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The Tacoma Times
Th« only independent nawapaper In Tacoma. Member of f^^_____^
th« Sorlppa Northwest Leua-ue of Nrw»[mpor», the Newupa- Bta^^aat
,^% per Entorprla* Asaoclatlon and tli* United praaa Aaaorla- Bf***a^^
~afcjfc tlona. Entered at lh» poatofftre, Tm-onui, VVuxli., us •econd- OSIM >9
EkK claaa matter. I'ul.llahad by tlie Tacoma Tlmoa 1-übllHlilni; HSa*«V
■PWaMtSfy Ca. a»ery evening axeept Huuday. P" <S22f«s^'s'
MMVfI(M Rat** —I*.y mall, 10 centa a month; f» a yoar; by carrier, P""^^^S^?
lakaaaMaV^W 21 canta a month. Telephone, all department*, Main 12. naaaa*v">2?«
I "^ Office*. Tlmi-a Buildrng. 819 Pacific avenue. I »
Let the Jury Do It
Pierce county is going to have a jury, maybe two of them, to try the
Camp Lewis condemnation suit. It is going to be a colossal case, and ex
The Times at this juncture arises to suggest tha|t we LET THAT
JURY KAHN ITS PAY. In other words, that the awards be left for.the
jury to make. There is too much being said, in certain interested papers and
on the streets, that is designed to influence in advance the opinions of the
men and women who constitute, the panel called for that purpose.
Various owners of lands have c >me running to The Times with com
plaints against the appraisals prepared by the county's special counsel.
The figures are far too low, they argue, to recompense them for their prop
erty. Well, we're glad to see them and talk matters over, but we're willing
to let the jury try this case, just so long anyhow as it stays sane and
keeps one foot on the earth.
The figures prepared by Attorney Lyle are the estimates of valuation
prepared by one party to the suit. We presume in some cases they are low
er, perhaps far lower, than the jury will allow. That is natural to suppose.
On the other hand, if they were giving them out for public consumption,
we presume the defendants' estimates of what their places are worth would
bo, in sonic cases, far higher than wh.it those parties will eventually re
ceive. That, too, is natural.
It will be up to the jury to reconcile those two sets of figures in the
fairest, ablest way it can. The Times hopes that the rights of the families
actually living on that land, tilling it and making it their home, will receive
every consideration.
Hut while they must be allowed every dollar of value they can show
their property to possess, the land sharks and speculators who have been
holding large tracts in idleness, hoping to catch a flock of suckers or mulct
the government, must not be treated with anything more than justice.
They will try to show a lot of inflated value which it will be the jury's
duty to prick.
The thing for.the rest of us I<> do in the meantime is to sit back and see
that fair play prevails and no publicity campaign for the land grafters
gets by. *
Mayor Fawcett lias been threatening, or promising, to start a municipal
coal yard to bring fuel down to a reasonable price for this winter. We ap
plaud the idea and hope ho does not waste any lime putting it info effect.
Consequently, we take pleasure in introducing to Tacoma's mayor,
B«»h Kpeer, mayor of Denver, who is doing a little job of fuel dictation after
a fashion of his own.
The Rockefeller and kindred corporations had been having a nice time
runnin" the mining and selling of coal in Denver and had got the price up to
$6.50 a i.hi, which was sheer robbery, considering the price at the mines,
when Bob declared that he'd break that cinch. He contracted for the output
of three mines near the city and Denver consumers are getting GOO tons of
coal a day at $3.80. And particular pains is taken to see to it that it goes
to the homes < - the workers.
If the Denverite wants a couple of tons of this coal he applies, gives his
home address, where he works, how many are in
his family, AND WHAT HE EARNS A
The first families that get city coal are those
whose monthly income is lowest. Then the
$100-a-month families are supplied. If the sup
ply exceeds the demand for these, then families
whose income is from $100 to $150 a month will
be supplied, and when this list is taken care of
any family can get municipal coal.
This has broken the back of the coal monopoly
in Denver. It is liable to break it all thru the
state when other cities discover how easy it is to
cut the price of coal in half.
The families who really need the coal will get
it. Those who can afford to pay the trust price
will be taken care of later.
The funny thing about this mayor whom we've
just introduced, Mr. Fawcett, is that he had been
a strong corporation man, anti-labor, anti-gov
ernment by-the-people, and all that. But when
Bob Speer became mayor, he learned what was
being done to the people. When he went In for
municipal fuel, tfie monopolists who thought that
they owned his soul set up a great howl. A cut
from $6.50 to $3.80 will make a monopolist howj
every time. And Bob answered them this way,
which will fit your case, Mr. Fawcett, when the
« monopolists howl at you:
"(Jentleinen, I have been charged with a lot of
things, but I will not help put an extra ounce on
the backs of the workers who already are carry
ing all they «-<ui stagger under. You can do what
you please; the poor families of Denver are going
to have coal at cost this -winter if it costs me my
No flower blooms in vain and somewhere in Nature's
balance sheet is a great big asset built up by the beau
tiful things of the gardens of the ages that just smiled
Mid passed along.—A. D. Robinson.
Those New York financiers aren't so awfully smart
when the president of a big bank can go on stealing
for 16 years and not be found out until after he's dead.
Wouldn't it jar a Bavarian veteran to be captured
fcj the Sammies and brought to a country of near-beer!
Translated for the kaiser: a king and his crown are
■Won parted
Municipal Coal
Constipation Makes
Baby Uncomfortable
'When Ita tender little organs ara
bound op with a congestion of
stomach waste in the bowels, Baby
is a mighty uncomfortable morsel
of humanity, and reflects 1U dis
comfort in its disposition. If
Mother will just rive it a tiny
dose of a mild laxative, such aa
Dr. Culdwell's Syrup Pepsin, the
congestion will quickly loosen and
be expelled, and her child be nor
mal and happy once more.
Dr. Caldw ell's Syrup Pepsin is
especially desirable for children,
because it contains co opiate or
narcotic drag, I" i "X a combination
of simple laxative herbs with pep
sin, mild and gentle in action,
positive in effect, and very palata
ble. Children like it and take it
readily. Drunrists sell Dr. C'ald
well's Syrup Pepsin for fifty cents
a bottle; a trial bottle, free of
charge, can be obtained by writing
to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, «&« Wash
ington St., Kontlcello, Illinois.
(Hperlal to The Times.)
Bringing 35 members of the crew
of th« ship St. Francis, wrecked
some weeks ago on the Alaskan
coast, and a cargo of Bait and
canned salmon, the schooner
Heary Wilson arrived yesterday
from Kogguing. -4
Ac 11> STOMACHS "—i-^
"Add" stomachs are dangerous
because arid irritates and Inflames
the delicate lining of the stomach
thus hindering and preventing
the proper action of the stomach
and leading to probably nine
tenths of the cases of stomach
trouble from which people suffer.
Ordinary medicines and medicinal
treatments are useless ia such
cases, for Ibey leavd the source of
the trouble, the acid in the atom-
ach as dangerous as ever. The
acid must be neutralized, and tta
formation prevented, and the best
thing for this purpose Is a tea
spoonful of blsurated magnesia, 4
simple antacid, taken in a lUU«
hot or cold water after eating,
which not only neutralizes the
acid, but also prevents the fermen
tation from which acid is develop
ed. Foods which ordinarily caus*
distress may be eaten without dan
ger if the meal Is followed with a
little liisurated magneaia, which
can be obtained from any druggist,
and should always be kept hand/.
Tuesday, Etopfc, 18, 1917.- THE TACOMA TIMES— Pagt Foul
A cat heard that the birds in an aviary were ailing. So lie got himself up as
a doctor Mid, taking with him a set of the instruments proper to that profession,
presented lynuself at the door and inquired after the health of the birds. "We
shall do very well," they replied without letting him in, "when we've seen the
last of you."
Jr£& \llQ> V V JC/iH^rJ.) CYNTHIA GREY
Dear .Mis.-, Grey: I was mur
ried five months ago. to a man
1 trusted fully. But now I find
lie has been going with a girl in*
another town, ile Is a traveling
man. I obtained the name of
this girl and wrote to her. She
answered that it was the Inn ii,
but the affair would stop now
that she knows he is married.
I am so miserable that 1 would
Hke to end it ail. Please advise
me how to win his confidence so
'that he will be true to me. How
shall I act when he comes
liome? Shall I tell him I know
about tbis affair, or act as tho
nothing has happened? Please,
please help me as I am so wor
It will be best to tell yoiu- hus
band what Uas taken place, be
cause the girl, if she keeps tier
word, will tell him. Your knowl
edge of tliio, just at this time, may
be the one thing needed to make
your iMisband realize the gravity
of Ills conduct. He has, petiiaati
The Outbursts of
Everett True. «* cam**.
MORAL —A villain may him
self but he will not deceive the wise.
caivl<*>.sly, kept up the a<
<lii.ll m .!■■< i> of «iiK lie Knows in
the loniu Ihi viftitH. »it lnHit ill -
r..riiiiii« llmmii of Ilia nian-ianr. \
Show dim that you can forgive,
hut thai, you are very muck in
earnest there sluill be do second
Dear Miss Grey: Kindly tell
me how to cook spinach in or
der to get the full benefit of
the mineral salts it contains?
Pick over the spinach, care
fully removing roots, roarae aid
wilted Ikiivi'-s. !•>«■<■ from sjuhl by
washing thru several waters. let
ting it st.md In very cold water
will improve It. lift out of the
water and put to cook in boiling
water and let bofl five minutes.
Drain off part of the water, add
wilt and rook until tender in the
liquid which remains on the
leaves. l Tse a* little water as pos
sible, that the valuable portions
be not lost. Press dry, chop and
reheat, (IrcsHiiiK with butlrr ami
nerve with uliro, of lcm ion or hard
trailed «*kk*.
Dear Miss (Irey: To settle a
dispute will you please tell us
if a man's wife can, with proper
identification, cash her hus
band's pay check?
If .1 man indorses his pay check
Ms wife '.in cash it; otherwise,
she cannot.
Dear Miss Grey: Will I come
Into any danger for weariirg a
flag on my hat? I trimmed
up a little white hat with the
Stars and Stripes, which I
thought I would wear. But niv
brother Bays I am liable to, he
arrested and I'd better not
take any chances. Is it wrong
to vmmt a 11." on my hat?
A.—Tim line U drawn between
wearing a fl:m us a badge or em
blem and wearing it as a frivolous,
lirrsoniU adornment. You would
probably not l»e arrested if you
should appnar in (he hat, but your
good taste uonlil be questioned
by everyone who Raw you. To
wear a little flag in the band of
tli.- hat would be all right; hut to
convert a flag into a twisted silk
drapery tor trimming is wrong.
Dear Miss Grey: I have
been married on the quiet for
five months now. My wife's
people do not know of our
marriage and she will not let
them, know, not because she or
I am"Tiot old enough, but be
caus* she Is very sensitive. I
have never met her relatives,
but would like to.
Do you think it would ba
wrong if I would write them
and introduce myself, or how
would I go about it?
A.—The iuiii<>iiiM'<-iiH-iii of your
mtu-ringe should come from your
wife. Perhaps if you will make It
quite clear to her that you wish
her folk* to know about your
marriage, fthe will break the news
to them.
There is one sure way that never
fails to remove dandruff complete
ly and that la to disaolva It. This
destroys it entirely. To do this,
just get about four ounces of plain,
ordinary liquid arvon; apply It at
night when -retiring; use enough
to moisten the Rcalp and rub it in
gently with the finger tips.
By morning, most If-not all. of
your dandruff will be gone, and
three or four more applications
will completely dissolve and en
tirely destroy every single sign
and trace of it, no matter how
much dandruff you may kiivp. '*•
You will find, too, that All itch
ing and digging of the scalp will
ntop instantly, and your hair will
be fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky
and Boft, and look and feel a hun
dred times bettor.
You can get liquid arvon at any
drug Store. l< Is Inexpensive, and
four ounces is all you will need.
Tlii- Himple remedy nan never been
known to fail. "Advertisement"
Dick and I, little book, were so interested and eicited over the
first news of Harry Symone's scandal we forgot for a long time to sea
what the evening papers said.
Mollle had sent us all of them. All the evening papers were
supporting Harry's campaign. Wn looked at Pat's paper first and
found a statement by' Harry and also one by Eliene.
1 could reulUe with wliat agony Kllene wrote hern, but I also
realized how courageously nlie would decide to do her iitfrt, and 1
know Harry wan more nit ltui>j>>- for her Bake than his awn.
Harry's statement was really a mauly cry of "peccavi." It be*.
"A morning paper with the discriminating glee of a Klioul has
wen fit to publish what pun i.rts to be a Hecret chapter in my life.
The publisher oi that paper has evidently gotten hold of some facts
which lie has perverted and made to read an tho I was the veriest
criminal. This, 1 contend, is a falsehood. However, I am not going
to hide behind any sophistries.
"The twiffs who bear my name are my children and their motner
died In giving them birth. My wile knows all Hi.' (inn instances and
has legally adopted these children. 1 have nothing to say in extenua
tion of this episode of ray life. I only ask every man to try me by his
own conscience. Both myself and my wife have made every repara
tion in our power. That we did not alluw the matter to become pub
lic was more on account of our twin Iwys than fur ourselves.
"The morning paper intimates that the mother of my boys maf
have died from foul play. That is very easily silted. Her father, who
waa with her at the time of her ileaUi, lives in this* town and I will
be Klad to give his name to the proper authorities if they wish to
make an investigation. That I do not give it here is because 1 do not
want to give the man (he Is old and feeble) needless pain.
"I want it distinctly understood that I am not asking one man in
this city to vote for me for mayor if he thinks I am not fit for the
office If lam elected everyone wiH get as fair a deal an I can give,
and above all, poor andjMi alike, will be given a chance to help
build up their home town into a model city.
••Remember, 1 am asking for no whitewashing. If my fellow
citi/.'iu>do not want me. for their mayor 1 do not want the office,
but 1 give the opposition, which has stooped to slinging mud into
the face of big as well as innocent women and which has not hesi
tated to brand two tine hoys with undeserved isnominy, fair warn
ing. I'll light to the bitter end with every fair means at. my com
mand and if I lose 111 go down with colors flying."
"It is a splendid document," sald_l)ick as I finished reading it
to him "1 think it will do the trick, fie makes no plea for pity.
He takes all the blame to himself and says in sutjatanoe, 'Now that
you know the worst. g.-ntlemeii. whs#t are you going to do about HT
What dees Kliene say?"
"Only this- The children who bear my name were legally adopt
ed by me at the time of their mothers death. I know the complete
story of their birth and adopted them personally. lam their only
legal guardian and have made a will leaving them my entire estate.
Knowing that, my HttTe daughter, born two years after their adop
tion will b P adequately taken care of by her father.
(Signed) Kliene Synione.
•By t/racious!" said Dick, "that is a peflrh. It says nothing at
all, but says everything. I think Hurry will win. lie has learned his
'"buttle book, I could not help thinking his lesson was al-o hard
for cithers as well v himself.
(To Me (Niniiniie<l.) |
Kaiser Would Save His Skin
(Inlli-rt I'rfi.n Stuff Corrr«|i«"<t«*Mt.i
NKW YOUK, Se|)t. IS.- Karly
restoration of c.'.vie authority In
Belgium to the Belgian* U tot«>-
I shadowed by the (tormaa govern-
Unt'i failure to fill the vacant
I posts of civil governor and assist
| ant civil governor of Belgium, pre.
lv:ou»ly hold by German officials.
German newspapers have been
quick to find ■igniffcftMt in the
I fact that these two important of-
I flees nre now without incumbents;
and it is probable the kaiser.*
cabinet is sounding public, opinion
at home concerning the abandon
raent of German civil control of
A move of this character wonl'i
be a natural preliminary step !>y
the kaiser to an eventually com
plete restoration of Belgium. It
would prepare the pan-Oermans
for the future of their imperial
istic ambitions and would be a
plea'for peace.
Belgium would still be subser
vient to the military flats of the
Mlsh Ruth Tlioniburß, of Santa
Marie, Cal., and Mr. Harry Hetx
ler, of thi quartermaster's depart
ment, Camp Lewis, were married
Sunday at the home of Rev. Bates,
South Tacoma.
After the ceremony the bride's
mother, Mrs. Madison Thornburg,
was hostess at. a beautifully ap
pointed luncheon at the Olympus
In the wedding party were tue
mother of the groom, Mrs. Jennie
Hetzler, Mrs. Thornburg, and Mr.
and Mrs. Burns of Salinas, Cal.,
uncle and aunt of the bride.
Mrs. Hetzler is a graduate of
the University of California and a
member of Delta Gamma. Mr.
Hetzler is a graduate of Wabash
college, Ind., and a member of
Kappa Gamma.
He resigned his position as as
sistant cashier of the Bank of
Santa Marie to enlist. The young
couple left Sunday evening for a
few days In Seattle.
Mrs. Thornburg has taken a res
idence at 302 North I street for a
short time, and Mrs. Hetzler will
make her home with her mother
while sho is here.
The - iI.-si-.mmii at li-Vi Brou<l
way will be open all day Friday to
receive donations for the nftn
tn&ge sale to be held Saturday and
Monday for the benefit of the Ta
coma Day Nursery.
The women in charge of the
sale wish to emphasiie that abso
lutely nothing except furniture
will come amiss for this sale.
Not only clothing, shoes and
hats for men, women and children,
but articles of every kind that
havtf become superfluous but are
still in good condition, will help to
swell the fund for the children.
Articles too large to bo brought
to the salesrooms by the givers
will be called ror if Mrß. K. J.
Carlyle, Main 7T.92, i» notified.
MarrlaffA lirenneH wero Ismiol
Monday to H. S. Shrove and
Vivian M. Culver, Seattle; Joe A.
Caramon and Olive V. Nelson, Se
attle; C. A. Rottmiller and Aim i
Kllru At kin, Kniimclaw: S. l/oril
avlch and Wary Milfrirh, O.s I la
bor; Benjamin J. Stiinson, Tilla
c-um, and Anna Anderapn, Taco
ma; Kdgar Darls and Lily Hed
berg, Tacoma; Robert Vaug'in
and Joule E. Shrope, Seattle;
German army chiefs, and no harm
w oiild be worked to (Jerinan tniv
tics anil strategy, if in purely local
iffy Irs the B«IgUM witc allowed
to exercise the powers of the citfl
governor and his assistant.
The B«l|tU government ilself
eoald of conrt* weept no such
compromise with Germany, but
the Belgians at home might find
"it possible to do so.
The kaiser's pr'ndpal purpose,
in gMating • c»ni I'ssion of this
nature would he to save his own
If the allies were to accept thß
restoration of Belgium as a suf
ficient peace offering and were to
permit the ka Tser to retain his ir
'■esponsiblp, autocratic powers, all
Ihe advantages of the exchange
would rest with the Hohenzo'i
lerns. This 1b the stake for wltiob
the galser Is now playing. But
the plan Is unworkable.
With Aim-rloa In Hm «iir
th« M<i!ii-ii/ipllitiis won't Im
alkiwed t<> l>en off simply by
p«it(lining (lie loot. "
Adolph Anderson and Ettie Siegal
Tiii-iMim uiils inl.-r inu tJld I'nl
versity of Washington this yaai
are Anita Mary Wheeler, Dorothj
Chantler, Agnes Goldsmith, Doro
thy Roediger, OUve Swain, Katb.
erine Maxwell, Helen Arkley ant
Margaret Brady.
The Women's Missionary no
rlety of the First Church of th<
fclvangelical association will mccl
atNi o'clock Wednesday at thi
church, South 13th and X streets
Mr- Andrew Mil.K.-i5.,,,. SHK
So. Tacoma aye., will entertalr
the Sunshine club Wednesday aft
Ouster \V. K. C. will Rive a cam
party at the Armory at 2 o'clocl
I*l, one l'l'°n*>
Main ifl Main
A IS-Year Guaran
teed Set of Teeth $10
1 DFF when other work U
I KU contracted.
Extra heavy SHlk Gold Crown
and Bridge Work SA.oo
Backed bj a 10-year guarantee
1146% Pacific Aye.
Near 18th and Pacific.
Open every evening.

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