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THB CACOMA TlME*—Member of th* Srrlppa NoMhweit League
•t Newepaperi. the Newspaper Baterprlae Aaso.latlon anj th* I'iiiied
Ft sea Association* Batered at tha Poatoftlca. Taooma. Wash., aa eee
•M-claaa matter Publlahed by tha Taooma Tlmea Publlehlnv Co. every
•vanln« except Sunday.
Halra—By mall. It cent a a month: II a year, by carrier In city. II
eesUa a month. Telephone, all departments. Mala XI. Oftlaaa. Tlmea
Building. Ml Paclflo avenue.
'.Vl S»»-_ a \jst i^sl%'S'>4BEstiH^sW!J^^
Tell the Worst
The Tiiiies has said, and now takes occasion to re
peat, that it is against the policy'of eoucealnient or
Curtailment oi news casualties in the military es
tablishment of the nation.
Every mother and father, friend and relative of
the nun in the trenches is entitled to know whether
their loved ones have given their lives, been wound
ed or captured by the enemy.
We do not believe in keeping the public in the
It winild be tho most barbaioiis kind of torture
to keep parent! and friends of our hoys in ignorance
of their fate until the slow-moving, ponderous ma
chinery of government gets around to lending tele
grauis to bereaved families.
Giving out merely the names of the men is far
Horse than nothing.
Let the nation know tlie truth.
The souls of the mothers of this country should
not he totf urcd 0D the rac k of "military necessity."
No Letter from Home
A parent we know has just received a letter from
his son who sailed for France the latter part of No
vember. The letter was postmarked Fel>. :>, and up
to that time the hoy had received no mail from
home. And he had been gone .more than two
His folks have written to him on an average of
twice a week since he sailed, but the letters have
not reached him.
This is just one of hundreds of similar eases all
over tlie country today.
When the boys are still in training camps in the
United States, parents and friends are urged to
write to them often. They are told that letters from
home mean more to the boys than anything else in
the world.
Jf thf boys ned tot hear from their home folks
while they are still in their native land, how nnu'li
greater must be the need when they are thousands
of miles away, and in a foreign country!
Money is being spent in abundance to provide
comforts for the boys "over there." Campaigns
and great drives are being carried on to raise funds
for the erection of entertainment halls for the sol
diers in France, r
But all the pleasures in the world won't make up
to a homesick boy for a letter from his mother, his
sweet heart or his best pal at home.
Think of what it-would mean to be among stran
gers for two whole months without a single letter.
Think of how much easier the fight would be if your
boy could receive a bundle of letters twice a week.
Many of the boys over there are away from home
for practically the first time and they're real sol
diets but two months or more without a liftc from
home is bound to have its effect on anyone.
This shameful neglect should end. It is nothing
more or less than that.
The hoys are putting their country first. Their
country should return the compliment and put them
and their needs ahead of everything.
And one of their most important "needs" is mail
from home, regularly. Wake up, Mr. Burleson.
This yiNii-'-. dandelion In going to take its young life in its
liauil- u<< -.nn as it poki■■- Km ik.m. above the earth and lie-ins to
look like git ens.—Chicago News.
Billy Sunday's
A suit in the New York courts over the book,
"Great Love Stories of the Bible," to which Billy
Sunday's name is attached as author, reveals the
fact that Billy didn't write it but draws part of the
profits for permitting the use of his name. Billy
doesn't allow his right hand to know what his left
hand puts into the pocketbook.
No Charge, Thank You!
Government probers have brought out the fact
that the Hog Island company h;id a corps of public
ity agents whose combined salaries were $2000 a
month. We wish to announce that any publicity
the Hog Island crowd receives in this paper is free,
and it's getting some, occasionally, too.
Broadway at Nlat h
Week of March It
""'bosooifb boVaiTninh
hyena japanese troupe
james thompson a co.
______ HOP » CO.
Oak Theater
Week Starting Monday, Marek tl
Monle Carter Company la
Mafias* dally, 2:80. Nights 7*9
•aaday*. coaUaaooa from a p. Hi
WedMadiy, Man* 1% 1911.-THE TAOOMA TlMlft-Paft Four.
Outbursts of Everett True
Dear Miss Grey: 1 do not
know whether you are versed In
the art ot reading character
in.m handwriting; but it so,
will you read the character ol
the person whose handwriting I
enclose? It Is that ot a gin I
am thinking of making ray wife.
Will you tell me, if you can, If
you think 1 have made a good
. .The small, uniform handwrit
ing null- airs Dial tlie jiill Is neat,
and of .in even temperament. Her
writing also expresses mime artis
tic aliility. As I am not an o*_____*t
at irii.linn character in this man
ncr, I cannot advise you furth-rr.
Isn't it strauKe, i-i-n'Ur."
l In- man didn't ask me to study
hla ..nn handwriting and reatl HIS
ili.iia.l4T. If I could.
He didn't seemi to be anxious
(.. find out uli.-ili.-i ll■ would lie
a suitable husband.
He s.-.-ni.'.l to take that for
Now would you say that he was
And is that the angle from
with li men usually figure the mat
rlnioniul tail-Mem <!i-.-|i down in
their heart*?
Dear Misa Grey: In your
Miss Miiruarct Long will speak
at the Ininianuel Presbyterian
church at luncheon Wednesday. A
surgical .Ire*, ing class will be
Hr. Slurry, Dentist, Warburton
Bldg. adv.
Miss I .aurn Haiuni and Alfred
Malgren of Seattle were quietly
married Sunday afternoon. The
young couple left for a ahort
honeymoon trip, after which they
will make their home at the Gor
don apartmenta in Seattle.
Dr. Co//a. dentist, haa moved
to 308-12 Pantages Bldg. adv.
Tlie members of the San Soji-i
club will ibe entertained Wednes
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Charles Evans. 803 South Adaui3
st. The members of tire club are
giving a large part of their time
to Red Croas work.
PRINTING CO. Main 417. adv.
Troop B Women w-UI meet all
day Wednesday at Horgan-Park
er's store for Red frost work.
The Ladies' Aid of the First
Methodist church will give Its
luncheon and afternoon program
Wednesday ln the church parlors.
An Interesting program haa been
War fooda funu tha Lincoln
high school culinary department
will ba on exhibition Friday aft
ernoon at tho school under the di
rection of Miss ott and Miss Fow
ler ot the -domestic sclenca depart
ment. Tha exhibit will be open
from 11 to 6.
Tlie It ay nor chapter ol tha An
nie Wright seminary will ba en
columns last week appeared a
letter from Mrs. I. H. S. iv
whlc'h she stated that war mo
vies tended to demoralize and
intimidate the youth of our
I disagree with those senti
ments. A -few may be intimi
dated, but only a few. We
should know the war and Its ter
rors In order to meet It as Amer
icans should, and to encourage
us to do our utmost to defeat
To have these scenes enacted
before our eyes by surprise
when we get "over there" with
the boys in kha*kl would lie far
more demoralizing. These mo
vies help to remind us to do our
duty us they aro doing "over
What raanncr of man is he
whom the Fight (if our boys be
neath the Red, White and Blue
would tPi-rlfy? What manner
of man Is he whom the sight of
Old Glory sweeping on to victory
would intimidate?
Any man who would let such
scenes as these on the screen
five thousand miles from the
battle front intimidate him is
unfit to be called American.
tertalned Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. George Tart on
South I street.
Wedding Cakes made to order.
Duenwald's, Ilia Broadway, adv.
Mrs. Paul J. Kransioli and her
daughter have returned home aft
er a tour of California cities. They
have been away two months.
Cat down the high cost of liv
ing. Try a Lotus Annex Businesa
Men's Lunch, 25c. adv.
Mine Florence Lister and her
mother left Wednesday for Olym
pla where Miss Lister will christen
the new ship "Culburra" to ba
launched there. A dinner at tha
Mitchell will follow.
Stop! Have you tried The Lotus
Cafe'b Special Club Breakfasts,
tr.c to 40c, or the Businesa Men's
Lunch at 26c? If not, why notf
Bible pictures will he shown at
the Central Methodist church, 813
South 21st at., Thursday evening
at 8 o'clock.
The Park Avenue improvement
club will entertain at the school
house Thursday, March 14. There
will be music, singing and speak
Carving Knives and lisk Roast
ers. Palace Hardware Co., 1511
Pacific ay. adv.
Mas Bmbroidery dob will most
Thursday with Mrs. Birkland,
3623 Bast J st.
Regulation O. D. sweaters for
active service at HofstetteVs, 1303
Pacific ay. V|f.
Aa I made the cattish remark
about the futility of Mrs.aßert's
husband's paper she laughed, not
<iiiite naturally. "The fortunes of
war," she answered, "are shed
tirst on one side and then on the
other ln political battles."
"Then you think the next vic
tory will be yours?" I asked
"Oh, mercy no," she hastened
to disclaim. "Persoffally 1 know
nothing about either side of the
controversy. I never meddle with
business or politics. I do not
think they are meant for women.
That Is why I am here today, my
dear Mrs. Waverly. I want to
tbow everyone in the city thut I
take no part in these foolish con
1 wonder then, my lady, I said
to myself, why you ure so anxious
to make Alice's acquaintance, and
I grew a little cold as I looked
into this woman's calculating
eyes. What if *>he knew or sus
pected any of Alice's story.
I was glad that Harvey was
dead, in that southeru cUBM
where he moved to recover hi-*
health, but already 1 had foi'.ud.
in the case of Harry Syraoue, thut
the poet who wrote.
"I think that in the lives of most
womeu and men
That all would go smooth and
If only the dead could tell when
To louie hack and be forgiven.''
Just then Alice came up and
I Introduced her to Mrs. Bert.
"Do you know, Margie," said
Alice, "I have been looking at
your face from across tlie room
and its peculiar expression called
me over to you. Would it be
permissible for me to ask you
what you were thinking about?"
"I trust Mrs. Bert will forgive
me," I answered, "if I dlaclOM
the tenor of my thought- As
she has just disclaimed the
knowledge of politics in any form,
even those of the city ln which
she lives, she will probably be
surprised to know that something
she paid of her husband's connec
tion with tlie paper that has op
posed Mr. Symone made me think
that perhaips the man who said
'the evil men do we inter with
their bones, the good lives after
them,' should be turned around
to read, 'the good men do we In
ter with their bones, the evil
lives after them.' "
Mrs. Bert, as well A. Alice,
knew perfectly well to what I re
So you are not as Ignorant as
you would have me suppose after
all the stories in your husband's
paper, I thought as I watched
"It helps one's
KS'%JV*i J*'oU'U f'"l TINIER SPE-
Wk * 4___*\_Xki CIALat inns, cafes, soda foun. ll JOll aren't acquainted with the goodness of this
I _\\_\<m%r^3^i tarns > dm 9 stores, groceries, de- unusual beveraae by all „,»n, i , , ,
\ »S^^Yl par J <wen< «<™' ™ rf«'"'"/ car, very first time yon La -^ * * ',ottl° *•
SM^TI ;\ A ant* steamships; at canton- A r L , } *"* m a Place wlier^ 01
WM^iißk '"r"18 ' mobi^iof. camps, dr'»k is served.
VV^^rSlKJ'^L "'"'al Btations and eheirhere „,, ,
> _U(y_4_ii_r*J.\m. "h,re good lhln 'is to drink ar« ° a caa* tor I,om•• *""
IQC B°ttle8
l^ils^P^ HA IN IKK PRODUCTS COMPANY t^M^^^^t^^T^**^**'
\m3^ of New Bainier, MM Baini„, Raini,; £3 L^, ittSS
PACIFIC BOTTLING WORKS Phone Main 1668 944 Court „ 0 „ Taroma
%o«Jae from four grocer or tlru W |,t -
Mrs. Bert's face. I also saw
there an active dislike for me, for
seeing thru her and quietly "call
ing her little bluff" as Dick
would say.
I was sorry to call up to Alice
the tragedy of her life, but I bad
to put her on her guard against
this woman, who, I felt, had some
plan maturing in her brain —■
whether it was of social better
ment for herself, or some under
hand work for her hu\band, I
could not tell.
Alice was very quick to under
stand, and ahe came buck very
quickly from the unhappy
thoughts my reference to the
dead had brought her and talked
with Mrs. Bert with just thut de
gree of warmth that would make
her feel perfectly nt ease.
(To Be Continued.)
Spoils Beauty
Makes the Hurk Hings Around
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Hulii- the Complexion. How
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plexion. The sour, fermented,
gassy contents poison the blood,
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