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In the
Editor's Mail
In The Editor's Mail for March 7 I noticed a short letter from
B. Gllh . giving his idea about the marketing ot surplus potatoes
|and advising the farmer to put the price down to 40 cents a sack.
Also that it was only'a short time ago they sold as low aa 20
•cents or less.
Now, I v.- been ln this part of the stat- for about 18 years and
tha lowest I've known spuds to sell was about 60 cents a sack, and
hope I will not see them sell for 1.*..- than that figure as long aa
the farm help Is as scarce and high-priced as It has been for the past
year; and If they do, It would pay the farmer better to feed them to
Ins dairy cows.
And I think if Mr. Hllle were raising the spuds he might sing
.» different song. C. A. BENEDICT,
lam enclosing a clipping from the National Tribune that 1 wish.
If It's permissible, you would reprint.
When I leiurned from the Philippines all that was necessary to
pet a Job Iv a government navy yard was to appear at the labor
bureau, show my discharge and register and be first on the list und
.be first called so far as civilians were concerned.
But things have changed. Some time ago I went to Bremerton
to register for a job as helper machinist or shipfitter helper and was
handed a sheet of paper to fill out. I didn't count the questions, but
there must have been a thousand. I was Informed I would have to
get the signature-of my former employers. At the same time 1 had a
number Of honorable discharges from Mare Island and Bremerton
navy yards. But the so-railed civil service was not satisfied, and
not knowing anything of the addresses of my former bosses, I was
"forced to go elsewhere for employment.
Last fall a number of men, including ntyßelf, were employed as
deputy sheriffs to guard the work trains and such other duties us
called on at the cantonment. When a layoff became necessary our
aherlff, Mr. l.ongralre, let me go, and kept a Swede and a Herman,
as I understand, both pensioners ot the police department, with no
children to support, while I have a wife and three little ones. I did
two years in the trenches. While they stayed at home and got big
salaries, I got $15.60.
If men are called on to go to the trenches and die for their
country, the country should show some appre.-iatlon. Now is a good
time to begin. Thanking >ou in advance for this space.
I am respectfully,
.TNO. S. OILLILAND, Ex-Morgeant, N. A.,
1898-00 Manila, P. I. Ortlng.
The editorial lo which the writer refers hi 100 long to
be reproduced here, but it In a pl.-a for I. m-.lnin.ii providing
"a Miii-i'iinial prefeifiice in Koveriimeiit employ to the men
who serve in the army snd navy."—Editor.
In your paper of March 7 was a letter about potato prices ask
ing that a price of 40 or .".0 cents a sack be set and stating that not
long ago farmers could not get 20 cents.
1 would ask the writer of that letter to find out how many de
serted farm- there are in I'ierce county on account of the people that
Uhed lo cultivate them not being able to get enough for what they
y-aised so they could get the commonest jjecessarles of life.
I would remind Mr. Utile that sacks are selling for 12 cents
apiece, and that even If everybody ln town would buy a sack of spuds
it would cost the average farmer 25 cents to deliver thorn.
People who work must be paid or they will have to quit. Most
'Of the farmers that are working small farms today are only holding
out to get a . i.rk.-r to sell to.
Now why not learn a lesson from Europe? This war has proved
to them that private ownerxhip is a big mistake. It is not practical
or profitable to the people as a whole.
No one should be allowed to live without doing some useful
■work. We got a letter from London. The writer said the only thing
we have plenty of la potatoes; we are short on everything else.
I lived in that place SI years. I knew nothing about growing
spuds then. The people that raised them were very poorly paid, but
I learned since I came here that a good heavy grass sod thoroly pul
verised was the beat potato land, and when 1 read in The Times that
they were getting tractor- to plow and pulverize land that had been
In graas, some of it for hundreds of years, I knew that for the pres
ent England would have spuds in plenty, but the government guaran
teed a paying price so the raiser knew he would be paid for his work
and money Invested.
We are not living alone in this world; we must all work to
gether, then we will have a heaven here instead of waiting for the
_• i
I live on a ranch on Hoods Canal. I, like all ranch women, do
all I can to ilooverize, and I have found a good substitute for wheat
ln making bread.
1 use one-fourth shorts. Now this sounds funny, but neverthe
less it is true, my children are very fond of shorts bread and prefer
ft to the all-wheat.
When a new supply or shorts comes from the store I empty my
bin of old shorts and fill it up with the fresh (sifting it first).
It is a wholesome and Inexpensive bread. I would like to see
this in print.
Itanrli lli-e-.xl.
At night cook and mash .1 or 4 potatoes lomit salt), mash fine,
add enough water to make 2 quarts and have the liquid warm, then
add l. cup sugar (white or brown), and one soaked yeast cake;
mix well and cover with a blanket over night.
In the morning add enough Hour to the thickness of cream; set
over warming oven until after breakfast: put in a little shortening,
about 2 tablespoons, and 4 teaspoons salt, then stiffen with white
flour and % shorts (It is hard to state the quantity, as soi^o flours
need more moisture than others).
Lot raise again and it in ready for the paaa. I always weigh
my bread dough l u_ lbs. to the loaf, and bake It one hour In a '
alow oven. With good butter and shorts bread 1 never worry about
caka when I have company. I find this bread very healthy for chil
dren, and they like it too. MRS. F. J. EMEL, i
Seabeck, Wash.
I think it would be well to Inquire Into tha loyalty of people
whoae pet scheme seems to be to deprive the boys in the trenches of
their tobacco.
The way it looks to me no one but a Hun sympathizer would
•atertaln such an idea, for It would certainly be a most effective way
Of aiding the kaiser.
Take our soldier's gun away, or, take life tobacco away; one
-would be about as disastrous as (he other.
I use tobacco and can imagine the result more so perhaps thau
'•one people who have re< ently seen fit to u»e tha press to express
their "pink tea ideas at a most Inopportune time.
Yours for help to our boys—not hindrance,
' Booth Tacoma. -
BIRTHS Mrs. Prancls Louis Donahue, 3604
Mo following Mrth certificate. £. M *£ J.lffi!*?. rEm*.
•maeo registered a* the c'.ty health 1918 South Madiaon, daughter,
•Cfloa Tuesday: Bora to Mr. and Mar. 5.
V Bead the Classified Ads On Page 7. 'f
Wednesday, March 13,1918-TH^ TACOMA TI ME Br-Page Two.
Doings of the Duffs
Squirrel Food
By unanimous vote of Hie city
council Wednesday, the city agreed
to buy from Jaiues M. Aahton his
new water"HEstera extending across
the t idei lnU . to the Todd and
Foundation shipyards and to other
industries. T*h*r price will be
Ash ton built the system to sup
ply the new Industries with water,
and Is willing to let the city have
it at <*o i,
Jury No Place
For Auto Man
The jury -box was no place for
an auto owner in Judge Lastftr
day's court Wednesday morning
in the .use of Fannie Christie
against the late Conrade Hanson
and the Pacific Coast Casualty
Co. for damages because of in
juries in an automobile accident.
Herbert Cochran, attorney for
the defense, challenged every
juror as to whether he possessed
an automobile, or if he were ln
any way prejudiced against them.
Vh. Cn MH'e'g,.dC-PrO>S'!
— ********m 9 n
Recommends it to Anyoaa Who
Suffers From Rheumatism
E. S.hwerin. Wheeling, W. Va..
writes: "I have been • great sufferer
from rbaamatiaa and lure doctored
and tried almoet every remedy. Re
cently I came across your "P-Drops'*
and bought a bottle at s drag store. I
used it and can say that I have no more
pains and sleep well. I have told sev
eral parties about "6-Dropa" and am
thankful that, at last. I have found such
a remedy. I recommend the same to
anyone, who suffers from rheumatism.
**B-Drops" has proven its value for
many years past and the testimony of
those who have used it and found re
lief from tha torture and agnaizing
paina caused by rheumatic conditions is
the beat evidence of its remarksbla
power. ;
If you are suffering from rtienma-
I ism. get a bottle today. It may b* just
exectly what you need. Thooaaads of
other sufferers have found it to he.
"5 Drope" is bow told by theleadiag
draggisu in every part of the United
States and Canada.
FREE ttsaafcSKS I
a A*K___*___t wln wIU « to Tha
•vnsusn Company, Ma wut O.
The "Robin" Was an Early.
Fish After the Worm.
R. R. Conductor
Dies Suddenly
Stricken with heart disease at
17th and Jefferson, as lie was
leaving the railroad yards, Mich
aej Peltier, 607 So. Ainsworth ay.,
a conductor for the Great North
ern railroad, died before he could
be given medical attention.
The police ambulance was call
ed but before It arrived, an ex
press driver volunteered to take
the stricken man to a hospital.
Iln drove post haste to the Tacoma
General hospital, but whence ar
rived there, Peltier was dead.
He was employed in the freight
division of the railroad, and was
Till years of age.
T.u-onia's first claim for dam-!
ages aa a result of an accident
on the new municipal street rail-!
way line was received by the coun-'
ell Wednesday. . Mrs. Mary (.5. .
Acker. 80th and Cushman ave.j
filed a claim for $2,.".00 because'
she was thrown from a muny car
when the motormun started It too
suildonly. She suffered several
fractured bones, »he says.
.Marriage licenses were isxuei!
Tuesday to Kaymoud C. Thomp
son and Pauline Olson of Central
Point. Or.; Austin Bitten and
Cleora Weber, both of Yelm; Ern
est K'rhards and Ada Walters,
both of Taooma; Harry H. Stau
forth of Los Angeles, Cal., and
Mar** Stoil of Ban Jose, Cal.;
Em.ne-tt F. Ollam and Ruth Hoff-'
mna, both of Beaverhead, Mont.;
Jack Smith and Edith C. Harris,
mii h of Pomona, Cal.
>Hhh Klaa Ncst-tramMi and her
brotli«r, E. B. Nessenson, were
hosts for a number of their Taco
ma friends and young officers
from Camp Lewis at an informal
party last Saturday evening. Read-1
lags and music were enjoyed, as I
well as dancing.
Tlk« (Kill. fiH.I Hignal liHitiiiion
of Caimp l^ewis is to stage a dance
Saturday evening at Elks' iw.ii.ii-,
Tacoma. Dan-ring will liegin fit
1:30. General staff officers nil
ittached Proneh Hnd En ,l'-h offi
•e;» will be the battalion's guc I ,
By Ahem
"Tired of Life"
So He Takes It
i I nllrd Preim I. rimed Wire.)
"I am simply tired of life, which
you probably would not under
stand," was the only explanation
available today for the suicide of
Louis Barkhansen, well known
civil engineer.
Barkhansen shot and killed
himself in the library ot the
Transportation club last night.
He was 52 years old and a native
of Oermanry,
Barkhausen and his wife had
just returned from Southern Cali
fornia with Mr. anil Mrs. O. E.
McMartln of Tacoma.
He was to have met the Mc-
Martlns at a hotel last night.
When he did not appear at 8
o'clock a search was started and
his body was found.
Whan you wash your hair, be
aareful what you uaa. Moat soaps
aad prepared shampooe contain
; too much alkali, which is very in
jurious, aa It driaa tha acalp and
makes tha hair brittle.
Tha beat thing to uaa Is just
plain mulalfied coaoanut oil, for
thla Is pure and entirely grease
leaa. It'a vary cheap, and baata
the moat expensive soaps or any
thing alaa all to places. You can
gel this at any drug store, and a
law ounces will laat tha whole
family for months.
Simply moisten tha hair with
water and rub It In, about a teiu
spoonful la all thart Is required. It
makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, cleanses thorough
ly, and rlnsas out easily. Tha
hair dries quickly and evenly, and
is soft, fresh looking, bright,
fluffy, wavy and easy to handle.
Besides, It loosens and takes out
every particle of dust, dirt an<
"Advertisement. 1"
•%Jw ' tk\ —— 9_ I 2_m *a 11 Ia m
Steamers Tacoma and
Indianapolis for Seattle
Leave Municipal Dock. Taco
ma. 7:16, 1:00, 11:00 a. m.. l.og
1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 0:00 p. m
Leave Colman Dock, Seattle
7:00. I*oo. 1100 a. ML] 1:00, *-_■'
1:00, 7:00, 0:00 p. m. "'
Kaatrat ..nil I Imrml _tm mrrm
Elnxle l-'»re 10c. Koun.i Trio 7C
a. ». jo.Msa, 4sr.it. a
offices Municipal Lock.' _l j« 4 ,
0 • * ~"—^m
All Tacoma firemen and police
men will receive a $10 raise in sal
jary starting March 1. The city
[council unanimously voted for the
| salary i-ai ;e Wednesday, alt ho
j Mayor Fawcett said that he was
i voting under protest.
Fawcett declared that all other
I^P Always a Little Better" W^ AW TV |mj W*\
■ " _______* m
fl IK „ ■ i-*yi
? _m__t^^^^^____________m_ X £i g
t .1 _^_*r*^_t_^_t ■! P^^^B 1
w_%_J__^^ fc_w X" &r I I
il KM|r M-'ipmm^r' *-■■. tw \\ ,^H
I iff l&J^d
■ w i& *: * /f I ■! I
9 ■ Vi ' J3L: '^feJ" j7 fl A VI
i M *___%?' ■'_ ' "• ■ '_it_r _W
__m*_____■■ %>. lb ... 4&r M
J jfcL-fe ■'•-■... ><^ I B^
ll 'I ■lb: ■ : JwW it- \ II *l
■:--;| ■ - V | ________________________[ m -
:- ■ ■ lv _t ' f IV $11
I ' *$fM
''■"■ I W &••"•■&:•?■■■■*■- i-y-^-.na^ I
■ t .■*■*■-•■ "^'■'*"»fc*.v..i.A-.....-.._>/.v,v...,t.jt_,;_ftif. v ,i!?: :i *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B I
PARAMOUNT has taken a Xl_______\_*__J• ■
story that created a furore ir^ m TVTT^ ) f%
when presented on the stage. XJJt____V*\ Jl/ W
Miss Frederick has re created urn, „ , „.. ___ m m - .^. •
it into a picture that seems to 13Ji/ll JijVS_E
breathe. Its vital plot, its emo _.
tional moments, and its tense GRACE «OBOE'B GREAT M
scenes give you a picture that STAGE SENSATION
had few equals. I"
- '||w|||arbuckle T
employee ln every department
should have equivailent Increases
in salary, and refused to listen to
the explanation Uiat the i*>llce and
fire deiiartments wore being re
duced in number of employes ln
order to find enough money to
make the increases.
The ordinaire went thru as or
iginally drafted, with the excep
tion that an increase or Max Gar
ret son, secretary to Commissioner
Pettit, which would have given
him a raise from .I2r. to ft 10 a
month, was reduced to . 13■".
By Allman.
(I altrd rreas Ifiiml Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. ('., March
13. —Judge Robert 8, Lovett has
been appointed director of a new
division of capital expenditures
of the railroad administration.
OrHns-Tncnma Slaite i.lnr
Leave* Tacoma, "7:30, *S:3O. »:10,
11 a. ta.; "W m.; 1:30, '2:30, ->3:»».
4:30. *.:*... .. 7:30 p. m.
Leave Ortlng. 7, *8, *9. »10, 11 «.
m,: 12:30, •1:J0. J, *i. *6, «. 7 p. m.
'Trips direct to Soldieri Home,
leaving home It mlnutei before leav
ing urting. ______^___

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