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OuirQOth Tuesday Grocery Sale
Affords Opportune Bargains In
Needs for Thanksdivind* Feasts
Tt« usual Tuesday COFFEE 33c LB. MEATS IN THE CITY
Tetonlione vo»r **'* °f An **>l *°°d> Your morning coffee makes your day fit* »h« Turkey—an extra choice lot this
c«it be i,,. r « in bake<l ror rile(jd»> * *|ter experience. tender—pound IHC
person. Hervice ££'choice. .20C The e *«*rlen<* of mlI11°Q» <" Pe"P!e S^^fo^'^ Ch°lC° 22C
has taught them that a cup of GOOD «xtrd f T anc> J 0*"I), olind "W
rt.ru «t 7:40 •. O ur Mince Hies - coffee begin, the day right. JJ^ * 23C
«. none better for the Hundreds of Taeoma people have Home Made Saunage for Thanks- Oflp
Thankßpflving *|ft found by experience that Casino Cof- giving breakfast, pound ■■• ■■ . ■■ ■ .fcilu
feast, each C\lG fee beßina the day l.eßt of all. Try it. Al«" V*™* •»•»*".«•««.
1 -— ... .. ~.~, Reindeer Meat, Etc.
COCOA—Walter Baker's delicious Break- 1" ', lms, c ID> Qv« TKA—Choice new crop Tea—Japan or
fast Cocoa, tt-lb. tln 3 Tuesday 9100 g P° Gunpowder only. QC n
each 32c; FIVE for f |,UU -———-——-——————. Tuesday special, Ib *Jl»
MlLK—Carnation brand — WALNTTS—Fancy No. 1 FANCY EAKIjY Jl'NB KXTBAC7M — Choice of our
Tuesday special, large can* »oft shell walnuts, Tuesday PEAS— Tuesday, can, 14c; small size Flavoring Ex-
THRKE for aoc; b«by i)C_ special FIVE Ofl* DOZEN #1 UK tracts — vanilla, lemon,
SBVEN f or ZDC POUNDS for jUC CANS ♦•-«•' fcocba , strawberry, rasp-
FI/OUR—Pyramid fancy lo- BEEHKO RVISINH — New FANCY MAFNE HKJAR be rry, orange, Dunana. win
«! Patent flour «t* sack.. S*!.Js| T^cTm"**" *£? ""' ,P«-™«-t.
MM* SI .40 SS^S CVBKANThJ- 25C J-o"-. l*««PPto ~*»
iPßCllkl *'tHU No 1 pkg.., Tuesday ftJ- SPICKH-R.l Rose brand- TWoTor 1 J IluC
ORYHTTAL WHITK BOAP— special THRKE for.. «#OC 2 oz. sixe--pepper, ilni.a- L^titKii 'w»«i»rH ' , .
flue for lauudrv uae large Candled Cltion. Orange or mon, allspice, sage, miiHtard, makiru mwnt.lt Red
cakes Tnendav OA I^emon Peel, Tuesday Oft* ginger, white pepper, red Rose brand; 1-lb. cans—beat
special EICIIT for 3uC special, pound CUU pepper, clovee, thyme, say- egg phosphate powder. Tues-
OR A N BEBR IEB -1 Fancy SSSSToiSr^IS ZUT^T. 8C g«' 17C
Jersey kands— ttr THRKE CANB OC-, TWO TINS IC. TURK 13 CANS Cft*
TWO QUARTS for.. Z3C for Z3C for IOC for \>"C
AliMONDS—Fancy No. 1 soft shello. Qft- FAXCY WAX BEANH—Tuesday special, PINKAPPI,K "
Tuesday special 5 LUS. for 3UC can , „,c . CICK Fanf>y pl""e(1 Ha" Be-t Pure Cane
CRlßCO—Tuesday special large palls $1; DOZES CANS $!iO3 waiian Pineapple, "^ "™ ane
medium pails, 5Sc; QQ A FANCY 8OLJI) PACK TOMATOES—No. 3 J?°- 2V- .c" ns' Il e8- „ " "Kftr; ,
■mall .mils • /nC rr, i • HÄ(l 3' Bpeclal, OCm ' Tuesday Special
small pans . s». «.uo cans, Tuesday special, OE*» Twn fm- Z3C .... „.•
CIOI-1) COIN MINCK MEAT—highest qual- TWO CANS for Z3C ga,,^ y o "j p^ ""^I"
ity, In bulk only— QC ClDEß—Sweet Apple Cider OC A Tuesday fipe- Irt 2°"lb' Bk*' '"
Tuesday TWO POUNDS for .. JJO extra quality, gallon OuC clal, each IUC .
—Grocery Store—Fifth Floor.
Remnant Day
Tuesday is the day appointed to clean up the
week's accumulation of remnants and short
ends in Silks, Dress Goods, Ginghams, Scrims,
Muslins, Damasks, Percales, Cretonnes, and ev
ery variety of yard goods.
These short lengths will be marked at prices
that will sell them out early in the day. None
are to be carried over. Be on hand early Tues
day morning while the selection is best.
Remnant Day
—sth Floor Bargain Store.
♦ Coat Special $7.50
** year. Handsome fancy mixtures, plaids and strlpua.
Smart belted and full flare models that certainly*y FA
look twice Tuesday's sale price of $1 iUU
Here's the other "best Coat bargain of the yenr" in the
newest Autumn colors. Materials are superb zibelines,
boucles, tweeds, duvtyns and numerous mixtures. MannWh
tailored styles, nobby full belted Coats, newest full flare
models. Nowhere hereabouts are such 919 7C
Coats to be had at $ I 0 • I 0
A WOnWro r. \lt(. \l\ IS I. \l»ll S- RAINCOATS $H»-,
MihiiUkiim- Frocks fitr Siwi :tn<l Afternoon M'ear. \<i v
Bpeclai at 910.M.1 ami *i7.t»r.
Tnesday will be a k<hm) <lay to look into that bit; *"'•■ "f
Uvening (iowns aHil \Vrapt> at One-Kourtli Off.
—Garment Snlon—Srd Floor.
Electric Reading Lamps $6.95 J^
M ■■ i ■ WONDERFUL, VALUE In Brass Electric Portable Read- JBsA?' i\j^9L
V^\JjL iQ X I-»iiU'f» as pictured here. This beautiful Ump Is in £f\'\ B tf/Pi f^M K^
bntitiad brass finish. Complete with cord and bulb, *<* QC J^ W\'- \J\ \U^t^\
j/y-'ihlf'W/ii'^^ iV«ps«*^. ln lllfl Rlet'tric«l 8»ore on 11« Folirtn Floor we are sbowinfr aM\ [)\
jfiWt' I%'M W splendid H«e of Electric Portable I>ampe *C to fIOO II ti\l
jp^fftffjll! tfM/lrSwpESRDb^ at from, e»ch <|sl i <# 100 9 1 THANKSGIVING LSI
igfe3»gaß'BlMl CUT GLASS WATER SET $1.48 K\| .JSSISom iSI
i"" "Hie ix-ipular Hunbunt or »tar patterns on fine thin blonnH I Iril
glaM. These are deair«bie for Thanksgtring or for Chrißtuiai I I pl'^( X AKPH |*J|
gift Klving. l.lmlted number. /«O ll j BCXHU3 CAHDH I■',* ll
Tuesday apecial, »*t I »*tU W, | k\\ < >i:-i IU\V
—(iUkkware—Kowrth H.m.i \A j OIMDATIjf r W
Rhodes brothers X ~ mm Jf
In Every Detail T«com«'ft Leading Retail Establishment
T ■ '^■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■^■■■■^^
Crash as used above is a material — a good
linen finished material that we are going to sell
2000 yards of Tuesday at 2c a yard. It might
very well have been used as an exclamation of
surprise and astonishment, however, for this is a
bargain that will provoke such exclamations'
Goes on sale sharp at 9a. m. Limit 10 yards
to a customer and you better come early if you
want any of it. Tuesday while 2000 yards £>^,
last buy it at, yard fiC
—sth Floor Bargain Store.
On Broadway Sale- Booth I).
Xmas Kerchiefs
Make Your Selections Now
| IIST 100 DOZEN fine corner embrold
•* ered Kerchiefs — rolled edge and
wide hem —plain linens daintily embroi
dered In rolora —take you 1 A|»
choice now at I U C
200 dozen all pure linen Kerchlefß—sheer
fine quality—also dainty initialed C n
styles—take your choice at UC
Children's fine boxed Kerchiefs —3 in a
neat box —Longfellow initial effects—all
linen—take your choice OQ*»
at, box LJC
Pine all pure linen Kerchiefs with dainty
corner emhroidery--take your Cftn
choice at THREE for 30C
Other wonderfully under-priced offerings
of Christmas gift Kerchiefs at—
3c, 15c, 25c, 49c
—Hroadw»y Sale* Booth D.
♦ ♦
♦ . ♦
♦ Main Kvt-ut. ■$>
♦ Billy Weeks vs. Romeo #>
1+ Hagen, 158 pounds. ♦
| <?> H«ml-\Vindup.
♦ Leo Houck va. Young Tur- 4>
♦ key, 118 pounds. *
♦ Welters. #
♦ Billy Wright vs. Harry <»
♦ Bishop, 140 pounds. <$>
♦ Middle*. •
<* L«o Cohn vs. Leo Blahop, «•
♦ I ."i | poundH. •
v (teo. Davidson vs. Steve •
♦ Pollack, 122 pounds. 3>
•' Freliiii. <$>
S> Mike Pete vs. Billy Pet- •
<* ers, 130 pounds. <»
♦ * <$■
4> * 4> -»■ ♦
Three matches on Paul Stee!e'i»
card for the Tacomi School of
Hoxlng tomorrow night at Glide
rink are of such class ttiut 111■ •\
--might adorn the lop cf any aver
age smoker program, atvordint?
to fight lullS-
But of the three, I hcry will be
as much interest in the Hilly
Wright-Harry Rialiop mutch, as
in the top-liners.
Wright is v ram welter. Al
though his punch is not as stout
as Bishop's, he is the type of
boxer who mixes things all ihe
time, and he uses hie clevernoMS
and speed to outpoint his oppo
Bishop is not scientific, but he
is of the plunging, daring type,
giving the fans all the action thpy
could wish for. His ring tricks
have deceived many Rn opponent
and won him many battles.
Ttomeo Hagen, who boxen Hilly
Weeks In the main event, will
CAMBRtDOE, Nov. 22.—Satur
day's 41 to 0 score matte by Har
vard against the Kltn fairly com
pares the ability of the two
teams, according to the best foot
ball critics.
Harvard's eleven can be bost
described by the age-old meia-
Owners Refuse $10,000
For a Colt That Never
Has Started In a Race
Il'eter Dnffy him! Peter llnrmrlis and Day* Duffy, v ho will not
let a 910,004) offer interfere with their vi bit lon to rare star on. the
(•rand Unnli.
CLEVELAND, 0., Nov. .'.—
The newest thing in the harness
hone world is the refusal of $10,
--000 for a colt that cost only $6t»o
and has never started In a race.
The colt is Peter Duffy, owned
j by Peter Horrocks and Dave Duf
fy of Cleveland. They are not
! wealthy men, but, sine* they have
Peter Duffy, expect to be. The
sir* of the colt was Peter the
Great and his dam Marie On
Duffy and Horrocks are harness
! horse "bugs" and have always
1 had an ambition to race a star
' on the Grand fin nil.
Tommy Murphy, the wizard of
the Grand Circuit, had not ieen
t him more than twice before he
' came through with an offer to
buy him for $10,000. Horronhs
and Duffy, with visions of JMr
Grand Circuit dream being rual-'
• wpd r«fii»««.i to even net a price.
IWII.v \\ liulil. the s|M..'.| v w.-l
terwelfiht who meet** Harry I'.uli
op nt (.liilr rink in nm night.
do his final work-out this ftftef
noon between li and 4 at Schock's
gymnasium, and invites the fans
to watch him. Itonieo claims to
be in Al condition.
phor of a "well oiled machine."
The 10 other players worked
around Ca|>t. Mahan like units of
the machine, and the tetim was
perfect in ull departments.
Vale, on the other hand, »vas
crnde and apparently lacking 'n
jnßny of the fundamentals of the
One day Peter Duffy work 3d
the balf in 1:17. Tin- next day
he worked in 1:15 and the next
Horsemen who have geen the
young star work predict he will
be another Peter Volo. also Mired
by Peter the Great
PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 22.
Earl Cooper won the 150-mile au
tomobile race Saturday atfernoon
that closed the state fair we«k.
He was flagged down on his
109 th mile, becnuße the officials
considered it too dark for safe
driving. Jim Parsons, second,
was a mile behind.
If Titroina hu good weather
on Thanksgiving day, there
should be a crowd of 7,000 to
10,000 persons In the Stadium
for the season's biggest footlmll
game, according to m.i,i.u-..t
Horejg 'of the Ta-coraa Athletit
It will be the greatest game of
the season, beyond a doubt, a.nd
will demonstrate to the footVUl
fang that Tacoma really has an
Used to '£eal' His Way InSo
Mad. Square Garden; Boss Now
Jimmy Johnston, who, as a buy,
used to "beat" his way into M'tdi
son Square Garden, New York, Is
today general manager of fie
place. He is the man who pull-*
off all the Mg stunts at the gar
Johnston, In his time, was a
messenger boy, iron molder, ban
tamweight WMKf, His rise ;»j
due to the fact that he has i<l> .•
—he la bubbling over with
"hunches.' 1
Johnston was the first man inj
the country to have woman .<ut
frage leaders spenk in a ring is n
preliminary attraction. He pack
ed the garden with that hunch.
He was I lie first to use women
as ushers fit a tight.
After an announcement by the
dictator last week that the lortsej
would not participate iv boxi.igi
contests this seaaon, the Moone
voted by a close majority Friday
night to hold a holiday smoker
for charity, and to let the first
card control the lodge regarding
auereeding events.
There was considerable oppoul
tion to the Idea, because of poor
success with boxing last sea-t'M.
Kddie Marino, local boxer and
member of the lodge, muH
the members that if the amo'tor
was not a success he would n.>t
ask a cent for his work as m«ui
J. A. Campbell in chairman of!
the committee that will handle
the smoker. C. J. Crlswell Is
chairman of the publicity. Ma.'iao!
declared today that he hud a'
number of classy bouts in miii'l.l
He is contemplating a speedy wnl-1
terv.eight match for the main!
event, rather than a heavyweight,
believing that the fans enjoy ai
fast bout better than a heavy o:ie. I
U. OF W.
SEATTLE, Nov. 22.— The Uni
versity of Colorado football team
in expected to arrive here tomor
row morning for the Thanks*iv-:
ing day contest with Washington
—the last game of the 1915 rea
Football followers in Seattle
are unwilling to admit that Colo
rado has a chance. Yet the small
marKiu of the last California
game, when Washingotn won fey
13 to 7, has caused many to be
lieve that Colorado will not be
beaten so badly as first predict
ed. The Washington lineup will
be intact, except for Miller, who
is out with an injured leg. Mac
j kenzle will take his place at left
| halfback.
After almost a year spent In
Australia, where he boxed more
than two dozen heavyweights
from all parts of the world, Joe
! Bonds, Tacoma heavyweight, re
'» turned to his native city Saturdi y!
Bonds came home for several'
reasons. Mainly, he wanted to
rejoin his family for Thanksgiv
ing and the holidays. There are'
believed to have be«n other ties)
that caused him to wander borne,!
also. And anyway, the boxing
game in Australia was being
worked to death.
Joe Intends to resume his study
of tbe tow, but it is to be pre
sumed that he will not turn down
any nice inducement to adorn
the card of some local smoker
this winter.
Georges Carpentier, who was
one of the leading contenders!
for the world heavyweight cham
pionship Just before the war,
and who has been operating a
war plane for France, has been I
matched to meet Voylen, a private
in the Irish Guards, champion
of the British army and n*\v
\dvlces from London HÄ« not
name the date or place. I
Monday, Not. 22,1915.
exceptionally good private c!ub !
football team. The Bremerton
navy yard team will be Tahoui.ta
The Tm in -him club Is compiled
almoHt entirely of Stadium htafh
school alumul. The club was
formed latit kukoh as a eroi -at
against the anti—lnter-rlty .Scot
hall edict, and entered footimll
again this yearr because of the
popular demand for a good locil i
team. f
He was the first to namj|rin
trtob fighter "Ah Wint' and
i'raw about 400 New York Chiiu
■H to the ringside, besides a uig —
laugh from the regulars.
He was the first fighter to I
know enough to quit the riiiß
when he r.,> w he had gone as uir
as he could go.
He wn» the first to open a re^j
lar office tor managing flghtors.
Johnston's idea developed onr-
I ly. When he was a bantam he
always iiißitstod on seeing the Mtfl
he was to box. When he was !o
be matched with a youngster who
was coming rapidv, Terry Mctiov- j
em by MUM, Jimmy wanted to
see him first. He took one look '
at MoUovern and announced:
"Tint lmv |« f<o nuw '• "
HOQCiAM, Nov. 22.—1 i Ho
quiam defeats Aberdeen in the
Tlianksgiving afternoon ganio at
Kle::tric park, the local boys \.IH
jbe Northwest champions for
I 191."p. This fact, coupled with,
the bitter rivalry of tli^two cities,
insures keen interest and a huge
crowd when the two elevens trot
on the gridiron.
Hocjuiam is in fine condition
this week, having trained cousi;t
enly ever since the Kverett game.
Aberdeen's attitude on the ga:ne
is shown by the fact that fails »T9
asking odds of two to one.
Lochburn golfers In competl
! tion for the club's handicap title
| were unwilling to trust their MM
j ecus to the efements yesterday,
! and only a handful of players
I turned out. The wini-finaU lit J
! been scheduled, but were post-
I iHiiicil.
I Straight driving was almcst
! impossible on any course yestor
day becauße of the unusually htifli
wind. Gusty showers of yhill
rain added to the unpleasantness
of golf.
Titconia .School of Homing
Glide Rink
I'rugriini Starts 8:15 Shiirp
Champion of Canada, 158
Koran itAGKN
Northweet Champion.
n Other (hussy liont*. *
Admias'on 7jc. P&serve
seat* $1.00. K!ag«lu<> tKoV
Every chair reserved.
Tickets on sale at Alfred
Cigar Store, Branch Saloon,
Olympic Club, Annex Saloon,
Mecca Lunch Counter and
Tacoma School of Boxing,
1115 South 11th St.
of all kinds
For Your Tlmnks
giving Dinner
Fowlette Poultry Co.
1146 Market St.
Main 475

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