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1811 Pacific Aye.
We have spared no expense to make this a de
lightful eating place. Everything is new and
We Can Give You Prompt Service at
Moderate Prices.
Your Patronage Solicited.
-Halted foam traced Wire.)
IN FRANCE, March 14. — Tht
American ttroops are "ready to at
tack anything.."
The officer commanding tht
American troops in the Lunevilli
region, including Ohio troope, s<
stated in a message to the hanu
folks, sent thru the I'nited Prest
_mm_______________mm _________*
Hair On Face
n. ..,.,,<■• It. Work* -f-jimil, well for
nm..,li>a hair from neck. arsu. uadrr
•in., or lliabe.
Now Playing
How the heart of a
woman found fulfill*.
ment in the fires of
Love's Crucible and
chose for herrelf
which is "The More
Excellent Way."
Added Attraction
m^M^^— t"." **■ ■'-' Mi. 1. •■ '" " .'3?*^^^Mfl
__*- Wm ___^.m *m**^ il
It Rc>^B Br. ■'•"■ H
■ I *■***. -"Su XI& I
11 ■? # ■ ifl
■ I fIH _tk ?y<- 11
" Hi- •■• n>U n.i B
It tfl XX ■* ■
BlmEe BLl\ /I
B^^^b r v mw **tarn m***_Wme** '■ 1 m
Bi^H^v >. **^ j^l
■■■ -^>kii?,-*V* '■ ." JF" .*' ]■
BffjHfjN WAw
_t~___i!3s _______
___^A_ot^__** _fa^*^4i^_^^!ZZ_.
"The spirit of the command is
excellent," the commander de
clared. "It couldn't be better.
After their exjierlemce In the
trenches their nervousness has
passed. They are now ready to
attack anything. Their health is
Crack Cerman fdghtimg divis
ions are opposed to the Americans
in this sector, including dismount
ed I'hlans, it has now been ea*ta!>
One salient bombardment pre-
I aratory to Saturday's raid has
now been abandoned by the enemy.
It was so demolished that It
was untenable. The bodies ap
iwirenUy Intend merely to hold the
positions hi the rear of this point.
The last 3 6 hours in the Toul
sector have been the quietest since
it was taken over by the Ameri
Five engineers, repairing wire
entanglements in No Man's l^and,
encountered 10 German patroillers
on this front. They killed two of
the bocheu and the others fled.
. I ollr.l Prtu 1.«■..>..1 Wire .
LONDON. March 14. —Fif-
teen vessels of more than 1,600
tons displacement were submar
ined laft week, according to the
admiralty's figures. Three ves
sels under that tonnage and one
lishing craft were sunk.
For the third successive week
the number of British vessels
sunk has totaled 18.
iini«iT t*aam i.ea»e« wire.i
14.—A 15 per cent increase in
rates was granted by the inter
state commerce commission to
day to the Canadian railways
running into the U. S. The sys
tems are the Canadian Pacific,
tirand Trunk, Pere Marquette
and Wabash.
Two thousand persons saw the
first Orpheum vaudeville program
at the I.liberty theater, Camp
Lewis, Wednesday. The house
was sold out for the evening
show. The program will be re
peated Thursday night and then
will be given in Tacoma for the
next three days,
If peevish, feverish and
sick, give "California
Syrup of Figs."
Mother! Your child Isn't nat
urally cross and peevish. See it
tongue Is coated; this Is a sure
algn its little stomach, liver and
bowols need n cleansing at once.
When listless, pale, feverish,
full of cold, breath bad, throat
■ore, doesn't eat, sleep or act
naturally, has stomach-ache, di
arrhoea, remember, a gentle liver
and bowel cleansing should al
ways be the first treatment given.
Nothing equals "California
Syrup of Figs" for children's Ills;
give a teaspoonful, and In a few
hours all the foul waste, sour bile
and fermenting food which Is
clogged in the bowels passes out
of the system, and you have a
well and playful child again. All
children love this harmless, de
licious "fruit laxative," and It
•lde" cleansing. Directions for
side' cleansln. Directions for
babies, children of all ages and
grown-ups are plainly on the bot
Keep it handy In your home.
A little given today saves a sick
child tomorrow, but get the genu
ine. Asik your druggist for a bot
tle of "CaJf-fornia Syrup of Figs,"
then look and see that It Is made
by the "California Fig Syrup Com
Edited by Edith Cunningham.
Tacomans having relatives In army, navy or marines are
Invited to contribute to this column. News Items, extracts of
letters and personals are welcome. Call Main 12.
Yo! Ho! For a
Life That's Free!
The following excerpts from the
diary of Alfred Jacobiton, Tacoma
boy now home on a two months
furlough from his battleship, the
U. S. S. Bochester, gives a natu
ral and Interesting account of a
sailor's life on board a convoy
Young Jacobson joined the navy
in Tacoma last May and war, sent
to Bremerton for training. Since
that time he has made two trips
to France on a convoy ship. In his
diary we learn of one of these
trips, the la*est one which he
made. Here are the quotations:
Wednesday, Dec. 26.—Left New
York today. At night we anchor
ed outside the harbor to wait for
another convoy, and at 10:30 at
nisht we left with two other con
voys, carrying 10,000 soldiers and
Thursday. Dec. 27. —Calm
weather and very cold.
Friday, Dec. 28.—A little bit
rougher today; the waves are;
breaking over the bow and com
ing in thru the gun ports.
Dec. 29 and 30—The same.
Monday, Dec. 31—Tonight we
made a target that looked like a
periscope and conning tower and
towed it for the other ships. The
periscope was about four Inches
in diameter. The ships fired at it
at a distance of 1,000 yards with
the six-inch guns. They all aimed
pretty well but one was especially
good. The first shot went over;
the second fell short; the third
clipped the periscope and the
fourth dropped right in it and the!
fifth hit the conning tower. That's
the sort of thing we do to a sub.
This one is known to have stink
three ships and there are proba
bly many more which may be at
tributed to it.
Jan. I—Had a swell feed to
day. Chicken dinner. Holiday.
Wednesday. Jan. 2—We were
eating dinner today when the
Grant sighted another sub find
the general alarm was sounded
and we all went to our stations.
We changed our course so rapidly
that we shipped over two feet of
water on the gun deck and every
thing was flooded.
The sub fired two torpedoes,
one just missing us. The other
crossed the bow of the Grant. The
Grant fired four shots, the Pat
torler fired two, but 1 do not know
how man> came from our boat. I
fired two from my gun. There was
so much smoke I could not see
whether I hit it or not, but the
sub disappeared. That night we
started our submarine watches
and It is a general court martial
to take them off.
Friday, Jan. 4.—Nothing doing.
Monday, Jan. 7 —We are now
within B0 miles of France and
just south of England. Six de
stroyers met us and took our con
voy the rest of the way and we
have just turned back and are
now homeward bound.
Tuesday, Jan. B.—Very rough.
Wednesday, Jan. 9. —All was
calm until 11 o'clock at night,
when I woke and heard again that
old general alarm sounding and
thought It was a sub, so I got up.
There was water up to our waist
on the gun deck and every one
was shouting that we were sink
ing. I didn't feel very much
afraid and stayed by my gun until
everything was quiet. Then I
found that we had rolled 45 de
grees and nearly turned over.
That was why we bad been gotten
Thursday, Jan. 10—We turned
In our life preservers today and
everything Is now safe.
• • •
Three Glass Eyes
Donated to Marines
The Tacoma marine recruiting
office is rejoicing greatly over the
possession of three perfectly good
and useful pairs of field glasses.
These were donated to the Ma
rines by some patriotic Tacomans,
Dr. E. O. Honda, Mrs. A. H. Ek
lund and C. J. Eubree, who saw
the call printed In this column.
This is a mighty good start for
Tacoma, but there are still thou
sands that are needed and a glass
of any type that is at all good
will be greeted with open arms
by the recruiting officers of the
Their station is on South ir.th
and Pacific avenue and is open
all day for service.
If any of you Tacomans have
some good glasses that you are
not using, emulate the good exam
ple set for you by the three first
donors and take them down.
Times for Fighting
Men of Uncle Sam
It seems that Un-ale Sam's fight
ers are getting to depend more
and more upon the Tacoma Times
to cheer them up, tell them the
home news and make them better
scrappers, judging from the way
the subscriptions continue to pour
In. They are sent either by the
men themselves or else by the
proud ones at home. For today
we have two new men on our list.
They are 11. 11. Crandall, Goat Is
land, Cal., and A. S. Wilson, Mare
Island, Cal.
* • *
Wasn't Used to Work
One of the ladles at the hostess
house at Camp Lewis met a dis
consolate appearing youftg soldier
the other day and Inquired the
Thursday, March 14, 1918.—THE TACOMA TIMES— Page Three.
■trouble. He announced that he
was a waiter for the officers' mess
i.i-t that he did not like it.
She asked him whether he J
would like it better If he were
transferred to the enlisted men's
mess. He replied (hat altho he
had heard Hie solgan, "Join the
Army and I.earn a Trade," that
he did not want to be a waiter,
So the kind lady asked him
what lie was before he enlisted
and he answered, "I practiced
• • ■
j Men Join the Navy
In spite of the big recruiting
drive now going on for 10,000
men for the naval reserve camp at
.Seattle, the regular navy is sill
getting Its share of the spoil;-..
! Four men were sent into the ser
jvice by local recruiting officers
i Wednesday. They are Frank Firm,
t Harry Warren, Robert IJndsay,
who go as firemen to Bremerton,
and Albert Hofert, who has signed
jup aX a ship's cook and will be
sent to Mare Island.
* * •
To Appear
(Before Draft Board
The following men have been
j called to appear before the draft
| l.o:ird No. 1 examiners at the at*
\t__a of Dr. O. W. Loughlen, 2301
' Sixth avenue, for physical exam-
I ina'.ion:
Thomas X. Askell, Gabriel
: Paul-son, Frederick Do.-n.I. Ferd
inand It. Bradley, Harry J. Me
.(lirk. George Ursioh, A\i«tin Lyons,
| Entile T. Sweeney, Harold A.
j Denton, Charles A. Ziegler, John
iVaconetti, Muneon P. Jones, Don
ald C. Spellnian, Clark H. Hpitler,
Robert G. Walker, Dennis Cole
man, Harold ft. l>an«try, John H.
Wills, Guy E. McWilliams, John
Fatlaad, John M. Boyle, jr., bo«ll
J. Mueeck, Ira W. Blsiiop, George
A. Padonich, John P. Corrie, Or
din Thompson, Harold Ixive,
Adolph C. Hurklund, Clifford 11.
Votaw, Ernest C. Lotflin, Rudolph
Swanson, Homer C. Thompson,
Sigifrid UlMli Christian J. Swort
sen, Llewellyn D. Boyle, Arthur A.
Sanders, Roibort C. Gaylord, Hat
ry W. Haimann, Otto V. Kinlierg,
Filing Sanders. Howard 1. Luna,
j Theodore W. Lynn, Clarence A.
Amour, Warren ft. Harkuess, Gust
Carlson, Arnt Nelson.
No More
Up Nights!
Becent. Scientific Discovery Works
Wonders in He-storing Bladder
Strength to Old and Voting.
Send For FBKE 50c Package.
You, who have to get up at least
once, and maybe six or eight
times, every night because of blad
der weakness, and who have al
most forgotten what the restful
ness and luxury of an unbroken
night of untroubled sleep Is like,
should surely welcome the won
derful, scientific discovery in
corporated in Kellogg's Brown
j Tablets.
No More Getting Ip Nights and
Losing Sleep After a Short I'se of
Kcllok'k'h Brown Tablets.
Of this agent, a noted physician
and sclent'ft of Washington, D
C, says: "That the aged suf
ferer passes his nights like in the
days of his prime * * * is
the reason of the claim for a symp
tomatic cure."
Send coupon below, today, with
6c in stnmps to help pay postage
and packing, for a free 50c trial
box of Kellogg's Brown Tablets, to
Frank J. Kellogg Co., 9G4 Hoff
master Block, Battle Creek, Mich.
ran trial coupon
Hoffmaster Blk., Battle Creek,
kindly send me, Free, a 50c
box of Kellogg's Brown Tab
lets. I enclose 4fl in stamps to
help pay postage and packing.
City State
Leave Central Bus Station,
Tnconin 1: SO p. in.
I.i'iivi- Washington Hotel,
Aberdeen f*:00 n 'n.
(At Washington)
Drawn by Artist J. It drove, originator of
"Comedies of damp Lewis" and "Our President in Wartime.*
Foi-eimi born officer to his foreign liorii squad: "An'
when I learn lo write English 1 'in goin' to put cba down in tlie
*.iw|ii.uil M|lllld. ,
Dr. H. J. Hards, city health of
cer, whoso resignation was an
nounced by Mayor Fawcett, will
continue the health work until a
successor can be obtained. The
mayor is making a search for a
physician qualified to handle the,
health work and the city chemi.al
Dr. Hards' resignation 111
tendered to Mayor Fawcett MM
time ago. It is hard to find a per
son at this time -suitable for the
health work, however, because of
the heavy call made by the govern
ment upon the ranks of physi
(Vailed Pre«« I.eaaed Wire.)
WASHINGTON, 1). C, March
14. —Germany's plunde.rquest in
the near east is doing more to
spur Aimerica and the allies to [
arousing war spirit than anything!
she hae undertaken, not barring
U-boat warfare, aooomding to the
view of officials today.
Oaptiwe of Odessa, golden key
to a rich wheat country and stop
ping point on Germany's new route
to the east—far from causing
gloom here—only served to stir
the war siririt.
Game little Rumania has aTous
ed the admiration of officials and
her fate has stirred their ire.
That Germany has dreams of a
new route to the east in place of
Actress Give* Simple Inexpensive
I{eripe for Streaked or Faded
Gray Balr.
Mrs. Mackie, the well known t
New York actress, now a grand-!
another, and whose hair is still
dark, recently made the following i
statement: "Gray streaked or
faded hair can be immediately
turned black, brown or light
brown, whichever shade you de
sire, by the use of the following
simple remedy that you can make
at home:
"Merely get a small box of Or
lex powder at any drug store. It
costs only 2fi cents and no extras
to buy. Dissolve It in one ounce
of water and comb It thru the
hair. Full directions for use come
in each box.
"You need not hesitate to use
Orlex, as a .100.00 gold bond
comes In each box guaranteeing
thfi user that Orlex powder does
not contain silver, lead, zinc, sud
pliur, mercury, aniline, coal-tar
j products or their derivatives.
"It does not rub off, Is not
'sticky or greasy, and leaves the
Ihatr fluffy. It will make a gray
.haired person look many years
it^b^v 'fynKnTTrrffiiiiiß
■ wnlmmM
Due to the sudden Increase In
liopulatimi and the location of the
army post here the duties of
health officer have been greatly In
creased. Dr. 11 ;i tils says. During
the present prevalence of minor
ailments the health force should
be greatly inevea-sed and addition
al doctors employed to aid in the
investigation and diagnosis of
eases reported to the health de
partment, he reports.
Extra quarantine officers and
other help are being employed by
the health department as fast as
they can be obtained. This work
requires experienced men and
they are hard to find.
the Berlin-Bagdad scheme le the
thought of military men general
ly. Odeswa, the Black sea, Persia,
Afghanistan, India., is the route
ishe now dreams of.
I The first, conctrete evidence of
the war spirit here, is the speed
ed-up shipment of troops abroad.
Cyclone Does
Big Damage
(Itnilrd Preaa Leaned Wire.)
TOLKDO, 0., March 14. —A
cyclone -swept the country dis
tricts near Adrian, Mich., early
today. Heavy damage to prop
erty resulted. Wires are down
and details cannot be secured.
The county treasurer's office
this week has been the scene of a
big rush of taxpayers who want
to get the benefit of the :! per
cent discount before March 11.
The biggest payment, $:',!i4,000,
came from the N. P. railway. The
Milwaukee paid |SS,OOO and the
! Tacoma smelter |IS,OOO.
Lucia Tania I.ulierk, Dl-year-old
Russian girl who drifted into Ta
coma Saturday evening threo
months after her arrival from
Ru.- la. will he given a home with
Dr. and Mrs. James O. Post, on
the advice of Immigration Officer
The little girt, with her mother,
fled from Riga after the Germans
had attacked their home. The
mother committed suicide In
Exiieriences on the baltlefront
were told by Capt. A. J. Pcq tie
gnat, a-ho Is In the I. S. on sick
leave from the Canadian army,
when he ftpakfl at the weekly meet
ing of the Rotartans in the Olym
pus hotel Thursday noon.
The following birth certificates
were registered Wednesday at the
city health office: Born to Mr.
and Mrs. Dolph Jones, 3724 No.
32nd, son. Mar. 3; Mr. and Mrs.
Anton I.uclch, 2116 No. 27th. son,
Feb. 26: Mr. and Mrs. John If.
Hendr'ckson, 1020 East Harrison,
coil, March 11.
1 sTABUHIIKI) INM _______________W___fA____tt
Show Several New Styles and Improvements
Women's "Globe" 1 nioii
Suit* ami Verts, in light end A U
■milium weigh In for sprint: /^ ' N—
lie**!*. Include several now S ▼ *"» f*V tKg_ u\
style, in (. iiiiicnlc t| sprinK- / \-» / j^StA
ii.T.ii.- Hume. / \ — yjf!\BW\
These are garments with I /* /wC. %& \
11iii11 neck anil long sleeve**, / Im J'*\ /*.. \
Bishop nock and short / I \^*~,dkL ,j rnlfhr*^''Y\ \
sleeves, and Union Suits and J / /i?T^i|lnil|l/ff,|Mv^\ \
Tights, both knee ami ankle / / *hm\^flll™W*V|ilj'l)v^\ V
£££» ocp *i nn //llfllkj
■armeata OOb .. .$ I .1)1) // JUW; i $^ I Z$r J
in!.,., »i tn tl 7R // /'■ ■'jlw.;l M
Knits .. f I lOU to s>ii3 / /_^i' _£s«r4,l\l'''' \r
Children's "Globe" l'nder-\ L/^> ' ' "AVf-'J \f
wear Jurt. received include* \j^/^^ <*'■_■'Wi, ''!'/ /
j.*.. in. nls with High ..ml W"f, 'i'^r.''-.i-^M' i.r^v /
Bishop necks, lonic or elbow \M, >':^&_lA?_mP_: '*{9 /
slc.'i.'s pants km-*- or ankle \/// ','mr____r.___W_m tL/
length. Prleed areordinK to /^S^^^i IT
style and **ir,- — >i\ lm^ / ****
Se|i«rate CA f f»Q c \B />, V
garments , . *Uvv ami UUv j jd^_M
"(•Holie" I'lii-on Suits for / J^^^
boys anal Kirls, medium f___f
weight white cotton and t^
Kiilln igunn. a full line lo
choose from. Tile suit— "I'llOIMX" Half Hose for
7C« *\\ OR °"' ehihlren, roll lops, white
fUbio *9 I i-tO W ii|, tan. sky, and pink
-„ „ stripes, solid colors in tan.
Children s Hosiery mm i>iue, v \_.\. and
Childi-en's fine ribbed ItlneJt white;; all size* . *■. lo H,
ami While Hose, iV.luiiu tlnx-o pairs . 100, QKf»
weight, double heels and the pair Oww
tort*, all sl/es, OK*» I'tulerweiii- and Hosier) Sec
il>< pair IJU lion. —First Floor.
Cleaning House?
Tlien look to your sink Inuird—it see-m-. it needs a coat Ot New-
Kink Knamel. Tlie iM'st while enamel for $ 4 Art
that purpose, p. i can y I lUU
toiii.t P_i>_.<it_ e_r ■ <,',,l,','s Basket, 1 Clothes
i ... »i. V ?!VP ■** -i •■» tloUies Pins,
6 Blk Boll* for -tTO* iTujjlll ... Rf v
Black .lapanned Lunch 00/» v '"' *r' '*"**
Boxes, eiu-li 0 o\j —IsMNV Moor.
Here and Elsewhere
Warren Kirk, T«co*ma solicitor.
found dead in his room, evidently
having succumbed to heart dis
We usk yon today to try onr
special club breakfast or business
men's lunch at 25c. Tomorrow
you will ask your friends. Lotus
Cafe Annex. adv.
John Markis hound over to the
federal jury on $000 mail on MU
lng liquor charge.
Hotel men of the northwest to
make advertising trip thru Cali
Silk Hat Cords for all In an. lie*
oif the service at Hof.3te.ttir'.-*, 1103
Pacific. adv.
Death total of the troop* in the
United States reaches l.'.C for the
past week.
No changi- iiui<l<- in meatless day
for Washington. We still may
have meat.
Germany discovers great urn
munition graft at the Daimler mi
nition factory, a sociali.-t 1 taper
Milwaukee Idver S:.u-..'j. for
Dutch Lunch. Duemwald's. 111.'
For twenty years we have been
selling Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root !
and our customers are well pleas
ed with the results obtained from
Its use and always gpcnk favora
bly regarding it. We have heard
of several ailments of the kidneys,
liver and bladder that have been
cured by the use of Swamp-Root,
and we believe It is a splendid
medicine for what it Is intended.
Very truly yours,
Dec. 8, 19ir.. Orland, California.
Letter «•**>
Dr. Kilmer A c «...
ltlll S k«n.l..n. V. T.
Prove What Swamp-Boot Will Do
For You. •
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer &
Co., liinghainton. N. V , for a sam
ple size bottle. It will convince
anyone. You will also receive ft
booklet of valuable Information,
telling about the kidneys and
bladder. When writing, be sure
and mention the Dept. M. Me
dium and large site bottles
for sale at all drug stores. adv.
Broadway. adv.
Nine in mi.*.l at Ten-- school
when army balloon falls.
Maryland nefumw the vote to
I |
Strong aerial defei-■■.■ planned
for the Atlantic coaxt 1... the war,
StMith (Vutrnl W.vt Virginia
MMMd with large flood.
Auto Coaster Wagons—s4.2s
and u|i. Palace Hardware Co.,
ir.ll Pacific Aye. adv.
Owner of the Ik.ii*-> m copied bf
family of Gen. Black at Washing
ton, 1). C, raises rent from 1100
to $2.'>o a month, ('otigref* majr
commandeer the property.
No fireworks for Ohio ibis
Fourth af July.
Get your moneys worth. Eat at
the Lotus Grill or Annex. adv.
Pledge of loyally required from
every employe at Yakima.
Iloqulam Commercial .lot. pro
vides ramping ground for tourists.
Villi illl.l |...l;.tn flolll' ..Ilia. Is
mud. aiti .Hon all o.cr tiie state.
I Guaranteed
Painless Dentistry
w ?
'•' i ____?
Dr. Morton
Skandinavlsk Tnndlacge
Investigate for YoursoU
Examinations Are
937,4 Broadway

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