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■ ■***—■—
JIM Vivian Martin j
rj/fl I^* In a Delightful Romance of the H
"Jj _flm South Before the War-^- S
■Nil 1417 P I
Vivian/UPTUT A A JL*I A m h
wr MUtR FATMEOT 50N* ft
Thrilling and baffling in its complexity, highly humorous in its portrayal of the old Colored ||
Servants; it tells a much tangled and highly interesting story of the Golden Period of Amer- JJ
can History. £2
HIS*-.5-i£?, BLE George Rosnerl A New I 8
DOME » *9tm-Sa*atmim*mM. £
A Riproaring Comedy Crganist -TlClOgrapil «
ll all-.l Prr.* I.<-h«<-»1 Wlrct
LONDON, Jan. 4.—Persistent
report* from Italy and Swltder
land today that Germany ls to
•make a reply to th* allied refuaal
of peace terms and In that reply
will list its demands and conces
sions aroused the greatest Interest
here today.
Lugano, Switzerland, had re
ports of this nature.
From Rome came news that the
newspaper Corriere Deltlcinl as
|»rted its receipt of information
that Germany was preparing a
counter reply which would be
"less amblglous as to conditions
Of peace and permitting a first
•point of contact In. peace pro
Both of these reports served lo
Strengthen the belief recorded in
dispatches of yesterday that Ger
many Is now on the brink of a
I The Turn of the Tidej
£f mdTTK Tacoma M
» The Army Post Is Essential 8
tj _*-X*Tff_b Everyone who has the xf^T^ £J
22 ffM_Tmsm\ welfare of tne City °* GKffft £
ft V-Mjjfvy Destiny at heart will \s_Ry v^
a Vote for the Army Post Bonds |
!5 "That Something New." _„fl» £
H Jf. F. MTJRPHT, Preside.*. %
g 939 941 BROADWAY j»
social and economic breakdown
and that har peace proffers come
through absolute neuesslty.
One theory which found sup
port in certain quarters today was
that U. 8. Ambassador Gerard's
conference with Imperial Chancel
lor yon Bethmann-llollwek, re
ported yesterday, had to do with
a further German note.
Reply of the allies to President
Wilson's note ls receiving Its final
"polishing off." Probably U will
be forwarded to America within
the next 48 hours.
An automobile that turns ea-lly
In narrow *treets that two New
York men have patented has a
wheel at each side and one at
each end, th* steerin-g mechanism
operating th* last two simultane
Carnegie May
Hold Up Cash
If Tacoma continues its present
policy with regard to the library,
the Carnegie foundation may
stop its donations, Dr. E. H. Todd,
president of the College of Puget
Sound, told the members' council
of th* Commercial olub Wednes-
Dr. Todd has Just returned from
a visit to the Carnegie founda
tion, in New York.
Women Discuss
Car Campaign
A meeting of clubwomen will
be held at the Tacoma hotel
Thursday afternoon to consider
the campaign being waged by Mrs.
A. Frazier for car heating and
"I have been considerably mis
represented," said Mrs. Frazier
Thursday morning. "I never
made aome of the demands that
have been attributed to me."
The Washington State Histori
cal soolety will elect officers Jan.
16. Officers nominated at the
meeting Tuesday were Henry Hew
itt, Jr., president; Gen. Hazzard
Stevens, vice president; W. P.
Bonney, secretary; W. H. Dick
son, treasurer. Curators, Thomaa
Hugglns, L. L. Benbow, Sumner;
Walter M. Qranger. Zlllah; H. M.
Painter, Seattle; J. A. Perkins,
Colfax; Edward Meath and Henry
Slcade, Tacoma.
COLLEGE $3,000
The College of Puget Sound
will receive 13,000 from the board
of education of the Methodist
church for 1917, an increase of
$1,000 over last year's appropri
ation, PreMdent B. H. Todd an
nounced Wednesday oa his return
from New York.
Rainfall in Tacoma has been
10.11 inches below normal for the
period beginning Sept. 1, says
the report of L. C. Corer, weather
man. December's precipitation
was barely more than half of nor
Wastage of a great hotel ls in
dicated by the manager of one of
the leading Institutions who says
that the purchases of food amount
ed to 590,000 pounds a month and
that 168,000 pounds of this were
thrown away after having been
served to patrons.
In addition to recent reduc
tions In th* ptiblle library force,
Miss Ruth Darla of th* reference
department and Mist Katherine
Maxwell of the clroulatlon depart
ment intve resigned. Miss Davis
will go to the Seattle library at a
langer salary, and Mlaa Maxwell
will go into kindergarten work.
DULUTH, Minn., Jan. 4.—
What al said to bo th* first do
mestic servants' union organized
east of the Missouri river has
Just been formed here, with 100
charter members. They will pre
sent their demands to house
wives Jan. 16.
Professor flkiner, of th* Ameri
can Indian museum, excavating
the mound at Tioga Point, near
Sayre, Pa., uncovered the bones of
68 men, which he estimates had
been liuried at least 700 or 800
years. Th* average hlght Indi
cated by the akeletons was seven
feet, but many were taller.
_f^M |k ns»------w--m-^-w--__,_w* m *__««^ _^-^^^e^^^___^J
YN ORDER that all our
jj_ employes can vote for
| the Army Post Bonds
this store will not open
until 10 o'clock Saturday
Vote "Yes" and let us
build up a Greater Tacoma
with "Progress" as our
Lou Johnson
||l Company
mMkmk £____\\\
1 'v*^***^>**»***''*',**^**^*%^'»*'«^^*--^*w*»'*^^ f^^BHHBW
Today's install
of -the Novel-a
Week is to be
found on page 12,
second section.
il-ili-d Prraa !.-■«•>•* Wire.)
Although the subject of anarchy
In all Its phases has become an
Important theme In connection
with the selectoln of Jurors in the
trial of Thomas Mooney, alleged
preparedness parade bomb con
spirator, it will not be allowed
to leak luto the trial Itself, It
tha defense attorneys can help it.
This was the declaration of De
fense Attorneys Cockran and Mo-
Nutt, as the second day's session
of the trial began today. Mooney
and his lawyers deny that he is
an anarchist.
Cockran and his assistants
charge that the question of an
archy has been raised by the dis
trict attorney to prejudice the
minds of prospective Jurors.
South Tacoma
Boosters Busy
The new South Tacoma Boost
ers' club will hold a special meet
ing at 0284 Union avenue Friday
night at 8 o'clock to make ar
rangements for army post eleotlon
Magazines and
Papers Putting
Up Their Rates
NEW YORK, Jan. 4.—Close to
160 daily newspapers throughout
the United States have raised
their subscription prices, scores of
country weeklies have followed
suit, the magnzlnes are beginning
to admit their prices must go up
soon, and the high cost of liter
ature is grimly confronting the
nation as a result of the shortage
of white paper.
It is freely predicted in many
publishing circles that the one
oent newspaper ls bound to disap
pear In a vaat majority of local
ities and that shortly no maga
zines will sell under 20 cents a
Already tha Cosmopolitan and
Metropolitan have advanced trom
15 cents to 20 cam-. The Ameri
can oontemplates the obange.
An efective means of resuscita
tion after an electric shock is said
to be a sharp blow on the soles of
the feet without removing the
Hurrah! How's This
Cincinnati authority saysoorns
dry up and lift out
with fingers.
!■■■■■■■ ii ■. ..mt. ....... „
Hospital records show that every
time you cut a corn you invite
lockjaw or blood poison, which Is
ueedleHS, says a Cincinnati au
thority, who tells you that a quar
ter ounce of a drug called freezonc
ran be obtained at little cost from
the drug store but la sufficient to
rid one's foet of every hard or solt
corn or cnllus.
You simply apply a few drops of
freezone on a tender, aching corn
and soreness is instantly relieved.
Shortly the entire corn can be lift
ed out, root and all, without pain.
This drug is sticky but dries at
once and ls claimed to Just shrivel
up any corn without Inflaming or
even Irritating the surrounding
tissue or skin.
If your wife wear* high he
she will be glad to know of this.
"May you have a look-in on all
the Good Things of Life," ls the
new year's greetings extended this
week by the Tacolt, Wash., News
to Its readers.
As one such reader, we reply
fervently, "Same to you, Yacolt,
and a good slice off the top of
the pile."
It evidently was a mer/iy Christ
mas that our good neighbor towu,
down In Clarke county, enjoyed,
Judging by the news items that
we scan with auch enjoyment
every week. For instance, there
were weddings.
William Rose of Bend, Ore.,
came along and carried away one
of Cedar Creek's most charming
maidens. She was Miss- Johnson,
Personal Record Forms
History of Successful
Mining Enterprise
Dr. G. L. Tanzer, by Loyal
ty to Hundreds of Share
holders, Thwarts Plans
of Erratic Promoters and
Doubles Value of Assets
of Western Smelting and
Power Company.
It makes no difference how fine
a reputation a man has, unless it
ls baoked by the kind of character
that Justifies it the time will
come, as sure as fate, when that
nreputation will crumble and tur-
ble, leaving its former possessor
without standing or prestige.
And no matter how unfavor
able- a man's reputation may be,
If he be a man of good character
the undesirable reputation will be-
come dispelled and the man will
rise to his rightful place in the
esteem of his fellow men just as
surely as the sparks fly upward
and fire ascending seeks tho sun.
No man can dabble very exten
sively In mining promotion with-
out having his reputation, in the
minds of a very great percentage
of the human race, at times seri
ously jeopardized. But whatever
his undertaking, be it lawful and
right, no man's real character ls
in any danger, come what may
for the time being, to bis reputa
The Golden Rule can be applied
to thia branch of American indus
try Just as consistently and bene
ficially as to any course of Indi
vidual conduct. A notable exam
ple of this fact exists today in the
Western Smelting and Power
Company, with offices In the
Northern Bank Building, Seattle,
About fourteen years ago a
group of Northwestern promoters
organized to develop a famous old
mining camp close to the borders
of Yellowstone National Park. It
is known as the New World Dis
trict and is rich In gold, silver,
copper and lead ores. Many not
ed mines are located in the
mountains around it. The idea
was to smelt the ores on the
ground, thereby saving the tre
mendous expense of transporting
the ore to other regions far dis
Along about that time a young
German, native of Troebniti In
Thurlngla, by the name of O. L.
Tanzer, who had gained the privi
lege of prefixing his name with
the term "Doctor," was disposing
of his business and professional
goodwill In Chicago and turning
the prow of his ship of fortune to
ward Seattle, to become elty
chemist. Here Dr. Tanzer's work
in the noted formaldehyde cru
sade distinguished him, and he
was appointed special state chem
Soon Became Prominent.
Ha waa a thirty-third degree
Mason, president of the German
War Veterans' Society of Chicago,
and soon became prominent in
fraternal activities in his newly
adopted state. He became a
member of every German society
In Seattle and served six terms as
president of the Krlegervereln.
Without recounting how It hap
pened, nor what Impulse lay back
of the transaction, Dr. Tanser one
day in 1906 acquired a piece of
beautifully printed and glided
paper setting forth the fact that
he waa an extensive stockholder
in the New World Mining and De
vi-lopment Company, and In due
time became Its president, attrib
utable most likely to the fact
that ha took from tha very first
"the refined and winsome daugh
ter of Mrs. Katherine Johnson."
There was traveling:
"Percy Allen went to Mt. Salo
Saturday to visit hia sister, Mrs.
Walter Duddlee."
"Chas. Lyons returned Christ
mas day from Tacoma, where he
has bats tlie last month on the
"Wes I'ltchford and Mr. John
son took in the turkey raffle at
Aralioy Saturday night."
There was moving:
"Dr. H. A. Hanson changed his
place of residence, last week, to
the Busby place in the east part
of town."
But through it all Industry
hummed the while.
a sincere and deep interest in the
operations of the company.
Soou after becoming its presi
dent several other gentlemen, who
had been In the organization prior
to Dr. Tanzer's becoming inter
ested, came to the new executive
with the proposition that they and
he be voted exceedingly corpulent
•salaries. He turned them down
flatly and for this act of loyalty
to some 400 whose shares repre
sented tlie minority of stock, was
voted out of office.
Stayed With the Ship.
He cherished no resentment, but
remained in close touch with the
progress of events, more than
onco being material help to the
erratic financiers who had mis-
Judged the character of their
scholarly Teutonic associate. In
1911 his oft repeated warnings
came true and the concern went
through bankruptcy, leaving
$100,000 worth of perfectly good
and so far useless mining mach
inery on the ground, and the
aforementioned 400 stockholders
holding 400 empty Backs.
Then Dr. Tanzer came forward
and bid In the whole concern at
auction. Of course, up to this
point his reputation had natural
ly suffered some in the estimation
of everyone who had not analyzed
the man's character. But the real
and ondurlng attribute of the
man had come through- un
scathed. He at once reorganized
the company, giving it the new
name of The Western Smelting ft
Power Company. Then he got in
touch with every stockholder in
the old concern and Issued them
their original amount of atock In
the new organization.
And the greater part of a thou
sand people who held those beau
tifully printed and gilded pieces
of worthless paper representing
stock In tha old, bankrupt oon
enrn, realized that there was a
man of honor, integrity and sterl
ing caracter at the head of th*
new Institution.
Unprecedented Procedure.
' Judge R. A. Balllngar, th* com
pany's counsel, told Dr. TanCer k*
had don* a most unureoedentad
thing, but It wa* don* in accord
ance with a sat of principles in
culcated very early and brought
With him to this country by th*
young Thurlngian twenty years
before. Unscrupulous promoters
■*mb to har* an affinity for th*
Thursday, Jan. 4, 1917.
IMI I. I ' . ' Jtj J
"Mr. Johnson, who has been at
Pitchford's cutting wood with
hla wood-saw the paat week, has
cut a tree up for M. 8. Allen."
Qood luck, Yacolt!
Accepts Call
Rev. Calvin K. Staudt and Mrs.
Staudt have accepted the call to
become associate pastors of First
Congregational church and to
have full charge of Pilgrim Con
gregational and American Lake
The first of a course of lec
tures on "The Messlanlo Hope"
will be given by them at First
Congregational church.
-iinlug industry and have brought
it into more or leas disgrace, con
sequently old-fashioned scrupul
ousness and level-heatled con
servatism of the Dr. G. L. Tanzer
variety cause more or less com
ment and not a little ridicule
from that element who go Into
the game for easy money and to
whom conscience ls an unknown
Very early in its career th*
new Western Smelting and Pow
er Company retired half of Its
five million shares, and up to th*
present hay* added about 1200,
--000 worth of new machinery.
The Livingston, Montana, Enter
prise In several of its August Is
sues speaks of the actlvltle* of
Dr. Tanzer and associates, some
of whose names are prominent in
Wall Street, in the development
of Cooks City, which the paper
designates as a most wonderful
gold mining camp, In Park Coun
ty, Montana.
The tangible assets of the com
pany of which he ls tho executive
head are set down as abov* the
$2,000,000 mork, against which
there are liabilities of loss than
$3,000. Such is th* brief *pl
tom* of the history of on* who
cam* to this country, a humble
immigrant, unable to speak the
English language twenty years ago,
and one phase of his achievement
in the face of obstacles which,
to a man of lesser moral vitality,
would have been unsurmountable.
The history of the Western
Smelting and Power Company ls
the history of the struggles of
this adopted Oorman to uphold a
business ideal which would mea
sure up to his sense of right and
fair play to several hundred
strangers soattered throughout
the Northwest who held stook In
a mining enterprise in which he
became Interested In perfect
good faith.
There ar* no Insurmountable
obstacle* In th* path of a design
that 1* wise and Just, and no man
who la made of the right kind of
■tuff will for one, nor for many
repulses, forego the purpose
which conscience dictates must b*
effected, be it a mining enter
prise or any otker, tn which he la*
engaged. Th* right course ls th*
Invincible cours*. Such I* th*
business creed which briefly sum
m arizes Dr. Tamer's character
and which will Win and maintain
a good reputation, no matter how
untoward circumstance**.*.-""
sometimes seem.

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