store
936 Pacific Aye.
acknowledged sensation of the
y*ar, haa done and ts doing all
these things.
The secret of their success lies
in the brain work of George
Stalling* and Johnny Evers, and
ths willingness of the youngsters
to do aa their leaders advise.
It would surprise many to dis
cover that the Brave» know more
Mexican Makes New
Billiard Kecord
Pierre Maupome. th* Mexican
, bllllardist, bss established a rec
* ord that is likely to stand for
many years, and which, so far as
is known is unprecedented in
bllllsrds. In a game at St. Louis,
playing three cushions, he ran 18
I |.oint» before missing a hard
- —T • . -".
I ..Ulster ait<l moving; prompt
* service. SOI Tacoma aye. Main
4<il. "Adrertla*m«Bt."
aboat th* players oa opposing
teams than aay team in the
league kiowi. It mar b* a sur
prise to find that th* (.raves keep
better pouted ta regard to the
condition of opposing pitchers,
and that they know better how
opponents ara hitting and what
style of ball they are playing than
the other teams do
Giving Sport
the Once Over
Apparently Jack Lester is not
a hold-out." He will fight Jon
Bonds for a purse equalling 2 5
per cent of gross receipts. And
it looks as though his presence
In a Tacoma boxing ring again
will be worth the money.
Swimming classes were inaug
urated at Lincoln High today, for
the first time in the history of
Tacoma public schools. Water
waa turned into th* new tank
yesterday. It Is a beauty.
R. B. N'ason. secretary of the
Washington Protective A Propa
gation association, nnnounced
that IK checkers In various parts
of Pierce county have been ap
pointed to keep track of the
points made by hunters who are
competing In the varmint hunt.
The former Stadium football
stars who have formed an eleven
and have been practicing at night
will develop Saturday Into a full
fledged team and will endeavor
to get matches with teams of oth
er Northwest cities, under the
name of "Tacoma Athletic club."
Fern Hill lodge. No SO. F. A
A. M.. will hays a special com
munication tomorrow night for
work In the Entered Apprentice
■eeeeetlsas. Mil, riesjet. B. T A PL.
The banker Is in a position
to know a great deal a beat
business investment condi
tion*. He is in ooaslant
touch wirh the commercial
life of his community and In
ths business world generally
he knows what is going on.
H* kt familiar with the expe
rience ef a great many other
business men in various
linen, and se is likely to
know something shout yoar
businaea need* which yen
yourself may net happen to
know. It pays yoa to ealtl
vate friendly relations with
yonr banker Keep n regu
lar account in the bank and
then don't he afraid to son
suit your banker In financial
This bank considers It part
of It* bvslnet* to help Its
customer* tn every reason
able and legitimate way.
Fidelity Hash Bldg
AI Mes*r of Seattle, who sub
stituted for Jack Martin of 8p«
--kaa* at last night s amofcar of
th* McKlulay Mill Athletic club,
tliould har* received a decision
over "Tax" \erau.
Moaer went Into th* nag *c* a
day* aotlc*. without traintag H*
fought a cleaa haul*, and had
Veroon staggering at short In
tervals. Vernou clinched and
struck In break away* while Mos
er was unprotected. Hla fighting
aas not clean aad caused much
tltsßßproral. Georg* W Bishop,
»ho r*f«r**d the bout, car* both
man a draw for some reason
known to himself, and made him
self unpopular with th* fan* by
Ills deoieloa.
Th* motor was excellent la
many ways The match** were
all good. I_arsou knocked out
l.ongworth hi th* ftrat round;
Urennlng knocked out Jo*s*U in
Hie third; Conner* won from An
derson; Baxter and Sails* drew:
Roberts and Willing draw; Cal
vert and Hlghberg draw, and
Julinson won from French, who
took Murphy's place In tha ring.
Standing of th* Cluba.
_ Won. Lust. Pet
Boston 82 56 .594
New York 78 84 .143
8« 1-ouls 76 66 .535
Chicago 75 «8 (.4
Philadelphia 69 74 483
Brooklyn 68 74 .478
Pittsburg 63 78 .413
Cincinnati 87 85 .401
Results V ButerUny.
Boston 5-2, Cincinnati 0-2.
Chicago 6-2, Philadelphia 8-6.
Brooklyn 3, Pittaburg I.
St. Louis 4, New York 8.
Standing of tlte Clab*.
Was. I sat. Pet,
Philadelphia 88 49 .*.'i2
Boeton 88 84 .614
D*troß 76 59 .667
Washington ... .78 68 ' .821
Chicago 67 76 .469
New York 63 77 .4.0
St. Loats 68 78 .447
Cleveland 44 88 .818
Results Yesterday.
Boston 5, St. Louis 1.
Washington 5-5, Clavelaad 2-0.
Philadelphia 6, Chicago 4.
Standing or me flubs.
Wen. Ltwt Pet
Indianapolis ....79 63 .560
Chicaso 78 68 .557
Baltimore 72 65 .526
Buffalo 72 66 .532
Brooklyn 73 67 .618
Kansas City ....64 T7 .454
St. Louis 61 79 .436
Pittsburg 58 78 .436:
Results Yeateraajr.
Chicago 8, Baltimore 5.
Buffalo 1, Indianapolis 8.
Brooklyn 3, Kansas City 8.
The French cheered madly at
sight of Chauneey Depew'i side
whiskers proving that J. Ham
Lea-Is aoiild have been a French
national hero.
Drummer's (f* 1 T
Clothes tb 1J
Hundreds of men and young men are
awakening every day to the fact that real
hand tailored suits and overcoats can be
bought for $16.00. They are discovering
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sold at the right price.
By specialising in men's and young men's
clothing only and with our big assortment,
we are able to gift new values at the mod
erate price of $15.00.
You can do it on yt>«r new winter suit, over
coat or Balmacaai* ty buying here. A visit
to our store will make you a "Drummer's
Fifteen Man" for'the rest of your life.
Drummers Sample Suit House
134 C Pacific Ay.
I Here's the whole family! I
I Odd thine about this Prince Albert to- //A ( Yov ought to know that P. A. couldn't bits I
■ becco — you get on mighty familiar If \l tongues ii it wanted to, because it is made by a I
■ tptakiag terms with it by the time //( i| pgtented process thst removes the bite and the ■
I IS? V* *v^ md 6* lOZ MJ !2 y; fM I P«ch. leaving for you just delightful flavor ■
■ roll cigarette. Just kind of built that \ I \\ I . * *_ — _n 7___Tj _______ ■ *
■ w_yf ffssoeasy to get acquainted with, )/ MI and fragrance. Now. get all that down right ■
■ even tobacco-shy foika go-to-it natural // 1\ pat! But you'll know it by heart as soon as ■
■ and eesy, because it's so gentle-Mke/ IN r\ you get chummy with ■
__B i \ / i V ______(
■ Men all over the nation went to P. A. \O//\ **»*, aa.hu mmv m i»> r*rft«*».r« __m M
I And^u^t 'mTTf*! ye« ft) // J-REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. I
jf^tw^*^iSl' tßß_—___-Jp* _4XO/*^___rPWfi__X_. .^BaWt Wa___7n w/ — ll I*l »*v_* __t't&_w_9zß V
Pacific Coast League
Standing of die Club*.
Won Lost Pet.
Portland S3 71 .564
San Francisco .97 83 .r. 12
Venlca _'> 82 .5*7
Lob Angsl** . . . .»• 84 .583
Mission 80 100 .444
Oakland (8 108 .390
Resulta Ye«ler<l«y
Venie* 8, Oakland 2.
Los Angeles 10, San Francis
co 6.
Mission 4, Portland S.
Jack I/ester, the tie Klnm
heavyweight, and Joe llotttN. the
fleeter Taroma boxer, will meet
la the squared circle October 8.
This announcement was made
today by George Shanklin, chair
man of the athletic committee of
the Eagles' lodge. An agreement
for the match was signed last
night, George Bucsko of Tacoma
representing Lester.
Fight faus have not heard such
good news as this for many a
month. Lester I* a very clever
lad. and has been boxing some of
the best fighters in the west. Joe
Bonds, on -he other hand, while
considered very fast and strong.
| has had little experience out of
Tscoma. He started through the
W*H Dope-
One reason a peach pit ts hit
ter Is that, after a fallow has
won a championship it doesn't
seem hnlf as sweet as It looked
Joe Mandot wants a divorce. I
but this time he can't blame his |
manager for making the bad
They are complaining about '
persons taking money out of cir
culation, but the complaint will
not ol tain against that 810,000
deposited to bind a match be
tween .lees Wtllard and Jack
We have a horrible suspicion
that Prtemysl Isn't Its nnme at
nil. but that the compositor re
duced It to that trying to crowd
tt Into th* box aeor*.
If we had been th* consul w*
would hava granted Jack John
«on paaaports to go to Russia -
or to. well anywhere hi the other
Middle West recently on a box
ing trip, but took sick and was
forced to return before he met
any of the good fighters.
Lester will fight Kid Kenneth
in Taft, CM., tomorrow. He had
been matched with Sailor (Irand.c,
but Kenneth was substituted. He
Is expected to come to Tacoma
some time next week to get ready
for his match here.
Sammy Good and Frenchy
Valse will be matched on the
same Eagles' card, insuring one
of the beat boxing cards ever
given In Tacoma.
j|LflH Hunting Season Opens I
c.«- _, mm I for shooting Chinese Pheasaats I /
, J^„» - - --»f ' I Quail, Ducka. Qsene. Brant, ■ \
*" •n -' I Deer, Mountain Sheep and W ■'*
'/""* - m Mountntn Goat. _J_^r^-r-
-8 m I We carry a full line of OCX- I wi
\ ' y\k '■ BAK rlothl h8 mnd BASS Hunt- j \v
\I A \ I I A,BO th* f»mon« PBTERS I , ,-s^t
VI / V I 1 I shelU Quality t*lt» —shoot B» *.'jf
vl\ I\l lv!/ ■ Headquarters for Sporting ga^j^r"^
ItW-V ■PT l"^lrl Washington Tool & BT/W*
Friday, Sept. *5,1»U.
After almost six months' inac
tivity In the boxlug game,
Krenrhie Valse, former light**
weight champion of Canada, anil
one of the best little acrappers ia
the Northwest, will ra-enter th*
squared circle again and Is pre*
paring to box Sammy Oood ot
Seattle at th* Eagles' smoke*
Oct. 8.
Valse Is whipping himself into
shape in his Ronton training
quarters and says he is In th*
"pink" of condition for th* bat
tle. If he succeeds In defeating
Oond. he will have progressed
considerably In hi* effort to gat
a crack at Johnny o'l.enry, to
whom he lost the Canadian title.
ntylieh nothing for M*a,
Women and Childr*
ei.OO a Week.
88S» O lit.
Between th* Cable*.

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