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Bower foothaJl will be the
next outdoor nport to take
fn»nt rank in Tanmuu All
you Scotchmen ami KnglMi
men nt«|> forward!
o o o
Jack Curley, boxing promoter,
has at last Invented a perpetual
motion machine. He uses it al
ternately on his typewriter and
his mouth.
o o o
n«i Molntyre in going to
try to put Hi. Hinelter Vili
letic club into Uie Amateur
AU<l«li<- Hx>i«ijiti..ii. Another
blx Ixiosi for Tacoma, if he's
0 0 0
Cleveland is cussing Brick
<>wens, which makes it unanimous.
o o o
O on
The Tacoina park board
has made $2,000 profit off
the rental of rowboatß at Pt.
Defiance this season, and
most at the money has come
from fishermen. About time
for tbe fishermen to step in
and ask for a reduction in
rates, isn't it?
O On
We can't help wondering wlieth
er 92,000 worth of 11-I1 haw iv.ll
flaunt- We K°t a quarter's wurlli
one, da)', anil the rowboa* mil
tackle cost 91.75.
Rubs Hall says he hasn't time to
worry over the 1917 prospects of
the Northwestern league. His
mind 1b occupied right now with
the gr-r-and opening of the Glide
skating rink.
OO O '
Oarl Morris complained that the
Canton protnoterH tried (<> »h.«r!
him oat of his money. Which is
open to argument. Those at the
ringside My that if Morris had
been |>ai<l what wan due him he
would have owed the promoters
o o o
If Joe Bonds came back to Til
coma he might manage to get a
little excitement out of a bout
with Chet Mclntyre, new Smelter
A. C. instructor. Chet says he's
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago 94 48 .662
Boston «4 53 .6U
Cleveland 78 63 .553
Detroit 70 72 .4<..{
New York 66 73 .475
Washington 65 71 .4 7 8
St. Louis 52 90 .3t>6
Philadelphia 49 88 .358
At New York— R H E
Boston 6 9 2
New York 1 5 0
Leonard and Cady; Fisher,
Mogridge and Nunmaker.
nTHE Coll to the Colors calls (or thrift and
-*- common sense by everybody. A 10c. pouch
of W-B Cut Chewing goes twice as far as lOc.'s
worth of ordinary tobacco. That's the big point:
W-B Cut isn't ordinary tobacco, it's rich tobacco
and a lasting chew.
IM* kr WETIAW-Mimm COMPACT, 11*7 IVWw.,, New T«* Chy
Tacoma will have a Borcer
league of six or eight clubs this
year, if the plans of whit enthus
iast! materialize. An attempt WAN
made last year to start such a
league, but' i the idea was not
broached until the season had
started, and most of the teams had
their' private schedules all com
Bill Kennedy, manager of the
Smelter Athletic club's soccer
team, and one of the most enthus
iastic player-managers in Tacoma,
is one oif the men who would like
to see a league formed.
"If we could have a league in
Tacoma. a whole lot more interest
would Im created in soccer than
there has been in the past," said
Kennedy today.
"We rould easily develop a fast
league of six or eight teams here,
and then wo'd have some means
of really determining the cham
pionship of the city."
Kennedy is going to get his soc
cer boys together at once. If there
are any other soccer manager In
Tacoma Interested in the league
plan, they can reach Kennedy at
Proctor 2823Y during the day-
The McKinley Reds are the first
Tacoma soccer team to start prac
This team, which played up to
the final championship game of
the season last year, losing the
title to Carbonado by a close mar
gin, is after a championship this
year. A dance will be given by
the team Saturday nigfci at Cani|>
bell's hall, on the hill, to raise
funds for new equipment.
Those who are trying out for
the team are D. Gallant, C. Olson,
W. Folsom, A. Kurtz, S. Sather,
T. Hoveland, R. Crosta, C. Myhre,
E. Ryan, I. Crosta, T. Tollefson,
8. Gaylor, C. Uellman and J.
May Let Jim
Scott Pitch
Mniir.i Prm 1 ■ «.rrt Wire.)
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18. — I
Death Valley Jim Scott may pitch <
for the Seals once a week during
the remainder of the season. Scott
Is at the officers' reserve training
camp at the Presidio and today
Owner Berry of the Seals wired
owner Comiskey of the White Sox,
to which club Scott, belongs, for
permission to use the pitcher on
Gobs of Gloom
(I nil.-.l Prrna l.rnm-il Mir.-.)
BERKELEY, Cal., Sept. 18.—
Gloom settled over the University
of California campus today when
it was announced that Captain
Dan Foster, of the football team,
broke his shoulder blade in Satur
day's game and probably will be
out of the game the rest of the
«>♦«><£■«♦s"«>♦*<» •»♦<£♦<•
«> *
«. »
♦ ♦♦♦<*><•• ♦><*>♦♦• * ♦ 4> •*
Standing of the ClnU*.
Won [<ott. Pel
New York 90 49 .647
Philadelphia 77 59 .Ml
St. Louis 7fi 66 .535
Cincinnati 72 71 .503
Chicago 71 71 .500
Brooklyn 63 71 .470
Boston 60 75 .4 4 1
Pittsburg 46 93 .331
fiuiiieM Yesterday.
At Chicago— R H E
New York 5 6 1
Chicago 0 6 Z
Schupp and McCarty; Douglas,
Walker, Prendergast and Dilhoe
At Cincinnati— R H E
Philadelphia 4 10 1
Cincinnati 1 8 3
Alexander and Killifer; Mitchell
Reuther and Wingo.
At Pittsburg— R H E
Boston 4 12 0
Pittsburg 1 9 2
Hughes and Meyers; Miller and
Tuesday, Sept. 18, 1917.-T H E TACOMA TIMES—Page Six. „
Smelter Company Builds $30,000 Gym
And Gives It to Men As Their Plaything
At an e\p<»iiN<- that will reach $:«),000, the Tacoinu Snulin company ha* <-i ■■< i«-«i tin-, magnificent club house, and is |>ropMring to
turn it over to the eml'ioye* u.s their own property, to do with as they choose.
4 * <i 4 . « <s> <$> .$> >p 4 «*<£<»»
t +
♦ WILL AM A. A. A. 4
♦ •
•• diet Mcintyre, instructor •
♦ for the new Smelter Athletic <i
•■ club, will mal<e application 4
f~ for a charter In the Amateur I
<t Athletic association his win- •
<j ter. It will be the first time ♦
♦in years that Tacoina has I
4 had a club in the big ama- •
> teur organization. •
<i> "I believe there will be •
4> lots of good boxing and •
♦ wrestling material at the •
■•- smelter, and that we may •
♦ bring a few amateur titles to •
4> Tacoma," says Chet. •
"It's the greatest gymnasium
and the f'nest club house of its
size in the west. I've seen them
all, and 1 know what I'm talking
about. Tacoina is the only city
anywhere in the west where a cor
poration has done anything like
this for its men."
Chet Mcintyre, athletic instruc
tor of national renown, who ha^
come to Tacoma to manage the
new Smelter Social and Athlet'c
club, bubbled with enthusiasm yes
terday afternoon as he piloted a
party of visitors thru the $:!0,000
club house that is being completed
fort he employes of the Tacoma
And Chet had every reason to
be enthusiastic. He has been se
lected by the 1.100 employes of
the hig plant to act as the mana
ger of THEIR clnb. The entire
bunding has been turned over to
him, with a free rein to do as he
pleases towards building up one
af the greatest athletic organiza
tions in this part of the country.
And with this big contract to fill,
the famous instructor has thrown
himself Into the job with a zeal
that is winning hearty friendship
and co-operation from everyone in
the plant.
The club house Is another of
the smelter company's big projects
for bringing the employes togeth
er as one big family and creating
a spirit of good fellowship among
all of the 1,100 mon.
The idea was born a year ago
when foremen of the big plant as
sembled for a banquet in a down
town hotel. Some of the men
had worned in the smelter fjr
years, without getting acquainted
with one another.
"We ought to nave a club, so we
could get together and become
acquainted." commented one of
the foremen. The plan stuck in
President H. Y. Walkers mind,
loafer he broached the subject to
some of the men.
"I think the company would be
willing to build a club house for
the men, if they would manage it,"
he suggested.
Committees were appointed.
The employes took heartily to the
idea: Flans were drawn. And
then, one day this spring, the cor
nerstone of a big new building was
laid on the hillside overlooking
smelter plant and Puget Sound.
The plans called for a $25,000
building, but the cost is running |
closer to $30,000, and no one has
said a word about the additional
The smelter is erecting the
building at its own expense, will
maintain heat and lights in it, and
will turn the whole thing over to
the men to handle as they choose.
It has already been decided that
the dues to each man using th?
club will be only 50 cents a month.
The only expense of operation will
iio the salary of Instructor Mcln
tyre, and the wages of a Jan.tor.
As an athletic home, the build
ing is a marvel of compactness.
The structure is 80 by 120 feet in
size, erected of the same high
grae brick that Is being used in
the Immense new smelter stack.
The gymnasium is Kox. r>o feet in
size, with windows forming the
walls on three sides. The room
is large enough to hold 1,500 per
sons at a boxing show. Circus
seats will be installed when ex
hibitions are given. There is also
a large balcony on one side of the |
Two bowling alleys, a big show- I
er room, a dlntng room and kitch
en for the remainder of the space
on the lower floor. Upstairs are
a billiard room, where four pool
and one billiard table will be in
stalled: a parlor to wnicli the me.i
may invite women guests; a smok
ing and card room, and the In
structor's quarters.
The parlor has a big fireplace,
and will be furnished with Brus
sels carpets and expensive furni
ture. No smoking will he permit
ted in it. Apparently no expense
is be'ng spared lo make ihe club
us comfortable and beautiful a.s
can be accomplished.
The formal opening will ba
Oct. 1.
"So Long, Letty" Opens
Musical Comedy Season
Charlotte Greenwood, pretty star in U»e lively musical comedy,
"So I/>n>» bMf t M at the Taoonia next week.
The first musical comedy of
the season and one of the most
successful of the past three years,
"So Long Let'y" with Charlotte
Greenwood and the notable New
York cast and production will be
the attraction at the Tacoma the
ater four nights starting next Sun
Star With Cohan Is
Well Known Actress
Anna Q. Nilsson. (ieorf^p M.
Cohan's pre'ty leading lady in
"The Seven Keys to Haldpato."
will be remembered as the heroine
of several big motion picture hits.!
She, plays Mary Norton in the pres
ent offering.
Among Miss Nilsson's notable,
screen portrayals must be number
ed "Shenandoah," "Hegemr.Uion,"
and the Herial, "V\'ho'« Ouilfy?" |
In addition to Mlhs Nilsson. |
maay other well-Known iplayera
appear in "SeVen Keys to B>ld
• ♦
r ♦♦♦♦♦««■♦«♦♦♦*».
HlismllliK <>f HlO Cll>t)».
Won. I.o«t Prt
i San Francisco ..94 77 . n.'. o I
i Salt Lake 87 72 .'. H :
ir>os Angeles ....89 79 .Sid
IPortland 78 81 .41U
Oakland 81 88 .179
Vernon 70 101 .409;
"I haven't decided upon the
•Kynii!;' uiuni apparatus yot," said
Chet Mcintyre, "ami won't order"
it'until I have talked with all the
men a lid learned the'r desires.
You see, I'm responsible to the
men only. The smelter company
hasnt' a thing to do with the chin
once it is coniplerea.
"I don't believe, however, lli.-it
thr fjfU will be cluttered wi'li
parallel bars and .horizontal liais
and hordes and aerial K&ft, This
sort of apparatus js all right for
1 out no training. Hut the men
out here get enough exercise in
their worU. What they want Is
"So Long Letty" Is replete with
fun and music and boasts of the
most vivacious and prettiest chor
us seen here In years. A feature
of the production also is a novelty
orchestra carried by the company.
There will be a popular matinee
Wednesday. Seats for the engage
ment will go on sale Friday.
pa'e." Frank Losee, Purnell
Pratt, Joseph Smiley, Arraand
CortM, E!(1h Furry, C. Warren
:f'ook, and Eric Hifcson have lm-
I portent role*.
The bill will change Thursday,
William Karnum being offered In
:lhc i reat Fox feature, "American
I Methods."
Players Ready
S.tad;unl h'fh school football
prmpMtl liriKlnrned considerably
! yesterday v. In v 100 students
tui.cil out I<-r luii'orms ,at the
1 fry; outdoor turnout of the sea
son. Nin».';y rslti were distributed
nTid the re'iiHiticlcr were givf n out
jlodiiv. ',ir.' football players are
putting in r ) anearnnce than had
I <•'•'! :. >r Led. Harold Ve'th,
start half!), rt of tho 1915 eleven,
in knefe tn coiiool and will piny
'■gate. i
recreation and games.
"l f it is agreeable with them, I
will order apparatus for basket
luill, indoor baseball, volley ball,
haiiii.iall, and all the indoor games
that can be played in a big gym
nasium. 1 want to organize
iopms and create a sprit of
friendly rivalry."
If the club and gym proves a
-uecess, the smeller ha» offernd t'>
erect a big swimming pool in the
basement, and place tennis courts
- And Instructor MHntyre Ufl
they're soing to get those other
! additions or his name isn't t'het.
Miss Dalton's
New Film Has
Piquant Plot
Neva Blame, cabaret |trii taken
to a wealthy man's country honw
as a result of a strange bargain
he nii.kes with her, misunder
stands his purpose, and this leads
to nome pit]iiunt scenes, especially
those rtepcting the gtrt'l first
nipht in the country home. There
are many unusual situations in the
play and Ik>rothy Dalton handles
them in her usual finished man
ner. "Ten of Diamonds," in
which this happens, remains at the
Apollo until Wednesday night.
There are Pathe news pictures, a
comedy and music hy the Apollo's
enlarged orchestra.
Lincoln Boys
Get Grid Togs
Football suits were being dis
tributed to Lincoln Park hish
school players today, and the first
practice will be called tomorrow
by Coach Colbert. Fifty men turn
ed out Monday in answer to t!ie
first football call. Altho many at
last year's stars are not in school,
it is believed that enough players
will turn out for practice in order
to permit selection of au eleven
of fast, heavy players.
Those who turned out were:
Paul Wotton, George Dorfner,
Parker Buck, Ralph Thonns,
Ward Thomas, Earl Kellogg, Gor
don Opltmm, Elgene Hicker, Ce
cil Perkins, Charl'e Johnson, Law
rence Froling, Wallis Anderßon,
John Grass, Cecil Cavanaugh.
Soccer —Otto Dueval, Clifford
Fox, Clarence Brooks, Fisher.
Breaks Thumb,
Continues Bout
11 nii.-il PNM I •■!>«.. l Wire.)
CINCINNATI 0., Sept. 18. —
Altho he broke and dislocated hig_
left thumb in the third round here
last night, K. O. Mars, Cincinnati,
fought a winning fight with one
hand and at the end of the tenth
round received the referee's de
cision over Dutch Brandt of Hrook
Ruth Roland In !
Powerful Drama j
Ruth Holand, seen and admired i
here in "The Neglected Wife," hag
the leading feminine role tn "Th*
Stolen Play," now showing at the :
Melbourne. Miss Roland has a I
striking role and she makes the I
most of svery opportunity. D. K. 1
Whitcomb wrote the scenaria
which was directed by H. M. and
B. I). Horkheimer. William Conk
lin and Edward J. Brady are In
ilii' cast also. The drama is mip- (
ported by two rattling comedies.
"Hazards and Home Runs" and
Tom Mix in "Roping His Sweet
Coming to the Melbourne to- I
morrow in Marguerite Clark In !
"The Valentine Girl."
ArrnM-d a.i rUm-Jcm-h, AaguHt
Makitullo, Eric Lake, Hester '
Routa and 11. Paavila. sentenced
to nerve three days In county jail A
by I'Vderal Judge Cushman.
Another bout for the Eagles'
opening smoker next week was
announced by Matchmaker Oeorge
Shan' mi today.
Battling Bunker of Seattle, the
big fellow who always creates a
hurricane of fun when he enters
a ring, will meet Ray Cunningham
of Montana.
Cunningham is in Tacoma at
present, employed in one of Hie
railroad yards. He has nexer boxed
here before, btr he has a record
ms long as your arm, and if all the
dope is correct, Bat Bunker will
think a steam roller has entered [
the ring when Hay tackles him. I
The men will weigh in at 170.
diet Neff, who meets Muff
Bronson in the main event, is
going to be a busy gladiator this
He meets Frankie Tucker on the
25th. Tucker is managed by his?
Bister, the, only girl manager in
the west. On the li7tli Neff
tackles Bronson here, and on the
29th he is scheduled to box Joe
Bay ley in a 10-round fracas at Vic
Swimpiing Will
Start Saturday
Pupils at Stadium and Lincoln
Park high schools will start the'r
swimming lessons Saturday. Tan!<s
are in splendid condition and
four of the best swimming in
structors in the west are ready to
begin instruction.
W. T. Duggan and M'ss String
lellow will lie instructors at Sta
dium, and P. P. Colbert and Miss
I'inkhatn at Lincoln.
Hours for swimming for stu
dents follow: Boys, Stadium and
Lincoln. !l to ll:::{0 a. ni., Satur
days; girls, Lincoln, 9 to 11:30
a. in., Saturdays; girls, Stadium, 2
to 4: HO p. m., Saturdays.
Bird Dog Is
Badly Hurt
Altho his prize dog, Myas Cull
Chickamun, in Ktill rafitsiiag from
injuries received Frilay when he
jumped out of a moving automo
bile, M. A. Howe of Tacoma 1 be
lieves the animal will be In fit con
dition to enter the field trials of
the Washington Field Trials club.
It was necessary for the dog to
default in the Portland trials, be
ing held this week.
♦ ♦*<•' «><S>«.<*«)«.* -!>#<» j>»
4> WHAT XXI All.l KM PAY *
Hens, dressed 22c
Live hens 17® 19c
lieese, dressed UcluUo
flutter, Egga, lAieeM«
Wash, creamery butter 48c
Oregon butter •'. . . .48c
Fresh ranch eggs 46c
Washington cheese 26c
Swiss cheese 32c
Cream brick cheese 2fic
Meal* (UreaseO)
lleirers 178
Mutton, wethers 200
Hogs 25c
Steer beef !r> \' % c
Ewes 13c
Yearlings 21c
Fancy veal 17c
Lemons, box $S.so(gi9
Bananas, lb so
Oranges, box $3.50® 4
Grapefruit, Cal $2
Cantaloupes, crate $I.7">ifi)2
Apricots, crate $2
Peaches, crate .70® 90c
Watermelons, lb I%c
Plums, crate $1.50
Gravenstein apples 11.71
Yaktma apples ll.il
Pears $1.25
\ ncdnlilf*.
New potatoes, lb 2c
Onions, lb
Carrots, sack $1.50
Lettuce, local, crat« $1.85
Cucumbers, doz 6ic
neets, lb Se
Tomatoes, lb 10c
Cobbage, local 2c
Celery, doz 80c
Cauliflower, crate v*.|l
Spinach, lb 6c
Rhubarb, lb „..!%«
New peas, lb 5c
Asparagus, Kennewick $2
Radishes, doz bu 20c
String beans, lb 4c
New tu.'nips. lb Se
Green corn, doz 20c
Eggplant, lb 12 He
Sweet potatoes, lb 4c
Pyramid $10.55
Drifted Snow $10.8".
Olympic $10.5.">
Fisher's Blend „$11.61
Dennett's whole wheat ...sll.oo
Amocat $13.20
Hay and Feed.
Corn, ton [email protected]
Shorts, ton $41
Oats, ton ' $?>8
Barley, ton $58
Bran, ton ... ,t $38
Timothy, ton $30
Wheat, ton $75
Alfalfa, ton $27
Scratch food, ton $81
All «<■« k—Kvelyn Nrabtt in
; photoplay, "Redemption." «'<«•*
inn—"So Long li<-tly."
I-W i .(.. s
"Salvation Sue," dnunatk
-klf; with Villl.li \ ill.-
"The (.'hi in the Moon;" with
"Seven K.« - to r..,M|..ii.,"
»ith «.€••■ i v.- M. ( ..hail.
Al'« H.i.o «
"Ten o' I >■■ in. .ml- .■ with
Dorothy Italton.
."The Stotlen Play," with;
Kuth Rolund.
Evelyn Nesbit
At the Tacoma
"Redemption," a photodrama
[of unusual interest with Kvelyn
j Nesbit and her son Russell Thaw
lin the leading ro)M is at the Ta
coma theater this week and ia
proving an attractive offering. The
star is seen to excellent advantage
and the them of the play with
mother-love as its keynote is a
most sympathetic one.
An elaborate production has
bee been provided and Miss Nea
bit's gowns are s'riking. ones.
Lucile Lee Stewart was <m>.»
Lucy Stewart and Anita Stewart
was plain Anna.
■ .nark linn la Coinrclha
Bciicinio Auto Btaa:* A VrnjUt
B«rvlc*. liiiKi'kk" Clierkoif
118 80, mill st. TEL. MAIN S«4)
« «rb<iHnilii — « llk*ai>u— I aroma
'SI • ii-ii ll«-i.l« ll (nril
M'CRACKI'.N, Prop.
Three Trips Pally
Leave Tacoma: 11:00 ». m.J
--f:00, 6:15 p. m.
Leave Carbonado: 7:3rt, 8:15 a,
m.; 2:00 p. m.
I.r. Tapuma 10 a. in . 1:30. H p qj.
I.v Buckley S a. M.l X' .10. 4 p. m
Calurday and titimlay—Lv. Tacoma
10 a. m : a 30. 11:10 p. m
It Tacoma—6:4o. 10:30 a. in- in.
«:30. 11:10 p in '
Lv. Dupont—»:oo. 1:00 a. m.. 1:0t.
4:50. 6 IS p. m.
tiunday Special—s 00. 1» nj p. n>.i
and 12:00 iv.
llylrbus Crcrk aad llagut Baa
t.v. Tacoma6:3o, 130 »:30 a. m.l
I, 4. B, «, 10.15 p. m.
Lv. N E. Tac.—7:oo. R:00. 10:J0 a. m :
1:30. 4:30. b in Ml p. m.
Thrrr Trl|>a Dally
Lenvc Taooma—7:3o. $»:00. 11:00 a.
tn.; 1:30. 3 30. 5 p. m.
Leave Oi-tln*—7:4s, 9:00. 10.00 a,
m.: 12:30. ii"l. 5 p. m.
Saturday Muh<» ami ftaadan
Leave Tacnma —9:30 and ll.fo.
Leave Orttng—B:4o.
111,.. alilit, I.a Oranilo
T.v. Tacoma 8:00 a. m. and 3:00 p. m.
I.v. Mineral 7:30 a. in. and 1:30 p. m.
Lv. Tacoma—S a. m. and 3:00 p. ra.
I.c Aahford—B a. m. and 2:00 p. m.
Lv. Taconui —8:00 ft. m.. 1:00, 4 pm.
I.v. Kapowsln—B:oo a. m. 1. 4, p. TO.
Tini'iv mikiiiikkii
f.v. Tacoma —8:30 a. m. 1:30 p. m.
Lv. Aberdeen —S:00 a. m.. 8:00 p. m.
I'm <mm Office, Central Bus Sta.
Aberdeen Off.. Washington Hotel.
For Aberdeen
L«ave Taconm, 8:30 a. m.,
10:30 a. tn,; Olympla, 10 a. m.,
12 noon; McCleary, 11 a. m., 1
p. m ; Elma, 11:30 a. m , 1:30
p. m.; Montesano, 12 noon, 2 p. m.
For Taronta
Leave Alierdeen for Tacoma. 3
p. m , 4:45 p. in.; Montesano, 4
(i. m , 5:30 p. m.: Elma, 4:30 p.
m., 8 p. to.; McCleary, 5 p. m.,
6:30 p. m.; Olympla, 6 p. m.,
7:30 p. m.
Subject to Change IWthont Notice
Illh *«., Op. ". •>. nml < wnlral Hui
I.v. Ratonvllle <lii.' v 8 •- m.: 1 p. re,
I SO p. m. Sunday. I a. m. I and 1
p. m.
I.v. Tai'oma rta«ll» I a. m.. 1 n. m_
4 p. m. Sunday t a. m. 4 and •II
p. m.
tntiirilny Evening flpeelal—Ui««
Eatonvt'le 7 p. m.; l«av» Tac>>uia>
* 15 p. m "•
I.v. Tfiroma—6:oo p. in,
Ly. Terilno—Btoo a. m.
Kami—l'rall llatrl. ifllli Pnclrie «r.
■nil C«B><ral Bus Btattoa.
Tacoma ana \< In.. Lahevlcw. Hlit
burit. Orecnilale, Hoy. MrKenna.
11. T. Mil,-.
tlf. Tacomit—lo:3o a. in and 4 p.
m ; SiMiilay 8 a. tn. ant) 11:00 p. m.
Lv. ti'lm—J:3o a. m. and 1 p. Nt:
Saturday nlsht 10:30 and Sunday,
lumnrr, iVnrlli Puyalhip, Plrwood,
Ardrnn, rif< . Taroma.
Olr-.1.k-p. -!„,, ,
1:00 A. M. and hourly thcrr«.' >er.
last car leaving at 10 oo P. M
On Saturdays last car leavaa at
Peoplrs smrr and Oratrnl Una ■(■■
< 1«.t.. nB-117 So. loth at.
T:00 A. M and hourly therrariar.
last car leaving at 11 00 P. M
On Sntnrdaya )aat car !e»vo, «|
Honrlr »TT\\rr
Lv-.:TrrM a sVa'st-
-7:48 AM. I 41 AM
«:4f> A.M. (:4S a M
t:46 AM. „ ,!. a.M
lf;Js ß ?ft %" p»
Mi P.Xr. «:« PM.
(:4E P.M. H« P.M.
4:46 P.M. 4:45 P M.
..4.PM. .HP*.
>- Far* une way $1. Round trip lit*.

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