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Recifal Series
o Kndunced ]
~ Tacoma Music Teachers
Sponsor Pupil Program
lli of & series of three re
eitals under the auspioes of the |
Tacoma Music Teachers' club will
Be given at the United Presby
terian church Monday, May 6, at
8 o'clock. Teachers represented
are Mrs. Helen ¥. Michnick, Lona
Huseby, Frederick Wallis, Nona
O'Connor, Viola Shoemake, Leon
ard Jacobsen, Clara Lewis Bundy,
Leons MoQueen, Mrs, Paul Pren
aw&mm Hum
) “King. The program fol
; m. Cello
Accompanied by Mrs. Paul Prentice
.EH_”L Wright
&R, Roy
. Plute obligato, Weldon Washburn
'Eh i powe 0D
e, C Sharp Min0r....... Chopin
Jeanne Lahey
W ceiesinrees.Grieg |
Janice Michnik :
Bt " Bhince We. 6. vererne |
M. lcl-%uu at the Plano ‘
??m +ss s+ Beethoven |
"""mii.fi""'“'“ :
=.T'~.m 0 th.“m‘.....W.m 1
ve Maria Luszi
Mrs. Muriel Horton ‘
* Bumphrey King at the Plano |
Whet's Doing in Records
Earl Hines is responsible for a
sizzling double this week which
provides his listeners with plenty
of that brand of piano for which
he is famous. One side is an orig
inal called Number 19. The other
fa "Boogle Woogie on St. Louis
« - *
Bluebird introduces a male
quartet called “The Deep River
Boys,” which is likely to give the
*“lnk Spots” no little competition.
They are accompanied by excep
tional plano playing a little in the
Teddy Wilson line and display their
wversatility by combining two wide
ly different numbers. The “A”
side is titled “T Was a Fool To Let
You Go.” The opposite face will
bring to mind the old vaudeville
days when a male quartet whs
ushered in on about the third act.
The title, “The Bullfrog and the
Toad” should be enough to say
. about it. This disc is a bit off the
beaten track and is interesting
S -
RCA again in a typical Miller ar
rangement of “I'll Never Smile
Again” The other side combines
Marion Hutton and Tex Beneke on
the vocals of “The Rumba Jumps”
from ‘“Three After Three.”
* - -
Hot off the record presses is a
double-barrelled jazz release in
scribed by Lionel Hampton and an
allatar swing aggregation includ
to Hampton at the vibra
barp, there’s Coleman Hawkins,
tenor six, Betty Carter, alto;
e e e
False Teeth
B Have
‘A A
Function i-,-\‘_:v’;_;:.:\ ‘
= K 4
pulfil AR
.T < j M
: E_e D o it o
in its beauty and
Budget Your
Dental Bill .
A Yoar to Pay—if You
You So Desire!
Dr. Rinckel
y -
'Good Fellowship Inspired; Scolding |
Wife Stifled Genius |
Great composers have each had
their own ways of writing. Some
of them chose peculiar surround
ings for the
birth of their
and while the
choice may
seem odd to us,
such surround
ings were very
commonly chos
en by the music
and literary
people of past
The tavern
an? wine room
are not now regarded as productive
of great ideas, but much of our
greatest music had its beginning
llnchnu-. Beethoven often
was seen to jot down in the tavern
or coffee room some musical idea
that occurred to him, but not so
much of his music was inspired
there. Beethoven did much of his
composition while walking in the
country lanes and fields. There is
a large gnarled oak tree near Vi
enng (or was when I was there
last) in which he frequently sat
composing, utterly oblivious to his
| Many another musician has
~ climbed to that seat, but to
1 whom has come the inspiration
of a Third or Fifth or Ninth
symphony, or & Missi Solem
Mozart loved wine and goodfel
lowship. We read of opera manag
ers driven to desperation because he
‘'would linger too long in the wine
room or ai the billiard table when
he had promised them an overture,
but put off the writing until “to
‘morrow.” But the overture was
sure to be forthcoming at the last
moment, for was it not all com-‘
pleted in his head, and had it not
been for many weeks? It was the
manual labor of writing that he |
)& e }
Schubert lingered much at the
tavern. Well, perhaps it was more
cheerful than his home. No clnt-i
ter of dishes, no chatter of busy
tongues could stay the flow of his
‘beautiful melodies. “The fountain
‘mut flow even though the world
‘thouht nought of the source of
‘the stream.” Many of his songs
went to the publisher for as little
as 20 conts sach.
4. W. Bixel
The circumstances under which
many of his songs were written
‘admirabl, illustrates the sponta
niety of Schubert's genius. One
afternoon, when he was sitting with
some friends in the garden of a
tavern near Vienna, he saw a vol
um~ of Shakespeare on the table.
He took the book and casually
turned the pages until he came to
“Hark, hark, the lark,” in Cymbe
line. After looking at it a few
moments, he exclaimed, “A lovely
melody has come into my head—if
I only had some music paper!”
One of his friends drew some
staves on the back of a bill of fare
and Schubert, undisturbed by the
noise d confusion, jotted down
his delightful song.
- - -
Haydn would shut himself up in
his sixth-story garret and pen the
symphonies which paved the way
for Mozart and Beethoven. So
absorbed in his work would he
become that he did not notice the
absence of food or fuel. The joy |
of composition produced oblivion
to all such minor matters. ‘
vt et o———
planist, Joe Sullivan; Benny Good
man's brass thumper, Artie Bern
stein; drummer, Zutty Btnxleton;‘
guitarist, Freddy Green, and Ed
Hall on the clarinet. The sides are
old favorites “Ninah” and
“Swingin' the Blues."”
- - *
Orrin Tucker is still capitalizing
on his vocal find—Bonnie Baker.
This week Columbia records and
Monsieur “O. T.” give out “Wee"
Bonnie in a new tune, “Not Yet."
Tucker himself sings the other
gide—"Where Do I Go From
- * -
Artie Shaw's Victor recording of
“My Fantasy" introduces Pauline
Byrne to the wax business. The
tune, incidentally is an adaptation
of Borodin's ballet suite, “Prince
Igor.” Shaw's new music creates
great comment, but it is a little too
new to do any predicting as to its
e el e
New Record Has Schubert's
Fifth Symphony
Lovers of recorded music—and
of Schubert at his best—will be
interested in the first American
recording of -the Seventh Sym
phony in C major, which features
Columbia's May list.
The recording of the complete
work is by the Chicago Symphony
orchestra under Dr. Frederick
Stock. It is in 11 parts on six 12-
inch records.
The symphony, which was Schu
bert’s last work and was com
pleted less than a year before his
death at the age of 31, is re
garded as his greatest work, and
as indicative of what his expand
ding artistry might have given
the world were it not for his un
th.;y death.
Chicago Symphony, which is
celebrating its golden anniversary
Dext season, gives a beautifully
smooth reading under the direc
tion of Dr. Stock. The lyric
passages, especially the andante,
@re played with understanding
and calm besuty, and noticeably
avold overstatement or sugaring.
If you're not using it, sell it with
i & Fast- Action Times Want Ad.
Phone MAin 3151,
His scolding wife may have
| had something to do with Hay
| dn's isolation. While hunger
‘ and music are not incompat
ible, we find no instances
where the muse has been in
spired to lofty heights by a
scolding wife.
- - .
Rossini was another “jolly good
fellow” who could compose divine
ly at the tavern. He also was
n« tcd for his laziness . . . Mendels
sohn was well balanced; he had
few idiosyncrasies or peculiarities.
He was scholarly and refined. Like
Mozart and some others, he com
posed in his head. . . . Wagner was
a genids and in some ways a queer
one. When he composed he re
quired absolute quiet and free
dom from disturbance. A pecu
liarity was that he could compose
better if dressed in the period of
the opera on which he was work
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€he Cacoma Cines
Grays Harbor Singers 1;
To Assist Normanna
Assisted by the Grieg Male
chorus of Grays Harbor, the Nor-l
manna Male chorus will be pre
sented in concert at Normnnm'
hall, So. 15th and K, Saturday at
8 p. m. The combined groups of |
75 voices will be conducted by
George Johnson. He also will be
director of the choruses attending
| the meeting of the Pacific Coast
| Norwegian Singers’ association
Aug. 30 to Sept. 2. The Grays
| Harbor group is directed by E. J.
Sk jonsby. |
Arrangements for the concertl
| are being made by a committee
| which includes Martin Jaccbson,
chairman; Stanley Strom, secre
tary, and Carl Casperson, Trygve |
Lindoe, Carl Odegaard, Bjarne
Sagen, Martin Heglund, O. 8.
Lindseth, O. C. Wollan. John Ed
wardson is president of the locul
chorus. !
.He Makes Piano “Sing” |
.: When 18-year-old Eugene Gash
‘hfl.llt the keyboard he makes the
‘puno sing. At least that is the
effect observed by music critics,
Innd the word is passed along that
he is on the way to add another
|star to the music firmament of
his race. He is booked for an ap
pearance at the First Christian
church Monday, May 6, under the
|auspices of the Tacoma Music
Teachers’ club.
His program includes the Pre
lude from the second English Suite
‘(M); Choral Prelude “Now
Comes the Gentiles’' Savior” (Bach-
Bosoni); Toccata and Fugue in D
Minor (Bach-Tausig); Beethoven's
“Appassionata” sonata; a group of
four Chopin compositions; and the
works of Debussy, Ravel and Bar
! The Ted Brown Music company,
Silvers’ Piano company or mem
lben of the association are receiv
ing reservations.

' Mothers’ Day Concert to Be Debut
| For Puget Sound Symphony
| Under the direction of Louis G. Wersen, the Puget Sound Sym
| phony, College of Puget Sound, is going through some intensive re
| hearsing in preparation for the formal concert to be given in Jones
i Ball May 14, Mothers’ Day. This ensembie, composed of the former
night school recreation orchestra and instrumentalists at the college,
| began preparations for the concert several months ago, The first
public appearance of the group was at the Knights Templar Easter
service in the Temple theater with the Adelphian Choral society,
when an exceptional performance was given. The group has made a
| marked improvement since then.
| The Mothers' Day concert promises to be one of the highlights
| of the spring music season.
| Development of the orchestra is being carried on as a part of the
| college fine arts production program, made possible by a grant of
i $35,000 from the Carnegie Corporation,
‘Honor Tchaikowski }
_ The San Francisco Symphony
orchestra will give an all-Tchai
kowski program next Tuesday in
‘commemoration of the 100th anni
versary of the composer's birth.
Pierre Monteux will conduct.
Proceeds will go to the pension
fund of the orchestra.
|Lawrence, Hamplon
' To Speak at Forum
| The Tacoma Public forum will
| meet at 7:45 p. m. Monday at Mc
| Cormick library. Speakers will
'bo Leo E. Lawrence and S. Wade
| Hampton. The public is invited
"to attend.

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