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The inside story of how the low-lived Rasputin
was plain is told Times readers today by Charles
Kdward Russell, on page 2.
Read how Denver is conducting its municipal
coal dunlin :, page 4.
(United Prea* I.raard Wire.)
—To fill the army signal corps,
the war department may decide to
draft an additional 100,000 men.
The signal service lias asked for
a decision of the method to pur
sue in filling up gaps, existing in
the aviation and telegraph
branches, and the general staff is
ex|>eeted to answer in a few days.
The draft law permits the fill-
Ing of units which are now below
Btrength, but it is held that an
added 100.000, instead of any of
the 687,000 of the original draft
would be necessary for the signal
Men from the aviation sections
will have ■ chance to train either
in American schools or in Eng
land, France or Italy.
England, it is learned, has es
tablished a flying school in Egypt
which is used chiefly by the Cana
dian rurpS.
Tbe new county ferry is get
ting restless at lying around dn
the water with no place to go.
It's balking again.
The failure to get a Point De
. fiance landing place Monday was
the last straw. Monday night she
got balky and bumped again into
the now Todd drydock.
While waiting for a place to
land the ferry has been running
to the Todd shipyard. Apparent
ly she has it in lor that, new dry
dock. About two weeks ago the
dock was given a jar on the weft
side. This time it was on the<
east side.
County Commissioner . Slayden
declared Tuesday that little dam-
Age was done. The trouble is, he
said, that it is hard for a ferry
boat to make a landing when
there's no landing slip.
No report of the circumstances,
of Monday night's collision was
given out, tho It was learned that
Capt. Clancy, the master, has been
laid up wilth the grip.
The second Issue of Liberty
bonds is being printed by the gov
ernment at the rate of 100,000 a
day, and still delivery will be de
layed by the physical impossibil
ity of printing them fast enoiißh.
This information is given Kalph
S. Stacy of the Taeoma National
bank in a letter just received from
James K. Lynch, governor of the
federal reserve bank, San Fran
"Delay in ispu'ng the bonds Is
better understood," says Lynch,
"if we count how many $100 j
Bonds it takes to make a billion
dollars, and realize that, each piece
of paper must be carefully print
ed. Deliveries will not be made
until the bonds are actually ship
ped to every federal reserve d-'.s
--trict so that they can be distribut
ed simultaneously all over the
The first train over Tacoma'a
municipal street enr line made a
trip of COO feet on newly-laid rails
Monday afternoon.
It wan a train f three cars of
rails, drawn by a steam Icomotive,
and it took the earn out on the new
street so that, rails could lie un
loaded where they were needed.
Laying of rails will be pushed
vigorously, and it is expocted that
the entire line, fro mthe Milwau
kee yards across to the Todd plant,
will bo laid within a week. Driv
ing of piles for the Milwaukee via
duct crossing will be completed
by Frldiv night.
I Los Angeles Pays .458 Cents an Ounce for Bread Y\/"|-I\/P I
I Tacoma " .681 " " " " " Wrll i |
9 W' 1 would appear on the face oi' the evidence that Tacoma bakers -„, ... . ■ H
H B are eliarjxiiitf an extortionate price for bread. jk T'^T'W T¥ Tl"*^ dT^^^lf ¥I\J 1 Hi
B H United Press dispatches have brought word recently thai /^IV 1 Fl-MK. V^V^Jl JLl^l I Fl
H J£ French and Ku^lish housewives are buying bi'ead cheaper than GROCER PND BAKER I fw
rfa we are, and made from American flour at that. ■ .n.«.« ■.. ■.■■■■' ■■■ ---^=« I -Jk
M Now comes B. W, Coiner, Tacoma attorney, with the charge, am);- MEATS, FISH, POULTRY, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES M
3 ly backed by concrete evidence, tl»t local prices are FIFTY PEu Mnhmm s»i»ei Main sisi 62J-23 Smiili Hill Street 9
1 LEa tj*jin»wc^^iiy^/^-i9i-Y m
B Los Angeles is across a range of moijntains from any wheat belt /yA JfU jv "^^-IL^^^, \ jR
R and in a state that uses more flour than it produces, and which buys Soid"h>, — An .^-v^fr^^-jr- * |y
Wt thousands of tons a year from here. Tacoma, on the other hand, is at AsM«£L__^'s><L** ll?r^^ m
m seaboaajd in a great wheat-producing and wheat exporting state. *«=«======* ■■'■-*%■■■ ■*- -. m
M Head Mr. < Joiner'i statement of the case: i-Z - ,r T *"%.,,. i^at^iT. f.JBU^UMa'—-- */■ «
I KDITOE THE Oife: ~~~~ • U~MX-&—r*& 1
B Coheernfitg the matter of the price of bread in Tacoma, about ' ' \/~f m
B which we were conversing the other day, tin 1 ■ "'*' ■ - ■ --■ " — —*~ B
B following facts may be interesting: ~ *■ ja
■ An old friend of mine who lives in Los WT^H —-^ /<P~ *CS/*7 M
■ Angeles, ( al., now Vliiting here, told me if V/^> / "' —y*^ * -^ r ■
I bread was much cheaper there than here. V^f+llf /^zhte^" * \ I
■ 1 doubted the correctness of his figures, jfczT'T <r<*^rr &*-•+«-*-r~ H
3 and, to prove it, wrote to Los Angeles and \1?^? R
B had a friend there buy at retail in the usual o^ ■ ■■" -^rr H
H course of trade and ship to me two loaves ( , (j!f^, .^>~~~.: m - „■ „.- ■f- , n^j 4*) e§
■ of bread and liad the bill sent along with "^CJg/ ■' ■ "^^r^-f^ B
H them. - (^^ a & X
X I received a 24-ounce loaf for 11 cents <ZJ&'tsmd^ „. „, „. ...>,,. j&
B and, a 12-ounce loaf for 6 cents. This bread _ JJL _ J^I ,■, ■ , . immJLmih imm iim.i ■■■■ | M » i i n M
B was purchased on the 13th instant, and of J7 y^JLry _-/ *//j*r3oo^ fr€> ~/ /». H
B course had lost some weight in shipment, >^ — ' * ' I• " '^A^^' W
fl but the loaves weighed, on the-Tacoma post" i»—^"sL-w^-V—^^^v«_^^ —S-^ —-^ -.- - m -~~^ i — "^^ B
B office scales, 23% ounces and 12 ounces re- » " ' MMMWM j w
B S])('(-tively. Alk»vc are sales »*Hp« sln«uiii^ Mr. <"<tiner's |iiii-cliase in Ijnw Angeles l«ml TliuiMlny. tliru a BE
B Tti IVJuuMi «-o no,, „4- „«+.,JI 1"; n*i+ f-, trivml, of two loaves of l.njul, nn<l lilm pitrcliJiKo in iaconia MoiuUiy nft<fiioon of two loavefi. S
H Ifll ,U OIIU \\ ( pd\ ai 1 Cl.Ul 1O C( IMS TOl Thp M(f . ( <(f „| (X i^r,,,,,^, !„.„„!, )WS V<)U „n n fisr U r«> f«w yourHHf, MM nwuly one-half more an X
B a 22-OlUlce loaf and 10 cents for a 14-OUriee ounce than tiM California loaves. ■
B I p lii-i hum' the Taroinu pi in is unifoi-m, the name of lli<- Taeoina grorer is not shown on the Klip, H
B iOdl. as npitj,^,. r- i ..in, „ nop The Times wish to MMhBM <xne flrni for a price that all are ehui-KiiiK B
■ 111 Other Words, the 15-Cent loaf, Which «"»d t<tr which aJI are equally responsiWe. R
B ie i'Vioni\i>v nor niinon m6 t o „,, CQI rt J „ ««,,4. Ir i'tu winU to B<H> an(l wimP«l'l' tlle loaves, Mr. (Vrfner lihm them at his office, r.O-4 ItankeiV B
h is cnea]tei pei ounce, costs us .00l oi a cent Trust huiuiing. H
B P^'' OUllce, While the Los Allgejes citizen Mr- Ctttm «H<l not menUon Uie fact in his lc:ter, hut it Is true nevertheless that the Tacoma H
B DaYS 458 of 'I cent for Ml OUllce bread, th© fresh, was on the average une-half ounce iindeiwelffht to the loaf. M
B Put another way, we pay almost exactly 50 per cent may not the people of Taconn justly ask the questions: B
B more for our bread than they do. Can Tacoma make and soil bread as cheaply as Los An- B
B For the smaller loaf they "pay in Los Angeles 500 thou- geles, and if not, then why not? B
B sandths of a cent, and in Tacoma we pay 714 thousandths of It looks like something was wrong. What is it? B
B a cent per ounce. Yours respectfully, B. W. COINKK. B
fl As the price of bread is of vital interest to everyone, Attorney, 501-4 Bankers Trust Building. B
(United I'rm Lcaud Wire.)
NEW YORK, Sept. 18.—In
quiries at the plant of Thomas A.
Ed'son in East Orange as to a
published report thajt Edison had
I invented a contrivance to deflect
torpedoes were greeted with si
lence today.
William Maxwell, vice president
of the Edison corporation, merely
pointed to a sign over the entrance
to the laboratory stating that any
employe giving information as to
work being done for the govern
Five Sets of Twins In
Indian Palmist's Brood
Mary Lchan, a Cherokee In
dian from Oklahoma, with 21 liv
ing children, appeared at the city
hall i >i< (I i\ and visited uearly
every commissioner in an effort
to obtain permission to practice
palmistry here.
Attired In garments of flaming
colors, the Indian woman creat
ed a mild sensation as she passed
from one office to another. She
had documents from public offi
ciate In all parts of the country
to prove that t«he is practicing
jalmiatry ns a means of support
ing her large brood. Among her
childreu are five pairs of twins.
The woman is 34 years old.
Mary had no luck in Tacoma.
The Tacoma Times
ment would be arrested and prose
cuted in accordance with provi
sions In the espionage act.
Publication of the' reported in
vention by Edison followed re
ports brought here by passengers
of an American liner who said
that a torpedo fired at their ship
suddenly leaped out of the water
and turned aside as it drew near
to the vessel. The report pub
lished Jn a New York paper said
the deflecting device had been
tried on several destroyers and
merchantment with success.
There is a strict law here regard-
Ing palm reading and fortune tell
ing, so she was advised to go to
ScaH-li', where the tellers of fu
ture events are given free rein.
Boys Accused of
. Stealing Big Car
Charged with having stolen an
expensive touring car belonging
to E. Healy, 713 10th aye., N. f Se
attle, William Sanders, 16, and
Bert Thompson, 18, were arrest
ed late Monday night near the
city barns.
Shave Free;
Haircut, Too
Any Tacoman who needs a hair
cut or share and hasn't the jrr'ce
handy, should visit the O. K. bar
ber shop Tuesday morning.
Free tonsorial work will be
gladly furnished, so long as the
customer hasn't a beard that Is
tough and wiry, or a head that is
unusually hard to clip.
Members of the state barbers'
board are In Tacoma examining
embryo barbers.
Fourteen were examined Mon
day" night. The students have to
perform a hair cut and shave un
der the keen eye* of an examiner,
and they can't charge for the
Members of the board are J. E.
Hooker, president, of Spokane;
A. A. Giersch, treasurer, of Seat
tle; and H. C. Pickering, secre
tary, of Tacoma.
Armenian, Syrian and Jewish
relief work will be united under^
one committee at a meeting at the
Commercia.l club Wednesday ev
ening at 7;30.
U'nlli-.l I'rrm l.rnarii Wire.)
LONDON, Sept. 18. — Kiug
George boarded and Inspected an
American destroyer today during
a visit to the Clyde shipyards.
(Passed by British Censor)
first I dreaded sending a U-boat with its crow to the
bottom of the sea—but now I'd just as soon 'kill' a
U-boat as drown a rat! I've seen the brutes at work!"
A United States naval officer wb,o has already
done his bit in disposing of the kaiser's undersea
pirates was describing to me the life on Uncle Ham's
destroyers now patrolling this side of the Atlantic.
The amazing thrills, the endless hardships, the
heartbreaking drain on patience and courage endured
by the American sailors fighting the XT-boats the past
three months can hardly be imagined by the folk back
While the rest of the* nation has|
been preparing, our destroyers
hare carried the first American
offensive against the Germans.
Yet their grim blind-man's-buff
has necessarily been kept a secret.
It was pure luck to meet in
tlnn particular city the cotnman
-1 Continued on Page Fire.)
A third keel will be laid at the
Tacoma Shipbuilding Co. yards by
the end of the week, and a fourth
will follow within a short time.
The first ship will be In frame
within six weeks. The vessels i
are all standard wooden ships for i
the government.
Continuing his efforts to keep
T.iroin.-i streets clean Commission
er Atkins sent notices to all down
town store owners Tuesday that
they would be prosecuted if they
dumped their store sweepings into
the streets.
Burglara entered the home of
R. K. McKinney, 3015 North "th
street, Monday night, ransacked
the hous<\ and took only a revol
ver as theJr loot.
Home Edition
Hurry, folks; enjoy this
weather while you ran, for
Mr Cover predicts rain for
Wednesday on thin side of
the inountainß. Fair today.
ii i.h.,1 Pimm imarii Wtrr.l
— President Wilson is taking
MMNNI In slill labor <li ■
puMs iv ihis country nn<l <lls
si|»:it<> ii. (>ftV<t tin so iioci
liles art- having ii|miii Kiinslii.
Tin' I nilcd I'icss is able to
Ktali' seiui-olficially today that
Ilii' president is personally prcs-
Ing for prompt adjustment of the
■hlpyurdi strikes on the western
en,i:i; and that he will soon
sanction dispatch of a lahor nun
mis-ion lo Kussiii to > larifv this
country':! attitude toward the
lloth steps were regarded nec
essary because the lal.or unrest
in the west is being lined, accord
ing to diplomatic report!, to cre
ate db.H:iti-l'action with the war
annum laborers in Russia.
The labor delenuticn to he rent
will Include representative* from
different union:) minors, muni
tion maker.;, etc.
OirfWl I'alsi- Itcpoil*.
Kaeh class will no out amonn
HiiKHian workers ttugld in hliiil
lar Occupation! and spread the
|OapAl <>f unanimity and v coin
ni'iii MtH to fight the war to a
successful finish. All will work
to one purpose correct the re
ports circulated In Knnnta that
'"The I'nited Htuten Ih no AMBM
'incy, eisc> her working paopli
! would not be ftCßttSg th(^ govern
To disciiHS this mission to Ftns-
Bia, Samuel (iompers, lieud of llic
American Federation of T«ahor,
will nee tho president late twlay.
The present impasse in the
coast strike situation is due to
conflict between the shipping
board and the shipyards wane ad
justment hoard, the shipping
lioard attempting to take toltttlon
of the const problem out of the
hands of the wage adjiiHters.
Moonry CtoM Involved.
This did not inret with the ap
proval of lahor men affected. Hut
behind the geenral lahor union
unrest in the west is Been a pro
test by labor anainst the death
sentence imposed upon T. J.
Mooney for the preparedness day
homh outrac i» Ban KraiKiHco.
It may he stated positively that
the Kovnrninent lias found no evi
dence of German money in any
of the disturhanceH including
the I. W. \V. plots.
I The Mooney cane was used
fh out Hiismi hv (Jerman prop-
(ii oPtin;;s, what do you
call your nffft W* know a
man who has n.u.i. d his
Fuddle Jumper.
Our U. S. senate appears to
have conscientious scruples
against the conscription of wealth.
No mail In ever too busy to
stop and tell what a terrible
cold lie has.
A certain westerner named
Gassie. Thompson, It Is recorded,
once contracted to run a tunnel In
the mountains tor eastern tender
feet. Aa deep snows came ho
built the tunnel OUT. By spring
he h:id several hundred feet of
tunnel, on which he realized be
fore the, summer eun got in its
\\. 11, ilifii, why not haul
the county ferry up on dry
land hikl board soldiers in
There are other subjects for do
mestic debate, but the moat prolif
ic in the average household Is on
the subject of who Is to blame for
spoiling the chllldren.
Against one sort of KporiaJ tax
\\ <• seldom bellow;
The one Uiat mercilessly
whacks the Other Fallow.
uuniulinls who spread thn report
Btuong workers Unit "the Untied
Stiller, is ttftneing !■•<» lallstH, yet
c'.alniiiin to In' i dcDiocmcy." An
•ffoti wiis matte by tiie Himt cotn-
BtHlon to ilisHipale feeling
iiroimed by tlt its iiropuKanda, l>ut
I it WHS I'lllpluisl/.eil upon n-lni ,1
:of the eonmluton tlint further
work must be done preferulily
by labor men of tills ii»iiniry
aetnaily sent in itnssia.
Before the coniiulßtlon can go,
however, President WilHon Ih ex
pected in lake a definite xtand on
I lie Mooney eiise. Appeals are
jie.irMtm him !>y tboUMUHII for
There It douht ftmou laboreni
iaH to Mooney'i Kuilt, and they Buy
that the piesident, tuktiiK c.opnl
' /nine of this doubt, may accom
plish a two-l'old !'eiu lit —dn much
In clear the labor unrest In the
tfest and affectively iqualcn Oer
iniiii propaganda bearlag on tho
MM in Kiissla.
< (liilliml l'ri»» I <-noi'(t \Vlr<-.(
I SAX FUANI'ISCO, Sept. 18. —•
I The IT.l T. s. government today in
tervened In tin! strike of iron
■ tnwles whicb has paralyxd »hii>
• building in the Kan KranclHCo bay
t cckloii and held up contracts for
| fir.n.ooo.noo .worth of govern-
I liient Hhips.
Simultaneously with receipt ot
word from Washington that Prefc-
Idfiit Wilson had intereHted hlm
seli personally in adjustment of
the strike, It was learned that W.
|T. Boyce, BRiiiatunt 11. 8. coiumts
|gloner of immigration here, had
',been tlireoted by Secretary of La
hor VVilxon to utter hie services
|as a mediator.
Boyce came at once to San
Francisco from his Alameda home
.and went into conference with
representatives of both aides In
[the controverny.
Altho two companies of marines
were on guard at the plant of the
I'nion Iron workn, there was no
hint of disorder In the city today.
Following the fie. h outbreak of
irlo-tinn which marked the open
[ing of the strike officials In the
I iron IrudeH council leading the
:strike, cautioned all strikers to be
[careful to avoid violence in any
i form.
■ The utrikinK iron workers ot
| San Francisco wMI not loee their
rlKht to occupational exemptions
' from draft, according to an
nounciiiniit today l»y Warren Ol
ney, jr., of the district exemption
I board.
llnirrit Prwn I <n«»tl Wire.)
OH ICACO, Seirt. 18.- The citi
zen who insists at this time upon
exercising his right of "free
speech" In criticising the govern
ment 'b "a promoter of anarchy."
Thiß was the definition given r-y
William Jennings Bryan last night
in an address before 1,000 dele
gates to the convention of the In
ternational Lyceum association.
"I don't know how long the
war will last," he said, "but I
know that, the quickest way out
is straiglrt thru. Any division of
discussion no wwould simply pro
long the war and make It more
costly in lives and treasure."
(1 iill-il I'mt I,rn»r4 Wlr«.|
—The house this afternoon pass
ed unanimously the $7,000,000.
--000 urgent deficiency bill, carry-
Ing tremendous appropriations (or
carrying on the war.
(ÜBitcd I'rm Lraurd Wlr& t
PARIS, Sept. 18.—A violent
German attack succeeding an un
usually vigorous art'llery bom
bardment was successfully r«H -
pelled by French troops south of
Lamiette, near tlie Neufchatel
road, today's official statement »s-

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