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$15 to $19.50 Dresses
w* *yV2k w'vs.
*m 'WNffir 'X —About :{"> drecaet, all prae
iCa aBML * ticftl styli's for street, at'ter
* _-_l-1--- %' lluo,1 < travel and at home
M Ml OiilSk loesses til' taHVla silk, in
gzjf'jW f |:»"ift navy, ('«i)ieiiliagen, tan, gray,
m&.ijffi '•"'lJiv '''I"''' a,l<' ,;ll|,'.v «'het'k.
W HIW '^'<" (lr,'SS('s "' I'lench
&r'Mt S('l'K*'« in navy, brown and
/J I —Dresses priced from $1")
*r__. to $l!>.r)0, choice now at $9.95
$5 Middy Dresses for Women
--Smart styleg made of imported Japanese crepe, an excellent
rough dry fabric for sport wear, retiuires no ironing,
—The mitldv blousi's are of plain pink, blue and green crepe.
with skins of striped crepo to match; the blouses are also
trimmed with stripe.
—Also a number of middy dresses, made of mohair and linen,
in tan. white and rose.
— Regularly $0.00 and higher. Choice $;».«.->
Dress Skirts, Special '^Jre^'Vi''
$3.75 JhS3p
A special group nl skills lor mJWmit^m*mW^*l^^7k
tomorrow's selling. Including _E^_>M_
skirts bloom, the _\»__^^________P^^______P^______P3
mohair sports stripes H^_^E__^^______l _______y__>__P
r\^J^^S^ m 4*\
- Also novelty skirts stf^^'Jo^^2_P^___P^*—'
«ir black iiiitl navy serge, plaids fmf^^ J
null mixtures, made with fancy Ifl
pockets antl yokes, trimmed l^r\ a.
with lnittons or a touch of I I / -W
—Skirts priced from $4..Ri0 to M
Aprons Very Special at
2 59c
[email protected]& :'\ V[ —Tliiirstlay is a popular apron day,
*NH> \•'. '] v// *** ** ',avo arranged some very
/3t( '''•' tA/ special values, including—
fe;'-V/|\ fOTTAGF NFTS. BPKCIAI,. .-,oc
/ /■''•'''VV —Long jacket, skirt and cap. made
d r '"•' \u*_. or M*B' percales; sizes to -Id only.
\yf'[''■''■'.''.'■■'\\ -■> HI'XI.'AIiOW APHONH. SPFC'L, Me
Cf.fcj;•'.■'//.Wi'.V ltt —flood full sizes with liack fasten
/. "'.•■''. \\\ l) '"*■ I'ecket and half belt, made of
/'.■'.•'.'.' .' A \,'\ // Amoskeag ginghams in stripes and
/:■..'■ '::' \ V-) // checks in lavender, gray, blue, navy
/.'■..'/.. '.-".'-. \ "_\"*-"\/[ '""' ''leek; also plain pink, gray und
*4f?.■'•'.•'.'.••/••.'' L.» ll —Others of good tiuallty liglit per
'sii'/i-irm 1 cales. while ground with neat de
. , \T\a j signs, made sitle front opening.
I"* 1] \V CHII.miKN'S \PRoXS. il Kill .-,»,. I
/J —liiingalow styles, sizes |, 4, I I
U years, made of light and tlark per- I
* cales. B
She Is the baby of the family of Charles E. Hughes, republican
candidate for the presldenrv and will be the little mistress of the
white house, If her "daddy Is elected. The picture shows Miss
Hughes with her pet canary in the Hughes home In Washington.
May ¥«eri2,oooMen
NEW YORK, 'une 27.—Theo- president.
dore Roosevelt has worked out
every detail of a plan to offer a
division of 12,000 men to the V.
8. in case of war with Meilco
and a call for volunteers by the
Roosevelt will apply for a
commission as major general.
It la understood the division
will consist of four brigades In
stead of three, as prescribed in
LONDON, June 28.—Repor's
wer revived here today that Ru
mania Is on the verge of joining
the allies.
A heavily censored Bucharest'
dispatch reported that Bulgaria
has closed Its Rumanian frontier
antl Is concentrating troops then..
The action of Greece in yield
ing to the allies has led to un
easiness. It is feared Veni/.elos
will return to power and swCig
Greece into tlie war against Bul
garia and the Teutons.
Bulgaria then would face in
vasion from botli the nortli pnd
Vienna is reported greatly
worried over the suet-ess of tne
Russian and Italian offensives.
The Austrians are deim'tidlng a
cessation of the Verdun offensive
by the Germans and a transfer
of troops to the Austrian front.
***i^,^^^i*ii^^^^~i ————_^^^*^_|^^___—-1
1 Social I
The I ..■lilies* Home anil Foreign
.Mission society of the Swedish
Lutheran liniminuel and Bethel
churches will meet with Mrs.
Kellgren of Kern Hill today.
Cards uill lie played i<><l.._ at
the benefit in Rhodes' tea room.
Tlio funds will be turned over »o
the Tacoma Day Nursery.
The Monday Civic tint, will
hold a cake sale Saturday In the
Queen City Market, 1110 BroaU
Mr. and Mrs. \\*. H. St.-uuiifoi-ri
are entertaining Mrs. H. _.. Liver
more antl her daughter, Lorraine,
at their home at the Lakeside
Miss Blanche Miller, iliuglit<'r
of Mr. antl .Mrs. W. C. .Miller,
4.".02 South M street, will be mar
ried tonight in tho Plymouth Con
gregational church to George
Dewmontl. son of .Mr. and -Mrs.
Thomas Desmond.
Mrs. Charles Fogg will enter
tain members of the Darning elob
at a matinee party 'n Seattle
Mrs. Llewellyn .lone* will en
tertain members of the n Natural
club Friday at her home at lu
Mr. mill Mrs. Oscar Thompson
will give a concert to fri?nds to
night at their home, 516 North
M street.
The I.Hilies' Aid society of the
Mason If. K. church will hold its
monthly all-day meeting today In
the church parlors.
Miss Genevieve Wilson, Ml
North 1 street. Is visiting at Banff
Springs, Alberta.
The women of llin'.ui nave
Mrs. Solon Shedd, president of
the Washington Federation of
Women's clubs, a dinner l»;it
Iml ii-i iin I pageant rehearsals
are being held today in a number
of schools.
The Baptist young |<ooplct of
Tacoma will hold their second
quarterly rally Friday evening at
the Norwegian-Danish Baptist
church, South Tenth and X sis.
Resides a general program
made up of the various young
people's societies of the city a
talk will be given by Henry El
liott. Jr., president of the West
ern Washington Baptist Young
j People's union. Mr. Elliott's talk
1 will be devoted mostly to the
summer assembly to be held at
Burton July 18-28.
Mrs. Henry |>. Phikert.in, mat i
South L street, has left for a
three-months' visit with a brother
in Pembina, N. D., and her motb
er antl sister In Crookston, Minn.
The Tacoma Business Women's
club will hold the last, __MMtlftg of
the year at Its clubhouse Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock.
The Commercial club derided
to get behind the big musical fes
tival announced for the Stadium
In July.
the army regulations. In It will
be cavalry, Infantry, field artil
lery, aeroplane detachment, en
gineers, signal corps and modern
field hospital equipment.
Recruiting for the men has
been done In the west and mid
dle west. The division will be
composed of picked men, most of
whom have had previous military
The scheme Is said to have the
approval of high officers in the
regular army.
Northwestern nurserymen plan
a trip to the mountain pis a part
of the annual session to be- h-ui
in this city during July, 1917.
Giis Smith, sawyer at the Mc-
Kenna mill, walked Into a saw
and lost parts of his nose and one
This la my famous Duplex Lens.
Thousands of Tacoma citizens,
will recommend them.
I'I.KAM.I) |M MlilNs
Prank Mahan, architect, Provl
llfllt ItlilK
H. Morse, Milwaukee By.
MIS. I '••' I t Pl.l 11;, lil It __; t. > ri, Sllllll
Day fo.
Mrs. J. K. Miller, It. F. D. Puyal
Mrs. J. 1,. Caldwell, 3714 No.
(Jove st.
Mrs. C. L. Bennington. 1215 So. M.
F. A. yowell. g(S Ho. 40tb Bt.
0 ,W, Calhoun, nmlal clerk.
T. t*. Matliiws, St. Paul Lumber
KIM, UAH, ROM AMI miiovi
-Vow I <nm. .1 In >l> \ni. Mod
ern Offices.
3V2-U Fidelity Bldg.
Ojien Saturday Evenings.
Free Examination.
I Pacific, Near 9th I
I Opening Today I
1 maMm mg m m mm ,
: I By arrangement Pacific Photoville circuit, I
■ two complete changes, better vaudeville, ■
■ better feature pictures each Sunday and ■
' I Wednesday. I
I Smashing AH-Slar Acis I
I 1 Tacoma's Own Vaudeville Star I
■ I The Violinist Who Is Different ■
I I Murray, Mack & Murray I
i I I Comedy Entertainers I
i I H
I I Ding-Kay-Gow I
I 1 Chinese Baritone ■
j I I And the Great 5-Act Feature Picture I
I I A Story-of An Untrue Wife. I
J I 11g m,mf ■■M____________M_______^___________________________________________________________________B
; I Matinees I NOTE I ££&, I
■ p Owing to in- Sundays 1
i I I**. gfg% creased cost of A A I
„ I 11 better vaude I 11/) ■
■ W ville, hence the ■ifl, ■
J I admission. ■
; I Any Seat fc«___________i_J Any Seat ■
p....... ______
Casement Denies He
Used German Money
LONDON, June 28. —Sir Roger
Casement took the stand in his
own defense this afternoon.
He denied that Germany in
spired the Irish rebellion, and
emphatically denied he had re
ceived money from Germany or
had asked Irish prisoners to
join the Turks or Germans.
Casement said he was not re
sponsible for reducing rations
and Either punishment inflicted
on Irish soldiers who refused to
join *%ls brigade. Such allega
tions ho declared were abomina
ble falsehoods.
"Those who know me
know I never sold myself to
any man or government," he
asserted, making hi* formal
Amateur Sailors to
Cruise to Magdalena
Citizen sailors who enroll in
the civilian naval training corps
of the Pacific coast will cruise
this summer to Magdaleqa bay,
at tho southern end of Lower
The cruise will carry the citi
zen sailors Into Mexican waters.
Magtlalena bay has previously
been used for target practice by
Ihe United Slates naval ships.
Fights to Give Poor
Birth Control Right
CLEVELAND, 0., June 28. —
"The rich have been practicing
birth control for years; the poor
have a right to the same privil
Such is the challenge of Dr.
Frederick A. Blossom, who has
resigned his place as business
manager of the Associated Chari
ties to become president of the
statement to the Jury.
' Sir Roger took the stand after
the Justices had overruled a mo
tion to i|u:ik!i the Indictment
against him oh a technicality.
He spoke earnestly, though
somewhat nervously.
"I wish to refute this slander,"
he said, "because often money
was offered to me liberally. I
refused it, and left Germany
poorer than when I went there."
The prosecutor denounced
Casement for accepting a knight
hood-, and pension from England,
then playing the enemy's game.
Casement replied that he
could not refuse a knighthood,
and that he accepted the pen
sion because ho had earned It
through government service.
Five of the largest warships on
the Pacific will be used by the
civilians on the cruise.
Men recruited in Washington
and Montana will embark on the
cruiser Colorado, which will
leave Seattle Aug. 15 to join the
main fleet at San Pedro. The
other vessels of the fleet are the
cruisers Pittsburgh. Maryland,
West Virginia and South Dakota.
new Hirth Control league of Ohio.
Dr. Blossom is a graduate of!
Johns Hopkins university and WM
business manager of the Federat
ed Chritles of Ilaltiinore before
coming to Cleveland.
"Birth control will do more
than any reform within our im
mediate reach to reduce poverty,
degeneracy, vice and other human
misery," he said.
"The limitation of children ac
cording to the parents' Income
and the mother's health Is not
only a right but a duty.
"Birth control will :ut down
the high death rate amoig little
children born into the world with
out a chance to survlce. '
The motto of the Ohio leanuo
is: "Motherhood will lever >e
eotne truly sacred until it is con
scious and voluntary."
(Continued From Page One.)
Pettit Will Be on Hand.
The steamer Santa Cruz, which
was moored at the Sperry docks
when Monday's riot occurred, will
return to the docks this tt-ttMiag,
it whs announced today, and re
sume loading.
Commissioner Pettit spiitl that
lie would personally take charge
of the officers on the dock to
The city's flreboat will be on
hand, to turn streams of vater on
|combatants in case a second riat
Is begun.
John Now. the longshoreman
who was shot through the abtlo
men in the riot, was reported to
day as having recovered consid
Call on Longmlre.
The strike committee called on
Longmlre today.
The committee of eignt men
was headed by Secretary August
F. Sells!, of the longshoremen's
local. The remainder of the com
mittee were H. J. Johnston, A. C.
Brill, J. C. Bjorkland, C. H.
Grant, J. Barker, L. P. Davis and
R. Hardin.
The committee assured Sheriff
Longmire that there would be no
more riots such as occurred Ihe
other night in which several men
were Injured.
A few hotheads got started,
they claim, and the result was de
plorable, but the better class of
the longshoremen want peace.
Sheriff Longmire promised the
strikers the privilege of talking
to strike-breakers so long as ch^y
don't Interfere with the man's lib
erty to work.
"I am here to enforce the law,"
the sheriff said. '"If the strikers
can talk to the men on the docks
without creating trouble, I see no
reason why the should not be al
lowed to do so."
Will Make Statement.
When questioned is to the
charges that he requested the
governor to send 200 militiamen.
Sheriff Longmlre said he had a
complete statement which he
would make public soon covering
his entire actions.
"But you can say taht I, per
sonally, did not talk to Lister.
I have not even geen him for six
months. As soon as the strike
situation is cleared, I will explain
Just what took place."
Secretary Seltr claimed today
all of the 1,100 members of the
union were confident a settlement
would be reached. He branded
the statement that the union
would not work for individual
firms as erroneous.
"if they will break away from
the Employers' association wn
will work for them. The Mat
surl Co. in Beattle is having the
work done on three vessels by
union men," said he.
\mmwrTit lt«'ii<« Patterns ami Fashion Bh«Bets for August Are la
The «tore that aye» you mong?
iroadway and 13tD tStreei
We Give S. & H. Stamps
Men's Underwear 39c
Warm weather simply has to come
—and then you'll simply have to
have new and cooler underwear.
The very desirable garments on
which we make this special are
mesh garments, shirts and draw
ers, regularly sold at 50c OQ|»
each, special for Thursday vtfi,
-Men's Shirts and Drawers, In athletic style, made of fine
combed and bleached yarn, 11. V. l>. /E-»
style; special, garment *tkl*a
McnV. Shirts of Hy degrade Men's Cotton ll<>*e. In black
solsette, made with Flench ,„. tau „ aUe (0 „„,,
ciifls, golf style; •■• fin
special value 0 I lUU nou even lsc the **** tt«»
President Suspenders, the *"e,'iul Thursday 111,
new _2.1e line, the very best on Men's Khaki Shirt*, coat cut.
the market at that price; with militmy mllaj : a i«n«i-
Mkmlhl, IQ*» 'ar 7.-»«' grade; upeciaJ CQ
the lialr lj\j here for Thursday at UjC
Get your supplies here for the Fourth of July picnic, for the
summer camp or cottage. We're well prepared to supply you
at the lowest etist possible.
0-inch Frying Pans, 10/»
only I_LU
8-inch Waffle 9<f in
Irons, at $ I i I U
hoi-inch Steak 4 A _
Broilers 11C
DvliJ-ioth Steak ir.
Broilers IDC
Flour Sifters, special f fl
at, each I _Lv
Tin Cups, special, |?
two for OC
Tea Keltic*, granite. pr.
each DOC
Camp Knives and Fork..,
priced at, the VI Q„
net of six 4ui/
«'1.111 He 1fl«» anrt 1 C/»
Cups at, I'.-t.-h IUC and I Do
Cottage Dinner Seta, 4U
pieces, plain white, ttn *•*.
neat shape, set tp_.il U
Dinner Setn, of 42 pieces, with
gold bund decora. Ayi aft
lion, «■ pieces 4>t.t»J
To the Public
OWING to the tremendous increase in the vol
ume of our Studebaker business it has be
come advisable for us to discontinue the selling
of any line of cars other than the Studebaker.
We take this occasion to announce to the public
that we are discontinuing the Cadillac line, and
that from now on we will devote our entire time
and attention to the selling of Studebaker auto
mobiles. We, however, wish to inform all Cadil
lac owners in our territory that we are retaining
our expert Cadillac mechanics, and that in the
future we will continue to render to Cadillac
owners the same service and attention which we
have maintained in the past. Our facilities for
taking care of Cadillac mechanical work will be
the same as heretofore, and we will fulfill all
guarantees and contracts held by Cadillac own
Inasmuch as in the number of cars in its class
and in the volume of sales this season the Stude
baker ranks first in Pierce county, we feel that
the possibilities of the Studebaker are so great
as to deserve our undivided attention. Stude
baker owners and prospective Studebaker pur
chasers will welcome this announcement, as it
insures to them the permanency of the Stude
baker home and the quality of service which ex
elusive representation assures.
Little & Kennedy Co.
Wednesday, June 28, 1916.
Dinner .Sets, of 42 piece**,
with pink ftdiuge and spray;
ST* $4.00
t.pi I \.i in/ill Palls, 9E_»
l-'-qt. uDC
•i-«it. i.i.iniii' 1 C/»
Slew Pans at I
«-qt. Berlin CC„
Kettles, special v)«JO
Large Granite OC#»
Coffee Pots _£.3C
Double Boilers, t\(\n
-lift ppil at Olio
p_!-<|t. tlouble OCo
Hollers, at 03 O
0-inch iii.uiiii' 1 An
PI ale*, each IUO
Paper Napkins, plain white
paper, priced, OC«
per 1.000, at U-U
Sails .v Peppers, aluminum
and non-spilling, priced IC
at, the pair ISC
Floral Pattern Tim Sptions,
good silver plate; spe- Otte.
clal, t* of six at OUO

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