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oaday, Feb. 28,1016.
L *™* j Bring Every Member of the Family to See This Wonderful Picture [gft
MONDAY AND TUESDAY ONLY i tmv W_H We, As i Nation, Are Facing
]t] ,iV^ J__jJ__ ______# __L_jJ__^_ JL A €J^/ I Also a 2 Reel K. B. Comedy.
Devoting Entire Week
to Baby Preparedness
Bables, although an old, old
■tory In the world, seem to have
been neglected ln the past and
have passed down through the
ages as an unknown commodity.
But with the coining of prepar
edness and other new necessities,
tlie babies are coming into" their
Baby Week will be celebrated
March 4 to 11. Women will be
■hown the proper methods for
caring for their babies. A series
Of lectures by physici-ins and den
tists will be given on the follow
ing subjects:
Importance of birth registra
tion; Care of normal infants In
the home during early months:
Taconia's milk supply; Care of
normal child, 2nd to Ith \ear;
Contagious diseases; Ten minute
on foods every aftomoon,
accompanied by demonstrations
\fy students of the domestic sci
ence dept. of the high school;
Specialist's talk Saturday even
ing; Kye. ear, nose and throat;
Care of child's feet; Care of de
Would Cut Out
Jits at Park
There will be no municipal jit
ney buses In Point Defiance park
this summer, if. Park Commission
er Kean has his way.
, At today's meeting of the
board, Secretary Gower announced
that be could get an automobile
for $1,300 that could be used as
m sightseeing bus, and as an auxil
iary truck.
"We have plenty of teams out
at tlie park for the rough work,
ami i don't approve of buying an
auto truck this year," declared
Kern. "As far as the jitney busi
ness Is concerned, I believe the
park board would do better by
leasing the business to some com
pany handling auto buses. I think
they would give better service, and
the park board would make more
Last year the park board Inaug
urated a jitney service on Satur
days and Sundays at Point Defi
ance, but took in hardly enough
"Jits" to pay expenses.
What's Doing |
Lecture, J. P. Thompson, on
unionism, Longshoremen's head
quarters, 722 Pacific ay.; 8 p. tn.
Meeting, legislation and taxa
tion bureau, Commercial club,
12:1.1 p. m.
• Last day to get 1916 auto li
ciduous teeth; Irregularities of
tlie teeth.
The committee in charge of the
work has the support of the
IMerce County Medical associa
tion, the Pierce County Dental
society, the chool hoard, the li
brary and the health office. It Is
composed of tlie following mem
Mrs. A. K. Stebbins, _liairman;
Mrs. HI I well Hoyt, of Mothers'
congress; Dr. Mary Perkins; Mrs.
Shi Cun.mlngs. of Graduate
Nurses' Tssn.; Miss Allan, Domes
tic Science C.tbj Dr. Carsley Bal
abanoff; Mrs. J. W. Rawlings,
chairman publicity committee:
Mr. it. K. Chase, chairman finance
committee; Mrs. P. C. Smith,
chairman reception committee;
Mrs. Johnson, pure food Inspector.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.—Fol
lowing a strenuous period when
congress threatened to revolt
over the president's ship Issue,
conditions at the national capltol
have become normal again, and
legislative business is being con
ducted as usual.
OTTAWA, Ont., Feb. 28.--
British lines in France and Bel
gium are being extended to re
! place the French troops, who
have been removed to Verdun to
holster up the French soldiers
bearing the brunt of the great
German drive-
Council Scored
For Refusal to
Repair Library
Representing residents of the
Nortli fcind, a committee com
posed of Mrs. P. C. Smith and
Mrs. J. S. Craig of the Sherman
P. T. A. today took steps criticis
ing the city council for falling fo
do Its part in connection with tlie
.Mason library.
These women claim that the
council has completely failed in
its obligations to Allen C. Mason,
who donated the building to the
oltv for the library.
They inspected the building
last year and reported tlie dilapi
dated conditon to the couucil, ex
pecting to find funds donated in
this year's budget for lmprove
menst. They were disappointed,
they say.
Commissioner Woods inspected
the library recently, but it is
thought no action will be taken
because of the political situation.
Tliiimc Interested In having the
library put Into commission war.t
something done soon before the
building becomes co wrecked that
tlie library will have to be aban
doned entirely.
Claims Sewers
Ruined Pasture
Declaring that recent floods
had caused sewers to overflow on
Ills property, ruining it as pasture
ground for his cows, F. K. I. rack -
ett, owner of 48 lots near the
blacksmith shops of tlie Northern
Pnetfic shops, sent a formal claim
to the city council loday for $10 a
lot damages, or a total of $180-
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Feb. 28.
—John M. I.shletu.iii. lieutenant
governor of allfornla, died at
5:30 this morning at Indlo, Cal.,
of tuberculosis.
He loft San Francisco Friday
night for his home at luip.Ti.il.
He was taken ill on the way and
stopped at Indlo, staying at th.
Southern Pacific club house,
where he died.
That religion Is deeply connect
ed with marriage and home life,
was the opinion expressed by
Rev. Robert Lamont Hay of th°
First Presbyterian church, who
used this theme as his text last
night. Although Christ himself
was never married, he alway.
sliowed an attitude of reverence
towards women, he said.
SPOKANE, Feb. 28. —Mrs
Adam iiullis, 18-year-old bride,
is dead, and her husband Is ln a
critical condition as a result of
an accident in which a motorcycle
they were riding was struck by
an automobile driven by W. J.
Ball, a motor car salesman, yes
Police Chler D. O. Smith today
received a circular from Chicago
police headquarters containing
the above photograph of Jean
Crones, chef, said to be an an
archist and leading figure In a
gigantic plot to blow up churches
and churchmen In the United
Although there Is little possi-
Wall Sf. Wolf
Gets New Life
WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 28.
—The supreme court today
agreed to hear the whole case of
David Lamar, Wall street wolf,
and Judge it on its merits. This
automatically suspends sentence
or Lamar to the Atlanta federal
prison for impersonating ex-Rep
resentative Palmer.
Donnelly Hotel
Fixtures Sold
The furniture and fixtures of
the Donnelly hotel were sold to
day to E. McColley of this city for
$2,000 by F. U Haskell, Jr., re
ceiver for the hotel company.
The purchaser is In a business
whiclumakes a specialty of buying
an j selling hotel furnishings.
tTAAM chunks
bilit.v that Crones is hiding In
Tfccoma, ;1 1l officers have been
asked tn fix his picture and de
scription in their minds.
Crunes was employed as chef
when a banquet was given in
Chicago in honor of Archbishop
Mundeleiu, and is sought in con
nection with an attempt to poison
30u persons who attended the
Sues County
for $10,000
Suit was started iv the superior
court today by Lee Matßon against
Pierce county for $10,000 dam
ages for injuries when he was
thrown on his head from a buggy.
Matson claims he was driving
down a steep hill near Burnett
and the wheels of his rig struck
a log which he claims was negli
gently left there. He sustained
a fractured skull.
SEATTLE, Feb. 28. —A series
of 12 i.-. inies on the uses of
lumber will be offered to lumber
men through the correspondence
course of the forestry school of
the University of Washington.
Dean Winkenwerder started the
new course following the urgent
demand of local lumbermen.
Owen Would
Let Library
i Fall Apart
Assessments to the amount or
$ 1,175.a>7 for street pavements
and sidewalks stand against the
Mason library properly in the
Nortli End, according to a report
made by Commissioner Atkins to
day. The assessments run back
eight years, and those that are
delinquent have been drawing 20
per cent.
"Let's let them foreclose on Ihe
property. The buildings gettinc,
so decrepit that It will fall down
Hretty soon, anyway," suggested
Commissioner Woods.
The council decided, however,
that, since Ihe property was in the
hands of ihe city it was morally
bound to keep up tlie assessment
I7atuual demands are being
made liy Alaskan firms for \ea
sels to handle the copper and sal
mon shipments. A nortli bound
tonnaga lias added to I lie brtafc
trade by the appropriation by con
gress of .-VMtO.OO. for the'Alas
kan railroad.
Roosevelt Will Run Anyway;
Brandeis "Hearing" a Fiasco;
I ll S. Navel Reserve Now 303
WASHINGTON, 1). C., Feb. It,
—Roosevelt will run anyway.
A trip to New York before
Roosevelt left for the West Indies
has convinced me of this much.
George W. Perkins thinks so,
I had a long talk with Perkins.
He thinks Roosevelt can win even
■In a three-cornered fight; so, as
T. Burton would say, Jacta est
alea, which being Interpreted is,
"The dice are down," or as a great
German student has rendered it,
"The bones are in the ring."
Go mm Far m* They I.lke.
The Barnes-Crane-Hilles combi
nation may go as far as they like.
They may go ahead and get their
hand-picked delegates and ar
range for their dark horses and
masked marvels until the gong
The little old B. Moose buneli
Is going to rally around the antlers
I Once more the Florentine
room in the Congress hotel will
echo to the roar of the Bull
Moose, and once more ln the Au
ditorium hall the hosts of Arma
geddon will assemble lo do battle
for the Lord—and T. Roosevelt.
Southerner* NervoiiH.
"You can't beat somebody with
nobody," Dick Croker used to
That is why Perkins is chipper.
Fairbanks, Weeks, Burton and
the other "white hopes" of the
Barnes-Penroae-Crane-Smoot man-
agers are "nobody" in the estima
tion of Perkins, while T. R. slaiuls
for "somebody."
He believes the ragUOeeM and
indefiniteiiess of the stand pat re
publican campaign will be its tin
Already the prospective south
ern delegates demand to know lor
whom they are going lo vote. They
want at least a prosiieet of win-i
■Jag—tlie jobs! 'No more Taft t
campaigns for theirs!
•lii-.t One hut Left.
The slandpat game km been'
much weakened by tlie premature
appearance of old General Pro-;
There isn't a grave-digger's
chance for Barnes * Co. to be the
advani'e agents of a prosnerity
which is prancing around with all
four hoofs iv their laces.
The tariff issue including a
tariff commission—is now unani
mous, having been adopted ami
endorsed by W. Wilson, M al.
Everybody's for preparciine:is
with the biggest army and tin- |
gest navy in the world.
So there's no issue between
anybody, exce|it the personal Inne
between T. Roosevelt and W. Wil
son; which issue Is sharp and
May lie Only Two.
Of course the three-cornered
fight. Symptoms in Ma—aim
setts point strongly that way
Wben Bird, Gushing and August'
Gardner can get together oi
Roosevelt, there Is little of tin
chicken left for Crane and Week:
and the Shoe Machinery Trust
hardly anything exrept the MCfc
and the feet, as it were.
Other states, Perkins thinks,
are likely soon to follow Massa
chusetts, and he says It would
not be surprising if it were .ill
over but the shouting by June 7.
• • •
Hunt Hard For
Damaging Facts
The hearings on the subject of
Louis D. Brandeis and his qu ili
fßations for the supreme bench,
as conducted by the sub-commit
tee of the senate committee on
the judiciary, have so far be»n a
The hostile senators ooted to
have this hearing public in the
hope that something aeemlngly
detriinentai to Brandeis would be
brought ont and get full pun
They put out a dragnet and
went fishing for hostile criticism.
Even unknown persons who
wrote to tha committee in a critl-
Tlie Russian dan
cer arrested in Da
leinber in ilii'lapest
is to lie released to
continue to America
to loin the Ballet
Kusse, so American
Ambassador Penfleld
has been informed
by the Austro-Hun
i' man government.
Kijiusky was sus
pected of being a
Russian spy and de
tained two moulds.
eal vein were invited to appear
before the coamlttee and tell
v. I at they knew or thought.
Even when they turned out to
be harmless cranks I hey were
listened to with a patience new
in senators.
Lawyers who had been in op
position to Brandeis in private
practice were summoned and pw*>
milled to air their am lent
grudges and to retry cases in
which tliey had beta beaten.
Any witness who could name
a person who might be willing to
■a) sotiit thln X against Brandeis
was weleomeil and the name jot
ted down for subpoena.
Even thus the committee mi.
been obliged to take a long re
cess to get its second wind md
see if something can nol be fram
ed as a basis for continuing the
alleged "Investigation."
• • •
Not Enough to
Mobilize Navy
If) ml for preparedness was
further whettfd the other d.y
• I'-eti I sat in on the hearing in
progress before t^e house com
mittee on naval affairs, and Ad
miral Blue was on the stand.
There I learned that the to
tal Dumber of men ln our n.ival
reserve Is 303.
That In the French navy la
•0.000; that in the German
iboul 100,000; that Iv the .lapa
nete about 100,000, and Great
Britain's, of course, about twice
as much.
I learned that our navy has not
been mobllized'in a year or two
years and that It would not he
ph. steady possible to mobilise
the navy bec_isc there are -lot
enough men to handle the ships
and not enough men in reserve
to be drawn upon
for Freshmen
The February number of I lie
Taboma, nrf the press Friday,
was dedicate,! to the fri hnia.ii
The cover design of two gee*4
was done by Ralph Whitney.
Contributions were by t I
Brenne, Henry Csamer. ;
Wahlberg, Kanford Martin, Bar
red Smith. Edith McLeod, Esther
Wintler, Joe Crumb and Roacee

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