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Frank Fanner and Jot- HomK
Tacoiua'w noted rivals, who have
boxed earli other half a dozen
times and have never succeeded ;
In establishing who is the'
better man, will meet at K"il
in.ii. hall. EatOnvllU, on Hat:ir-!
day Bight, May •;. Tin length of I
the hout has not been anuounreil ■
•■ yet, but it will probably lie six
lliiiid returned from Montan.i
larit week, and went to Katoiivillej
jestenlai, where he established
training i|iiarter». Farmer, w'.io
has been living with friends In
Kanowtdn since his bout In 'la-j
coma with Hilly Murray, has b*-j
gun systematic training in his
Karl Conner* of TarOßMi baß"
tnmweiKM iluimpion of the
Northwest and one of the clever
est boxers in the went, today
signed for whnt nuiv bt the ino,l |
latportant battle of Ins career.
He will ni-el Hilly Mascot,
tlie pride of Portland, before tho
Heaver club In Portland May |,
Msacott is one of the toughest
young birils In the ring, and if
ConnerH wins from him it will
mi.iii tlini he bU taken a Ml step
toward! makiiiK ih tiatlimul rec
ord which he in worklßl for.
The featlierweiKlit title of the
Northwest lies batWMfl Tex Ver
iion <>f Ab: rdeeu, Barl f'oniiers of
Only two more da>s, and
the i'm rare is on!
It.ins Mull h.is withstood
the bitcrtefMMc of the
Wtathtf during training sea
miii with umiHiial Htolldness.
But It surely will break lilh
heart if rain i.-iMh Thursday
11. iavK If no i .lin falls. It
will be good-night for Great
You ran'l teach an old dog
new trl'Us. quoth Connie
Mark hh his gallant crew wlid
niajesfically into last place.
Bettln' fans admit they
don't have to enter a base
ball pool to be in the swim.
With a debating team
averaging over 200 Urn. per
D»n Colombia university ora
tors oughta hit 1.000 discuss
ing weighty problems.
It Im not surprising that
Ted Law la of England should
lose the welterweight cham
pionship title to a Hritton.
According to the Athletics,
Hed Sox and 9eni>toris, Frank
The executive committee of the
Grammar School Athletic asso
ciation decided yesterday after
noon to hold its annual track
meet in the Stadium May 20, the
Junior and senior events being
held In the morning and the In
termedl;fie In the afternoon.
The closing date for entries in
the baseball league was postponed
until May 12.
Women Build
Athletic Club
With 1,000 members on the list,
the charter rolln of the Women's
Athletic club closed last night.
It Is the only club of its kind
west of Chicago. The women are
Just completing construction of a
$110,000 club house and gymnas
Roy Hitt Is
In Bad Shape
Roy Hitt, pitcher for Vernon, was
operated on for appendicitis last
night and because of a ruptured
condition of the appendix his re
covery is doubtful.
home town, having rented a va
caiu ItON building for a g> m-
TIM t«oul is attracting: much in-
ItorwM in the mountain country.
| Farmer in easily the favorite, al
though it is conceded tlmt HoU'lk
will be better tlinn ever before.
I In bib rceent travels Honda li.i.
boxed five times, winning Itiree
by the kayo route, one division
and one draw.
Farmer lihh improved wonder
' fully since his last match with
Bonds. His battle with Hilly
Murray MrpriMi even his train
jers and indicated that Farmer
; had evelopnl into a clever, iscien
' tlfio boxer.
Tiicoiiia and Hilly Mascot! of
Portland. ConnerH and Vernon
boxed ■ draw last week. Vernon
outpointed Masioll a short time
ago. t'onners and Mascott have
never met.
Paul Kte.-le. who i» Krooiniiiß
Conners, will also appear on the
BMW club bill. Mis opponent
has not yet been announced. Hut
haimy O'Hrien and Walter
KaowltOO aie the only light
weights in Portland at present
and Paul thinks that one of tb*M
bo>B will he matched with him.
Conn is wild Steele have re
humed their rigorous course of
Bakl r hasn't changed lenpit«
his one year layoff, lie Ifl
recognisable to I'll without
the aid of fingerprints.
A wire from New York
says f'.enny Kauff attended
a play l::st night. The pro
duction was "It Pays to Ad
Hal! players who try to
bait Hank O'Day these days
are certnin to get the hook.
Walter Pipp's father prom
ised Hie former a suit of
clothes if hf made a hit off
Walter Johnson in the open
ing game. Yr?s, Walter will
doll up at liis own expense.
Shainus O'ltrion's mana
ger calls the former a rising
*€. = iiii- lighter. Khaiiius was
busy rising once per round
in liin laM cumhut with Ben
Freddie Welsh did not
llMftM that his opponent
rould "Ever Hammer" so ef
fectively as he did in their
10-round bout at .Milwaukee
last night.
Supervisor Kelloy announced
today that all entries In the all
city grammar school track meet,
to be held in the Stadium May
M, nmat be filed with E. L.
Spencer by May 10.
The clotting of the baseball
league has been extended on*
week owing to the rains, and will
not come until May 12.
I). Edward*, representing the
Narada club, defeated William
Raymond of the Andrews parlors
in the semi-finals of the city ama
teur pocket billiard tournament
last night at the Thomas. The
score was 100 to 72. Tonight
Harris of the Brown parlors will
meet George Nunne, representing
NEW ORLEANS, April 25.—
Ted LewU of England lost the
world's welterweight title here
last night to Jack Brltton of Chi
cago. The men boxed 20 rounds
and BrlttOD had an advantage in
every part of the battle. He was
given the decision by Referee
Dick Burka.
"13,000 or BtiMt!"
There's no doubt about It,
Inlesß Louis C Cover, our er
ratic but obliging weather man,
gets out of bed with hit! left foot
Thursday niorniiiK, and accident
ally tilts up a rain cloud, nothing
can spoil the day's tun.
Alex Fulton, Tom Morrla, Ml
Watkins, Frank Jacobs and a lot
of other hatieball fan*, met yes
terday afternoon and completed
the plans
liere'H the way they sound on
How My Dad Taught Me to Play Baseball
By Joe Tinker, Jr.
in torn rixKKit, m.
Only flint, active fellows belong
on the short field. You must be!
a Kood sprinter, quick to Btart \
and stop, an accurate throwor,
and, in general, act as emergency '
Hecond and third-sacker. Often-'
times \ou will he reiiuircd to ti.-1.l
the hall on the dead run anil ',
niiike a dead stop In order to 1
make a fas; peg to first.
Ui-t Into the plays when a run
ner is cnught between bases.
Don't make too many throws in
play. Start at full speed and get
the runner in action and then
throw to the fielder in front of
!!>•' man.
Learn nil the signals of the
team thoroughly, Memorize those
used lie!ween the catcher and the
first m 4 second baseman so thiit
you will be posted on approaching
ptajri and able to hack them up
Playing short offers many
chances for individual star plays
and the work of a good man will
have a great effect on the score
1>• ■11 t throw the Ml until you
are pure >ou are going to get it In
the hands of the man who Is wait
ing to receive it. Don't be over
H. I \oi\whhl, one of
TacoinaV mo.st ciithiiKiastic
<11-• ■ |-1 • - of lunar Walton, uh
the only lucky I'Mm i m.tu of
h lat'KO iiiniiiii i who tried
('hiinihei'H creek Siin«la,v. He
carried ««'»eii fine trout home
niter the dny's s|>ort, the
lai i'f-l MMWIM -<• "" !■«--- -
While practically all the
fi-liri iiirn win- u-.ii!-; runs
Norwood had norms for
imii. He put his worniN
through a s|M>cial process,
which lie liiin developed, by
wliicli they turned to n rich
liruwii color. Although the
creek is hitch and the fish are
well fed, they i>ii eagerly on
the i>'-< iih.ii l> colored halt.
Si.iinliiin of tin- Clubs.
Won. Lost. Pat
Boston 7 4 .t»36
New York 5 3 .625
Washington .... 6 4 .600
Detroit 6 I ,548
St. Louis !i fi .500
Chicago 6 6 .500
Cleveland 4 | .4 4 4
Philadelphia ... 2 7 JSI
Games Vesteixlajr.
Chicago '1 8 1
Detroit 4 6 1
Batteries: Bcott, Williams and
Schalk, Lynn; Coveleskie and
Cleveland fill 1
St. Louis 4 6 2
Batteries: Loudermilk and
O'Neill; Davenport, Oroom and
New York 2 6 1
Washington 8 9 0
Batteries: Shawkey, Cullop,
Shocker and Nunaiuaker, Wal
ters; Johnson and Ainsmith.
Boston 4 8 1
Philadelphia 0 7 1
Batteries: Leonard and Car
rlgan; Crowell and Meyer, Mur
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Philadelphia ...I 1 .857
St. Louis • 4 .600
Chicago B 4 .536
Boston 8 3 .500
Cincinnati 5 6 .455
Plttsburg 4 6 .400
Brooklyn 2 3 .400
New York 1 6 .167
Games Yesterday.
St. Louis 5 13 a
Cincinnati 2 8 0
Batteries: Meadows, Williams
and Bujder, Uonzales; Schultx
and Clarke.
Opening day of Nortli
\w~hiii leuieiie; Thcoiiiu Tlk
ers vs. l.li'Hl I nils leJUii; Sin
diiiiii. ;l:;io p. in.
ItiH civic |mra<le priH «•<!«•-
K.iiiH-. HtartH at Will ami A
ut It o'clock. Frinik .lncol>s
is tiriiml miuislihl. K\erj
one wild v bus, from the
KreateM to the sinHlleNt, In
M^kc-.i to join.
Factories, hlio|»h, tiUH'eH
.mil the City hall will t\otm
at '1.
l.nlioi unions will attend
.me in a timl).
Seventh of n series of photos, |K>«e<l espe<iallj- by Joe Tinker,
jr., for tills |ij<k«'. on how to |>li«,v basehall.
ljif g ■■■ ■■ 8118 No iininiriir m»\» In Itarrrd
WI I M IHH from nil- hid. llrpurta of
11 Bill I II ■■ Bninm or nrtlrlf* about IcaiM
■ ntl itlayrra anould In- In the
_ .._. _. r, handa of (lie Simriluii I illii.r
A inn UTITIIDv b > • »• »• •« •'■» »' p»i»h«-«-
HlflH I LUnu """ |hl- •■ y°"r < »»■••
■■■■■■" " boya— make urn- .if (I.
The Longshoremen team,]
which defeated the W. O. W.
No. 708 club Sunday, >as de
veloped into one of the fast
semi-pro aggregations of the
ciiy. George Washington Uotee,
who played third Sunday, is
hitting heavy again. He and
Licks each mado a home run in
the W. O. \V. game. Next Sim
day tlie Longshoremen play the
Mt-Kinley Athletic club at the
Stadium. The longshoremen
lineup follows: Parker, 88; Fil
li«, c; Lick, p; Rush, cf; Gard
ner, 2b; Perry, lb; Adams, If;
Boice, 3b; Carter, rf.
• #, # #
The J Street Culm defeated
the West End Giants Sunday by
the score of 9to 8. K. Sherrill
held bin opponent*, as usual.
Nichols and Hicks started for
the Cubs. The Cubs would Hko
to play any team averaging 13
years. Call Main 4966. Sun
day's tscore:
Cubs 8 10 I
Giants 9 • ;j
♦♦ ♦ ♦
The Taioina HineltMr t«un of the
City league held the Butte Min
ers to a 6-0 score at Puyallup
yesterday, and consider that,
although they lost the feamo,
they are entitled to credit for
the small score. The game w.u
played in 75 minutes. It was
a good exhibition, each team
making only one error. "Pen
per, pitching for the Smelter
boys, allowed Butte only seven
hits. Scor«: R H E
Butte 6 1 1
Smelter 0 6 I
Batteries: Hovey, Hendri<,
Pellette, Hydorn and Downey,
Lavlne; Senner and Patterson.
♦♦ ♦ ♦
William Hand's home run DM
the feature of an Interesting
lame between the Bryant and
Lincoln school baseball teams
at the Glide rink grounds yes
terday afternoon. The Bryant
Kuss Hall will wear .< Mitt
hosoiiied «liirt for the in-i
time i" bis life.
Slayor Fawcelt will pitch
the rusi hull.
l»r. Krne*t V. Wheeler,
president of the ('oniiiipi'ciu]
club, will don a catrher'n mitt
and try to dodge the mayor's
North side of Stadium will
he I'lliil'Ki-d Ht urnllilstuml
priceH and i-eniHindci' ait
lil«mi bri HlMlb
All of Tacoma is urKed to
1.m.-i Hie tunic
"1B,O«M> or Bunt:"
team won. Batteries: Bryant,
Johnson and Cutnmings: Lin
coln, wiiiiiiuis and Briekws.
•# # #
The Spinning grnimnar school
team and A. B. team of Puy
allup won games at Gig Har
bor Saturday, the Spinning club
defeating the Lincoln school of
the harbor by a 17 to 3 score, j
and the A. B.s winning from
the Jolly Boys club of Gig Har
bor, 11 to 8.
Q> $> <?> •$>
Hull two ni'iK' games to he i>l.u
ed in the class game series,
Lincoln Park high school has a
recoiil of four victories and
Stadium two, as the result of
yesterday's victory for the Lin
coln freshmen over the Sta
dium under classmen, 16 to 3.
Stadium will have to win both
remaining games in order to
draw a tie in the series. Yes
terday's game was played at
Whitman grounds and was a
walkaway for the South End
ers. Score: R H X
Stadium 3 7 5
Lincoln 16 12 3
Batteries: Dyer, Elmore
and Kennedy; Davie and Kiste.
MILWAUKEE, April 25. —
Champion Freddie Welsh would
have lost his title to Ever Ham
mer of Chicago last night If their
I" round bout had not been a no
decißion affair. Welsh was bat
tered unmercifully by the Chi
cago lightweight. The fifth round
was even, but Hammer had every
other stage of the battle. Welßh
was badly marked and bleeding
when the battle was ended, while
Hammer showed no sign of fa
tigue or Injury.
"When I Am a Wildcat Woman ,
I Must Act Like One,"SaysTheda
By Theda Bara
1 have been asKed in thousands
of letter*: "Is It difficult to
feign emotion?"
My answer is: "1 don't know.
I never feinn it."
It is said of some women that
they ar« born actresses. Does
that meiiin they anxiime the emo
tion of the character they are
playing, Hlmply aa a cloak to be
alied the minute they have ended
the Kieue?
Of does it mean they are bo
con.tinned they absorb the joys,
or the .itmiii-s. of the role and
live it for a time? People have
declared 1 am a born actress.
Well, I know which of the two
niethodH is mine.
1 live my character! ] wish I
could do otherwise, because 1
realize that every time I allow
myself to become exhausted in
some tense scene, I am subtract
ing a month, maybe more, from
my span of life.
Our bodies are nothing except
a high type of machine.
A machine will stand ho much.i
and no more. The tension thatj
ha* to be exerted in playing tragic i
roles weiu's down the nerves. I
That means that the worn nerves|
have to lie overnouiished to get
hark to the'r normal state.
Hill, when one is continu
ally i Imnif Irauedy. there Im
no time to nll«»v the nnu
to reluiliilitiitp. I have to go
on Hntl on, although I IV I 1
-have ciime to tlie end of the
rope many v time.
It Ik wonderful how muelt me
can Maud, if we are put to it. I
have cone through things I would
have declared absolutely ißipOMi'
Ide tor a hiinian being to acconi
| plUh, if 1 had been ashed about it
■ beforehand.
[ have fainted from exhaustion
| and five minutes afterward have
'gone through the scene again. I
I displaying more fire in the parti
Ilian ever lieforo. People near
me tell me I am killing, myself.
Hut. if 1 wish to continue in my
work, I can't think about that. I
simply cannot act without absorb
ing. I do not want to die. I am
young. Life has been more than
kind to me.
So wlien the calamity croakeis
Radiantly Beautiful Olga
Petrova Dazzles Tacomans
Olgu I'etrova, nillcil star, who np|ieni-s in tier great triumph,
"The Huul Market," at the A|»>llo until WeilneMtay night.
Mme. Olßa Petrova shines more
rpsplentlently in "The Soul Mar
ket" now at the Apollo, than she
has in any of the photodramuH in
which she has heretofore been
seen here.
She is particularly dazzling in
the scenes in the theater in <»
glimmering gown that must have
Frail Lassie of 300 Pounds Is
Heroine of Chaplin's Big Comedy
The path of true love is usu
ally a rough one.
Not only does Darn Hosiery,
the gallant hero of Charlie Ch(i)>
lln'a Burlesque on "Carmen," find
this to be true, but the smuggler
who loves Chlquita, as well.
Chiqutta its a frail little clgaret
factory lass, weighing a mere
trifle over 300 pounds or there
abouts. Her heart is even larger
than she is—at least, she finds
room for every lover who comes
along. The unfortunate little
smuggler cannot turn around
without finding his beloved Chi
quita accepting the careHsea of
some other smuggler, soldier or
bullfighter. The worst of it is
that when he makes protest he
only gets bounced against the
earth some feet away.
The lovemaking of Chiquita
and the trials ot the smuggler
try to alarm me I change the sub
ject and force myself to drive it
from my mind.
Another Miii>K< I never
iiii...il I iln.) tliat the habit
■■l (Imcllliik tin one's misfor
tune** iloik more to *a|t vital
ity unit bring on •l«l aft** than
KoitiK through the nuwt try
inji NittiatioiiH. And, as lam
a believer in Destiny. I feel
that no amount of hroiiiliim
1h KoiiiK t«> alleviate that
whirh Kat« lihk in store for
There have been people In my
illinium . declared I had deliberate
designs upon them —that 1 was
wreaking my temper out upon
them- that I tried to injure them.
How absurd! I have no desire
to injure anyone. Hut when lam
(flaying, I am not myself. If my
part dcnianjl that I choke a man,
I cannot go through facial con
tortions of hatred, revenge, etc.,
and allow my fingers to rest
lightly upon its throat.
I must go as far toward chok
ing him as 1 can without inflict
ing actual injury, of course.
Women have claimed that
I scratched their fares and
bruised them. lam sorry if
i have And I haw hl\\:ivk
cost a prince's ransom. The pic
tures bring out every detail of her
charm of face and figure, and
crowds at me .-.polio have been
feasting their eyes upon the dis
There is a moral tone to this
play which is lacking in many of
the dramas dealing with the great
white way.
are only incidents of the fast and
■furious fun to be found in Chap
lin's burlesque of the famous old
play, at the Colonial theater this
Rcnton for the Range.
Wingate for the Fur
Griffin Transfer
Main 589
Tuesday, April 26, 1916.
ma<le ilie necessary mfttttfrf.
IIATI), Tinitiin nt h« r ihul
■MM not tap her liiiu<ciiilv
"I" n the check and run M to
play in the t;1""*'1'"- 'I'lial in
In i ••■lull li-smir.
Tliat is one of the great el diN
rtcnltlM ill really livinn a i.irt.
I'oople renent living it With you.
In niy nrtic'e tomorrow I will
toll of a very serious, lint biiiu»j
ing ilih iniiiii I found ni\Hi-lf in a
lonx time tigo, when I utterl;. lost
myself in a role.
"llomeo .mil Jultel," in com
munity celebration, all week,
j with mat ihit, Wednesday unil
! Sni ■■■ <!.■>.
! All week—All Mar \aude
! vllle, with Mrs. Hob I It/slm
j inline, i.iimlfi's Stevens, die
.iiiiTt Six, and .liimrv j, Mor
Photoplay Houses
"The. llniiii of Happiness,"
with DoiiKliiH Fairbanks. Hinl
"The 1-ast Liiiinli." Trianule-
Keynl one couie<l.v.
"The Soul Mhi-Ui-i." with
<>l»ii I'cii-na.
Cliarlie Chaplin's HurleM|iie
on "Carnien."
"Hi» Trystinj; l'lace," with
; <'harlio Cluipltn.
Sunny Wiggins
Is a Regutar
Gloom Chaser
Making MOpta laugh is tlia
bNMii'PS of Sunny Wiggins, th«
hero of "Tlie Habit of Happi
ness," and if you want to know
the technique of it, see the film.
While you nre learning Die mor- 1*
rliiintsni you will be practicing the
thing at the same time. At It.iht
crowds at the Regent have heen
doing it ever since Sunday and
will until the last performance
tonight. The comedy drama tells
an unusually interesting siory,
too, and there la a Keystone Uiat
is a grouch chaser. V
"The Waifs," a powerful Tri
angle diuiiiii featuring Jane Uryy
and William Desmond, conies to
the Regent Wednesday with an
other lively Keystone.
Edith Story On *
Melbourne Bill
Edith Storey, the idol or mil
lions of scrren l'aatt, comes to lie
Melbourne tomorrow for a two
day engagement In "Captain AI- /
varez," an extraordinary VHa»
graph feature. It Is an ida;>tatlon
of Paul Qiltnore's great novel by "
the same unaic
Two inlle-.viulnute comodlca
and a cartoon offering will clos«
the program.
Tonight marks the Intt show«
ing of the splendid William Fox
feature, "The Family SUln."

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