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Jack Kennedy and Chris Gesek,
two of the best middleweight
art*; Hers iv the Northwest, will
engage In a finish match at Ta
luiin.t hall I his evening. The bout
is under auspices of the Boiler
makens' and Iron Shipbuilders'
union, hut Is o|>en to the public,
and a large adv-aius> sale indicates
that int.-re--.-it In wrestling is being
revived here
Both wrestlers are employed at
the Todd shipyards. They m«-*t in
a small snooker a few weekes ago
■When Kennedy agreed to throw
Ge-i-k In one hour. Me failed It
Peter's Piffle
Joe Bonds, well known Tacoma boxer, who is now in I'ncle
Bnm's navy, can't understand the since;* of Micky King, Australian
boxer, who bus been < leaning up all comers in the northwest this
in a letter from Bonds today, he says: "How in the world did
Mick King kayo anyone. I have known him several years and it
never happened before. He was usually the one to get K. O.'d. He
did not get a good start here in the east, altho he did fairly well In
Kvldontly King has improved a lot since Bonds saw him, for
he has shown real class iv every match he has undertaken in the
northwest. He has proven himself a willing scrapper, with a wide
knowledge of the game and a wicked punch.
Bonds is still engaged in convoying American soldiers to France.
He writes that he experts to get somo matches In the east, now that
New Jersey has enacted a new law permitting boxing. Ills first
bout will be in the lloboknn army camp tonight, when he meets
Bartley Madden, the man who knocked out Jim Coffey. It Is a fqur
round bout.
o o o o o
Jack Hartford is training in earnest for his battle next week
with "Wildcat" LmmN and he is telling his friends that he will
put up the best fight he possibly can. And well may Jack train
hard for the bout. For the "Wildcat" Is one of the most dangerous
scrappers Hart-ford has ever met. Leonard may not have a lot Ol
boxing class, but he Is a ferocious slugger who keeps on top of his
man all the time and forces the fighting without a moment's hesi-j
tat ion.
In his last two public appearances —once before the Kagles in
Tacoma and lalcr before a Seattle audience Hartford put up a
poor exhibition. Ills last bout In Seattle, which was stopped by the
referee, looked to the crowd like a frameup between Jack and Stan
ley Trimble not to hurt each other.
Hartford says he has been accused unjustly and all he wants
Is one chance to prove his gajnene ss. Jack will have his chance with
Leonard. And he'll have to use for every bit of ringcraft and every
ounce of fighting muscle that he ever possemetr.
o o o o o
Pennies will be used this season by the Pacific Coast league.
Twenty-eight cents will admit to the bleachers and 55 cents to the
grandstand. The P. C. I. league ha* boosted its price so that the
bleacher charge, with war tax, Is 30 cents.
o o o o o
The Portland boxing commission turned down 11 applications
for staging smokers in Portland during April at Its mjpeting this
week and granted one lonely permit to the Golden West Athletic
club. Now listen to the wail of the promoters!
o o o o o
Next Tuesday night's boxing program at Crystal gool, Seattle,
Includes the following bout*: George Ingle vs. Chef Neff; Muff
Bronson vs. I*eo Houck; Mike Pete vs. Jack Allen; Abie Gordon vs.
Frankie Murphy.
Monroe Meets
llI#M«-d Preaa Leaned Wire.)
MILWAUKEE, March 14. —
Jack Deexpsey, who figures In tihe
heavyweight flg-lvt conversation of
the day, has another tough cus
tomer to dispose of. Jack Monroe,
tinge const product, will try to
set him back here March 10.
j, I ■ ' "j
M Whether He's Fighting on Sea
Wrd or Land Send him a pooch of ,
Jms Real GRAVELY Chewing Plug
-WLikwwm c doesn't chew yet, he'll alice it up
__U 'i-__\ i!_Yr___\___ an<* n"x '* w't'l *"• P'P? to^acco *° B*ve
_m m__m_^^'___K**\_t_*_m_-Z_ '* "aTor an<^ improTe his smoke.
W Wy [ You will send your friend more tobacco
kW '^vt_____mi comfort and satisfaction in one pouch of
M W e*' Grayely Plug than in half a dozen
plugs of ordinary tobacco.
__\\\_m_\\\\\\\\\\\\\W aa » I—^ Give in man a chew of Real Gravely Ping, and
«M K—JU^I l.i "**__^> he wdl tell you that *» tht kind to lend. Send the
t Z^TV""""""^^TLr~ Ordinary plug it false economy. It eoeU let*
___*r.t ' k j" jj^BS - *•* we#k to chew Real Gravely, because a small
l/jrj \ «UV cfcew of it la»t» a long while.
m*\ 3 *~ swib voub raicND in Tnr v. s. scbvice
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<^- **^ *-* there" a 3c. .tan** will take it to kirn. Your dealer
will eapplyoavslepe aad gliojaa official direc-Hoae
ko w ta _________ it.
*• »• OAVELY TOBACCO CO.. •aatMt. Ta.
it mm a%a bag, daft Ansa Tfc. Paimi liai •» Free* «-w flhaa «»w Co»j
wr— —•■. _ ft fa)|- . H,^ Crmo.l, mtithmml tki_ l*-4m*__o S_ml
r_*._bll*__r*l IISI J_T^%
11 — *&
make good on the handlrup, and
the mat men weTe ao evenly match
ed that a finish bout was plauned.
The bout will be -staged on Police
G.i..-lie rules, bent two out of
i in. • falls.
G.-seU formerly lived In Spo
kane and win noted thrumit the
inland Bm pi re for his wrestling
while under the colors of the Spo
kane Athletic club. Kennedy is
from rill Win, where he wrestled
under the A. A. U.
The wr—Mil preliminaries be
tween (lever youngsters will be
staged this evening before the
main event.
Plant Trout
A total of 650,000 silver trout
fry have been deposited In lakes
ot Pierce county during the past
few days. The county game com
mission h«wl charge. . The com
missioners .put 110,000 fry in each
of the following: American lake,
Stellacoom lake. Clear lake. Span
away laJte, and Rapjohn lake. They
put 100,000 in Silver lake.
Report Doubted
Halted Prea* Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK. March 14.—Re
ports that Fred Fulton and Jack
Dem|>»ey had been matched for a
bout In New Jersey were doubted
here today. It was pointed out
that Gov. Edge has not yet ap
pointed h boxing commission as re
q-uired by the Now Jersey law.
Good Shooting
W. W. Waln-wrtght won last
night's rifle competition on the
Hofstetter Indoor range, with 11",
hits out ot 200 t-hot.-. It was an
Initerclub gallery shoot, similar to
those held thu-niout the country un
der IJ. B. supervision.
Thursday, March 14,1918. -THE TACOMA TIMES-Page Six.
Jack Dempsey, New Boxing Star,
Is Declared a Second Ketchel j
More than seven years ago, In
October, 1910, to be exact, the
greatest natural fighter of a de
cade, one of the greatest of all
times, was shot and killed.
Since the death of Stanley
Ketchel managers, promoters and
fight fans generally have been
look-n;; for another wonderful
fighter, not a mechanical fighter
alone, but one with a great flght-
Miss Fanny Durack, champion
woman swimmer of the world, is [
coming to America from Australia
In June and her entrance In *••■*. im-l
mini; events here against the most
brilliant mermaids of America j
promises a stimulation for aquatic i
sports which should greatly In-;
crease their popnlarity.
There have been many conflict
ing reports regarding the great
Aus'rallan girl, who holds practl-|
cally all world records from 50
yards to o>ne mile. It was report- \
ed that she would enter the Hono-"
lulu carnival last fall in which Cl
number of American girls took i
part, and when she did not appear j
reports said she had gone to!
France as a war nurse.
It has lately developed that Miss |
Durack had not trained for several
months preceding the Honolulu
City League
Nearly Thru
The Tacoma City Basketball
league will complete Its schedule
this week, altho two positioned
games will be played next week to
clean up all contests on the books.
The Y. M. C. A. has glumes with
the Smelter and C. P. S. which
It will play next week, but the
outcome of the league standings is
not expected to be changed.
Tonight the St. Leo's tenon plays
the Smelter five at Stadium gym
In a -scheduled game. As a pre
liminary the Stadium seconds and
the Kpwi.rtb M. E. team will mix.
Win Another
Another victory was put on the
camp Lewis all .-.Mr basketball
team's books last night when the
quintet defeated the Olympla Y.
M. C. A. five on its own floor 48
to 26.
lng heart, one who laughed at tho
advantage a little weight gave an
opponent and fought because he
loved to fight.
Some thought the late I.es
Darcy was that man, but Dan-y
never luid a chance to show Amer
ica whether this was true or not.
Now if men who knew
l.iiHiil are lo lie believed, the
west has given another
events and did not care to enter
; against a field of such ability with
lout'beiog in the best of condition.
Lately Miss Durack has been
training faithfully and should he
in prime condition in June.
A fine array of sprinters headed
by Miss Dorothy Burns of San
(Francisco will meet here In the
sprints. Miss Burns last summer
|set marks of 29 4-5 seconds and
1 1:07 4-5 in the 50 and 100-yard
■ events respectively. This is the
{fastest time ever made in open
Closely behind Miss Burns In
I these events come Miss Claire Gal
jligan and Miss Charlotte Boyle of
I New York, Misses Olga Dorfner,
Elizabeth and Gertrude Artelt of
Philadelphia, Miss Thelma Darby
of Indianapolis and Miss Frances
Cowells nf San Francisco.
In the middle distances Miss
Durack will find the going easier.
Misses Galllgan, Dorfner and
Darby have all beaten Miss Dnr
ack's record of 7:23 3-5 for 600
yards. The others with the excep
tion of Misses Boyle and Artelt
.have fest records at the middle
Master Cracksman Central
Figure in "The Lone Wolf"
With an extraordinary cast of
noted players, headed by Hazel
Dawn and Beet Lytell, Herebert
Brenon's widely heralded version
of Louis Joseph Vance's novel,
"Tho I»ne Wolf," opened at the
Aipoilo today for a run of three
In addition to Miss Dawn, who
Is known to every' theatergoer and
picture patron in the country, and
Mr. I.>tell, who has been featured
In numerous stage successes, Mr.
Ilrenon has engaged for this re
markalble photo-melodrama suoh
other players of stellar capacity as
Keiiliel, a 100-pound Ketch
el, a flighting demon. He Is
.in I. UempKoy, the latent
whirlwind of the fighting
Here's the main points of re
semblance between Dempsey and
was a tremendous hitter. When
training, his sparring partners,
even heavyweights to whom he
.aye away 40 to ".0 pounds, re
fused to box with him unless they
were allowed to wear head guards
and catcher's chest pro eetors.
! Dempsey is a terrific hitter. He
has difficulty In getting sparring
partners and the majority of his
bouts ended in knockouts in six
rounds or less.
was a fighter, not a boxer. He
used ■ rushing, tearing style that
wore down his opiiouenls.
Dempsey is the typical fighting
type, depending on his furious at
tacks more thau his boxing abil
SHlFT—Ketchel improved and
used constantly a peculiar boxing
shift from the left to the right
| which resulted in many knock
Since Ketch»-l's time Dempsey
is the only fighter of any note
who has used this shift success
i This is the man who must fight
I Fred Fulton In a final elimination
bout to determine who shall fight
iJess Willard for his crown.
Seattle Team
Loses Title
(Vailed Pro. Leased Wire.)
SKATTLK, March 14 —Members
of the Seattle Ice hockey team
were dejectedly unpacking their
trunks tliir, morning. Their vis
lons of a trip to Toronto and a
»Mcc of world's series coin were
rudely shattered last night at the
Annua when Vancouver triumph.
-cd over them, one to nothing in
the final play-off game at the sea
The game was one of the most
exciting errer witnessed here.
Beats Champ
(United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, March 14. — Bob
Caiinefax, challenger for the three
cus-hion chani-pionshlp, defeated
Augie Kieckhefer, r.O to 42 in
the first fifty point bloak of a 150
point match.
Alfred Hickman, Edward Abeleo,
William E. Shay, Staph en Grattan,
William Riley Hatch, Florence
Ashbrooke, Juliet Bremen, Joseph
Chailler, Ben O-raham, Robert
Fisher and Master Cornish Beck.
The theme concerns the adven
tures of a master cracksman
known to the police as the bone
Wolf, and a charming and clever
member of the secret service. Is
the course of the story such thrill
ing epleodes as a running battle
thru the streets of Paris, the burn
ing of a large building and a com
bat In the air between aeroplanes,
are shown on the screen.
Triple Feature for
Orpheum's New Bill
Harnko Onuki, bewitching little Japuneee prima donna on this
weekk's Orplieum bill at the Tacomn theater Friday, Saturday and
Sunday night.s and mutineer.
What is reported to be one of
Ihe best Orpheuin b lis yet MM
here Is the one which opens at th-
Tiwom. theater Friday matinee for
three matinees and nights. It is
a three-headline bill with QMTgS
Damerel and his company In tht
mus'cal farce, "The Little 1.1ar,"
Haruki Onuki, Japanese p ima
donna, and the thrilling playlet,
"In the Zone," billed as the briglii
particular feature.
Cooper and Ilnblnsnn. two col
ored comics, have an offering
called "A Friend of Mine on the
Pauline Frederick is Delight in
Emotional Role of Latest Drama
Frank Loseo is leading nuin foe Pauline Frederick in "Mrs.
Dane's Defense," ut the Colonial. He is seen here in one of the
love *enes.
The emotional note in the per
sonality of Pauline Frederick has
been sounded in the role of Feli
cia Hlndemarsh. in which she
opened at the Colonial yesterday
In "Mrs. Dane's Defense."
Like Leslie Carter, Florence
Roberts, Orace George, Margaret
Anglln and a hundred other world
famous emotional actresses, Paul
Clever Arabian Acrobats
Are Hippodrome Features
Klimm Ronomor and bis troup of AraMans who imivm-uI. "\
Night oil the insert," as the feature of the new Hippodrome vau
deville show opening today. Tin- stage setting Rives a -enHsllr
repranentntion of ihe Sahara dower I. The Arabs have a whirlwind
acrobatic act said to be one of the de-wrest la American vaudeville.

I Read the Classified Ads On Page 7.
__> i !■ i
\\':ong Street," which is said to
succeed fully in its mission a*, a
laughing vehicle.
V* eeler and Moran. a new team
.of jok-esmiths, have a concoction of
song, dance and patter which they
term "Me and Micky.''
"An Evening i*r Home," which
is entirely different, it is said,
frontl what would be e\ peeled is
the contribution of Lazier-Worth
co M.Kiny.
O.ikes and Delo.ir, formerly
with the New York run of "Flora
Bella," offer a cleve- dancing nov
elty entitled "The Antique Shop."
ii.c Frederick mus' lie fortified
with something appealing to the
dramatic In her physical makeup.
Precipitating the Colonial pat
rons into the ridiculous. Fatty Ar
biicklc steps onto Hie screen In a
howling farce comedy, "Oh, Doc
tor," in which this corpulent com
edian puts on all the old stuff that
has made him famous.
; Orpheum vaudeville, Friday
' to Sunday, matinees and night.
lyc-iia Troupe, .lapu»es«
I acroliulM, with vaudctille.
! Honolulu-'.-, Owl*; Willi vau
! deville.
"I/'/.y the Tailor;" musical
; comedy, by Monte t'urter Go.
"Mrs. Danes' Defense," with
; Pauline Frederick.
"The lione Wolf," with Ha*rl
! "The More Excellent Way,";
; with Anita Stewart,
i I in: it rv
"In Again, Out Again," with
; Douglas Fairbanks.
Oak Comedians
Have Big Show
Lord Sapnut and Mrs. Cobb are
two of the rare oomeil*, parts In
"Izzy the Tailor," the Monte CaS*
te«r musical ahow at the Oak thea
ter this week. Lord Sapnut la
played by Ira Robertson and Mra.
Cobb by Blanche Gilmore. Thane
players scemi to sitep right into tha
spirit of the comedy and get every
atom of good from the giay lines.
They are excellent support to Mr.
Carter as Izzy and Ccorge X.
White as Idaho Pete, a bad co^
Anita Wears
Pretty Gowns
Dainty Auita Stewart wears all
gowns of her personal wardrobe
in "The More Excellent Way," -
Vitagraph Blue RlMbon feature at
the Melbourne. Charles Kk-hman
is her leading man. One dance
frock is fishioned with a skirt ot
six full ruffles of a delicate bine
chiffon while the bottom is of ex
quisite silver lace, matching her
short sleeves. It Is accompanied
'by a crushed satin girdle ot *
trifle deeper shade of blue. About
the waist 1r fniclrcled a b:ind of
silk flowers of the poslel shades.
Silver clolh sllippers with stock
ings to match complete the cos
tume. A number of other gowns
are as beautiful.
Broadway at Nlnlh
Week of ___mjk~ii ~~
"WHO 1 liroillllt ONK7"
Oak Theater
Week Starting Monday, March li
Monle Carter Company in
Matinee dally, 2:.10. \i-.ht.s 7A 9,
Sundays, continuous from 2 p. m,
Walt until
i . V. ■ .*" the trout;.
M...1n11.« K _ |s „ «*,
liol.l on your sy-tiin. No man can
enjoy Ufa wlioKe body la sick and
diseased. If you bave not been
successful In getting rlit of yous.
to cnll anil cnnmilt wltb me. I make
no charge fur conHiiltatlon. nor doea
your visit obligate you to- ».*uept my
treatment. If you shoijl.l «le, lde to
accept my services, I can unsure you
that I will (five you tin- treatment
that my lniif? experience hnn taught
me Is best for your condition, upon
very .. .
and will allow you to My mv fee In
any way most convenient to your
rlrcumHlan.es. I empl.iv all the
■ latest remedies and tin- heal meth.
od« known to science in Hie treat
condltlonii to which mm are sub
ject. If you fleed th* s-jrvicea ot
a speclallut, come Inind t«'» talk
It over. My office Is open dally from
10 a. m. to 8 p. m. and from 10 to 11
J. J. Keefe, Ph. 0., M. D».
atH'/_ I'n.-irie Aye*. .. C*r. ilia «**_ .
Taeama, Wiik.

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