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\f In the \\
([ Editor's Mail )J
The many complaining letters which have recently appeared In
jour paper Indicating a tendency to i i al the increase in
rentals has attracted my attention, and I think th»t it is unfortu
nate that so far the suMect hae been dealt with as a grievunet^and
not Iteen given fair discission by both interested factions, the more
especially so because there are those amongst us who feel it a duty
to foment dissatisfaction
Rents have been raised. My own, Tor example, was |20 aud
now Is $30. Is my landlord a rent hog or am I going to pat him on
ihe back and tell him to do lt again?
Neither one would be the right attitude. Anulysis of the sit
uation shown that the property is good value for Ili.iOO. (Landlord
thinks it's worth »5000). An Improved property should yield ■
rental of 10 per cent per annum. This return, less upkeep, insur
ance, depreciation and taxes makes the amount of 'profit quite
jiorm.il In fact so normal that the writer does not consider real
estate a very good investment, and buys and owns none save for li is
personal und business use.
Now at $30 I am paying 10 per cent on f.'ifiOO, posMbly a little
more If you bike the compounding value ot monthly payment* Into
•ronsideratlon, and while I'm not enjovlng the raise, I don't think
my landlord is necessarily a rent hog because he wishes interest on
ltis money.
There is a large class of people rei y unhappy people I think
■*—who can't see the other fellow's side to anything. They oan't see
Why a landlord should get fair returns on his savings just because
they are invested in a thing for the use of which they have to pay
They kick because their merchant, butcher or baker makes wages
plus interest on his Investment and yet when I tide Sam calls on
these s'me people to invest their own savings in Liberty bonds, War
Savings Stamps, etc, they are the first ones to put a patriot's halo
heeau.se they lent their savings for only 4> 4 per cent, a return which
Is just about ii per cent more than the net return from real estate
|n Taeoma has been for the last seven or eight yours.
Let me ask one pertinent question. Those people who are
Wcking are not new newcomers- they are oldtimers. The homes
they have lieen renting at these old rates have undoubtedly been
for sale at any time at just prices. Why did they not buy? Was It
Jiot because It was cheuper to rent than to own properly in Taeoma?
The writer first came to Taeoma IS years ago and has been
taaually familiar with real estate conditions of the city during that
heriod and can cite members of the family whose upkeep of their
homes has been easily more than their renting neighbors were
How about It? It is my personal opinion that If roal estate
did not lake on a better Income \altie. folk wouldn't built homes
fcccaus" it would be cheaper to rent, and investors wouldn't build
£ laces to rent because It wouldn't pay, and—well, Taeoma wouldn't
row dial's all.
Hon't misunderstand—l'm not a landlord, but rathor a renter
Who's had bis rent raised but has (potting blood enough to see the
fairness ot it. Cordially yours.
I am very glnil lo print this lellcr, because it seems to
me it sets foil 11 Mm facts in an iniUMUilly ritir-iiiiuihsl light.
As The Times has repeatedly said, much of Hie rent
liicrciiHe that has In en registered in Tiicoma, especially as
aftelling houses, is NOT profiteering. Instead it is
merely it return from an abnormally low level to one u-licru
the owner can i-euli/.e i fair return on his investment.
To such on adjustment surely no reasonable person
would object. riiforlunaUly, in Tncoinu M elsewhere,
there are other Ihiklloi-ils id itr I satisfied Willi that,
Itul iv ho run I licit- prices on up and u|i just as far as they
feel they can.—Editor.
1 was very much interested in Minim F. Strout's letter flaying
the automobile slackers who drive from Camp i_ewia to Taeoma with
a vacant seat or seats on Saturday mornings when there nre thou
sanils5 anils of soldier boys trying for hours to get some way of convey
nce to the city.
He Is right when he says a great number walk to Murray sta
tion to get a car when these slackers pass litem by
The chances are these slackers would not be riding in automo
biles or have enough to eat today were It not for our soldier boys
now fighting in France. I suggest that all automobile drivers who
nre going out to Camp Lewis for pleasure on Saturdays make note
Of those whom he or she knows are driving back to the city with a
vacant seat or seats in their nuto. I venture to say some of them
liave never bought a Liberty bond or War Stamp snd at tho same
time they are hollering their heads off advising others to buy them
•again I venture to say there are great numbers that have bought
|>oth who pass them by.
On a Sunday morning If you are hound for Mount Taeoma or
Ihe parks with vacant seat or seats and a fine lunch, stop and pick
lip » soldier boy or boys and tstke him or them with you. It you are
down town and sco a number of boys standing on the street corner
•top your automobile and take him or tlieiu up to your Sunday din
ner. This boy or boys may be a relative of yours or from your old
town hack east and you would be more than pleased that you in
vited him to go with you. Try it and see if you are not made more
fiappy than If you had gone by yourself aud one or two of your
I picked up a soldier boy on the corner and took him to a pic
nic with me and family und come to find out I kept company with
tils mother two years liefore his mother was married.
Editor the times:
As a reader of your live and fearless paper I would like to have
•yon print this letter.
When. Mayor Riddell was elected he promised to do all In his
power to remedy the street car service, aud has to date appointed a
committee of 25 to take this up.
But to the thinking person there la only one way out; that, of
course, Is better wages for the carmen, but in fairness to all con
cerned the company must have some relief.
So why not Instruct this committee to figure out ut once what
relief we can best grant, say, a 6c fare or certain franchise obliga
The book* of the company prove nothing and to Inspect them
and go thru their records is a waste of time and nothing gleaned
that they are not disposed to reveal. In the meantime all the best
men are quitting on our line (the Old t'uyallup) we have lost Con
ductors 3», 267, and 20::, three of the most courteous and reliable
men we have had the pleasure of riding with. I tell you that is what
helps, even when service Is as poor aa it is. if you can be handled
by gentlemen, In a business-like manner and know that you will not
be carried by or "hawled out," lt improves jour frame of mind 100
«er cent.
So get busy and keep what reliable men are still left.
Respectfully yours,
We see signs every day saying "Food Will Win the War," and
9 great many people don't seem to realize this. I have been work
lag in the shipyards for the past month and I notice that many or
(he boys and men bring more lunch than they can eat. They eat
part of it and toss the rest in the bay.
For example, as I sat eating my lunch Thursday noon, a boy—
I should Judge about 18 years old —eat near me. He ate part of his
lunch and part of it he threw away. He took one bite of a sandwich
A9A the rest went in the bay. Another sandwich be threw ia the
lay without tasting it and he Is only one of many.
Ow ing to my absence from the city during the past week I have
%9t until now had the opportunity to read the letter la The Editor's
flail by "Hospitality" In response to my suggestion that public
• ii.in-.I BBam Iraartl Wire.)
LONDON, Juno *_3.—Thirty
three German and 16 British
planes were lost in air fighting
Thur:day and Friday, the Britlrfh
air ministry announced today.
More than _• I tons of bombs were
dropped on enemy positions.
"On the afternoon of June 28,
our airplanes attacked the rail
way, workshops, station and sid
ings at. Thionvllle," the report
Nearly three tons of bombs were
dropped on this objective.
"Our formations were attacked
by hostile airplanes. Severe figlut
ing ensued, during which Hire*
hostile alrplaues were shot down
and ono other was driven down.
Two of our machines have not yet
spirited nti .ens organize and condurt social centers for-we-uns who
are strangers within "your gates."
"Hospitality discloses a kindly and generous soul—beatified
by the desire to help those who know the Hting of loneliness and
social isolation I disremeinlier which one. but one of President
Alison's daughters devoted her time and possibly until yet is la this
work "This daughter of democracy" advocated the use of school
buildings for this purpose.
I feel assured some one competent to do so could easily ascer
tain from Miss Wilson Jier plans of organization of and conduct of
social centers.
I shall indeed be glad to aid in an\- manner possible to see the
realization of this plan for the benefit of such as I " a stranger."
Thank you. Mr. Editor, for giving space to the writer on his
endeavor to propose something I believe worth while Wonder
what Sister Cynthia thinks about this. ARTISAN MECHANIC
Save the squirrels! I missed my pet this morning. I thought
he had gone, but later I learned that he \yas only hiding from the
park hoard.
However, I will tell him the board doesn't mean to oust or
roast him and he can have his breakfast peanut as usual.
A communication appearing in your columns last week greatly
interested a number belonging to my church. It wa« written by
lied T. Kitt, and entitled "His Inspiration."
I assume that Ml-. Kitt was quite siturere in his denunciation of
the Old Testament as a bit of Herman propaganda, and had no in
tention of trying to reduce to an absurdity the efforts that are being
made to checkmate the insidious activities of pro-Ueriuans.
But I think it U unfortunate foe Mr. Kitt and all who may be
of like thinking that they have missed the real significance and value
of tho Old Testament, lt has laid in the world the foundations of
that lilierty and enlightenment for which they hope. Might I be
permitted to state that 1 desire to reply in some measure to the
communication in my sermon Sunday evening, aud would appre
ciate the presence of Mr. Kitt and others who may be Interested
Sixth and X St. Church. C hr.st.an Minister.
You are pretty fair minded; how does this strike you?
According to the arguments and figures of the T. R. & P. Co.,
as contained in their booklet, copies of which were given to the com
mittee of 2,">, it would appear that the said company wishes to be
relieved of paying tho gross income tax and paving, so that they
may have money for improvements.
But, do they say they will use the said moneys for improvement?
Not on your life They just infer that they will. And it they are
allowed that money, they may (and may not) use it thus.
According to their estimates Hie paving (exclusive of track
work) will cost them, for the next five years $175,000 and for pav
ing repairs and renewals 1500,000.
That makes *JG7..,000. Add to that their gross income tax,
based on the figures for 1917, and we have ltTtt4l.lt for the next
five years; or a total for five years to come of $~72,248.!>0.
Now supposing that Instead of allowing them to have that to
do a-s they saw fit the money was put in a fund to be expended as
the city authorities and street car people jointly agreed was best in
the way of improvements or extensions to the system, that would
save it to them, as they ask for, but the city would be getting the
benefit, . TACOMAN.
A few years ago a famous Irish writer and critic referred to us
as a nation of villagers and 'pon my soul, when we look at some of
the legislation passed by some of our Hoosier solons the truth of
ills remark would seem to bo borne out.
Witness our stuie law against cigarets a tew years ago, and now
we are fulling over each other to supply our boys "over there" with
them, and rightly so.
And now the threatened destruction of the squirrels in the
purks on the plea that they are destroying bird's nests!
I wonder if the all-wise Creator of the Unlverib overlooked that
consideration when he made the little creatures as co-tenants with
the feathered tribe of the boundless silent woods. For Heaven's
sake let us show a little common sen»e in our legislation!
I'nlike many business concerns a bank has no bargains to offer
—the services which we have to extend remain the same. We
renli/e (hat our best advertisement must be our customers and
friends, and are devoting this space to the encouragement and
assistance of all movements which have for their object the
promotion of the best Interests of Taeoma.
»SS"^*""—i—. ml
Call the Commercial Club
List Your Rooms
In order that the Fourth
of July crowds may be
taken care of.
"Tacoma's Oldest and Largest Bank"
Saturday, June 89,1918.—T H E TACOMA TIMES— gage Two
"On the ninht of June 27-2-I
our airplanes made a successful
attack on the enemy's airdrome at
Hole hen. All our machines re
turned safely."
An earlier communique said:
"Ou June |7, a full day's work
was done by our reconnaissance
artillery and photographic ma
chines and by our observation bal
"Twenty Herman airplanes were
destroyed and nine others wore
driven down out of control. Pour
teen of our ma. i iti.-s are missing.
"Bombing was carried out vig
orously behind the Herman lines
and 21 tons of bombs were drop
ped by us during the 2 4 hours on
railway junctions and other tar
Samson, the middleweight
i h.impiou wrestler of the Pacific
coast, who meets all comers, iv
one of the features of the Bernur
di Hreater Exposition showg, re
retained by the Sailors' and Sol
diers' club for its festival which
is to opeu Sunday and run until
July 7.
The proceeds go to the construc
tion fund. There Is still a large
sum to be paid for the remodel
ing of the clubhouse.
There are numerous other at
tractions at. the Bernard! shows,
which will be seen at the grounds
at 2 2nd and Pacific avenue.
The California cabaret is a fea
ture which promises to be of great
interest. It lncl ;des some of the
best talent oh.ain.ible from the
California cafes.
n Here and |
([Elsewhere J|
A large Peerless auto, pr-i>|>erty
of Rainier Taxi Co., driven by W.
F. Williams, burns to a charred
mass at Regents park.
(_eorgo Has/iu-il of Palo Alot,
Cal., arretted here as swindler.
Homemade Doughnuts. Duen
wald's, lU2 Broadway. adv.
Oeitige l*itld, Cautp Lewis sol
dier, charged with assault in the
first degree upon Lawrence Ber
quist, jit,ley driver, hires Homer
T. Bone to fight civil suit.
Frank Scliaffer, of the Interna
tional Bible Students' association,
found guilty of espionage in Se
Screen Doors ami Fly Screen.
Palace Hardware Co, hill Pacific
aye adv.
Rich silver vein is discovered in
mine near Denver, Colo.
Dr. Cozza, dentist, haa moved
to 308-12 Pantages Bldg. adr
ItPirht at <Miiin-i.li' kills sugar
beet crop.
Minnesotans to hold lath an
nual picnic at Point Defiance park
Sim day.
Iron Imr crushes foot of Waller
Hlbbard, Todd shipyard worker.
Ih-iiis-h women may Ih.li their
hair as supply of hairpins will last
only three months.
Now itiire of flour of 98.05.
PRINTING CO. Main 417. adr.
< lilt-ago city ball elevator men
strike for higiher wages.
Correct Solution to Ex
ample in Saturday Times
>,_•;> x - oa. ioo%x.n_-o_.
1-5 X 2-.03-. ~j" r X .0-2—.024.
Itjt Difference, .0011.
•006-.244. 2410 : _i___s 10.000
Face of policy.
None of the solutions sent in were
Nine of our graduates solved simi
lar examples given by tiie ilovern
nient in August, and received ap
pointments in .September. The Stale
Business College, Fidelity Bldg., Is
a imisl thorough school.
It's a good school.
(let a catalog and register now.
Kates have not been advanced.
*< J 399
Te get die very best results take
Dr. Humphreys' "Seventy-seven" at
the first sneeze or shiver.
"Seventy-seven" breaks up Coldi
that hang on-^-Crip. All Drug Stores
[email protected]_il
Bfiß 99
Have purchased several
auto trucks and will sell
cheap, horses, harness
and wagons.
Griffin Transfer
1930 Commerce st.
Main 589
i .J
AHI Itllll V-OI.VMriA
Leave Central Bua Station.
Tin mint 1:80 p. in.
Leave Washington Hotel,
Aberdeen 3:00 a. in.
Bill Before Congress to
Control Rent Profiteers
m m,
By Oilson Gardner
Special Staff Disputed.
WASIIINGTON, D. Oh June 2l*.
—A national law to take Illegiti
mate rent profits by taxation in
uny part of the country where
they are found, has been Intro
duced In congress by Representa
tive Robert M. Orosser of Ohio
Mr. Crosser has become famil
iar with the subject by his work
on a special committee which
deals with the affairs in the Dis
trict of Columbia and the city 01
The bill as drawn assumes
that the landlord should be sat
isfied with an Increase of 10 per
cent over rents received by him
during the pre-war period, to
cover increased coat of mainte
nance, and anything above this to
be taken over as a tax to help win
the war. Speaking of the bill,
Mr. Grosser said:
Much I'rofilecriiig.
"Information gathered by me
(I nllr.l I'iru I.rnaea Wire.)
WASHINGTON', D. C, June 29.
—The senate today voted to con
fer the title of lieutenant general
on Provost Marshal (Jeneral Crow
der, in recognition of "disting
uished service in connection with
the draft act."
You deserve a groat deal of
credit for the extraordinary ef
lorts you are displaying in help
ing our government win this war
and also will help this government
to be one of the strongest powers
on the sea after the war. Every
man, woman and child iv every
section of the I'nited Slates
should and do appreciate your
noble work.
Kee.p it up, as we appreciate it
very much.
While most of the men work
ing in Hie yards who have been
living in this section are well
acquainted with llerhst, yet
llerbst wants to meet the new
concern face to face and shake
them by the hands, also wants his
old friends to come up to see him,
as he is proud of all of you.
Herlist is located on the 2nd
floor of National Realty building
—the number is 1117 Pacific aye. ;
—and runs a clothes shop fori
coiifervative dressers; also nifty |
clothes for such that want extreme
styles. Being upstairs, his ex-!
penses are small, hence can afford j
to give values and does give
Come up and get acquainted
Second Flour Natl. IP-ally llldg.
1117 Pacific
An Illinois inventor's combina
tion coat and vest has the usual
fronts but only one back.
Best £^|
$2.50 f^s
Glasses v*4
On Earth tty,^
Tacoma's Leading Opticians.
Taeoma Theater Rldg.
H Patriotic Celebration
Hi o commencing June oO
H Bernard! Greater Exposition Co. H
indicates that In almost every In
dustrial center where large num
bers of persons are engaged In
work which is necessary for car
rying out government contracts,
landlords have advanced rents be
yond all NUN and in some in
stances to a point which is almost
"In other words, persons who
are putting forth their best ef
forts for the government in the
present emergency are being
robbed by conscienceless individ
uals who have taken advantage of
»n influx of workers to fill their
own pockets.
"This bill, when enacted, will
put a stop to such practices, and
will enable those who bend their
backs in toil to procure a decent
place to live at a reasonable price.
Time for Remedy.
"In many places, I am Inform
ed, that rents have been more
than doubled since the beginning
of the war. Right here in Wash
ington, persons who coming to
work when the government needs
patriotic service are forced to pay
"Say, Young
Not only is this rated as Doug's best picture,
but it is positively the only new Fairbanks
picture playing Taeoma.
in a new Comedy Drama
Kerrigan's Most Likeable Bole.
many times the rental value for a
place to live.
"Thousand* of persons have
left the government service be
cause their pay was not sufficient
to satisfy the greed of the land
lord. The same situation exists
elsewhere, and it is time to enact
legislation to prohibit such High
handed extortion.
Will I rue Measure.
"I Intend to push this bill in
every proper way, and hope to
get it up for consideration in the
house very soon.
"The committee on the District
of Columbia, of which I am a
member, has already reported
and has had passed thru the house
a bill which will overcome this
evil so as it affects the District
of Columbia. The bill which I
have today introduced embodies
the same principles.
"These profiteering landlords
belong to that class which shout
loudly about their patriotism,
while taking advantage of the
national distress to fill their
pockets with gold"

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