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JNMd-7, F-b. 99, 1916.
I.nMM IN. Feh. 29.—Hii.l
dwilv shirting their att-i<k,
the German* are swinging
thousands of men against
Verdun today from the «awt..
They are aiming to squeeze
out the defenders by a threat
of envelopment.
Berlin announced the capture!
of villages southeast of the new
drive and considerable advances I
along the northeast front. Heal
way was made east of Verdun.
Critics believe the frightful
losses caused the kaiser's order
of a cessation of massed' assaults
upon Ihe Verdun forts. >
Paris reports admit that sever
al first line trenches have been
captured near the Navarln farm.
German assaults seven miles
east of Verdun have been' repuls
ed and the attack on Pepper
Heights has been abandoned,
Paris stated.
The Germans claim they have |
passed Dieppe, Bacort, Blanches
and have captured Manheulles
and Champion and portions of
French trenches northeast of,
PARIS, l'eli. __».—All Ger
man attacks before Verdun
have l>eeii repulsed, today's
Coiiimuiiique -..-nl.
The Krencli have entirely sur
rounded Douamont, the scene of:
a struggle which has lasted sev-1
eral days. i
It was.officially admitted, how-j
•ver, that the Germans have cap-j
tuied the village of Manheulles, i
11 miles hunt he.ist of Verdun,
and are driving eastward to force'
the evacuation of Verdun by
SO' zing in from the north and
The heavy bombardment north
Of Verdun continued throughout
tho night.
The French recaptured several
Lorraine trenches.
The re|K>rt said that eight Ger
man regiments reformed into a
single regiment after the assault,
and that 8,000 corpses were found
along a two-mile front.
Endless trains of wounded are
Streaming into Metz. Hospitals
at CoblMtl, Treves and Cologne
are tilled to overflowing.
An Amsterdam report said the
Douamont fort was bombarded
for hours before It was wrecked.
The French destroyed 40 Ger
man cannon grouped for a heavy
assault opposite Bras.
BERLIN, Eeb. 29.-The -Ger
mans have captured small armor
ad works northwest .of Douamout,
It was claimed officially today.
In the Woevre region, south
east of Verdun, the Germans
claim to have captured 10,575 sol
diers, 228 officers, G« cannon and
8i; machine guns.
4ft.000 KILLED
LONDON. Feb. 29.—More than
45,000 Germans have been killed
In the Verdun offensive, an Am
sterdam dispatch declared today.
Wore than 40 Methodist preach
ers and their wives were serious
ly poisoned last night at a ban
quet In the Howard street Meth
odist church. •
CHICAGO, Feb. 29.—Chicago
passed through the hottest pri
mary election of its history yes
terday. Three men were shot,
several l'is> fights took place, and
several suits for slander were the
outgrowth of the campaign.
Why Should All
Automobiles Not
Be Bonded?
The man driving a truck or private auto Is just as liable
to in lure someone as the bus driver, and should be under lust
as stiff requirements to make good.
It 1. absolutely unconstitutional to pass a law that cannot
be fulfilled. If a private auto or delivery truck were required
to have bonds, but there were no bonds to be got, what woulA
they do
Is the bond law In ita present form not a weapon of com
bined capital to kill the jttney.T
Give us fair play and a law that can be fulfilled and obeyed.
If you are run down by an auto, why must it be a jitney only
that protects you by a bond?
Wouldn't another auto injure you Just a. mucbf Let a.
hear what you think.
Main 1740. 180? Broadway.
PARIS, Feb. 29. —The French
auxiliary cruiser Provence, carry
ing 1,800 men, was unk Satur
day In the Mediterranean.-
An official statement today
sal dthat 870 were saved. It is
feared nearly 1,000 were drown
Boats now are continuing ihe
search for other survivors. Four
hundred have been landed on t! c
Greek Island of Meloß, and '296
have landed at Malta.
LONDON, Feb. 29. — Henry
James, novelist, died in this city
James >vaß
born an Ameri
can citizen, but
lived the great
er part of his
life In England.
When the war
broke out he
swore alleg
iance to the
English flag.
He said that he
had lived no
long in that
country that he
had grown en
tirely ln sym-j
pathy with thei
people .i h il I
wanted to be one of them.
As a writer James was said by
critics to he one of the most mas
terful of his day.
His brother, William James, is
an eminent psychologist at Har
I.OS ANGELES -Five men
and a woman, supposed to be
mebers of a gang of auto uan
dits, were-arrested late last night.
Tlie bandits have been holding up
scores of machines on country
Don'; Suffer-Laugh
At Stomach Misery
Crown Hum Co. Will Return the
Money If Mi-o-na Dties Not Re
lieve Hi .pepslu,
Among all the remedies In
Crown Drug Co.'s popular drug
store, there are few that they are
willlug to sell on a guarantee to
refund the money if they do not
Mi-o-na, the famous dyspepsia
remedy has helped so many of
their customers that Crown Drug
Co. sa>s, "If this remedy does not
relieve you come Back to our
store aud we will cheerfully re
turn your money."
Anyone who has dyspepsia, in
digestion, headaches, dizzy feel
ings or liver troubles, should take
alvantage of this chance to be
made well without any risk of
spending their money to no pur
pose. Mi-o-na will relieve you,
will regulate the digestion, will
enable you to eat what yoir want.
If It does not do all this it will
not cost you a cent.
Crown Drug Co. have sold hun
dreds of boxes of Ml-o-na In the
last few weeks and have yet to re
ceive the first complaint from any
customer. Such a record Is
simply marvelous and speaks vol
umes for the merit of the remedy.
It is easy enough to fill a col
umn with the symptoms afflicting
those who have dyspepsia, but
there is no need of describing
their condition. What they want
is relief and they can get It in
Mi-o-na. Do not suffer a day
longer with disordered digestion.
If Mi-o-na relievos you It costs
you 11 cents a box, if it does not,
you have Crown Dntig Co.'s per-'
sonal guarantee to return your
Pape's Diapepsin' makes
sick, sour, gassy stom
at'hs feel fine.
Tlma It! In five minutes all ■
atomarti distress will go. No In
digestion, heartburn, sourness or
beli-lii). nl gun, add, or eructa
tions in undigested food, no ill..
■lness, bloating, foul breath or
Pape's Diapepsin Ik- noted for
Its speed In regulating upset)
sioiiiin lis. It Is the surest, quick
est and mose certain indigestion I
remedy In the whole world, and
besides it is Inn mi> -
Millions of men and women
now eat their favorite foods
without fAkr —they—know Pape's
Diapepsin will sßve them from
any stomach misery.
Please, for your sake, get al
large fifty-cent case of Paoe's
Diapepsin from any drug store
and jnii your stomach right.
Don't keep on being miserable—
life la too short —you are noti
here long, so make your stay
agreeable. Eat what you like and
digest It; enjoy it, without dread
of rebellion in the stomach.
Pape's Diapepsin belonga ln
your home anyway. Should one
of the family eat something
which don't agree with them, or
In case of an attack of indiges
tion, dyspepsia, gastritis or stom
ach derangement at daytime or
during the night, it is handy to
give the quickest, surest relief
In Mexico
WASHINGTON*, D. C, Feb. L' 9.
—Grover C, Yarn, an American,
was murdered last night at hi.
home 23 miles north of Durango
by Ylllaistas, state department
advice, said today.
Advices said labor conditons in
Mexico City are threatening, and
soldiers are preparing to prevent
The general political situation
is quiet, although progress ha.
hen made against the Zapatista..
WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. Sill.
—With the intention of launch
ing a new revolution against tha
Carranza de facto government,
Felix Diaz aparently ha. left tha
U. S. for Mexico.
He- has been watched for rev
era! months by federal official.
J because of suspected activities
in violation of American neutral
Indications are that he hopes
to organize tlie troop, of his iia
tlve state and such other forces
as he can gather under his lead
ership In southern Mexico.
Eluding federal ageuts, Gen.
' Diaz left New Orleans Friday for
Havaua, where several Mexican
revolutionists are believed to
1 have been awaiting htm.
Diaz helped establish Huerta
in power.
Violent Maniac
Awakens and
Is Sane Man
SEATTLE, Feb. 29.—Friday
night a fighting, raving piece of
humanity was picked up by the
police at Second avenue and
Spring street. '
It took two policement to
handle him.
At the station he was called
John Doe, for he snarled, but
made not one intelligible sound.
Meanwhile he thrashed about
on the station floor with the po
licement floundering all over him,
until finally a straight jacket was
slipped on.
"Craajr," Is Verdict
"Crazy,'' was the verdict when
an examination failed, to show
traces of alcohol.
John Doe was placed in the
piToded cell at. the county jail,
where he remained till Monday.
At 8 o'clock last night Dick
Bush, deputy sheriff, looked into
John Doe's cell. Thinking the
man was lying in a uncomforta
ble position, Bush went in and
turned him over.
Just Woke Vp
And John Doe woke up. "Where
am I?" he .aid in a mild tone.
Dick Bush jumped with sur
prise. Then he sat down and
talked with John Doe, who an
swered every question rationally.
He .aid hi. name was Han.
Knudson and that he ran a room
ing house.
Gate Another Chance
Friend., it appeared, had been
looking for Knudeon aince Fri
day night.
Knudson, hungry and sore from
bis atrugglea, ate a hearty meal,
minus the atrait-jacket.
Knudson will cat another
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M__m UISII Annn elected because of the growing formed „,e that iSSlinii was Mr °'Nfln ot the 8c0t0" Woo"'B Mr Muler of M11"r * Am<» Meat
men nfiii upeii vTbl nz%°lnt^T oa th «""';' '••» o yi-," c _..ome,ir .„is mim"' 3n i,th «•■ •*>••• -1 M"k" •« «h«»'—"., M.r k .t.
"The Toggery." a new men. Commerce Bt. side of the bank ""' ar, 'u,,l"t/ d. wli h "c» «»•«• would like the men of Tacoma to .aid. "Tell the lad.es to read my
furnishing establishment, will be building. A special lighting Bye- _£r. Uaaey ef Laaar A l'anor- come to my store and see the val- advertisement and com. down to
opened March 4in the Fidelity tern will Illuminate the corner. ""; Vi ..i „h ■t"*ld «
building, llth and Commerce, by making It one of the brlghteat spring lasi. w e Vk. Hut it wm **' '"" °"'r,nr ,n made lo or,,er raorro"' "w» »>•« giving Rouble ft
Arthur McOinley _ad Edward spots in Tacoma. A large electric surely com* soon.' He is right, clothing." The prices are right. *H. Stamps with all nurctieeee.
Hates. . sign will also add to the exterior "° r#t r<'a,l. for " •-« *et
The new store wtfl carry all of the store. >our new »u. ,t s°, Mr oimth e. form.riy with the * * *
kinds of furnishings and will feat- Both McOinley and Bates are Mr. And.raon of the Ander- The Danish Qlove Store Is now
ure a $1!> brand of clothing. By- young men In Tacoma h ba.tnesa *on *>übKr Market, has some International Fisheries, now oper- »
erythlng for the men will ba field, and attribute much of their ILu _i.„_.'_!._ b.o!_'. n" fol' ii" -t- the p»clf,c Co. at the located with the Teco_ua Booury
kept. success to advertising. Anderwi mot_ |. W -w. •Broadway Market ana off.™ seme *« »*» Wreedway. Tfcey are shew-
nieet all competition " ' palatable dishes for Times reader*. Ing their new spring line of gloves. I
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