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The story of how charge after charge of th> German regiments,
avorlng to capture Hilt 304, were repulaed by the French at Ver
waa told Sergt. Mlrat of the Fren«b army at a banquet at the
entity club Monday night, at which French anil Brltlih officers
imp Lewis and the judges of the state supreme court were honor
U. Mlrat also was at the battle of the Somme.
"After seeing part of America's preparation at Camp Lewis,
ow It Is only a matter of time until victory roiues," said Lieut.
i. (Hubert of the French army.
Capt. K. M. Maudsley of the British ami/, fresh from the front,
that the most frequent puraf-e In the British trenches now Is,
"Never mind, stick to It; the Americans will be out soon."
8. M. Jackson, president of the club, presided
Jaywalkers, beware! The police department 1b giving warning
that folks who have been cutting corners on downtown streets must
'reform or be hauled up for violation of the traffic ordinances.
With the number of auto accidents Increasing, Hie police have
come to the conclusion that a large proportion of persons run down
by autos have been "jaywalkers."
"Times have changed,"^says Comraisuloner Pettlt. Tacoma is
growing, and I think the only*thing to do is to enforce the 'jaywalker'
provision, as well as the laws regulating the drivers."
Private William D. Jennings, Company F, 14th infantry, who
deserted from Vancouver barracks Oct. 20, was sentenced at Camp
Lewis Wednesday to 26 years' imprisonment and forfeiture of all
Jennings was traced from the barracks by a string of auto thefts
and arrested in Seattle six days after his disappearance. At Bothel
be broke Into a store and stole two typewriters.
Private George Warren, who accompanied him, was examined
and found Insane and discharged from the army
To speed up the work of getting out fir and spruce lumber urg
fently needed tor airplane and ship construction. Col. Brlce P. Dlsque,
representing the war department, is seeking the co-operation of all
men engaged in logging and mill work In an organization to be known
#k the Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen.
The campaign has been starte d in Portland, where Col. Diwque
la makln his headquarters, and the organization > being promoted
.by the war department. It has the backing of Howard Coffin of
the aircraft production boar*.
Believing it will aid mariners better to find their bearings in
|hs port, Tacoma waterfront men are making an effort to have the
ttajne of Hylebos waterway changed to "Bast waterway," so that new
gnaps coming out will show the change.
The waterway is the outlet of Hylebos creek, named for Father
Hyleboa, pioneer Catholio priest.
Whett the Vautfette theater, 11th and X streets opened Wednes
day for the afternoon performances, it was discovered that thieve*
bad broken into the place and ransacked it Tuesday night. Between
r.'iO and $60 u.i taken from the box office. Entrance was forced
hru the back door.
(limited Frees I--.>s«i Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Nov. 28. —The country's first major suf
fragette hunger strike ended in complete victory for the woman h
tiarty when the eight remaining White House picketers were uncon
ditionally released from the district jail here today. Twenty-two
Were given their freedom yesterday.
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why not visit the best vEnF i\ f^fe2#i
dental parlors in your n^^c/X^T^' I''^1 ''^
city. You cannot afford . .
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17 Yearn at Tacoma [SHSSESEVEfTi
Theater Building 1 cSSB I IS litll
Thnridfty, Nov. 29, 1917 -THI TAOOMj TIMEB— Page Two
Doings of the Duffs
Squirrel Food
Grandad of Our Turk Had Big Drumsticks and
Plenty of White Meat, Too; His Name Was Dodo
This is DODO .1- lie iued to i
look and this is the TIRKBV, his
great, (;i-«vit yr>-.il ;•! iiml-oii.
As you eat yoiiir Thanksgiving
day turkey be sorry that It isn't
his great, great, great-grand
father you have ou your table.
For the great, great, gpeat
granddaddy of the ISI7 turkey
lhad larger "drumsticks," and more
white breast meat than his great,
great, great-grandson brings to the
table this day. ■
That old bird —the dodo—was
fully a half larger than the tur
key. The old-timers, back in the
16th century, liked to eat dodo
In fart they liked It so well
that the lant dodo dropped out of
Bight 230 years ago.
The'accompanying picture of a
dodo is one restored in the Ameri
can Museum of Natural History,
New York. It contains dodo
hones found on the Inland of
Mauritius, the last dwelling place
of the turkey's great, great, great
The dodo, according to Dr. T.
Ahmstead Savage, noted Austral
lan explorer, occupies a prominent
place in the modern turkey's fam
ily tree.
Dr. Savage has devoted the
If ever Joy and love, nilrtli ami mnalc, met and U l»s*-il each
other, it ww MinOy here. An llu- chimea <»f four Ntmked the
hour, the soft, HHeet strains of MemleliMohn'ii wetkMjiK marcb
ffamted thru the air, anil slowly the bridal party demanded the
stairs and took their places. The bride, a picture of beauty, de
'•ceDded tike atairway URAUended. At tlie landing "he wm met
by the groom, and together they went to the Improvlned lUtar,
over which sunponded a beautiful marriage bell. Kiirtnj; a |«art
of the UnpreHHive Nervion HUm (tor pia.yod softly Maol><>rrel'H "To
m Wooed UUy."—Hopkl—vUle (Ky.) New Kn.
To avoid running down a woman who bad started to cross the
street and tben turned back, C. H. Parker, army poat bus driver,
drove bis car into a telephone pole at 15th and Commerce Wednes- a
day afternoon, risking his life and the tires of bis three soldier pas-*
eengers. lie wan cut on the forehead by broken glass, and bis auto
was badlr smashed.
Be Thankful You Ait Not Eating Your Thanksgiving Dinner in Germany.
I greater portion of his ltfe study- I
ing Jilt (1 - of all ages and all lands. ]
He says the first of all Thanks-i
Kiving fowls (only they didn't I
have Thanksgiving days then ) was
the archaeopteryz, the Urst bird
science knows of. It had teeth,
could swim as well as fly and
walk, and was a Hah eater.
Then came the hes|>eroraU. the
apteryx, moa, dodo, ph«&sant»,
Mexican wild turkeys, and finally
w« have the Thanksgiving day
Some of the branches of this
family were, the peristeropod-es,
ralli, otides, alectropodea, sbrlges,
ooiu, falcon**, halcyones amd
Speaking of the turloey's groat,
great, great-grandfather. Dr. Sav
age asserts It was the sillleftt bird
that ever lived; didn't know
enough to run away from the ax
and took so Uttle exercise that It
1 was fat and ready for the butcher
knife at any time.
When the Portuguese first came
to Mauritius Island they found
great flocks of dodos. It was so
ciable, standing around the
strangers and yelling like gos
lings. Man took advantage of U<i
friendliness and ate and ate until
the dodo became extinct.
Somebody Is lining to Be a Nervous Wreck
Jury Returns Verdict
of Guilty in 4 Minutes
A jury In Judge Kasterday's
court Wednesday afternoon broke
a record when after four n#n
utes' deliberation it returned a
verdict of guilty against Andrew
Sevens, tried for burglary. Goods
stolen from a North End home he
said he found on the street.
The wife of a merchant had
Btomach trouble so bad she could
cat nothing but toast, fruit and
hot water. Everything else
would sour and ferment. ONE
SPOONFUL buckthorn bark, gly-j
cerine. etc., as mixed in Adler-1-ka'
benefited her INSTANTLY. Be
cause Adler-i-ka flushes the EN
TIRE alimentary tract it relieves
ANY CASE constipation, sour
stomach or gas and prevents ap
pendicitis. It has QUICKEST
action of anything we ever sold.
The French Drug Co., Cor. 13th
and Pacific Aye.
Mail M
Broken X
Glasses W
To Us for ■
TaranM'i Leading Opticians
Tnoona Th«U«r Bld«.
28 T«U* !■ ThU lAtcattnn.
Here and Elsewhere
James Breene, Pacific avenue 1
soft drink dealer, is bound over I
to U. S. grand jury for selling
hard cider. Police raid George
McCann place at Old Town and,'
seize another batch of cider.
(ir.uc steamer Santo him isj
loading lumber for South America j
at St. Paul dock.
16-ln. and 4-ft. slab wood. Key
stone Lumber Co. Main 328. adv J
Tacoma fir emergency couimit
tee receives and apportions order
for lumber for 20 U. S. vessels.
I<ook at Hofstetter's Military
supply before buying Christinas
presents. Ilofstetuu-'s, 13th andj
Pacific. adv.
Military police arre«t Alfred i
Wlrt on charge of leaving Camp
Lewis without leave.
Dr. Con*, dmtlat, 203 I*ro»l«
4«nt. -J'
War deportment assigns 2,000
of new resenr* officers to vari
ous regiments.
Canadian casualty lilt Inoluil.-s
name of H. W. Archer, Tacoma, I
as wounded, and W. L. Young,
Portland, gassed.
Dr. Marry, Dentist, Warburton bd.
V. s. grand jury Indict* Con
gressman John M. Nelson and
son, Byron, of Wisconsin, for
draft law evasion.
Auto Ooafctor Wagons—s4.2s
and up. Palace Hardware Co.,
1511 Pacific Aye. adv
MSW ORLEANS, La., Nov. 29.
—Harry Markham missed hi* fa-,
vorite pipe. What's more, it
didn't turn up. And for three
' days he was, as Mrs. Markham:
put it later, "almost unliveable
with." She ventured that only
after the pipe had been found.
John Markham, aged 10, had
drafted it for "war purposes"—
to be exact, for use as a perißcope
on a toy U-boat he was building
In the cellar.
Allen enemy members of theat
rical and musical companies are
refused admittance to District of
PKINTINfI CO. Malu 4IT. •!♦
Belfrian army, re-recruited and
supplied, Is ready for another of
fensive against Germans,
\\ I will nif steavmer Aberdeen re
turns to Aberdeen from 3,000
--mile voyage along west coast In
search of possible whaling station
for North Pacific Whaling Co.
Kvim J. Mac Donald taken to
; Walla Walla to begin serving term
j for $17,000 embezzlement from
I Hankers' Trust Co.
Lieut. Warivn (irinuii of t'eii-j
tralia, returns home with his new
commission from the Presidio to
spend Thanksgiving with his
Plum Padding and Fruit Cake.
Uuenwald's, 1112 Broadway, adv.!
Twenty-three thousand Cut
throat trout are planted in Os
ti-ander and Coal creoks, Cowlitz
The following birth MHMMIM
were filed in the office of the dc- j
partment of health at the city hall
Friday: Born to Mr. and Mrs.
; Krank M Harwood, 1147% Ta-j
coma aye., Nov. 11, son; Mr. and
Mrs. Wisko Hlaganch, liOu,". Xo. j
a Ist St., Nov. 11, daughter; Mr.
land Mrs. Thonias,Brevig, 2123 Soj,
M St., Nov. 7, sou; Mr. and Mrs. i
Emll Jacobsen, 4928 No. Qulne
St., Nov. 24, sen; Mr. and -Mrs.!
Casper Johnsen, 2702 No. 27th'
st , Nov. 9, daughter; Mr. and
Mrs. Gerry Radich, 2612 No. 31st |
Bt., Nov. 1, daughter: Mr. and'
Mrs. Roy D. Whitehoad, Spana
■way; Nov. 21, son; Mr. and Mrs.' 1
Beattie Armstrong, 2308 Ash,
Nov. 17, daughter.
Other Hh; \ ainli \ille Acts
. Select one now while the price is lftw.
IHainoiMlii are n distantly im leasing
JofW* i in value. They ;\r:- »n Invrstnu i.l as
jDt [ i 11 I 4nL well as » ull (of beauty.
rf^! '--a—-" ""' *""'r'ian <'"'• Dtomo»il« iiro
fl»' I'^&i&i'- Sr SEX "lls SI>K( IA!
Jft ' |^£?V^|' JS" I '"'" American < u( Blue White l>ia
\&LL '''{ A x>C^ <T» tnouil. Our low |>ri<w sl»M)
a. mierow
V^-H-^/ 11 12 Turlftf Aye BMaMlnhivl IHMO.
«~l^MtjV]rfjgn Sprtial — Freckle-Faced I
k»^Bff*s Klds< Matinoe «a«»"lHy
gK Tho llroadway Amusement
j^^. 'W*'<•-'"• Unique Sowilc l>roduc
b^ jftiiui of th« Hii[uwin<lj Sm -
Wk Wcessrul Song Play—
VWk. -M< i{^i f ''Jr-^KI l)rnmi»((7,o<l from
Hl'i^ny^il .flMßf^'^M'' 1'1"' Stratton-Porter'n Novel
Ilm.]?'^^i>/H' A l)p'W»tftil Nature st.^y.
t Apj^fcjjy G %t%P%MM Sclntillat-lng with Wit,
" Mimic and I'uUios
KnrtorMd by the Clergy of Every Denomination
At H»«iin il.i> Miiiinri- nil Ticket Hnrctuwiers may briiiK on« I
*YecUe-Faced Kid FICKK.
IMUO«—2Sc to 91.00; Satnr.l«y matinee, lower floor, SOo;
balcony, 2.V; children 2."!r, any neat Curtain 2:30 and 8:20.
By Allman
By Ahem
\ Iti Dutiful lUid Itefitwhing
IMay With I'ictty
Featuring Frederic Warde
»W3l THK Tlli:i;i. RIAXOH
BiO •"•--( >l her Rig AcU-.i

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