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Bt'TTE, Mont , Feb. 2». -Af
fairs of the Northwestern league I
are fast straightening themselves
It has been decided that the
league itself will assume llie
f1,7f0 debt left in Unite by the
old Butt* team of the I'nlon asso
ciation. It was this debt that
caused a sudden res.ation of j
baseball negotiation, here two |
weeks ago. The business men of j
Butte hfld raised 11.1,000 for'
♦ «♦««♦»♦•*>♦♦«♦*•»

a- 111 V A HOOK
♦ *
•• You're not donating char- • j
♦ lty when you buy a baseball •
0 book. You are simply pay- • :
<■ ing %■> in advance for $."i 9\
♦ wortli of tickets to league •
9 games at Athletic parli Hut •
4- by doing it, you are helping •
4' swell the advance fund •
<•• needed to start the season. •
<• If a Commercial club so- >
3 llcltor does not see you, •
9 .end to The Times .porting •
*> editor. He has offered to •
♦ handle tickets as a benfit »
9 to Kuss 11 nil. Send iv your 9
0 blonde nickels now.
♦ *
♦ *>♦♦♦#•♦♦♦♦♦<! * * •*> a
Because the printer, are being
delayed in binding the new tick
et took., Member, of the Com
mercial club hasehall committee
cannot gat started on the sale
of tbe 1,600 ticket, until Friday.
At a meeting this afternoon, bow
ever, the committee is being In
structed In the manner or pre
dinting the city, and last ilelails
are being arranged.
The Times was In error yes
Billy Phillip., well known Ta
coma boxer, who staged the Billy
Weeks-Komeo Ilagan bout at
Wllkeson some time ago, an
nounced another card for the
coal mining town to be staged
next Saturday night.
The main event will be a six
round affair between Harry Mus
aen of Tacoma, 130, and Mike
Pete of Wllkeson. 128. Frank |
Trophies For
Trap Shooters
C. C. Mellinger and Dave
Bales, two of the most enthus
iastic trap shooters In Tacoma,
are offering trophies for competi
tion of the Tacoma Gun club, for
which the season's shoot wlil
commence Sunday.
Mellinger Is offering a hand
some golf fob, to be won in a
handicap shoot at 50 birds and a
16-yard rise, lo be held on seven
Sundays. Bales i. offering a
valuable silver loving cup. Con
dltons of his match have not yet
been announced.
There Is One
Born a Minute
NEW YORK, Feb. 29.—A to
tal of 13,000 tickets have oeen
printed for the coming battle ue
tween Jes. Willard, world's
heavyweight champion, and
Frank Moran, at Madison Square
Garden. Twelve thousand are
for seats ranging from $3 to $_"<.
Tbe remainder are for standing
Representatives of teams In
the proposed Valley Amateur
Baecball league will meet at the
Tacoma hotel at 7:3u o'clock to
night to organize their circuit.
Kent. Auburn, Sumner, Puyallup
and Spanaway, together with the
Monogram, of Tacoma, will
compri.e the league.
If3#_ _m-I _ __l: 1«11 if,
I Steamer? Tacoma and
Indianapolis for Seattlt
I Leave Municipal Dock. T»c»-
I flit, »••, »:•• a. m.: \ **.
I iM, I at, 1:44, t M p. .a.
I Leave Celmae Deck. ••«tti«,
I ifMl '*% *:>* _ **•
I WmOlttt mmt rtomt Bt.«n.«r_
I tm*Mr'mT*- **"' R,UB* Tr|a
I ganii^-pa+etaei t>«.t*-t na
their new club, but did not want
Ito spend any of l lie money out
for pu\ incut of old debts of a
former league.
Joe Miliinnity of Tacoma lias
been notified or the settlement
of the technicality, ami win smh
i Ibis weeU to start the work of
marshalling a Hutte team. The
i league committee went to Great
, Falls today, and experts to nave
|thai city lined up for the N. \V.
league, with all complications
settled, by the end of the week.
terday when it said that season
ticket, would be sold at |l, Itust
Hall couldn't be expected to sel
admissions to over To games 01
I one little five-spot. The Idea li
| this:
Kvery book will contain 21
, tickets, good lor admission to thf
grounds. A purchaser of a boolt
is merely buying |f admission.
in advance. At the coming gftOMH
:tbe possessor of v ticket-book can
[enter the grandstand merely I.)
j tearing off two tickets. He ear
I take a friend if he wishes, iWt
grandstand admissions being
worth four tickets. An autoni'i
bile admission will be two ticket.
"There's no charity to it,'
says liuss. "The fans are mere
ly Im.liig their tickets In .id
vance, to help raise early fundi
for starting the season."
Manager Hall has written .'(
letters In the past two days tt
prospective players on tlie Tlgei
team. Through the assistance o
a team manager on a larßi
league an intimate friend •
Husk' the new Tacoma manage)
has obtained rights to severa
splendid players. It is expeetei
that contracts will begin comini
in during the next week or so.
Pete. 122, of Wilkeson, and Al
I,tike. 122, of Tacoma, will box
four rounds, and (ieorge Bevan,
ISO, of Wllkeson hihl Kid Boss
of Buckley, will tangle in a four
round match.
"Wllkeson is a sport-loving
town, aud the whole population
turns out for a good smoker,"
says Billy. "The two Pete broth
ers are very popular with the
Frank i.Vauble) Naubert scor
ed an easy victory over Harry
Andrews last night In the city
pocket billiard champlonsiiip
tourney, the score ending 7.". to
68. Naubert had a little luck,
but showed lots of science. To
night Charles Peterson and Al
Rosseau meet. Matches are open
to the public. Harry Andrews'
SQUIRREL FOOD-How to Stop Ala m While Sleeping. BY AHERN.
| "Yeh, Those Were Great Old Pays, Frank!"
I eit to right: George Hildebrand, American league umpire; Al Bau.ii, president of the Pacific
Coast league, and I rank Ch.ii.ee, former star of the Chicago Cube, now manager of tlie I.os Angeles
t'li.b. The three men met In Kan Francisco the other day. Chance and Hildebrand were busy swap
ping yarns of the old days, recalling many Incidents In which "his umjw" and Chance figured.
For days and weeks the fans
of Tnronia have been regaled with
articles about a mysterious
"Masked Marvel." Because no
one knew anything about the ex
istence of such an animal, curios
ity was easily aroiißed, and Sam
my Howard, promoter of tlie pub
licity scheme, gained many col
umns of space thereby.
The Times does not confess to
know anything auout this Masked
Marvel, or to take any very keen
Interest in him.
When Sam Howard left Taco
ma, after the Karnier-Bou'ls
match, he said that he had a
young boxer ln Portland, son of
a millionaire lumberman, who
wanted to box without allowing
his identity to become known.
Howard next turned up ln San
Francisco with a well dressed,
athletic young person, whose face
was covered by a mask, and who
wore a wig.
'Frisco fell for the Masked
Marvel. The papers gave him
unlimited space. Then a tele
gram from Tacomii was received
by a 'Frisco paper, saying that
the Masked Marvel was none oth
er than Farmer. A private match
was held, for the benefit of the
ne ..paper men. The Masked
Mai vel was beaten —and beaten
bad—by a Greek bootblack.
"It was his first match, and he
had stage fright," explains How
ard, "lie was whipped good, and
thta's all there wsb to it."
The Masked Marvel, according
to Howard, was so ashamed that
he heat It back home to Portland.
Then Howard returned to Taco
ma for the Farmer-Murray
match. He say. that Farmer was
in Wisconsin all the time.
Now, to clear himself of rldl- The Masked Mnrvel is on his
cule, Howard says that he will way to Tacoma today, says How
have his Masked Marvel at the ard.
ringside Thursday night, and that "He can trim any of these boys
he will challenge the winner of ln the Northwest," says Sammy,
the bout. Howard says that he "He boxes ordinarily at 158 or
will match his Masked Marvel 156, and is Rnmll for his weight.
with Billy Weeks, if the $250 But he is a wizard."
side bet, supposed to be In the We don't know anything about
hands of i-'.d Hughes, sporting the.truth of all this stuff about
editor of the Seattle Time.. Is the Masked Marvel, gentlemen of
turned over to the sporting Mfc the jury. We're simply laying
tor of this paper. He promises Ihe ease before you, and ask you
to cover the money. to form your own conclusions.
The average reuder and
patron of sport events la a
lover of clean athletic. He
is a man who demands a
a square deal in sporting
events, and who will turn
away ln disgust from any
thing savoring of crooked
ness. For the benefit of thl.
class of sport fan., we call
attention to the headline on
a Monday evening aport
"Farmer lo not. ln condi
tion; match off." Under that
heading was a story which
Intimated that Frank Farm
er had been devoting hla re
cent time to women, and that
his bout with Fighting Billy
Murray had been dropped.
Not one word lo the effect
that tlie bout bad merely
l_en postponed tliree days.
Both statement*, were un
At no time since Paul Steele
announced his coming smok
er has this certain sport page
given him a commendatory
notice. At every opportun
ity, however, it has gone out
of its way to attempt to dis
parage and discourage the
smoker. While, at the same
time, It was boosting such
boxers as Billy Weeks and
Joe iioinls and the Christian
brothers of South Tacoma.
The editor of that page
was not permitted to dictate
to Paul steel., about the
smoker. Therefore lie ha»
gone to the other extreme.
Called "tlie kink" among
boxing promoters, he wanted
to dictate in this smoker, as
In other events of the past.
Neither this paper nor
anyone connected with it has
any Interest in the coming
smoker. But we consider
Paul Steele a square shoot
er. Steele Is making a living
as physical culture and box
ing teacher. He has a home,
a wife, and three children.
It is not likely that he is
doing anything that he will
not gladly spread out for the
observation of the .port fans.
But Paul Steele is not get
ting a square deal. And sim
ply liecause he electa to be
Sammy Howard, the boy
with the brilliant bicuspids,
takes all blame for the mis
understanding that kept
Farmer at Kapowsin. "I
sent Farmer a wire telling
him to 'keep under cover,' "
says Howard. "I meant
that it would be better for
him to keep away from the
city until a few days before
the day of the match. But
he thought there was some
thing wrong, and hid. That',
why I couldn't get hold of
him, or bring him to Taco
ma in time for a match
Add to the list of well
known free agent, the fol
lowing: Oeorge Stovall,
Otto Knabe, John Ganzel
and Hal Chaae. They're all
free to get a Job on any club
outilde organized baseball.
"Kirk In," crook drama.
Matinee Wednesday and Sat
"The Mystic Bird," and
good vaudevUle act*.
Movies #
"What Will People -lay,"
< with Olga I'e;i-ova, and Royal
'■ Guatemalen Marine Band.
"Jane," clever comedy, with
; Charlotte (.reeinvood.
; Mil .1:01 lt\i.
\ "The Plunderer," will. Will-!
; lam Farnum. Also movies of
1 Klks' parade.
! "Guarding Old (.lory," flvei
! reel patriotic film. 1
Bushman Comes
to Melbourne
Francis X. Bushman, popular
idol of the movie fans. coiiie_v-ee
the Melbourne tomorrow for a
two-day engagement ln "The Sec
ond ln Command." It is one of
Bushman's best efforts. Mar
guerite Snow, of "Million Dollar
Mystery" fame, plays opposite
the handsome star.
Tonight marks the last show
ing of The Plunderer," with
William Farnum; the pictures of
the Elks parade; "The Hunt,"
with Ford Sterling, and a two
part Keystone-Triangle comedy.
Paul Steele's smoker at Glide
rink, when "Fighting Billy" Mur
ray and Frank Farmer wil mix,
will be held Thursday night in
stead of Friday.
After Steele had seen Farmer
work out yesterday afternoon at
Moose hall, he decided that
Farmer would be in first class
conditon with three days' train
ing, aud advanced the date.
Farmer is hard as nails. His
week's visit In the mountains,
when he lived with a family near
Kapowsln, and spent his days
hunting, tramping and chopping
wood, put him ln good condition.
He looked splendid as he worked
out yesterday, and even appeared
to have taken off weight since
his appearance here a month ago.
Farmer is now managing his
own affairs. Although Sam How
ard still sticks by him, the Ka
powsln boy says he is tired of
the continual misunderstandings
that have arisen over Howard's
managerial effort., and says that
he will be his own boss hereafter.
Today and tomorrow Farmer
will work out at Moose hall, be
tween 2 and 3. Billy Murray is
working out each day at the Ta
coma School of Boxing, between
3 and 4. The public ia invited to
both workout..
"Poor Old Bat"
APPLETON, Wis., Feb. 29.—
Battling Nelson will not be al
lowed to box Ad Wolgast, to
whom he lost the lightweight
championship. The Wisconsin
state boxing commission decreed
yesterday afternoon that the Bat
tier was "too far gone" for such
a fight. Tha date had been set
aa April 12.
Mllburn Saylor, 27, contender for
the lightweight title, has pne-i
--monia and may not recover. He
knocked out Leach Cross last
Monday. ,
NEW YORK, Feb. 29.—The
American Sporting club agreed
last night to call off Its proposed
bouts between white, and ue
groe., and to refrain from mixed
bouts in the future, so the box
ing commission has allowed it to
resume its programs.
By a More of 42 to 28, tha
Beutel Business College team de
feated the Lincoln high school
basketball team of Portland Sat
urday night. The Tacoma team
contained L. Bishop. F. Gilbert,
D. Tonneaou, A. Pulford, A.
Holme., D. Wad.worth.
LACEY, Feb. 2».—The Seattle
K. of C. baaketball team took
tbe conceit out of St. Martin', by
defeating them 33 to 26. it waa
the first defeat of tha local b >/.
after nine .traigbt victories.
Edited By
Eddie Peters
Very Funny, Very Absurd,
Is This New Comedy, 'Jane'
Charlotte Greenwood as "JTa ne," the muld-of-all-work who
aits the part of wife in order to help her employer win an allow -
ance from a wealthy uncle, and Sydney Grunt, as the butler-hus
band of "Jane."
"Jane," a five-part comedy
presented at the Colnolal until
tomorrow night, is a refreshing
change from the usual type of
slam-bang comedies. There isn't
any slum-bang in it. Just a lot
of clean humor arising from ge'j
uinely funny situation..
Charles Sbackelton, all round
good fellow, offers his house
maid $500 to pose as his wife
Beamties lira the Movies
Cleo Madisou, Idol of the Uni
versal studios, was born ln
Bloomlngton, 111. In her short
life she has been a leading lady
on the stage, owned and man
aged her own stock company,
been in vaudeville, a star in the
movies and is now directing tier
lUi. W WirMAW-MIUTtW COWAMT, SO Ud .. SpJTHn, T^. Ch,
Tuesday, Feb. 29,1016.
during his uncle's unexpected
visit. In order to get an Increase
in lit. allowance. I'ncle wants to
see "the baby." They borrow one
from a. washwoman. The wash
woman gets frightened and trios
to have Sbackelton and hi.
"wife" arrested for kidnaping.
It Is a riot of very funny, and
very absurd situations, woven in
to a clever story.
own photoplays. Her greatest
work on the screen is probably
the "Trey o' Heart" series, -.he
has red brown hair, gray ove..
and is G feet 4 inches in height.
In private life she Is Miss Bail, v
and lives In her own bungalow
near tbe studio at ITnlv. rsal'ciiv.
Motoring is her hobby.

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