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Mayor A. V. Fawcett Should Retire!
In all kindness and sincerity The Times today
counsels Mayor Fawcett to drop out as a candidate
for re-election. This is the last day for filing nom
inations and he yet has time to reconsider his de
cision to run.
Frankly, The Times does not believe Mayor
Fawcett can give the city another term of the sort
of service Tacoma is entitled to receive from her
mayor during the four coining critical years.
We say this with all good will toward Mayor
Lillian Chester tells of today's gay
fashions in Paris. It's the men wear
them, tho. The women dress in blacks
and grays. Page 2.
Written for the I'nited Press
NEW VOIIK, March 17.—
r-mnc.-'s request for more
American troops for the west
ern front, made public this. .
afternoon, is based on plans
for mi allied uff.-n-.ii•-.
llie French government
greatly ilr-ii. ■-. to MM once
more (lie Initiative In the
west, which ran he made pei
iiwin.hi l> active mtuinsl <Jer
iimii.i only with American
American soldiers in France
are now ready to block a German
Yon Hindenbiirg has delayed
too long his plans for risking a
western drive early this year.
Gen. Pershing is in position to
make America's power play a de
cisive part in checking any effort
of the Germans to break thru In
the west.
_ The American overseas troops
have reached the stage where
they can be called upon instantly
for service on a major defensive
The Increasing frequency of
American raids and the constantly
enlarging sectors held by Gen.
- Pershing's forces demonstrate
conclusively that the preliminary
training period has been left be
hind and the Americans are now
true craftsmen of the trenches.
It is Improbable that yon llin
denburg has been able to trans
fer from the Russian front to the
west an aggregate number of
troops for an offensive this year
appreciably exceeding the number
of Americans ln France now ready
for defensive fighting.
The military power of the Unit
ed States henceforth must be tak
- en into serious account by Ger
many, which means Gen. Pershing
has become the great enigma for
the kaiser's general staff.
Tlds is t be last call for reg
If your name is not on
the big book in the
city clerk's office before
midnight tonight, you cannot
yo«e at either the city primary
or city election; you will be
deprived of a voice in saying
who shall be mayor and ..in*
* ' i troller and two commission
ers for the coming term and
whether the city shall buy
the street railway system and
build a second power plant.
You will be barred, in
short, from exercising your
citizenship at the moat Im
portant election Tacoma
* ever held.
Transfers of registration
from one address to another
may be made any time before
either election.
The books will be open on
the third floor of the city hall
until nMMtght tonight. Reg
The Tacoma Times
Timely Arrival of British Naval
Vessel Prevents Abduction By
Savage Cannibal Chieftain
Times Staff Correspondent
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., March 12.—She has
known woman's ultimate teii'or.
First white woman to invade the forbidden Big
Numbers' territory of the New Hebrides, she was ab
ducted by its black tyrant, lived an hour of agonizing
suspense and was saved from an unspeakable fate
only by the intervention of miraculous circumstan
With foolhardy cour-
X, she staked her wits
beauty against the
bestial power of Naga
pate, an ebony giant with
the blood of many whites
upon his hands and un
thinkable evil in his heart.
And beauty elicited the
very thing it was meant
to fend.
The adventure of Mrs.
Osa Johnson with her sav
age captor is a tale to
make, by turns, the scalp
creep and the red blood
Accompanying her husband, Martin Johnson, on a
tour thru the South Pacific islands to take motion
pictures of savages, Mrs. Johnson, 22-year-old Amer
ican girl, faced her great experience when they de
(Continued on Page 5.)
United Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, I). <'„ Mar.
12. 1l a lire has lli.lile a new
and enrnesi appeal to the
I niteil .States for more speed
in shipping fighting men
nun-* the Atlantic.
95,000 MEN
12. —Ninety-five thousand more
men were ordered today by the
war department to prepare for In
duction into training camps.
The movement will start March
29 and continue five days. This
Is the last increment of the first
The movement will include the
mobilization of 28,000 Southern
negroes in northern camps.
Because of the peculiar camp
situation, gome districts that have
completed their quotas will be
asked to furnish more men, and
will be given credit under the
second draft.
Several thousand of those to
day ordered mobilized will he
used to fill up the ranks made
vacant by deaths and other with
Fawcett. We say it with a lively recollection of the
good fights he has waged in the people's behalf.
The Tunes often has stood shoulder to shoulder
with "A. V." in these endeavors. Sometimes, too,
we have viewed city questions in a different light
and have battled our best against him. lie was a
worthy opponent and we cherish nothing but pleas
ant remembrances of those encounters.
But, just as the United States retires from active
service its admired army chief of-staff, Hugh L.
Scott, when he arrives at an age of decreased serv-
It came about while she
was hunting the most fe
rocious of all big game
with a camera — the soul
less cannibal of the South
drawals. Others will be for in
dustrial calls of which 56 have
already been made, Deputy Pro
vost Marshal General Johnson
The first contingent of indus
trial workers drafted recently
went to France, Johnson said.
To suppress the news of actual
troop movements as much as pos
sible the provost marshal general's
office decided not to make pubPc!
where those in the next increment
will be sent. It was stated, how
ever, that the large quotas of the
Southern states were largely com
posed of negroeß, most of whom
will be moved to Northern campa.
Sat's bear
says he can't
understand why
they've got a
"No Parking"
sign stuck up
right on the
spot on Pacific
aye. where the
paving is all
torn up for the
city carline
loop. Tonight
and Wednesday—guess. Sure, it's:
I rain. '
il niii-.l Pre«-» I.eaarH Wire.)
PARIS, March 12. —Newton)
D. Baker, American secretary ofj
war, came to France on a cruiser I
convoying 10,000 troops, of
which a portion were aboard a
former German liner, it was
learned today.
The voyage was enlivened in
mid-ocean by a submarine alarm,
according to further Information.
There was considerable cannon
ading before it was discovered
that the "periscope" was only a
floating spar.
The French sent out a consid
erable convoy of hydroplanes and
| dirigibles. Baker was visibly
I impressed by the thoroness of
these precautions.
After landing, the secretary
of war returned the calls of
French military and naval chiefs
and walked about the town for 40
minutes before boarding a train
for Paris.
Arriving in Paris, Baker, ac
companied by Qen. Pershing, be
gan % round of formal calls, con
cluding with Ambassador Sharpe,
who will present him formally to
President Poincare.
Baker Issued a statement In
which he declared his Intention
of visiting all the communication
lines of the army, after which he
could confer, thoroly with Persh
ing, in order to support more
effectively the American and
allied armies.
Clearings $ 883,476.20
Balances 140, 28.1.51
Transactions .. .. 1.721,172.87
ice, and as France retires its idolized Joffre, so
Tacoma can, without reflecting in the least on his
standing or his prestige, ask that A. V. Fawcett re
linquish the position with which he has long been
And that, The Times is convinced, is just what
the city as a whole does ask today.
There is no occasion for us to discuss the reasons
guiding people in reaching this view. The mayor's
shortcomings and faults are as widely known as
are his good deeds and his public services.
Savage Chieftain and Girl He
Tried to Abduct, as .
Filmed by Husband Just
Before the Former Bore Her Off
Accuse Principal of
Beating School Boy
Charged with unjustly beating
I Nick Berry, a 10-year-old pupil,
i with a heavy ruler, Charles 11,
j Sherman, principal of the Lowell
.school, 12th and Yakima, was
ordered arrested Tuesday on a
warrant issued by Justice l.inek.
Constable Mitchell was sent to
the school to make the arrest.
The warrant was sworn out by
Jacob lierry, father of the boy.
They live ln Old Tacoma.
The beating occurred last Fri
day afternoon, according to the
atory told by the boy when he vis
ited the office or Oeputy Prose
cutor Hell with his father Mon
He declared that after a scuffle
with another boy his teacher sent
him to the principal's office.
Sherman, he said, grabbed him
by the neck and threw him over
a table, beating him with a long,
heavy ruler and kicking him.
The deputy prosecutor Tuesday
declared the boy's body wag coy
Speed Up Muny
Elevated Line
il nltrd I->pm Import WIN.)
SEATTLE, March 12.—The city
administration put on full speed
ahead to rush construction of the
municipal elevated car line to the
shipyard zone today, when bonds
for the expenditure were arrang
ed, and the board of public works
was given authority to rush the
construction. The new line is
expected to relieve the congested
industrial transportation situation
which is delaying ship construc
tion, i
?red with large bruises when he
■aw him Monday, altho it was*
lliree days after the beating. Ills
[ace and neck were scratched
Some of the bruises were as large
is dollars, Jlell said. There was
:mc bruise on his ankle, where
he boy ,-ald the school principal
lad kicked bin,
Hell declared that all indl.a
rions showed the boy had been
ruelly treated.
Principal Sherman had not
let been arrested Tuesday noon.
He refused to make any state
ment, decli'i-iiig the "matter bad
been referred to Superintendent
(Special to The Times)
CHEHALIS, March 12. —Prose-
cut'ng Attorney Herman Allen,
who had charge of the prosecu
tion in the Main murder trial,
made the following statement to
"In answer to the criticism of
the conduct of the Main murder
trial by the Perkins Press:
"I want to say that I have
little time to pay attention to
the snarl* anil snaps of a
dog, especially when that
canine criticises people with
out possession of the farts In
an effort to win favor with
the supreme court when It
has a •50,000 libel suit |»end-
Idi "
It is simply a ease of Tacoma, a great business
organization, needing a very energetic, active man
at its head for the next four years, and a case of
A. V. Fawcett, because of his age, not being the
man for that trying job.
Will you, Mr. Mayor, as you love your home
town and are accustomed to bow to the will of its
people, do this becoming thing? Will you grace
fully, voluntarily step out of your position of trust
and responsibility that some younger, more vigor
ous man may go on with the upbuilding of Tacoma?
Night Edition
(l int.*.l Press I.rasi-0 Wire.)
WASHI\<;TOX, 11. V., March I..—When the "-won.l
ilrnft" call liii-* In in answered, son.nun strong, llie I iili-tml
Stales army—i .'Kiilm-», national uuai.l tenuis, enlisted men
und reserves—will number up pi'>\iiiini<l> j..nil.nun men.
Hilling the war with Spain the t nit. .1 Kittle* mmy at
ii** maximum Ht renin h huki edited 'JT-J.<mm» <if flier- and men.
.1 il l'ir„ I . :.-. ,1 lllrr.l
WAKIIIM. H>\, l>. C, Mar.
12. light lilui.li r.t lln.ll«-Hllll
men, the so-enlle-1 "se-rond
draft," will he ili. national
quoin to be fr.l into Hie mlll
tnry mill in small groups
from week to week or month
to in.ml li as nee.le.l. iiiionl
iitK <•> official iiiinoiiiii einent
This vast number will lie divid
ed into state quotas and with cer
tain cxreptlon.i It will be drawn
from iliiss 1 to make replacements
in exli-'tlim units and to furnish
the needed kuh> c ting regiments
for tlio present army.
Ten thousand young men
skilled artisans some of whom
may not be in eISM 1, have been
asked of the stales already by
Provost Marshal Crowder. anil
10,000 other young men will he
•summoned this summer to go to
-teclinlcnl training schools for sp<-
cial fitt-inje. Agrculturists will
tie given deferred ratine.
No date Is set for the second
draft. The system precludes the
fixing of a definite dale, for the
plan is to feed In the men as
the occasion requires. The sit
uation depends upon a number of
■•'ill l'|> Caps.
lOmptylng of I crimp will allow
of a call for an Increment of the
800.000 to thai camp. Special
need for replacement troops In a
certain division will demand .all
for anther cantonment. The
group*: thus fed will be romi-inra
tlvely small, covering probably tiie
entire year 1 fll S.
The call will be In part depend
ent on pending legislation In con
gress. As now arranged, the
draft Is con-Mdercd by General
Crowder as "selective" and as
working the le ist possible disrup
tion to Industry ;,.,(] agriculture.
The war department statement
today in part says: "The state of
the preparedness of the army to
assimilate recruits varies from
day to day and from week to
week and -the mot scientific man
ner, of recruiting tlie forces will
be to withdraw them from civil
life as fact as they can be asslm
llriie.i by the army and no fas
United Press l.eaard Wire.)
PORTLAND. Or., March 12. ---
Clarence Guy. confessed slayer of
his wife, whom he alleged left
him, and without a divorce, mar
ried another man, was taken to
Salem today to serve from five to
ill yea-re In the pem-Itentlar.v. Guy
pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
Margaret Illlngton, fa
mous actress and former
Tacoma resident, has a mes
sage for Tacoma girls on
page 6 of The Times today.
tiik nn imAiT
The roll will be issued for
MiO.OOu nion to be drawn
■-■in<liml!-, to camp as need
nris.'s „n.| transportation fa
cilities permit.
Tlio date of draft depends
on legislation now pending
in eoi|r«M.
At least 15f1.000 skilled
nrti-nns will he called this
For nillltery service Class
One will be exhausted before
deferred classes are drawn
For Industrial and skilled
Workers other classes besides
Cta« One will lie tapped if
nci'il arises.
Spei-lni training schools
will he created in many parts
of the cuun'ry to develop
those wlmsp early training
has Riven ihem special tech
nicnl qualifications.
KM will in- drawn In rela
tively small groups fiiiui.nl
the year in siirli a way as to
create the least possible In
tcrf-n.i- with industry and au
(•'reeling*, have you delay
ed i -t-glstorln . until the I lib
Injur? Well, register any
Lives of certain men remind us
We can in.il c our lives sublime.
And, departing, leave behind us
Match-narks on the walls of
"The Old Bolshevik Guard
relreals, but never mi rr cod
Dear Talko: In these "clean
plate" and "waute nothing" tines,
what to do with olive seeds keeps
me nwake nights. Can you sug
gest some use to wh'ch they may
be put? Until dm. went up to
20 cents I grew lovely palms from
these seeds.
Peace, snjs a Oerman
paper,, in up to Wilson. So
it In and to the Liberty
The American Cryptographic
society has been formed for the
study of ciphers. Would you call
this the absolute sero in societiesT
Hays the lady next door:
"It's m good deal caaler t'
change your habits Ih'a y©«r

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