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Vith Season Near
Its Close, Herzog
Has to Quit Sox
(Vailed i'rr«, l.eaaed Wire.)
NEW YORK, Sept. 17. — With
Charley Herzog out of the game—
perhaps for all time—the Qiants
today begin their last western
trip of the season. At his home
In Maryland, Herzog declared that
unleus he improves greatly in
health he will not return to the
game, even for the world's series.
He said, however, he hoped to
ge'. into the big games.
I*lniHhing up on their i>ennanl
fight should not be hard for the
leaders of the National league,
despite the loss of Herzog. Seven
more victories see the rag cinched
for them. They have 15 more
games to play. The Phillies
Fence-Jumping Japanese
Gets Mike Fisher's Goat
Umpire Hildebrand's fa
mous smile has never been
the same since he tried to
hand his wife a bundle of
Chick money as a peace of
Pat Flaherity, Jim Dclehanty,
Eddie Graney and "Brick" Dev
•raux were in the hunch whfc!i I
took to Japan and Honolulu in
190 R. We landed a day behind
schedule in Yokohama and
miss, ii a liear of a reception
planned for the American ball
I almost dropped dead when I
»aw the crowd at Tokio when we
played Kio University. There
must have been fiO.ooo people
present, and later we figured that
about 4."i,000 Jumped the fence.
A Jap can stand still and hop
twelve feet high; anyhow that's
my dope.
Miss Nesbit Makes Great Appeal
In Her Masterpiece, 'Redemption'
No matter wha' opinion one
may have formed of Evelyn Nes-J
bit as a result of her prolonged
publicity in connection with Harry
Thaw, one fact is admitted by ev
ery person who 4aw her Sunday
in "The Redemption," at the Ta
Miss Neßbit is a natural born
actress. She ilmvu't need any
past notoriety to gain prestige for
her in the film world. She is the
\ 1 fiettgAltem. J
Here Is a photo of a man and
tola first car. It Is brand new.
Now bis trouble begins. Some
told him when he got married It
began, but they were old fash
What a funny pose the man ha;;.
What's the matter, ha* he got a
- dislocation of the pocket book hip'
Not yet. He's listening for a
knock In the engine. He's hor
ribly particular about the welfare
of his new car. If there's a squeak
or least sound he loses his appe
He's worn out a half dozen
chamois rags and a Ret of finger-
Bails washing and polishing it ti]<
to glimmer like Christmas Jewelry.
And like the Jewelry, it doe« the
tame turn after awhile.
In a few months you won't
know the bus. It'll have more
•qneaks Ui*b the home floors and
•tain after 1 a. m., when you want
4« sneak In without waking up the
Mrs. And a* for washing, he'll
kaak en a haavy rainstorm doing
tt« work.
A new car and IU care are soon
would have to win 19 straight to
even tie them should the Giants
win only six of their remaining
Jimmy Smith is filling in at sec
ond base while Herzog Is out and
is doing an exceflent job at tt.
Labeled nn uthlete unable to hit,
Jim has been knocking 'em far
and wide sinc-e Herzog turned over
the job to him. His blows have
been timely. Herzog's absence is
hurting the team only in that his
pep is missed. Smith is fielding
fully as well as the Giant captain
and In the few games he has taken
part In has hit better than the
Maryland star.
At Kio a lot of peddlers ca'iue
out to the ship and took our
measure for some new suits of
clothes which we fell for. because
the material looked great. The
first time we wore "em It rained
and we needed barrels to get
back In. That Jap cloth didn't
hear up under rain.
When I tell you Count Oluinia
pitched the first ball you get
some idea how enthusiastic was
our reception. We gave the old
gentleman a silver ball and I had
my picture taken with him.
After the game they gave* us a
tea party, but I don't kno*'
where they kept the tea. There
were a lot of other things to
drink. Our playerß attended in
uniformß. They didn't spill any
tea on them.
We played at Shanghai and
Hong Kong. A cricket match
was arranged at Hong Kong, and
we got a horrible beating. Dele
•hanty made fill runs but the op
position made about '6,000.
In Canton the attendance was
estimated at ir.0,000. Maybe it
was. hut never again any of those
Chinese gates for mine. When
we got thru counting the Chinese
money it was morning and four of
us had been up all Bight. There
must have bOM some misunder
standing about the admission
price because in all we only had
I'liii'ire lUldebraud of the
American league was with us at.
the time, and. we had kept hin|
on the gate. Hild tried to steii^
1 ."i cents but couldn't carry it
home. That night Hildy got in
had with his wife by slaying up
to play poker.
tffl went home with a great big
bundle of Chi MM paper money
and tried to square himself ly
handing his wile I big roll to go
s-hopp'ng with. Slie found later
it was only equal to $l.r>o in
American coin. Hildy hid out
for several da. s.
cole centra! unit of the big Film
spectacle, and sin- carries the part
with the ease mid skill of a star
with many years' dram.itic experi
ence behind her.
"Tlio Redemption" 1h almost an
appeal by Itin NMMt for a new
verdict in the court of public
opinion. Alllio the play does not
recite anything connected with the
(Thaw ease, or Miss Nesbit's past
affairs, it does tell a story in
parallel to hers, with just the same
appeal that one would expect the
actress to make after s.he had
been criticised and condemned by
a merciless public.
The film is a masterpiece, and
the gowns work In Miss Nesbit are
wonders. "The Redemption" re
mains at the Taronia all week,
with matineeß each day and two
evening performances.
« *♦«-*♦ «•♦***■♦♦♦ !> A '
Standing of Dm Clnht.
Won. Lost. Pet
Chicago 91 4S .662
Boston s?, it .6 J U
Cleveland 78 63 jut
Detroit 70 72 .4«».J
New York 66 72 .47-*
Washington 65 71 .478
St. \mulb II 90 .366
Philadelphia 49 S8 .358
Chicago 4, St. Louis 3.
Cleveland 8, Detroit 4.
/- —
♦ ♦■#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦•
• ♦
• #
«■♦♦♦♦♦>•♦ ♦*♦•♦♦♦■»
Btaudlug of the ' "hum.
Won. I-ost. Pet.
Ban Francisco ....94 77 .r>.">u
Salt Lake 87 73 541
Los Angeles ....89 79 .530
Portland 78 81 .491
Oakland 81 88 .479
Vernon 70 101 .409
JrtuiH- YeNt«rday.
Vernon 3-5, Salt Lake 2-7.
Portland 2-0, Los Angeles 0-1
Oakland 3-2, San Francisco 1-1.
Monday, Sept 17, 1917. -THE TACuMA TIMES— Page Six.
Dorothy Dalton
< In Apollo Film
Dorothy Dalton in Triangle
play, "Ten of Diamond* 7'
The combination of a favorite
start, a good play and the added
attractions which Include a com
edy, Path*e news pictures and the
playing of the enlarged orchestra
put crowds at the Apollo yester
day in a very satisfied mood. The
photoplay, "Ten of Diamonds" has
as its star Dorothy Dalton, who is
one of the most fiiscinatitiK screen
actresseß. She outdoes her per
formances in "The Flume of the
Yukon" in this now play in which
she appears first ;is a cabaret sing
er and later us a woman used as
a man's tool of revenge.
We "Jin it lli«-inli< i a y«-jii- <>! so
at(<> when K. A. Ih-vtei watt only a
lutiihvorking .automobile siiifs
inian. Today lie's licil uiili W. W.
Cooler for the clianiHioiwliip of
Meadow pai-k jiolf course. To
what luirl'i- have sonic mortals
o o o
Mrs. Disston of Philadel
phia offers a tropiiy for the
best woman golfer in her .
club, it's not a saw, it's a
.• • •
Wonder it anyone has ever told
Jim Barnes, champ golfer, that
whenever he wins a match thi
Tacoma papers always refer to
llrfm as "formerly of Tacoma?"
Maybe he doesn't know how much
we think of him out here.
Once more Tacoma has a real,
honest-to-goodness boxing champ
within its limits. CJiet Mclotyre,
new instructor at the Ruston A.
C, holds the coast heavyweight
I medal. Perhaps that title.won't
loo!; so bright after a few smelter
blacksmiths bej'.ln putting on the
gloves with diet. Certain Tacoma
boxers are still remembering the
jrenßl phenotn, Ole Anderson,
who bobbed up from the smelter
riinks last year and began break
ing noses and ambitions at ran
o o o
Itrnny l*-onitr<l uantM to
show Ik- - no slacker when It
ti im to • ill' * I .nninn our
••.rl.lK in •. t 1111 ■.
o o o
o o o
ll<\ini: ran- of thfl cat Ire
<<.;c-i are looking towurtl*
Tacoma for Hi. l.ir Ikiiilh of
Illf M-BWIII. Allll It l<M»kK «M
llm we're not K<>ing l<> <lis.
appoint them.
o o o
Comlßkey is already planning
the White Sox spring campaign.
Taking a leagon from I'ncle Sam.
Start Season
Coach Colbert of Lincoln Park
high school has issued a call for
the first foolball turnout of the
season this afternoon. He wants
to get a line on the available ma
terial. Practice th's year will be
on Whitman «ron»"«"
JOK ItoNlis. mi; |\iOM \
heavywelKht who has Imm-h flnd
ini( i-oukli sit-dduiK in the New
York rinK»< may «'oiu« to Taronm
for a war ln-iu-fii bout.
In a letter received by the
gporting editor of The Times to
day, Joe announces that he has
written George Shanklin, match
maker for the Kagles, offering hi«
servfres for a charity bout.
Bonds gays he would like to
have the money go to the Red
Cross or to any war fund selected
by the lodge.
"Will Kindly bo\ once or
twice, if the matches are
('low together, for any HlwC*
•■<l fund, and donate my end
after my actual ex|>eaHe>t are "
deducted," write* Itonds. "I
am a member of the naval
militia of New York, hut ran
get a furlough."
Joe wrote the letter before his
bout with Jim Coffey, in which nn
was defeated in the third round
last week. . He says he is to mfiet
Carl Morris again in Montreal,
Oct. 3.
o o o
THK KA«il-KS' CAHI> Is aNHiim
ing the proportions of an all-star
program The double main event,
two bouts of six run mis each, has
a very attractive appearance.
Leaders Tied
In Gun Shoot
Ending the summer season of
trapshooting, members of the Ta
coma Gun club staged a final
match at the Manitou traps Sun
day, 29 persons taking part. J.
A. Heed, Hoise, and E. Riehl, Ta
coma, tied for first with 4 7 birds
out of 00. EA. nice, Rollie Cady
and Kreil Kdwards tied fbr sec
ond with 46. Mrs. V. H. Baled
won pie women's, prize, with
hits out of 50.
All week—Kvelyn Nesblt In;
photoplay, "Kexlcniption." Com- ;
■ ing—"So I*»ng I.etty."
[ "Salvation Sue," dramatic;
sL ii ; with \ .iii.l. \ ill,-.
"The (UH in the Moon;" with :
"Seven Keys to Baldpate,";
with Oe<irge M. Cohan. :
; "Ten o' lHamonds," with;
Dorothy Ila I tun.
l»ante's "Inferno."
"Milliouuirc Vagrant," with
< liail.s Kay.
Lajoie'sT Team
Grabs Pennant
<I'altrd hw lr».rd Wire.)
NKW YXJKK, Sept. 17.—Larry
Lajoio is a pennant winner. Tlie
close of the International league
season found the former American
league star's Toronto club ahead
by a small margin.
Providence finished second.
♦ . • ♦
Sisiniiim or the Club*.
Woo I««L PeL
New York 89 49 .645
Philadelphia ....76 59 .563
St. Louis 76 66 .535
('inclniyiti 72 70 .507
Chlcaßo 71 70 .504
Brooklyn 63 71 .470
Boston 59 75 .440
Pittsburg 46 82 .333
(■nine* Yesterday.
St. Louis 6, Chicago 0.
Cincinnati 4-: i, Pittsburg 1-2.
I Now Open 1
9 iin \i w M
H toscano m
9 Genuine Italian Dinners
H s«n.i! fn Style IS
Auto I".<i *i< — Invited H
Steamers Tacoma and
Indianapolis for Seattle
Lnvi II until pal Dock, Taco-
U, 7:15, a 00. 11.00 a. m; 1.00.
I 00, 1:00, 7.00. »:00 p. m.
I.iim Colman Dock. Saactla,
1:00. t:00, 11.00 a. <n.; 1 V>. I »*,
1:00. 7:00. l> U p. m
Faateat and Ftn«at f>team«r«
SinKli Kurr 40c, Kuund Trip 7Bc.
a. *. jn\rn. ),.«
, rrirpi Munlrlpal Pork U. 111 l
Weldon Wing, known as "Toughy"
Wing because of lilh ability to
stand up mi ler hard punishment,
will meet Joe iiarrahan of Seattle
in the second big bout of the pro
Muff Bronson and Chet Neff, in
the other event, of course need no
liarrahan, a little scrat>pinx
Irishman, has hsen seen in Ta
coma in bourn with Karl Conners
and other bantams. Wing boxed
Sammy Morris and Joe Richmond
hero last year. The two boys are
Ideally matched.
o o o
aud li-hiil.ii Haund<<rs of New
York liavc hn n inal<*hr«l by
<icoi-K<- slimiiKliii for the hciiil
uiiidii|>. l'lu< iMMtlerN arc I'imOkt-
Hclulits. (,liiiiiM has marie <|iiil« a
r<':ord in Ta<<«na already. He
tpptmnt »t nearly all the Kmjjtes'
Miiukt'i'K laMt year and did not
10-c v ili'i-lsion. HaundtTH has not
l»««eii wein li*re, hut has done noimc
Himppy holing in Hrattle.
o on
hnnl, the attorney who iliil.
hlcx in s|k.i(n Hiiffii'ientJy to
keep a stable or tlever box
erw iniilir hi-, win)-, ha« re
re-lv* 1*! an offer from Kddie
Kun« to take Muff Hronnon
Keturning from a five
weeks' jaunt atroso the t nii.-.l
siiii. s, in which he visited
every city of importance be
tween la. ..ma and Iluffalo,
where hLs brothers and iris
ters reside, Jeff flirintmann,
the popular fly weight boxer of
Tacoina, returned to liis news
sijtml at I Itli and lti-oadway
Monday. •
"I had the trip of my life,
and I'm hack in I'm omn ready
for more biisinesK. and mure
bout*, if they can bring on
anyone my weight," announc
ed Jeff.
The i>i-<»s|.«ioiis young iiimm
iikti lunif lilit.is about 111.
--iiki-|m>uii.l division, nil in. he
In well along pant 21. Th»i<
aren't many boxerw of iliat
weight in Tacoma, ho he e\
|M-cis a hard time «.-tiin
matched. Jeff is the l>oy who
gained murh good nniin-.il
publicity last year when he
forgo» to don tight* when ho
rushed into a N|>nnaway ring
for .1 club in.id h.
During hiH trip (hristniniin
Mtw some of Hie best boxers of
Hi.- country in action. He saw
Ted Unrli .iiul S^l.li.-i Hart
field In Hiiir iiiciiiorahle Ituf
falo fight, in which both men
l«i11 led until they were ex
hausted, I «■« is holding lii
welter title by n "hade.
"lint Tacoma's the only
city in the country for me,"
mm s .lit I. "I'm i»ai I. here for
life, now."
Wins Marathon
11 nlir.l I'rrnn l.raaed Wlrr.i
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17. —
Maßon Hartwell, of the Olympic
club, won the annual Dlssea mara
thon, the Pacific Coast cross coun
try classic Sunday, with a time of
George Cohan Has Genuine
Recipe For Killing the Blues
George M. Cohan's recipe for a
happy entertainment, as presented
In his newest Artcraft plc'ure,
"Seven Keys to Haldpate," at the
Colonial this week, Is an ideal
prescription for .the 'morbid
f!eorge M. has mixed mystery,
thrills and laughter, vith a
sweetening dash of love as a trib
ute to Cupid, all of which makes
und \\< 1.1.ai WiiiK to St. Paul
for it «mti«-v of IkiiiCh Ihi-rr
and in MlnneapollH.
o » o
Kane, wlio mintages Mike and
Tomiuy (JHvlkiiih, took a great in
terest In the two hoys, especially
Wing, when he toured the coun
try with the brothers last year.
He predicted at that time that
Wi lili.ii would make some of the
best of them step lively one of
these days.
Klanigan Is thinking seriously
of taking up the offer. Wing's
first bout in the east wo.ll Id be
over the 10-raund route, with
"Splash" McKenna, in Minneapo
<> o o
coiiiit, who liiithlt <l out l»-i
-imisciii «s » riv(i< manager,
Mill have quite n stable •!• i—
si-.i-KMi. ,l,n k In liuiini into
'In' iii;li(. lit' Ik plan
ning to handle th<- il'-|iin,s
Of l<l<lii- t^ii inn, IV;ilh«-i-
Hii«hl ; .liirU KhuiiKhneNAy,
lightweight; Marly I..!«■>.
wcll.r. IrflilU- Hl'llllM'n, li^lil
ui-iislii. anil "I'ofce" Hunter,
liulii ui-mhi. Jack li.i- leae«d
the old i.liil<- annex nwmui
miiiii at 11 tli and X street*
where lie will pot his charge*
thru their pa< in.
Floating Girl
Again Proves
Pleasing Hit
"The Girl In the Moon," an old
vaudeville feature but- one that
always surprises and pleases audi
ences, returned to the Hippodrome
Sunday. Seated in an illnmiii;iti- I
crescent moon, a beautiful young
woman floated over the heads of
the audience, dipping towards the
footlights or flying to the top of
the proscenium, as she sang pop
ular songs. It was the feature act
of the bill, and was well received.
The Princeton Five are a group
of bury chaps who play musical
instruments, sing, and furnish
nonsense, all at the same time.
Austin and Bailey, In their
"Syncopated Hotel," kept thinxu
busy for 15 minutes with their
joy tiust.
"Taking Chances" was a farce
comedy presented by Keeler ami
Helmont "The Two Specks" were
ruba characters In a new line of
comedy. A clever juggling act by
Frank Wilbur and company com
pletes the act.
Miss Browne
Beats Molla
II iiltfil rrr». I.eaarri Wlrr.i
CHICAGO, Sept. 17. — Miss
Browne had two more sets to her
credit today in -the Mary-Molla
series. She defeated the champion
6-1,6-3 in the closing matches for
the ambulance fund here yester
Charley White
To Try Again
(United Preaa i.<-m«-.i Wfre.t
CHIf'ACO, Sept. 17. — Charley
White, who nearly took the count
In their last meeting, will meet
Johnny Tillman in a 10-round bout
In New York, Thursday night,
Nate Lewis the former's manager
announced today.
a wonderful film tonic.
"Seven Keys to Bnldpa'e" is a
great mystery utory, with sur
prises and anti-climaxes galore.
Cohan himself nan the role of
Magee, the leading character, and
he does fine work rh the breezy
young-" novelist. His supporting
cast, headed by Anna (.}. Nllnaon,
Is one of the bent ever seen in an
Artcraft offering.
Girl of 15 Is
Champ Swimmer
Miss Gertrude Artelt, a 1.1-year
old girl, holds the National A. A.
U. 100-yard swimming chumpiou
shi* for women. She made the
distance, in rough water and a
slow head tide, In 1:12:2-5.
The swimming meet was held at
Oakland Beach, N. V., under the
supervision of the Rye Beach club.
Miss Alleen Allen of the Los An
geles A. Cm holder of the spring
board title, also won the national
high fancy diving championship
for women at the same meet.*
♦«■ <i> •*■ *• «> <j, ■•, >■ .j> >t> v■d . i i, »
Hens, dressed .". .22c
LWe hens 17 <ii l.c
Ueese, dressed ........ 12c to 14a
Ituttcr. I'tfßi. ITiccho
Wash, creamery butter 47c
Oregon butter A7c
Fresh ranch eggs 460
Washington cheese 9.. 26c
Swiss cheese 32c
Cream brick cheese 26c
Menu (UreastMl)
Heifert 17e
Mutton, wethers 20c
flogs 25c
Steer beef .. . . ir. KUr
Ewes 13c
Yearlings 21c
Fancy veal 17c
Lemons, box $8.50 #9
linnanas, M> bo
Oranges, box $3.50 @ 4
Grapefruit, o^l $2
Cantaloupes, crate ....$1.75 97 2
Apricots, crate $2
Peaches, crate 70 # 90c
Watermelons, lb IVic
Plums, crate $1.50
Gravenstein apples $1.75
Yakima apples $1.25
Pears $1.2. r.
New potatoes, lb 2o
Onions, lb 1 l-4c
Carrots, sack $1.50
Lettuce, local, crate $1.85
Cucumbers, doz 6oc
Beets, lb So
Tomatoes, lb 10c
Cabbage, local , 2c
Celery, doz 80c
Cauliflower, crate $2
Spinach, lb „ 6c
Rhubarb, lb 2%c
New peas, lb 5o
Asparagus, Kennewlck $2
Radishes, doz bu 200
String beans, lb 4c
New tv nips, lb 2e
Green corn, doz '... . 20c
Eggplant, lb 12 %c
Sweet potatoes, lb 4c
Pyramid < 11.45
Drifted Snow $J1.45
World's Best $14.25
Olympic $11.46
Fisher's Blend $11.60
Dennetfi whole wheat ...$ll.OO
Amocat $13.20
ll.ij and Feed.
Corn, ton $92 ©93
Short *. ton $41
Oats, ton tr. 8
Barley, ton $58
Bran, ton $38
Timothy, ton J $30
Wheat, ton $80
W. W. Cooper, city cli.mn ion
for 1917, and K. A. Dexter, uro
finalists for the championship at
Meadow park. Doth men dashed
thru to the finals yeHterday easily
cleaning up ..II opponents. Cooper
trimmed C. K. Jamex. .*> and :i|
later defeat ing C. J. Backim, 13
and 11.
Dexter won his way Into tUe^
finals by ruthleßs attacks upoa\
Fred VVbIUh and Chris ('avanaiiKh,
defeating the latter one up on i ho
Mtfe liolp. Finals will be played
next Sunday.
■ : j
Spanaway To
Claim Title
As the liusehall MMM MWI its
end, chums are taking on a moro
sensational flavor. Yesterday's
battle at Spanaway, between the •■
Spanaway team and the 0. & B.
Ideals, wont 12 innings before
Spanaway could slip over a win
ning run, and proved one of ths
best played names of the year on
the lake grounds. Spanaway will
now claim the city amateur cham
pionship, unless the Kiiiciiis at
Columbus reply at once to theilt
challenge. Score: Spanaway, 3
-7-2; Ideals, 2-4-2; Franklin and.
Benson; Dickerson and Severenca^
I,B»rb Iloon In CuinrrllM "1
Schedule Auto Stnge tt Kmjhfl <
Service. l!m.-,Mi:» Clu-ckPd.
us in. iotii st. Ti-.i. Mai it aai
Carkouarto-—Wllh »«ou—Tncou
(%*•■!> in II .-it I. ,1 ( ,ir a )
ITGRACKBK, Prop. "•'
Three Trip- Pally
Leave Taeonia: 11; CO a. m.3
1:00. 6:15 p. in.
Leave Carbonado: 7:30, 8:15 a,
m.; 2:00 p. m.
Lv. Tacoma 10 a. m . 1:30, Ip. m. i'
Lv. BuckUy 8 a. m.; 12:30, « r. m.
Saturday and Sunday—L.v. Tacoatf
10 a. in.; 1:30. 11:10 p. m.
11l !•€>■»•» Tl((l«(
Lt. Tacoma—G:4o, 10:30 a. in. >:(&
4:30, 11:10 p. m. ,
Lv. Diipont—B:oo. (:00 a. m.. 1 «4L
4:f>o, 6:18 p. m.
Sunday Syeclal—B:oo, 10:0} p. vxl
and 12:00 S _ '
Hylcboa Creek anil Hague llo« '
l.v. Tacoma6:3o. 130 0:30 a. aaJ
1, 4. B, 8. 10.15 p. m.
Lv. N E. Tac-7:00. 8:00. 10:20 a. A.I
I:3P, 4:30. (:30. 6:45 p. m,
Thrrr Trlpa Dally
Leave Tacoma—7:3o, 19.00. 11:00 ■■
m.; 1:30. 3:30, 5 p. m.
Leave Ortin!?—7:4s, 9 00. 10.00 ft<
m.: 12:30, S;00; B p. m.
Sntunlay Mul>>- nnd Kunilan
Leave Tncoma—9:3o and 11.00.
Leave Ortlng—6:4o.
Kibe, Airier, l.a Ornnit*
F.v. Tacoma R:00 a. m. and SOO p. m,
Lv. Mineral 7:30 a. m and 1 30 p. ma
Lv, Tacoma--8 a. m. and 3:00 p. m
Lc A«hfor<l —8 a. m. and 2:00 i> m.
Lv. Tacoma —8:00 a. m . 1:00. t p. m.
Lv. Kapowsln—B:oo a. m.. I. I. v. nfc
Lv. Tacoma —8:30 a. m. 1.30 p. m.
Lv. Aberdeen—B:oo a. m.. 300 p. ra<
Tnooma Office, Central Bun Sfa,
Alirrilcf-i Off., \\ uNhliiirfoii llotnL
For Aberdeen
Leave Tacoma, 8:30 a. m.,
10:30 a. m.; Olympla, 10 a. m.*
12 noon: McCleary, 11 a. m. t 1
p. m ; Blma, 11:30 a. in., 1:30!
p. m.; Montpsano, 12 noon, 2 p. m.
For Tacoma
Leave Abei-dcen for Tacoma, 9
p. m., 4:45 p. in.; Montesano, i
p. m., 6:30 p. m.; Elma, 4:30 p.
m., 6p. m.; McCleary, 5 p. m.,
6:30 p. m.; Olympla, 6 p. m^
7:30 p. m.
Subject to Change IWthont Notlca
IKb St.. Op. A It. and CSnlral •■
Lv, KHtonville <I;i."v 8 a. m.: 1 p. ns
-1:10 p. m. Sunday, i a. m. J and f
p. m. 4 <
Lv Tii'imn dnnliv R a. m I p. aa_
4 p. m. Bunday I a, at, 4 and Oltl
p. m.
Saturday Evening Special—L*a*a
Eatonvl'l* 7 p. m.: leavt. I'a.otaa,
1:11 p. m
11-MVO-HAIMI-.1l »
l.v. Taonma -6:00 p. m.
Lv. Tenlno—8:00 a. m. #J
■ «aad—Croft Hotel. Uli» Pnriria a«k
and Central Bua ■tattoa.
Tacoma and Venn, Lakeview, Hllh
burst. Oreendale, Roy, MrKenna.
11. T. Mllea.
Lt. Taeoma—lo:3o a. m and 4 n
m.: Sunday 8 a. m. and 11:00 p. m.
Lv. telm—;.3o a. m. and 1 p. ol|
gaturday night 10:10 and Hundaa
Inoiaer, Nnr«b Puyalliip, Plriroadk
Aril* itn. Klfe, Tintma
i i. \\i: m iim:n . I
(Meulrk'a Mtore.) ' '
(:00 A. M. and hourly therea;ta«.
last car leavlns at 10:00 P. M.
On Satnnlayi lait car leaves afl
11:00 P M. m
people* (More nnd <cir.il n... Nt».
«lon. nr.-iiT go. ioik .i.
T:0O A. M. an 1 hourly therenftaß.
lait car leavlaff at 11:00 P. M.
On Katurrinya laat ear leavee tg
Uourly leniiMk
"•tins* Trf»*
7:48 AM. 8:45 a M.
«:4S AM. 0:45 A ft
O:4S AM. 10:4B A £ '
10 45 A.M. 11:45 A.£
11:45 AM. 12:18 l< U.
sbf Eg iia it
4 41 P.M. 4:4t Pll
.4.PM .Js*&
Far* on* way ti. Round trip fl.Hk

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