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Or you cannot legally sign referen
dum petitions.
The emperor at the council table of Hlndenhurg's army, examin
ing the maps of.the battle front. An officer is placing a ctgaret in blsllps.
NEW YORK, April 6.—A
In the twentieth century, in
the metropolis of America, In
New York, they have captured
one! ——
More weird than tbe'wildest
fairy tale, more strange than
the annals of Salem witchcraft, !s
the story of her career—the his
tory of the mysterious woman
who has just been exiled for life
to a lonely hut on a dreary lit
tle Island far up the East river!
This twentieth century witch
does not weave black incantations
and scatter awful curses over the
No! She scatters GERMS—
typhoid germs!
Her Own Caldron.
The twentieth century witch—
"Typhoid Mary" Mallon —is up
to-date with a vengeance! Le
gendary witches of old used to
build red fires under ugly caul
drons and brew deadly potions.
But poor "Typhoid Mary"
Mallon—all unwillingly how
ever—uses far more scien
tific and more fateful magic.
Hlie requires no cauldron—
she manufactures WITHIN
lIKKSKI.F the evil potions
which she spreads about the
Adopt a System
of Saying
I Choose your own sys
tem but have a system.
Save regularly, and as
your income Increases
let your savings increase
whether your expenses
do or not. We will be
glad. to assist you in
choosing a system. Come
in and let vi talk It
The Tacoma Times
How About It?
It Is proposed to abolish the
Tacoma mid-summer carnival
In the Stadium this year antl
supplant it with two evening
concerts by vocalists au:l
grouped orchestras.
Do the people of Tacom.i
want their carnival abolished?
Do tho citlsens want this
musical festival to lie the only
big event of the whole year in
the Htadium?
The Times will triad I y print
letters on this snbjec*. What
are your views? Write them
to the editor of The Times.
It's something In which all
of Tacoma and the Northwest
ia interested.
community. She Is constant
ly producing millions of vir
ulent typhoid fever germs!
Taken to Isolated Hut.
Five years ago she was isolated
by the New York health authorl:
ties. She was released on a
promise to remain constantly un
der surveillance, but she broke
away, and caused several new
epidemics In the space of 10 '
years! Though perfectly
well herself, "Typhoid Mary"
had produced up to that
time at least 580 serious case*
of typhoid fever, several of
which were fatal.
outbreaks of typhoid before she
was again captured.
NOW the health department
has decided to take drastic meas
ures. "Typhoid Mary" has been
secretly conveyed to a brick hut
on North Brother island, a bleak
piece of land way up the East
river far above Hell Gate.
"It probably means exile
for life," says Commissioner
(■oldwater, head of the
health department.
In the fall of 1906 a mysteri
ous outbreak of typhoid had oc
curred In the summer cottage
rented by a New York banker on
Long Island. Six persons ln his
family were taken with tbe dis
After a dozen experts had
failed to account for the epidemic
they called Dr. George A. Soper,
famous sanitary engineer, who
had had charge of cleaning up
Galveston after the flood, when,
in his own words. "8,000 bodies
lay festering in the sun."
Isolated Once Before.
It took four months of hard
detective work before Dr. Soper
discovered the source of the epi
demic — which was "Typhoid
Mary" Mallon!
- She had been cook ln the fam
ily that summer.
Dr. Sopor, tracing her
career hack through previ
ous employments, found that
she had caused seven big
One of her moat serious
epidemics waa at Dark Har
bor, Me., In the summer
household of the well known
(Continued oh Page Seven.)
30.: A
HAVANA, April 6.—Jess Wil
lard,. the new crowned champion
prize fighter of the world, will
leave Havana tomorrow to begin
reaping his golden harvest.
He intimated today that the
ring would not see him except in
exhibitions for. at least a year.
He has been deluged with theat
rical offers, and will probably
play first a week's vaudeville en
gagement at Jacksonville, Fla.,
then go to New Orleans for a
week, thence to New York for a
long engagement.
Johnson planned to leave to
day for Martinique, where he ex
pects to make his home.
Johnson Game.
Willard is absolutely unhurt,
and showed today only a few
Johnson is sore both in mind
and body. He gives evidence of
being wracked by pain from his
pummelling at Willard's hands.
However, he accepts defeat ln a
sportsmanlike manner.
"No other heavyweight," ho'
declares, "could have stood off
Willard for 26 rounds.
"I gave Jeffries credit for
gamely taking his beating; now
all I ask is that the same credit
be given nie."
The temperamental Cubans
have gone into raptures over
Willard. He was the center of
an admiring throng all day.
11 y ——— „__._*
Emperor William (left) slicing up a KatwOaJH p rlsoner. iWfcalfttr hi wearing a- vrviator's **** Hniser taking the common soldiers' soup. Tills pleases t^eoU
cap under his helmet. He is always much interested 1« the •ommon soldiers of the enemy. dlers Immensely. The emperor goes heeled— notice his big revotverholsy,
Boys and Girls,
Make Tacoma a
Mass of Bloom
! $*-.
Tacoma a mass of bloom!
That fa the picture which every one of us would like to have
the city present all the time. And especially this summer, when we
expect an unusual number of tourist?; I
And unlike many of our ro*y dream*., it is a picture
which will lie comparatively ea«y to realise eve* yet. All that
is needed to make it an actual fact is .-■ little concerted
effort. In fact, a little concerted effort on the part of Ta
coma's school children alone wfß do It.
Here is the idea, proposed by jf. G. Mitchell, secretary of the
Mitchell Nursery Co.:
'There arc Bonie 15,000 school Children in Tacoma, and if every
child would plant out a few packages of such easily grown annual
flowers as bachelor buttons. Shirleyl'and California puppies, snap
dragons, petunias, satin flowers, sweat alyssum, marigolds, larkspurs,
salplgloals, zinnias, etc., Tacoma would present a mass of bloom this
summer which would have an appreciable effect on the general ap
pearance of the city. • «
"There are probably not many chililren In Tacoma who cannot
afford to buy a few packages of seed for spring planting, but lv order
that every child may have the pleasn c of doing his or her share
towards the beautifying of Tacoma w* are handing you herewith
500 packages of the above named seeds for distribution In such man
ner as you deem best. I.
We think the idea splendid, and we wish to thank Mr. Mitchell
very much for the seeds.
We have handed them over to the very good looking young
woman at The Timea want ad counter, and she will pass them out,
as long as the supply lasts, to the children who apply.
Ho. hnvs and girls of Tacoma, the making of tlie city
a mass of bloom Is up to you. Those of you who can afford
it .should buy some flower seeds at once, plant theni, culti
vate iin- seciliug* and water the young plants. Make Ta
coma a flower garden.
Tlio>ve of yon who cannot afford to spend the money,
come right down to The Times office, get your seeds and do
likewise. I
Also, the Rotary club 1m distributing climbing and
creeping vines free of charge trssn Cie Smith Floral Go.'s
shop, 1110 Broadway.
' Think what a picture your work v 111 lielp create!
Mayor Fawcett, It leaked out
today, was the direct cause of
the resignation Saturday after
noon of Miss Susie Benjamin,
ni at ion at the central police sta
An investigation by the mayor
into reports that Miss Benjamin
was conducting herself ln an al
leged unseemly manner had just
begun when the matron resigned.
Miss Benjamin would have
been discharged summarily by
Commissioner Mills Saturday aft
ernoon. It was also learned today,
had she not anticipated tbe com
missioner's action and sent him
her resignation when he request
ed an interview.
Complaints have been made to
Commissioner Mills and Chief
I.minus repeatedly about the mat
ron, it was reported today.
"Mills came to me and begged
nit not to start an inquiry, say
ing that he would discharge tho
woman at once," said the mayor.
Mayor Fawcett said today that 1
he was starting an investigation
into the conduct of a matron at
the Jefferson junction comfort
station, and that the woman's
resignation would probably be
Mrs. Ada S. Todd, 920 9th
street, took up ber duties aa mat
ron today, succeeding Miss Ben
Tacoma: Showers tonight and
State: Showers in the west; fair
in the east tonight; Wednesday,
Back at
"The church is only for the
rich. No matter, what a man's
ability, his earnestness ln the
Christian faith, or the manner
of hi* private life, only hiß
monoy-bags are weighed."
In this emphatic fashion, C. C.
Page today came back at Deacon
Tozer of the First Baptist church,
who said that Page and his
friends, who are endeavoring lo
overturn the action of the board
of deacons in dismissing Dr. Sut
ton, were a "lot of ciphers who
were better outside the church
than ln it," and added that they
had never contributed to tho
church, "financially or other
Hays He «aye Tenth.
"I have done better In propor
tion to my means than has Toz
er," declared Page today. 'I
have given a tenth of my Income,
according to the worda of the
prophet Malachl. If Deacon Toz
er and his kind had done that,
there would be no poor in Ta
coma. Yet I expect to leave
Thursday's meeting with can to
my tail—and plenty of turpen
When Deacon Cavender was
told of this today, he opined that
Page waa a trifle "light."
Cavender was in favor of dis
missing Dr. Sutton, and was the
deacon who painted Sutton's
name from the church bulletin.
Cavender thought the outcome
of the affair would be that Page
(Continued on Page Seven.)
Mayor Don Roberts of Terr*
Haute and 26 other defendants,
tried on charges of perpetrating
gross election frauds In Vigo
county, were found guilty today,
by the Jury.
Federal Judge Anderson will
sentence the 27 convicted and 89
others who pleaded guilty April
The testimony in the case ran"
the .ntire gamut of crooked,
dirty politics.
Election officials were openly,
bribed. Plug-uglies were import
ed to browbeat honest voters.
The count was Juggled. The book*
were forged and falsified, and
all manner of other graft and cor
ruption ran ram&nt.
Tbe conviction of Roberts and
his associates culminates a long
fight against gang politics In
Terra Haute. The men wem
oharged with conaplracy to cor
rupt the election last November,
and the fact candidates for sen
ator and congress were .voted for
made possible the return of fed->
eral Indictments.

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