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* A ' & coma . £jtrrD Ei/x/lE-TT
An Attractive Dining Room
Increases the Thanksgiving Spirit
— The furniture offers a very satisfactory selection of good and fine dining
room furniture —all dependable, all >>f good material and workmanship.
■j^^^^^^^Kl^l —Attractive mission style it I I,^-C^-J j
mm^m like cut, solid quarter sawed ««jMlil t ~~" "** '*"■ '
IJMBKRT IH'KKKT $100 oak, either waxed golden or j 1 j
—Handsome Arts and Crafts fumed finishes, plank top I i •"" \J
design as illustrated, made 54 in. with 8 ft. extension, "^HJ
of select quarter sawed oak massive pedestal base. Each.
with heavy plank toj> 60 in. leaf locks Becurely. M\l\<. CHAIK 97.50
long, 24 in. wide, leather —Umbers 1 Arts and Crafts
Dtato m'tror mT^'in^olid -Dtoln« n"lir of Q»«t»«* chair, style pictured, quar
copper trlmmnw ' oak tn mUu,ion style, high ter .awed fumed oak, seat
JlUet ,0 nLion style *ff»& %^ K£ -ered with best Spanish
ss S\rCb? =Fe S f or.a, SeS raorocco leather-panel back
finlgheß, plank top 22x48 in.. ' n ,T artar —Dining Clwlrs, solid oak,
bovpl iil-itu mirror finp val- -^Dininij Table, quarter « •
ue at ...!'. WO.OO sawed oak. waxed golden In waxed golden and fum^d
—ltuffet, of select quarter- *n& fumed finishes, 48 in. finishes, slip seat covered
ed oak. waxed golden finlsli, *°P. 6 ft- extension, reavy wlth brown Spanish leather,
base 22x43 in., bevel plate mission style pedestal base, $;{
mirror 10x34 in., at »r..oii at U2O.(M»
—ltuffet, in one of our most —Huffet, solid oak, Colon- —iMnin^ Chairs, of quarter
popular mission styles, quar- la] style, waxed golden and ed oak, in waxed golden and
tered oak, waxed and fumed ruined finishes, top 22x12 fumed finishes, panel back,
finishes, plank top 20x4 2 in.. In., bevel plate mirror, ex- slip seat covered with brown
at 925.00 cellent value at .... $13.75 Spanish leather. Priced fl.oo
—A clearance of small lots and odd pieces, including:
—35c Aluminum Sink Strainers, 25c Whisk Brooms, 23c Small Glass Wash
Boards, 4-qt. Enameled Sauce Pans, 25c Nickel Plated Trays, 25c and 35c f* 1 •
Alcohol Stoveß, 30c Set of 6 Tumblers, 50c China Sugar and Cream Sets, 2 Tea v, JIOICC
Cups and Saucsrs worth 15c each, 50c Steins, 25c Cuspidors, Large Meat Plat
ters, Covered Vegetable Dishes, 10-qt. Dish Pans, gray enameled; 25c cans Bril- _ -_
liant Shine Polish, 25c pkg Brillo Aluminum Polish, 35c Sel Kitchen Carvers, <4 m\
2;>i- Rutcher Knives, :5c Rolling Pins, 25c Brown Earthenware Teapots, Tide I \Mm9
Percolator liisft for Coffee Pot, 25c Clothed Line Reel with Line. 25c Scrub ■ .■■
Brushes, 35c Porcelain Salt Boxes, 29c Cotton Clothes Line, 50 ft.; Small Cut JL xF
Glass Vases, Baskets, Mustard Pots. Lemon Platt-s, Butter Tubs, Finger Bowls,
Comports and Bou-Hon Dishes. Values to 30c, choice tomorrow
By Giison Gardner
WASHINGTON, D. C, Nov. 16.
prohibition votes were
added to the house of representa
tives by the November election 3.
Five congressional vacancies
■were filled, three in New Sfork
state. The prohibitionists made
an issue in the case of the New
York candidates and all three I
pledged to the constitutional rem
edy against liquor.
In the election of William S.
Bennet, whose margin kas nar
row, his success was undoubtedly
due to the support of the Antl-
Saloonleague. Of New York's
43 members, only three voted
Jaat winter for submitting the
prohibition amendment.
These three will now be rein
forced by three more and pos
■ibly by others who have begun
For Pife
Saaiple Pack*
/dfl \^Hk, ■ *•" °' •h*
Jm ) B, ■■">•> <> ■
H • * B I'jramid Tile
W*!*^ ? 1 'I' r r a I mm I
mm a^| Free to Prove
K^Ky ■/ U. (or 1 ua.
H^H By Treatment
WK' Kivos quick re-
11^^^' lief, Btops itch
~~ ~ Iti % t bleeding
•r protruding piles, hemorrhoids and
•11 rectal troubles. In the privacy of
roar own home. BOc a box at all
aruft-f-lat«. A single box often cures.
>*!«» aauaple far trial with booklet
saallrd free In plain wrapper. If you
■end ua coupon below.
at* Pyramid Bldir.. Marshal I. Mich.
Kindly em<l ma n Tt*m sample of
fwnm MriWTrntwial. In plain wrapper.
Street ,
City mate
to see the oncoming of the pro
hibition movement.
Exports Jumping
During September horses were
exported from the I'nited States
to the value of $8,032,467, .^.nd
mules to the value of $1,99C,19J.
A new export was added —seeds
—the value of $148,414. Usually
the United States is a uyer of
The total exports for Septenib3r
were $300,000,000 as compared
with $1'.6,0U0,000 for September,
Why Factory Fires?
The factory fire in New York,
where a dozen employes were
burned to death, is given a na
tional significance by Frank P.
Walsh, chairman of the indus
trial relations committee.
"The base of such crimes," said
Babson Out For
U.S. Owned Ships
BOSTON', Nov. 16.—Rogor \V.
Babson, banker, noted economist
and financial expert, today an
nounced himself an ardent sui>
porter of Secretary McAdoo's plan
for the construction of a naval
auxiliary merchant marine for
the United States.
He said that as the result of
two trips to South America for
the purpose of studying business
opportunities lor North Ameri
cans there, on« of which he made
for the Scripps papers, he had
been converted to the idea that
, only through a government-own
ed line of ships can the problem
of building up our trade In that
part of the world be solved.
At the same time, he pointed
I out, a merchant marine sucii as
the new shipping bill provides
j will offer the only possible means
jof breaking up the foreign uhlp
ping pool "which at present has
our manufactures in its grip."
Keren'ly Won Over.
He would use government shlpa
to do what privately owned lines
cannot afford to do—break Jown
the extortionate trans-Atlantic
rates by threat of competition.
"Until recently," said Mr. Bao
son, "I have been opposed to gov
| ernment ownership in general,
i and especially as applied to ship
ping. Brought up in Gloucester,
, of a family interested In shipping
: and banking, I looked with hoe
| tility upon a paternalistic' policy
lin shipping affairs. But the only
; side of the case that had been
| presented to me was the condi
tion of shipping between thli
country and Europe,
Mr. Walsh, "is economic. The
employer gets a faulty building
cheaper than a good one, and the
workers must pay the awful toll
in death and suffering.
"The inquiries of the commis
sioners of industrial relations
showed beyond dispute that 3.r>,-
--000 lives are lost in American ln
dUßtry every year and that 700,
--000 workers are seriously injur
ed, who do not nnniedlately die.
Researches of the government
definitely show that the accidents
which bring about this dreadful
loss of life and limb, with the
pain and misery incident ».o it,
are what are termed preventaule
accidents; that is, accidents whicii
would not occur were the ordin
ary common precautions for safe
ty taken.
"These preventable accilen f.s
should be treated as are all 'jth
er crimes against the person."
Niil>M<ll<>s Won't Do.
"Now the question—why not
"The answer is very simple.
Tlie Bubsidy is a fine thing pro
viiled we can be the onl> country
to give subsidies. Now that Eng
land, Germany and other coun
tries are so well intrenched, >t
would take $100,000,000 and a
generation of time for us to se
cure a footing by their metho is. '
McGinley Will
$2 Hals
Finding that the majority of
their customers prefer the better
grade of hats, the M. & M Hat
Shop have decided to discontinue
their $2.00 line of hats entirely.
Arthur McGinley, proprietor,
•ays he will specialize on one
price and that $2.50, giving the
name value as formerly Bold at
$2.00. This change takes place
at once and all $2.00 hats will be
closed out at a special price.
All the regular $3.00 hats now
In Block will be sold at the new
price, $2.50, and will continue at
this price.
McGlnleyg slogan will be a
bat "just M good as the three
and a dollar better than the two."
ii Special values will lie offered
day by day to Times readers.
--—Having steered a president
safely through a nomination, an
I election, the appointment of a
cabinet, and three years of suc
i cessful work. Col. Edward Man
dell House of Texas will now pro
ceed to steer the president safely
i into matrimony. If report has it
right, Col. House is to be Preßi
duiit Wilson's "best man" at the
letter's wedding to Mrs. Edith
Want to See
1917 Styles?
Watch These
Gowns. Gorgeous gowns.
Gowns far in advance of any
thing ever seen in Tacoma will be
viewed across the footlights at
the annual Tacoma high school
alumni association's musical pro
duction Nov. 25, it Is promised.
The rehearsals are going on
regularly and the speculation and
wonder is increasing among the
amateur actors as to what the
impression will be when Miss
Ruth Tlnimons appears wearing
costumes which really should not
appear until 19)7.
'Pape's Diapepsin' makes
sick, sour gassy stom
achs ft? 'i fine.
Time it! In five minutes all
stomach distress will go. No In
digestion, heartburn, sourness or j
belching of gas, add, or eructfr
tlons of undigested food, no <Mz-,
liness, bloating, foul breath or
Pape's Dlapepsin Is noted for
1U speed in regulating apeet
Stomachs. It is the surest, quick
est and mose certain Indigestion
remedy in the whole world, and
besides it Is harmless.
Millions of men and women
now eat their favorite foods
without fear —they know Pa#«'»
Diapepsin will save them from
any stomach misery.
Please, for your sake, get a
Urge fifty-cent cue of Pape's
Diapepstn from any drug stors
and put your stomach rtefct.
Don't keep on being miserable*—
life is too short —you are not
here long, so make your stay
agreeable. Eat wbat you like and
digest it; enjoy it, without dread
•f rebellion in the stomach.
Pape's Diapepsln belongs in
your home anyway. Should one
of the family eat something
which don't agree with them, or
In case of an attack of inden
tion, dyspepsia, gastritis or stom
ach derangement at daytime or
during the night, it Is handy to
clTe the tulckest, cureal nllef
Boiling Gait.
Col. House of Texas and Long
Island is the only Intimate friend
the president has. He is reputed
to be the only visitor who is in
vited to remain over night at the
white houtie when he calls.
House loves politics. He has
directed the campaigns of half a
dozen succesflful democratic nom
inees for governor In his home
state since 1892. Born In Hous
ton and a resident of the state,
the colonel usually lives at hla
home on Long Island or at his
apartment in New York city. And
whenever the president goes to
New York he stays with Col.
Houne in ntroiig on remain
ing in the background. He
obliterates ' himself. But
whenever advice is needed,
whether on politic*!, diplom
acy or weddlnga, House may
be relied upon.
Acid Stomachs
Are Dangerous
A I'li.tsii'inn's Advice on Cause
and Cure.
A New York Physician who has
iniuli' a special study of stomach
and intestinal diseases says that
nearly all Intestinal troubles, as
well as many diseases of the vital
organs, are directly traceable to
a deranged condition of the
stomach. This In turn is due
about nine times out of ten to
excessive acidity, commonly term
ed sour stomach or heartburn,
which not only irritates and In
flames the delicate lining of the
stomach but also may set up gas
tritis and in a large majority of
cases gastric ulcers are accom
panied by hyperacidity. It Is In
teresting to note that he con
demns the use of patent medi
cines, and practically all medical
! treatment that is designed to act
I upon the stomach lining, stating
I that the best results are obtained
by the use of a simple antacid
' which acts upon the content* of
; the stomach and neutralizes the
ac'dity of the food thus removing
the source of the trouble. As an
antacid he prescribes ordinary
bisurated magnesia. He con
tends that it is as foolish to treat
I the stomach itself as it would be
: for a man who stepped on a tack
I to rub linament on the foot with
out first removing the tack. Re
move the tack and the foot will
i heal itself—neutralize the acid
land the stomach troubles will din
j appear. Irritating medicines and
' medical treatments are useless,
'I so long as the contents of the
stomach remains acid; remove
, the acidity and there will be no
; need for medicine—the Inflamed
, lining or the stomach will then
' heal itself. Sufferers from acld
) Ity, sour stomach and heartburn
I should get a small bottle of bis
jurated magnesia from their drug
'JKist, and take a teaspoonful in a
' quarter of a glass of hot or cold
1 water after each meal, repeating
In fifteen minutes, if necessary,
thii being the dose which the doc
' tor ha* found most efficacious in
I all cases.
Wednesday-Double Stamp Day
A Golden Egg Macaroni Day
In Our Grocery Dept.-3rd Floor
TIDO FREE BALLOONS—With a purchase of 25c in
A Golden Egg (Machine Dried) Macaroni, Noodlos
C|*__.__ or Spaghetti, we will give absolutely free, one
_d!\ ffiifr- ball ;ui<l ;i valuable recipe book.
<<^§Krak|EdH|^7 Bring the little ones in and let them carry away
VV^f/r^3Sr««vy Even! 'j('' ''"■ factory demonstrator show yon how to
•* f\ * P rol)al' c niacaroni so the children will enjoy it.
■*" \ljT O Packages of Golden Egg Macaroni, Noodle.s
SpendJ'jNednesdwo « spaghetti selling 9ic
• ' Jr VV ednesday for .■* *-* *■*
Lincoln Park sophomores clean
ed up tho juniors 27 to 25 last
evening in the first scheduled in
ter-class basketball game of the
The game was well played and
the result was always In doubt
übtll the final whistle. The so
phomores finished the first half
one ipoint in the lead.
At the start of the second per
iod the upperclaßsmen came back
and ran the score up several
points ahead of their opponents.
The Hoplis tied the score a few
minutes later, and won late in
the game in a burst of speed.
Danielson, lor the sophomores,
and Isenburg, for the juniors,
played the star games of the
Soccer Ball
Contest Is
A Live One
So great has been the interest
and so many names have heoa
submitted in the contest for the
Imported English soccer batl of
fered by Alexander McLeau for
the best two names for sorcor
terns, that Supervisor Kelly has
extended the time until Saturday
for the closing of the contest.
Supervisor Kelly announce! to
day that the following judges
would choose the best named:
Milton Prlchard, principal of the
Carbonado school; Mrs. Agnes
Hogan, principal Midland school;
W. E. McGuire, principal PlTO
water school; Robert McDonald
and Sidney Hughes, both of Ta
The judges will consider e*/e?y
name submitted up to 6 p. m. Sat
urday. They suggest that all
names be handed In at once be
cause the first to hand in a n'ime
which Is duplicated by another
will be give the preference.
Several schools are anxious to
win the ball for use in long dis
tance practice.
Dean Speaks
Dean Holgate, of Northwestern
university, spoke to the students
of Lincoln Park higli school yes
terday afternoon at a special as
sembly. The Girls' Glee club sang
several songs.
Jones Tells
Of Capitol
Senator Wealey L, Joiiph In an
Interesting illustrated lecture be
fore the evening students of Sta
dium hlght school last night gave
nn insight into the social, politi
cal and municipal life of the na
tional capital.
FOR BBBT 111-« l I T* Tl H\ TO
Tacoma Boy Picked
On Glee Club Trip
SEATTLE, Nov. 18. — Walter
Kaufman ot Tacoma, was chosen
today to play on the University
Ulee club's tour through the east
ern part of the state early in De
This is the first time in years
W. Neal Ellis, director of
grammar school athletics in Se
attle, arrived in Tacoma today
and is visiting several of the
playgrounds in company with Su
pervisor Kelly to inspect the sys
tem of athletics in vogue in the
city schools.
Director Ellis, writing to Su
pervisor Kelly, is optimistic over
the future of soccer. He said 38
of the 45 schools in Seattle are
playing the game.
The coming week is expected to
make a considerable change in the
standing in the grammar school
soccer league. Several teams
which have suffered defeat and
have had a low position In the
race, are bent on driving out a
victory or two within the next
I five days and displace some of the
leaders who are confident of re
taining their position.
The following games are
scheduled for the week: Bryants-
Washington, Monday on 11th St.
grounds; Washington-Central,
Tuesday at Wright Park; Irving-
Wtllard, Tuesday on McKinley
grounds; Franklin-Irving, Tues
day on Franklin grounds; Sher-
nniftfflHts sell Beat Prescription on!
Kin-Hi on the Money Hack Plan.
Almost everybody knows that I
sick headache, nervousness, diz
ziness, bad dreams and sleepless
ness are caused by a disordered
Upßet stomach and indigestion
happen just because the food you
eat does not digest—but lies in
the stomach and ferments or turns
You can stop fermentation
and stomach distress in five
minutes by ÜBing Mi-o-na Stom
ach Tablets, a prescription that
has done more to end indigestion
and put the stomach in fine con
dition than any other remedy
known to üb.
A large 50-cent box of Mi-o-na
stomach tablets ia all you need
to be convinced that there is
nothing that gives such quick and
lasting relief.
If you have heartburn, belch
inß of gas, heaviness or any atom
ach trouble no matter how chron
ic, don't suffer another day; try
Mi-o-na stomach tablets on a
guarantee they will belp you or
money back-
Sold by Crown Drug Co. and
fading druggists everywhere.
the Glee and Mandolin clubs have
made a tour in thia territory.
The musicians will leave Seattle
Dec. 17, upearing at Cle Khun,
North Yakima, Spokane, Llnd,
Pasco and Kennewick. They will
arrive home before the holidays.
Man-Franklin, Wednesday on
Sherman grounds; Franklin
Wolves-Irving, Wednesday on
Franklin grounds; Sherman-Rog
ers, Thursday on Sherman
Pimply?WcH Don't Be
People Notice It. Drive Them
Off With Dr. Edward*'
Olive Tablet*.
A pimply face will not embar
rass you much longer if you get
a package of Dr. Edwards' Oliva
Tablets. The skin should begin
to clear after you have taken the
tablets a few nights.
Cleanse the blood, the boweli
and the liver with Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets art
the successful substitute for calo
mel —there's never any sickness
or pain after taking them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do
that which calomel does, and just
as effectively, but their action li
g-entlo and safe Instead of sever*
and irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets
is ever cursed with "a dark
brown taste," a bad breath, a dull,
listless, "no good" feeling, con
stipation, torpid liver, bad dispo
sition or pimply face.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are'
■ purely vegetable compound
mixed with olive oil; you will
know them by their olive color.
Dr. Edwards spent years among
patients afflicted with liver and
bowel complaints, and Olive Tab
lets are the Immensely •effective
Take one or two nightly for a
week. See how much better ;)f v
feel and look. 10c and 26c per
box. All druggists.
The Olive Tablet Company, Co
lumbus. O.
J'^tew Edison
Diamond Dice Phonograph
You cannot realize what a musical triumph Mr. Ediaoi
baa achieved until you have actually heard the nem
F.di»o:i. with hit woooVHul diamond rep'oducrr; he bai
made of the phonograph a nml mutltml Imliumi it A
tone that v true, Ufa-like, human, natural. Juat whal
rauaic lovers have been waiting for. It apmi a n«»
an. in muaie. Call and bear the New Ediaon.
New Records—Just Out
We have mit received the latest w«l/» list of
New I .In.in records. A neat hit *l tttttit
man iruk. Thia werk'l hit contains urn
eiuuime musk. Theaa are a few at the
(Ust at Recordt)
Hear these oeautiM ranben on the New
Edison today. It will he ■ revelation to you.
You will not be uried to buy.
915 Pacific Aye.
Provident Bldg.

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