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iiiMuj, uiy li, win.
Bargain Friday and "To Broadway"
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for Friday, $25 Values at
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iluw / I J\lHc^"^Freneh Surges, Wool j
J-JBrC nl I / Irrti^iM Batistes, Bedford
W__ M \^^hX^&^Vovd^ Novelty Club
_j\t_£_^ frVV^aiul Shepherd ('hecks,
II KSIS \\ \r' tl'' al] Htylislih *'**\
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ms .1 F. Murphy, Chairman of the Hoard. fa
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■ A. V. Hayden. Cashier. E
■ M. M. Ogden, Assistant Cashier. ■
KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 11.
—Once more I am on the island
of Jamaica, with my coat and
veHt off, resting under the shade
of a palm tree.
Every time 1 come to this is
land, I am struck with the con
trast between it and the cities of
our own great country.
Although only five days from
New York, Jamaica is in the
tropics, and everything In sight
is distinctly tropical.
The surface of the island is
mountainous, the eastern part
being more elevated than the oth
er portions.
The mountains reach 2,000 to
3,000 feet, with the highest peak,
Blue mountain, 7,4 23 feet.
This diversity of surface causes
an endless variety of vegetation:
mainly tropical, of course, hut
semi-tropical on the highlands.
One reason for the density of
the growth, in places so thick
that the traveler in the forest
must cut his way with an ax, Is
the great number of streams and
springs on the island.
There are said to he 2,000
rivers, springs and rivulets, some
of them, notably Cane river and
Roaring river, having beautiful
waterfalls. Indeed, the name of
the Island is supposed to come
from an Indian word, "Xatuayea,"
meaning abundance of water.
The island is only one-tenth the
size of Cuba, having 4,107 square
miles, a little smaller than Con
necticut, or twice the size of Dela
There are. of course, palms
unci palms and p-tlins, the
giant cotton tree, tallest of
all the Inland vegetation, lo
cu**ts. mahogany and cedar
trees mid many, many others.
In the numerous garden*,
and parks, nil kinds of m,\
plant*, anil shrubs are brought
to such perfection us could
be possible ONLY IX Till:
GARDEN OF i;i»i:x!
On the plantations, bananas,
coffee, pineapples, tobacco, etc.,
Roy I). Pinkerton. editor of The Times, opened the discussion
at the members' council session of the Commercial club yesterday
afternoon by outlining his proposal for a building and housing survey
of the city, to be undertaken by the club. It was announced that
this matter already had been laid before the trustees and had been
referred to the civic bureau for action.
L. A. Nicholson, J. K. Bonnell, ('. B, Hurley and others discussed
die proposed opening of the even numbered streets from Pacific aye.
west. The upshot of the discussion was the adoption of a motion
requesting that the trustees name a committee to bring about an
opening of 50-foot streets.
The new Tacoma health department, headed by Dr. Edward A.
Rich, held its first meeting in the city health office this morning.
The appointment of Or. E. A. Montague, for the last five years Ta
coma school physician, was active head of the health department,
was announced by Dr. Rich. Drs. Edwin W. Janes, former health
officer; E. C. Wheeler, J. B. McNerthney and B. H. Foreman have
been named as an advisory health board.
Dr. Miniim-He tendered his resignation to the school board yes
terday. The board appointed Dr. E. A. Dayton to succeed him. He
will be chief medical inspector of the public schools, \ ill Dr. Mary
F. Perkins us assistant.
LONDON, May 11.—More sensations followed the announce
ment yesterday of the resignation of the lord lieutenant of Ireland.
A commission was appointed to investigate the causes of the Irish
outbreak. The government admitted the truth of the report that
three Irish editors had been executed in Dublin without the knowl
edge of the military authorities. The demand for a special 'session
of the house or commons to discuss the executions In Ireland was
granted. A manifesto was issued to the Irish people by John Red
mnd denouncing the rebellion.
PORTLAND, Ore., May 11.—That short skirts and the "as
sumption of an aggressive attitude"' by young girls is a more serious
moral strain upon youth than moving pictures, was the statement
of Dr. John H. Boyd, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, be
fore delegates of the Religious Education association yesterday.
Harry Moore, executive secretary of the Oregon Social Hygiene
society, said that films were a worse stimulus than short skirts. He
said that the "initiative toward disaster comes from the boy."
There is a deadlock between the members of the school board
over the appointment of a successor to fill the vacancy caused by the
death of ltev. H. B. llendlev. In ballots taken at the meeting yes
terday two members voted for the appointment of Ralph S. Stacy,
president of tho National Bank of Tacoma, and two favored Attorney
Anthny J. Swindle. Five names are before the school board, but
these are the only ones who have been formally nominated. The
appointment of a compromise candidate may settle the difficulty.
LIVERPOOL, May It, —After drifting six days in an open boat
without food or water, six members of the crew of the Freueh fish
ing vessel Hernadotte, sunk by a submarine, were landed here today.
All the men were in the last stages of exhaustion. One man drank
salt water, became demented and lumped overboard. They were
bound for the Newfoundland fishing banks when the vessel was sunk.
VIENNA, May 11.—More than
50,000 Russian prisoners have
petitioned the government to be
allowed to remain in Austria and
become citizens after the war,
claiming they do not wish to re
turn to Russia.
This is the first of a remarkable series „t travel |u<p.Ts by |
Roger XV. ISabsou, the famous writer and <*- oiioiiilst. Rahson bus i
set out for Central America to tell American readers of this little
known land of romance, of miti.ppe I resources and ancient civiliza
tion that lies at our very doors. On his way Huhson will make sev
eral stops ut points of Interest. Au article about the fairy island of
Jamaica Is pi-nted here today. Others will follow in rapid succes
are raised.
It Is a common sight to see a
I file of negro women, each with a
!great bunch of bananas or a bas-
Jket of frail poised securely cfl her
I head.
1 The negroes are everywhere.
They number nearly 100,00(1 in
i a population of less than 900,000,
the inhabitants called "white" be
ing only about 1 ,".,000.
The Spaniards killed off the
Indians and replaced them with
ritTM from Africa. These colored,'
people are ranked differently here 1
from what they are in the I'nlted
In Jamaica, the colored man Is
considered to belong either to
the negro or the white race, ac
cording to the DEGRIOE OF PRO
FICIENCY lie iitti.ins In educa
tion, culture, wealth, or influ
ence. Some are ranked and work
Quietly slipping out of Tacoma
to fool their friends, William O.
Muelhenbruch and Miss Ida Miller
were married in Chehalts Tues
day. The conspiracy was not
learned until court house news
r'rom that city reached h«r«
with negroes in the fields; others
are lawjrars, doctors or business
The lower classes are better
workers and more ambitious than
those iii some other parts of the
We* I Indies.
Many have gone to Panama or
the banana plantations of Coata
Rica, where they are making 1
good, and even sending home,
money to their families.
Penally, the negro lives from j
due in day, A living comes easily
hen-. Often they lia\e no rent to
pac ic.r their little palm-thatched
huts, they need few c'olhes, fuel
Is neceaaar) only tor cooking, unci
inn.ii food Is to be had for the
one can hardly Maine tlieni for
not looking ahead anil providing
for the future when the present is;
So easy.
Arthur West of the l*_. M. |
Brown camp, Spanish War Veter-1
ails, suggested to the school board
a plan for a Memorial day contest
In which tlie winners will be pre
sented with cash prizes. The
board bus taken no action.
Annual Mothers' day will be
obsened next Sunday in the Klrst
M. F.. church with a special ser
mon In Rev. Delnier Trimble on
the theme, Will Mother's Bible
Theda Tells of Man Who
Fell In Love With Her
By Theda Bara
I do not know whether to tell
you about screen hypnotism,
senen enmities, or "famous vam
pires ' I have met. I guess it will
be about the hypnotism of play
ers In pictures, how some people
are fascinated by some Individual
they see only on the screen.
A remarkable case happened It/
my own life. A really Intelligent
nirm fell In love with me, via thir
Just before sailing front San
Francisco on a trip to the Orient,
he saw mo in photoplay and
wroie to me.
I had no means then of real!/.
inn I be (Tartly of a situtaion that
later almost brought domestic
ruin to this man. When the ship
reached Manila his plight had be
come iuute. He openly confessed
his love for me.
What was more terlble, he id
mined being married and said
that since this new infatuation, It
would be impossible for him tc
return to his wife and children.
A vampire thus trusted with
secrets litis many remedies for
such a state of affairs. First ol
all she can Ignore her confidant.
Thin I intended to do.
He ignored his wife front the
day the ship left San Francisco.
Not a word had been received by
his children, l'nder this strangr
and utterly senseless spell the
man brutally determined to üban*
. **■***■**»*■*■■»■■■■■■■*■■■■■■■■■■■'■■■■■■■■»■■■■■■■■■■**■-*■■■■■■■■■■-■*■»■
It is unnecessary for you tc
suffer with eczema, ringworm
i*n Ire:-, and similar skin troubles
A little zemo, gotten at any drttfr
store for (Be. or $1.00 for extrr
larere bottle, and promptly up
plied will usually give Instant re
lief from itching torture. I
cleanses and soot lies the skin am
heals quickly and effectively mos
skin diseases.
Zemo is a wonderful disappear
in». liquid and does not smart thi
most delicate skin. It is no
greasy, is easily applied and cost
little. Get It today and save al
further distress.
Zemo, Cleveland.
n Here and fl
([Elsewhere j)
Fire Chief Carlson Is satisfied
that blaze which destroyed North
Star apartment house was not of
incendiary origin.
Cat flowers and floral work,
Hlnz, florist. So. 7th and K. adv.
Esther Cleveland, daughter of
ex-president, prepares to teach
soldiers who have lost their eye
sight in war.
PRINTING CO. Muld 117. adv.
Fourth an.l eighth eoni|kanles
of coast artillery in Tacoma are
.cssigned to first battalion by
Adjt. Gen. Thompson.
Viking ll.ili Tonic. Why -'»>
bald? Box 10, Tacoma. "adv."
Mrs. Jessie lleemer of Sim
Diego goes to tilenn Springs to
avenge murder of husband by
Mexban bandits.
Wanted — Good fish man,
white. 1144 Pac. adv.
Thirteen negroes sure burned
to death in theater fire at
Norfolk, Va.
Pioneers of Pierce county are
in\ited to attend meeting of Pio
neer Association of Washington
in Seattle, June 0 and 7.
Oscar Lemons, Plumbing. M57(11.
Filibuster is threat cued iv sen
ate fight on river and harbor ap
propriation hill.
Richard P. Holison loses nomi
nation for congress in 10th Ala
bama district.
McLean the contract moyer.
Main 18D0. adv.
Three factories at Ylneland, N.
J., and 1_: at Stamford. Conn.,
suspend ope rations on account of
garment workers' strike.
Fine home for sale, Oakland
addition, l'laff, Jeweler, 1117
B road way. "Advertisement."
Hig crowd -withers at Ellens*
burg for Old Settlers' reunion.
< ..Id winter knocks out local
cauliflower crop. Famine on mar
Ladies, while shopping take
lunch at Duetiwald's, in. Broad
way. Adv.
Xew steimier William 11. Mur
phy arrived in port today to load
cargo of lumbar for the govern
Samuel Hill, g-00.1 roads build
er, has joined King Albert of llel
glum at the war front.
Orpliemu theater in Seattle will
be sold at auction Saturday.
Ma hoys run away from Par
ental school at Midland.
I. S. coast guard cutter Rear
arrives from 'Frisco to go north.
don lilk family, renounce dom-.-r-j
tic ties and cast liim.elf at the
feet of n screen star who did no
winit hfin.
So I wrote my tttt. letter ti
this unwelcome admirer And
wrote other letters at interval
of three or four days. In therrre
confess to having been more bru
tal than ever before In my life—
or since.
Quite a bundle of these letter
i must have reached him at th
| same time and on the day th
first mall ship waa due to ariiv
In Manila I ulso sent him a cahl
that ended forever his fancied in
fatuatlon for a vampire womat

nfntTT w*T'HnTWTrTTir'H7T~n~TTMi^ninwrrRMWiMBWBi
High Grade In Alll
Almost everyday we have /23|
this experience: A man \~\
(•(lines in and says, "Arc -^Pk.
you the people who sell s'j&iWy^h*
in this town!" \ \ iKjffa
Usually tin- sail makes a \ql\ft Sj
liit and we have a new //£. 'jt ,-^L,
customer. -=^j^' ■JU?2z2'
Even it you have been m / )*£?§£,
IMiyiiiK ai-.mn.l #27..1 A) |\,r // 7l*Wrjfy'
your clothes sbonl town \^\\v, IT jp
don't be afraid totrv ■/ yy hobki
Styleplus 117 /jgfc.
Clothes_ *il """
The ■■rot price tbt »'.rid over."
They are all yvool, and fashioned as good us the high-priced
clothes. We cat) make you forget your IZfi.Ot ideal —and
I>ut the difference to your bank account, or use it to buy gag
for your auto a saving like this has its use somewhere.
Try a Style-plus, 117.(10, once for $17, and it will always
he $17.00 for yours.
Men's Suits at $15.00
("oiisery.itlvo models for business and dress —well made
reliable materials and good sc lection of patterns. Pit rt*f|
All that the price will buy for *}> I J.Uu
Hats in the Latest Blocks and Colors.
Stiff or Soft Styles.
Men's Khaki O*t Eft Men's fordttrc-v (PQ ft||
Panta %piiUU Panta '.. . «pji(iil
Choice of cuff or plain bottom.
Suits at $3.95 €W
Comparison as to price, style and qual- /T W'-^''*A
ity. The cleverest buyers are those /•\ ¥•-./ I_W"^V
who buy by comparison. We make our / .&■' ]/ r g j^'jf-rt
selection that way. We compare fabrics t..'Ji N/ ; 'I I/^>/
and teal them; we cnnipare styles unci J 'fi\- \_*y_^*\ '••'_/
pick the best ones; we compare the pat- \ffl\j_ifir~jjfcsilr
terns and sift them ill! we have the Ivrjj 'f\^ptfy.jL
smartest and most serviceable for the \>4fef-^..; r\
,nsT to s.:k how iiiiiTcii/r it is ■CJI£U---J
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I Norfolk Suits with extra pair of pants \ | I
Some lined, Rome iinltned, and I large l/_)
assortment of patterns both in light ami JT f
dark mixtures; also corduroys; sizes 7 Gin
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worth up to mm* PANTS
Win? Should you buy him
I cap, when you can lake | Size*. ■<" •" ttttt*
your lib k of any boy's hat ! Our regular 7".c grade on
in our stock, except blues ■ sale Kriday and Saturday,
rind black, Kriday and >|(| n | special *.*.***
Saturday at tdb 'at _I_tit
With each Roy's Suit sold tomorrow we will give the
' little lad a liasebali ami But I'ree.
*^a^__**m___w_m_m___mmm*^_m**^'^^^^^^ m^
* • ♦♦•♦♦ «l ♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦• I
« WHAT llitilil ( l.ltM (,l I r I
♦ *•«♦ + ♦♦♦>♦>♦♦♦-**»
Ilon*. Ilvo 16«J13c
I'ielc- live Ill'id.'ir
isic springs, live n:.c
BciuabH, live, do- I-"'
i :vi uroi X
Cow* $6.2600 7i
ll.llri* $80tt>
Dreaaed hog* $80919
Dreaaed veal ....I61!i
Steer* $8 60.1 a
Hogs $6,76 o.'
Lamb* $•''
Bwts J
♦ *♦***-*■♦♦*♦•«•♦► _
4> WHAT Ll-l All ILH PAY ♦
#•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦•*• *
Fresh ranch eggs 23021'
tnTasiiingtoa chees 19c
Tillamook 19c
Washington creamery butter.. 29c
I Bwlas ilom 14c
Cl earn, bricks 22c
v inn r-.-M.i_ mi: \ rs
Helfera 1340
Motion, wethers 17c
Hags, aides lt.--.-o
Dressed hogs 13c
■taer beef 14',-ic
Bwes 10c
gpiina lamb tic
Fit U IT
t-emons 13.50, $©4.50
> ..i. *„■«• lb I*
Oranges, navel* 12.260 3
Grape trult. Floi Ida, box $4.60
1 I mil tr_«. box II"
Strawberries. Cal., crate $1.80
, cjlierries, Cal. h"* $2433.76
Ni w potatoes, retail, lb. . ..4#?4'4c
\,-t1..l floras $26030
I Htg Holt*ni. iicirbank* $21
.'. c'.il.l.age, Wlnnlngste.lt 3'io
Onion*, neiv, erat* $2.00
' Carroll 6e
> Lettuce, head, ciate ... $2.1002 2>
> Kautshes, dos. bunches 20c
Itntul.nga*. cnt 12.00
Leaf Lettuce, oral* $1.21
* Illiubarb, lb. 104 a
' 01 Wa «n**-n pepper* lis
Kptnacb, retail, lb 100
IlllriolH cucumbers, box $1 '1.4.1 .'i
I roii.ia tomato*!, crate ....1604.11
Artichokes, dux 76*
■eta, Sack till
Asparagus, pyramid, box ....11.60
Asparagus, flat pack, box „..iI.II
Slung Beans, 11. 16011 c:
Telephone peas, Ih ttt.o
Mexican tomatoes, lug $1.5
l mora I $« 1.
pyramid $8 15
.-•.in I >
Whole W'licut, l. lils t-.l)
Drifted Snow t_ .5
iijiniiic .sa is
lliKin Flight II It
Occident lT.lt
..rnliXIQ. Dbtl |fli
Wheat, ton 11701*
Corn 119 W 10
Bran t*.'7
Mixed Timothy |16.i JS
Data, ton lit
Barley |||
_• .i.nioga Ill(r it
Kliorts i •
I.in..lev pill 4
Alfalfa $160:1
Rolled onts » :
Hops, 1915 crop lOtrl.'o
tlopH, 1916 contracts 10'i1..:
Stand, Croft Hotel.
15111 I'liclflc Aye.
Tacoma and 1 elm.
I.ukcvievv, IlillhiirMt, Greandnle,
Hoy, Mc Henna.
neglnnluß Apr. 17, leaves
Tacom:. 10 a. m. and lp.ni.;
leaves Yelm 7 a. m. and 1 p. m.
H*l JS I ■ ■■ jfl *I| 1I ■ ■ J
Steamers Tacoma and
Indianapolis for Seattle
Leave Mon.clpal Dock, Taco
ma. 7 IS. 9:00. 11:00 a. m.; 1:00
SrOO, 6:00, 7:00. 9:00 p. m.
l.fay« Colman Dock. Seattle.
7:00 9:00. 11:00 a. m.; 1:01.1:66,
(.00. 7:00. 1:15 p. m.
Kaeteat and Finest Steamer*.
single Fare, lie; Round Trip.
I i«hi Roam* Trip. Dally.
S. g. JO.Mil*. \■->■).
Offices Municipal Do*. ML 1441
,■ 1

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