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'•(••^••^•♦■•WWUIl t O !_»R I l-iWWMMWWi
I respectfully request that each 1
reader of The Times today give 1
careful consideration to the editor- 1
ial printed on page one of the sec- %
ond section.—Editor. 1
Women to Hear General
Arrangements have been completed for MaJ. Gen. J.
Franklin Bell, commanding the Western division of the U.
S. army, who ie In Tacoma on a flying trip, to address the
women of Pierce county on tlie subject of the proposed army
post, at the Tacoma theater at ?:30 Friday afternoon. The
theater has been donated lor the purpose by Manager Charles
Facts and figures which he
would have given at the Armory
Wednesday evening had his train
not been delayed, were given to
reporters by Maj. Oen. .1. Franklin
Hell, commander of the Western
division of the army, at the Ta
coma hotel Thursday morning.
Gen. Bell, accompanied only by
his secretary, H. F. Myers, is
visiting Tacoma, Seattle and
Portland on military busnless.
He was taken by Stephen Ap
pleby and other Tacoma men to
Roy, Thursday, where he spoke
at a meting In behalf of the pro
posed army post.
It ls hoped his engagements can
be arranged to include a meeting
in Tacoma Friday evening.
If so, announcement will be
»*"* de through the press. He will
leave for Seattle Saturday after
Cover 180 Acres.
"I have had many inquiries for
figures giving a concrete idea of
the size of such a post as it is
proposed to station at American
lake," said Gen. Bell Thursday
"Perhaps as good a way to con
vey It as any ls to say that
marching In close formation, the
number of men tn such a post
would make a column more than
12 miles long.
"If camped In shelter tents
placed so close together that they
touch each other, they would
cover 180 acres of ground.
Boy, Dreaming of Indians,
Shoots Mother Through
Cheek With Revolver
Following an exciting day
"playing Indian" at the home of
a friend, little Andrew Holmes,
age 8, entered battle In his sleep,
seized a revolver from under his
mother's pillow and shot her
through the cheek, at their home,
7406 South Fife st., early Wed
nesday morning.
The shooting was reported
Thursday by A. J. Holmes, for
mer superintendent at the Nis
qually power plant, father of the
Dreams of Indians.
The family had returned late
from a visit at the home of a
friend, says Holmes. Holmes was
awakened by screams coming
from the room in which Mrs.
Holmes slept.
"Somebody has been here and
has shot me," his wife told him
when he went to investigate. He
started to make a search of the
Portland is watching vs —with hopefulness. What opposi
tion there is to the army post is music for those Oregonlan ears.
For, if Pierce county should turn down the proposition,
whoops! The city on the Willamette has its plans thoroughly
laid, and immediately next week It would begin an energetic
fight for locating the post right down close to the Oregon me
A member of the Portland committee is in Tacoma TODAY
studying the Pierce county proposition. He was at Wednesday
night's mass meeting; he interviewed Gen. Bell Friday forenoon.
He is on the job.
Pierce county folks, what are you going to do about it?
Billie Burke Will Tell In the Tacoma Times How She Intends to Raise
By Idah McGlone Gibson. ■
Author of "Confessions of a Wife."
The sun glinted through the
windows of beautiful Burke
crest, Billie Burkes home on the
Hudson, and seemed tn rest with
lingering fondness on the copper
locks of the young mother bend
ing over the bassinet of Florenz
Patricia Burke-Zlogfeld.
BUlte Burke, glorified by moth
erhood, made a charming picture
as she smiled at Florenz Patricia
in the n-adonna-ltko way every
mother looks at her child.
"If the troops were spread out
as In war, the column would oc
cupy 40 miles of road space.
98,424,000 a VtMir!
"The estimated expenditures of
such a post would be $8,424,000
a year.
"At peace strength, it would re
quire the construction of 1,319
buildings, which, if set end to end,
would extend a distance of 21
miles. At war strength It would
require buildings covering 27
"The proposed post contem
plates a large contingent of
mounted men, and a mounted man
always costs twice as much as a
man on foot.
"The post would contain at the
very least, the division headquar
ters staff, two brigades of infan
try, one brigade of field artillery,
one battalion of horse artillery,
one brigade of cavalry, one com
pany of mounted engineers, one
battalion of signal troops, one san
itary train, one engineer train,
four wagon companies, two auto
truck companies and one pack
"These aro actual facts, conser
vatively estimated. You can de
pend on them. I have been par
ticularly careful not to overstate."
His figures throughout, though
highly conservative, as he said,
are larger by a sixth than those
advanced by the army post com
mittee during the campaign.
house for traces of an Intruder,
when the boy spoke up.
"I guesß I must have done it,"
said young Andrew. "I was
dreaming about an Indian fight
and I remember shooting off a
One Bullet Discharged.
The bullet had passed through
the flesh of Mrs. Holmes' left
cheek and out through the front
of her mouth, knocking out one
of her teeth.
When the gun exploded It evi
dently frightened the boy and he
dropped it. It was found lying
on the floor. When it was
opened, it was found that only
one bullet had been discharged.
The Holmes reisdence is on the
outskirts of the city and Mrs.
Holmes had been In the habit of
having the revolver under her pil
low. Her physician declares the
wound is not dangerous.
"People get such queer ideas,"
said Billie Burke, following my
question as to whether she would
give up the stage now.
"I am going back to the stage,"
she said. "It ls my work in which
I have been successful.
"You would hardly ask Mr.
Ziegf' id to give up Ills work and
settle down to nothing but home
and mother and baby just because
he is the father of that delicious
morsel there.
The Tacoma Times
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"White-haired and fatherly, his military ereetness extinguished
in the folds of an ample blue kimono —(ho didn't know the reporter
was a woman and he had just got out of bed) —his face grave and sin
cere, Maj. Gen. J. Franklin Bell, commanding the western division of
the TL S. army, spoke earnestly in defense of his soldiers this morning,
when a scurrilous slip that has been flying around the streets of Ta
coma was brought to his attention.
i 'lf these young men are immoral, then any aggregation of young
men in the United States is immoral," he said.
"The people of Pierce county are not unacquainted with soldiers.
There is no mystery about them.
"The army is representative of the masses of the American peo
. pie. It is largely composed of unsophisticated country boys.
"Hard up as we are for men, we take only one in five who presents
himself. Some are rejected for physical unfitness, and some limply
because they cannot bring references that prove they are men of the
kind we demand. A man cannot get into the United States army
without measuring up to a high standard."
He paused, the blue kimono heaved with indignation.
"These boys are of the same kind as the boys of Tacoma," he
said sternly. "I ought not to have to answer such a charge as that."
You Oughta Seen Them
Patrons of the Sixth avenue car line were much sur
prised and interested the other day when August Cultum,
retired Tacoma contractor, produced and exhibited to
friends on tha car the wee pair of knee breeches he wore
when he came over on the ship from the old country many
year* ago. - 7,
They were 5-year-old size.
Those who saw them join In affirming that there was
an elaborate patch on each seat.
To meet the demands of the
business of the Gregory Furni
ture company, additions to its
plant at Center and Steele streets
are being made which will double
its output, and give employment
to a greatly increased force.
"We are now building a new dry
kiln with a capacity of 60,000 feet
of lumber a day," said Edwin
Gregory, president of the company,
Wednesday, "and also a new re
ceiving shed 100 by 200 feet.
"The new part of the plant will
probably be in operation within a
"I've often heard of men with
out a country, hut this ls the first
time I have ever heard of a pub
lic servant having a job without
a salary," saya Edward J. Hackett,
clerk in Tacoma's police court.
The city council yesterday
passed a new salary ordinance,
and eliminated the salary of po
lice court clerk until Justice
Graham who takes the police
bench next week, decided what he
wants in the way of clerk.
"But they forgot that I am still
on the job, and that the salary
ordinance is to take effect Jan.
1," walls Hackett. "Here I am,
on the job, but my pay since the
first of the year has been cut off."
"It sounds appealing to
•ay some young woman hae
given up her life ambition to
mine a family, but one ought
to get a little sense 1b this
day of feminism and under
stand • woman can be a good
mother and do oilier work,
"Why, nine-tenths of the
mothers lo this country are
doing their own housework
and caring for big families
at the same time.
"However, It is all wrong to
think that the way to care for a
The likelihood that the army
post project will carry already has
stimulated business more than any
other factor that has been noticed
in recent years, according to Ralph
Shaffer, secretary of the American
Automobile Co.
"We sold four cars today, three
yesterday and two on New Year's
day," aald Shaffer Wednesday
evening. "That is the best three
days' consecutive business we
ever enjoyed, even In tho selling
"Five of the nine customers
told me they were buying the ma
chines simply because of the In
creased business they expected on
account of the army post's com
"While experience has demon
strated to me that people are con
vinced the project is assured, and
that it is going to boom business
like nothing else Tacoma ever ob
il .ilt.il PreM Leaned Wire.)
CHICAGO, Jan. 4.—Because
her husband, a waiter, threw red
pepper Into the eyes of a visitor
who had come to pay a debt, Mrs.
Rose Pries sued him for divorce.
AMSTERDAM, Jan. 4.—The
Cologne Yolks Zeitung today con
firmed the statement credited to
Count Andrassy yesterday that
Germany's peace terms are now
in the hands of President Wilson.
child comes to a mother intu
itively with its birth. One might
as well aay one could play a violin
If he loved It sufficiently.
"Child bearing Is a natural
act common to all female
creation. Child raring should
be a profession to be learned
by every woman who would
bring up a healthy child to
"Every woman should have the
crowning experience of mother
hood, but that does not say that
every woman, whether she is
. suited to it or not, should have
After receiving a telegram from
the Central Labor Council of San
Francisco, in which it was an
nounced that an army post is de
sirable, for any community, from
a standpoint of organized labor,
the Tacoma Labor Council held
another vote Wednesday night on
the question of endorsing the pro
posed army post for Pierce coun
The vote was 11 for and 14
At a meeting last week the La
bor Council acted on rumored In
formation from opponents of the
army post, and voted the resolu
tion down by a larger majority.
The nearly equal division of
votes Wednesday night is consid
ered a liig victory for tho army
post, and indicates that a large
proportion of union labor In Ta
comawill support tho bontls.
The telegram from San Fran
cisco follows:
Tacoma Central Labor Coun
cil, Tacoma:
"No pat lit-i.lni- economic or
moral effects experienced
liere by reason of the loca
tion of a large army post; we
think an ai any post would lie
desirable for any rominunlty.
Discharged soldiers genernlly
leave for their homes linnied-
"San Francisco Labor
This telegram was sent to the
Tacoma council in response to an
inquiry sent by union men of this
Tho San Francisco army post Is
known as the Presidio.
tl oiif-il Preas lrn.nl Wire.)
CINCINNATI, 0., Jan. 4. —
Judge Kelley ordered O. A.
Flelsohman, who earns $2 a day as
caretaker, to pay alimony to his
former wife, Melva L. Wolff, who
earns $5 a day as employment In
vestigator of a Detroit auto fac
the physical care of children
placed upon her.
"I say this much more for the
sake of the child than for the sake
of the mother. A mother with the
best intentions in the world might
be an utter failure through Ignor
ance In caring for her child.
"As our civilization and ethics
are now practiced the entire de
tails of child culture rest upon
woman. Somehow, I think we
leave too much to chance In this
most Important world's work.
"We should pay more attention
to the coming race than to leave
;Mrs. Corey Victim of
Mysterious Illness
Mrs. Corey, wife of tlio former
president of tlio I mini Stat. -
Steel corporation, lots returned
from Kurope racked by .- niyMerl
t it- illness. She, nursed wounded
soldiers in her castle in .France.
Mrs. Corey was Mabelle (illuiitn,
act revs.
One of the busiest employes of
the city of Tacoma, and one who
receives probably the least public
notice, is Mrs. Estella West.
.Mrs. West is stenographer antl
secretary in tlie city attorney's of
-1 flee. She has been there so long
it hat she, is given tlie task of draw
jinj) all city ordinances, and in
I most cases she does not have any
| definite instructions about them,
"I want an ordinance changing
the salary list in my department,"
says a commissioner. And Mia.
West promptly grinds it out. The
legal department trusts her far
more than It would an ordinary
And In all the time she has
held the job, Mrs. West has the
record of never having made a
single error in any ordinance she
has prepared.
At the Masonic temple Thurs
day night a public meeting will be
held for an open discussion of the
army post bond Issue under the
auspices of the Central Labor
conn-*il. Rev. Frank Dyer has
accepted an Invitation to speak
on the moral phase.
tl >.ii.-.l Pre** I . ...,,,i wire.)
NEW YORK. Jan. 4. — Five
years ago Patrolman Edward J.
O'Rourke helped Miss Esther
Clair across the street. Today
he Is the sole heir to her property
valued at $30,000.
Northern California hosts and
hostesses are holding their laps
today for $27,000,000 of tourist
money which ls expected to begin
pouring Into the state soon.
Her Daughter
it during its most important years
In Inexperienced hands. I have
wonderful Ideas about the care
and culture of my little daughter.
I have given a great deal of
thought to the matter.
"These Ideas may be ultra-radi
cal, but you can work them out to
a logical conclusion, and my baby
is too precious to her mother to be
raised in the haphazard faahion
that vow seems to be in rogue."
Beginning tomorrow Billie
Burke will tell in The T!m«
how ali« wig raise her baby.
smiMnHIGHT EDlTlONinnmii|
Tacoma: Rain tonight and Fri 9
day. «
j Washington: Same, west por- %
j tion; rain or snow east portion. •
il'nli-il V-mSS USSSSt Wlre.l
riiii,.\i>i-:i.riii\, Jan. •.
—A "flier" enlliii<- for the
arrest of Itrrn.-iril W. Lewi*-,
--•nt of w t-inn.in Uteris* I'itis
bui'K lawyer, who is believed
to luive been one net tipant of
the lii\i which stop|ie<l al the
al hi 11 in. Nt of \i.i,'i»- Colbert
Hie day the wus nuntlt-ttil,
was sent limatlmsl Uiis nltcr
noon. ,
Tlio "flier" acetifies Lewis of
having defrauded Klhviod Powell,
taxt thaufleur, of $I !i tare. Pa
llet deny Hie/ connect lilm Willi
complicity in the niurt'c Itself.
Tlio name of another man who
went to her apartnients last Fri
day morning—the day the pretty
model is supposed to have lima
Clubbed Into iiisensililllty antl th"ii
strangled with !ier own bilk stork
ing— la known to ' • tiolice to
Give VatwMc Tip
Detective,.; said today tlie two
fashionably dressed women who
were taken to headnn- "ate.
yeaterday imparted „ ,n
--formation. They are the oni's
I described by KUwood Powell,
taxi chauffeur, as having ridden
to Gerniantown with a man in his
Both women had lieen sought
ever since Powell gave the first
real clue in the rnnrder. Their
residence is in one of the best
parts of Germantov.n and then
attention lo the "man In iho
All you old young men, in
Tacoma, lei's hear what you
have (o say about it!
Now that you have white hair
and many years to your credit,
do you think you are ready -'or
tlie discard?
Or would you rather stay in the
liarness than rust out?
County Clerk MrKen/.ie Is still
sticking lo it Thursda> that "llad
,dy" Walker, grand young man.
I who has MM a score of years'
service as clerk of tin* courl. will
have to go, and that McK«Ul«'l
| son will take his place.
"Daddy" is just as sure that
he's not an "old man,'' although
he has 7C years of hard work be
hind It.
What do you think about It?
Do you think he should be willing
to give way to the generation of
j his grandchildren, antl spend the
rest of his days in the old arm
it-hair by his fireside with his
j grandchildren about him?
| Talk up, now. Let's see how
much young blood there is left In
the gray hairs of Tacoma.
An justification for McKcn
xle putting his son on the .foil,
lie pointed out today that
every other county officer in
the court house, with the ex
ception of single Mr. Cam
eron, have given at leant one
son or relative a job.
Talk o' the Times
'arreting-*, have you tele
phoned County Clerk McKen
zle to tell him what you think
of his firing Daddy Walker
to make a place for McKen
ale, junior?
Remember that the chief elec
tion issue, after all, is: Do you
want the U. 8. array to locate the
post near Spokane, Belltngham or
some other city, or near Tacoma?
The reporters this morn
ing, we take it, wrung Oen.
Today when I got out of bed
I nearly jumped with Joy,
And looking in the mirror, said.
"Shake hands with me, my
The reason's very alight,
I didn't have to shave;
I shaved myself last night!
—.(sjuslcal rights reserved..)
taxi" lends color to the report that
lie Ik prominent.
The police claim an alibi for
the Western brewer, who was Raid
to he under guard. Thursday
night this man was said to have
been drinking heavily. He tal
taken to a certain house on Kalr
iiionnt avenue, said tlie police, and
remained there until Saturday
Hunt lor Taxi 1t1.1.-r.
The "mail in the taxi" li said
to come from the west also. Scorea
of telegrams have been sent out
regarding him though it Is believ
ed he is actually in this city now,
where the jiolice can lay hands OK
11iin without Buck trouble.
Just what Ills connection with
the crime might be, however, la
a question.
He In said to be married, with
a family anil a fortune estimated
at $1.im0,000. Practically every
headquarter! detective In Phila
delphia was out on this new eri
dt'iice today—perhaps the missing
link in the in* story.
Ilolieinia Pays Tribute.
Miss Colbert was hurled today
in Holly Croat cemetery. Bohemia
— which she loved too well—paid
'iei striking tribute, despite th*
sordid stories of her life brought
out in tlie murder Investigation.
Anonymous friends pun based for
her ■ silver casket, costing $4(0.
A crowd watched the cortege
leaving tlie bouse, Hurried to th*
cemetery nnd even following lnr
Is that any reason why
"llaildy" Walker should losa
the first job he ever lout in
liis long life?
\l _r__vO*jr ■
We, tho people of Taco
ma, have a duty to per
form Saturday, a duty
that will, however, be a
pleasure to "almost"
every man and woman In
Hie county. By perform
ing this duty we will
soon enjoy great pros
perity and really "Watch
Tacoma Crow."
DuaEt Roundßank
I S Trust Eympgng
Uerniany must fight on till
Ireland ls free.
In accordance with their usual
custom, house committees have
sent out the annual notice begin
ning "In accordance with our usu
al custom," etc. The dlstinctioa
between usual and unusual eta
toms cannot be too carefull;
To paint the lily, to or
ganize a brass band in Bed
lam, or to dramatiae Billy
Sunday la wasteful and
ridlc'lous excess.
It may be set down that th*
male sex as a whole has more in
tellect than the female sex; lust
Individually compared, the dlffer
ence is so slight as to defy svta
the delicate measuring instal
ments In the psychologist's litim»

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