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I Ttbbett's Prices
I With "Oome-Back-sllps" worth
■ from 8 to 6 cents on every dol-
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can 1 Si-
Dry Green or Yellow Peas, 4
lbs. for 25c
Sago, 4 lbs. for AY
Elk Savon Soap, 10 bars . 25c
Jumbo Savon Soap, 5 bars 25c
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ner From High l*rlces."
The Cable Cars Stnp in Front of
Our Door.
1201-3 A St. ii|>i>. PoHtofflre
Tel. Main HSR.
PEKIN, Jan. 7.—lt is officially
admitted that practically the
whole of Yunnan province has re
volted. Communications through
the revolutionary area are inter
rupted. The government troops
expect to meet 00,000 rebels
within two days.
Cablegrams received here today
declare that large bodies of im
perial troops are joining the rev
Yuan ia) placing a number of
eitles under martial law in an
effort to prevent rioting and loot
ing. It Is reported that 20,000
imperial troops threw down their
guns st Kwongsl and cheered the
arrival of fi.ooo republicans who
were sent to fight them.
Get Your Free 25c
Bottle Swissco;
"Better Hurry Ud"
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the work demanded of them. It la
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ands have received amasing results
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You will be greatly benefited by
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Pot Rosst, boned and 4t Spare Ribs, 11
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Hound Steak, a a Shoulder Roa«t, ' "101-
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r. H. Inspected. lb | /«C
Shoulder. lO'a Pig Tails, -f
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r? ice s*^ ;:7c
Fresh Dreased Turkey*, Ducks, Hens and noastin* Chickens.
MyJo \\J)ln& ii Dj)
War news that came sputtering
over the cables from the Mediter
ranean to America Monday car
ried added dolefulness to Tacoma
and Seattle. ~~~
The news that the Glengyle,
one of the noblest of the liners
Introduced in local shipping cir
cles during 191.",, had been the
victim of undersea warfare,
struck here with shocking im
The Glengyle came to the
Sound for the first time last
March, a mighty triumph of for
eign ship building- Her hull had
been damaged. She went into the
dry docks for repairs. She was
there a day. Then she slipped i
back into the water, ready to go
on her perilous way to Vladivos
tok, loaded with munitions.
—The details of the U. S. Pan-
American policy, "not only for
international peace of America
but the domestic peace of Amer
ica," wer outlined by President
Wilson last night in an address
before the sect Pan-American
scientific congre*o.
The program sets out these
things which all American na
tions shall agree to:
Unite in guaranteeing to each
other absolute political independ
ence and territorial Integrity.
Settle all boundary disputes
peaceably and quickly.
Settle all disputes by patient.
Impartial investigation and arbi
Refuse to outfit any revolu
tionary expedition or ship sup-
tiuod for one Kall-Slaed 35c
Bottle of "Sliraasa" Hair I'rrat
siesl at the Crown Drug Co.
11.12 Pacific Aye., when name
and address are properly filled
In on dotted lines below' Those
on table of Tacoma will get a free
bottle by simply filling out cou
pon and sending 6 cents In
stamps direct to the Hwlssco
Hair Treatment Co., 5944 P. O.
Square. Cincinnati. Ohio, to help
cover expense of pinking, poat
age, etc.
Street R P. D
City State
fOlva full address: write plainly)
This Offer Is <.."..! to !>•>» OalT.
Then came the longshoremen's
strike. The dork workers In Van
i ouver, B. ('., would not load the
Olengyle. Trouble brewed at Se
attle and followed her to 't.tcoma.
She was finally loaded under the
shadow of strife. A barge load
of strikebreakers were towed to
Tacoma, and between hours of
work tbey were housed in the
stream, to avert assaults between
union and non-union men.
"As soon as we are clear, we
will be free from danger," Capt.
Webster of the Glengyle told the
photographer, who made the
above pictures when the liner
was here. "Something might hap
pen while we are loading, but 1
there is little to worry about
when we are at sea, because they
will have a hard time getting at
I us."
plies for revolutionaries in neigh
boring states.
"I believe these suggestions
are going ot lead the way to
something America has prayed
for for many a generation,'" said
the president.
Wholesale raids of "blind pigs"
by the police will take place next
week, according to hints dropped
by Commissioner Mills and Po
lice Capt. Read today.
That the public safety depart
ment already has Information
concerning places that have been
established for the purpose of
selling liquor Illegally, Is rumor
"The law gives liquor dealers
10 days in which to ship their
surplus stock out of the state,"
said Mills. "And 1 believe it is
only fair to treat Individuals In
the same way unless, of course,
they attempt to sell or give away
liquor openly. After next Mon
day you may expect to see some
Mills admitted today that
among other reports received by
him was one telling of a cache
of four barrels of liquor. His in
formant, he said, promised to
lead the police to the liquor next
Capt. Read also declared to
day that he had received numer
ous tips on hiding places of
liquor, and that he was preparing
for a careful Investigation and
"There is no doubt in my mind
that blind pigs are being estab
lished for the sale of liquor in
Tacoma," added Mills.
All liquor discovered In police
raids will be poured Into the gut
ters, he says.
ouveß p MEWriAN -
Speeders who get "pinched" In
Washington will find it futile to
threaten to appeal to the "com
missioner." The "law goes," as
many Washington folk have found
out to their dismay.
President Feels Onljf-Actual Invasion Justifies' War.
Rear Admiral Chadwick Makes a Radical Remark.
Every Year We Knit More of Our Own Stockings.
Parcel Post Service to Teutons Is Disrupted.
Sherman Act Fails Signally to Keep Gasoline Down.
They Adulterate Fresh Oysters With Water.
Above, the steamship Glengyle
and her officers, aa they looked
last March, some of them now
the victims of the Germans' un
dersea warfare In the Mediter
The sweeping lines of the Glen
gyle are shown In the lower pic
ture, taken when she went Into
dry dock, March iiO, 1915. Capt.
Webster In seen sitting in the
renter of the officers' groap. The
ship's doctor Is on his left and
the engineer on his right. Sitting
before them are the quartermas
ters. Several of the officers are
believed to have perished.
13th and Commerce Sts.
Retail Oept.
Sugar Cured Breakfast Ba
con, reg. price 21c, 10<»
Saturday only, per lb. Iww
Picnic Hams, reg. price 10c,
Saturday only, Q«
per lb ww
Cod Rolls, Saturday O.
only, per lb Ov
Good Creamery Butter, Sat
urday only, 07*#»
per lb Li uC
Regular 35c Oranges, Sat
urday only, 9A#»
per doz OvC
Regular 30c Oranges, Sat
urday only, *)|"
per dos «. w w
Blue Ribbon Condensed
Milk, 4 cans 2Sc, 7flr
per doz I Ul»
Our Bast of tbs Mountains
Mill Queen Flour, speetul
Saturday, per 0 4 Qn
Per bbl! ...'.'.'.'.'.' $S.lO
Nothing better at any price.
We guarantee irT
Our 35c M * J. Coffee.
Saturday Qflp
only wwC
Our 30c Java Blend Coffee.
Saturday *)C r
only *.ww
Our 17 He XXXX Blend Cof
fee, Saturday 4 C.
only I ww
Our 20c Unsweetened Break
fast Cocoa, Satur- 471.
day only I I 2U
By Gilson Gardner.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6.—Six-
Iteen months ago we announced
that It would be the intention of
President Wilson to keep the
United States out of the Euro
pean war at any cost. To this
end, diplomatic discussion would
be used or any other expedient
for delay, and that any event cal
culated to arouse public feeling
in the United States would be |
met by discussion whloh would
permit such feeling to subside.
The president at that time felt
that no calamity would be great
er than for the United States to
become Involved In the world war
and that no provocation could he
sufficient to warrant the entry
of this country into the war short
of actual invasion of our shores.
All else ha« been merely keeping
the formal diplomatic record
In the light of his prediction
Hie happenings of the last 16 j
months have been perfectly con- j
The only question is whether
the American people us a whole,
approve or disapprove of the as-j
sumption on which this policy Is
founded, namely, that nothing
short of actual invasion warrants
the participation of the I'niied
States in the war.
» • •
At a dinner in New York Rear
Admiral F. B. Chadwick, retired,
' expressed views as to the use of
. a navy which are unusual In a
! professional navy man. Discuss
ing Imperialism and spheres of
influence, be said:
"Navies and armies are insur
ance for capital owned abroad by
the leisure class of a nation. It
Is for them that empires and
I spheres of influence exist. The
great war now waging Is a culmi
nation of efforts to maintain and
extend these spheres."
.• • :
Every year the United States
makes more of its own stockings.
From 1909 to IB IB imports of
j cotton hosiery fell from $6,400,
--| 000 to 18,000,000 or over 60 per
cent. The production of hosiery
in this country in 1909 was val
ued at $69,000,000. Since then
It has vastly increased. The de
| velopment of seamless hosiery In
I the United States has almost tak
en this industry away from Eu
rope. Seamless hosiery is dis
tinctly American. The knitting
machines used In its manufac
ture were Invented and perfected
by Americans and their use is
largely confined to this country.
Ninety per cent of the hosiery
made here is seamless.
• * •
Parcel post communication!
with the central powers is about
stopped. The dispatch of parcel
post from Germany, Austria and
Hungary to the United States
ceased a month ago. Parcel post
from this country to the central
powers has recently been brought
to an end by the failure of the
department to get satisfactory ar
rangements with Denmark and
Sweden or the receipt by them of
mall addressed to the central
* a a
The need for the Increased
price of gasoline—a problem just
undertaken by the federal trade
commission—is not explained by
the successful prosecution of
Standard Oil under the^Sherman
anti-trnst low. In 1911 the long
suit against this concern came to
a triumphant end.
The U. S. supreme court de
clared Standard Oil a combination
in restraint of trade as bad as
ever contemplated by the men
who drew the law.
The court ordered It dissolved
and turned over the job of dis
solving it to the circuit court of
New York, assisted by Attorney
General George W. Wlokersham.
The latter and the court did
the Job by dissolving each stock
certificate Into 34 stock certifi
cates. Ownership was not dis
turbed. When the dissolution
took place four years ago these
stock certificates had a market
value of $675,000,000.
Their present market value Is
$2,025,000,000. Gasoline is now
higher than It ever has been
known to be.
Thus the supreme court has se
cured for a loving people the
beniflcent results contemplated
by the Sherman anti-trust law.
After the federal trade commis
sion gets through Investigating
Rockefeller philanthroplea it will
no doubt make a little journey to
the supreme court.
Soaking oysters in fresh water
renders them adulterated under
the pure food and drugs act.
Four quarts of oysters and one
quart of fresh water mixed and
allowed to stand will five a five
quart measure with what appears
to be just plump oysters. The
water will have disappeared.
Oysters have a faculty for
drinking fresh water, but the
authorities are declaring that
permitting them to drink their
fill and then shipping them in
the enlarged bulk Is a violation
of the pure food law.
Eatonville Tacoma
llth St., Opp. Postofflce
Leave Tseoma, 8 a. ra., 4 p. m.
Leave Bstonvllle, ■ a, at.,
1:10 p. m.
Tills beautiful equestrienne statue of Joan of Arc, which, in the
words of Ambassador Jean J. JiiMserand, "would cement more strong
ly the friendship which has bound this country to the French repub
lic," was unveiled by Mr*. Thonuis A. Edison, wife of the noted in
ventor, in the presence of a gathering of distinguished guests on
Riverside Drive, New York. The statue was designed by Anna V.
Hyatt, an American sculptress. The Insert shows, left to right: Mine.
Jusserand, Mrs. Thomas A. Fdison and .lean J. Jusaerand, the French
ambassador to the United States.
A group of enthusiastic sports
men who last year organized the
Tacoma Bait and Fry Casting
club went to Seattle last evening
and assisted In forming, a similar
society there.
Seattle has never had a club
of fishermen or casters although
a number of Seattle sportsmen
took part 1 nthe bait and fly cast-
Mayor Fawcett is taking no
chances of another attack of grip.
On his second day's appearance
at the city hall today following a
serious illness, Fawcett was bun
dled up like an Eskimo. Besides
his heavy overcoat he wore a light
In place of the Junior Prom
which was discarded recently, the
juniors and seniors of Lincoln
Park high school will hold a large
party in the school gymnasium
An eight-act vaudeville show
will pre ede the dancing. Num
bers on the bill will Include a
four-reel western movie panto
mime and songs by the gtrlß'
quartet composed of Mea Os
borne, Ruth Butt, Ruth HJertas
and Helen Hollenstead.
Henry Cramer will give a gym
nastic stunt and the boys' glee
will sing. There will be fancy
dancing and a skit. Games will
be played by those who do not
csre to dance.
It you want plenty of thick,
beautiful, glossy, silky hair, do by
all means get rid of dandruff,
for It will starve your hair and
ruin It if you don't.
It doesn't do much good to try
to brush or wash it out. The
only sure way to get rid of dand
ruff Is to dUsolve It, then you de
stroy It entirely. To do this, get
about four ounces of ordinary
liquid arvon; apply it at night
when retiring; use enough to
moisten the scalp and rub It In
gently with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not all, of
your dandruff will be gone, and
three or four more applications
will completely dissolve and en
tirely destroy every single sign
and trace of it.
Yoh will find, too, that all Itch
ing and digging of the scalp will
stop, and your hair will look and
feel a hundred times better. You
can get liquid arvon at any drug
store. It is Inexpensive and four
ounces is all you will need, no
matter how much dandruff you
have. This simple remedy never
lug tournament, staged at Point
Defiance park last summer. The
organization of a Seattle club Is
expected that intercity competi
tion will be staged.
Among those who assisted the
Seattle boys to organize last
night were W. J. Bailey, G. T.
Dutcher, Dr. Ralph Hutchinson
and R. B. Mason.
top-coat, jacket, heavy vest lined
with wool, ana the heaviest suit
of underclothing that he could
The mayor took literally the
warning of Health Officer Wall
against wet feet. He wore very
heavy wool socks. Over these
were his shoes, and over the shoes
he had large woolen knitted slip
pers, over these he wore a pair of
old-fashioned arctics, or "gal
Dssplte this outfit the mayor
complained of feeling cold during
his walk to the city hall.
Hearing Is Believing
All you need do is to telephone us and ask to have one sent to
any other musical instrument. Tone is the ultimate demand.
|^»k t'oliiinhhi Grafonolas the place
_^ a * m 4mn~~ lt m*~:—9m3& numatchable in its natural
f SSa^y^SnH purity and absolute fidelity—«
f nlngH^sassisßss? ssbsbsbbil ""*' '"'"",i<'s ">rl'' description
t^Bl] instruments
_ rasßssssmsasal BsaaaaaH "'"'
■ Hfflffl b^^^l —"r with
I sßsßsßssß ' * M >K'N(" "' ""* instrument.
J I I Or equipped with the exclusive
\f 1 t'olunibla Individual record in-
All you neil do Is to telephone us and ask to have one sent to
your home with an assortment of records on approval, without oltll
gatlon to you.
Incorporated. Ittj Jm \
Sl9 Pacific Are. \W ™ ■&*
Jan. 191 U.
An Easy Way To Ge
Fat and Be Strong
The trouble with most thin
! folks who wish to gain weight Is
that they insist on drugging thei*
stomach or stuffing it with
j greasy foods; rubbing on useless
| "flesh creams," or following some
; foolish physical culture stunt,
| while" the real cause of thinness
jgoeß untouched. You cannot get
| fat until your digestive tract as*
jSimilates the food you eat.
There is a preparation known
to reliable druggists almost every-
I where which seemingly embodies
the missing elements needed bji
the digestive organs to help then*
[convert food into rich, fat-laden
1 blood. This modern treatment ia
called Sargol and has been term-*
ed the greatest of flesli-builders.
Sargol aims through regenerative,
re-constructlve powers to coux tha
stomach and Intestines to literally
soak up the fsttening elements of
your food and pass them into the
j blood, where they are carried tp
[the starved, broken-down cells
and tissues of your body. You can
readily picture what result this
i amazing transformation should
produce as with Increased weight
the cheeks fill out, hollows about
neck, shoulders and bust disap
pear and from 10 to 20 pounda
of solid, healthy flesh is added to
the body. Sargol Is absolutely
harmless, Inexpensive, efficient.
Crown Drug Co., 1132 Pacific ay.
and other leading druggists of
this vicinity have It and will re
fund your money if you are not
satisfied, as per the guarantee In
every package.
NOTE:—Sargol Is recommend
ed only as a flesh builder and
while excellent results In cases o?
nervous Indigestion, etc., have
been reported care should be
taken about using it unless a gain
of weight Is desired.
-— — - — - „ „ m
The business men who toiled
and boiled last summer at the
military encampment at Ameri
can lake met In Seattle Wednes
day to form a preparedness club.
Franklin Fogg, of Tacoma, was
elected chairman of the finance !
committee and Stephen Appleby
will be made vice president, it ia
thought. Harry Whitney Treat
Is president.
noma to dry dixxkr?
Those persons desiring tickets
for the Tacoma dry committee's
annual dinner at «:30 Tuesday
evening may make reservations
at the Y. W. C. A. rooms.
How wonderfully
Resinol soothes
itching skins!
If you have eczema, ringworm
or other itching, burning, sleep
destroying skin-eruption, try Resi
nol Ointment and Resinol Soap and
see how quickly the itching stops
and the trouble disappears. Resinol
Ointment is also an excellent house
hold remedy for dandruff, sores,
burns, wounds, chaiings and for s
score of other uses where a sooth
ing, healing application is needed.
Ke.lnol coatalna solhlsg of s harsh or injo
rtout nsture and cm b» uasd (realy av«n on lbs
«""■** irriutad aurfaca. Evtry druffiat sella
Kninol Otntretnt and Reainol Soap; trial fi la,
Hapt. a-S, Raaiool, Baltimore, aid.

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