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c cruisers so|
the fifth was
ilnd the win
w Year's day
the Tacoma
to be one of
.1 events ever
owned by Carl
race by making
Vashon and
4 hours and 30
a close finish,
f,«»d by George
a brave attempt
caS-wuilß TITLE
lOQit/ 1 till!
' raj
IH lake rer
-, to come out and
his mighty right
ice connected *wlth
ieorge Chip, gained
middleweight eham-
■ i
-With the Amateurs— ■
- Column 1* Devoted to I'pbiuilding Amateur Sports, j
Items Should Be Phoned to Main MM or Main 12\
-a--— By BiILY CARNS
iraday night the Kay I'ny
quintet of bowlers will
he Olympics In a sched
'lty league game.
t the city's prominent bas
jail managers who were sor
they did not get into the new
y Basketball league, are Bill
mcer and Johnny McLaugb-
The Outlaw manager was
n the" VA-ft*ll of the meet-
McLajghlinle Sodality
%▼ —- ■ . , -
jvv Can Youth
Help But Love?
Jl love Pleasure?
. tjntlon No. H,64:t,-.VI!
f. fSsure Is none other
JLI.J' ••**'"•» tA-nlle, whose
n. H,«. "*» *»*«*• W,1 >
ta tre>, ** *5g* to
Ues con«* ,n,M*'»*,h' , ,
„„„, „.„ .has the Important
responsibii't: «■ v.'/: w""":--".!
i. ..—r"i". 'Experience,
it wsur _. ■ _,
a-_eti On. a'« nt '■", Tncoma ;
*7.ZL7 > "'«•'•• Expert-1
teaches Youth that a little of:
•asiirc is a good thing, but when
tnth overdoes the thing, he soon j
■•eta his downfall.
""•W-jL young fellows teach the old ones and the old
»ut of * leach the young—that's the way it is with
"" *• *JT chewing right along. Leas chewing for feeble
lets chewing lor husky jaws- but the big point is
xtiaa. Never before has there been so much sat-*
•tion in so Httls 9 ehsw. Ij'« rich tobacco, W-B
T is. It makes you feel aonry for the fellows who
so much of the old kind fof so little benefit.
•A -■■ttmiW COWAITaI «4 PS**- t+m-m. Saw Tit Oty |
Ito overtake the Chicawana In the,
last mile, and coming across the
line less than two minutes behind
The Elizabeth Ann, owned by
Commodore 11. J. Whitacre, was
third. David Muirs' Sclmeter was
fourth and Dr. E. A. Rich's Rose
mary II was fifth.
The Barabill, owned by Dr. W.
E. Dowrle, which won the Nlck
erson-McFarlann cup last year,
was disabled with a broken intake
valve when five miles out. Tills
was the only accident of the day.
plonshop of the I. S. Some went
so far as to call it a world's title
and so far as any one else was
concerned, it was. Al has never
been considered a real champion
but he has managed to stick right
along with the other champions
by engaging In ten round bouts
and ovading the deadly punch
over the short distance.
J_es realizes the value of a vie- 1
tory over the slugging Urooklyn
lte, so he ls going to remove Al.
It is likely Al will furnish opposi
tion in the Australian's first;
American bout.
-n^*-»a«i****taiaa*at -*****a>»a***a*i>***'a****ia»*i -i*i*a***i**i a*aaar
team had already been dated
up for advance games and he
did not have enough open days
for league games.
Johnny McLaughlin's Sodality \.
C. basketball team Is getting
into the game in earnest. Two
games are signed up for tills»
week, the first to be played this
evening with the First Christian
team. On Thursday the So
dality boys will meet the Elks.
Both of these opposing teams
are members of the City league.
Games will be played on the St.
Leo's floor. The Sodality line
up will be as follows: Foye,
Daley, captain, Garceau, Mc-
Laughlin and Sum lain
A meeting of the W. O. XV. base
ball club will be held at. the
club's headquarters, Nelson's
billiard parlors, early In Febru
ary, for discussion of plans of
the 1917 season. A secretary
will be elected to arrange games
with out-of-town teams. Some
of the possible members of the
'17 season are De Marais, catch
er; Lick, pitcher; Paddock,
pitcher, and first base; Nervlck,
second base; Miller, third base;
J. McLaughlin, short; Carlson,
C. McLaughlin and Rynnlng,
The newly organized City Basket
ball league will hold a meeting
in the Y. M. C. A. building Fri
day night. President Nlcker
son wishes each team to have a
representative present, as the
playing schedule will be given
out, and each team will be pre
sented with a copy. All man
agers will be required to put up
their forfeit money of $6 at this
time. At the close of the sea
son $5 will be returned, the re
maining sum to be used for the
purchase of a trophy for the
winner. Thiß trophy will be
awarded at a banquet which
will close the season.
2nd Floor, Nat. Realty Bldg. Jf
"Experience," tonight and
Imperial Military Octette,
and -...nt vaudeville.
Zeno, Jordan and Zeno, and
! good vaudeville.
Film Houses
"Tlie Rise of Susan," with
| (iui-a Kiimhall Young.
MM-MM mm
"Tlie Matriiiiiuilac," with
Douglas Fairbanks.
"Whom the Oats Destroy,"
. with Alice Joyce.
Noted Star In
Pretty Drama
The wonderful personality of
Clara Kimball Young Is given full
sway In her lates World picture,
"The Rise of Susan," which is
now at the Apollo.
Soclety goes mad over the titled
lady—Susan Is indeed a great suc
cess. Mrs. Luckett ls so delight
ed with her pseudo countess that
she Insists that Susan continue in
the role, making her abode at her
Susan still in the spirit of fun
which has always pervaded the
girl's nature, consents. In a com
paratively short time she regrets
Ihir. act. How?
Clara Kimball Young as Susan
answers the question.
n nit..l rr«**a UatttS Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 2.—Joy
runs rampant through the south
west today as a result of Oregon's
victory over Pennsylvania yester
day and the result ls held to con
clusively prove that western col
lege football teams though unrec
ognized by those selecting "all-
American" elevens, are us good
and better than the eastern
Oregon, fighting for the west,
won a great victory, and the
husky lads from Eugene are
Idolized and their team is hailed
as one of the greatest In the U. S.
The score was 14 to 0.
Scarcity of players caused a
jiostponement of the proposed
New Year's day two-ball mixed
foursome at Meadow Park golf
course. The damp weather and
soft sod are discouraging many
golf bugs from playing.
Escapes From
Strong Box in
Half Minute
Herbert Brooks' escape from a
small steel trunk on the stage of
the Pantages theater proved one
of the deepest mysteries for yes
terday's audience at the Pantages
that has been seen In Tacoma for
many a day. The magician al
lowed himself to be placed in a
small steel box, which was tied up
In a canvas sack. Hs proved that
he was still Inside by poking his
fingers, and playing cards,
through a hole in the sack. A
small velvet cabinet was placed
about the box, and in less than 30
seconds Brooks was free.
The Military Octette is one of
the best musical acts ever brought
here. It consists of eight men,
Instrumentalists and vocalists.
Correlli and Gillette have a
"big time" comedy -acrobatic act.
The Whot Four girls sing well
and have a unique stage setting.
Cumby and Brown, colored come
dians, present some original pat
The Millard Brothers do some
comedy cycling, singing and danc
"Gloria's Romance," chapter 9,
pom plates the new show.
First picture of l<es Darcy, in center, Austruliuii mitl-licweight, just arrived in tlie I'nited States. He
Wants to fight Georges Carpentier, French chiiinplo 11. He will also take part in championship bouts.
At left, is Tex Rickard, who will book Darcy In New Work; at right, Tim O'Sullivan, Darcy's manager.
"Tho only thing that prevents
George Sisler from, being as great
a ball player as Ty Cobb is lack
of aggressiveness and self-confi-
I denee."
This statement is attributed to
i Hughie Jennings, manager of the
Detroit Tigers since 1907, the
year after Cobb broke Into the
league, and the man who has a
better knowledge of the "Peach"
than any other man In baseball.
All of which is a preface to
the prediction that there will
never be another Cobb, a pre
diction I'ii-ctl on the retcord
of great stars who have fal
len short of Cobb's remark-
able |mi i»»i -malices.
Sisler is one of the great fig
ures In baseball. He Is particu
larly valuable to his club on ac
count of his ability to pitch, play
first or third base or the outfield,
combined with which he is a great
hitter, a lightning base stealer
and an all-round brainy ball
But he falls short of Cobb,
Jennings says, because of his
lack of aggressiveness an«l
self-confidence, or mayli** the
"fire" which has made it p»>s
slble for Cobb to burn up the
league for 10 years.
Gobli is always doing something
surprising. It is not his speed so
much as his daring antl reckless
ness which makes It possible of
him to score from second on a
bunt or go from first to third on
an Infield out.
His absolute disregard for his
opponents shocks them so they fall
to get him when they would have
easily stopped a speedier man,
who docs not possess the Cobb
The scheduled basketball game
between the Tahoma A. C. and C.
P. S. teams was not played last
night. All the players for both
teams failed to show up.
Thursday Night,
Jan. 4, 1917
3—Other Fast Bouts—B
Paul Steele's Gymnasium
1009 H Pacific Aye.
Admission, $1.00; ring
side, 11.50.
Reserved seats on sale
now at The Narada Club,
Scobey's Cigar Co., An
drewN' BlUlard Hall, The
Annex Bar, Alfred's Cigar
Store, KeUogg's Billiard
Parlor, 11th and X sta. .
i ___ - - - - - - — - - - - - -- — — — —■—■———■ — — — —■ — —•—■—■—■—■_--
From the Kansas City Star—"Dan Salt Is a fight promoter In
Seattle. Dan might sign Teddy Peppers for a bout."
• • • •
The liidlunapolis s|*eedway officials are seriously thinking of
stating this season's IMMI-mtlo sweepstakes on the track at Cincinnati.
Hotel proprietors in lndluna|K>lis are stinging the dear public with
high charges. That's one accusation that hasn't been made of Tia
tuntil yet.
• • • •
There's only a trifling matter now that prevents Russ Hall from
transforming Glide rink into an ice skating pavilion. Yes—a small
matter of $40,000.
• • • •
Y'see, Russ has the public's interests at heart. So he made a
big study of tho ice-skating game. And he got estimates of the cost
of reconstruction or the Glide. When Russ heard that $lo,noo fig
ure he ili-opped off into graceful trance. He's advising Tacoma
friend* to stick to the rollers.
A New York referee tossed
a coin to decide the winner of a
boxing bout. If some of tho ring
side experts around the north
west would use the same system,
they might have better results.
• • • •
Well tennis on Bkates has an advantage over getting on skates.
• • • •
Did anyone wish Joe McGlnnity anything?
• • • •
All the wise ones In Butte except two directors of the Butte club
are "hep" to Joe by this time. Joe got away with his rough stuff
three years in Tacoma. Butte promises to show him the door In
•sandier fashion.
• • • •
A reader writes to inquire if Frank Erne was a featherweight or
a lightweight in hi* ring days. It seems strange to have to answer
this question —strange, until one realizes how quickly we all are for
Frank Erne was a lightweight and champion of the world. We'll
say he was one of the greatest who ever held that title. So will a lot
of other people. He fought at around DM pounds.
The First Methodist basketball
team defeated the First Christians
In a practice game at the Y. W. 0.
A. gym last night, 24 to 13. Al
though the Christians are consid
ered a stronger team, they were
off their game last night and
could not locate the baskets.
Wright, center for the Methodists,
was the star of the game, scoring
more than half of his team's
(Halted Preaa Leaacd Wire.)
NEW YORK, Jan. 2. —Johnny
Coulon, former bantamweight
champion, won from Joe Wagner
in ten rounds.
Battling Levinsky earned a
shade over Gunboat Smith in ten
Billy Miske defeated Knockout
Brown in ten rounds.
Soldier McKinley earned a
shade over Jim llealy In ten
ROCHESTER, N. V.—Charley
White" of Chicago stopped Hsrry
Donahue of Peoria, 111., in the
Columbus discovered Amer
ica, but It took Joe Tinker to dis
cover Columbus.
Alice Joyce has always been ac
credited a versatile screen star,
but she has not remained content
with this reputation. She has
taken on another accomplishment.
For It must be stated that the
beautiful Vitagraph favorite has
become a sculptress in her spare
moments. That Is to say, that In
addition to her artistic ability In
acting, dancing, sketching and
minding the baby she has begun
plastic modeling, which is the
basis of the most ambitious sculp-
So far she has made busts of
her husband, her mother, her sls
ter-in-law, and her baby. And
strangely enough, they look like
the originals.
Together with Marc McDermott
and Harry Morey, Miss Joyce ls
featured in "Whom the Gods De
stroy," at the Colonial this week.
SEATTLE, Jan. 2. — Jack
White of Chicago, brother of
Charlie, bad nothing but a smile
and a reputation in his bout with
Krankle Sullivan here yesterday
afternoon. The tough California
veteran beat the easterner easily.
Sullivan boxed In fine fashion,
showing an unexpected aggressive
ness. In the other main event Sid
Mitchell and Dick Well boxed a
slashing draw.
Manager Who Found
Frank Farmer Now
Has Another "Find"
A new boxing manager has ap
peared on the Tacoma sport hori
He is B. A. Heil of Dupont,
manager of "Kid" Hammond, the
lightweight who opposes Jack
Hartford of Tacoma in a four
round bout at Paul Steele's
smoker Thursday night.
Heil dropped into town today
to tell all about his protege, and
when he had finished circulating
his optimistic reports, and some
of tlieni had found their way to
Hartford, It was reported that
the Tacoma boxer was becoming
pale about the gills.
"Hammond has never appeared
in a professional ring before, but
he is a coming boxer. If I ever
saw one," says Heil. "I have been
giving him my undivided atten
tion, teaching him everything that
Tennis On Ice Is
| The Latest Craze
New York, always looking for a
new diversion, bus adopted ten
nis on ice.
Tennis, the fastest game in the
world, looks like an Impossibility
on skates, but a group of Gotham
tennis stars who are now playing,
declare it is only slightly slower
than the court game and has al
most as many possibilities when
the doubles game Is played. Sin
gles has not been found feasible.
Several New York rinks are in
stalling courts which are of regu
lation size, the lines being mark
ed off with black paint.
The game, of course, demands
skill in skating as well as In ten
Among those who have taken
ti iiit.Mi Pr«*«* aVOMf-l Mlrr.)
BUFFALO, N. Y.—Ja k Britton
defeated Jimmy Duty in 10
DAYTON, O.—Jack Dillon won
vx mi Bob Moha In 1." rounds.
ALBANY, N. T. — Frankle
Burns, Jersey City bantam, de
feated Pal Moore of Memphis in
10 round.'-.
BALTIMORE, Md.—Jeff Smith
earned a decision over Frank
Mantell in 15 rounds.
AKRON, O. —Willie Devore
outpointed Jimmy Pappas In 10
rounds. i
KANSAS mSiTi, lAo. — Sam
Langford w.n a decision over Jim
Johnson af^er 12 rounds of fierce
slugging h. re last night.
Meet Tonight
The Soodality A. C. and First
Christian church basketball teams
will meet this evening on tho St.
Leo's ijym floor. The teams are
among the strongest outside of
the City league, and should put
up a /good gam"
Tuesday, Jan. 2, 1917.
Sports and
m • •
Edward A. Peters
SporU Editor. ' Main 12.
I ever knew, and he has shown a
marked eagerness to understand
the game.
"This Dupont boy ls going to
surprise the Tacoma fans. He
will beat Hartford easily, unless
something unusual happens. I
have been lots of new boxers, but
the Kid is the most promising be
ginner that 1 ever heard of."
Hell Is no slouch at the game,
hims?if. He was once a promis
ing boxer in tho east snd middle
west. He was the man who
brought out Frank Farmer five or
six years ago, and taught Frank
all that he knew about the ganio
In his early career
Owing to injuries to one of the
boxers, Steele was forced Tuesday
to cancel the match between
Jimmie Lewis and Joe Richmond.
The matchmaker promised a good
substitute event.
up the game are Theodore Roose
velt Pell, one of the best tennis
players In the last year, Wat
son M. Washburn and Dean Ma
they, ranked among the first 10
best tennis players in the coun
try last season; Frederick Alex
ander, who suggested the game
and Francis T. Hunter.
The only -difference in the lay
out of the court Is that the net is
raised about three inches to allow
for the added height glv a by the
I charge nothing for con
imitation. My fees ore
very low and you can paj)
as able in weekly ox
monthly installments. Do
uot let money matters
keep you away. Call and
talk it over with me.
Dr. W. ¥. Blair
952 V_ Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, Wash.
Hour* —9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
dally; Wednesday and Saturday
•venlngs, 7 to 8 o'clock: B**adaj-,
II (9 31 .sir-

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