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tfiday, Jifly 30,1915.
ijHHDßg^'Get the Taste
JBf\ mtsjXr Don't forget on your way
' ,^ Srvr home todaj to lake «it>i
-^f- fl&' S"" "I' 1"14 1' "I thai Coffee
&M[nk "/* >'OUI "!tt' *n-t>*'«' )uu I" brill*
\\m Mm
V Will kfep win in good hu
■ Mr tnor Instead of making .1
1 grouch out of )ou. There's
] M nothing in FAIRMONT COF
m FEE but what is good, clean
m and pure. That's one rea
m hi.v why we recommend it,
# and another NMN why it's
j the grocer's best Keller —it's
Bteel cut.
::::::;: aii Grocers
Saturday Kg
Of Graham's High Grade
Select ions are still good.
; Pennies do the work of dollars.
Any Hat in the Store From 5c to 25c.
; Flowers, Ornaments. Fancy Feathers. All
■ are being slaughtered and everything must
be disposed of by Saturday night.
Piece Velvet Ribbons Veiling
I from $1.50 to X*i ue§ *? Values to $1
$5.00, now — now yard, now—
25c Yd. 5c Yd. 5c Yd.
932-Broadway -932
Mac Lean Bros.' Old Store.
America's Summer Life^^i &Q *p
is seen at its best at the beaches along the flK^ l^^^^3/_W\ v :7 >
Atlantic Coast. The j^iy crowds, invigorating m^Jj^xT^k r^j^
air, splendid hotels and the delightful ocean *^« N^T% Ns
bathing combine to make these beaches attrac- M& J
tive to all. To accommodate vacationists M IK^t/l
Low Round Trip Fares ifj m m'
are in effect to all Eastern Point* including SUfj |^ U mL
Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River, \J mW^k
Adirondack Mountains, New England, White Moun- ny // M C^*J
tains, Canadian Resorts, Atlantic Seashore, Jersey w//m £s \
New York and Boston Jy Bern
Tickets on Sale Daily to September 3Oth I i Ht V \-fi^fiv 3
NewYork&ntal Lines T/THK
New York Central R. R. (Lake Shore)-" Water-Level Route" '1' ' )mßE\^*
Stop-over privileges at all points eiiroute and option | l^^m'^^
of water or rail trips between Cleveland and ji ■"^ft k %--'
Huffalo; Albany and New York. The most complete AV^mm^^t\"
train service between Chicago and the East assure ■■ '^«^
Let Us Plan Your "Back East" Trip v^^^^^^^J-
Tell us in a general way what you require, the numbei in your party, and Blfcjp^
the amount o( money you want to spend, and we will propose one or two /&C^m^mE^W^^&
trips for your consideration, with complete information, and send you _^H|U^^^^^^^^^Hu»
a descriptive folder. /lß^K^^^R3^^Hl
Apply to your local agent for tirketH and sleeping car reservations, or for ""TL^^h^^^^JTCV^MJ
complete information, call on or address our MM
Setttle Office, 714 Second Armm
L. F. Jon*«. General Aleut Ctunin DwlrißMl
♦ ♦♦♦#♦«.*♦♦«♦♦♦♦<»
<s> #
■$> Mr. and Mrs. William Jen- ♦
# nlngß Hrvau at top and •
# Theodore Koosevflt below. •.•
# Both pic Hires were snapped 4
$• at the World's Fair, San #
••• KrHiicisco.
f> «.
HEARD BY 2,000
The V. W. C. A. benefit con
cert by the Second Infantry band
was heard by 1,094 persons in the
Stadium lust nifiht, despite the
fart it followed bo c!om-ly on
Sousii s concerts.
The soloß of .Miss Helen I'ris
cllla Ukby were received with
much applause.
AMKDWN, July 30.— Plans
for beginning a nationwide cam
paign to boost the use. of wood
j""oducts were iiniiounccl here to
day by f. A. lloflieins, tMCUtlr*
committeeman of the new trade
Japan's great writer or sea
stories, Tarhino YoneKul'a, is in
Tucoma. lie is serving as sec
ond mate aboard the Japanese
freighter Kageshlma Marj, unior
30.—After serving two years, five
former members of the West Vir
ginia legislature yesterday were i
Jiie second inrantry took the
field last night preparatory to
the big battle which will taUe
place today, brining the N. G. W.
encampment to an end tomorrow
hTe troops prepared their own
suppers last night over ramp
'ires. Early this mornine thcv
were busy digging trenches to
extension department of the Na
tional Lumber .Manufacturers un-
Hociatlon. More than |X39,6tt,
he Kays, has lieen raised to boom
wood products durinx the next
five yearn, and probably inoro
than that MUH will be e\peudeil.
Charter to Waterhonse a Co.,
loading general freight for Vladi
vostok. Konekuba is h lavoilte
In Japan with the chHilrrn, his
stories are romantic and lull of
pardonpd from the penitenllary
by Oov. R. n. Hatfield. Ihe men
were convicted of having tak'n
bribes to vote ror V. tf. Senator
Seymore Edwards in Ittl
stay the invading forces which
will come up Home time today
from Cosgrove. Hiirbed wire en
tanglements, bomb-proof and
fire trenches will bar the in
vaders. The day will be filled
with actual warfare—with the
exception of hot lead.
Troop Bof Tacoma will work
separately on outpost prohleniH
Trumpeter Spencer Wiekman
of Troop B slipped from his borne
yesterday, breaking his ankle in
two places. He was sent to St
Joseph's hospital, along with J.
L. Nobel of North Yaklnia, who
was suffering from inflammation
of the heart.
* «
<8> LIVERPOOL — Despite <S
9 Germany's submarine block- ■•>
<S> ade, figures show that of t
♦ 8,000 voyages to and from «
<$> Liverpool since war befan, <£
«> only 2 9 ships have been de- ■»
<•> s'royed. <$
<$> PETROGRAD — Reports *
<»> from Lodz say the kaiser en- <?■
• tered the synagogue, raised ?>
■*- a scroll of the law and in- ■$
& formed the congregatioi he -f
<•■ was the Messiah »md had 4
<*• been sent by God to save •»•
<^ them. <j,
• PARIS—A French lieuten- ♦
<!> ant who captured a German •*
4> lieutenant found his captive ♦
<^ to be of his own family, <f«
«?> member of a branch that left <S>
•¥• France for Germany twenty
<J> years ago. ,»,
cheers every Home
You'll Find
L It Here T
l/onis Dfian— not I ..in- Hean —
who X Mini pell k. A. Hmpey hii<l
ln'iii him iv the mountalnx for
! $6,000 llillNdlll. U'L-IIIK 1 tO ll'
lywr M-iii t -iii'«- In Htate i'l'iiitt'iitiiirv
of Idaho. A |iok«6 of i'o«'h>>k
raiiKlit liiin.
\\ liHt «|o you know o' ilils?
OftsoateM vi s. f. aatefcrata log-
Wbwrj <la>. »nil rUlrn raining
>m is dm of Oregon's leading: i»
duMrie*. What xbnut fflrtlll
I ton. idiivß. tiie lagukcrry pta itn.
ter of the unhorse?
I'rof. I Ijiiiim Ixiilih brrad
Ihiriiwiililk, M.i mil.
ltiimiiniitii officials find viM
quaiiliiu's of munitions in Cerniun
lie I'.ic kfil liet-i' l)iirr*-ls, M route
tO I'ii|)st;ilillll()|iln.
All kinds bedding planta ai
Illu* ONM House, Ho. Till and K.
MHwaakM mliroiid <h> m.-i
from "o in | per t-«»iit on common
Mock. Slnd a t**nr for'iipur Jclin
DM, who ciwnt; it.
Kiiu> MusteiMin, rui.jiM/iiM mil
9t, MRI lo New York lioKpllul for
the I OHM for treat metit. ,
ht.wi.iv MOA miXTIM ro.
Junior r mciclnl Huh will
lunch cue h \\ «'(liicmlh> at the Hub.
Voiitik RMMI ticket HKrnls ir-
CMtl) ;i|'|ininl<'(l on 0.-W, lilies'
will b« I'liltMtiiiiu'd In Tacoma
Tunda) .
"I uork<'<l in dnjM for yj t :.i>
and lie stole it, 1 wiilU-d Mike Vito
I In his Jiiil i ell >FKti>ril;i.v, telling Of
how lip bub rolilmil in Our Houm
saloon licforc lip killed the |iro
prtetor, Joha Paddock.
K. of i'.\ from all otpi' iln
rouutiy convening nl Seiittle.
War iiiiiiiitions |.iuniv in \>w
KiifiiMiui lied up by ■arcadißi
Km Vmk hull moimr tell fel
lowk on executive committee who
fa\or noiun over to the (i. (). 1.,
to rt*!in, This takes in v neiihew
of T. 1(.
Orafjea Nlate »«Ult service rum.
minion makoß Stone-\\>l>Bter In
tereKls cut Ugßl rateM 2T> per cent
In fiiMtitii Oregon tow nit,
St. Louis, Mo., Hhtt'onoiny
■harpi nee hig K|Kit on the sun.
It'll lie \lsiljlo until Aug. 10.
M. & K. (iottxteln. Seattle, ap
i <■-1 < (inslituiioniilll\ of dry law
to utate ■uprama eoart.
•T. It. Ktiiser, I'liiiiniii, on stnte
Mrlaorj library boara\
Atistrin officially H.vui|intlii/.e*>
with |k.'o|ilp of U< H. IW Enstland
Ten tliousandl volunteei' work
ers, linl inline )m < i-i hoik and con
gre.ssnien. coin|ilete hlpgest part of
road batwai l Jaducah, Ky., and
.Memphis', Term.
Mix. Kiidie I', renrninn tells
Jndf;r Clifford her hubby John H.,
ran away from her. She's Riven
divorce, ciiHtody of child, and $L'O
a month.
Another -«i iK«- riot victim at
15.n iii.i,. . N. J , dead. This makes
liist biilf „f iliK year there
were (.2 17 indnstiial accidentK in
state imainst 7D07 for the year be
Sheep mkerK near Ontnilin | M i-,
port West Viißinla hounds to stop I
ravages of wolves.
fiiininer cannery rlose* oniil
evernroen blackberries are ready
for canning.
T'navoldnble! Tlirco, miners •
killed by fall of loose ground at
Tloßlyn, and that was the coroner's
A.,L. Sommers. editor of "See
America First," who was serious
ly Injured Wednesday afternoon
In an automobile accident at She
boygan, Wis., was reported today
i«h hiving; recovered slightly. He
, Ig ndjt out of danger, however.
I(Joods Purchased Friday and Saturday Placed on August Account Ren- I
fared Sept. Ist.
MoiUh-End Sale L?ffi
The Most Sensational ol the Season
Remarkable Reductions on
Women's Apparel
~~"~ Women's $7.00 Wool Dresses for $3.95
■JPH Colors Navy, Brown and Black Serge
-Jri£e«M ~> 4H "'f^'l NV<l'S^ ;||l(l |»I<iin wide skirt. Mostly
JL \VT T;iiloicd dresses; ;i few are trimmed. This
r^M^-^iik \ S('iiso|ls 't^-'"1 raimeiitit tfQ AC
- Wonderful Values, Blouses QQa
" mrWK^^i^' Worth Up to $5.00 for «JOC
>i il^llPlTi^*^ ' <I '|l<l i||l(l lovely Lingerie or Silk Chiffons,
fTC7 YcgrTMBT llMV\^iA^s^ i«ll colors, including black iuul white.
V nJW^ \Wm-^" %>so:si KHA K<JAIN" you'll say QOa
>it?B' wh('M y°«s((i tiiciu..". 3oc
<-^^vv^ " \vk/ House Waists Former Price 69c, for 15c
ijj' /t»i Tennii Cloth, in plain gray, stripes or ftg*
*fi/q*Tm^^§ J ures. Lot included a few white lawns.
§&V U^ $5 to ? 10 Values -Children's Coats $1.95
* yy-^^i^J- t Si/.es (i to II years. Not all sizes or all
'MAr, i color*. A great J| QC
1 &>. 1 bargain at vJ-«v«l
The Greatest Offer of Sateen Jft
Skirts You Ever Saw at 98c *3ffL
Petticoats, hundreds of them; materials are black sateen. JFI W
heatherblooin, near silks, etc., popular "Kloslit" yoke and 'jKmU,-»tP
elastic hand styles; plain and pleated flounces, a greal va Ml|| ]|l
i-iety. Former values $1.50, $2.00, QOp nBiJIr
$3.00, yes, and $4.00. Your choice vO\> « ;Jt>y}f
Gkas c Ball Every New s'raw Hat
Men's Hats Values to $3.00,
Saturday at the Stadium! Choice Saturd for
And after the game visit our Men'.s
Shop. Prices have received I I('n's r)0(< Silk Knitted O(Z|»
knocko.it there. Nnkt.es, beat of patterns. **\>
Men s Soiled Shirts in broken
4 Lines ol Men's Suits *** ** p*** while *»? oo^
_ j n • ***» choice *nrv
at Reduced Prices *ir>() u^ q™&* swrii in best
$20 and $22.50 Atterbury or patternsj all sizes, H (j(j
Suits for $lU«OeJ choice vl«wv
$25.00 Atterbury &4G or Men's 7")e Nainsook CQ^
Suits for vlO.Ov Union Suits for vtFC
$14.85 Character Clothes H4 or Men's 25c Lisle Sox, in blue, tan
(Union made) for vil«O9 O r gray, sizes 9V-., 10, 4fj~
$12.50 Business Suits &n or 10'^ only; the pair...... I'C
(blues and grays) for Ql*Od THBBE PAIBB for 60c
SPOKANE, July 30.—A. A.
i.rttis, a member of the state
Don't Use Soap
On Your Hair
When you wash your hair, don't
use soap. Most soaps and pre
pared shampoos contain too much
alkali, which is very Injurious, as
it dries the scalp and makes the
hair brittle.
The best thing to use la just
plain mulsifled cocoanut oil, for
it is pure and entirely greaselesn.
It's very cheap, and beats soaps
or anything else all to pieces.
You can get this at any drug
store, and a few ounces will last
the whole family for months.
Simply moisten the hair with
water and rub it in, about a tea-
Bpoonful is all that is required.
It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, cleanses thorough
ly, and rinses out easily. The
hair dries quickly and evenly,
and is soft, fresh looking, bright,
fluffy, wavy, and easy to handle.
Besides, It loosens and takes out
every particle of dust, dirt and
dandruff. Advertisement
public service commission, today
urrived in Spokane in response to
a demand that he explain an al
leged shortage of more than $:',
--500 which is said to have accu
mulated while he wag city treas
urer, between January and June,
The state official was confident
he would clear himself, although
puzzled apparently U the disap
pearance of many duplicate re
ceipts and the cashier's blotter
for the whole of 1912.
Two employes of the treasur
er's office have been suspended
pending an investigation.
♦ *
♦ ST. PAUL, Minn., July 80. •$►
3> —A mule remains a mule i
♦ and not a horse. The sii- ■$>
«■ prerae court of the Mate of <t>
•?■• Minnesota has bo decided it. ■*
♦ It was in the case of C. J. ♦
i •» Oat and Bernard Fisher Owa- <*>
<•> tonna, suing for the reniard 4>
■s» offered for the capture of +
♦ horse thieves, because these ■*•
, <*• men captured two men who •*
I «S> stole a team of mules. ♦
t ♦«"♦•»♦♦<!>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
heals baby's
itching skin
Resinol Ointment and Realhal Soap
are absolutely free from anything harsh
or injurious and can therefore ba used
freely for babies' skin troubles—cuana,
heat rath, teething rash, chafing*, etc
They stop itching msLmily and tpaedily
heal even severe and stubborn eruptions.
Doctors have prescribed th« Resinol
treatment for the past 20 yean.
Rnlnol Ointment and Kroltvol *m* at* kU (■
tUdrunitla. fc—lai ln* »■*..>.ll»M—r.. Uk,

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