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j Pre-Inventory Clearance!
■ ON SALES BOOTH A. Tomorrow on Broadway Sales Booth B.
1 Neckwear, Kerchiefs Books and Post Cards ;
M _■» LBARANCE of broken lines of Neckwear. ■**">—■-' »•*»■-» m www "ittuw
I *• Neck Ruffs, and Fur Nsck Pieces—all NOVELS—Paper back—to clear the shelves .
B must go before Inventory—so take Ifij* °f every one befor« Inventory—out they go ;
your pick tomorrow at IvG at, your pick, r. ■
!•_> doaen fancy corner embroidered Ker- THREE for DC
chiefs, assorted styles, take Qg post CARDS—Thousands of comic, motto, .
£r rhand-m.Se N.ckw_*r-^l' iinea of tS b'rtMay m,Bce"™«»» P°»t Card, must ]
Neckwear—all novelty Neckwesr—for quick JO tomorrow at C_
clearance, your choice, -t «) pL'^ TWENTY-FOUR for ... DC ,
exactly X"X X ITCC BOOKS—A miscellaneous lot, plenty of good
Broken lines of Kerchlefo *J« oni *. to°—COß-- h*s been deliberately forgot- ',
go at ww ten ln making up thla lot—we want them out "
Val Laces—mostly edges— C« of the wa X before Inventory, so take nC^
go at, yard UU your pick of the lot at LJU
Val Lace Insertions 9g* SPECIAL—Odds and ends from the Station- ',
go at, yard WW cry. Book and Picture Departments—this Is ;
A large aasortmsnt of fine hand-made Ker- good—get ln early on this lot—any 7 B
chiefs, slightly soiled and mussed from OEa article In tbe lot got hat I C '.
handling and display, go at -LWb NOTICE—To out-of-town customers and .
ON SAI.K—BROADWAY SALES BOOTH A. dealers—it will pay you to mak e a apecial
***] trip to town if only to stock up on the above j
, otaxionery -uiearances on bale broadway sales booth b
ALL BLANK BOOKS —Ledgers, Journals,
Cash Books, Day Books, Records, etc. —for '
a?el7r g your cholce 1-2 Price Women's Vests 10c
Stenographers' Note Books—any style In Women's Cotton Ribbed Vests in cream or J
T\ offl^E 0?or aleton,orrOW:.. ..!. IOC «ray-medium weight, small alzes only-for
1 Pencil Tablets in all sizes'." ' *ffl_ quick clearance Wednesday, lA. ■
your choice, THREE for IUC garment lUU ;
Ink Tablets—slxe 5x8 —on sale, 4 ftp ON SALE BHOADWAY FLOOR. <
Ink Tablets —size Bxlo—on sale, IKf»
TWo^sAL^B«oA,>wAYF,xx,u* 3C Children's Hats at 19c j
*p HILDREN'S HATS in wool and felt— \
Toil ft t GOOdS large shapes—assorted colors—suitable
1-lb. packages on sale Wednesday 47. B*le tomorrow to clear at IJU ;
special, each I 1 C osf mmiM HUUWB FLOOR.
I TOILET PAPER—Sliver Leaf Toilet Paper—
1 anow white, soft, large »-oz. rolls, OEn '
On sale Wednesday. FOI R lor __Q\, MpTl'c TTtl (\ t-rX_T_^i.T TTfllf
SACHET POWDERS—I-os. original pack- *ttcll a UUUCIWCai WW
t ages, finest quality—on sale MEN'S UNION SUlTS—wool mixed—win- \
1 S^H!?''.'!-.'!.^'-!-;'.'^ "__:■'.;••.' ""'' <■•* weight—Lewis make— discontinued num- '
1 STORK CASTILE SOAP—Excellent for nurs- . __ .
cry use—on sale Wednesday. Oft- ber, ~COIBe in sUeB !4 t0 461 J) PriPP '
THREE CAKEB for _tUw on sale tomorrow exactly. .Jr-f i **vv
SHIELDED WHEAT HIS- |gl% lUrtl^ »tffeH %_% W_f__*^&
CUITH OK C.IIAPE NITTH |^tfll W- W __I_m ■IBHI W* Um__W^_J§\\
Wednesday *t 4 k~**~* m m_% 3^ m9_Wilt__i J -__.~-W —_Wm__
S^ fcTT. w-iac Wednesday Selling Only j
cans at 20c, •#) ftg X ANCES CONTINUE on the sth Bargain Floor as well _
DOZEN for >$/■ «j3 aa throughout the rest of the store. Particularly interesting ;
Small cans, each 94 qji t a the continuation of the big clearances of Women's, i
i MEADOWBROOK MILK— M,M«"' an<l Children's wearing apparel at ridiculously low -j
large cans—Wednes- «£,» »ric**»
day sp^lal, SIX for..t£wC Hsre are featured four Hems representative of the many
Uc^i?^^eak?l.t B*kcs«eM- cl"rwM * «»«gaini that are featured in this department- '■
■A-lb tins, Wsdnesday spa- •*-**-- . -„ _± M _____ m__ _
aft?!?. $1.00 shoes Jl-49 Pair
NOTE — Special demonstra- Boys' extra heavy leather Shoes In lac e and button *T 1/I Q
tlon of Walter Baker's goods styles—all sizes—on sale Wednesday, pair <$ I ***V&
now In progress in the Cof- '
fee Department ffi-TOp SIIOCS SpCC. $1.98 Pair \
■ COlfee 22C LI). BovH' and unit' Hi top Khoes, extra quality ail leather
rf.-i m a 4 f^f. none better for school and general utility wear, •>■! QQ
■ 5 -LbS. tor $1.00 onßaleTueßd*yat- pair *w* • wO
The usual Wednesday gale of j* ~_a. __*■_._ .....a..
: clrt^liliJ" t .B,en, d Corsets Go at 39c
Coffee — choice Guatemala ;
coffee that i* a favorite with Extra special for all day's aelllng Wednesday only, 9Qt*
many discriminating coffee women's Corsets —all sizes—will be on sale at www
! drinkers of this vicinity—on __ - - , -__ _.. — __ m
Si in eFiv^ ne"i} ,£ unbleached Muslin Sc Ywd
UiTa | ,(Ju 5«0 yards of good quality 4-4 unbleached Muslin— C_
BBBT IM'RK CANE FRUIT Wednesday, while the quantity lasts, at, yard 3C
SUGAR—WedneMUy k|w« ial,
g^*- ■*-, 68c sth Bargain Floor
Ob Sato—Groceries— Fifth <J
Floor. I '
', ;
___Zs, Rhodes Brothers «=
„__ _„ *mmW XXIII (Xli
vmma. ta Evwy Imtmflt I"** Retoil Esttblishment *™«J»
T_a Parkland A. C. proved
but night that its 1916 basket
hall tesm Is the equal of its
teams at previous years, by play
tag a clever and spirited game
against the Winged L's, at the
Lincoln Park high school gym
aasium. Parkland won by a 26
to IS score, and had all the best
of the game.
PAY $40,000
CHICAGO, Jan. 25—Ban John
eoa declared today that the New
York Americans had paid $40.
--••0 for tha three Federal league
stare, Cullop, Gedeon and Magee.
Hagae, who managed Brooklyn
laat rear, brought tbe top price
of |25,000.
9___m Omma la • te 14 Oar*
Druggists rotund monoy if PAZO
TMENT rails to euro Itchlag,
MMMI. fIITT-f-ig or Protruding Plies.
First application gives raliol Mo.
Big Soccer
Game Sunday
The International soccer game,
to be played between picked Eng
lish and Scotch teama, the big
event of the soccer season, will
be played next Sunday on Dug
dale field at Seattle. Several
Tacoma players are entered.
Harry Jackman, formerly of
Tacoma, will lead the English
teatr Among his players will be
Martin and Marshall of Taooma.
On the Scotch team will be Mc-
Loughlln, Thompson, Stevenson
snd MscDougal of Tacoma.
NEW YORK, Jan. 25.—Will
lam H. Draper, a business man
of Providence, R. „ last nightl
purchased the Providence Inter
national league baseball ban
from Joseph Lennlu. Ha paid
110,000 for the club aad play
on, bat will laaae the former
grounds Draper was owner of
tho Providence club 20 yeara
ago, aad made money oat of It
Paul Steele, manager of the
Tacoma School of Boxing, today
announced bis complete card for
the amoker to be held at Wllke
son next week. The show will
be staged la the Knights of
Pythias' hall Saturday night,
February I.
The main event will be be
tween Joe Benjamin of Spokane,
and Mike Pete of Wllkeson.
Frank Pete, brother of Mike,
will box Steve Pollack of Tacoma,
In tbe semi wind-up. Leslie Cal
vert, one of the promising boys
of Steele's school, will meet
George Bevan of Wllkeson. The
&relimtnary will be between Pete
larsden of Wllkeson, aad Disk
Harding of Tacoma.
Te Wrm-mmt tho Srlf
When you feel a cold gomlrtg on.
(Jt I.SINE will atop It and keep tii.
system tn condition to prevent a
•pell of QUIP Thora Is only one
OROVE'B signature ea boa. If-c.
At I east, His Friends Call Him One
(Alll..nigh Fred FultoiTs match
with Jens WUlard was canceled,
he is still being touted strong In
ihe east. It look* mm though the
big MiiuicHotflii might break into
I the limelight, no we've obtained
Ids own story of his career, for
I the benefit of thowe who have nnt
heard <>l' him lu-lure.—Sporting
I was born in Blue Rapids,
j K;ii . and will be 24 April 18.
I lay claim to being a small
town fellow. The big cities never
appealed to me and I doubt if
they ever will.
I like the country roads better
than the gay white ways. Right
down In my heart I feel there Is
too mnch wickedness in the big
cities. It takes tne country peo
ple to live right.
I want to be heavyweight
champion of the world. Of
course 1 don't know If I will suc
ceed, but I always get what I
go after.
I came by strength and size
PASADENA, Cal., Jan. 25.*—
"There are three secrets ln shoot
ing," says W. R. Jackson, cham
pion rifle shot of California's Na
tional Guard, and one of the beat
marksmen ln the nation.
"Good coaching Is the first se
cret, squeezing the trigger is the
second and using the gun strap as
an arm support, the third.
'"I attribune my success as a
marksman largely to the good
coaching I received ln the begin
ning. Since becoming capable
myself I nave given much help
ln developing other marksmen.
"The thing to ntrlve for' is aot
to develop a few crack shot* but
to establish a high average In a
body of men. Of course, evsry
good shot should be developed as
far aa he will go—he's of J»st
that much more vaius.
When I Joined Company I
three years ago, we had but one
expert shot In tbe company. Now
we bare 22. That shows what
proper coaching will do. *
"Average aarksmanshlp shoold
be established throughout the
citizenry of tbe nation, for It Is
the volunteer who makes the sol
dier. If hs knows how to shoot
bofore he goes to the recruiting
office he has lifted a great re
sponsibility off his officers and
has made himself ready tor ..be
ftsld on short notice If necessary.
If the citisen-soldler is aa aver
age marksman he can be thrown
into trench warfare mch aa has
been waked by the belligerents
by the kindness of the Almighty.
I am the seventh son of a family
of seven Bons. There must be
some charm in that.
I ineaHiire 6 feet 6 inches and
my blx brothers are each more
than 6 feet tall. All or them, like
their father and Fultons before
them, have followed the plow.
They are scattered on farms ln
the west and northwest, and if I
win the heavyweight champion
ship I am going to bring them all
together and buy a place big
enough to give all of them a
farm for their families.
I remember little of my early
life. We had such a large fam
ily my mother and father worked
hard to keep the kiddles in
clothes. Like the other boys, I
took odd jobs on nearby farms
and lesrned farming.
Before I was 15 I was thrown
on ray own resources. I learned
to "ride the rods" and found It
easy to travel great distances
without a cent of money.
I can remember being thrown
Hergl. W. R. Jackson demon Mrs ting the use of the gun strap
as a brace for the arm.
In Europe just as soon as he had
donned his uniform. Efficient
marksmanship is a great step to
ward preparedness.
"The entire strain and weight
of a rifle can be taken up by the
gun atrap, if It is correctly ad
"Now about squealing the trig
ger. When you hays drawn a
ALF l.iit'MHMj AlfD 00.
11l (i(> B. KOCH A «DO.
"The Girt and the Game," \». 4.
off freight trains going top
speed. Those were times whan a
fellow's life wasn't worth a
dime. But the only way a fal
low knows how good he is, Is
when he Is away from home,
without money and without
1 guess the Irish and Scotch
blood In my veins gave me the
fighting qualities to keep going.
My mother, who lives in Beatrice,
Neb., was of Irish birth and her
mainden name was Murphy. My
father, who has been dead a
number of years, was of Scotch
During the time I was beating
it around the country, my site
got me by In many places where
a smaller lad of my ags could
never have passed.
After trips through the Da
kotas and all the states north and
northwest, I hit Rochester, Minn.
I claim Rochester as my home.
That's where 1 live with my wife
and child.
(To Be Continued.)
bead on your mark, be It man or
target, don't pull tha trigger. By
pulling -you move your gun the
fraction of an inrk which will de
flect your bullet several Inches
at a distance of 000 yards. In
stead of "polling," merely close
the fingers of tbe trigger hand
exactly aa if you were squeezing
a lemon. This pulls your trigger
without Jerking the gun.
"The hardest thing for the be
ginner la to avoid flinching. He
dreads tbe report and tbe recoil
of bis rifle. All rtgk power
rifles kick. But by pulling them
against the should firmly the
hang of the gun butt against tbe
body la avoided."
Thomas M. Foley, superintend
ent of tho Griffin Wheel com
pany, was elected president of the
South Tacoma Athletic and Com
mercial club at Its organization
meeting last night. The meeting
was held ln McDowell's hall and
attended by nearly 150 enthus
iastic South Tacomans.
The club, which originally was
promoted aa a boxing organiza
tion, has swung away entirely
from that Idea and is to be a
civic and athletic society for the
general betterment of the men
of South Taooma. Besides acting
as a commercial club, it will pro
Harry Ahearn, the well known
South Tacoma jockey, who has
gained no little fame on the
Northwest pony circuits during
the past few years, left for Ore
gon today after a week's visit
with friends. Ahearn is the
rider who nearly met death dur
ing a race on the track at Tygh
Valley, Ore., last fall when his
mount burst a blood vessel on
the stretch, throwing hlra under
the hoofs of a half dozen horses.
Two of the animals stepped on
him. /■
The jockey suffered a badly
fractured right arm, and several
broken ribs. His arm is still in
IFFLE qpgf^, I
Frank Moran says that
he fights because he likes
to. He's more frank about
it than some of the boxers.
• • *
Speaking of boxing, have
you noticed the lamp of our
well known deputy prosecu
tor, Myron Cramer? Looks
liks a mule had backed up
to him. Cramer very calmly
says that a friend accidental
ly hit him during a friendly
souffle at the armory gym.
• • *
This quotation didn't como
from Jess Willard: One of
the beauties of being a box
ing champion Is. that you
can make a living without
working for it.
You'd kinds Imagine from
reading the other sport
pages that somebody had a
grudge against Frank Farm
er. Yet he has proven right
along that he Is one of the
most popular boxers who
ever donned the gloves ln
• • •
Rah! Rah! Rah! They
say that Eddie Mahan is
preparing to Join Percy
Haughton'a Boston Braves
after he graduates ln June.
• • •
Comiskey, having secured
the Athletics' catcher, will be
a Lapp ahead of the other
clubs right from the start,
Miss Lillian Hyde, metro
politan golf champion, beat
bogey many times, but
couldn't beat Cupid. She
will wed Quentln Feitner,
Yale graduate.
• • •
Even If Harvard loses
Percy Haughton she will
have Reginald W. P. Brown.
Reggy has assisted Percy
as advisory coach.
DON'T take a hi* chew-ju.it a nibble ofW-B CUT
Chewing—the Real Tobacco Chew, new cut, loot
tkrid - will satisfy you. Taste it, sossll it—see how diflorsat it is—hew
it tstisfioa you.
"Notfeo how -_* ssh Wasss am Mm rlafc toW.-a .a..*"
■sis tf WETMAS-MUTOM COMPANY. M Osisa S-para. Nov Task Oy
TuMd&y, Jan. 26,191t».
vide a gymnasium and club rooms
for the members. It will also
act as sponsor for the South Ta
coma team of the City league.
Other officers elected were
Fred iAidwlg, proprietor of South
Tacoma drug store, vies presi
dent; William Ludke, secretary;
H. Haakln, real estate man, fin
ancial aecretary; Charles Reld,
plumber, treasurer.
Trustees are J. C. Jensen, Dr.
A. C. Nafce and Harry Dawther.
Members of the committee ap
pointed to adopt rules and by
laws are G. E. Collins, Ed Carl,
John Jensen, A. B. Kennedy and
W. H. Dean.
a plaster cast. Young Abeam
is signed to race for I. V. Smith
this season, and will take part in
the big relay race at Salem, be
sides riding Buster Brown, one
of the fastest horses In the North
west, in a dozen different meets.
"I wouldn't race this year If I
had not signed up in advance,"
said Jockey Ahearn before start
ing south today. "I have not lost
my nerve but have .lust come to
realize what a risky business
horse racing is. This is my last
season of It."
Ahearn is 21. stands ." feet, I
Inches, and weighs 100 pounds.
He has lived most of his life In
South Tacoma.
The plan for big league
clubs to start spring training
later than usual means some
of these ball players will
have to wait longer for a
square meal.
* • *
Miks Gibbons says he
won't let his two sons bs
fighters. Judging from
prcles he asks for fights he'll
leave 'em so many Iron men
they won't have to.
City Title
At Stake In
Game Today
Lincoln Park and Stadium high
school are battling this after
noon on tbe Lincoln gymnasium
floor, in the second championship
basketball games of the season.
The first and second teams are
Stadium won the first contest
with a score of 55 to 10 between
the first teams. If the North
tinders win again today they
will have captured the champion
ship. If Lincoln wins, a third
game will probably bs atagsd at
the Y. M. C. A.

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