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Friday, Feb. 26,1915.
CHICAGO, Feb. 26— "When
men ask for work they are hand
ed an epigram," declared William
Sproule, president of the Pacific
system of the Southern Pacific
railway, last night In an address
here at the annual dinner of the
Traffic dub. »
He said the country Is in a con
dition of unemployment tin
Julia Groth alleges her hus
band, Warner, at noon Wednes
day wrecked an Ironing I oard
during a demonstration uf wrath
In their home, 3018 Melro.se St.,
following her admission that she
bad not prepared luncheon. Con
sequently, she wants a divorce.
She also declares Groth threaten
ed at various times to do her
bodily harm.
OLVMPIA, Feb. 26—Excusing
themselves on the ground of ex
pense the senate judiciary com
mittee killed the public defen-1
er hill.
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January. Open a
savings account
with this three
days' pay for which
you did not work.
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& Trust Co. I
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equalled In history and that the
clamor against all sorts of public
businesses is responsible.
"The nstlon Is filled with poli
tical economists,' 'he said. Busi
ness Is filled to satiety with eco
iionilf theories. The booster lifts
nothing higher thait the level uT
bis own teeth. The trumpeter of
prosperity beguiles only his own
May Boy Plant
CommlsHioner Mills and Com
missioner Atkins announced
themselveH today as favoring the
North Bud water system's offer
to sell to the city on a 15-year
payment plan. The remainder of
the city commission is Buld to
favor the proposition.
Answer the Alarm
-_**rr I'lrture If your kid-
Telia a Starr" neys are ln
'lamed, don't
itand aroundn
tnd do nothing.
I.lke a Mre, it
rill soon get
>eyond control.
You will get
he alarm in
iniH — back
iche, or dliEl
iess or tllsiir
lers of the
Heed the
Live slmiily,
lush the kld
.»eys by drjnk-
Ing plenty of
pure water, and
use Doan's Kidney Pills to help
stamp out the cause of the trou
ble. .
There la no other kidney rem
edy so widely used, nor so well
Mrs. O. 1.. Rynntng, 6446
South M St., Tacoma, says: "I
suffered from kidney complaint
and inflammation of the bladder.
Torturing pains In my back both
ered me and I was so lame and
sore that 1 could hardly stoop or
straighten. The kidney secre
tions were unnatural. After using
Doan's Kidney Pills, the kidney
secretions became natural and
the lameness left my back."
1 SOc at all Drug Stores. 1
I Foster-MUburn Co., Props., I
| Buffalo, N. Y. |
New York, Groaset A Dualap, publishers; Copyright ?,, j_, _ London, by the Oearurv Oo by
the McMillan Co.
KY JACK I.OMMIN. aglow with light, as the sea Itself.
(Continued From Yesterday.) and the eyes were flashing In the
Johnson set ms to spend all his sunshine,
spare time there or aloft at the "It atrlkes me as remarkable,
crosstrees, watching the Ghost to say the leaat, that you should
cleaving the water under press of show enthusiasm," 1 answered
sail. There Is passion, adoration, coldly.
in his eyes, and he goes about In "Why, man. It's living! it's
a sort of trance, gazing In ecstasy life!" he cried,
at the swelling sails, the foaming "Which is a cheap thing and
wake, and the heave ami the tun without value," 1 flung his words
of her over the liquid mountains at him.
that are moving with us In stately He laughed, and it was the
procession. first time I had beard honest
The days and nights are "all a mirth in his voice. «
wonder and a wild delight," ami "Ah, I cannot get you to mi
thnugh 1 have little time from my derstand, cannot drive it Into
dreary work, 1 steal odd moments your head, what a thing this life
to gaze and gaze at the unending is. Of course life is valueless,
glory of what I never dreamed the except to Itself. And 1 can tell
world possessed. Above, the sky you that my life is pretty valu
ta stainless blue— blue as the sea able just now- to myself, it Is
Itself, which under the forefoot Is beyond price, which you will
of the color and sheen of azure acknowledge Is a terrific overrat
satln. All around the horizon are lug, but which I cannot help, for
pale, fleecy clouds, never chang- It Is the life that Is in me that
lug, uevei- moving, like a silver makes the rating."
setting for the flawless turquoise He appeared waiting for the
sky. words with which to express the
Ido not forget one night, when thought that was in him, and
1 should have been asleep, of ly- finally went on.
lng on the forecastle-head and "Do you know, I am filled
gaaing down at the spectral ripple with a btrsnge uplift; 1 feel as
of foam thrust aside by the If all time were echoing through
(ibost's forefoot. It sounded like me, as though all powers were
the gurgling of a brook over mine. I know truth, divine good
mossy stones In some quiet dell, front evil, right from wroug.
and the crooning song of it lured My vision Is clear and far. I
me away and out of myself till I could almost belinve In God. Hut,"
was no longer Hump the cabin- - and hix voice changed and the
boy, nor Can Weyden, the man light went out of his face,— "what
who bud dreamed away thirty- Is this condition In which I find
five years among books. But a myself? this joy of living? this
voice behind me, the tinmlstak- exultation of life? this Insplraton.
able voice of Wolf Larseti, strong 1 may well call It? It Is what
with the Invincible certitude of comes when there is nothing
the man and mellow with appre- wrong with one's digestion,
elation of the words he was quot- when his stomach is In trim and
lng, aroused me. his appetite has an edge, and all 4
" O the blazing tropic night, when goes well. It Is the bribe for llv-j
the wake's a welt of light lng, the champagne of the blood.i
That holds the hot sky tame, the effervescence of the ferment
And the steady forefoot snores that makes some men thinki
through the planet-powdered holy thoughts, and other men to
floors see God or to create him when
Where the scared whale flukes they cannot see him. That is all,
In flame. the drunkenness of life, the stir-'
Her plates are Bcarred by the sun, ring and crawling of the yeast..
dear lass, the babbling of the life that is
And Iter ropes are taut with the Insane with consciousness that ■
dew, . v alive. And—bah! Tomorrow.)
For we're booming down on the 1 shall pay for It as the drunkard'
old trail, our own trail, the out pays. And 1 shall know that I
trail, must die, at sea most likely, cease]
We're sagging south on the Long crawling of myself to be all acrawfl
Trail—the trail that Is al- with the corruption of the sea;
ways new.' " to be led upon, to be carrion, to
"Eh, Hump? How's It strike yield up all the strength and
you?" he asked, after the due movement of my muscles that It
pause which words and setting de- may become strength and move
mantled, mentuient In fin and scale and the
I looked into his face, it was guts of fishes. Bah! And bah I
again. The champagne is already
flat. The sparkle and bubble
has gone out and It Is a tasteloss
He left me as suddenly as he
had come, springing to the deck
with the weight and softness of
a tiger. The Ghost ploughed on
lut way. 1 noted the gurgling
forefoot was very like a snore,
and as I listened to It the effect
of Wolf i srsen's swift rush from
sublime exultation to despair
salowly left me. Then some tleep
water sailor, from the waist of
the ship, lifted v rich tenor voice
in the Song of the Trade Wind."
"Oh, l am the wind the seamen
I am steady, and strong, and
They follow my track by the
clouds above,
O'er the fathomless tropic blue.
Through daylight and dark I fol
low (be bark,
1 keep like a. hound on her
I'm strongest at noon, yet under
the moon,
I otlffen the bunt of her sail."
Sometimes 1 think Wolf Larsen
mail, or half-mad at least, what
of Ills strango moods ami vagar
'"■> A< other times I taV.. Mm
for a great m«n, a genius who has
never arrived. And, finally, 1 am
1 •-•> mat lie Is lite peiiect
type or the primitive man, born ■
thousand years or generations too
late antl an anachronism in this
culminating century of civiliza
tion. Ho is certainly an indivldu
alial of the. most prouotineed type.
Not only that, but he is very
ieflfly. There is no congeniality
between him ami the rest of the
HUB aboard ship. His tremendous
virility and mental strength wall
him apart. They are more like
children to him, even the hunters,
and as children be treats them,
descending perforce to their level
and pluying with them as a man
plays with puppies. Or else he
probes them with the cruel hand
Of a vivisectlonist, groping about
In tjieir mental processes und ex
amfrting their souls ns though to
|Bee of what soul-stuff Is made.
1 have seen him a score of
-Utiles, at talde, Insulting this
hunter or that, with cool and
le>yQ eyes and, withal, a certain
air of Interest, pondering their
actions or replies or |>etty rgflwl
with v curiosity almost laughable
to me who stood onlooker and
who understood. Concerning his
own rages, I am convinced that
they are not real, that they are
sometimes experiments, but tlint
in Ibe main they are the habits of
a pose or attiude be has seen fit i
to take toward his fellowmen. I j
know, with the possible exception I
of the Incident of the dead mate, J
that I have not seen htm really
■ngry; nor do I wish ever to seei
him in a genuine rage, when all
the force of him Is called Into
While on the question of vagar
ies, I shall tell what befell Thomas
Mugridge In the cabin, and at the|
same time complete an Incident
upon which I have already touch
ed once or twice. The twelve
o'clock dinner was over, one day,
and I bad Just finished putting
the cabin in order, when Wolf
Larsen and Thomas Mugrldge de
scended the companion stairs.
Though the cook had a cubby
hole of a stateroom opening off
from the cabin, In the cabin it
self he bad never dared to linger:
or to be seen, and he flitted to and
fro, once or twice a day, like a
timid spectre,
"So you know how to play!
'Nap,'" Wolf Larsen was saying |
In a pleased sort of voice. "I;
might have guessed an English
man would know. I learned It
myself In English ships."
Thomas Mugrldge was beside
himself, a blithering imbecile, so
pleased was be at chumming thus
with the captain. The little airs
he put on and the painful striv
ing to assume the easy carriage
of a man born to a dignified place
In life would have been sickening
had they not been ludicrous. He
quite ignored my presence, though
I credited him with being simply,
unable to see me. His pale,,
wishy-washy eyes were swimming
like lazy summer seas, though
what blissful visions they beheld
were beyond my Imagination.
'i let the cards, Hump," Wolf
Larsen ordered, as they took seats
at the table. "And bring out the
oigars and the whiskey you'll find
in tn.v berth."
I returned with the articles In
tinus to hear the Cockney hinting
broadly that there was a mystery
about him, that he might be a
gentleman's son gone wrong or
something or other; also, that he
WW a remittance man and was
paid to keep away from England
—"p'yed 'ansomely, sir," was the
Woj# he put It; "p'yed 'ansomely
to sling my ook an' keep slingin'
T had brought the customary
liquor glasseß, but Wolf Larsen
fro* iieil. shook his head, and sig
naled with his hands for me to
bring the tumblers. These he
filled two-thirds full with undilut
ed whisky — "a gentleman's
drink," quoth Thomas Mugridge,
—and they clinked their glasses
to the glorious game of "Nap,"
lighted cigars, and fell to shuf
fling and dealing the cards.
They played for money. They
Increased the amounts of the bets.
They drank whisky, they drank It
peat, and I fetched more. I do
not know whether Wolf Larsen
cheated er not, —a thing he was'
thoroughly capable of dulsg,-
but he won steadily. The" ttWk
insde repeated journeys to his
trunk for money. Eiit-h lime he
performed the journey with great
er swagger, but he never brought
more than a few dollars at a time.
He grew maudlin, familiar, could
hardly ace the cards or sit up
right. As a preliminary to an
other journey to his bunk, hs
hooked Wolf t<araen's buttonhole
•vit b a greasy forefinger and vacu
ously proclaimed and reiterated,
"I got money. 1 got money, I tell
yer, an' I'm a gentleman's son."
Wolf Larsen was unaffected by
the drink, yet he drank glass for
glass, and if anythlug his glasses
were fuller. There was no change
lv him. He did not appear even
amused at the other's antics.
In the end, with loud protesta
tions that he could lose like s gen
tleman, the cook's last money wus
staked on the game and lost.
Whereupon he leaned his head on
his hands and wept. Wolf Larsen
looked curiously at htm. as though
about to probe and vivisect him,
theu changed his mind, as from
the foregone conclusion that there
wus nothing there to probe.
"Hump," he said to me, elabor
ately polite, "kindly take Mr.
Mugridge's arm and help him up
on deck. He Is not feeling very
"And tell Johnson to douse him
with a few buckets of salt water,"
he added, In a lower tone for my
egr alone.
I left Mr. Mugrldge on deck, in
the hands of v couple of grinning
sailors who had been told off for
the purpose. Mr. Mugrldge was
sleepily spluttering that he was a
gentleman's son. But as 1 de
scended the companion stairs to
clear the table I heard him shriek
as the first bucket of water struck
I Continued Tomorrow.)
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