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A tax on babies' names is one of
the curious provisions of the Dutch
budget. If taxing names will stop
the use of certain varieties which
flourish it, we're for it.
Only Desultory
Car Service Is
. In Evidence-
Telegraph Off
Kven the weather man was all
disconcerted today.
" I buried my forecast with
the groundhog," he said. "1 give
So it's up to the Indians and
, Taconians to make their own
weather predictions.
There was enough yesterday to
befuddle even the calmest weath
er man. But the last straw
which broke the back of his cal
culations this morning was the
fact that nearly every wire is
' down and Tacoma Is practically'
Isolated. And how can you tell
what the weather has up its
sleeve when you can't catch It on
its way?
It'» More Snow!
, But the weather man was
game. He was willing to risk
a guesM.
"I think it looks like inure
•now," he said.
And he smiled when he said It.
A steady drop in the barome
ter here is the basis for his off
hand prediction. Since yesterday
this weather indicator has drop
» ped .08 and is still on the de
Kven Old Sol was thrown out
of kilter by the record storm
which hit Tacoma. By the irony
of fate, Just as he was making a
brave effort to send down a few
warm rays, along came an eclipse
and smothered him.
•. Yet in spite of all this, every
one cays things are looking bet
ter, for this is the year of prom
• 'in-- at Standstill.
Although street car service
was absolutely at a standstill this
morning, it Is expected the tracks
will be clear and all cars run
■ ning by afternoon if the weather
stays bright. The last few cars
which were still trying to navi
gate gave up the Job si 8 o'clock
last night and the freeze which
came with a 27 degree tempera
ture put any hope of car service
this morning out of the question.
At IU o'clock the Cables, Port
land avenue, Pacific j avenue and
McKinley cars were under way,
while strenuous efforts wer_* be
ing made to clear the Point De
fiance line.
May Break Through.
If the clear weal her. keeps up
all cars probably will be running
by this afternoon, according to
announcement of the T. R. & P.
Taconia still Is completely shut
off from all communication from
the east. The Northern Pacific,
Great Northern and Milwaukee
have been unable to get any of
their trains across the Cascades,
while the Union Pacific trains
have been tied up by way of
A connection with a
bank is for mutual
advantage, the same
as when you join any
You carefully choose
an organization that
is congenial, that is
most fitted to your
Because this Bank is
congenial and fitted
to the needs of many
is the reason it has
had such great suc
Puget Sound
Btate Bank
1115 Pacific Avenue
Pshaw, folks, this isn't half bad! We aren't really suffering, you know; it's simply a case of incon
venience. A few of us have had to walk to work, and we've had to forego a few concerts and entertain
ments and a little curtailed business. But as soon as it's over business will be better than ever and the
I conveniences of everyday life will seem twice as valuable.
* ■ * *
Besides, the bother caused hy the snow can be mostly done away with if we each one does his part.
What we need today is a little co-operative community effort. Which brings us to our pomt —
Let's dig in tonight and tomorrow and clear every sidewalk in town, scrape the crossings clean and
put our town to rights. Don't say, Mr. Householder, that you can't clean your walk because you have
the grip, or are afraid you are going to have, or don't own a shovel, or aren't strong enough, or haven't
time enough, because—
* * A $
There are hundreds of men temporarily out of work who can do it for you. The mills, many of
them, have been obliged to close down and many lines of employment are blocked. So put one of these
men at shoveling snow. He won't charge much. You won't miss the change. It will help him tide over
a hard spell. And it will make our town ten times as convenient a place to get about in.
* * * A
Don i know just where ft) lay your hand on a mnii. Well, we just fancied that fa Rood many of you
WOttld make that remark. But we do. Or, at least, we will as soon gi ihis edition liak been on tile streets
■ few minutes. For, The Times hereby volunteers to serve as a clearing house. We are going to help
mobilise the snow-shovel army and put it at your disposal, Mr. and .Mrs. Tacpman,
It's this way: You just call Main 12 (The Times' number) and give your name and address. Say
that you want one man or two men or however many men you can use. We'll put you on our list of folks
who want shovelers. Or, if you need a job and can shovel, call Main 12 and say so. You'll go down on
the other list. And the man who wants a shoveler will get him just as soon as we can tell Mr. Shoveler
so, and vice versa. We anticipate that Main 12 will be about the busiest phone in town for some hours,
and we hope it will. We hope it will be busy with about an equal number of the two kinds of calls.
Then watch the snow fly. With the city mobilizing another army to clear crossings and streets, a day or
so ought to see everything in apple pie order once more.
* * * it-
And one more thing, Mr. Householder. If the man does a good job on your walk and there is a vacant
lot next to you, have him tackle that, too. It will cost only the price of a cigar or two, and it will giv«
you a comfortable feeling to see all that walk bare.
* * A A
At noon today the Northern
Pacific office here received word
that the terrific gale which has
been drifting the snow to a depth
of 3"i feet In some places In the
mountains, subsided at 5 o'clock
this morning.
Illi//:n-'l Subsides.
Four rotary plows are hard at
work trying to get the track clear
In the vicinity of the Cascade
tunnel, and officials expect the
road will be open for train, by
this evening it clear weather con
Trains which had been held up
on various sections of the line
may be moved this afternoon.
The North Coast Limited which
left here Tuesday was the last
train which got through the
mountains to the east. And it
was taken through in sections,
each section being hauled by sev
eral ldcomotlves.
Trudge to Work.
Telegraph communication with
the outside world is still at a
standstill. Wires are down in
all parts of the state.
Telephone communication with
Seattle has been established.
No cars are running on the in
All streets leading to the heart
of Tacoma at an early hour this
morning resembled a retreat
from Moscow. Business men
and women bent on being on the
Job at any cost, trudging along
the car tracks In one thin single
file, plowing through snowdrifts,
slipping on the Ice and hoping to
get there some way.
The first tie-up of street cars
in Tacoma occurred at 3:50
yesterday atfernoon, when South
Tacoma car No. 134 suddenly
"went dead on the Delin street
hill opposite 28th street. A north
wind had chilled the snow and
formed a coating of ice on the
Cable Not Affected.
While street car men worked
frantically to make the wheels
grip the rails, other southbound
cars came up and stopped behind
the stranded car. Passengers
alighted and began "hiking."
The Tacoma Times
25c a
From Recent
T. R. & P. Ads
These outlying districts have grown up, depending upon ottc car
lines for a reliable, continuous service, irrespective of seasons or,
And we ask the public to remember, next summer, how the "Old
Reliable" stuck by the guns and how the little bounce buggy drivers
forgot their dear patrons and stayed home and toasted their shanks
In front of their respective fireplaces.
The public demands that this company run its cars regularly
and continuously; they hold it accountable for a satisfactory, con
tinuous and adequate transportation service at all times, no matter
what the weather.
We have bent every effort during the last few wekes to maintain
our schedules and "The Old Reliable" street car has not broken
faith with the people.
We're Proud of
Times Carriers
We take our hats oft today to
the red-blooded youngsters who
trudged along their routes in the
cold through the heavy snow last
night so that none .of their cus
tomers should miss his copy of
The Times.
These small men, some of them
not more than 10 years old, are
dead game sports.
While grownups were afraid
their grownup toes might possi
bly get damp and were fearing a
deterioration In their health, The '
Times boy carriers were plowing
along without a whimper, bring
ing these grownups their evening
Youngsters Substitute
Out in the near-wilderness at
6th and Proctor, one of the car
riers was ill in bed. But he hap
pened to have a little brother and
a little sister. The little brother
was eight years old; the little
sister was younger.
Do you think The Times read
ers on that route wer disappoint
ed? No s'ree!
All unbeknownst. to anyone
the little brother clasped the lit
tle sister by the hand nnd togeth
er they trudged off through the
snow with a bundle of newspa
Only Six Complaint*.
The houses were far apart, It
grew dark and the parents be
came frantic. They telephoned
The Times and a taxi went to the
rescue. The tiny news-carriers
arrived back home safely. .
This is hut one instance of tile
way the boys who carry Tho
Times stuck to their Job.
The result was that complaints
came in from cnly six subscrib
ers who had not received their
Clearings .* $J17,_40.11
Balances 21.6111.98
Transactions 919,391.09
John Welch. Mil North :iuth
at-, prominent horse dealer of Ta
coui". today is paralyzed and
seriously injured as a consequence
of falling through the skylight of
his stables yesterday afternoon
and striking the floor two stories!
Mr. Welch had been notified by
city authorities that the snow of
yesterday was imposing a danger
ous weight on the roof of bis
stable, 1582 Commerce street.
He was Inspecting the snow
When a misstep sent him through
the glass.
.' He suffered a very severe fall,
and was taken to his home, where
he is reported today to be In a
serious condition. His back and
shoulders are badly injured.
Welch is a pioneer Taconian,
and Li widely known among horse
[What's Doing!
Trade and Commerce and Re
tail Merchants' bureaus to nom
inate directors, 8 p. m . Com
mercial club.
'Religious and social exposi
tion, (Hide rink, evening; an
nouficed program will be given.
Concert by Young Men's Chris
tian association orchestra of 25
pieces; 8 p. m.; association audi
Hural Development and Legis
lation and Taxation bureaus to
nominate, 7:80 p. m.; Commer
cial club; Traffic and Publicity
bureaus, 8:80 p. a.
Is America Degenerating?
Leading Experts Issue a
Warning That Vitality of
Nation Is Waning
(< <>p.Hah. into.)
NEW YORK, Feb. .!.—Am.r
ica faces 10 perils which m.iy
block its roail to permanent
Such is the warning of the
most eminent scientists in the
country, 1 1 of whom today pre
sent to the people of the I'nited
States their written opinions Sfl
this subject.
The warning of these men of
learning makes direct reply lo
the declarations of James A.
Kurrell. Willarcl Straight, .lanes
.1 Hill, Ocorge W. I'crklns and
other chief American business
men who recently told the read
ers of The Times that America
stood on the very threshold of
supremacy an ong all the nalious
of the earth, if the people would
only grasp the opportunity lliat
the European upheaval has tossed
upon our doorstep.
To this enthusiasm of business
CHICAGO —The supreme court
sustained the convictions of
Mayor I). M. Roberts and 10 oth
ers for connection with Indiana
election frauds.
LONDON—The British steamer
Bell of France was sunk today
with a loss of 19 lives.
LONDON--Fourteen towns re
port damage and a casualty list
from recent Zeppelin raid over
WASHINGTON—A senate com
mittee began the 'nvestigatlon to
day of Louis BrandeiH' fitness to
sit on the supreme bench.
EL PASO—Carranza officials
issued warnings today advising
American citizens against return
ing lo Mexico.
HOQUIAM—NearIy 200 cattle
have been frozen lo death In this
SALONIKA—A monstrous Zep
pelin Hew over this city Tuesday
dropplu- several bombs which
killed X persons and destroyed
i oiihhlit .c property.
SAN lAN'CIfICO —Lieut H.
A. Jones, commander of the coast
reserve torpedo flotilla, must
stand court martial trial as a re
sult of the mysterious disappear
ance, of the naval secret code.
No Tacoma forecast made, be
cause of cessation of wire service.
science now replies:
The full list- just read before
the .'.merlciin Association for the
Advancement of Science, Ihe
greatest scientific body in the
I'nited States -here appears. II
Includes not only dteeeaeo, but .-ill
the other danger signals of race
deterioration which science de
clares can be seen In every part
of the country.
President Rimer B. Rltte.
house of the Life Extension In
stitule has brought this matte.
before the American Assoclal ion,
presenting a startling array of
facts and figures.
In the language of every da.v,
President Rittnehouse thus chal
lenges its:
"Are we husky cm.ugh aa
n i ■« ..ile iiicni.ili. nuil | .iji-.1-
I'ally ever to bold world mi-
■TTalko' the Times •}*
(■reelings, were you in the
retreat from HmM this
Nobody Is pestering us with
tales about the first or last rose
of the season, unyhow.
Is there no end to the
horrors of this war? Xow
i.ci mam is in the throes of
a sauerkraut \ famine.
Scientists say we had an eclipse
of the sun early this morning.
We may also have had a street
car service, but personally we
didn't notice either.
Our sporting'editor hereby
challenges all comers for
Alaska hiking nmii- .s. He
hat qualified by walking last
night to South Tnrouia and
thin morning In front that
Ralph Plnkerton, manager of
The Tahoma out at Lincoln Park
high school, is Indignant because
prenmcy or must ive degen
erate into v second i.id- na
tionality bccMiise we allow
these lit) penis to overtake
and rob us of our Mrengili'.'
Head Thin lint.
Here is the list of national
I. — Seventeen million unmar
ried men and women.
I,- Increase in divorces.
I,—Ueclining birth rate due to
birth restrict lon by parents.
4, - Excessive Infant lift
Large number of defec
tives in schools.
i; Increasing Idiocy and In
7. - Enormous number of i!mg
and alcohol victims.
I, America leads all nations
in murders,
!'. Economic waste from
needless sickness and prematuM
death. fJ.no.uuo.OOO a year.
10, High and lncrc-ing
nervous tension.
ii. Extraordinary laereese la
sedentary work-.
IS.—Hearty eating without ex
13.—Increasing; obsity, weak
limbs, soft muscles.
14. — Noticeably low reslstenco
to disease.
I".— Increase In early break
ing down or organs.
j 16. — Increase in deaths from
; organic diseases.
1 7.---Excessive life waste from
Kern diseases.
is.- Remarkable cancer nior
| talily increase.
11l Marked Increase In dis
eased teeth and poor vision.
liO. —Increase In suicides—total
j of H.QOO a year.
we intimated that the 11. '
the-) esr round boys ha
worsted by Old Man
Ralph says he still weai
vi.d ban all the time. H da
trat he owns two pairs o t
1 csvies at that.
Mr. T. H. Martin d,
I minted us again. Hup <*•*•
he'll make tlte disapp. i
ment permanent?
Suitable sign for many
' Eree snow; see the owne.
Several bad breaks In the il'.T
telephone Hues have partially dls»
rupted looal communication. Sev
eral extra crews and all of tho
trouble men are busily repairing
breaks in the long distance iinsd.
It Is believed It wffl bo several
hours before normal oommunlea*
tlon Is restored sgala.

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